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Chapter 411: Jiang Weimin Was Poisoned?

Han Zhan made a joke with Song Ci and said, “In the future, whoever has a daughter, the most ruthless curse would be: I wish your daughter a son-in-law like Jiang Weimin.”

Song Ci was so scared that she had goosebumps all over. She hurriedly slapped Han Zhan’s arm. “Shut up if you don’t know how to speak.”

Han Zhan thought about it carefully and felt that these words were too scary. He hurriedly zipped his mouth to show that he had shut up.

The two of them chatted happily, but Han Wangwang remained silent.

The car had already arrived at the suburbs. They would reach Imperial Dragon Mountain in another 20 minutes along a black asphalt road.

Han Zhan turned the car around and drove steadily on the asphalt road. Only then did he quickly turn back to look at Han Wangwang. He saw Han Wangwang playing with the rope that came with her cell phone shell. She had a worried frown on her face, looking very troubled.

Han Zhan turned and looked straight ahead of the car. He lowered the volume of the music and asked Han Wangwang, “Wangwang dog, are you worried about Jiang Zhen?”

Han Wangwang was troubled and didn’t mind that Han Zhan called her Wangwang dog again.

She nodded distractedly and sighed. “I really didn’t expect Jiang Weimin to be so evil.” What Jiang Weimin did really refreshed Han Wangwang’s understanding of the evilness of people.

Although she had long heard Jiang Zhen reveal Jiang Weimin’s evilness, Jiang Zhen had never told her the details in detail. Only today, when Han Wangwang personally heard Jiang Zhen say those details at the banquet, did she completely understand Jiang Weimin’s ruthless methods.

No wonder Jiang Zhen appeared at her doorstep that night in the rain. Anyone would feel despair and fear when they realized that their father’s true colors were so vicious.

Han Wangwang’s heart ached for Jiang Zhen. She really wanted to hug him.

Han Zhan suddenly sighed. “Our Wangwang dog has really grown up and knows how to dote on people.”

Han Wangwang came to life and pretended to be angry as she threatened Han Zhan. “Little Uncle, if you call me Wangwang dog again, I will bully Miaomiao and Junjun when I go back.”

Han Zhan was terrified and didn’t dare to say another word.

Han Wangwang suddenly called out again, “Little Uncle.”

Han Zhan asked, “Mmm?” Noticing that Song Ci was looking for something in the glove box, Han Zhan asked her, “What are you looking for?”

Song Ci said, “Do you have toffee? I suddenly feel like eating candy.”

Han Zhan freed up one hand, took out two toffees from his suit pocket, and threw them to Song Ci.

Song Ci ate one herself and gave Han Wangwang another.

Han Wangwang played with the toffee and stared at Han Zhan’s side profile hesitantly. She asked anxiously, “Little Uncle, Jiang Zhen’s family is in a mess. Will my father agree to us being together?”

Hearing this question, Han Zhan turned and glanced at Han Wangwang. He asked Han Wangwang, “When are you planning to bring Jiang Zhen to Shunchen to meet your parents?”

Han Wangwang lowered her head and kept grabbing the toffee wrapper. She said in a low voice, “I plan to bring Jiang Bi to see my parents after the matter is settled.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly fell silent.

Song Ci didn’t understand Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e’s personalities. She couldn’t answer Han Wangwang’s question. Song Ci leaned closer to Han Zhan and asked him, “Brother Han, do you think Brother can accept Jiang Zhen?”

She had a piece of toffee in her mouth. As she spoke, the fragrance of toffee wafted into Han Zhan’s nose.

Han Zhan smiled enigmatically and didn’t give an affirmative answer. Instead, he asked Song Ci, “Baby Ci, if it were you, would you be at ease marrying your daughter to a child like Jiang Zhen?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “I naturally hope that my daughters can marry into a family with a clean background. To be honest, I’m not too assured about Jiang Zhen’s family situation.”

Everyone admitted that Jiang Zhen was very outstanding. But Jiang Zhen’s original family situation was indeed criticized.

Jiang Weimin, this father, would be a stain on Jiang Zhen’s life.

