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Chapter 409: The Third Move of Face Slapping: I am Jiang Zhen!

Jiang Zhen used the word “milk” vividly and figuratively.

Everyone was of status. The reason why they came to attend today’s banquet was because they had been friends with Jiang Weimin for many years.

They didn’t want to laugh at first. They should at least give Jiang Weimin face.

But they really couldn’t resist it!

Under the laughter of the entire hall, Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan blushed while Sheng Jing’s face turned pale.

Sheng Jing glared at Jiang Weimin angrily. His trembling fingers revealed his disappointment towards Jiang Weimin. He gritted his teeth and scolded. “Shameless brat! You’re utterly shameless!”

Being scolded by Sheng Jing at such an old age, Jiang Weimin had no place to hide his old face. His black, red, and red face was comparable to that of Guan Gong [1. A Chinese deity who has a black face.] It was rather exciting.

Sheng Jing pointed at Zhu Xiulan’s face again and scolded. “You shameless old lady. You stay at my little junior sister’s house every day. Don’t you have nightmares at night?”

Zhi Xiulan was angry but didn’t dare to say anything.

At this moment, Jiang Zhen threw out another question and attracted everyone’s attention.

“Why did Jiang Weimin find someone to kidnap us siblings? Does anyone know? Are you willing to guess? Same old rules, anyone who guess correctly will win a prize!”

It was impossible for there to be two little fools like Jiang Tang in a banquet hall. Naturally, no one would appear again.

Jiang Zhen was slightly disappointed when he saw that no one raised their hand to answer. He was like a teacher who expected better from them, despising these guests for being timid and not daring to cause trouble.

“If you can’t guess, I’ll guess for now.” Jiang Zhen’s cold eyes swept across Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Weimin’s blushing faces. He sneered. “This should be the case—”

“Jiang Weimin, who had an affair with Zhu Xiulan, thought that he could live a fairy-like life with the red flags at home and the colorful flags outside. But he didn’t know that the beauty beside him was not a lovable flower, but a man-eating flower! Zhu Xiulan entered Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to work as his lover and asked about him. She didn’t want his person, but his life!”

“Perhaps Zhu Xiulan accidentally exposed herself and let Jiang Weimin discover the truth that Zhu Xiulan is his ex-wife. This is terrible! Jiang Weimin is guilty and afraid. Why is he afraid?”

Jiang Zhen paused mysteriously for a moment, then threw down a deep-water bomb! “Because when the ship sank that year, my ex-wife, Zhu Ruqin, didn’t sink at all. Instead, she was pushed into the water by Jiang Weimin! This can perfectly detoxify Auntie Zhu’s words just now. Auntie Zhu said that most people drowned that night, but there were also people who were pushed into the water…”

“As the saying goes, if the old one doesn’t go, how can the new one come? If Zhu Ruqin doesn’t die, how can Jiang Weimin marry the young lady of the Lan Family? Great, she didn’t die and even transformed into a beautiful snake to come back for revenge. How can Jiang Weimin not be afraid?”

With that, Jiang Zhen nodded at Jiang Weimin and asked considerately, “Father, am I right? When you found out that Auntie Zhu was your ex-wife and came back to take revenge on you, were you scared to death?”

Jiang Weimin scolded. “Bastard! Bastard! Shut up!”

How could Jiang Zhen shut up?

Jiang Zhen asked Zhu Xiulan, “Then Auntie Zhu, did I guess correctly what happened back then?”

Jiang Zhen’s analysis was correct. That year, in order to get rid of his ex-wife, Zhu Ruqin, Jiang Weimin planned to push Zhu Ruqin into the water at night on a boat tour.

In reality, Jiang Weimin did it.

But what Jiang Weimin didn’t know was that just as he secretly pushed Zhu Ruqin into the water, Zhu Ruqin was saved by a doctor who had a crush on her.

The doctor brought Zhu Ruqin to the shore far away. The boat that Jiang Weimin and the rest boarded sank.

After the shipwreck, the two people who the rescue team failed to salvage were Zhu Ruqin and that male doctor!

