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Chapter 404: Jiang Zhen Flares Up and Scolds Father Jiang

The cell phone was passed on the table so that everyone could see the young man’s face clearly. Only then did she hand it back to Jiang Zhen from Zhu Xiulan.

Jiang Zhen took the cell phone and heard Jiang Weimin ask, “Bi’er, who sent you this photo?” Jiang Weimin’s tone was more probing than concerned.

“I posted my photo on the search engine and got those passionate volunteers to help find someone. If you meet a boy who looks like me, take a photo and send it to me.”

Jiang Zhen placed his cell phone on the table. He looked down at the boy in the photo and said happily, “After so many years, I finally have news of my brother.”

Jiang Weimin was overjoyed. “Yes, if Zhenzhen is still alive, that’s great! Quickly contact the person who sent you the email and ask him where he saw that child? Let’s quickly send someone to look for him.”


There was a note at the back of the email with the contact method.

Jiang Zhen added the other party’s WeChat. The other party might be busy and didn’t see the friend invitation.

Zhu Xiulan stared at Jiang Weimin’s smiling face and saw that he was really happy. She couldn’t help but say, “Weimin, let’s keep calm first and not be too agitated. We have to send someone to find that child’s whereabouts first. It’s naturally a good thing if we can find him. I’m just afraid that we were happy for nothing. We just happened to meet someone who looks like Bi’er. The higher our expectations, the greater our disappointment.”

Jiang Weimin didn’t respond. He just glanced at Zhu Xiulan calmly before turning to look at Jiang Zhen. Zhu Xiulan was shocked by Jiang Weimin’s gaze and lowered her head, not daring to say anything else.

Jiang Guchuan secretly kicked his mother under the table before saying, “After so many years, I finally have news of my younger brother. Father should naturally be happy. Regardless of whether this person is my younger brother or not, we must send more people to find him. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, don’t give up.”

Jiang Weimin nodded. “Guchuan is right.”

“The other party has received my message.” Jiang Zhen’s words drew everyone’s attention again.

Jiang Weimin moved to the empty chair beside Jiang Zhen and sat down. He leaned his head close to Jiang Zhen’s shoulder and told him like he was giving advice. “Quick, ask him where he took the photo and if he left the child’s contact information.”

Jiang Zhen acknowledged before typing calmly and sending a message to the other party.

[Hello, I am the blue sea and blue sky on the search engine. I have already received your email. We all agree that that young man might be my elder brother. May I know where you took that photo?]

The other party first replied with a smile before sending a message. [I saw this photo from a street photographer’s work. I asked him where he took this photo and he said it was in Nanxing City. But the photo was taken nine years ago.]

The other party added: [We don’t know where your brother is now, but we can be sure of one thing. At least nine years ago, your brother was still alive! This is a good thing. Nine years ago, your brother should have been 15 years old and can be considered a little man. I think he must still be alive! As long as he’s still alive, we will definitely find him. Please continue to persevere and don’t give up!]

[All the best!]

When Jiang Zhen saw the reply, he pursed his lips and looked disappointed. He placed his cell phone on the table and muttered disconsolately, “It’s an old photo from nine years ago. What should we do?”

Jiang Weimin patted Jiang Zhen’s thin shoulder and comforted him. “Don’t be anxious. We’ll send someone to Nanxing City to look for him now. Perhaps Zhenzhen is still living in Nanxing City. This person is right. Zhenzhen was still alive nine years ago and must still be alive now. As long as he is alive and doesn’t give up the search, we will definitely find him!”

Jiang Weimin’s words were filled with encouragement.

Jiang Zhen nodded and regained his confidence.

When Jiang Guchuan heard the words “Nanxing City”, his heart suddenly clenched and his breathing stopped for a moment.

Many years ago, when he saw that adopted daughter Su Run at the tutor’s house in Nanxing City, Jiang Guchuan suspected that Su Run was the daughter of Lan Ruoyun and Jiang Weimin.

But three years after Su Run died, the real Jiang Bi was found. Only then did Jiang Guchuan know that he had recognized the wrong person.


Jiang Zhen also happened to appear in Nanxing City. Was this really a coincidence?

If that Jiang Zhen is still alive, then where is he now?

The meal was tasteless. Jiang Zhen looked at the time. It was already 9.30pm. He stood up and said, “It’s getting late. I’ll go back first.”

Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Weimin looked up at him together. Jiang Weimin hurriedly said, “It’s getting late. Let’s stay here tonight.”

Zhu Xiulan nodded. “Yes, your room is cleaned every day. You just need to spread the bedsheets.”

Jiang Zhen still shook his head. “No need.”

Since he insisted on leaving, Jiang Weimin didn’t insist. Jiang Guchuan stood up. “Let me send you off.”

Jiang Zhen’s light eyes swept over Jiang Guchuan’s face. He wanted to see what this person was planning, so he nodded and agreed. “Alright.”

The siblings walked out of the Jiang Family residence one after another. The two of them walked to where Jiang Zhen parked the car. Jiang Zhen suddenly turned around, crossed his arms, and deliberately asked Jiang Guchuan provocatively, “Jiang Guchuan, my elder brother is still alive. Are you very anxious?”

“Sister, what are you saying?” Jiang Guchuan looked innocent. He said, “Jiang Zhen has been lost for so many years. Now that I finally have news of him, of course I am happy. Why am I panicking?”

“Why are you pretending to be stupid?” Jiang Zhen took a step forward and lifted his chin. His lips were almost touching Jiang Guchuan’s nose.

Jiang Guchuan silently took a step back and maintained a safe distance.

Jiang Zhen sneered and didn’t even conceal his disgust. He mocked, “How can I not understand your little thoughts? You were already in your teens when you married your mother, yet you still changed your surname. You’re always thinking of how to please my father. Everyone knows your intentions.”

Without giving Jiang Guchuan a chance to explain, Jiang Zhen added, “The Jiang family’s twins went missing and you, Jiang Guchuan, are the only heir to Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals. Now, not only am I back, but even my elder brother has clues. The duck that is about to fly away, how can you not be flustered?”

Jiang Guchuan’s expression was slightly ugly, but he held back his anger. “Sister, is this how you see me?”

Jiang Zhen was almost disgusted to death by this “sister”.

He rubbed the goosebumps on his arms in disdain and tore off the hypocritical mask on Jiang Guchuan’s face. “You call me your sister on the surface, but who knows how much you hate me in your heart? Do you always wish for your sister to die in an accident?”

Jiang Guchuan’s handsome face darkened completely as he scolded angrily, “Sister, watch your words!”

At the same time, another voice sounded from the Jiang family’s main door.

What nonsense are you talking about!”

This voice belonged to Jiang Weimin.

Hearing this voice, Jiang Guchuan turned around aggrievedly and looked at Jiang Weimin with reddened eyes. “Father…”

Jiang Zhen saw Jiang Guchuan’s aggrieved expression when he turned around and felt even more disgusted. He looked down and hid the disdain in his eyes.

Jiang Weimin hurried over and stood beside them. “Bi’er, how did you speak to your brother?” He sized up Jiang Zhen in extreme disappointment. He couldn’t believe that those vicious guesses were coming from this obedient daughter.

Why did Bi’er become so aggressive? Jiang Weimin suddenly realized that this daughter was not as innocent and harmless as he thought.

Jiang Zhen glanced at Jiang Guchuan beside him and could tell at a glance that this jerk was putting on an act just now. Jiang Guchuan had obviously long discovered that his father was hiding under his door, so after being repeatedly provoked by Jiang Zhen, he still endured it and pretended to be very aggrieved.

Jiang Zhen didn’t even care about such a petty trick.

Jiang Zhen looked at his father again and saw his disappointed expression. His lips curled into a mocking smile. “Father, am I really wrong?”

Jiang Weimin asked in disbelief, “Do you still think you’re right?”

Jiang Zhen sneered at first, then started to mock him mercilessly. “Dad, look at him. The first thing he did after his mother married into the Jiang family was to change his surname. The second thing was to learn business management. How can you not know what he is thinking?”

Hearing this, Jiang Guchuan’s expression was very aggrieved, innocent, and embarrassed. Even his dark eyes were dyed red. “Father, don’t be angry at Bi’er. It wasn’t easy for her in the past few years. I understand that she’s angry at me.”

Jiang Weimin looked at his arrogant and overbearing daughter and then looked at his adopted son who had given in and was understanding. He was instantly very disappointed with Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Weimin told Jiang Zhen, “I asked Guchuan to change his surname.”

