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Chapter 436: A Knife Called Filial piety!

The auntie saw that Su Beibei was so concerned about that CD and asked curiously, “What CD? Is it very important?”

Su Beibei smiled and said, “A neighbor child is a celebrity. He gave me his first album.”

The auntie nodded and said, “Sir might not know and threw it by mistake.”


Su Beibei closed the door and went downstairs with the auntie.

After exiting the lift, she stood in front of the foyer. The auntie pointed at the dustbin and told Su Beibei, “I threw the trash into that bucket, but I’m afraid you can’t find it.”

Every morning at 5am, the sanitation workers in the community would come on time to clean up the rubbish. They would probably be dragged away long ago.

“I’ll go take a look. Auntie, you can go back first.”


After watching the auntie leave, Su Beibei walked towards the dustbin. She originally didn’t have much hope, but when she walked up to the dustbin, she realized that it was filled with trash. It looked like the sanitation worker had been lazy this morning and forgot to dump the trash.

At this moment, the cleaner drove over. Seeing Su Beibei staring at the pile of trash in a daze, the cleaner thought that this female owner had something against their work.

Worried that Su Beibei would complain about their work failure, Uncle Huanwei hurriedly said to Su Beibei, “The big sister who was supposed to clean up the trash was in an accident this morning. She’s still staying in the hospital, so the trash didn’t fall today. I’m from the East District next door. I’m here to clean up the trash in your West District on her behalf.”

Hearing that that auntie had gotten into a car accident, Su Beibei asked in concern, “Is Auntie seriously injured?”

“It’s not serious, but you still need to rest for a few days. For the next week, I will be in charge of all the trash in your neighborhood. As I am in charge of both neighborhoods, all the trash in your neighborhood will have to be cleaned at night.”

“It’s okay, Uncle. You’ve worked hard too.”

“Sigh, it’s just my job.” The uncle said to Su Beibei, “Madam, stand further away. I am going to dump the trash.”

The uncle opened the door of the garbage truck and was about to dump the trash.

Su Beibei hurriedly said, “Uncle, wait a moment. I’m looking for something. My auntie accidentally threw something. I’ll see if I can find it back.”

“Alright, go ahead and look for it. Tell me what the trash bag is like. I’ll look for it with you.”


When Li Li returned, he drove straight to the underground garage. When he returned home, he realized that the house was pitch-black.


Not hearing Su Beibei’s reply, Li Li turned on the lights and entered the master bedroom. Seeing that Su Beibei was not in the master bedroom, Li Li went to Su Beibei’s study.

Still not there.

Where is she?

Li Li went to Li Ao’s room. Seeing that Li Ao was already asleep, he frowned. Where did Beibei go? She never leaves the child alone at home.

Li Li walked out of the living room and stood on the balcony, preparing to call Su Beibei. As he lowered his head to pick up his cell phone, he inadvertently glanced downstairs and saw a familiar figure squatting beside the trash can downstairs.

i Li paused in his actions.

He thought he had seen wrongly. He looked again and confirmed that he had not seen wrongly. Su Beibei was actually squatting beside a pile of trash. She didn’t mind being dirty and used her fair hands to rummage through the trash bags!

When Li Li saw this scene, there was a faint hint of anger on his face. In order to find that thing, such a clean person actually dug up trash with his bare hands!

Is that thing that important?

Is the thing important or the person who gave it important?

“Found it!”

Su Beibei’s trash bag was purple. She took out the purple trash bag from the trash pile and hurriedly tore it open, pouring out everything inside.

Amidst the trash, there was really an international package. Su Beibei shook the box and heard a collision.

Li Li really threw my CD…

Su Beibei’s heart felt like it had been crushed by a wheel and shattered into pieces.

The uncle asked her, “Did you find it?”

Su Beibei snapped out of her trance and hurriedly stood up with the CD. She said to the uncle, “I found it. Sorry, I messed up the trash.”

“It’s okay. It’s good that you found it. Go back. I’m going to dump the trash.”

“Mmm, sorry to trouble you, Uncle.”

Holding the CD, Su Beibei turned and saw Li Li standing at the entrance of the foyer. He was looking at her coldly and suspiciously.

