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Chapter 397: The Thing Your Stepmother Brings In, Is She Qualified For Me?

“This is the police station! You dare to make death threats in front of the police. You are used to being domineering. Do you really think that no one can subdue you?”

That police officer roared at Gu Qinchuan, stunning him.

Gu Qinchuan had lived for 26/7 years and had always been arrogant in Wangdong City. He had never suffered such humiliation! It was one thing for Yan Jiang to scold him, but even a small police officer dared to scold him. What else could he do?

Gu Qinchuan stared at the police officer and warned him in a low voice, “I’ll remember you. We didn’t play!”

That police officer instantly turned on the stun baton and poked Gu Qinchuan’s waist. Seeing that Gu Qinchuan was in so much pain that his face was twitching, he kept the baton. He asked Gu Qinchuan without changing his expression, “Do you still dare to threaten the police?”

Gu Qinchuan had been electrocuted by a stun baton and half of his body was about to be paralyzed. He didn’t have the strength to continue fooling around.

He was dragged into the police station by two police officers. When he entered, Gu Qinchuan glared at Yan Jiang sinisterly, wishing he could skin him alive and swallow him whole.

Yan Jiang smiled and raised his coffee cup. He gloated. “I wish you the best of luck in prison.”

Only when Gu Qinchuan was brought inside and couldn’t be seen did Yan Jiang walk back to the car with his coffee.

After personally seeing Gu Qinchuan being handcuffed by the police from the hotel, the comments on Weibo changed direction. Those who had previously defended Qin Guchuan felt their faces ache.

So Gu Qinchuan had really harassed that female university student!

So Yan Jiang was really beating up a trash!

Yan Jiang’s fans instantly felt proud and elated. They raised the butcher knife in their hands and started slashing at those arrogant haters.

It was already night time when Madam Li ate this melon.

When Li Feng returned home for dinner, he saw his mother holding her cell phone with a frown. He asked her, “Mother, what are you looking at? You don’t play with your cell phone when you eat. This is your rule. You can’t break it.”

Madam Li put down her cell phone and glanced at her husband first. She then stared at Li Feng and asked him, “Then Second Brother Gu was really arrested for committing a crime?”


Li Feng’s father’s name was Li Jue. Previously, he had always been in charge of Sharp Entertainment Films and Television. A few years ago, he felt unwell and needed surgery, so he retired and handed the company to Li Feng.

Now that Li Jue had already retired, he no longer asked about the company. Hearing his wife’s words, he also looked up at his son Li Feng and asked, “What did Second Brother Gu do?”

Although Gu Qinchuan was an artiste in their company, he was the Second Young Master of the Gu Family and was close friends with Li Feng. If something happened to him, Li Jue couldn’t ignore it.

Li Feng scooped a quail egg and was about to eat it. Seeing that his parents were all staring at him, waiting for an explanation, he put down his spoon, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and said, “He… he insulted a female university student, causing her to commit suicide due to pregnancy and be arrested by the police.”

Li Jue frowned.

Li Jue had vaguely heard of what Gu Qinchuan had done. He knew that Second Brother Gu was ruthless and that he loved to play with girls.

But no matter how much he played, he was always a cautious person. “Why was he so careless this time and even caused a child?”

“I’m not sure either.” Li Feng didn’t wish to speak too much about Gu Qinchuan.

But Madam Li was indignant. She told Li Jue, “Hubby, this matter is not so simple. I ate melon for most of the day. This matter is very serious.”

“According to the information I know, it was said that Second Gu insulted a girl and caused her to get pregnant. That girl was not greedy and wanted to climb up the social ladder. In despair, she swallowed medicine and committed suicide. After she died, her family discovered an ultrasound scan when they were sorting out her belongings. Only then did they know that she was pregnant.”

“The victim’s family investigated for a long time before finding a message on the victim’s Weibo app that she had unilaterally accused Second Young Master Gu of committing a crime. The victim’s family went to the police station to report the case, and the police went to investigate Second Young Master Gu. They found that Second Young Master Gu had no contact with the victim, and this matter was left unsettled.”