Jiang Zhen’s expression froze slightly. He stared at Jiang Weimin in a daze and asked in disbelief, “It’s your request?”

“That’s right, it’s me.” Jiang Weimin told Jiang Zhen, “I’ve been searching for you and your sister for so many years, but I couldn’t find your whereabouts. Gradually, my heart turned cold. I thought you guys had encountered an accident and thought that you guys had already…”

Jiang Weimin paused and choked.

He rubbed the corners of his eyes and continued. “Your mother’s death made me even more depressed. But no one can inherit the huge Chuan Dong Group. Your Auntie Zhu is my capable subordinate. I know her thoroughly. She is a loyal subordinate and a woman of principle.”

“I need a wife to spend the rest of my life with me. I also need a qualified heir to take over Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals. Coincidentally, your Auntie Zhu is a single mother and has a child with good grades and morals. That’s why I married your Auntie Zhu.”

“I was also the one who asked him to change Guchuan’s surname. Bi’er, do you understand? From the start, I planned to hand Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to Guchuan.”

“Guchuan, he is my chosen successor!”

Jiang Weimin’s words were undoubtedly a slap to Jiang Zhen’s face. Jiang Zhen’s face instantly turned green and black. He clenched his fists and couldn’t say a word.

It was also Jiang Guchuan’s first time hearing Jiang Weimin’s heartfelt words. He looked at Jiang Weimin in a daze and couldn’t help saying, “Father, so Father actually had such high hopes for me…”

“Child, you are like your mother. You are good at business. After you graduated from university, I brought you along and taught you how to do things step by step. I wanted to groom you into my most satisfactory successor.”

Jiang Weimin looked at Jiang Zhen apologetically. “Child, if you want to blame someone, blame me. But Guchuan is innocent. He is a good child.”

Jiang Zhen was so angry that he laughed.

He looked up and stared at Jiang Weimin sternly. He asked him a fatal question. “If your elder brother is found and brought back, will he be your successor?”

Jiang Guchuan also looked at Jiang Weimin.

Jiang Weimin’s expression was very sorrowful. He looked at the two children and was silent for a long time before saying, “Zhenzhen has been wandering outside since he was young. I don’t think he has received any formal education. If I hand the company to him, I will be foolish and ignorant!”

“Even if your brother comes back, he can only get my assets and not my company.”

As an entrepreneur, Jiang Weimin was right.

But as a father and hated by everyone, Jiang Weimin’s words were undoubtedly aimed at Jiang Zhen’s heart.

Jiang Zhen thought that he had already mastered an iron-walled heart and would never be sad or heartbroken over someone’s words. But Jiang Weimin’s words still hurt Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen looked at Jiang Weimin with bloodshot eyes. His eyes were filled with hatred and pain. He suddenly said, “Father, if you had spent more time with my mother back then and spent more time with us, so that she wouldn’t be worried about personal gains and losses or have an emotional breakdown, then we siblings wouldn’t have lost each other…”

Hearing this, Jiang Weimin looked like he had suffered a huge blow. His eyes widened and his lips quivered in anger. “Bi’er, you… you really think of me like this?”

“That’s not all. In my heart, you’re not just at fault!” Jiang Zhen stabbed another invisible dagger into Jiang Weimin’s chest. He said angrily, “Why would anyone kidnap us siblings for no reason! My mother is a housewife. Who can she offend? You must have blocked someone else’s way in business and offended someone. You caused us to be kidnapped! You caused our mother to become mentally ill!”

“It’s your fault for being so useless and trash. You didn’t care about your family. You were careless and let your biological son suffer outside!”

“Your current glory and wealth came from stepping on my mother’s bones step by step!”

Jiang Zhen’s words were treasonous. Jiang Weimin was so angry that he swayed in the wind and nearly fainted.

Jiang Guchuan grabbed Jiang Weimin in time. “Father, don’t be angry!”

Jiang Guchuan glared at Jiang Zhen angrily and condemned him. “Bi’er, why did you say such things? You clearly know that Father is also sad that you guys got lost!”

“He’s sad and depressed?” Jiang Zhen looked like he had heard a joke. He pointed at Jiang Weimin and sneered. “If he was really sad and depressed, he wouldn’t have such a happy life with his wife and children!”

Jiang Guchuan was also speechless by Jiang Zhen’s words.

