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Chapter 425: Old Fox PKing Little Fox

After Han Aoyu passed away, Han Dongliang now had the highest seniority in the Han family, the oldest age, and the highest social status.

He was the empress dowager now and would never go back on his word.

Jiang Zhen knew very well that in order to obtain the blessings of the Han Family, he still needed to obtain his grandfather Han Dongliang’s approval. As a result, when facing Han Dongliang, he didn’t dare to be disrespectful.

After entering the house, Jiang Zhen placed the carefully selected skincare products on the dining table. Han Yueyun took a quick look. The expensive ones were a rare and precious limited edition Maotai, while the cheap ones were pure Erguotou that could be bought at the supermarket.

One had to know that Old Master loved that mouthful of Erguotou the most.

Han Yueyun stared at the Erguotou and raised his brows slightly. He glanced at Han Zhan and saw that it was Han Zhan’s idea for Jiang Zhen.

Noticing his elder brother’s gaze, Han Zhan silently exchanged glances with him, reached out, picked up the tea on the table, and chatted with his uncle Han Dongliang.

Jiang Zhen had just arrived and the Han Family naturally wouldn’t drag him around asking questions. It would appear rude.

At this moment, Han Dongliang was discussing the Han Family’s ancestral shrine with Han Zhan. “Uncle has been gone for more than a year. I think it’s time to move the matter of the ancestral shrine onto the agenda. I know you’re busy with work, so I won’t trouble you to settle this.”

“Coincidentally, I am also retired now and have nothing to do at home. When you are free, find a geomancer to come back to the countryside with us and find a piece of land to choose the address of this ancestral hall. At that time, get someone to design it. I will be in charge of supervising the construction. After the ancestral hall is completed, you can bring all the members back to pay respects and invite the ancestors into the ancestral hall.”

Although they knew that death was like an extinguished lamp and nothing could be left after death, the elders had passed away and their descendants were still alive. In the hearts of their descendants, their loved ones were eternal. It was also a merit to build a family shrine to remember the undead.

He had already decided to repair the ancestral hall, but he had never made any preparations.

Now that Han Dongliang had taken the initiative to mention it, Han Zhan thought about it seriously before saying, “How about this? When we return from Italy, I will get someone to go to Kunlun to invite the head of the Xu Family over. This Master Xu had already chosen a grave for the old President 10 years ago. It’s never wrong to look for him.”

“When the time comes, I will trouble you to come back to my hometown with me.”

Hearing that Han Zhan planned to invite the Xu family over to see the fengshui, Han Dongliang was naturally happy. “I think it’s good. The Xu family has been doing this for generations. Several major events in our country are calculated by their family. It’s naturally good to be able to invite the Xu family.”

As Han Dongliang spoke, he noticed that Jiang Zhen was sitting stiffly by the side like a block of wood. He thought for a moment and said, “They are cooking in the kitchen and it’s very noisy. Zhanzhan, accompany me to the study to play chess. Our uncle and niece haven’t played chess for a long time. You have been busy earning money all these years. I have to see if your chess skills have deteriorated.”


Han Dongliang supported himself up from the wooden armchair and was about to leave when he glanced at Jiang Zhen indifferently and said, “Jiang Family son, do you know how to make tea?”

Jiang Zhen: “?”

“Yes,” Jiang Zhen hurriedly said.

Han Dongliang acknowledged and said to Han Yueyun, “Bring the Jiang Family brat to the tearoom and let him make us some tea.”

Han Yueyun, who was reading, put down his book and nodded. “Okay.” After Han Dongliang and Han Zhan entered the study, Han Yueyun got up and called Jiang Zhen away. “Follow me.”

Jiang Zhen hurriedly followed his father-in-law obediently to the tearoom.

The tearoom was divided into an inner and outer room with a four-page Chinese screen in the middle.

The inner room was a tea room. Behind the tea table was a shelf leaning against the wall. On it were many expensive tea leaves, as well as a set of teacups and tebrewing tools.