Through the male doctor, Zhu Ruqin knew that Jiang Weimin had already cheated on her with a young and beautiful rich lady. Zhu Ruqin’s love turned into hatred and she decided to take revenge on Jiang Weimin!

That male doctor was infatuated with Zhu Ruqin, so he brought Zhu Ruqin away from Wangdong City to live in another city. A year later, the male doctor passed away due to an accident. Zhu Ruqin had just given birth and her husband died soon after. She nearly collapsed.

At this moment, she accidentally saw the daughter of the boss of Wangdong City, Lan Ruoyun and Jiang Weimin’s wedding being published in the newspapers.

Zhu Ruqin stared at the wedding photo of the newlyweds in the newspaper, listened to the cries of the child beside her, thought of the pain of Jiang Weimin’s betrayal, and took the risk of being disfigured to run to Korea for a plastic surgery to change her face!

Zhu Xiulan thought of the bitter past from more than 20 years ago. She turned and glanced at Jiang Weimin. The hatred in her eyes made Jiang Weimin shudder in fear.

Jiang Weimin didn’t dare to meet Zhu Xiulan’s eyes and looked away guiltily.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Zhen sneered in his heart.

They had just woken up from the same bed this morning, but in the blink of an eye, they had become enemies who wanted to stab that knife through their bodies.


“I guess after Auntie Zhu discovered that my father’s Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals had good prospects, she definitely couldn’t bear to kill him. Why couldn’t she bear to? Because you wanted to expand the Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals and pass it to your son in the future!”

“You couldn’t bear to kill Jiang Weimin, so you threatened him. You wanted Jiang Weimin to kick my mother away, marry you, and pass the Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to Jiang Guchuan!”

“Zhu Xiulan has something on Jiang Weimin. If he can’t dig out Zhu Xiulan’s weakness, what can he do? If he can’t bully the ruthless one, he can only bully the weak woman and the two ignorant children at home!”

Jiang Zhen’s sharp gaze suddenly landed on Jiang Weimin’s face. He asked sternly, “Am I right, Father?”

Jiang Weimin hung his head and remained silent.

He didn’t even dare to look up, afraid of Jiang Zhen’s terrifying gaze, and even more afraid of seeing the gazes of the surrounding guests.

Jiang Zhen was very disappointed in him. He shook his head and suddenly called out, “Jiang Guchuan.”

Jiang Guchuan widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Zhen in confusion.

iang Zhen said, “Jiang Guchuan, do you really think Jiang Weimin handed over Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to you willingly? No, it’s because he has already made a deal with your mother! If he doesn’t pass down Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to you, your mother will tell the world what Jiang Weimin did!”

Jiang Guchuan didn’t believe it!

He didn’t want to believe Jiang Zhen’s words, but his father’s flustered expression and his mother’s tear-streaked face forced Jiang Guchuan to believe that Jiang Zhen was telling the truth!

Jiang Guchuan suddenly had doubts about the entire world.

Initially, he thought that Jiang Weimin had really fallen in love with his mother after marrying her. When he saw his mother quit work to be a good wife and mother at home, she asked Jiang Weimin about his well-being. He thought that his parents were very much in love with each other, but in the end, he realized that they were both acting.

That’s not a loving couple? They’re just pretending!

Jiang Zhen saw Jiang Guchuan’s devastated expression and felt very happy!

“Uncle Sheng.”

Sheng Jing hurriedly turned to look at the stage.

Sheng Jing hurriedly said, “Bi’er, tell me.”

The hatred in Jiang Zhen’s eyes instantly turned into sorrow. He said hoarsely, “That year, after Jiang Weimin plotted to kidnap us siblings, there was only a weak and helpless woman left in the house. Jiang Weimin also used eight years to pretend to be a devoted husband. As he got along with Zhu Xiulan, he pretended to never leave my mother, but…”

At this point, the calm Jiang Zhen suddenly went crazy. He clenched his fists tightly and said with reddened eyes, “But he secretly changed the medicine for my mother’s depression into medicine to give her depression!”

