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Chapter 410: Your Father Is That Dog Jiang Weimin!

“If you’re not Bi’er, then you are…”

Jiang Weimin was dragged to the door. He refused to follow the police. He grabbed the door frame with both hands and looked at the thin but handsome man in front in shock.

Something flashed across Jiang Weimin’s mind!

He understood something and instantly stomped his feet in exasperation. “It’s a scam! This is all a scam! Saying that Jiang Zhen appeared in Nanxing City is all your trap! You dug a hole long ago and waited for me to crawl into it!”

“Jiang Zhen! You are so vicious! You actually harmed me!”

At this moment, what else did Jiang Weimin not understand?

From the start to the end, the news that Jiang Zhen appeared in Nanxing City was fake. It was fake news deliberately released by Jiang Zhen, who was disguised as Jiang Bi. The goal was to attract Jiang Weimin’s attention and observe Jiang Weimin’s subsequent actions!

Jiang Weimin suddenly realized that this child was even more scheming than him. He couldn’t help feeling a chill down his spine. He glared at Jiang Zhen venomously and didn’t forget to throw a knife at Jiang Zhen’s chest before leaving. “You keep saying that I am vicious and sinister, but what about you? You are what I am! You are my child, so how clean can you be!”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen’s eyes instantly darkened.

It was undeniable that he was Jiang Weimin’s child. He didn’t inherit Lan Ruoyun’s innocence, but instead inherited Jiang Weimin’s viciousness.

But if one wanted to survive in this world, innocent people would be eaten.

If you are not ruthless, you will die.

“Let’s go!” The policeman locked Jiang Weimin’s wrists with a pair of handcuffs and pried his fingers off the door frame one by one. In the end, he dragged Jiang Weimin, who was howling the entire way, away.

The guests in the banquet hall all felt their scalps tingle when they heard Jiang Weimin’s mournful and indignant cry. Only when the voice was far away and couldn’t be heard did everyone turn their attention back to Jiang Zhen.

The daughter of the Jiang Family was actually a man!

This news was too shocking and everyone couldn’t recover from their shock for a long time. They couldn’t digest this news in a short time.

Zhu Xiulan stared at the skinny but straight man standing in front of the stage. Her emotions were in turmoil. She felt like she had swallowed a fly and it was stuck in her throat. She couldn’t get it down and couldn’t vomit.

“How can you be Jiang Zhen…” Zhu Xiulan felt slightly weak and fell back into the chair behind her. She had been so guarded, but she didn’t expect Jiang Zhen to keep swaying in front of their eyes!

He disguised himself so well!

Jiang Zhen walked up to Zhu Xiulan and stared at her face, sizing her up.

Zhu Xiulan’s face was very well-maintained. Every few days, she would go to the high-class beauty salon, so even though she was already in her fifties, she still looked like a beautiful woman in her thirties or forties.

That face was perfect and there was no sign of a knife being used.

Jiang Zhen said, “The plastic surgeon you found is quite capable.”

How could Zhu Xiulan not understand the sarcasm in Jiang Zhen’s words?

She lowered her head and remained silent.

Jiang Zhen suddenly took out an identification report from his pocket. He held it and asked Zhu Xiulan, “Jiang Guchuan is the child of you and Jiang Weimin, right?”

Hearing this, Zhu Xiulan’s body first tensed up, then relaxed. “Now that things have come to this, so what if you know?”

Zhu Xiulan looked up and stared at Jiang Zhen mockingly. She said, “Even if you come back, you can’t snatch Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals from us. Guchuan is like you, Jiang Weimin’s son. He also has the right to inherit!”

Moreover, Jiang Guchuan was already the CEO of Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals and his capabilities had been acknowledged by the entire company. So what if Jiang Zhen was back? So what if he was Jiang Weimin and Lan Ruoyun’s son?

He was not the Crown Prince. It was not like he had to inherit the throne!

In the distance, when Jiang Guchuan heard this news, he was rooted to the ground like he had been struck by lightning.

I am Jiang Weimin’s biological son?

Jiang Guchuan struggled to break free from the hands of the two burly men. He staggered and ran in front of Zhu Xiulan. Jiang Guchuan grabbed Zhu Xiulan’s shoulder and asked angrily, “Mother? What are you talking about? Whose child am I?”