Hearing this, Han Wangwang pouted and felt very wronged.

But Song Ci added. “But I care more about my daughter. If my daughter isn’t afraid of being criticized and insists on marrying, then I can’t really cut off her relationship.”

Han Zhan suddenly smiled and said, “Didn’t you already say the answer?”

Song Ci and Han Zhan exchanged glances and understood what Han Zhan meant.

Everything depends on the person!

Han Wangwang heard the conversation between her aunt and uncle and vaguely understood what they meant. She clenched her fists and said with a red face, “If my parents don’t agree, I will go with Jiang Zhen to coax them. One day, I will make them happy.”

Han Zhan said, “You’re promising.”

Han Zhan patted the steering wheel with his gloved right hand and suddenly said, “How old are you? You’re already thinking about getting married. This girl won’t be free after getting married…”

Before Han Zhan could finish speaking, Song Ci added. “Yes, once you get married, you won’t be free anymore. You will also be scolded for wearing bare-back clothes. You will also be scolded for going out to the bar to dance…”

Song Ci turned back and said to Han Wangwang, “You are still too young. You can’t consider marriage so early.” With that, she glared at Han Zhan strangely and mocked herself. “I got married when I was 22 years old. That was because I didn’t have a father or a mother. I didn’t love myself.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Wangwang smiled as she looked at her little uncle and auntie. Seeing that her little uncle had angered her little auntie, she hurriedly tried to be a good person in the middle and said, “Little uncle likes little auntie too much. Seeing that little auntie is beautiful and talented, he was afraid that she would be snatched away by others if he acted too late, so he married little auntie back home early! What did that sentence say again? It’s called love is deep, love is cut, and love is hard to control!”

Han Zhan gave Han Wangwang a thumbs up. “Well said!”

Song Ci said, “Tsk!”

But she was finally not angry anymore. Her face was even red.

Han Zhan turned and blinked at Han Wangwang, praising her for finally doing something human. Han Wangwang’s proud head and tail were sticking up high.

Han Wangwang took the entire day off today and didn’t need to go to work in the afternoon.

Arriving at the Imperial Dragon Villa, she found it inconvenient to walk in high heels, so she went to Song Ci’s to find a pair of sports shoes to wear. In the afternoon, after her afternoon nap, she took Han Miao and Han Jun for a walk in the villa to feed the ducks.

Walking to the pool at the back of the mountain, that duck plunged into the pool to catch fish and refused to come up.

Han Wangwang brought the two sisters to play by the side of the pool.

Han Miao and the rest brought a bucket and shovel. Han Miao squatted in the ground and dug the mud. Han Jun was in charge of stirring the dry mud into sludge with water. Han Wangwang took the small plastic bucket to the pool to scoop water.

Han Jun mixed up the mud and called Han Wangwang and Han Miao to play with it.

Han Wangwang said, “We can use mud to make mud people.”

Han Miao was fat. After digging for more than 20 minutes, she was already sweating profusely. She held a piece of mud and asked Han Wangwang, “Sister Wangwang, what is a mudman?”

Han Wangwang made a mudman with hands and feet and told them, “This is it.”

Han Jun stared at the mud man for a moment and suddenly said, “So ugly.”

Han Miao also said, “So ugly.”

“Then I’ll show you the entire thing.” Han Wangwang sat on the ground. Afraid of being exposed, she placed the sides of her dress between her legs and blocked the roots.

She took a big piece of mud and rubbed it in her hand. She said, “Look, I made a beauty for you guys.”

Han Wangwang spent more than 10 minutes being a beauty with long hair. Before she could dig out the mudman’s nose and eyes, she heard Han Miao say, “This is Sister Jiang Bi.”

Han Jun said, “It’s Brother Jiang Bi.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang stared at Han Jun in shock and asked her, “How did you know that Jiang Bi is your elder brother?”

Han Jun said, “Stupid! Brother Jiang Bi has no breasts!”

Han Wangwang was speechless.

Han Miao said, “But Sister Jiang Bi has long hair.”

Han Jun said, “Brad Pitt also has long hair.” Han Jun had seen Brad Pitt act as a vampire.