Han Dongliang was obviously a person who often brewed tea. His tebrewing tools were all polished until they glowed.

Han Yueyun stood in front of the shelf and pondered for a moment before reaching out to take out a can of Tie Guanyin in a red metal can.

He turned and stared at Jiang Zhen, asking, “Tie Guanyin, do you know how?”

Jiang Zhen hurriedly nodded. “Yes!”

“This one then.”

Han Yueyun handed that pot of tea leaves to Zhen. Jiang Zhen leaned over slightly and caught the tea leaves with both hands. After Han Yueyun handed the tea leaves to him, he left and handed the venue to Jiang Zhen to do whatever he wanted.

Jiang Zhen stared at the tea set under him and then looked at the tea pot in his hand. He instantly looked like he had been struck by lightning.

Kungfu tea…

It was indeed impossible for Jiang Zhen, who could smash ten kung fu teacups with one punch, to make kung fu tea. But it didn’t matter. Jiang Zhen had a cell phone and could search online.

Through the partition screen, he noticed that Han Dongliang and Han Zhan had already laid out a chess game and were about to enter a trance to play chess.

Jiang Zhen sat down cross-legged on the futon and took out his cell phone. He quietly turned off the volume of his cell phone and opened a certain software to search for Kungfu Tea Tie Guanyin’s video.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t know. I can learn!

Jiang Zhen placed his cell phone on the wooden bucket containing the tebrewing tools. He first boiled a pot of water, then imitated the woman in the cheongsam in the video and scooped out a stack of tea leaves in a flashy manner.

Making tea was a patient job and couldn’t be rushed. Moreover, it would take a few minutes for the water to boil.

Jiang Zhen first focused on watching the entire video from start to finish. Only when the water was boiling did he rinse the cup with water and pour the tea leaves into the small teapot. He held the kettle high and rinsed the water in the small teapot.

Seeing Tie Guanyin unfurl her branches and leaves in the teapot, Jiang Zhen seemed to see his old Jiang family flourish after successfully marrying Han Wangwang.

Jiang Zhen brewed six cups of kungfu tea according to the video. Jiang Zhen first secretly sniffed and felt that the tea was fragrant. He instantly felt that he was an expert at brewing tea.

He used a tray and carried two cups of tea. He carefully walked to the outer room and placed the teacups beside Han Dongliang and Han Zhan.

“Grandpa, Mr. Han, try my Tie Guanyin.”

Han Dongliang stared at Jiang Zhen for a moment before staring at the cup of tea. It was indeed tea that Tie Guanyin could make, but he didn’t know how it tasted.

Seeing that his grandfather didn’t even want to extend his hand, Jiang Zhen started to feel nervous again. Could it be that my tea was brewed too badly and the old man couldn’t even drink it?

Jiang Zhen felt uneasy.

Han Dongliang finally reached out lazily and picked up the cup of tea. He took a sip and felt that it was strangely tasteless. It was as bland as water.

He was obviously a newbie.

“Mmm, not bad,” Han Dongliang said.

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen immediately beamed with joy and said obsequiously, “Then I’ll bring a cup of tea for Uncle Han and Auntie Han and the rest to try.”

Jiang Zhen was excited like a child who had been praised. He returned to the inner tea room to get four cups of tea and went to the front room.

In the front room, Han Wangwang was helping her mother cook in the kitchen, while Song Ci was chatting with Han Wangwang’s grandmother.

Hearing footsteps, Grandma Han looked up at the exit of the tearoom. She looked up and saw a handsome young man through the reading glasses. She instantly smiled happily.

“Yo, this must be Little Jiang!”

Only when Jiang Zhen heard the voice did he know that Han Wangwang’s grandmother had returned.

He turned and hurried over to the sofa.

Walking up to Song Ci and Grandma Han, Jiang Zhen called out obediently, “Hello Grandma, I am Jiang Zhen.”

Grandma Han looked at Jiang Zhen in satisfaction and secretly patted Song Ci’s arm. She leaned close to Song Ci’s ear and said, “He’s handsome and energetic.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and nodded. “Wangwang has good eyesight. How can the person she found not be good-looking?”

