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Chapter 430: A Man’s Mouth, A Lying Ghost. A Woman’s Waist, A Killing Knife


Song Ci took out a can of body milk from her luggage. This body milk had the effect of preventing pregnancy marks. When Song Ci was pregnant with twins, her belly was too big for the two children and there were many pregnancy marks on her abdomen.

After that, she successfully slimmed down and mastered the vest line. Her skin became much more compact, so the pregnancy marks didn’t look very obvious. As a result, Song Ci paid special attention to prevent pregnancy marks when she was pregnant with her second child.

She handed the can of body milk to Han Zhan. “Come on.” As long as Han Zhan was at home, applying body milk was Han Zhan’s benefit. He took the pregnancy tattoo, took some milk from the can very familiarly, and melted it between his palms.

“Lie down properly.”

Song Ci obediently laid down on the bed and took the initiative to raise the corners of her skirt to reveal her big belly. She was already six months pregnant and her stomach was slightly big, like a medium-sized watermelon.

Han Zhan placed his hands on Song Ci’s abdomen and massaged it with his thin palms.

He stared at the scar left by the cesarean section on Song Ci’s abdomen and suddenly said, “I heard that it’s best to have a cesarean section for the second child. For someone like you who is giving birth to the second one near the first one, it’s even better to have a cesarean section.”

Staring at the scar on Song Ci’s stomach, Han Zhan felt terrible. He said, “I regret it when I think of how you still have to be stabbed.”

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was feeling sorry for her. She, who was originally feeling slightly aggrieved and afraid, suddenly felt very sweet.

A woman’s greatest fear when pregnant was that her husband wouldn’t understand.

She smiled and said, “What’s there to be afraid of? I’m still young and healthy. I’ll recover quickly. Let’s not give birth in the future.” Just as she finished speaking, Song Ci’s stomach was suddenly kicked by the child. She hurriedly placed Han Zhan’s hand on the left side of her abdomen.

Han Zhan had just placed his hand on it when he was kicked. He smiled and said, “I feel like another mischievous child.” The fetus in his stomach might have just woken up and was feeling bored now. He punched and kicked Song Ci for a long while before stopping.

Han Zhan helped Song Ci pull down her dress and covered her stomach. He said, “I’ll go get milk powder for you.” Song Ci’s fetus was small and the doctor advised her to strengthen her nutrition, so she had to drink milk powder from a pregnant woman before bed.

Once Han Zhan left, Song Ci’s cell phone rang again. It was Song Fei.

Song Ci’s birthday was also Song Fei’s birthday.

Song Ci hurriedly sat up, tidied up her skirt, and answered the call. Once the video call went through, Song Ci saw Song Fei’s face magnified in front of the camera. “Stay away. Your face is as big as a vegetable plate.”

Hearing this, Song Fei pulled her cell phone further away, revealing half her body.

Song Ci realized that Song Fei was wearing a gorgeous orange halter dress and a platinum necklace. Her curly hair was draped over her shoulders and she had put on warm orange eye makeup.

She was wearing a birthday hat and sitting in a KTV. She was so beautiful.

Song Ci felt that Song Fei looked quite good like this and hurriedly took a few screenshots. As she did so, she asked Song Fei, “Where’s the KTV? You look quite sexy today.”

It was Song Fei’s first time wearing it like this and she was not used to it. Her chest was small and she felt that she couldn’t quite hold up this dress, but in fact, this dress needed small breasts to be of high quality. It was rather vulgar to let Song Ci wear it.

Song Fei told Song Ci, “Ah Jiang gave it to me.”

“I guessed it.” It was obvious that Song Fei didn’t buy this dress. “You actually have a day when you go to the KTV to have fun. Song Fei, you really surprised me.” Song Fei was so quiet and didn’t like to go to bars to sing karaoke. Song Ci never expected Song Fei to go to the KTV for her birthday.