“What!” Sheng Jing was shocked.

The old friends watching the show below the stage also stared at Jiang Weimin in fear.

Jiang Weimin, who looked as kind as a Bodhisattva on Mount Compassionate Eye, actually drugged his wife? Eight years!

How vicious is this insight!


Jiang Weimin retorted with a flustered expression. “You’re spouting nonsense! What do you know?! You don’t know anything and you’re making irresponsible remarks here! Everyone, don’t listen to this girl. She’s deliberately accusing me!”

“I’m talking nonsense?” Jiang Zhen questioned him. “You dare to say that the person who drugged my mother wasn’t you? That you weren’t the one who schemed to make her crazy? That you weren’t the one who brought Zhu Xiulan into the house and messed around in your master bedroom when my mother was mentally unstable?”

“You…” Jiang Weimin was stunned.

He didn’t understand. So many years had passed. How did Jiang Bi find out about these things?

“Isn’t everyone very curious about my mother committing suicide by jumping off a building? The outside world is spreading rumors that my mother went crazy and stabbed my father, then ran to jump off a building to commit suicide. But is this really the truth?”

Jiang Zhen shook his head with reddened eyes. “No.” Jiang Zhen placed his index finger on Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan. He pointed it back and forth twice before shouting in despair and indignation.

“The truth is that my mother accidentally bumped into this adulterous couple in broad daylight. They actually messed around on the sofa in our living room! In her anger, she started fighting with Zhu Xiulan. In her anger, Zhu Xiulan told my mother everything that Jiang Weimin did!”

“My mother drew her knife in anger and stabbed Jiang Weimin. Then, she ran to Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals and jumped down from the office building that Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan cared about the most!”

“This… is the bloody truth!”

After Jiang Zhen finished telling them about the past, his face was already covered in tears. He wiped his tears haphazardly, put down the microphone, and asked in a clear and cold voice, “Gentlemen, is my analysis correct?”

Zhu Xiulan remained silent, but her heaving chest perfectly betrayed her unstable emotions.

Jiang Weimin was already enraged. He was pressed down by the burly man, and his feet kicked crazily in Jiang Zhen’s direction. As he kicked, he scolded, “Jiang Bi! Jiang Bi is still slandering me! In order to smear me, you really can say anything!”

“Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning by doing this!”

Even a snake had to jump a few times before dying, let alone a vicious person like Jiang Weimin.

Jiang Zhen saw that Jiang Zhen was even more difficult to deal with than that dead snake, so he snapped his fingers and shouted loudly, “Bring witness Li Aihua!”

The tightly shut door was pulled open again.

An old woman with slightly white hair, wearing a dark purple old shirt and black wide-legged pants walked in. Her long hair was tied into the longest bun the nurses had, and there was no fringe on her forehead.

This Li Aihua was none other than the senior nurse who had taken care of Lan Ruoyun for many years.

Upon seeing Li Aihua appear here, Jiang Weimin’s expression changed drastically. He didn’t expect Jiang Zhen to actually bring Li Aihua out!

Li Aihua walked up to the stage and gave Jiang Zhen a meaningful look.

Li Aihua’s heart ached at the thought of that tragic dead Lan Family girl and Lan Ruoyun’s child.

Li Aihua touched her tears and nodded at Sheng Jing. “Mr. Sheng, it has been many years since we last met. Do you still remember me?”

Sheng Jing looked at Li Aihua in shock. “Are you Sister Li?”

Li Aihua nodded. “That’s me.”

Li Aihua took a microphone from the host.

She first tested it and confirmed that there was a sound from the microphone before introducing herself. “Hello everyone, my name is Li Aihua. I am Li Aihua, a nurse whom Jiang Weimin hired from the First People’s Hospital to take care of Ms. Lan Ruoyun for six years.”

]”I am standing here today to seek justice for the Lan Family’s younger sister! I swear to the heavens that if there is even half a word of falsehood in my words, I will die a horrible death! Even after death, I will not have peace. Even if my bones are dragged by wild dogs to be eaten!”