Su Beibei quickly calmed down.

She walked up to Li Li step by step. Without waiting for Li Li to speak, she raised the CD in her hand and questioned him. “Did you throw it on purpose or by mistake?”

Li Li reached out and snatched the CD from Su Beibei’s hand.

Li Li held the CD in his left hand and patted it on his right palm. He looked up at Su Beibei, his eyes turning dark. “Is this CD that important?”

How could Su Beibei not hear the jealousy and anger in Li Li’s words?

But she was the one who should be angry now.

Su Beibei asked again, “Let me ask you, did you do it on purpose or accidentally!”

Li Li pursed his lips and his expression turned cold. He admitted openly. “I threw it on purpose.”

Su Beibei’s expression turned cold. “Why?”

“You’re asking me why?” Li Li was furious. If anger was tangible, it would be 30 feet tall!

Li Li asked Su Beibei, “I’m angry. Can’t you tell? Beibei, you are my wife. I haven’t even given you a birthday present and this kid is already preparing a present for you!”

“Tell me, what does he want?”

Su Beibei said, “He’s just a child. He’s five years younger than me! What thoughts can he have!”

Li Li said, “I am a man. I know very well that that kid is up to no good! Beibei, wake up. That kid has ulterior motives towards you!”

Su Beibei took a deep breath and didn’t want to argue with him anymore. She snatched the CD back and walked past Li Li.

Li Li suddenly grabbed Su Beibei’s arm. He pulled her over and made her face him. Li Li looked down at Su Beibei and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just more tired recently. Mother’s matter has exhausted me mentally and physically. This kid is impure. I…”

Li Li hugged Su Beibei and sighed softly. “I’m just jealous.”

He openly admitted that he was jealous and apologized. Su Beibei couldn’t continue to be cold. She pushed Li Li away forcefully and told him sternly, “Li Li, don’t throw my things around in the future.”

With that, Su Beibei entered the lift first.

Li Li chased after her. He pressed the button and looked down at Su Beibei’s angry face. He secretly reached out to hold her hand.

Su Beibei wanted to shake him off, but Li Li held her hand very tightly. “Don’t shake me off, Beibei.”

Su Beibei straightened her neck and remained silent.

Li Li hugged her shoulders and sighed very tiredly. He said, “Beibei, my mother has already made me very miserable. Can you give me some warmth?”

When Su Beibei heard this, she felt that he was quite pitiful. After exiting the lift, Su Beibei asked Li Li, “Did your mother scold you?”

“She won’t even look at me and speak so sarcastically. I’m tired from staying there.”

Su Beibei stopped.

The two of them stood at the entrance of the house. Su Beibei turned around and looked up at Li Li. She bit her lip and looked hesitant.

Li Li asked her, “What are you trying to say?”

Su Beibei said, “Actually, you can also be free.”

Li Li frowned. “What do you mean?”

“If you divorce me and find a new woman, your mother won’t continue to play tricks.” Mother Li was not a vicious mother-in-law. She was just vicious to Su Beibei. If Li Li really divorced Su Beibei and remarried a woman, Mother Li could also put away her thorns and be a kind and harmonious mother-in-law.

When Li Li heard Su Beibei’s words, his face suddenly darkened. He grabbed Su Beibei’s wrist tightly, his entire aura becoming oppressive. He looked down at Su Beibei and said, “Beibei, are you confused? Can you say such things casually?”

Su Beibei was not afraid of Li Li’s suddenly dangerous aura. She looked at Li Li calmly and told him calmly, “Ah Li, your mother will never forgive me, and I won’t be able to bear with it forever. You said you have the confidence to settle our conflict. Let me ask you, how are you going to settle it?”

“Now that your mother is only giving you a one-sided cold war, you can’t stand it anymore and want me to give you warmth. Then have you thought about it? After we live together, there will be more conflicts. She will give you a cold war and I will give you a cold war. Can you endure that kind of life for a day? Can you endure it for the rest of your life?”

Li Li was about to answer when Su Beibei pressed his lips again.