Song Fei told her, “Ah Jiang said that he wanted to sing a song for me tonight, so I came.” Yan Jiang had invited all his best friends. Song Fei didn’t like to cause trouble, but she liked to accompany Yan Jiang.

Moreover, she was never part of the group and Yan Jiang’s friends would also laugh at him.

Song Ci shouted exaggeratedly on the other end of the phone. “Sing? Sing a love song? Song Fei, you’ve learned bad things. You actually learned to give me dog food.”

Song Fei knew that Song Ci liked to talk nonsense and couldn’t win against her. She said, “Let me show you your Brother Jiang.” With that, she aimed the camera at Yan Jiang.

The lights of the KTV were flashing. Song Ci focused her eyes and saw Yan Jiang clearly.

Yan Jiang sat on a high stool beside the music stand with a microphone in his hand. He was wearing a pure black shirt tonight with two thin straps hanging down the collar, breaking the formality of the shirt and adding to his fashion sense.

He still had the platinum necklace around his neck and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face. He sat there like a scenery.

Yan Jiang saw that Song Fei was pointing her cell phone at him and asked, “Are you taking a photo for me?”

Song Fei said, “I’m video-calling Song Ci.”

Yan Jiang stared at the camera and congratulated her seriously. “Happy birthday, Song Song.”

Song Ci said, “Thank you, thank you!”

Yan Jiang turned off the accompaniment of the TKV and said into the microphone, “Ah Fei, happy birthday. This song is for you.”

Yan Jiang’s good brother, Zhong Xiangshou, turned and said to Song Fei, “Sister-in-law! Brother Jiang wrote the song himself!”

Song Fei was slightly surprised to hear that Yan Jiang was going to sing the song he had written.

Song Ci was stunned.

A song Yan Jiang wrote on his own. Could it be that song…

Yan Jiang started singing.

Yan Jiang was not a professional singer. His singing skills were average, but his voice was clear and sincere. His voice captured everyone’s hearts.

He sang. “Thank you for being willing to come to my side and accompany me. Count the night sky and stars without changing…” That was a song Song Fei had never heard before. It looked like Yan Jiang had indeed written it himself.

Meanwhile, Song Ci’s eyes widened when she heard this song.

It was really this song!

In his previous life, Yan Jiang had sung this song at his 30th birthday party. He said that this song was written for the girl he loved and the song was called Fei.

That song was composed by Song Ci. Even now, she still remembered that song very well.

Song Ci hurriedly put down her cell phone and took out her violin from the violin case.

The KTV was very quiet. Everyone was listening to Yan Jiang sing quietly. Just as Yan Jiang sang “Missing is an addictive drug”, a melodious violin voice suddenly sounded from Song Fei’s cell phone.

Hearing that the violin had moved away, Yan Jiang was slightly shocked. This was the first time he had heard Song Ci play this tune. This tune should have been improvised by Song Ci, but it was especially compatible with his song. It was like… custom-made!

Could it be…

Does Song Song know this song?

Could it be that in her previous life, I had sung this song to Song Ci? Yan Jiang looked up at the warm orange figure under the light. A hint of bitterness flashed across his eyes before it was replaced by relief.

In this life, she was by my side, watching me play and laughing with me.

That was enough.

Under the dazzling lights, Yan Jiang smiled charmingly and sang with an expression:

“I’d rather bleed. I’d love to sink into the night. I want to have every night I dream of you…”

In another parallel world, Yan Jiang, who had yet to wake up, recalled Song Fei with longing. Boys who were afraid of the dark would occasionally use sleeping pills to hypnotize themselves, hoping to have a dream after falling asleep.

Even in ten dreams, nine would dream of a scary-looking grandmother, and only one would dream of a young girl.

But even so, he felt happy.

After singing, Yan Jiang clasped his hands together and said to Song Ci, “Thank you, Song Song.”

Song Ci said, “I wish Song Fei and Brother Jiang a blissful life.” Then, she hung up the video call.