Jiang Zhen stared coldly at Jiang Weimin, whose eyes were rolling back in his arms and who could faint immediately. He still couldn’t vent his anger and said, “He’s right. I really shouldn’t hate you, Jiang Guchuan. If I wanted to hate him, I should hate him, Jiang Weimin! He’s heartless, cowardly, useless. He married my mother but couldn’t have a perfect marriage with her. He gave birth to us siblings but couldn’t protect us!”

“Now, you’re looking down on us siblings for being ignorant and incapable. Jiang Weimin, anyone in this world can look down on us siblings for being useless, but you can’t!”

It was late at night and the villa district was quiet. The commotion caused by the Jiang father-son duo at the entrance had long been heard by the surrounding people.

The neighbors all walked out of their homes and stood by the road, curiously watching the Jiang family.

The neighbors heard Jiang Zhen’s scolding words clearly. Everyone was pointing at the Jiang family and it was very lively.

Zhu Xiulan ran out of the courtyard and stood beside Jiang Guchuan. She said to Jiang Zhen, “Bi’er, stop talking. Your father is about to die from anger. Do you really want to anger him to death and bear the crime of murdering his father?”

Jiang Zhen calmed down slightly. He looked at Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Weimin and sneered. “You husband and wife are so harmonious. Poor my mother!”

He didn’t want to stay in this house for a second longer. It would stink if he stayed there for too long!

Jiang Zhen turned around and got into the car. He started the accelerator and left cleanly. As he drove, he stared at the rearview mirror and observed the actions of the three people behind him.

Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Guchuan had already helped Jiang Weimin up. The three of them walked side by side towards the main entrance of the Jiang Family residence. The three of them were family. Jiang Zhen’s home had already shattered after Lan Ruoyun and Jiang Bi passed away.

He had no home.

Jiang Weimin was really hurt by Jiang Zhen’s words. After returning home, he sat weakly on the sofa and panted heavily.

Zhu Xiulan carried a cup of tea and sat down beside him. “Weimin, that child Bi’er is also angry. She said something in a fit of anger. Don’t be angry anymore.” Zhu Xiulan handed the tea to Jiang Weimin. “Have a cup of tea to cool down.”

Jiang Weimin took the tea and sniffed it. “Is this Wuyi Yan tea?”

“Mmm, I specially got someone to buy it from Wuyi. It’s very pure. Try it.”

Jiang Weimin took a sip and praised. “Good tea.”

Jiang Weimin put down his teacup and sighed. “I really didn’t expect that child to have such deep hatred in her heart. If I didn’t hear her say those words personally, I wouldn’t dare to believe that she actually thought of me like that.”

“I really failed as a father.”

Zhu Xiulan didn’t know how to comfort Jiang Weimin. For a moment, the living room was silent.

Jiang Weimin waved his hand and said, “Go and visit Guchuan. That child is also feeling uncomfortable. Go and counsel him.”

“Alright, I’ll go now.” Zhu Xiulan walked to the kitchen and made a cup of rock tea for Jiang Guchuan. Only then did she carry the tea upstairs to look for Jiang Guchuan.

The lights in Jiang Guchuan’s room were off.

Zhu Xiulan carried the tea into the house and saw that the room was pitch-black. She turned on the lights. The incandescent light illuminated the room. Zhu Xiulan saw Jiang Guchuan sitting by the bed in a daze and placed the teacup on the bedside table.

She sat on the sofa stool opposite Jiang Guchuan and suddenly smiled.

Hearing the laughter, Jiang Guchuan asked Zhu Xiulan, “Mother, what are you laughing at?”

Zhu Xiulan smiled and said, “Jiang Bi, your girl fell out with your father today. I think they will be in a cold war for some time.”

Jiang Guchuan said, “Father said that he chose you to get married because he wanted me to be his successor. Mother, Father wanted me to be his successor from the start.”

“I also heard that.” Staring at Jiang Guchuan’s handsome face, Zhu Xiulan was in a daze for a moment before her smile faded again. She reminded Jiang Guchuan, “Don’t believe everything he says. You will suffer greatly if you trust a man too much.”

Jiang Guchuan was stunned.

He saw that his mother’s expression was filled with hatred and asked her, “Mother, did you think of my biological father?” Jiang Guchuan had never seen his biological father since he was born.

