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Chapter 414: Han Zhan with Song Ci, is a Linen Handkerchief Embroidered with Peonies. They are Not Compatible!

On the way home, Li Feng heard the driver say that a drone was performing in the sky. He opened the Maybach’s skylight and admired the breathtaking drone performance overhead.

When the drone performance was about to end, Li Feng’s car also arrived in front of his private community. Seeing that the performance had ended, Li Feng closed the skylight and put down the light barrier between the back of the car and the driver’s seat.

He touched the ring on his left thumb and asked the secretary sitting in the passenger seat, “Has the boss of F International appeared today?”

The secretary was a mature beauty in her early thirties. She was wearing a red suit and light makeup. She was a top-grade beauty who didn’t lose out to female celebrities in the entertainment circles. Hearing this, the beautiful secretary shook her head slightly and said softly, “No, the person who appeared for him was still Mai Kun.”

Mai Kun was the vice-president of F International and a genius in technology. He was the one who led the research and development of half of F International’s products. What kind of person was the boss who could make Mai Kun, this genius, follow him loyally?

Li Feng acknowledged.

The driver drove the car into the underground garage and parked it beside Li Feng’s other sports car. The driver turned back to tell Li Feng that he would meet him tomorrow, got out of the car, and drove his own car home.

The secretary alighted with her briefcase and was about to leave when he suddenly heard Li Feng say, “Stay tonight.”

The female secretary looked slightly happy but didn’t show it. She quietly followed behind Li Feng and followed him to the lift, greedily watching Li Feng’s back view.

Li Feng, who was wearing a sapphire blue suit, had a rather perfect and muscular figure. He had a slim waist, a monkey’s back, and a crane-shaped body. He was a standard excellent supermodel figure.

He was the man that all the male and female celebrities in Sharp Entertainment wanted.

Even if this person had no heart, no feelings, and was just a playboy, he was still the best that everyone wanted.

Returning to the single residence, Li Feng took off his watch, took off his suit, and went to take a shower. When he came out of the shower, his secretary was cooking ingredients in the open kitchen, and the air was filled with a rose fragrance.

Li Feng held his glass and stared at the woman’s graceful and sexy back. He suddenly said, “Let down your hair.”

The female secretary was momentarily stunned. She flipped the steak in the pot over and reached out to take off her headband. Instantly, her wavy black hair was draped over her shoulders. Her back view was even more alluring.

She was wearing a red suit and had black curly hair. Her waist was slender and her hips were perky. From the back, she really looked like Song Ci. Li Feng suddenly walked over, held the female secretary’s hand, placed his chin on the top of her head, and said, “Don’t do it first.”

The female secretary said softly, “But it’s going to be cooked soon.”


He turned the female secretary around, pressed her down, and made her squat down in front of him. Then he undid the belt of his thin bathrobe, letting the entire bathrobe slide off his broad shoulders and stack on the ground.

In the light, the shadow moves in small ways…

After a long while, the female secretary said softly, “I heard that Lawyer Song, who is in charge of defending Gu Qinchuan, was temporarily detained in the detention center because of an attempted murder. CEO Li, are we going to intervene in Gu Qinchuan’s matter?”

Not only were Gu Qinchuan and Li Feng superior and subordinate, they were also brothers and good brothers. Li Feng was the one who initiated Song Yun’s relationship. Now that Song Yun had been sent in, no one would be willing to take Gu Qinchuan’s case.

Li Feng had also been troubled by this recently.

He didn’t only have one brother, Gu Qinchuan. If Gu Qinchuan really fell in, he would have fallen in, and there wouldn’t be any loss for him. But he had a guilty conscience. He had committed crimes together with Gu Qinchuan. He was afraid that after he completely abandoned Gu Qinchuan, Gu Qinchuan would go crazy.

When a person went crazy, they would become a dog. If a mad dog bit someone, who could stop it?