“After this matter was exposed, many people scolded the deceased’s family. They felt that the deceased’s family members were all old scoundrels and wanted to bite Gu Er to extort his money.”

“It wasn’t until last night that there was a turn of events. They said that the deceased’s family had actually thrown that lady out of the grave in order to investigate the truth and did a DNA test for the child in her stomach. The results showed that the child was Second Young Master Gu’s! Early this morning, Second Young Master Gu was arrested.”

Madam Li was the vice-president of Yan Jiang’s fan club. She had already investigated the matter thoroughly. After hearing what she said, everyone wanted to tear Gu Er apart.

Li Jue shook his head. “I’m afraid Second Brother Gu is going to be unlucky to meet such a tough family member.”

Li Feng smiled disdainfully. “How unlucky can he be? It’s just a matter of spending money to get rid of the disaster.” When Li Feng was young, he had been sent to the police station for fighting and committing crimes. His father had often done that to get rid of the disaster.

Li Jue glared fiercely at his son and sighed. “Amongst so many young people, only Cheng Yanmo from the Cheng Family and the eldest son of the Dongfang Family are good juniors. Look at you guys. All of you are good at causing trouble!”

Li Feng glanced at his father and didn’t retort.

Meanwhile, Madam Li said, “Feng’er has also become sensible these few years. Don’t keep scolding him with those foolish things from your youth.”

Madam Li saw Li Feng’s change and was very gratified.

Mrs. Li gently patted the back of Li Feng’s hand and warned him repeatedly. “Feng’er, you may be in a relationship, but don’t let something as shameless as Second Young Master Gu happen. If this matter blows up, it won’t be easy to clean up the mess.”

Li Feng acknowledged.

He thought of something and said, “Mother, I heard that the forensic doctor who tested the deceased this time is your idol.”

Madam Li was shocked. “Yan Jiang?”


Li Jue suddenly sneered.

Madam Li looked at him. “Why are you smiling for no reason?”

“I’m laughing at you for being silly.” Li Jue said sourly, “Do you think that Yan Jiang went to celebrate your birthday? I think he went to steal Gu Qinchuan’s hair.”

The word “steal” was used subtly.

“I really underestimated this Yan brat.” Li Jue was also familiar with Yan Jiang because of his wife. He had always known that Yan Jiang was an arrogant brat, but he didn’t expect him to really dare to go against the Gu Family.

“He doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Isn’t he afraid of the Gu family taking revenge?”

Hearing this, Madam Li’s eyes darted around.

The moment he saw Madam Li’s eyes darting around, Li Jue knew what she was thinking. He reminded Madam Li, “Don’t get involved in this matter. The Gu Family and our Li Family have always been on good terms. If you help Yan Jiang in this matter, the Gu Family will definitely hate our Li Family.”

“Regardless of whether Second Young Master Gu will fall this time, the eldest son of the Gu Family will always sit firmly in that position. Offending the Gu Family will not benefit our Li Family.”

With Li Jue’s words, Madam Li understood the pros and cons of this matter. She indeed liked Yan Jiang and was a good fan of him, but she cared more about the Li Family’s interests and her son’s career.

“I won’t do anything rash.”

Pursuing celebrities was just a pastime. Madam Li was not someone who didn’t know her place.

Li Feng had arranged for a lover outside and had to go over to accompany her at night. After dinner, Li Feng took his car keys and was about to leave.

Li Jue chased after him and called out, “Feng’er, take a walk with Dad.”

Li Feng glanced at his father, put down the keys, and took a walk with Li Jue. The Li Family had their own courtyard, and the father and son strolled around the flagstone path in the courtyard.

Li Jue took off his leather shoes and only wore socks to step on the cobblestones. Li Feng stood aside and saw that his father didn’t speak for a long time. He spoke first. “Father, do you have something to tell me?”

Li Jue stepped on the cobblestones and said, “Your uncle called me a while ago and told me that he might be transferred to Wangdong City.”

A hint of joy appeared in Li Feng’s eyes. “This is a good thing.” Wangdong City was much more prosperous than Nanxing City. If Li Mang could really transfer to Wangdong City to take up a position, the Li Family’s position in Wangdong City would rise again.