Li Aihua’s oath was vicious.

When everyone heard this, their doubts and guesses about Li Aihua’s appearance dissipated.

Li Aihua tugged at the hem of her shirt, straightened her back, and narrated everything that she had seen back then.

“That year, Sister Lan was in a state of confusion, sometimes awake and sometimes confused. I remember very clearly that she passed away in 2011. She had been ill for a whole eight years. About one hot afternoon in August 2010, she saw a family search program and her mental state suddenly improved. At that time, I thought that her condition had finally improved and was very happy, so I often accompanied her to watch that program.”

“One evening, Sister Lan told me to take a tube of her blood to the gene search engine to register her DNA. She also asked me to help her donate all her savings to the search engine. I felt very strange and asked her why she left the donation of money to me and not to Mr. Jiang?”

“Sister Lan held my hand and actually told me that Mr. Jiang was untrustworthy. She said that Mr. Jiang had already cheated on that assistant manager called Zhu Xiulan beside him. At that time, I thought Sister Lan was just imagining things and was full of doubts about that sentence, so I didn’t really believe her.”

“But I always remember that sentence in my heart, so I paid more attention to Mr. Jiang. After observing Mr. Jiang for a period of time, I realized that Mr. Jiang would always message and chat with someone every time he returned home. He even secretly hid in the backyard to call Manager Zhu and call him wife over the phone!”

]”I realized that Mr. Jiang had really cheated on her. I felt very indignant for Sister Lan, but at that time, Sister Lan’s mental illness acted up again. She hugged the children’s photos every day and cried non-stop. I told her about Mr. Jiang, but she couldn’t listen at all. Helpless, I could only watch her suffer.”

Every time she thought of the pitiful Lan Ruoyun, Li Aihua felt terrible and couldn’t help but shed tears.

Although Lan Ruoyun was not in a good state of mind, she was really good to Li Aihua. Whenever she was clear-headed, she would always give Li Aihua clothes that she was not wearing and even buy gifts and clothes for Li Aihua’s daughter.

Li Aihua had been a nurse her entire life and had never met a better madam than Lan Ruoyun.

Li Aihua hurriedly wiped her tears and waited for her emotions to calm down before saying, “I realized that Mr. Jiang wasn’t as perfect as he appeared to be, so I paid more attention to him. Later on, one night, I went upstairs to feed Sister Lan medicine. I actually bumped into Mr. Jiang secretly changing Sister Lan’s medicine! He emptied the medicine bottle that should have contained fluoxetine (saline-flavidine) and medicine for depression!”

Li Aihua recalled the scene she saw many years ago and her heart instantly ached like a knife. She pounced on Jiang Weimin, punched and kicked him, and cried. “You beast! You deceived us and actually caused me to personally feed Sister Lan so many years of medicine for depression! Jiang Weimin, do you still have a heart!”

Li Aihua kicked Jiang Weimin a few times, bent over, squatted on the ground, and cried bitterly. She said in frustration, “If I knew that it was a medicine for depression, I would never have fed it to Sister Lan! I really didn’t expect you to be so heartless to poison your own wife…”

Hearing Li Aihua’s sorrowful cries, everyone felt terrible. Even a nurse doted on Lan Ruoyun so much. As her husband, what had Jiang Weimin done?

Thinking of Lan Ruoyun’s encounter, there were already kind-hearted women who secretly shed tears. They didn’t dare to think too deeply. If one day they realized that the person beside them was drugging them, they would wish they were dead!

Jiang Zhen hurriedly walked down and supported Li Aihua.

Jiang Weimin was kicked a few times by Li Aihua. Li Aihua’s footprints were all over his black suit. He looked very disheveled and very funny.

Li Aihua leaned against Jiang Zhen’s shoulder and raised the microphone again. She said, “I didn’t dare to openly expose Jiang Weimin’s tricks, so I silently exchanged for that medicine. Sister Lan took three consecutive months of medicine to relieve her neurosuppression and became much more awake. I watched as she gradually recovered and felt happy.”