Li Feng didn’t want to interfere in Gu Qinchuan’s matter, but he had no choice. He thought for a while before saying, “Continue to look for a lawyer. There will always be someone willing to take over this matter.”


The female secretary laid beside Li Feng’s waist and secretly glanced at the time on her watch. It was already 1am and CEO Li still didn’t call her to go back like usual. It looked like she had a chance to stay in Li Feng’s bed tonight.

She was about to rejoice when Li Feng suddenly got up and walked to the bathroom. Just as he was about to reach the door, he turned slightly and said, “It’s getting late. Secretary Jiang, you should go back first.”

Hearing this, Secretary Jiang’s beautiful face stiffened.

“…Okay. Goodnight, CEO Li.”

Secretary Jiang obediently got off the bed, put on her clothes, and left. Walking to the full-length mirror by the door, she suddenly stopped, turned around, and glanced at her background.

CEO Li loved to stare at my back view in a daze. Who was he looking at through my back view?

After taking a shower, Li Feng was still wide awake.

He picked up his cell phone and scrolled through Wangdong City’s forum. He saw a photo of Song Ci pregnant with her second child and wearing a yellow fairy dress to attend F International’s opening ceremony.

Li Feng stared at Song Ci’s fair face and bulging abdomen, his heart sour.

Under this forum post, many people were sucking up to Han Zhan and saying—

CEO Han is really capable. Carrying two in three years!

Li Feng opened the reply and hesitated before replying maliciously: [Han Zhan is compatible with Song Ci. That’s a linen handkerchief embroidered with peonies. He’s not worthy!]


Song Ci suddenly spat out a mouthful of water and nearly sprayed it on the thin blanket.

Han Zhan was taking off his clothes and preparing to sleep. Seeing that Song Ci was actually spraying water while playing with her cell phone, he sat down beside her curiously and asked, “What did you see? Your reaction is so exaggerated.”

Song Ci handed the cell phone to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, look at this reply on the forum.”

Han Zhan focused his gaze and saw ‘World’s Edge Record’.

This person was Song Ci’s professional anti-fan. He had been defaming Song Ci on the forum for many years, and Song Ci’s reputation had been tarnished by this guy. Han Zhan saw the content of World’s Edge Record’s reply this time and was instantly indignant.

How am I not worthy of Song Ci?

I had money, face, figure, good skills, and was considerate. In what way was I not worthy of Song Ci?

Han Zhan instantly woke up from his sleep. Holding his cell phone, he quickly replied to World’s Edge Record—

Han Zhan: [If I’m not worthy of her, are you worthy? Madam Zhang’s words are for you: You have a coconut-like round head, your hair is combed backward, and your face is in front. Your hair is combed forward, and your face is behind. There’s no difference!]

World’s Edge Record had already figured out Song Ci’s alias. Seeing this reply, he knew that it was not Song Ci’s words. It was definitely Song Ci’s toad husband, Han Zhan.

Li Feng was so angry that he laughed. He directly launched a personal attack on Han Zhan: [You’re good? You’re good in every way. You even saved the country’s wool. Others need half a kilogram of yarn for a pair of gloves, but you only need three or three yarn. Who asked you to be short of two fingers?]

Han Zhan was really enraged by the other party now. He was about to reply when his cell phone was snatched away by Song Ci. “You’re too much! How dare he attack you!”

Song Ci directly shared this person’s profile to Song Fei and asked her to help her investigate this person’s IP address. She wanted to see who could not stand her.

Not long after, Song Fei sent Song Ci the other party’s IP address and the most commonly used landline recently.

When Song Ci discovered that the other party’s two most commonly logged places were Sharp Entertainment Media and a high-end community, what else did she not understand?

She really didn’t expect that this anti-fan who had been targeting her for five to six years was actually the only son of the Li Family, Li Feng.

What is this?

If you love someone but can’t get, you just smear them to death?

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s expression was very complicated and also felt curious about this person’s identity. “Who is it? Have you found him?”