Yan Jiang walked up to Song Fei and squatted down in front of her. He placed his hands on her knees. Yan Jiang was much taller than Song Fei. Even if he squatted like this, he didn’t need to look up to be on par with Song Fei.

Yan Jiang gazed lovingly at Song Fei. “I wrote this song for you. Its name is Fei. Does it sound good?”

Song Fei saw the tears in Yan Jiang’s eyes. She reached out and pressed his eyes. A dazzling smile suddenly blossomed on her cold face. “I like it.”

She reached out and cupped Yan Jiang’s head. She leaned over and kissed his forehead. “I am very happy, Ah Jiang.”

Yan Jiang hugged Song Fei’s waist.

At this moment, Yan Jiang’s good friend, Wei Lai, and his girlfriend carefully carried a three-layered cake into the private room. The lights in the private room were all extinguished, and only the flames on the cake were flickering.

Everyone was singing a birthday song for Song Fei. Song Fei sat in the dim private room, looked at the cake, and silently squeezed Yan Jiang’s hand.

“Come, make a wish!”

Song Fei clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and made a wish.

“Alright, blow out the candles!” Song Fei puffed up her cheeks like a hamster who had secretly eaten a lot of food.

She blew at the cake and extinguished the flames. She hurriedly leaned close to Yan Jiang’s ear and said, “I made a wish. I hope that you will sing for me and our son next year.”

Yan Jiang silently held Song Fei’s hand and told her, “In the future, the three of us will spend every year together.”


Song Ci sat by the bed wiping the violin. Han Zhan walked in with the milk and handed the glass to Song Ci. Song Ci drank the milk in this position.

Han Zhan sat down beside her and said, “I’ve never heard that tune just now.”

“The first performance is an improvised performance.”

“Impeccable performance? Baby Ci is so awesome.” Han Zhan was a music idiot who only knew how to sing country songs and “I am like you”. He felt that Song Ci was really too awesome. She could fly a plane, play the violin, play the piano, play the cello and the ancient violin, and even compose music. She was simply a god.

I was really lucky!

Song Ci could hear Han Zhan’s admiration for her and was slightly surprised. “You really think I’m very capable?”

“Yes.” Han Zhan never lied.

Song Ci blushed slightly at Han Zhan’s praise. She rubbed her earlobe and said softly, “I think Brother Han is also very capable.”

Han Zhan asked, “How?” His expression was very serious. He really wanted to know how amazing he was in Song Ci’s eyes.

If Song Ci really had to say it, Song Ci really couldn’t remember it for a while. She thought for a moment and said, “You’re good at everything. Put on your clothes. You’re the all-powerful CEO of the business world, Han Zhan. Take off your clothes. You’re the majestic Mr. Han on the bed.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

It was rare to hear Song Ci speak in such a dirty manner. Han Zhan felt rather nostalgic. “The way you are now reminds me of when I first met you. At that time, your words were very coquettish.”

“No matter how coquettish I am, I can’t be compared to you, Brother Han.” Song Ci glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 11pm. She hurriedly said, “I’m going to bed. Big boss, do you still remember the rule of sleeping before 10pm at night?”

Han Zhan said, “I’m old and forgetful recently.”

Song Ci sneered. “A man’s mouth is a liar.”

Han Zhan casually said the second half of the sentence. “A woman’s waist, a lethal knife?”

Song Ci glared at him. “Where did you learn all this?”

“None of your business.”

The two of them fell asleep after bickering. In the latter half of the night, Song Ci woke up with a cramp in her leg. Han Zhan was the first to wake up. He massaged Song Ci’s leg until she fell asleep again before continuing to sleep in peace.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up to find that Han Zhan was not in his room.

After she finished dressing up and walked out of the room, she heard the sound of fighting. Song Ci heard the sound and arrived at Sicilio’s arena. She saw Sicilio fighting Han Zhan. The two of them were not holding weapons and were fighting purely with their strength.

