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Chapter 431: Jiang Shifeng, Song Ci’s Uncle

Su Qingjia spent a huge sum of money to buy four ice creams. After buying them, the four children took a car back to town.

As the family didn’t allow Han Miao and Han Jun to eat ice cream, Su Qingjia got the driver to park the car on a small road outside the manor. A little guy slipped out and squatted in a neat row by the side of the road.

“Come, you can eat now.”

Su Qingjia bought a cup of ice cream. She distributed the ice cream to her three brothers and sisters, then took the lead to open the cup. She stuck out her little tongue and licked the milk on the lid clean.

The three little guys saw Su Qingjia’s actions and imitated her. They licked the ice cream off the cup lid, picked up the small spoon, and ate the ice cream one bite at a time.

“So delicious!” Han Miao was a glutton. In a few minutes, she finished her box of ice cream. She saw that Han Jun ate slowly and still had more than half left, so she turned to stare at the ice cream in Han Jun’s hand and asked with a smile, “Sister, what’s your flavor?”

Han Jun bit her spoon and looked at Han Miao warily. “Mango.”

Han Miao giggled and said, “The mocha I ate just now was a little bitter. Can you give me your mango-flavored one?”

Han Jun silently took a step to the side and used her hand to block the ice cream bucket. She shook her head and rejected. “No, this is mine.”

They were all children. Who wouldn’t like ice cream?

Han Jun was not a glutton and liked ice cream. She could tell Han Miao’s true intentions at a glance. Han Miao really craved her sister’s ice cream. Seeing that her sister was not even willing to give her a taste, she was slightly anxious.

Suddenly, Han Miao pointed at Han Jun and said loudly, “Sister, doesn’t that look like a mother?”

As they were still young and had weak digestive functions, Song Ci didn’t allow Han Miao and her sister to eat frozen food. So hearing Han Miao’s words, Han Jun thought that her mother had come and instantly panicked. She hurriedly hid the ice cream and turned back.

She had just turned around and didn’t see Song Ci’s shadow when the ice cream in her hand was snatched away by Han Miao. Han Miao carried the ice cream and ran towards Sicilio’s manor.

Han Jun stood up angrily and chased after her. “Han Miao! Return the ice cream to me! I hit you!”

Han Miao ran even faster.

Although Han Miao was usually very active and Han Jun was rather lazy, when it came to running, Han Miao was no match for Han Jun. Han Miao had just run into the main entrance of the manor when she was caught by Han Jun.

“Return the ice cream to me!” Han Jun grabbed the back of Han Miao’s clothes.

Han Miao couldn’t run anymore and hurriedly stuck out her tongue to add the ice cream in her hand. Han Jun was enraged by this scene. Without a word, she lifted her right leg and kicked Han Miao’s butt.


Han Miao fell to the ground along with the ice cream.

Han Miao sat down on Han Jun’s back, picked up the ice cream that had rolled to the side of Han Miao’s head, and smeared the nearly completely melted ice cream all over Han Miao’s head!

“Who asked you to snatch my ice cream!”

Han Miao was pressed down by her sister and couldn’t get up at all. Her head was still stuck to the soil. She instantly wailed and cried loudly for help. “Mother! Father! Han Jun hit me!”

Song Ci and Su Huanyan were playing chess. Han Zhan was sitting in the courtyard reading a book. Hearing Han Miao’s cry for help, Han Zhan hurriedly closed the book and said to Song Ci, “I’ll go take a look.”

When Han Zhan found Han Miao and Han Jun, Han Jun was still sitting on Han Miao’s back and had already smeared all the ice cream on Han Miao’s hair. Han Miao grabbed the mud with both hands and wanted to resist but couldn’t turn over, so she kept crying.

Seeing this scene, Han Zhan was enraged.

“Get up!”

Han Jun heard her father’s roar and got up from Han Miao’s back.

Han Miao stood up crying and touched her dirty hair. She pointed at Han Jun and told Han Zhan aggrievedly, “Father, Junjun bullied me!”

Of course Han Zhan didn’t believe Han Miao’s one-sided words. He said, “Follow me into the house!”

The two sisters stood side by side in the living room. One was crying and the other looked unconvinced. Han Zhan grabbed a feather duster and asked in a low voice, “What happened? Tell me in detail.”

Han Miao and Han Jun refused to speak.

Han Zhan asked Su Qingjia, “Qingjia, tell me.”

Su Qingjia saw that Han Zhan was angry and didn’t dare to lie. She said softly, “Miaomiao lied to Junjun and snatched her ice cream.”