Zhu Xiulan looked slightly uncomfortable. After being pushed by Jiang Guchuan several times, Zhu Xiulan finally smiled bleakly at him. “Guchuan, haven’t you always wanted to know who your heartless father is? Let me tell you today, your father is that dog Jiang Weimin, that f*cking thing!”

Zhu Xiulan’s hatred for Jiang Guchuan was endless!

That year, when she was lying in bed after undergoing plastic surgery, Zhu Xiulan had hundreds of cruel ways to torture Jiang Weimin to death. She hated that she couldn’t just cut Jiang Weimin’s hand off, skin him, pull out his bones, and drink his blood!

Jiang Guchuan was shocked by Zhu Xiulan’s hatred.

He suddenly released Zhu Xiulan’s shoulder and took a step back. He shook his head in disbelief. “Impossible. How can he be my biological father? Didn’t you say that my biological father is a beast inferior to pigs and dogs? Father, he…”

Jiang Guchuan lowered his head and murmured softly, “Father is clearly very good to me…”

Jiang Zhen sneered.

When Zhu Xiulan heard this, she instantly sneered. “He’s good?”

A look of disgust and disdain appeared on Zhu Xiulan’s face. She scolded angrily, “If he’s goo, back then, would he have watched helplessly as my father suffered from cancer but couldn’t bear to spend money to save him? If he’s good, would he have secretly pushed me into the cold river in the middle of the night when no one was noticing? If he was really a good person, would he have heartlessly found someone to kidnap his biological children? Afraid that they would be found, he even specially got the kidnappers to sell them overseas? If he’s so good, can he secretly feed his wife poison for eight years?”

“Guchuan! Open your eyes wide and look! Jiang Weimin is the most vicious beast in this world! I’ve never seen anyone more disgusting than him in my life!”

Zhu Xiulan gritted her teeth at the mention of Jiang Weimin’s name. If not for Guchuan and Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals, Zhu Xiulan would have killed Jiang Weimin long ago!

Hearing this, Jiang Guchuan’s worldview collapsed.

He couldn’t believe that all of this was real!

He couldn’t believe that his father had done so many unforgivable things in his life! Jiang Guchuan roared. “This is all fake!” After shouting, he ran out without looking back.

Seeing that Jiang Guchuan had run away, Sheng Qingya was worried that something would happen to him if he lost his mind. She wanted to chase after him to take a look, but was stopped by Mrs. Sheng.

Mrs. Sheng asked Sheng Qingya with a dark face, “Where are you going?”

Sheng Qingya bit her lip and looked troubled. She held her mother’s hand and said softly, “Mother, I’m worried that Guchuan will run to the road. There are many people and cars…”

“Does his life have anything to do with you?” Mrs. Sheng asked coldly.

Sheng Qingya was stunned.

Sheng Qingya looked down at the ring on her middle finger and said softly, “Mother, Gu Chuan and I are engaged…”

Mrs. Sheng sneered. “You can even get a divorce after getting married. You two have only been engaged for less than an hour and you haven’t even worn your rings. What are you?”

Mrs. Sheng took the ring off Sheng Qingya’s middle finger and threw it mercilessly beside Zhu Xiulan’s high heels. She scolded angrily, “I will never let you marry into such a dirty family!”

Madam Sheng and Lan Ruoyun were also on very good terms. Madam Sheng had thought of Jiang Zhen and Jiang Bi’s names together with Lan Ruoyun. After knowing what Jiang Weimin had done to Lan Ruoyun and the two children, Madam Sheng would never allow her daughter to marry Jiang Guchuan!

She couldn’t wait for Sheng Qingya to be far away from that Jiang Guchuan!

Sheng Jing glared at his daughter and said, “Stay by your mother’s side obediently. Don’t go anywhere!”

Sheng Qingya didn’t dare to disobey her father. She sat down in front of Mrs. Sheng with reddened eyes.

Sheng Jing picked up the ring on the ground and threw it into Zhu Xiulan’s arms. He said cynically, “Madam Jiang, you colluded with Jiang Weimin, harmed my little junior sister, bullied my nephew and niece. This is too much! The marriage between the Jiang and Sheng families will be annulled!”