Grandma Han was like a child when she was old. She said, “Hai, our Wangwang is like me when I was young. She likes good-looking people. When I was young, there were countless people wooing me. Your uncle is just good-looking. When he smiles, his lips are red, his teeth are white, and his eyes are curved. Otherwise, I wouldn’t fancy that old man.”

Song Ci quietly ate her dog food and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, Auntie is beautiful and Uncle is handsome, so the elder brother you gave birth to is also handsome!”

“Only you know how to speak!”

Grandma Han chatted with Song Ci for a while before waving at Jiang Zhen. “Come, come, give me that tea.”


Jiang Zhen handed the tea to Grandma Han with both hands. Grandma Han took the tea and took a sip in satisfaction. Regardless of whether the taste was good or not, she sighed with satisfaction. “The tea smells good! Sigh, in the blink of an eye, it’s time to drink the tea from your grandson-in-law.”

With that, Grandma Han put down her cup and naturally took out a red packet and an old pocket watch from the handmade Su Xiu handbag beside her.

“Come, good child, take this. This red packet is the red packet you used to call me Grandma. This pocket watch was brought to the battlefield by your grandfather and shed blood and tears with him. This thing seems to be broken, so just keep it for remembrance.”

Jiang Zhen was shocked.

He stared at the pocket watch in a daze. He knew that the old lady had approved of him and wanted to give him a present as a meeting gift.

Jiang Zhen hurriedly squatted down to take the red packet and pocket watch. He said softly, “Thank you, Grandma.”

Song Ci saw that Jiang Zhen was so touched that he was about to cry and hurriedly said, “Give me a cup of your tea too.”


Jiang Zhen handed the tea to Song Ci before carrying the remaining two glasses to the kitchen.

Han Wangwang took a sip of kungfu tea and frowned. “It’s tasteless. It’s not good. Didn’t my grandfather say that the tea you made is not good?”

Jiang Zhen instinctively said, “Grandpa said it’s alright.”

Han Wangwang suddenly felt that there was a chance today. If Grandpa really hated Jiang Zhen, he should tell the truth. Jiang Zhen took a sip from the teacup in Han Wangwang’s hand and frowned. “It’s not very good.”

Han Wangwang suddenly rolled her eyes at him. “What are you doing? My mother is watching!”

Jiang Zhen turned and saw Lin Jiao’e staring at the glass in Han Wangwang’s hand with a complicated expression. Only then did Jiang Zhen realize that he had just shared a glass with Han Wangwang under his mother-in-law’s watch.

Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang blushed at the same time.

Lin Jiao’e stared at Jiang Zhen’s slightly red ears. A sentence that she had seen somewhere flashed across her mind.

A boy who would easily blush would not be so bad because he had a shy heart.

Lin Jiao’e was very emotional. She handed the teacup to Jiang Zhen and said, “Your grandmother is old and mentally unstable. She speaks incoherently. Don’t mind her.”

Jiang Zhen knew that Grandma Han had fallen a few years ago and had a clot of blood in her head. She had undergone surgery, but the results were not ideal.

Now that the entire Han Family had yet to agree to his relationship with Han Wangwang, Grandma Han had given him red packets and a keepsake. She was obviously confused.

iang Zhen shook his head and said, “Grandma is quite good. Uncle, auntie, and grandfather are also quite good.” Compared to the disgusting Jiang Family, the Han Family were all living gods.

“Alright, my grandfather is probably still looking for you. Be smart and deal with it yourself. Don’t mess it up.” Han Wangwang still had to help her mother cook and couldn’t always accompany Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen was an adult. When it came to marriage, he had to face the storm himself.

Jiang Zhen carried the four empty cups back to the tearoom on a tray and sat down to study the mystery of kung fu tea.

Sitting there was also boring. Jiang Zhen saw a dirty little rooster on the tea table and thought to himself that Old Master also had times when he was lazy. The rooster was so dirty but he didn’t even wash it.