Han Zhan believed that what Su Qingjia said was true.

Han Miao was gluttonous, and although Han Jun was arrogant, she was not a child who bullied others casually. It was very likely that Han Miao took the initiative to provoke Han Jun.

Han Zhan stared at his elder daughter’s dirty hair, then glanced at his younger daughter’s indignant expression. He said, “Elder sister, hit ten times! Younger sister, hit eight times!”

Hearing this, Han Miao cried even louder.

The two little guys had their pants taken off and were only wearing underwear as they laid on the sofa. Han Zhan flicked Han Miao’s chubby butt and asked her, “Do you know your mistake?”

When she was really punished, Han Miao didn’t dare to cry anymore. She said shakily, “I was wrong! Father.”

Han Zhan asked again, “What’s wrong?”

Han Miao stole a glance at Han Jun and said softly, “I shouldn’t have lied to my sister and snatched her things. I’m not honest and don’t love my sister. I was wrong.”

As his family was big and he had many conflicts between siblings, Han Zhan was afraid that his children would fight amongst themselves. As a result, since young, he had instilled in the children the idea that siblings should help each other and support each other.

It was said that one at the age of three would determine what they were like at the age of 80. When they were young, the children would turn into enemies because of an ice cream. When they grew up, they would naturally turn into a company and fight openly and secretly for the inheritance rights. If it was light, the relationship between siblings would be broken, and if it was serious, their lives would be in danger.

Hence, Han Miao and Han Jun had really angered Han Zhan today.

Han Zhan saw that Han Miao accurately recognized her mistake and the anger in his heart subsided slightly.

He hit Han Miao ten times, using a lot of strength each time. After ten hits, Han Miao’s butt was already red and swollen. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked aggrievedly at Song Ci, who was sitting by the side, conveying her sadness.

Song Ci pretended not to see Han Miao’s gaze.

Song Ci had never been a kind mother. If the children made a mistake and Han Zhan wanted to educate them, Song Ci would never help.

Seeing that her mother didn’t pity her, Han Miao knew that she had no hope and didn’t dare to cry. She lowered her head and wiped her tears sadly.

After hitting Han Miao, Han Zhan started hitting Han Jun again.

Han Jun was hit by a feather duster and there was a red mark on her butt. She didn’t cry or make a fuss. She gritted her teeth and silently accepted her punishment. She didn’t look like a two-year-old at all.

Han Zhan asked her, “Do you admit your mistake?”

Han Jun looked up and stared at Han Zhan stubbornly. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Hearing this, Han Zhan felt troubled.

He knew that Han Jun’s answer would be like this.

Han Jun was a proud and stubborn child. Once she set her mind on something, it would be very difficult for Han Zhan to change it. Han Zhan hit Han Jun thrice heavily and asked her, “Do you know your mistake now?”

Han Jun frowned in pain. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Her soft voice was filled with determination. “I just want to protect my things. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Han Miao admired Han Jun when she heard her answer.

She was not afraid of death.

“Can’t you say that you were wrong?” Han Miao was afraid that Han Jun would be beaten up by Han Zhan a few more times if she was so stubborn. Although Han Miao had snatched her sister’s food, she still loved her sister and couldn’t bear for her sister to be beaten up ruthlessly.

Han Jun laid on the sofa and said, “Father, I didn’t do anything wrong. If you want to hit, just hit.”

Han Zhan had already finished eight hits. Hearing this, he put down the feather duster.

Han Zhan squatted in front of Han Jun, grabbed her shoulder, and made her look straight at him.

Han Jun looked at Han Zhan and tears gradually welled up in her eyes.

She looked at her father. She felt aggrieved, but she didn’t say it.

Han Zhan wiped Han Jun’s tears and said, “Junjun, you are indeed not wrong to protect your own things.”

Hearing this, Han Jun’s tears flowed even more fiercely.

She said, “But you hit me.”

“Yes, Father hit you. I hit you for a reason.”

Han Jun looked at Han Zhan stubbornly, her little fists clenched so tightly that they creaked. She wiped her eyes and asked Han Zhan, “What did I do wrong?”

Han Zhan asked her, “Who is the person closest to you?”

Han Jun said without thinking, “Mother.” She said awkwardly, “And Father.”

Han Miao realized that Han Jun didn’t mention her name and hurriedly burped behind her. “There’s also elder sister!”

Han Jun turned to look at Han Miao. Her gaze lingered on Han Miao’s dirty hair for two seconds before she added reluctantly, “And Miaomiao.”