Jiang Guchuan was also slightly curious about his biological father. Jiang Guchuan couldn’t help asking, “Mother, what kind of person is my biological father? Is he dead or alive?”

Zhu Xiulan suddenly stood up with a dark expression. “Don’t mention your biological father again. He’s a beast.”

Jiang Guchuan saw that his mother was really unhappy and didn’t dare to mention it again.

Zhu Xiulan handed the teacup to Jiang Guchuan. “This tea tastes good. Try it.”

Jiang Guchuan lowered his head and drank his tea while thinking about something.

Zhu Xiulan helped him tidy up the things in his room. She tidied up the slightly messy books on Jiang Guchuan’s table and heard him say, “Jiang Bi asked Father if Father would hand the company to Jiang Zhen if Jiang Zhen returned.”

Zhu Xiulan said, “Didn’t your father say that the company is still yours and won’t be handed over to a brat who doesn’t know shit?”

“But Mother, if…”

Zhu Xiulan said, “Mmm?”

She turned around, leaned back against the reading table, and stared at Jiang Guchuan. Seeing Jiang Guchuan’s serious expression, Zhu Xiulan also looked serious. “Guchuan, what are you trying to say?”

Jiang Guchuan looked at his mother and asked, “If that Jiang Zhen is not ignorant and useless trash, but a young man who is outstanding in every aspect, what will Father choose?”

Zhu Xiulan was stunned.

fter a long while, Zhu Xiulan snapped out of her trance. She shook her head and frowned. “That shouldn’t be possible. Jiang Zhen has been wandering outside all this time. It’s already difficult for him to survive. How can he have the opportunity to study and learn?”

“The possibility of that is very small.”

Jiang Guchuan stared at the few loose tea leaves in the cup and muttered, “The possibility is small, but it doesn’t mean there’s none!”

Zhu Xiulan broke out in cold sweat.

“We must find Jiang Zhen before everyone else!”

The mother and son looked at each other with determined eyes.

Upstairs, the mother and son were plotting a scheme. Downstairs, Jiang Weimin was not idle either. Jiang Weimin stood alone in the backyard. He picked up his cell phone and called Meng Xiaosheng, the detective he had worked with for many years.

“Mr. Meng, I want to ask you a favor.”

“I want you to help me find someone in Nanxing City. If you can help me find that person’s whereabouts, I am willing to pay you a million yuan.”

After Jiang Zhen flew into a rage at the Jiang Family, he went straight home. Returning home, he opened a few cans of beer and placed them on the table, downing them one by one.

His cell phone rang on the third bottle.

iang Zhen answered the call and turned on the phone. Meng Xiaosheng’s voice sounded from the phone.

“Sir, Jiang Weimin took the bait.”

Jiang Zhen flattened the beer can in his hand and smiled. “Very good. I have already released the bait. Do as I say.”

“Alright, Sir.”

After hanging up, Meng Xiaosheng packed his luggage and took the high-speed train to Nanxing City.

Jiang Zhen changed into a male outfit and disguised himself. He drove alone to an abandoned office building.

This building was once the headquarters of Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals. As Lan Ruoyun jumped down from there and her body fell into two halves, there were always ghost-related disturbances in this house.

A few years ago, Jiang Weimin spent money to buy a new building and moved the entire company over. This office building was sold at a low price by Jiang Weimin, but after so many years, no one was willing to buy it.

Now that this building was empty, it had become a famous haunted building in Nanxing City.

Jiang Zhen planned to move the headquarters of F International Smart Technology Company to Wangdong City. A few days ago, he had already gotten his subordinates to buy ownership of this building from Jiang Weimin.

When he heard that this was a ghost building, his subordinates all suggested that he hire an expert to exorcise the ghost. Jiang Zhen was not afraid of ghosts. After all, the scary ghost in the eyes of others was the mother he cared about. But in order to let his employees work in peace, he spent a high price to hire the famous Kunlun Xu family in the industry to exorcise the ghost.

Jiang Zhen came here to wait for the Kunlun Xu Family to exorcise the ghost.

Jiang Zhen stood alone at the main entrance of the building and looked up at the twelve-story tall building. His mother had jumped down from the rooftop of the main entrance. When she landed, she landed right where he was standing.

Jiang Zhen stared at the concrete floor under his feet, as if he could see blood spreading under his feet. “… Mother.”