Song Ci shook her head and lied. She didn’t tell the truth. “I don’t know her. She might just be an ugly girl. She’s just jealous of me because I’m good-looking and married a wealthy man.”

Han Zhan pouted. “This person’s mouth is so smelly. He definitely didn’t brush his teeth at night and went to bed first.”

“Mmm, go to sleep.”

It was nearly 11pm before the two of them fell asleep. Song Ci thought she could sleep soundly, but she had a dream in the middle of the night. The dream was strange. She was on the high school campus one moment, on the plane the next, on the boat…

Song Ci suddenly woke up and was slightly thirsty. She took a glass of water and went to the small living room outside the bedroom to get some water. It was hot now and Song Ci didn’t wear shoes. She went to the small living room barefooted.

She took a 45-degree temperature glass of warm water, sat on the small sofa, and slowly finished the glass of water before returning to her room to rest.

As soon as she fell asleep, Han Zhan hugged her chest. “Why are you still thirsty at night?” It was easy for Han Zhan to wake up from his sleep. He noticed it when Song Ci got up.

Song Ci said, “I’m not thirsty. Your son is thirsty.”

“Go to bed quickly. You still have to go to the old man’s house tomorrow morning to act.”


Being hugged by Han Zhan, Song Ci quickly felt sleepy again. In her drowsy state, she felt the bed swaying. Song Ci felt slightly unsteady. She looked down and realized that she was not lying on the bed but on the deck.

The deck?

Song Ci was stunned for a moment. She looked up and saw darkness. She was standing on a luxury cruise ship. The cruise ship was far away from the shore and couldn’t see the outline of the city.

Moonlight shone gently on the boundless sea. The dark blue sea was like the giant mouth of a demon, able to swallow everyone with its mouth.

Song Ci panicked for a moment. She instinctively felt afraid of the deep sea, but quickly calmed down. What was there to be afraid of? The sea was not scary at all. Coco lived in the sea.

Thinking of this, Song Ci regained her composure.

She realized that she was probably dreaming, but in her dream, she clearly knew where she was.

The sea she was in should be the sea near Nanxing City, and she was standing on the cruise ship that Li Feng had organized for his celebrity girlfriend.

Su Run!

Song Ci thought of Su Run and ran into the cabin.

She ran into the main hall of the cabin and saw a group of beautiful women and handsome men in bikinis dancing wildly. Meanwhile, Li Feng was dancing close to his girlfriend. Li Feng was hugging his girlfriend’s waist. Their movements were ambiguous and fiery, and the people around them were howling and whistling.

Li Feng was still here, so was Su Run still alive?

Song Ci realized that Su Run was still alive. She turned and walked towards the house where Su Run was locked up. She turned sideways and saw Su Run.

“Su Run…” Song Ci instinctively murmured Su Run’s name.

The 16-year-old Su Run was petite and about 1.6 meters tall. She was wearing a white bubble sleeve dress and her black straight hair was tied into a high ponytail. She held a cell phone in her hand and walked towards Song Ci with sparkling eyes. She looked like she was going to meet an important person.

Song Ci recognized Su Run and was so agitated that she nearly cried.

Su Run was still alive!

Su Run was still alive!

Song Ci ran towards Su Run. She reached out to grab Su Run’s hand and said, “Su Run! I am your brother’s friend. You can’t go in. Can you go out with me? It will be very dangerous inside…”

Before Song Ci could finish speaking, she realized that she had grabbed nothing.

She couldn’t grab Su Run’s hand!

Meanwhile, Su Run looked like he didn’t see her and walked straight towards her with an excited expression. Song Ci watched as Su Run crawled out of her body and walked towards the main hall of the cabin!

Song Ci turned around in shock and shouted at Su Run. “Su Run!”

Su Run seemed like she could not hear.

Song Ci realized that something was off. She suddenly reached out to grab a girl who was passing by, but her hands burrowed into that girl’s shoulders again!