Han Zhan nodded and said, “Junjun, do you know that although Father and Mother are the closest people to you, they are dozens of years older than you. When you were very young, Father and Mother might have left this world.”

Han Jun hurriedly asked, “You guys will die, right? Just like Great Grandpa.”

Han Zhan was silent for a moment, before nodding. “Yes, Junjun, Father and Mother will also die one day. After Father and Mother die, who is the person closest to you?”

Han Jun pouted and remained silent for a long time before saying, “Miaomiao.”

“That’s right.” Han Zhan slowly released Han Jun’s fist. He stared at Han Jun’s hand and told her, “Junjun, you are close to Miaomiao and are twin sisters. You already knew each other when you were still in Mother’s womb.”

“You two are the most intimate relationship in this world. Nothing can separate the intimacy between you two. Look, you and Miaomiao are like your fingers. You two grow together and are related by blood.”

Han Jun stared at her five fingers in a daze. Han Zhan’s words sounded profound to a two-year-old, but she could understand the relationship between fingers.

A person’s hand had five fingers. They were inseparable. They divided the work and worked together. None of them could be missing!

“Miaomiao and I are as close as fingers, right?” Han Jun asked half-understanding.

Han Zhan nodded. “Yes, that’s what Father meant.” Han Zhan wiped the tears off Han Jun’s face and told her, “You were indeed wrong today. You were too much when you took revenge on Sister.”

“In the future, if your sister steals something from you, you can find another way to take revenge. For example…” Han Zhan looked at Han Miao threateningly and told Han Jun,” You can take her favorite Barbie doll or secretly hide her favorite chocolate, but you shouldn’t let your sister get hurt. ”

“Junjun, you are biological sisters. You should love each other.”

Hearing that Han Zhan wanted to hide her Barbie doll and chocolate, Han Miao instantly wailed. “Wow, Daddy doesn’t love me anymore! Daddy loves Sister! Biased!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Miao was crying, but Han Jun understood what Han Zhan meant. She turned around, walked up to Han Miao, reached out, and took some of the ice cream off Han Miao’s head. She said to Han Miao, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt you.”

Han Miao stopped crying and replied in a choked voice, “I… I forgive you.”

Song Ci said to Han Miao, “Then shouldn’t you apologize to your sister?”

Han Miao blushed and said shyly, “I’m sorry, sister.”

“Alright, alright.” Su Huanyan saw that Han Zhan had finished cleaning up the sisters and hurriedly handed a tube of ointment to Song Ci. “This ointment is very effective. Quickly help them wipe it.”


Song Ci brought the children back to their room to apply medicine. As she was applying medicine, Han Jun suddenly asked Song Ci a question. She asked Song Ci, “Mother, am I not cute?”

Song Ci was very surprised. She asked Han Jun, “Why would you think that?”

Han Jun laid on the bed and played with a small Rubik’s Cube in her hand. She said, “They all said that I am a freak.”

Song Ci was shocked. Her face darkened as she asked, “Who said so?”

Han Miao told Song Ci, “Little classmates, they all say that their younger sister is a freak.” The little classmates referred to the children in the early classes. Every Saturday morning, Han Miao and Han Jun would attend the children’s party in the early classes.

But how could a child know such words? It must be the parents behind them secretly describing Han Jun like this.

This reminded Song Ci of Song Fei’s childhood.

This was the first time Song Ci knew about this and she took it very seriously. After applying the ointment, Song Ci laid sideways on the bed. She looked at Han Jun, who was playing with the Rubik’s Cube, and asked her, “Then, Junjun, what do you think? Do you think you are a freak?”

Han Jun asked Song Ci in confusion, “Mother, what is a freak?”

“Freak is not a good word.” Song Ci stood up from the bed, walked to the window, opened it, and stared at the camellias in the courtyard downstairs. She said to Han Miao and Han Jun, “Come over.”

The two sisters walked over together and stood on the stool to look at the camellias downstairs with Song Ci.

Song Ci asked them, “Look, which flower is the most beautiful?”

Han Jun and Han Miao pointed at a red camellia by the side of the road in the garden.

Song Ci nodded. “Yes, that camellia is the most beautiful.”

She touched Han Jun’s head and told her, “Junjun, you are that camellia. Because you are prettier than the other flowers, they will never be as beautiful as you. So when they feel uncomfortable, they will scold you. They will scold you for being a freak, scold you for not being compatible with the crowd, and scold you for not being cute.”

But Junjun, no matter what others say, you will always be that beautiful camellia. You will always be the most special one in the crowd.”

