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Chapter 412: This Beast Loves No One but Himself

Jiang Weimin was now a criminal. When he was in the hospital, there was still a young police officer guarding outside the ward.

Han Wangwang stared at the young police officer on the phone outside the door. She gently tugged at Jiang Zhen’s sleeve.

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and placed his cheek in front of Han Wangwang. Han Wangwang whispered in his ear, “Do you think your father pretended to be sick to avoid being punished in jail?”

Han Wangwang couldn’t be blamed for being so scheming. Jiang Weimin was too cunning.

Before today, anyone who saw Jiang Weimin’s amicable manner would not believe that he could actually do such a vicious thing as killing his wife and kidnapping his children. What was so strange about a person like him pretending to be sick and hospitalized to avoid punishment by the law?

Jiang Zhen had also considered this possibility, but the young police officer outside the door said that Jiang Weimin suddenly vomited on the way to the police station when he was detained. In the end, he fainted and was sent to be treated.

If Jiang Weimin was pretending to be ill, then his acting skills could even get an Oscar.

Jiang Zhen glanced at the unconscious person on the bed and said thoughtfully, “He can fool us by pretending to be sick, but he can’t fool the instruments. Let’s see what the doctor says later.”


The two of them huddled on the sofa and played a game. Before they finished playing, they heard Zhu Xiulan’s voice outside the door reminding Jiang Guchuan.

“Don’t lose your temper later. You have to maintain your composure. If you say too much, you will make mistakes and easily get a hold of others…” As she spoke, Zhu Xiulan walked to the door of the ward. She saw Jiang Zhen duo sitting on the sofa in the ward and instantly shut her mouth.

Zhu Xiulan didn’t expect to meet Jiang Zhen in the ward. She thought that after what happened at noon today, Jiang Zhen would never interact with Jiang Weimin again.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhen arrived at the ward before them.

Jiang Guchuan saw that his mother suddenly stopped and stared at the ward in a daze, so he turned to look at the ward. Seeing Jiang Zhen and Shen Qianshu, a hint of surprise flashed across Jiang Guchuan’s eyes. He was probably slightly shocked that Jiang Zhen was still willing to see Jiang Weimin.

Han Wangwang noticed that Zhu Xiulan and her son had changed their clothes. Zhu Xiulan was wearing a blue silk dress that reached her knees. She had a graceful figure and looked rather rosy. It looked like she had already walked out of the storm at noon.

Jiang Guchuan changed into a casual suit and looked like he had regained his composure. When he saw Jiang Zhen, he just raised his brows in surprise and quickly suppressed his unhappiness. He even nodded at Jiang Zhen before walking in.

“You’re here?” Jiang Guchuan said to Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Mmm.”

It was amazing. The family that was still in a heated argument at noon was now getting along peacefully.

The family was gathered in the same ward and the atmosphere was very oppressive. Han Wangwang felt uneasy and instinctively wanted to get up and find a reason to leave first.

Jiang Zhen sensed Han Wangwang’s intentions and grabbed her wrist. He said, “It’s hot outside and there’s air-conditioning in the room. Sit here.”

Han Wangwang scolded Jiang Zhen in her heart. She could only stay put and prepare for the storm later.

Zhu Xiulan found a stool and sat down. Jiang Guchuan didn’t have a chair anymore and leaned against Jiang Weimin’s bed. Everyone was playing with their phones as if there was a world inside.

Han Wangwang was no longer in the mood to play games, but she couldn’t just sit there. She looked at the other three and could only turn on her cell phone to play TikTok, but she turned the volume down very low.

At 8.30pm, the doctor came to the ward with the medical report. His appearance broke the strange silence. Once the doctor entered the room, everyone in the room immediately stuffed their phones into their pockets.

The doctor stared at the room full of people and asked, “Who is the patient’s family?”

Hearing this, Zhu Xiulan, Jiang Zhen, and Jiang Guchuan raised their hands at the same time and said in a hurry, “I am.”

The scene was very awkward.

The doctor stared at the three of them and hesitated for a moment. In the end, he walked up to Jiang Guchuan, who was a few years older, and asked, “You are the eldest, right?”