“Don’t say that you can.” Su Beibei’s eyes were deep, as if she knew everything. She said, “Even if you can, I can’t. I, Su Beibei, got married because I love you. If loving you requires me to mistreat myself, to make me unhappy, to make me depressed, then I’d rather not love you.”

Su Beibei felt her shoulders relax as she spoke the words that were hidden deep in her heart.

She turned and walked to the door. She pressed the password to open the door and entered the house without caring about Li Li’s expression. Meanwhile, Li Li remained motionless as if he had been nailed to the corridor with a hammer.

His mind was filled with Su Beibei’s words. They had been married for almost three years. As Su Beibei had always been playing the role of a good wife and mother, he had almost forgotten her nature.

She was Su Beibei, a mystery author who had made a name for herself across the country at such a young age. She was the cool and valiant Su Beibei!

If she could marry him because she loved him, she could divorce him because she was heartbroken!

Li Li suddenly felt flustered and afraid. He was afraid that one day, Su Beibei would be heartbroken and leave without looking back. If she really left, would I be able to woo her back?

Li Li stood outside the door in a daze for a long time. When he came back to his senses, he didn’t know how long he had been standing outside.

Time passed very quickly. Unknowingly, a month had passed and Mother Li’s wound had already healed by 60-70%. The doctor informed Li Li that he could go and settle the discharge procedures for Mother Li.

When Li Li received the call, he was about to get off work. After hanging up the call from the hospital, Li Li suddenly felt tired. He sat back down and massaged his temples.

Knock knock.

There was a knock on the door.

Li Li looked up and saw Bei Zhan standing outside.

“Ah Li, want to have a drink together?”

Li Li wanted to refuse. Recently, he had been either at the hospital or at work. He had not eaten with Su Beibei and Li Ao for another week.

He wanted to accompany Beibei to shop at the supermarket.

Li Li was about to refuse when he heard Bei Zhan say, “CEO Han will go too.”

Han Zhan rarely went to places like bars in private, especially after Song Ci got pregnant. Li Li couldn’t help feeling shocked. He asked Bei Zhan, “What day is it today?”

Bei Zhan crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. He said frivolously, “Li Li’s hard life.”

Li Li rolled his eyes and said, “Go ahead.” He sent Su Beibei a message to explain the situation and followed Bei Zhan and Han Zhan to the bar.

The three of them never went to crowded nightclubs. The bars they went to were all secret and high-class private bar clubs. This bar club was very close to the Imperial Dragon Building, diagonally opposite the Imperial Dragon Building, built on the Imperial Dragon River.

The sun was about to set and the three of them sat under an outdoor umbrella in the bar.

After asking for an unopened bottle of whiskey, Bei Zhan asked Han Zhan, “How did you know about this bar? I thought a person like you who cultivates your character wouldn’t know about famous bars like Wangdong City.”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Cheng Yanmo told me. He said that this bar is not bad.”

“You have a good relationship with him.”

“After all, we fell into the water together when we were young.” With that, Han Zhan handed the wine to Li Li. “Drink some?”

“Mmm.” Li Li nodded and took a sip of wine. Only then did he remove his tie that made him feel slightly breathless.

Bei Zhan saw that he was very frustrated and asked with a smile, “What’s the matter? Seeing you so frustrated, I thought you were having menstruation problems.”

Li Li shot Bei Zhan a glare. “Don’t say it if you don’t know how to speak.”

Han Zhan also interrupted. “Auntie will be discharged tomorrow?”

Upon hearing this question, Li Li immediately frowned.

Bei Zhan exclaimed. “You brat.” Bei Zhan leaned forward and stared at Li Li’s face up close. He said, “Are you worried about how to mediate between your mother and your wife?”

Li Li hurriedly nodded and said worriedly, “Why do you think I got involved in this?”

Bei Zhan asked him, “What are you planning to do? Your mother is discharged. Are you planning to bring her home to live with you guys or send her back to her house?”

Li Li pondered for a moment before saying, “I’m worried about her staying alone.”

“Ha.” Bei Zhan raised his finger and pointed at him. He said, “Ah Li, your old lady seems to have been drugged these two years. I don’t suggest you bring her back to live with sister-in-law. Be careful, if you continue, your wife will be gone.”