Jiang Zhen wanted to show his diligence, so he picked up the little thing and used a small brush to wash it vigorously…

Jiang Zhen spent more than 10 minutes washing that dirty little rooster out of its original color, revealing a brand new purple sand color.

Jiang Zhen had just put down the little rooster when Han Yueyun strolled in and stood by the screen. He said to him, “Little Jiang, it’s time for lunch.”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

Jiang Zhen was about to get up when he suddenly heard Han Yueyun say, “That…”

“Mmm?” Jiang Zhen stopped. He couldn’t get up.

He saw Han Yueyun staring at something on the tea table with a strange expression. He suspected that he had broken something and hurriedly looked down.

Seeing that the things on the table were still intact and not damaged, Jiang Zhen couldn’t help feeling slightly puzzled. “What’s the matter, Uncle Han?”

Han Yueyun looked at the clean little rooster, then looked at the innocent and cautious Jiang Zhen. He instantly couldn’t bear to tell the truth.

He pointed at the little rooster on the table and told Jiang Zhen, “This rooster is my father’s favorite tea pet. My mother gave it to him on his 60th birthday.”

That would be quite old.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know what a tea pet was, nor did he know that tea artists all had the habit of raising tea pets. Naturally, he didn’t understand that that tea pet was irrigated with tea. The more tea one drank, the darker the color.

As a result, the more old a tea pet looked, the more its owner liked it.

When Jiang Zhen heard Han Yueyun’s words, he actually said foolishly, “So it’s Grandma’s 60th birthday present for Grandpa. I was wondering why it looked a little dirty and old. So it’s been so many years.”

Han Yueyun was speechless.


“Let’s eat.”

Jiang Zhen followed Han Yueyun out for dinner.

The dining table atmosphere at lunch was rather harmonious. The Han family didn’t ask too much about Jiang Zhen’s family situation. They only asked about his age and work.

The real highlight was at night.

As a result, Jiang Zhen felt uneasy about the coming night the entire afternoon.

Summer was long and short. Everyone had the habit of taking a short nap. Jiang Zhen’s room was arranged next to Han Wangwang’s.

He didn’t sleep well last night and fell asleep not long after.

When he woke up, Jiang Zhen went to the room next door. Seeing that Han Wangwang was not in the room, he sent Han Wangwang a message as he went downstairs.

As soon as he sent the message, he saw Han Wangwang walking up from downstairs with a strange expression.

“Are you here to wake me up?” When Jiang Zhen woke up, it was already 4pm. He thought Han Wangwang came upstairs to wake him up.

Han Wangwang held his hand and returned to Jiang Zhen’s room with a strange expression.

Closing the door, Han Wangwang pressed Jiang Zhen against it and said to him sternly, “Jiang Zhen, you are in trouble.”

Jiang Zhen looked dumbstruck.

“Did I oversleep and your family despise me for being insensible?” Apart from that, Jiang Zhen really couldn’t think of what he had done wrong.

Han Wangwang cupped Jiang Zhen’s cheek with both hands and told him, “Did you wash my grandfather’s tea pet clean today?”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Mmm, I saw that the little rooster was so dirty that I couldn’t bear to look at it, so I wiped it.” Jiang Zhen was slightly obsessed with cleanliness and couldn’t stand seeing dirty things.

Han Wangwang slapped her forehead and sighed. “You made a big mistake! My grandfather used the best tea and raised that tea pet for five to six years before he became this beautiful. But you cleaned his little heart the moment you came to our house.”

This was truly a day before liberation.

After hearing Han Wangwang’s words and recalling what Han Yueyun had said to him before lunch, Jiang Zhen finally realized that he had really made a mistake.

He hurriedly took out his cell phone and searched Tea Pet, and realized what a tea pet was. Only then did Jiang Zhen realize how foolish and ridiculous he had been.

His expression instantly turned pitiful. “Wangwang, what should I do? Is your grandfather angry?”

Han Wangwang rolled her eyes at him. “What do you think?”