“I thought Sister Lan would get better, but I didn’t expect…”

Li Aihua squeezed Jiang Zhen’s arm tightly. She said, “Child, that day, I accompanied your mother to attend a talk event organized by the volunteers. When I returned, I was going to the vegetable market. I sent your mother to the guardhouse and asked the security to send her back first.”

“When your mother was sent home, she happened to see your heartless father and that vicious stepmother doing disgusting things on the sofa in the living room. She started fighting with Zhu Xiulan on the spot. Zhu Xiulan flew into a rage out of humiliation and revealed what Jiang Weimin had done to you and your sister. Your mother found out the truth of your loss back then and hated your father to death. She turned and ran to the kitchen to get a kitchen knife and cut Jiang Weimin. Then, she went completely crazy and shouted that she wanted to find the baby…”

“By the time I returned home with the groceries, your mother was already gone. I only saw the ambulance parked outside your house and dragging your father to the hospital. As for that shameless bitch Zhu Xiulan, she was afraid of being discovered by others and actually hid upstairs in your house. I heard that your mother was missing and was about to put the groceries back in the kitchen before going to look for your mother. In the end, after I pushed open the door and entered, I actually bumped into Zhu Xiulan, who was secretly preparing to slip away.”

At this point, Li Aihua glanced disdainfully at the flustered Zhu Xiulan.

Zhu Xiulan avoided eye contact with Li Aihua.

Li Aihua snorted and said, “We had a fight. I took off Zhu Xiulan’s clothes and was about to throw her out of the Jiang Family residence when the phone rang. I answered the call and heard… heard…”

Li Aihua covered her mouth and cried bitterly. She whimpered. “I heard that Sister Lan committed suicide by jumping off a building!”

After Lan Ruoyun passed away that year, Li Aihua wanted to go to the police station to report Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan, this adulterous couple. But before she could find the police station, her daughter was knocked down by a car.

She hurried to the hospital and didn’t see the lady, but saw Zhu Xiulan outside the lady’s ward. At that time, Zhu Xiulan only said one sentence to her. She said, “If you dare to expose this, you won’t be able to come to the hospital to visit your daughter next time. You will be at the mortuary.”

Every child was a mother’s weakness. When Li Aihua heard that, how could she seek justice for Lan Ruoyun?

Even if Li Aihua wanted to seek justice for Lan Ruoyun, she didn’t have the capability!

After her daughter recovered, Li Aihua brought her back to the county city to live, pretending to forget her life in Wangdong City.

Only when Jiang Zhen personally came to look for her some time ago did Li Aihua dare to stand up for Lan Ruoyun as a witness!

Sheng Jing trusted Li Aihua’s words.

Sheng Jing finally believed that Jiang Weimin was the one who planned Jiang Zhen and Jiang Bi’s disappearance.

Sheng Jing suddenly grabbed Jiang Weimin’s neck, pushed him onto the table, and punched him in the head.

“Jiang Weimin, I didn’t misjudge you. You are really a maggot! You are a greedy Chen Shimei! Why don’t you die!” In a fit of anger, Sheng Jing used all his strength to punch Jiang Weimin. In just a few hits, he beat him until blood flowed.

Jiang Zhen watched coldly as Uncle Sheng beat someone up and didn’t stop the fight.

The other guests also watched coldly.

Jiang Weimin deserved to die!

He deserved to be beaten to death!

Jiang Weimin was still relatively clear-headed. He knew that he absolutely couldn’t admit it. He realized that the burly man had released his grip on him and immediately pinned Sheng Jing on the table.

Jiang Weimin shouted at Sheng Jing, “I didn’t do those things! This was all Jiang Bi’s deliberate scheme. You fell into Jiang Bi’s trap!”

Sheng Jing said, “Pui! You’re still denying it at this point!”

Jiang Weimin turned and questioned Jiang Zhen angrily, “Are you so heartless to smear me? How much did you pay them to act with you?”

He even played the blame game.

Zhu Xiulan also snapped out of her trance and calmed down.