Li Li thought that Bei Zhan was exaggerating. He said, “Don’t bluff me.”

“We’re not bluffing you.” This time, it was Han Zhan who answered.

This was said by Han Zhan and Li Li was stunned. He looked at Han Zhan and asked in confusion, “You also think that if I fetch my mother back, Beibei and I will…?” Li Li refused to say the word divorce.

“There’s something I haven’t told you.” Han Zhan’s expression gradually turned serious, making Li Li sit up straight. Li Li asked, “What is it?”

Han Zhan tapped his nose. “What I am going to tell you next is what your wife told my wife.”

“What did she say?” Li Li was very curious.

Han Zhan told him, “On the day of your mother’s surgery, your wife told my wife that she was slightly tired and felt that she couldn’t continue.”

Hearing this, Li Li suddenly tightened his grip on the glass and asked unsteadily, “What do you mean by not being able to hold on?”

Bei Zhan said bluntly, “She just want to give up on her marriage and divorce you.”

Li Li was stunned.

“Impossible…” Li Li instinctively defended himself. He said,” We are very close. I kissed her before leaving this morning and she even responded to me…”

“She still loves you.” Bei Zhan interrupted Li Li’s muttering. Li Li’s eyes lit up, but before he could rejoice, Bei Zhan splashed cold water on him mercilessly. “She still loves you, but that doesn’t mean she won’t leave you.”

Li Li was slightly angry. “Are you so eager for us to break up?”

Bei Zhan looked at him sternly and said in a serious tone, “Ah Li, I am very good at judging people. In my opinion, Beibei is not a weak girl. She might be willing to compromise once or twice because she loves you, but she is definitely not the kind of person who is willing to compromise for the rest of her life.”

“She loves you, but no matter how deep her love is, it will be worn away by bad thoughts.”

“I’m not trying to scare you. I treat you as a brother. Let me give you a reminder. Don’t really wait until things are irreversible before blaming yourself.”

Back then, Bei Zhan played a big part in Li Li and Su Beibei being together. Of course, Bei Zhan hoped that Li Li and Su Beibei could live happily like this forever, but Li Li’s mother was very stubborn.

Isn’t that infuriating?

Li Li listened to Bei Zhan’s earnest words. After a short period of anger, he gradually regained his rationality.

Thinking carefully about Bei Zhan’s words, Li Li realized that what he said was true.

As the saying goes, a bystander sees things clearly. Li Li was the person involved in this storm, so he blindly believed that as long as he still loved Su Beibei, she would obediently accompany him for a day.

As spectators, Han Zhan and Bei Zhan had long seen through his and Su Beibei’s future.

If he really brought his mother back to live with him, there would be endless trouble.

When Su Beibei was pregnant with Neil, Mother Li had purposely used a wet rag to mop the floor, causing Su Beibei to fall and nearly lose her life. This was enough to show that Mother Li and Su Beibei’s relationship had reached the point of being incompatible!

Li Li was enlightened!

He picked up his glass and downed the rest of his drink. His throat burned and so did his heart, but his mind was clear.

“Thank you.” Truth was harsh. You had to cherish the friend who was willing to tell you the truth.

Li Li got up and left. It looked like he already had a plan.

Han Zhan stared at Li Li’s empty seat and heard Bei Zhan say, “Do you think he can handle this mess well?”

Han Zhan smiled at Bei Zhan. “I think so.”

Bei Zhan pricked up his ears curiously and couldn’t help asking, “What method? Tell me quickly.”

Han Zhan said, “Unless Auntie Li suddenly dies.”

Bei Zhan was speechless.

Listen, are these words from a human?

The next day.

Li Li was on leave today and was going to the hospital to fetch Mother Li.

In the morning, when he woke up, Su Beibei was already up. Li Li pushed open the study room door and saw Su Beibei sitting in front of her computer, typing rapidly.

He placed a glass of milk beside Su Beibei’s computer table and asked her, “Why are you up so early?”

Su Beibei said, “I have good inspiration this morning. I want to write this well before the new year.” Su Beibei had very high expectations for her own work. If she finished a novel, she would at least have to edit it four or five times. Sometimes, she could completely negate it.