Jiang Zhen couldn’t find a way to remedy this mistake.

When he went downstairs with Han Wangwang, Old Master was playing with his little rooster on the armchair. When he saw him coming down, he instantly gave him a look that said he couldn’t do anything right.

Jiang Zhen braced himself, walked over, and sat down beside Old Master. He sat down obediently and admitted his mistake with a good attitude. “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I caused trouble for you.”

Han Dongliang had wanted to mock him, but seeing his obedient look, he was instantly enraged.

It was impossible to forgive him. Never in this life.

Jiang Zhen rolled his eyes. Thinking that even the elderly were soft-hearted, he decided to act pitiful.

He rubbed his hands on the fabric of his pants and said softly, “They said that my mother used to be a rather talented tea artist. She learned tea arts with a Daoist priest when she was 12 years old. At that time, she even frequently went to the tea house to perform.”

Hearing this, Han Dongliang gave Jiang Zhen an indescribable look. He said, “You inherited your mother’s good looks. Why didn’t I see you inherit her good skills?”

Jiang Zhen said in a muffled voice, “I was kidnapped and separated from my mother since I was young, so I couldn’t grow up by her side. If I grew up with my mother since I was young, I might not be proficient in the four arts, but I should still be able to cultivate my tea arts.”

Hearing this, Han Dongliang immediately thought of the pitiful background of the Jiang siblings.

This child was also very pitiful. He was kidnapped by his biological father and sold overseas. He suffered since he was young and finally found his home. However, his mother had already jumped off a building and died.

If he had grown up by his mother’s side since he was young, he would naturally be more outstanding than him now.

How can you be selfish and ask others to understand this way of nourishing one’s health when one has been living a wandering life since a young age? One must continue living before one can nourish one’s health!

Han Dongliang turned to look at Jiang Zhen. Seeing that the child’s head was almost lowered to his chest, he obviously realized that he had made a mistake. Han Dongliang couldn’t blame him anymore.

His nose twitched before he said, “Everything has its pros and cons. You’ve lived outside since you were young and didn’t inherit your mother’s multi-talented skills. Naturally, you wouldn’t inherit your father’s shortcomings.”

Jiang Zhen suddenly looked up and stared at the old man. Meeting that deep smile on the old man’s lips, Jiang Zhen’s heart stirred slightly and his eyes couldn’t help turning red.

He turned his head and said in a muffled voice, “I’ll help Wangwang wash the crayfish.”

Seeing that Jiang Zhen had fled in embarrassment, Han Dongliang sighed.

He was also a pitiful child.

It was already very pitiful to have such a father. He couldn’t even bear to continue targeting Jiang Zhen.

Han Wangwang saw Jiang Zhen walk out with slightly red eyes and was momentarily shocked. “What’s the matter? Did my grandfather hit you?” Han Wangwang stood up, took off her rubber gloves, and said, “Let me talk to him. Why did he hit someone?”

“No!” Jiang Zhen grabbed Han Wangwang and looked down at the lobsters crawling around in the bucket. He smiled and said, “You have a very kind family.”

Only then did Han Wangwang realize why Jiang Zhen was so jealous. “What did he say? He touched you so much?”

Jiang Zhen pressed Han Wangwang into his arms and stroked her long hair. He swore. “Nothing. I just feel lucky to be able to marry a good girl who grew up in such a happy family.”

“Wash the prawns, cut the crap.”

Jiang Zhen squatted down and said as he washed the prawns, “You were so gentle to me in the past. Why are you so heartless now?”

Han Wangwang said, “Beauties are always gentle to beauties. You are a man. Why must I be gentle to you?”

Jiang Zhen instantly had the urge to become a woman again.

Dinner was still very sumptuous, but Jiang Zhen remembered that pot of prawns and didn’t eat much. After dinner, Lin Jiao’e started making crayfish.

The crayfish was ready and placed on the wooden table in the courtyard with two big metal basins.

Everyone sat around the wooden table and chatted as they ate crayfish.

