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Chapter 426: I Will Bet My Life on You and You Will let Me Marry Your Daughter

Looking at Jiang Zhen’s expression, Han Yueyun couldn’t tell if he hated his actions or not, but Han Yueyun didn’t really care about Jiang Zhen’s opinion. He asked Jiang Zhen coldly, “What do you think?”

Jiang Zhen said, “I can understand you.”

Hearing this answer, Han Yueyun thought highly of him.

Nodding, Han Yueyuan picked up the teacup beside him and took a sip of sobering tea before asking, “Back then, you purposely got close to my daughter to give her that drug and wanted to pass it to me through her. So now, what is your motive for getting close to her?”

This was what Han Yueyun cared about the most. He was worried that Jiang Zhen didn’t really love Han Wangwang. He just wanted to get close to her and use her to achieve his own selfish desires.

Under the effects of the truth serum, Jiang Zhen couldn’t lie. His mouth didn’t listen to his brain at all. He said honestly, “I felt guilty for using her back then. Many years later, when I met her again, I didn’t intend to pursue her. I just wanted to be friends with her. But liking someone is uncontrollable.”

“I love her with no ulterior motives.” These were indeed Jiang Zhen’s heartfelt words.

He was a scheming person and had to think twice before doing anything. There was a motive to befriend others, but in the matter of loving Han Wangwang, Jiang Zhen was really sincere and clean.

Hearing this answer, Han Yueyun finally felt relieved.

He placed the fingers of his right hand on the table and knocked, making Jiang Zhen’s hair stand on end. Han Yueyun looked at Jiang Zhen with a hesitant expression. It was obvious that he still had something to ask, but he had his reservations, so he couldn’t speak frankly.

Jiang Zhen’s skin went numb from Han Yueyun’s stare.

“Have you killed anyone personally?”

Han Yueyun’s words made the study even quieter.

Han Yueyun saw Jiang Zhen’s chest suddenly rise and fall violently. If his hearing was stronger, he might be able to hear Jiang Zhen’s frantic heartbeat.

Have I killed anyone?

Jiang Zhen instinctively shook his head. He wanted to deny it in his heart, but his mouth spoke first. “I did!”

Han Yueyun narrowed his eyes the moment he heard that word.

Jiang Zhen was in despair. He saw Han Yueyun pick up the cell phone on the table. Jiang Zhen thought that Han Yueyun was going to call the police and personally send him to the police station to uphold justice!

Jiang Zhen felt slightly irritable.

Han Yueyun turned the cell phone in his hand but quickly put it down. He looked at Jiang Zhen with deep eyes and interrogated him sternly like a police interrogator.

“How many people did you kill? Why?”

Jiang Zhen answered honestly, “When I was 15 years old, in order to avenge my adoptive father, Duan Wuyang, I personally killed Poison Scorpion and his subordinates.”

“So you killed Poison Scorpion and his subordinates…” Han Yueyun still remembered Poison Scorpion’s death.

When Poison Scorpion and the rest’s corpses were discovered, their corpses started to stink.

That year, the forensic doctor had performed an autopsy on Poison Scorpion and the rest. He thought that the murderer was an experienced professional killer. Moreover, the scene was cleaned up very well by the killer. The forensic doctor concluded that the killer had at least five years of experience.

In fact, after knowing that Poison Scorpion was dead, Han Yueyun had suspected the underage boxer called Mu Feng. But after hearing the forensic doctor’s analysis and knowing that the murderer was an experienced killer, Han Yueyun kicked the child out of the suspect list.

Just like that, Poison Scorpion’s death was left unsettled. The police would not pursue the matter of Poison Scorpion being killed, so Jiang Zhen would be fine.

Han Yueyun stared at Jiang Zhen with an unreadable expression. He said, “You were only 16 years old that year…” In other words, you were really scary to dare to do such a thing at such a young age.

Jiang Zhen didn’t answer.

“Apart from the lives of Poison Scorpion, have you killed anyone else?” Han Yueyun had to investigate Jiang Zhen’s past before he could be at ease. He would never allow his daughter to marry a murderer.

Jiang Zhen said, “Two months ago, in Nanxing City, I killed a Class A wanted criminal in self-defense. That person was sent by my biological father to murder me. Wangdong Police Department already knows about this. Apart from that, I didn’t take the initiative to kill anyone else.”