She knew in her heart that Jiang Weimin couldn’t really fall. If Jiang Weimin fell, I would also fall. How would my son live in the future?

Wouldn’t he be criticized by others?

Zhu Xiulan, who had been silent all this while, also chimed in. She sighed and said, “Child, you can’t just say that because your father was angry that day that you and your brother weren’t capable and couldn’t manage the Chuan Dong Pharmaceutical Company well. You decided to hand the company over to Guchuan, so you were very concerned and deliberately messed with him!”

“Child, I know you led a tough life in the past and know that you want your brother to come back and inherit the company. But child, it’s wrong of you to accuse your father like this.”

Jiang Weimin snapped out of his trance and understood Zhu Xiulan’s intentions. He hurriedly said, “Bi’er, it’s my fault. I blame myself for not taking good care of my family when I was young and causing you to be stolen. It was also my negligence that caused your mother to fall ill from depression and commit suicide by jumping off a building. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault!”

Jiang Weimin confessed tearfully. He looked like he was telling the truth. Some of Jiang Weimin’s old friends even believed Jiang Weimin’s words and suspected that Jiang Zhen was angry at Jiang Guchuan and purposely made fun of him.

But Sheng Jing no longer believed Jiang Weimin. Song Ci and the rest also didn’t believe Jiang Weimin.

Jiang Zhen watched coldly as Jiang Weimin acted. He stared at the teary Jiang Weimin and couldn’t help sighing. “You acted so well. No wonder my mother was deceived so badly by you back then.”

He couldn’t blame the person who was deceived for being stupid. He could only blame the liar for being too smart.

Jiang Zhen asked one last time, “Jiang Weimin, at this point, are you still not admitting the crime you committed against my mother? Are you still not admitting that you hired someone to kidnap us siblings back then?”

Jiang Weimin refused to admit it. “I didn’t do it at all. What do you want me to admit!”

“Good, good!”

Jiang Zhen got someone to help Li Aihua down to rest. He took a step back and suddenly shouted, “Bring that person up!”

Everyone turned to look at the main door and saw two uniformed police officers escorting a man in.

Jiang Weimin’s heart quivered when he saw the man in handcuffs. His legs turned to jelly.

Why is he here?

His mission failed?

All the guests had an idea when they saw the police escort a faceless criminal into the banquet hall.

Even if Li Aihua and that Old Chen’s testimony were all fake, Jiang Bi still didn’t have the ability to get the police to help her fake it!

In the crowd, Han Rang saw the criminal’s face clearly. He suddenly said, “That person is a fugitive on the wanted list. Half a year ago, he raped and killed a woman and a young girl in Yong County. He had been escaping previously, but he was unexpectedly caught.”

Han Rang was constantly paying attention to the movements on the wanted list in the country. He remembered very clearly how those escaped murderers looked.

Hearing this, Nan Yanyan asked curiously, “What did this person do for Jiang Weimin?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and guessed the reason. “He must have helped Jiang Weimin with something.”

The murderer was escorted off stage. When he saw Jiang Zhen, he narrowed his eyes in fear.

Jiang Zhen glanced at the murderer coldly. The murderer didn’t dare to look up.

Jiang Zhen stared at the defeated Jiang Weimin and asked word by word, “Since Father doesn’t admit that he did those things, why did he impatiently hire two killers to kill him after receiving the news that the elder brother Jiang Zhen appeared in Nanxing City?”

“Father, Jiang Zhen is your biological son! What guilty thing did you do to rush to kill your own son?”

Faced with Jiang Zhen’s question, Jiang Weimin was speechless.

Meanwhile, after all the guests heard Jiang Zhen’s words, Jiang Weimin’s ruthlessness had crossed the line again!

He actually wanted to kill his own son?

Sheng Jing came back to his senses after a long while. He looked at Jiang Weimin in shock and asked in a trembling voice, “You, Jiang Weimin, you actually sent someone to murder Zhenzhen? That’s your son!”