Han Wangwang looked at Han Jun in admiration and praised her. “You are the most clear-headed and smartest among us sisters.” She was even worse than a two-year-old child!

The three sisters were so engrossed in playing that they didn’t even know when Jiang Zhen had arrived. When Han Wangwang finished preparing the mudman, Jiang Zhen, she looked up and saw Jiang Zhen standing at the edge of the racecourse with a parasol, quietly looking at the three sisters.

Han Wangwang blushed silently. She quickly put down the mud and stood up. “When did you come?”

Jiang Zhen said, “When you were too engrossed in playing mudman.”

He walked towards Han Wangwang and the rest with an umbrella.

Han Miao and Han Jun stared at Jiang Zhen, who had short hair and was wearing a male outfit. They both looked surprised. Han Jun said, “I told you, Brother Jiang Bi is a boy.”

Han Miao looked at Jiang Zhen’s short hair and then at the mudman’s long hair. Her expression was very confused. A question arose in her heart: Is Sister Jiang Bi a boy or a girl? Or not a boy or a girl?

Jiang Zhen walked behind Han Wangwang and hugged her shoulders from behind. He said, “Look, from afar, don’t the four of us look like a family of four? We are the parents, they are our daughters.”

Han Wangwang blushed and pushed Jiang Zhen away. She stammered. “It’s… it’s messy!”

Jiang Zhen suddenly laughed.

That smile stunned Han Wangwang’s entire world. This hot afternoon seemed to become cool.

Jiang Zhen gave the umbrella to Han Wangwang, and he bent down to carry the two little guys. When he carried Han Miao, Jiang Zhen frowned and asked Han Wangwang, “How heavy is Miaomiao?”

Han Wangwang hurriedly looked at him and said softly, “Don’t mention the word fat in front of Miaomiao. Otherwise, she will cry for you. She has been swimming and dieting very hard recently.”

Jiang Zhen acknowledged and said to Han Wangwang, “Quickly go back to the house to take a shower and change your clothes. Accompany me to the hospital.”

Upon hearing that they were going to the hospital, Han Wangwang thought that Jiang Zhen was unwell and her expression changed. She asked nervously, “Are you unwell?”

“It’s not me.”

“Then?” Han Wangwang couldn’t imagine who would be hospitalized at this juncture.

Jiang Zhen smiled meaningfully. “Jiang Weimin.”

Han Wangwang: “?”

Jiang Weimin was still alive and kicking in the afternoon. He could stomp his feet and scold people. Why did he fall ill and be hospitalized?

Han Wangwang went to the side of the pool to bring the duck out of the water. She held the duck and held an umbrella. Jiang Zhen carried the two children and the four of them returned to the villa.

After returning, Han Wangwang went to ask Song Ci for clothes and prepared to change into them after taking a shower.

Han Wangwang didn’t really fit in Song Ci’s dress. Firstly, Song Ci was five centimeters taller than Han Wangwang, and secondly, her chest size was slightly bigger than Han Wangwang’s. Han Wangwang was somewhat empty in Song Ci’s clothes.

After choosing, Han Wangwang found a simple pure-colored t-shirt and a halter dress. After taking a shower, she changed her clothes and followed Jiang Zhen down the mountain.

Arriving in the city, Jiang Zhen first brought Han Wangwang to eat. When night fell, he pulled her hand to the hospital.

Han Wangwang had heard that Jiang Weimin was hospitalized and thought that he was pretending. But when she arrived at the ward and saw Jiang Weimin with an oxygen mask on his pale face, she was stunned.

It had only been a few hours since we last met. How did Jiang Weimin become so weak?

Jiang Weimin didn’t wake up. Only Han Wangwang, Jiang Zhen, and a nurse were in the ward. Han Wangwang tugged at Jiang Zhen’s arm and asked softly, “Why is your father suddenly so weak?”

Jiang Zhen smiled playfully and said, “Yeah, why is he suddenly so ill?”

Han Wangwang stared at Jiang Zhen’s strange smile and had a bold guess.

Could it be that Jiang Weimin was not ill but poisoned?

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