The word “initiative” was used rather subtly.

an Yueyun was still worried and asked, “Tell me in detail what else you did that violated the law.”

Jiang Zhen replied, “No.” Even if he did, he had arranged it for his subordinate. His hands were still very clean.

Han Yueyun nodded. “Got it.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t know if his performance passed or not, so he felt uneasy.

Seeing that Han Yueyun remained silent, Jiang Zhen panicked and boldly said, “Uncle Han, the truth serum is very effective. It will indeed make me speak the truth, but I also have the right to choose not to speak. As long as I keep my mouth shut and don’t speak, you won’t be able to hear whether it’s the truth or a lie.”

Hearing this, Han Yueyun looked up at him silently.

He wanted him to continue.

Jiang Zhen added, “Even though I know that once I open my mouth to speak, I will expose my background, which is equivalent to taking the initiative to hand over my weakness to you. If you hold on to my weakness, you can drive me out of the Han Family at best, and at worst, you can decide my life and death. But I still opened my mouth to speak the truth. There is no other reason, just because I love your daughter Han Xi and want to marry your daughter. As a result, even if my weakness is in your hands, it doesn’t matter.”

]As he spoke, Jiang Zhen took out an A4 paper from his pants pocket. He had folded that paper repeatedly. It was obvious that he had prepared it long ago.

Han Yueyun looked at the paper in confusion and remained silent.

Jiang Zhen stood up from his chair. After being drunk, his face was slightly red. He walked step by step to the desk and pressed the paper in front of Han Yueyun.

He said, “Last night, I didn’t sleep the entire night because I really couldn’t think of a way to convince you and move you guys.”

Han Yueyun picked up the A4 paper on the table and asked, “What is this?”

Jiang Zhen said, “This is my confession.”

Han Yueyun was slightly stunned.

He opened that piece of paper and saw that the A4 paper was filled with dense confessions written with a black signature pen. Some were major confessions like harming the adoptive father who sold them, killed the poisonous scorpion, and attacked a certain country’s firewall as a hacker in his teens…

Everything was covered in two pieces of paper.

At the bottom of the paper was a photocopy of Jiang Zhen’s own identity card, his signature, and his thumbprint.

After reading this content, Han Yueyun was greatly shocked. He knew that this young man was not as beautiful and clean as he looked, but he did not expect this person to have such rich experience. It was simply pitch-black.

Han Yueyun shook the two pieces of paper and asked Jiang Zhen, “What are these for?”

Jiang Zhen saw that Han Yueyun had already finished reading the contents. He looked down and said, “Last night, I racked my brains for an entire night before coming up with this idea.”

Han Yueyun frowned. “What kind of method is this?”

Jiang Zhen said, “I will mortgage the confession certificate that I signed and signed as collateral in Uncle Han’s hands. I only ask Uncle Han to agree for your daughter to be with me. In the future, if Wangwang really injured, maimed, and died for no reason, and you feel that I am the culprit, you can take this confession certificate to report me.”

Jiang Zhen took a step back and knelt down on both knees in front of the desk.

As he knelt down and was shorter, Jiang Zhen had to raise his head to meet Han Yueyun’s eyes. The young man’s naturally cold and indifferent gaze became scorching hot at this moment. The determined and passionate glow that shot out from it made Han Yueyun’s heart heat up.

Jiang Zhen said, “Uncle Han, I am betting my life on you. I only ask that you give up your love and marry your beloved daughter Han Xi to me.”

He knew that his family was dirty. His biological father was despicable and a beast. The son of a beast was naturally a little beast. He couldn’t choose his own birth. He couldn’t wash away the dirty blood that belonged to Jiang Weimin, but he loved Han Wangwang too much.

From the time he was 16 years old and received his first expensive pair of designer shoes in his life, Jiang Zhen knew that Han Wangwang treated him differently.

She was kind and clean. She was the only ray of light he could see when he struggled in the lower-class society.

Some people would get used to the darkness after staying in the dark for a long time. But some people would never give in to the darkness. They grabbed a ray of light and walked under the light.

Jiang Zhen was the latter kind of person.

Without leaving the abyss, there would be no light.

That light had come, and he greedily wanted to keep it.

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