Li Li kissed her forehead and stood up. “I’m going to fetch my mother from the hospital. Do you want to come along?”

Su Beibei shook her head.

As Li Li was about to leave, he heard Su Beibei say, “I tidied up the guest room that the nanny stayed in last night and cleaned it up.”

Li Li understood what Su Beibei meant. He stopped in his tracks and turned to tell Su Beibei, “I bought the house next door and we’ll live side by side. It will be convenient for us to take care of her and not disturb each other.”

Su Beibei suddenly looked up, her eyes sparkling like a dim pearl suddenly glowing.

Li Li patted Su Beibei’s head and said, “I hope you understand that I really care about you. I can’t choose my own mother, but I will try my best to give you a stable life. Beibei, don’t be disheartened by me.”

Hearing this, Su Beibei felt mixed emotions. She nodded and said, “I believe you.”

“Alright, I’ll go fetch Mother.”

“Mmm. I will prepare lunch and wait for you guys to come back.”


Li Li arrived at the ward after settling the discharge procedures. The nurse had already tidied up the things for Mother Li and the two bags were full. Li Li pushed open the door of the ward and entered. Only then did he realize that there was a guest today, and it was someone he had not seen in a long time.

It was a woman in her early fifties wearing a silk dress. Her hair was dyed dark brown and made into wavy curls. She was dressed rather elegantly, but she didn’t have the aura of a wealthy lady.

This was Li Li’s aunt, Mother Li’s sister-in-law, Dong Yu.

Li Li’s father only had two brothers in his generation. Li Li’s uncle opened a mattress factory in the square and his family was considered well-to-do. A few years ago, after Father Li committed suicide by jumping off a building, his uncle’s family seemed to have vanished into thin air. He couldn’t get through the phone and couldn’t be seen.

Only when Li Li became Zeus Corporation’s general manager and became successful did his uncle and his family take the initiative to contact them.

Li Li didn’t have any good impression of his uncle’s family, but Mother Li continued to keep in touch with them out of old feelings.

As Dong Yu had maintained herself well, she was only five years younger than Mother Li, but looked more than 10 years younger.

Li Li was slightly surprised to see Dong Yu. He strode in and called out coldly, “Auntie, when did you come?”

The auntie smiled so widely that her face was filled with wrinkles. She praised exaggeratedly and affectionately. “Ah, Ah Li, it’s only been a year since we last met. You look much more energetic now. This big boss is really different.”

This flattery hit the nail on the head.

Li Li smiled disapprovingly and said to his mother, “The discharge procedures are done. Mother, I will bring you back.”

Mother Li asked him, “Go back to where?” Without waiting for Li Li to answer, Mother Li added, “No one has stayed in my house for a month. Have you cleaned it for me?”

Li Li was about to speak when his aunt, Dong Yu, chimed in. “Hey, sister-in-law, what are you saying? You were lucky enough to survive this time. How can Ah Li bear to let you stay alone? Isn’t that unfilial! He definitely wants to bring you back to live with him!”

Mother Li snorted. “I can’t get along with that vixen. I won’t live with them.”

Li Li’s face instantly turned cold as he scolded softly, “Mother! That’s your daughter-in-law!” In front of his aunt, he scolded his own daughter-in-law as a vixen. Li Li didn’t know how his mother’s brain worked.

Mother Li felt embarrassed after being scolded. She snorted in a sarcastic manner and said harshly, “You even said that she’s not a vixen! That time, you lied to me and said that you were working overtime in the office. You actually went to the zoo with that vixen! Li Li, I was lying in the hospital suffering, but she pulled you to the zoo. Does she even have me as her mother in her eyes!”

Li Li frowned and instinctively defended Su Beibei. “Mother, we are husband and wife. It’s only right for me to bring my wife and children to the zoo. Moreover, I am busy with work and haven’t accompanied them out for half a year. It’s not too much to go out for a day.”

“Moreover…” His eyes narrowed as he asked suspiciously,” How did you know about this? ”

Mother Li sneered. “You already forgot your mother when you have a wife. How dare you ask!”