The two of them had both crawled through the sea of blood and were very experienced. They were looking for death. Song Ci didn’t even see the move clearly when she saw Han Zhan being kicked away by Sicilio.

If that kick had landed on an ordinary person, two bones would have been broken. But Han Zhan was sent flying, but he flipped in the air and landed on one knee, looking fine.

He slid a section of the sand-covered ground. Once he stabilized his body, he immediately stood up and took the initiative to attack. The two of them fought fiercely and seriously. They didn’t go easy on each other.

After about 10 minutes, Sicilio and Han Zhan stopped fighting. Both of them were sweating profusely. The skin at the corner of Sicilio’s lips had been broken by Han Zhan and was still bleeding. Han Zhan’s left shoulder had been beaten unconscious by Sicilio and he couldn’t even lift it up.

But the two of them reached out to each other, grabbed each other’s hands tightly, and touched each other’s shoulders.

“It’s been a long time since I fought so happily.” Han Zhan was slightly emotional.

Sicilio pointed at Han Zhan’s shoulder and asked, “Your arm is quite injured, right?”

Han Zhan pressed it and frowned. “Mmm, I’m injured.”

Sicilio said, “I thought you often sat in the office and your skills deteriorated. I didn’t expect you to still be so good at fighting.”

Han Zhan raised his arm and was relieved to see that there were no broken bones. “Since I was young, Grandpa told me that people should live in peace and think of danger. Days that are too comfortable will make people numb.”

“As expected of Han Aoyu.”

“Let’s go and eat!”

During the meal, Han Zhan could barely lift his left arm, and his right hand was missing his index and middle fingers. It was also not convenient for him to take the cutlery. Song Ci’s heart ached for him being injured, so she directly fed him.

Han Zhan had not been taken care of like this by Song Ci for a long time and was very flattered. He glanced at his half crippled left arm and smiled. “Does this count as a blessing in disguise?”

Song Ci sneered. “Shut up!”

Sicilio was also not feeling well. Su Huanyan was applying medicine to his wound. “It’s not like you’re really fighting. Why are you being so ruthless?” Su Huanyan slapped Sicilio’s chest. It hurt so much that Sicilio frowned. “See if it will kill you!”

Sicilio lowered his head and listened obediently, not daring to argue.

Knowing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were going out to sea to visit Coco today, Sicilio sent a subordinate to drive them and protect them.

After dinner, the three of them drove west.

To the west was the Fiumicino Airport. There was a free sea there. Sitting in the car, Song Ci kept sizing up the driver, Bei De. She felt that this Bei De looked somewhat familiar.

Bei De was wearing a white suit with a dark blue suit. His brown hair was very clean and his sideburns looked exquisite. He was a handsome man who paid great attention to his appearance.

Song Ci said in Italian to the driver, Bei De, “You look familiar. Have we met somewhere before?”

Bei De was driving. Hearing this, he touched his face awkwardly as if to hide something. “Madam, I don’t think so.”

Han Zhan turned and glanced at Song Ci unhappily. He thought Song Ci was flirting with another man in front of him.

Song Ci understood Han Zhan’s gaze and hurriedly said to him in Chinese, “Brother Han, don’t be jealous. I really think Bei De looks familiar.” Song Ci stared at Bei De’s profile for a while and murmured in confusion, “Where have I seen him before?”

Bei De patted his thigh uneasily and said, “Madam, you must be mistaken. When we look at foreigners, we all think that foreigners look similar.” He looked at the Easterners and felt that they all looked the same.

Of course, good-looking people like Song Ci were still different.

Song Ci frowned. “No, I must have seen you before.”

She frowned and thought about it all the way, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen Bei De. When they arrived at the beach, the three of them rented a luxury speedboat and set off towards the sea.

The summer here was not hot. Song Ci was wearing a dark blue dress and a pair of white Roman sandals. She stood on the deck enjoying the sea breeze. She held a cup of kiwi juice and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, do you like to dive?”