This is a dream!

I am an invisible person!

I can only watch as the tragedy happened, but I couldn’t stop it from happening!

Song Ci was in despair.

She watched as Su Run passed through the dancing crowd and walked towards the cabin rest area. Then, Song Ci saw her 17-year-old self!

The seventeen-year-old Song Ci was wearing a red bohemian wind dress and black hair. She had a flower ring tied to her head with a red rose.

Although she was young and inexperienced that year, she had already shown her beauty.

Little Song Ci was standing at the periphery of the crowd with a plate of melons and frowning at Li Feng.

Li Feng saw that Song Ci was paying attention to him and purposely got closer to that female celebrity. In the process of flirting with the female celebrity, Li Feng had been observing Song Ci.

Suddenly, Little Song Ci put down the fruit platter in annoyance and turned to walk out of the cabin.

She was going to the deck to take a breather.

Less than two minutes after Little Song Ci left, Li Feng abandoned his girlfriend and chased after Song Ci. Song Ci knew what Li Feng wanted to tell her, so she didn’t chase after Li Feng but went to look for Su Run.

As Song Ci walked through the crowd towards the cabin rest area, she saw Jiang Guchuan. At that time, Jiang Guchuan was only in his early twenties. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue beach pants. He walked past Song Ci and went to the bar.

Song Ci turned to look at Jiang Guchuan and saw him standing at the bar looking around with a suspicious expression.

Song Ci, who was about to look for Su Run, instinctively stopped and sized up Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan turned and looked around. Seeing that everyone was dancing and no one was paying attention to him, he quickly took away a cell phone on the bar counter. It was an Apple cell phone with a cell phone cover and a pair of Pikachu ears.

Song Ci suddenly realized that it was her cell phone!

That’s right! It was mine! On the night of Su Run’s accident, I had lost my cell phone and searched the entire cabin!

Why did Jiang Guchuan steal my cell phone?

Song Ci frowned and decided to follow Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan hid his cell phone in his pocket and sat at the bar drinking while chatting with the beautiful young girl. Not long after, Li Feng returned with a vicious expression.

Song Ci knew why Li Feng was so angry.

That night, Li Feng wanted to kiss Song Ci, but she slapped him and scolded him for being dirty!

After Li Feng returned to the bar, he kept drinking and complaining about Song Ci’s flaws to Jiang Guchuan. Seeing that Li Feng was in a bad mood, An Xu, Gu Qinchuan, Ying Ji, and the rest went to the bar to counsel Li Feng while drinking with him.

Song Ci paid attention to Jiang Guchuan the entire time.

She saw Jiang Guchuan secretly adding medicine to these people’s drinks with her own eyes. She also saw him hiding his hand under the bar table when no one was looking and typing something on Song Ci’s cell phone.

Jiang Guchuan had just kept his cell phone when Li Feng picked it up.

He glanced at the information on his cell phone and suddenly stood up. He walked towards the rest cabin with a dark expression. An Xu and the rest followed him.

Song Ci realized what would happen next. She took a deep look at Jiang Guchuan and ran towards the resting cabin.

Song Ci watched as Li Feng pulled open the door to Su Run’s room. She hurriedly mixed into the crowd and squeezed through the door.

The room was dark. Li Feng and the rest had just entered the house when the door behind them was closed. Li Feng thought that it was the door that Ying Ji had closed and didn’t care.

But Song Ci noticed that the door was closed from the outside.

Li Feng turned on the lights and scolded angrily. “Song Ci, you would rather sleep with Cheng Zi’ang than be kissed by me!”

The light turned on and Li Feng saw that it was a girl in a white polka dot dress lying on the bed. Only then did he know that he had recognized the wrong person. He stood behind the door, stared at the girl on the bed, and said to An Xu, “Go and see who that is.”

An Xu walked over and flipped her over. “I don’t know her.” An Xu smiled and said, “She’s quite good-looking.”