Jiang Weimin was stubborn and refused to admit it. He even argued. “I didn’t! I didn’t do such a thing! Zhenzhen is my child. How could I kill him!”

“You still refuse to admit it!” Sheng Jing was enraged by Jiang Weimin.

Hearing Jiang Weimin’s words, the killer chuckled.

The killer said to Jiang Weimin, “I know you. You’re the one who gave me a sum of money to kill. You called me twice in total. The first call was to discuss business with me, tell me the address of the target, and communicate the address of the deposit with me. The second call was to inform me to go to your designated place to receive cash.”

Jiang Weimin spat at the killer. “Don’t spout nonsense! When did I call you?” Jiang Weimin had never officially met the killer before. He believed that if the killer couldn’t produce evidence, he would refuse to admit it.

But he didn’t expect the killer to have a backup plan.

The killer said, “You don’t know, right? I secretly installed a camera at the place where you placed the cash. My camera clearly recorded when and where you secretly hid the cash at that trading place.”

This killer was also very cautious when he was traveling outside. It was his first time taking on such a job of killing someone with money, so he naturally had to be very careful.

The moment Jiang Weimin heard that he had installed a camera, all his excuses disappeared.

Jiang Weimin was like a stray dog, instantly losing all his fighting spirit.

Jiang Weimin seemed to have thought of something as his eyes lit up. “Bi’er! Bi’er!” He broke free from everyone and grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand, his face red with excitement.

Jiang Weimin pulled Jiang Zhen’s hand and begged. “Bi’er, Bi’er, my good daughter, you know that I love you. I had no choice but to do all of this!”

Jiang Weimin suddenly pointed at Zhu Xiulan and complained angrily. “It’s her! It’s all this vicious woman’s fault for threatening me! She threatened to divorce your mother and marry me!”

“Bi’er, Father has his difficulties! Tell the police that you won’t pursue Father’s mistake. Please forgive me, alright?”

Jiang Zhen pried open Jiang Weimin’s hand one by one.

He took a step back and said without rhyme or reason, “There’s no Bi’er in this world anymore. Father, Bi’er is already dead.”

When Jiang Weimin heard this, his expression became confused, his mind filled with confusion. Sheng Jing, Zhu Xiulan, and the rest all looked confused, not understanding what Jiang Zhen meant.

What do you mean by Bi’er is long dead?

If Bi’er was dead, who was this person in front of me?

Jiang Guchuan, Li Feng, and the rest also looked at Jiang Zhen in shock, eager to understand what Jiang Zhen meant.

Jiang Zhen suddenly raised his hands and pulled down the zipper of his windbreaker.

Han Wangwang closed her eyes gently.

This moment had finally arrived!


The zipper slid from the collar of the windbreaker to the hem. The windbreaker was open, revealing Jiang Zhen’s pure white silk shirt and black suit pants!

Jiang Zhen reached out and touched his forehead and ears again. Then, he tugged hard and took off the wig on his head.

As the wig was lifted, a thick, black short hair emerged from under it.

Jiang Zhen threw away his hair mask and slowly looked up. In an instant, his ink-black eyes suddenly turned sharp and cold. That tall nose and well-defined facial features made him look cold, noble, perfect, and unapproachable!

His sharp eyes could cut ten thousand swords!

His aura was unstoppable!

He had only taken off his clothes and a headset, but he had turned from a cold, slender girl to a tall, skinny man!

“Father, I am Jiang Zhen.”

Everyone stood up in shock.

Jiang Weimin sat down on the chair in shock. Beside him, Jiang Guchuan, Li Feng, and the rest also opened their mouths in shock.

Zhu Xiulan looked at the tall and skinny young man in front of her in disbelief, momentarily stunned.

Jiang Zhen smiled at Jiang Weimin and said, “I can’t forgive you for what you did to us siblings and my mother. So, police officer, please take him away and interrogate him properly.”

When Jiang Weimin was pulled away by the police, he still looked at Jiang Zhen in shock.

Jiang Weimin couldn’t understand how a good daughter suddenly became a boy.

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