Han Zhan said, “Luckily, I’m not very interested. Leo likes to dive very much.”

Song nodded. “I know.” When she was filming the movie “Le Chi”, she had seen Sicilio in Italy. At that time, Sicilio was a walking mafia and exuded an aura that said “I am not to be trifled with”.

They had met on a private beach. In order to scare her, Sicilio had even personally dived into the sea and fished out a shell for her, asking her to go home and say hello to Hoff.

Song Ci leaned against the railing and stared at the blue sea water. She said, “I still remember that Aaron was like a lunatic back then. After he abducted me from America, he even got his subordinate to throw me into the sea and dragged me in the water with a boat…”

Previously, Song Ci was worried that Han Zhan and Aaron would turn against each other and didn’t dare to tell Han Zhan about her being abused by Aaron at sea. Now that she accidentally said it, Han Zhan knew the truth and his heart ached terribly.

He thought of 180 ways to avenge Song Ci and planned to teach Aaron a lesson when he returned.

Song Ci recalled something as she spoke of that past. Her eyes widened! “I remember!” Song Ci suddenly grabbed the railing and turned to stare at Bei De, who was on the phone with someone. She said with a malicious expression, “Bei De used to be Aaron’s subordinate. He was the one who threw me into the sea!”

Hearing someone mention his name, Bei De looked back at Song Ci in confusion. Seeing that Song Ci was hooking her finger at him, Bei De was silent for a moment before saying goodbye to the person on the cell phone.

Bei De hung up and walked towards Song Ci uneasily. “Madam.” Bei De lowered his head slightly and looked especially obedient.

Song Ci placed the cup of kiwi juice in Han Zhan’s hand and said to Bei De, “Look up.”

Bei De knew he was doomed!

Song Ci must have recognized me.


He had to obey who he worked for. Bei De was just a small fry. What could he do?

Bei De looked up slowly.

Song Ci reached out and grabbed Bei De’s chin.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s two fingers and instinctively took her hand back. He said, “Don’t do it. Let me help you.” Han Zhan put down the kiwi juice and grabbed Bei De’s chin with his left thumb and index finger.

Song Ci gazed at Bei De’s handsome but wooden face. She said, “I remember where I met you. Bei De, Bei De…”

Song Ci raised her hands and waved them in front of Bei De. “Do you remember? That year, you personally tied my hands with a rope. You tied the rope to the railing of the boat and threw me into the water, causing me to be soaked in the water for a long time…”

Bei De was so scared that his forehead was covered in cold sweat. His voice was trembling as he said softly, “Madam, I am also under orders.”


Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Tie him up and throw him into the sea. If he can last for half an hour in the sea, he’s lucky.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan got the staff on the speedboat to deliver a bundle of rope.

He tied Bei De up and heartlessly threw him into the shallow sea to be dragged along by the boat.

Bei De didn’t dare to cry either. He had already guessed that this would happen when he saw Song Ci in the morning. Bei De could only try his best to hold his breath and take the opportunity to take a breather and strive to survive.

Song Ci stared at Bei De for a while before saying to Han Zhan, “Watch him. If he really can’t take it anymore, pull him up. You can’t really play him to death.” She just needed to vent her anger.

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter.

Half an hour later, Bei De was pulled up from the sea by Han Zhan.

]Bei De no longer had the strength. He laid on the deck and spat out seawater. He looked up at the sun above his head and felt for the first time that the sun was so beautiful.

When the boat was about to reach the deep sea, Song Ci realized that Coco had arrived.

Coco circled around their speedboat, bared her cold white teeth, and affectionately nudged it with her head.

Coco had been modified by Edward and was very intelligent. She was the overlord of this sea. In the sea where Coco was, there were almost no large fish that dared to approach her.

Coco wanted Song Ci to alight and play with her in the sea. Song Ci hesitated for a long time before jumping into the sea.

The moment they entered the sea, Song Ci’s dress fluttered. Coco dived into the sea and saw Song Ci’s bulging abdomen.