“It’s indeed a good thing. It’s precisely because it’s a good thing that people are jealous.” Li Jue stopped and looked at his son with deep eyes. He suddenly said, “Your uncle has also made many enemies. At this time, many people are waiting to have something on your uncle and want to ruin his future.”

“Your uncle has been upright and just all his life, but because of what happened to you back then, he added a bit of ink to his career.”

Hearing this, Li Feng thought of what happened many years ago. Li Feng was also slightly frustrated and often thought how good it would be if that incident didn’t happen. “Dad, it’s been so long. That incident probably won’t be exposed.”

“As long as it happened, there will be traces left behind. How can we really hide it cleanly? This time, Second Brother Gu was arrested for committing a crime. If he can spend money to settle this matter, that will be a good thing. If he can’t, and really falls in… I’m afraid he will drag a few down with him.”

Hearing this, Li Feng broke out in cold sweat.

He said with a hesitant expression, “He won’t be pulled down easily. The Gu Family won’t watch him go to jail either. At most, he will be locked up for a period of time. After the heat subsides, they will think of a way to settle this matter.”

“I certainly hope so.”

Knock knock.

Jiang Zhen closed the document and looked up at the person outside. “Come in.”

The secretary pushed open the door and entered without any documents.

“CEO Yan.” The secretary walked closer and nodded. “Just now, Miso Group called to say that they want to collaborate with our law firm.”

Not knowing if Jiang Zhen knew about Gu Qinchuan, the secretary explained. “The boss of the Miso Group is surnamed Gu. President Gu’s younger brother is called Gu Qinchuan. He is a rock singer. As he was involved in the affair of Gong, a female university student, he caused the other party to commit suicide by swallowing medicine. He was arrested.”

The Gu Family wants to hire Lawyer Wei to represent Gu Qinchuan.”

Wei Xingxing was a famous lawyer in the legal world. As long as he accepted any case, he could handle it beautifully.

Gu Qinchuan could no longer take off the label of rape. He could only find a capable lawyer to try his best to reduce his sentence to the minimum.

The eldest son of the Gu Family went through many selections and finally chose Wei Xingxing.

Jiang Zhen seemed to have expected this and was not shocked at all. “Get Lawyer Wei to come up and look for me.”


Not long after, Wei Xingxing went upstairs to see Jiang Zhen. The moment he saw him, Wei Xingxing said, “CEO Gu from Miso called me and wants me to be his younger brother’s defense lawyer.”

Wei Xingxing didn’t say if he accepted this case or rejected it.

Seeing that Wei Xingxing was deliberately mystifying, Jiang Zhen smiled and said, “You definitely didn’t take this case.”

Wei Xingxing suddenly felt bored. “Are you so sure that I won’t take this case?”


Wei Xingxing laughed. “Yes, I never defend a rapist.” Not defending a rapist was Wei Xingxing’s professional code.

Murderers killed people because of negligence or because of grudges. But rapists deserved to die. No one held a knife to their neck and forced them to harm an innocent girl!

A rapist should be crucified by the law. He should go to jail and pay with his life.

Jiang Zhen smiled when he heard Wei Xingxing’s answer.

He said, “Our Bi Hai won’t take Gu Qinchuan’s case. Brother Wei, leak the news and let everyone know my attitude.”

Wei Xingxing didn’t ask about the feud between Jiang Zhen and Gu Qinchuan. He understood what Jiang Zhen meant. After returning to the office, he secretly released the news that his boss had a feud with Gu Qinchuan.

Once this news was released, the law firm’s smart lawyers would not be foolish enough to take on this case.

Miso Group, headquarters building.

The assistant knocked on the door and heard Gu Qinfeng enter before pushing the door open.

Seeing that Gu Qinfeng was playing darts, the assistant quickly walked up to him and nodded. “CEO Gu, I called Lawyer Wei Xingxing. He rejected the Second Young Master case.”

Gu Qinfeng’s dart hit the red center.