Lin Jiao’e’s crayfish was learned from Han Zhan’s grandmother. It was especially delicious and everyone liked it. Even Song Ci, a pregnant woman, couldn’t resist eating two bowls.

When they were eating crayfish, Han Yueyun brought two bottles of beer.

The night in late summer was still very hot. Han Yueyun had already taken off his suit jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt. He sat there eating lobsters without any of his authoritative aura.

Jiang Zhen drank with Han Yueyun. As he drank, he felt slightly dizzy. After finishing the crayfish, Jiang Zhen saw Han Yueyun get up and wash his hands.

He knew that the main show was coming.

After a while, Han Yueyun wiped his hands and returned to the courtyard. He stood behind Han Wangwang and said to Jiang Zhen, who was sitting opposite him, “Little Jiang, come to the study with me.”

Jiang Zhen got up heavily and followed Han Yueyun into the study under Han Wangwang’s worried gaze.

After entering the study, Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to look around for fear of seeing political documents that he shouldn’t have.

He sat down obediently on the chair.

The slightly drunk Jiang Zhen’s eyes were especially dark, direct, and sharp when he looked at people. Han Yueyun, an old fox in politics, couldn’t help feeling goosebumps when he looked at him like this.

He knew that this was the true face this young man had hidden. What he had shown today was all a deliberate facade of kindness.

Han Yueyun frowned slightly and called out, “Jiang Zhen.”

Jiang Zhen nodded and also called out, “Uncle Han.”

“How do you feel? Are you drunk?”

Jiang Zhen thought to himself: I shouldn’t get drunk just like that.

But he said, “A little.”

Jiang Zhen: “?”

What is going on?

Why don’t I listen to my heart at all?

Han Yueyun nodded and asked, “What do you think of our family?”

Jiang Zhen thought to himself: They are all very good.

But he said, “Although Grandma is muddle-headed, she is very nice and passionate. Although Grandpa is strict, he is kind in his harshness and is a respectable old man. Auntie can’t tell for now, but I don’t feel bad. Uncle Han…”

What nonsense are you spouting!

Jiang Zhen was anxious. He wanted to cover his mouth with his hand, but he couldn’t do that. His mouth felt like it was possessed as he said honestly, “Uncle Han is an old fox that I can’t see through.”

With that, Jiang Zhen despaired. His eyes widened as he shook his head. He wanted to defend himself, but what came out of his mouth was, “Uncle Han is not easy to deal with!”

Jiang Zhen:!

What happened!

Am I retarded?

Han Yueyun calmly listened to Jiang Zhen answer his question. Seeing the doubt in Jiang Zhen’s heart, Han Yueyun said frankly, “It’s very difficult to understand you. I feel that I can’t see through you just based on my ability to look at people. But my daughter loves you. I also don’t want to cut off the marriage between the two of you and make her hate me. But I’m worried about giving my daughter to someone who doesn’t know her limits, so I…”

Han Yueyun pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said with a smile, “In your water, I added truth serum.” Seeing that Jiang Zhen frowned and was obviously angry, Han Yueyun added, “This is the most powerful truth serum in the world now. You can’t resist the effect of truth serum.”

Jiang Zhen had already sensed something amiss just now, so when he heard Han Yueyun’s confession, he was indeed angry.

Even if he didn’t trust me, he shouldn’t have used such a thing!

Faced with Jiang Zhen’s displeasure, Han Yueyun remained calm.

He said, “I know this is very offensive. Perhaps you will bear a grudge against me in the future. But I have no choice. I only have this one daughter. As a father, I don’t dare to be careless when it comes to my daughter’s marriage. Jiang Zhen, your mother is a precedent. You are Jiang Weimin’s child. I am really worried about entrusting my daughter to you.”

“It doesn’t matter if you understand or not. I have to do this.”

Was Jiang Zhen angry?

At first, he was angry, but after hearing Han Yueyun’s explanation, he felt relieved.

For a father to do this for his daughter, his father’s love was as great as a mountain.

No sincere love in this world should be looked down upon.

He had no right to be angry.

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