Coco swam around Song Ci twice and finally rubbed her head gently against Song Ci’s abdomen. Coco also had a child. She was a female shark who had experienced pregnancy and understood that Song Ci was pregnant.

COCO only played in the sea with Song Ci for half an hour before sending her to Han Zhan’s side. The speedboat floated on the boat, and COCO kept wandering around the speedboat until it was almost dark, before escorting Song Ci and the rest back.

Arriving at the shallow sea area, Song Ci was worried that Coco would be stranded, so she ordered him to return. Coco was reluctant and circled the speedboat for another two minutes before swimming into the deep sea without looking back.

Returning to Sicilio’s house, Song Ci saw Yan Qingxiu, Han Jun, and Han Miao.

Han Miao was slightly dizzy and Su Huanyan was hugging her to eat porridge.

Seeing Song Ci and Han Zhan, Han Miao pouted with tears in her eyes. “Mother…” Han Miao called out weakly.

“Miaomiao, what’s the matter?” Song Ci thought that Han Miao was ill. Han Jun held Song Ci’s hand and said, “Mother, Sister fainted and vomited a few times.”

“So you are suffering from motion sickness.” Song Ci looked at Han Miao’s pale face and her heart ached. She took Han Jun from Su Huanyan’s arms and personally drank half a bowl of porridge for her.

Han Miao ate and quickly revived on the spot. She pulled her sister and Program and ran happily in the manor.

Su Qingjia had already reached the age where she started studying and learning. Su Qingjia, who was only three years old, had a very full schedule every day. Sicilio was very strict with Su Qingjia’s education. He was grooming her according to the standards of an heir.

In the morning, Su Qingjia had to learn English and piano, in the afternoon, Russian, and at night, she had to study mathematics with the teacher. But today, two sisters came to the house. Su Qingjia was also playful, so she went to ask for leave from Sicilio.

“Daddy, can I not attend math class tonight?”

When Su Qingjia went to look for Sicilio, he was assembling a gun.

He stared at Su Qingjia for a moment before saying, “If you can successfully assemble these parts on the table, I will give you a break tonight and tomorrow.”

Su Qingjia stared at the gun parts on the table. She hesitated for a moment before reaching out to pick up the cold and heavy parts.

The first time, failure.

The second time, failure.

The third time, she still failed.

Su Qingjia failed again and again, but she never said she would give up. Meanwhile, Sicilio kept looking at her calmly. If she was wrong, he would neither be disappointed nor remind her.

Su Qingjia searched alone for half an hour before successfully assembling that gun.

Holding the heavy pistol, she gave Sicilio a happy smile. “Daddy, I succeeded.”

Sicilio stroked her head and praised her. “You’re awesome. It took Daddy an hour and thirty-six minutes to assemble them for the first time. And you’re a minute faster than Daddy.”

Su Qingjia put down her gun and said, “Daddy, I don’t like guns and I don’t want to shoot.”

Hearing this, Sicilio was not angry.

Su Qingjia had lost a lot of weight this year and her once chubby little hands had become much thinner. Sicilio held his daughter’s hand and tapped the tip of Su Qingjia’s nose with his finger. He said something to her that Su Qingjia had remembered for her entire life.

He said, “Qingjia, remember this sentence. Only when a person is strong enough doesn’t need a gun because she is a gun herself.”

Su Qingjia seemed to understand.

Sicilio gave Su Qingjia a credit card and said, “Go play with your sister. Have fun to your heart’s content.”


Su Qingjia, who was carrying a credit card, walked with style, as if she carried the entire world and could buy the entire Earth in minutes.

While shopping, Su Qingjia walked to an ice cream shop on the streets and said in a childish voice, “Boss, take out the most expensive ice cream in your shop!”

he boss couldn’t help but ask, “Beautiful lady, how many ice creams do you want?”


Su Qingjia slammed her credit card on the boss’s table. “Four!”

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