Li Feng walked closer and stared at the girl’s face for a moment. “This is the daughter of a mentor of mine. Why is she on the boat?”

No one could answer his question.

Li Feng felt that something was off.

He took out his cell phone and stared at the message he had just received. Gu Qinchuan was the closest to Li Feng. He leaned over and glanced at Li Feng. He read the message and said, “Zi’ang, I will wait for you in Room 309.”

Gu Qinchuan glanced at the name of the person who had sent the message. Seeing that it was Song Ci, he instantly understood Li Feng’s willingness to be angry. He observed Li Feng’s expression and asked carefully, “Is this the message Song Ci sent to you by mistake?”

Li Feng remained silent.

Ying Ji stared at the unconscious girl on the bed and said, “It might not be Song Ci. This looks like a trap…”

Li Feng frowned and instinctively said, “Who would do such a thing on purpose?”

“Who cares? Let’s go out first. Is the air-conditioning in this house broken? It’s strangely hot.” An Xu touched his hot face and urged Gu Qinchuan. “Second Brother Gu, open the door. Let’s go out. It’s hot in here!”

Gu Qinchuan also felt hot. He said, “Is the air-conditioning in this room broken?”

Ying Ji smiled at him. “It’s more than 20 degrees Celsius. How hot can the air-conditioning be even if it’s broken?” As he spoke, Ying Ji reached out to open the door but realized that it was locked from the outside.

“Mmm?” Ying Ji’s expression changed instantly. “The door is locked.”

Li Feng turned to look at the girl on the bed and stared at the blushing faces of his brothers. After a long while, he scolded angrily. “You dog! Someone tricked us!” The four of them were used to committing crimes and had made many enemies. For a moment, they couldn’t think of anyone who would cheat them.

The four of them tried to open the door but failed.

Li Feng took out his cell phone and called for help. The call went through, but no one answered.

Li Feng said, “It’s probably because the noise at the dance hall was too loud and no one answered the call.” They didn’t know what medicine that person had drugged them with, but the effects were especially strong. Very quickly, a few hot-blooded young people became energetic and couldn’t calm down.

In the end, Gu Qinchuan couldn’t stand it anymore and walked towards the bed…

Song Ci stomped her feet anxiously at the side, but no one could hear her. Song Ci watched the tragedy unfold in despair as tears filled her face.

Just as the four of them were engrossed in their work, the tightly shut door suddenly opened a crack. Song Ci immediately turned to look and saw a well-defined man’s hand.

That person probably wanted to come in, but sensed that someone was coming and dodged.

Then, Song Ci saw little Song Ci’s face.

Little Song Ci was here to look for her cell phone. She accidentally saw what was happening in the room and instantly widened her eyes in fear. Afraid that she would make a deal, Little Song Ci hurriedly covered her mouth and nose.

Little Song Ci hesitated for a moment before deciding to save him. Little Song Ci had just grabbed the door handle and was about to pull it open when someone suddenly covered her mouth from behind.

Little Song Ci looked up in shock and saw Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan dragged little Song Ci away quickly.

After a while, Song Ci saw that Jiang Guchuan had returned.

Jiang Guchuan opened the door and alerted the four people in the room.

Li Feng and the rest turned around warily and saw Jiang Guchuan. Their expressions were all strange and dangerous.

When Jiang Guchuan saw the scene in the house, what else did he not understand? He hurriedly closed the door, leaned against it, and said in a low voice, “Ah Feng, I just saw the message you sent me. You guys are…”

Li Feng pulled up his pants and walked up to Jiang Guchuan. He stared at him coldly. “Jiang Guchuan, you should know what to say and what not to say.”

Jiang Guchuan’s eyes quivered in fear before he stammered. “Nothing happened here. I didn’t see anything either. You guys just drank too much and came to this room to rest for a while.”

Hearing this, Li Feng nodded in satisfaction.