Zhu Xiulan pinched the ring and tried to say something. “In-law, this…”

“Pui! You and your wife are so vicious. I don’t have the capability to be your in-laws!” Sheng Jing strode onto the stage and cupped his fists at the audience. “Everyone, I’ve let everyone see a joke and ruined everyone’s fun. I, Sheng Jing, will apologize to everyone here!”

“In addition, please bring back the money and gifts that everyone has given you. The marriage between the Jiang and Sheng families will be invalidated. From now on, even if my daughter will be single forever, she will never marry Jiang Guchuan!”

After Sheng Jing made himself clear, he called the gentleman who wrote the gift book over and returned the money and gifts that the guests had received.

Song Ci brought Han Rang and Nan Yanyan to collect the swan pendants. After receiving the pendants, Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’ve attended countless banquets in my life. This is the first time I’ve returned with my hands full.”

Han Rang helped Song Ci carry the pair of swan ornaments. He smiled and said, “I didn’t spend a single cent. Not only did I eat a big meal, I even watched a big show. It was worth it today.”

With the items in hand, it was time for everyone to leave.

Song Ci got Nan Yanyan and Han Rang to wait by the side. She went to Han Wangwang’s table.

Song Ci saw that Han Wangwang was in a daze. She waved her hand in front of Han Wangwang’s eyes and asked her, “Wangwang, are you coming with us? Or are you staying with Jiang Zhen?”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang turned and looked at Jiang Zhen. Sheng Jing was talking to Jiang Zhen and they probably would not stop talking in a while.

Han Wangwang got up and left with Song Ci.

The four of them walked out of the hotel and saw Han Zhan sitting on the sofa in the lobby.

Song Ci was slightly surprised to see Han Zhan. “Brother Han, why are you here?”

Han Zhan glanced at the huge crowd of guests behind Song Ci and the rest. He suppressed his laughter and said, “I heard that Jiang Zhen and the Jiang family openly quarreled. Someone secretly started a live broadcast at the banquet hall. Now, the entire country knows about the Jiang family scandal. I came to fetch you home because I wanted to hear you guys talk about what happened today in detail.”

“Someone even started a live-stream?” Han Rang looked regretful. He muttered, “If I had known earlier, I would have also started a live-stream. Today’s live-stream will definitely receive many gifts and earn a lot of money.”

His mind was filled with countless plans to earn money. He realized that he had missed a good opportunity to earn money and felt very regretful.

Nan Yanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Can you be more serious?” Nan Yanyan took the swan ornaments in Han Rang’s hand and handed them to Han Zhan. “Second Brother, send sister-in-law back. Aaron and I are going to the orphanage to supervise work.”

Han Zhan caught the ornament. “Okay.”

The orphanage had already started to set up internal soft clothing. Nan Yanyan spent money to buy a few osmanthus trees and planned to plant them in the corner of the field with Aaron. It would save money and also be meaningful.

After watching Nan Yanyan and Aaron leave in the car, Han Zhan let Han Wangwang and Song Ci get into the car first. He placed the pair of pendants in the trunk of the car and drove home while listening to Song Ci tell him about what happened at the engagement party today.

After hearing the details, Han Zhan felt like he had just finished a spy movie. “This Jiang Weimin is actually so vicious. I really couldn’t tell.”

Jiang Zhen and Jiang Weimin were not familiar with each other. The two of them operated in different industries, so they naturally didn’t have any collaboration at work. The Jiang Weimin that Han Zhan knew was all through someone else’s mouth.

According to those people, the founder of Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Weimin, was always the best grassroots counterattack representative. He was born ordinary, but he had extraordinary experiences and was a talent worthy of admiration.

But who would have thought that behind this person’s success, he had actually done so many outrageous things? It was said that even a vicious tiger would not hurt its own children. Jiang Weimin could even harm his own children. This was really shocking.

After today, Jiang Weimin would probably become the cancer of the entire city. In the future, he wouldn’t even bring Chen Shimei, bastard, or dog anymore. He could just use Jiang Weimin instead.

For example…

“You can’t be too Jiang Weimin!”

“I wish your daughter a man like Jiang Weimin!”

“You are so vicious. You are simply Jiang Weimin’s reincarnation!”

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