Dong Yu saw that something was off and smiled warmly. She said to Li Li, “Ah Li, don’t be angry. It’s all my fault. It’s my fault for accidentally spilling the beans. Isn’t this Beibei who went to the zoo some time ago and posted on her social media? I was talking to your mother about her grandson Li Ao just now, so I found a photo of him at the zoo and showed it to your mother. Sigh, don’t say it. Your Li Ao is really handsome and smart. One look and I know he will be successful in the future!”

Seeing Li Li’s unhappy expression, Dong Yu added. “I didn’t know that you brought your wife to the zoo to play and didn’t tell your mother the truth. If I knew, I wouldn’t do such a stupid thing!”

Dong Yu seemed to be advising them to reconcile, but every word was trying to sow discord.

Li Li glanced at Dong Yu coldly.

Dong Yu was so scared that she almost shut her mouth.

Li Li smiled slightly and reminded Dong Yu, “Auntie, if you can’t speak, don’t speak. Just close your mouth and put it on your face as an accessory.”

Dong Yu said, “You!” Dong Yu was furious, but when she met Li Li’s cold eyes, she didn’t dare to say anything else.

Seeing this, Mother Li said, “How can you speak to your auntie like that! Look, your auntie lives in Guangdong and even came all the way here to visit me. Look at that vixen of yours. Has she come to visit me once?”

Li Li suddenly kicked the pillar of the hospital bed and roared in a low voice, “Are you letting me live or not? Mother, are you trying to force me to death! You can’t bear to see me better, right? You were clearly the one who targeted Beibei all the time. You lost your temper whenever you saw her. She was afraid of affecting your mood and delaying your recovery, so she endured it and didn’t come! Do you need to find someone to smear her name?”

“Those who don’t know would think that Beibei is such a vicious wife! Those who know the inside story look at you like you are a monkey!”

“Even monkey tricks are not as rich as yours!”

“Do you want me to tell everyone how you schemed against a pregnant woman back then, causing her to fall in the middle of the night and nearly causing two lives to be lost?”

Li Li patted his own face and said, “I don’t dare to say it. I want my face. I’m afraid that if I say it, others will throw eggs at you! I’ve given you face. Can you give me some face too? You really want to see me get a divorce and my good family fall apart before you are satisfied?”

“I admit that you raised me by killing fish and selling fish. Without you, there would be no me. But if I knew that the great mother who had snow and broken hands to earn money to raise me would be like this when she got old, I would really rather you didn’t care about me back then and let me fend for myself!”

Li Li was really upset by his mother. He made up his mind and shouted out his thoughts. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.

Mother Li was stunned by the shout and Dong Yu looked embarrassed.

Li Li knew that his words hurt his mother, but his heart was also in pain.

Tears rolled out of Li Li’s eyes. He looked at his mother with a sad face. “Do you know that your love and devotion to me is a knife that is always hanging over my head! A knife called filial piety!”

Mother Li was shocked and her eyes were trembling.

She raised her trembling right hand and pointed at Li Li. She asked in disbelief, “What did you say? You really think so? Li Li, how did I raise such a thing like you!”

Until this moment, Mother Li still didn’t realize her mistake when she looked at Li Li, who was like a trapped beast in pain. Instead, she blamed Li Li for being insensible and felt that she had fed her to a dog.

Li Li saw that his mother was really stupid and couldn’t communicate with her. He wiped his tears and shut his mouth.

Li Li didn’t waste any more time. He picked up two luggage bags and said to Mrs. Li, “I bought the house next to our house. You can stay beside us. We won’t disturb each other and it will be convenient for me to take care of you.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Li’s expression changed drastically. “Li Li! What do you take me for! Your burden? A burden? Do you and your wife hate me so much?”

Li Li’s expression remained unchanged. He was so calm that he was almost heartless. He said, “Mother, Beibei nearly lost two lives. I will remember this lesson for the rest of my life.”

Mother Li’s face turned pale, like a defeated rooster that was crying pitifully.

She didn’t understand why her son was so protective of that woman!

How is that woman good!


Waste money!

She thinks highly of herself just because she has written a few books!

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