He turned around, his sharp slanted eyes even more imposing than his younger brother, Gu Qinchuan. “He rejected it personally?”


“Why?” Gu Qinfeng looked thoughtful. “Does he despise us for not paying enough?”

“No.” The assistant looked slightly timid. He stammered and said, “Wei Xingxing said that he never defended a rapist.”


Gu Qinfeng punched the table beside him.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!”

As a lawyer, it was enough to just take money to do things. Why did he have to make such pretentious rules!

The assistant hurriedly went out to pour Gu Qinfeng a glass of water.

When he returned to the office with the glass of water, Gu Qinfeng had already regained his composure. “President Gu, have some water to cool down.”

Gu Qinfeng drank some water before saying, “You go out first. I’ll handle this.”


Gu Qinfeng hesitated for a few seconds before making a call.

Jiang Guchuan was listening to the leader of the pharmaceutical research and development department report on work progress when the office phone on the table suddenly rang. Jiang Guchuan glanced at the phone and said to the head of the research and development department, “Head Liu, please wait a moment. I will take this call.”

“CEO Jiang, please answer the call first.”

Chief Liu turned and sat down on the sofa. He drank his tea and waited for Jiang Guchuan to finish the call before continuing his report.

It was a call from his secretary outside. Jiang Guchuan asked, “What’s the matter?”

“CEO Jiang, CEO Gu of Miso Group called to discuss something with you.”

Jiang Guchuan said, “Bring it in.”

The secretary directly transferred the phone to Jiang Guchuan’s office. Jiang Guchuan held the receiver and heard Gu Qinfeng’s smiling voice. “CEO Jiang, sorry to disturb your work, right?”

Gu Qinfeng was a few years older than Jiang Guchuan. He was about the same age as Han Zhan and the rest. The two of them didn’t interact very closely in private, and because they were both in different fields, their friendship wasn’t deep.

Jiang Guchuan and Gu Qinchuan had a closer relationship.

“Brother Jiang, just call me Guchuan. Calling me CEO Jiang makes us seem too distant.”

Hearing Jiang Guchuan’s words, Gu Qinfeng’s smile deepened. “Guchuan, you should have heard about my bastard brother, right?”

It would be too hypocritical to say that he had never heard of it. Jiang Guchuan acknowledged and said, “Qin Chuan and I are brothers. I am really surprised that he caused this.”

“Not only you, even I am enraged when I found out about this.” The two of them spoke politely, as if they really didn’t know Gu Qinchuan’s true colors.

After the polite conversation, Gu Qinfeng told Jiang Guchuan his request. “Guchuan, I called you because I need your help with something.”

Jiang Guchuan really couldn’t guess Gu Qinfeng’s motive for calling him.

What could I help Gu Qinfeng with?

I didn’t know any relatives at the police station or at the court. Gu Qinfeng must have called the wrong person.

Gu Qinfeng told Jiang Guchuan, “Didn’t Miss Jiang Bi open a law firm?”

Jiang Guchuan was stunned.

Gu Qinfeng wanted to seek Jiang Bi’s help?

Jiang Guchuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He supported his forehead with one hand and shook his head with a smile. “Brother Jiang, my sister has just graduated not long ago. She really doesn’t have the ability to defend Qinchuan. If you want Jiang Bi to help, you will really harm Qinchuan.”

Jiang Guchuan thought that the Gu family wanted Jiang Bi to be Gu Qinchuan’s defense.

Gu Qinfeng saw that Jiang Guchuan misunderstood and hurriedly explained. “It’s not like that. I know that your sister’s law firm signed a few capable lawyers. That famous Wei Xingxing from S City is at your sister’s law firm.”

“I want to ask you a favor…”

At noon, Jiang Zhen played a shooting match with Aaron at the AK design club. The two of them played a round and Aaron won Jiang Zhen with an extra five points.

After the competition, Aaron and Jiang Zhen chatted as they walked towards the periphery of the hunting grounds.

As they walked, Aaron said to Jiang Zhen, “You have a lot of money. Give me some money. My orphanage has been built and I have to spend money everywhere. This is charity work. You are a homeless child. You should know the difficulties of being an orphan better than anyone. How about it? Do you want to donate a little?”