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Jiang Zhen felt like there was a wind gently blowing past his face. Jiang Zhen suddenly raised his hand to hold that wind. His cheek pressed against his fist, and he rubbed it gently like a child clinging to his mother’s embrace.

Click, click, click.

Two sets of footsteps, one big and one small, sounded from afar.

Jiang Zhen turned around and saw a man holding a little boy’s hand as they walked over from a distant street lamp.

Only when they got closer did Jiang Zhen see that the adult man was wearing a loose black pure cotton shirt and carrying a sword on his back. Meanwhile, the boy he was holding was wearing a white Han suit modified short shirt and a pair of black lantern pants. Strangely, his left eye was covered by a black eye mask.

The man and child stood in front of Jiang Zhen and nodded. “I am the 35th generation head of the Kunlun Xu Family, Xu Yan. May I know if you are Mu Feng?”

“I am.” Jiang Zhen stared at the child beside Xu Yan with a strange expression. He asked, “Mr. Xu, this child is so young. Is it appropriate to bring him to such a place?”

Jiang Zhen voiced his doubts and saw Xu Yan smile mysteriously. “Xiaoqian, I’ll leave it to you.”

Hearing this, the child called Xu Qian suddenly removed his eye mask, revealing a pitch-black left eye. Under the night sky and the lights were dim, Jiang Zhen didn’t see a small black mole in the boy’s left eye.

Xu Qian looked up at the tall building in front of him. In the end, his gaze stopped at Jiang Zhen’s side. He stared at the empty air beside Jiang Zhen for a moment and suddenly said to Jiang Zhen, “Mr. Jiang looks very similar to your father.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen was stunned on the spot. “Young Sir, what did you see?”

The child said, “I saw a soul who refused to leave the world because she cared about the children’s whereabouts.”

Jiang Zhen’s eyes instantly reddened. He tilted his head and stared at the empty air in front of him. The thought of his mother’s soul accompanying him made him want to cry. “My mother, does my mother have anything to say to me?”

Xu Qian didn’t answer.

Xu Yan told Jiang Zhen, “Mr. Jiang, your mother died from a fall and refused to leave because of her obsession. But lost souls won’t speak.”

But Xu Qian said, “Her obsession is you. She stayed because she wanted to see you.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen remained motionless, afraid of disturbing her soul.

“Have you heard? An expert went to that haunted building to exorcise the ghost last night. I heard that the ghost has been exorcised!”

“Nonsense, there’s no ghost!”

“Since there are no ghosts, why did Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals move?”

“I don’t believe there’s a ghost. There’s a ghost in a person’s heart…”

The moment Jiang Guchuan arrived at the office, he heard his subordinates discussing the news of an expert going to the old building to exorcise a ghost last night. He entered the office without a change in expression and frowned the moment he sat down.

That building was indeed very strange. There was once when Jiang Guchuan was working overtime late at night. When he returned home, he actually encountered an elevator malfunction and was locked in the lift for the entire night. No matter how he pressed the distress bell, there was no reaction.

When he was discovered, Jiang Guchuan nearly suffocated to death. It was precisely because Jiang Guchuan nearly lost his life in the lift that Jiang Weimin decided to move the company to a new building.

Jiang Guchuan picked up his cell phone and called Jiang Weimin at home.

Jiang Weimin was angry last night and had yet to recover from it today. When he answered the call, his voice was still slightly weak. “Guchuan, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Guchuan called his father and asked, “Father, did you hire someone to exorcise the ghosts at the haunted building?”

Hearing this early in the morning, Jiang Weimin felt a chill down his spine. “What exorcism? The building has already been bought. It’s probably hired by the new buyer.”

There’s actually someone who is willing to buy that building?” Who is so unbelievable? He actually bought that building. Could it be that he is planning to build that building into a haunted house?

Jiang Weimin said, “I’m not sure.” It would be a blessing if someone was willing to buy him. He didn’t care who bought it.

“I know.” Jiang Guchuan hung up and shook his head with a smile. “He;s really not afraid of death or losing everything.”

Jiang Guchuan didn’t take this to heart. He just thought that a fool who didn’t know the truth had spent money to take over this mess.

But a few days later, someone discovered that the abandoned building had been renovated and a new glowing billboard hung on the top of the building.

F International Smart Technology Company.

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