Jiang Guchuan was about to nod when he heard Jiang Zhen say, “He is my father’s adopted son. The one sitting on the stool is my stepmother. I am my father’s biological son.” Jiang Zhen purposely wanted to disgust Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan glanced at Jiang Zhen darkly. He wanted to flare up but held back.

The doctor was stunned. For a moment, he couldn’t figure out who to tell Jiang Weimin’s condition in detail. Perhaps he could tell that these three people were not to be trifled with. In the end, the doctor stood beside Han Wangwang.

The doctor wore glasses and stared at the data on the stack of medical reports in his hand. He said with a grave expression, “The patient’s condition is not optimistic.” With that, the doctor stopped and looked up to see the three people’s reactions. He realized that they all had calm expressions.

This was the first time in his life that he had seen such a calm family member.

They were so calm that there was no emotion.

The doctor frowned and continued, “The patient has acute liver, kidney, and other organ failure. The reason hasn’t been found yet, but organ failure is very serious. With our current medical skills, I’m afraid… there’s no way to reverse it.”

Hearing this, Zhu Xiulan suddenly sneered. “The heavens have opened their eyes!”

The doctor was stunned and looked at Zhu Xiulan angrily. He couldn’t understand why this woman was so vicious to expect her husband to suffer.

When Jiang Guchuan heard Zhu Xiulan’s words, he frowned. He looked down at Jiang Weimin on the bed. Seeing that Jiang Weimin’s face was pale and his days were numbered, he couldn’t bear it.

Jiang Guchuan glared at his mother and scolded in a low voice, “Mother, don’t say so much.”

Zhu Xiulan still sneered.

Jiang Zhen kicked his hands into his pockets and said with a faint smile, “It’s hard to say if the heavens have opened their eyes or if someone has harmed their life.” With that, he turned his head slightly and met Zhu Xiulan’s eyes behind him.

The doctor was speechless.

After confirming his gaze, he realized that this was a ruthless family.

The doctor quietly closed the document and said, “We are currently investigating the reason for the patient’s rapid organ failure. We still need to wait patiently. The patient currently needs to be hospitalized. You guys discuss who will take care of him. I am on duty tonight. If there are any emergencies, you can look for me.”

The doctor turned to leave, but Zhu Xiulan asked, “Doctor, how much longer can he live?”

The doctor turned and glanced at Zhu Xiulan. He didn’t see any sadness on her face. The doctor had mixed feelings. “I’m sorry, I can’t estimate the details.”

Perhaps he would die tonight.

After the doctor left, everyone fell silent.

Han Wangwang didn’t expect Jiang Weimin to really be sick. Moreover, it was the most irreversible organ failure. She really couldn’t tell how long he could live.

After a long while, Jiang Zhen sighed. “Acute organ failure… It looks like he’s going to die before the trial even begins.” Jiang Zhen suddenly felt that it was pointless.

What he wanted was not for Jiang Weimin to die. He wanted Jiang Weimin to go to jail and serve his sentence. He wanted him to waste his life in prison!

Jiang Zhen was slightly angry and pulled Han Wangwang away.

In the ward, only Jiang Guchuan and Zhu Xiulan were left.

Zhu Xiulan saw Jiang Guchuan’s sad expression and was instantly angry. She asked Jiang Guchuan with a dark face, “You still feel sorry for him, right?”

Jiang Guchuan instinctively said, “He’s my father…”

Zhu Xiulan interrupted him and said angrily, “He is still a murderer who wants your mother dead! Guchuan, your heart aches for him, but is that right for me?” Zhu Xiulan thought of her experience more than 20 years ago and tears streamed down her face.

he looked at Jiang Weimin with hatred and said to Jiang Guchuan, “The waters of the Imperial Dragon Abyss are so deep. When he pushed me down, he was so ruthless. When I landed in the water, I looked at him standing on the boat. I kept begging him to save me. He just stood at the bow of the boat coldly and looked at me expressionlessly. Only when I sank into the water and stopped moving did he dare to turn around and leave after confirming that I was dead!”

“Guchuan, he really wants to kill me! He really doesn’t have a heart! Why do you dote on him! You dote on me! Pity me! I risked my life to give birth to you. I worked hard to earn money to groom you into a talent! What did Jiang Weimin do to you?”