When Jiang Zhen heard Aaron’s words, he couldn’t help laughing. “I guessed that you came to look for me today for this.”

Jiang Zhen took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Aaron. “There’s 100 million yuan inside. Take it and use it first.”

Aaron was shocked. He didn’t expect to get so much money from Jiang Zhen. “You are really generous. I am already very satisfied to get five million from you.”

Jiang Zhen said, “I am an orphan. I have to thank two people for my achievements today. One is my adoptive father who adopted me, and the other is my master who imparted my skills to me. Without them, there wouldn’t be me. I was able to grow up until now all because I met a kind-hearted person.”

“Because I’ve suffered from homeless hunger, I hope that there will be fewer hardships in this world. Aaron, take my money and help a few more children.”

Aaron was very touched. He hurriedly hid the bank card in his pocket behind his butt. He told Jiang Zhen, “Don’t worry, your money will definitely help more people.”

Jiang Zhen added, “They said that if you accumulate virtue and do good deeds, you will be rewarded in your next life. Tell me, if I do more good deeds now, can my sister have a good family in her next life?”

Aaron slowed down slightly. He stared at Jiang Zhen’s long, slender, and beautiful hair. His heart ached slightly at the thought of this kid disguising his gender to conceal his sharpness in order to avenge his sister.

“Don’t worry, your little girl will have a good family. She will meet a pair of sensible parents who dote on her child. When she grows up, she will also meet a caring husband who will love and protect her.”

Jiang Zhen punched Aaron. “Speak more if you know how to speak!”

As the two of them were fooling around, Jiang Zhen’s cell phone rang.

“Your number.” Aaron took out Jiang Zhen’s number and saw that the caller ID was Jiang Guchuan. He pouted. “Is this your elder brother?”


Aaron threw the cell phone to Jiang Zhen and hurried to the front. “Hurry up, I’ll wait for you on the small train.”

There was a maple tree beside Jiang Zhen. He leaned against the tree trunk and answered the call.

“What?” Ever since that day when they fell out, Jiang Zhen couldn’t be bothered to pretend anymore. After receiving Jiang Guchuan’s call, he didn’t even want to call him elder brother.

“You’re not even calling me brother anymore?”

Jiang Zhen ignored him and didn’t respond.

After getting snubbed, Jiang Guchuan said, “Gu Qinchuan wanted to collaborate with your law firm on that case, but your Lawyer Wei rejected him. Why?”

For this?

Jiang Zhen squatted down under the tree, picked up a wooden stick, and chased after the moving ants.

As he played with the ants, he casually brushed Jiang Guchuan off. “Lawyer Wei is just a lawyer in my law firm and not my subordinate. He won’t do whatever I say. Lawyer Wei must have his reasons for not wanting to take on the case.”

“If you want me to persuade Mr. Wei to take on this case, that’s impossible.”

Before this call, Jiang Guchuan had guessed that Jiang Zhen would very likely reject his request.

Jiang Guchuan was still slightly angry at being rejected.

Gu Qinchuan obviously wouldn’t be defeated so easily. If he could convince Jiang Zhen to take on Gu Qinchuan’s case and help Gu Qinchuan get the greatest interest, Gu Qinfeng would owe him a favor.

Gu Qinfeng’s favor was priceless!

Thinking about the benefits involved, Jiang Guchuan could only coax Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Guchuan pretended to be intimate and said to Jiang Zhen, “Give me some face, sister. Help the Gu Family survive this difficult time.” Jiang Guchuan put on a fake smile and cursed Jiang Zhen’s 18 generations of ancestors in his heart.

Jiang Zhen sneered and killed a group of ants with a stick. Only then did he sneer and say, “Give you some face? You are just a little thing that your stepmother brought in. What face do you have to talk to me about face?”

“You!” Jiang Guchuan was about to scold him when he realized that Jiang Zhen had hung up.


Jiang Guchuan was so angry that he smashed his cell phone against the wall.

Jiang Bi, you are finally showing your fox tail! I was nearly fooled by her fake face.

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