Ying Ji glanced at Jiang Guchuan with a dark expression. He said in a dangerous tone, “You saw it. You are a time bomb.” Ying Ji walked up to Li Feng and said, “Ah Feng, you can’t keep this person.”

Jiang Guchuan hurriedly raised his hands and said softly as if begging for mercy, “I, I swear I won’t say anything! Really! I also know this girl.”

Jiang Guchuan looked up at Li Feng and hurriedly said calmly, “She is Su Run. Ah Feng, she is Professor Su’s adopted daughter. Professor Su and his lover drowned some time ago. Su Run suffered from depression and committed suicide…”

Jiang Guchuan swallowed uneasily and looked at Ying Ji. “Brother… Brother Ying, is this true?”

Ying Ji looked at Jiang Guchuan enigmatically and suddenly laughed heartily. He patted Jiang Guchuan’s shoulder and said, “You’re very right. This lady is so delicate and sweet. It’s not surprising that she suddenly lost her parents’ depression and committed suicide.”

The few of them stared at the dying girl on the bed and tacitly launched a dark plan…

“Baby Ci!”

“Baby Ci!”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s face was covered in tears but she couldn’t wake up no matter what. He was shocked and hurriedly picked up his cell phone to call Yan Qingxiu.

After Yan Qingxiu received the call, he put on his pyjamas and rushed to the master bedroom.

Han Zhan led Yan Qingxiu into the bedroom and explained Song Ci’s situation to him as they walked. Yan Qingxiu stood by the bed and looked at the teary Song Ci with a thoughtful expression. He said, “Madam’s soul has left her body.”


Han Zhan was shocked.

He had only seen things like Soul Out of Body in novels and television shows. Hearing Yan Qingxiu’s words, Han Zhan even suspected that this fraud Yan Qingxiu was talking nonsense.

Yan Qingxiu said, “A pregnant woman’s soul is already weak and unstable. Madam must have something on her mind recently, which is why her soul left her body in her sleep.”

“From the looks of it, her soul must have drifted somewhere.” Yan Qingxiu asked Han Zhan, “Has Madam been hiding something in her heart recently? The kind that’s difficult to let go of.”

Han Zhan pondered for a moment and thought of the crux of the matter. “Yes.” Han Zhan told Yan Qingxiu what Song Ci had seen and heard in Nanxing City many years ago. After hearing this, Yan Qingxiu sighed and said, “Madam’s soul is most likely trapped in the memory from eight years ago.”

As she was still bearing a grudge against that incident and felt guilty, she was trapped in the past.

“Then what should we do?” Han Zhan’s face turned pale, afraid that something would happen to Song Ci.

Yan Qingxiu said, “No big deal. Wait for me to capture her soul and let her have a good rest for two days.”

“… Okay.”

Han Zhan watched skeptically as Yan Qingxiu used his hands to make a few gestures that he couldn’t see. But very quickly, Song Ci really stopped crying and slowly regained her composure.

Yan Qingxiu lowered his hands and reminded Han Zhan, “Guard Madam well. I will go and prepare a few cups of calming tea for Madam. She will be fine after two days.”


The next day, Song Ci woke up feeling very tired.

After drinking the calming tea that Han Zhan handed her, her muddled mind felt slightly better. Han Zhan didn’t go to the office but stayed at home to work remotely. He told Song Ci what happened last night.

Song Ci was also shocked. “There’s actually such a thing?”


Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What did you see last night?”

Song Ci opened her mouth and said, “I saw…” Song Ci realized that she couldn’t remember anything. She suddenly asked Han Zhan,” Han Zhan, is there a rather famous hypnotist in Junyang City called Ji Qing? ”

Han Zhan nodded. “Mmm, it’s for the wife of the CEO of Love Jewelry International.”

Song Ci actually said, “Can you help me invite her over? I want her to try hypnotizing me to see if she can remember what she saw last night.” Song Ci pressed her stuffy chest and murmured sadly, “I keep feeling that I saw something very important and must remember it.”