“You’ve called him your father for a few years, and you really treat him as a benevolent father? Do you really think he loves you? He can even be ruthless to his biological children, let alone you, an illegitimate child!”

“He doesn’t love anyone but himself!”

Zhu Xiulan had long seen through Jiang Weimin’s true colors. She walked around the end of the bed, grabbed Jiang Guchuan’s arm, and shook his body vigorously. She tried to shake out all the water that Jiang Weimin had poured into his brain all these years.

“You are not allowed to pull a long face for me. If you are pitiful and sympathetic towards him, that is hurting me!”

Jiang Guchuan’s head hurt from Zhu Xiulan’s shaking.

He frowned and took his mother’s hand away. He said with a dark expression, “I understand. I’m going out for a smoke.” It was too exciting today and Jiang Guchuan’s mind was in a mess again. He needed to find a place to calm down.

Jiang Guchuan touched the cigarette in his pocket and strode out, preparing to smoke on the balcony.

After he left, Zhu Xiulan took out a tissue from her bag to wipe the tears off her face. Only then did she walk to the bed and stare at Jiang Weimin. The pale Jiang Weimin looked exceptionally kind and thin, as if his bones would fall apart with a gentle pinch.

Zhu Xiulan’s eyes flashed. She turned to look outside the door. Seeing that no one was looking, she bent down and reached out to remove the oxygen mask on Jiang Weimin’s face.

“What are you doing!” The young police officer, who had been watching the ward from the shadows, suddenly appeared at the door with a stun baton in his hand. He stared at Zhu Xiulan warily and suspiciously.

Hearing this, Zhu Xiulan panicked for two seconds. She hurriedly reached out to press down on the oxygen mask and adjusted it. She smiled uncomfortably and said to the police, “I think the oxygen mask’s position is a little crooked. Help him adjust it.”

The young police officer narrowed his eyes. Although he suspected that Zhu Xiulan was lying, he didn’t have any substantial evidence and couldn’t do anything to Zhu Xiulan. “Be honest. If the oxygen mask is crooked, call the nurse.”


Only after Zhu Xiulan and the other police officers turned around did she reveal a vicious look.

On the third day after Jiang Weimin was admitted to the hospital, the hospital called and informed all family members to make a trip to the hospital. Jiang Zhen thought that the doctor must have found out the reason behind Jiang Weimin’s illness, so he told his secretary about his work and drove to the hospital.

He arrived at the same time as Jiang Guchuan and Zhu Xiulan. The three of them went straight to the doctor’s office.

In the office, apart from the doctor, there was also a police officer. Beside the police officer stood a handsome man in casual clothes. This police officer was Lin Jing, and the man standing beside Lin Jing was the forensic doctor, Yan Jiang.

That year, Yan Jiang, Jiang Guchuan, Han Zhan, and Chuan Dong Group’s CEO, Cheng Yanmo, had attended Wangdong TV Station’s Spring Festival Gala together. They could be considered to have gotten to know each other.

Yan Jiang nodded and greeted Jiang Guchuan before turning to look at Jiang Zhen.

It was said that Miss Jiang had become a man.

Yan Jiang stared at Jiang Zhen in surprise and anger, focusing on his flat chest. Yan Jiang silently scolded himself for being a stupid pig and not realizing that Jiang Zhen was a man!

The doctor saw that all the family members had arrived. He nodded at Lin Jing, took the information form in front of Yan Jiang, and said to Jiang Zhen and the other two, “The patient suddenly fainted three days ago and was sent to our hospital for emergency treatment. During the process, the patient showed symptoms of vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain. After examination, we found that the patient’s kidney and liver showed acute renal failure.”

“Considering that the patient was very healthy and didn’t have any other old illnesses, it’s really suspicious that she suddenly suffered organ failure. I’ve been a doctor for many years and have some experience with such symptoms, so I suspect that the patient might have been poisoned. I specially reported this to Officer Lin. After hearing my guess, Officer Lin allowed us to do a virus test on the patient.”

“The doctors from our Medical Laboratory Department and Dr. Yan tested each other separately and found a lethal poison protein in the patient’s body. This poison is known as castor poison.”

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