Seeing that Han Miao and Han Jun both looked confused, Song Ci asked them, “Do you not understand?”

Han Miao nodded. “Sister is a human, not a camellia.”

Song Ci knew that the children might not understand her. She said concisely, “A freak is the most special, smart, and unique person.”

Han Jun seemed to understand Song Ci’s words. She looked up at Song Ci and smiled slightly. “I love you, Mother.”

Song Ci was stunned.

She saw sincere love in the child’s eyes. For the first time, she felt the return of love from her children.

“I love you guys too.”

The next day, Song Ci and Han Zhan were flying to France to visit Coleman. Su Huanyan was not busy with work recently, so Song Ci temporarily left her two daughters by Su Huanyan’s side.

Coleman’s hometown was not in Paris, the fashion capital, but in Lyon, the second-largest city in France. His hometown was in the fifth district of Lyon, the old city on the west bank of the Thorne River at the foot of Fouvieille.

The stone pavement, retro buildings, and slow-paced lifestyle cast a mysterious veil over this old city.

Han Zhan rode his bicycle and drove Song Ci along the stone pavement. He rode very slowly, firstly to avoid the pedestrians and secondly to protect Song Ci.

After riding for a while, Han Zhan parked the car in front of an old orange-red building. The metal fence in front of the building was filled with all sorts of thorny plants. Pink red flowers were all in full bloom.

Song Ci checked the address and after confirming that there was no mistake, she walked up the stairs, arrived in front of the house, and pressed the doorbell.

No one answered the doorbell after thinking for a long time. Song Ci thought that Coleman was not at home and was about to leave when she finally remembered a slow French voice. “Who is it?”

It was a strange man’s voice, not Coleman’s.

Song Ci said in English, “Hello, I am Cherry Song Ci. I am here to visit Mr. Coleman. May I know if Mr. Coleman is here?”

Inside the door, Coleman’s personal assistant heard Song Ci’s words. He went to Coleman’s side, leaned close to his ear, and shouted, “Sir, there’s a woman called Cherry outside the door who wants to see you.”

Coleman was slightly deaf. He put on the hearing aid but could only hear very soft sounds.

“Cheye, Song Ci…” Coleman supported himself on the piano and stood up. He said,” Go and prepare coffee. My friend is here. ”

“Alright, Sir.”

Coleman took his walking stick and slowly walked behind the door.

He stood at the door and asked loudly, “Why are you here, Cherry?”

Song Ci knew that Coleman couldn’t hear her. She replied loudly, “Your Chinese roses are blooming beautifully. I want to treat you to a cup of coffee.”

The tightly shut wooden door was slowly opened from the inside.

Coleman appeared in Song Ci’s vision. He was dressed very clean, in a white shirt and black pants. He was wearing a black bow tie as if he was going on stage to perform.

Coleman’s eyes were deep and also gray-blue, but the color of his pupils was slightly lighter than Han Zhan’s. They were gray like a valley after the rain.

But now, those eyes lost their focus and became empty.

The door was pulled open and a floral fragrance slipped into the house through the gap and into Coleman’s nose. Coleman stood behind the door and took a deep breath of the fragrance before asking, “Cherry, tell me, what color are they?”

Song Ci smiled and said, “I think they are beautiful in your heart.”

Coleman was stunned for a moment before his thin lips slowly curled up. He turned sideways and said, “Cherry, welcome to my house.”

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan’s hand and said to Coleman, “My husband is here too.”

Coleman thought for a moment before saying, “Han Zhan?” His Chinese pronunciation was very off. Song Ci guessed it and realized that he was talking about Han Zhan.

Han Zhan took the initiative to communicate with Coleman in French. He said, “Hello, Coleman. I am Henry’s husband, Han Zhan.” Han Zhan’s French accent was not pure, but it could clearly express his meaning.

Coleman nodded. “Welcome, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci entered the house together.

After entering the house, Song Ci immediately saw many photos hanging on the old wall in the living room.

In the dozens of photos, only three people frequently appeared. One was the owner, Coleman. The other blonde old woman looked very similar to Coleman and had a very similar hooked nose. This should be Coleman’s mother.

The other was the young Jiang Shiyu.

But among these, there was an unfamiliar man’s face. Song Ci pointed at one of the photos and asked Coleman, “In the sixth photo in the third row, the man standing with you and my mother, who is he? Coleman.”

Coleman had long memorized the contents of the photo on the wall. He guessed which photo Song Ci was asking about and said, “That’s Jiang Shifeng, your Uncle.”

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