Han Zhan was worried that Song Ci’s body wouldn’t be able to take it. He said, “I have to ask Mr. Yan first. If your body allows hypnosis, then hypnosis. Otherwise…” He patted Song Ci’s head and said,” With me, you and the child are the most important. ”

Song Ci agreed.

Han Zhan had asked Yan Qingxiu and found out that Song Ci could undergo hypnosis surgery. Only then did he personally call the CEO of Love Jewelry International, Qiao Sen, to explain the situation to him. Qiao Sen expressed that he would pass his request to his wife and reply to Han Zhan’s call later.

At night, Qiao Sen called Han Zhan and told him that his wife would personally come to Wangdong City to hypnotize Song Ci.

Song Ci was relieved to know that Ji Qing agreed to hypnotize her.

Due to the fact that her soul had left her body, she could only postpone the act at the old man’s house. Song Ci rested for two days before going out on the morning of the third day to perform the act at the old man’s house.

The old man’s house was a public retirement home in Wangdong City. The environment and facilities were not bad and the people living inside were all retired old people.

They all liked to listen to some classic music, like the reflection of the moon in the spring or the blessing of the moon.

After the performance ended, Song Ci still had to stay behind to volunteer and feed the old man who couldn’t move easily. She was feeding him when she saw a staff member walking over with some medicine and asking Song Ci to feed the old man later.

Old people tended to suffer from some illnesses. Song Ci was in charge of taking care of this old man because of an old professor with a stroke.

Many years ago, the old professor suffered from lung cancer. Three years ago, he underwent an operation and recovered very well. But this spring, the old professor suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and had a stroke. His children also had work, so they jointly paid to send the old man to the old man’s house.

Song Ci waited for the old man to finish his meal, wipe his face, and wash his hands before feeding him the medicine.

The old man was very cooperative when he drank the medicine. He felt drowsy after drinking it.

Song Ci covered the old man with a thin blanket and heard a few old people playing chess beside them discussing Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals.

“Many of the drugs I ate were bought from Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals. Do you think that the boss of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals is so bad that the drugs produced by their company are also problematic?” The person who spoke was an old lady wearing reading glasses.

The old man holding the fan said, “You can’t say that. Although the boss of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals is not human, the quality of the medicine he sells is definitely not a problem and the price is reasonable. Didn’t Brother Pu suffer from lung cancer in the past? At that time, many of the medicine used to treat lung cancer were imported and very expensive. Later, Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals developed a ‘Lung Lick’ and a box of medicine was only sold for about 80 yuan. Although Jiang Weimin is not a good person, Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals is a company with a conscience.”

The Grandpa Pu that the old man was talking about was the old man that Song Ci was taking care of.

Hearing this, Song Ci felt very emotional.

Unexpectedly, a profit-minded person like Jiang Weimin was running a company with a conscience. Returning home, Song Ci told Han Zhan what she heard at the old man’s house after dinner.

When Han Zhan heard the name of the medicine, “Lung Lick”, he told Song Ci, “Lung Lick is the core medicine of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals. Lung Lick has now become the most critical medicine for every hospital in the country to treat lung cancer. With this medicine in Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals’ hands, he will never really fall.”

Song Ci asked, “Who developed this medicine?”

“Dong Bi, this person is not old and graduated from Nanxing City Medical University. He is a talent that Jiang Guchuan poached from Nanxing City.” Han Zhan fed Song Ci a saint fruit.

Song Ci bit the sweet and sour fruit and murmured. “Why is it Nanxing City again…”

“Jiang Guchuan went to university there. It’s normal to know the talents there.” Han Zhan added. “The reason why Jiang Guchuan could convince everyone at such a young age and sit firmly in this position is mainly because of this Dong Bi. Jiang Guchuan poached Dong Bi to Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals and brought no less than five billion yuan to Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals.”

“As long as Dong Bi doesn’t jump ship and continues to serve Jiang Guchuan, no one can shake his position.”

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