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Chapter 396: Overjoyed! Gu Qinchuan Has Been Arrested

The morning teacher suggested that Song Ci bring the children out to attend more children’s gatherings so that the two children could make more friends and train their language.

Song Ci woke up early to practice her violin for an hour. After breakfast, she changed clothes and brought her two daughters to the morning teaching institution in the city to attend the children’s party.

The Han Family was now very big and powerful. Song Ci had to bring her bodyguard with her every time she went out. Yan Qingxiu was very strong and Song Ci could just bring him along.

Yan Qingxiu was a woman now, so Song Ci didn’t need to avoid suspicion. The two of them brought the child out together like a pair of good sisters.

Yan Qingxiu was in charge of driving while Song Ci sat in the passenger seat and the two babies sat in the safety seats behind. Han Miao was reading a picture book. She had heard this picture book from Song Ci many times and could already memorize it.

Along the way, Han Miao talked to Han Jun vividly like a little adult. Han Jun was playing with yo-yos in her hand. Hearing her sister’s chatter, she frowned slightly.

Song Ci brought a black gallon with her when she went out and put it in a plate. In order to prevent the children from being choked by the black gallon, Song Ci carefully split the black gallon in half with a fork and turned to feed it to the two children.

Han Miao opened her mouth and bit half a black gallon. As she ate, she said, “It’s so small, Mother. I still want it.”

Song Ci grabbed a handful of black gallons and handed them to Han Miao. “You can only swallow them if you chew them up.”

“I know.” Han Miao first placed the picture book beside the child seat, before holding the black gallon with both hands and eating it.

Song Ci fed Han Jun another pill. Han Jun was in a daze and didn’t even know that Song Ci had brought the black gallon to her mouth.

“Junjun, eat some fruits.” Song Ci found it rather interesting that such a young girl knew how to be in a daze. “Junjun, what are you thinking about?”

Han Jun snapped out of her trance.

She looked up and stared at Song Ci for a moment before opening her mouth to bite the black gallon. Han Jun swallowed the thing and said, “Mother, I dreamed last night.”

Children also knew how to dream. Sometimes, when they dreamed of something scary, they would even cry and look for their mother at night.

Song Ci asked her, “What did you dream of? Is it happy or not?”

Han Jun pouted and said softly, “I dreamed…” She didn’t know how to express the dream. Her vocabulary was still poor and she couldn’t accurately express the content of the dream.

She frowned and said hesitantly, “I dreamed of a strange place. There were bones everywhere. It was especially dark and there was no light. I was alone and couldn’t find my mother or father.”

In her dream, Han Jun was in a dark environment with white bones everywhere. She called her father, mother, and elder sister, but no one answered her.

She walked for a long time in that unfamiliar place with bones piled up. She kept walking and walking until the nanny woke her up at dawn. Only then did Han Jun walk out of that Forsaken Land.

When Song Ci heard that there were bones in her dream, she didn’t dare to underestimate this matter. She asked Yan Qingxiu, “Did Junjun watch a horror movie yesterday?”

Otherwise, why would such a young child dream of such a scary thing?

Yan Qingxiu drove very slowly. He glanced at Song Ci and said thoughtfully, “The place Second Miss mentioned sounds like the most evil place in Proud Victory Continent.”

The land of extreme evil was the darkest place in the Aosheng Continent. There had been three world-destroying wars there and countless corpses of immortal cultivators had fallen.

The magnetic fields of the Abominable Land were special. Any soul trapped inside could not be transcended. Those dead immortal cultivators had been trapped in the Abominable Land for tens of thousands of years. They gradually lost their minds and became lonely ghosts with powerful magic power. They gradually became evil and dark.

There were no living people in the land of extreme evil. No one dared to go there. Therefore, it was a terrifying and eerie no man’s land.

Meanwhile, High Lord Yan Qingqiu was born in the land of extreme evil. She was a creature nourished by the souls of tens of thousands of major characters. She was born the embodiment of sin.

“If Second Miss really dreamed of the land of extreme evil, then…” Yan Qingxiu’s face revealed a hint of excitement. His voice trembled as he said,” It must be the High Lord’s consciousness slowly waking up! When all her memories are recalled, it will be the day the High Lord returns! ”

Yan Qingxiu couldn’t wait to see the day the Lord revived.

Song Ci gripped the fruit plate in her hand tightly. She turned to look at Han Jun and asked Yan Qingxiu softly, “If your Lord is revived, then my Junjun…”

Biting her lipstick-stained lips, Song Ci’s heart clenched. She looked down and asked, “My Junjun will leave us, right?”

Yan Qingxiu knew that Song Ci was upset.

As parents, they naturally loved their children deeply.

Yan Qingxiu comforted Song Ci. “When Second Miss’s memory completely recovers, she will definitely be able to find a way to return to Proud Victory Continent. If Second Miss has the heart, she can also live with Mr. Han and Madam until the day you die of old age.”

To the Lord, dozens of years passed in the blink of an eye. She and Han Zhan had been family once. If she had feelings, she was willing to stay and accompany her parents.

Only then was Song Ci relieved. “That’s good.”

Han Miao, that little fool, continued reading the picture book after eating the black gallon. She kept laughing, perhaps because she saw a plot that poked at her laughing point.

Han Jun heard her mother and Yan Qingxiu’s conversation. She didn’t understand half of it and kept frowning.

“We’re here.”

Yan Qingxiu drove the car into the underground garage. He carried a child in one hand and went upstairs with Song Ci to attend the children’s party.

Song Ci had done a lot of homework to choose a qualified early education institution for her two daughters. In the end, she chose this chain.

This morning teaching organization only had one shop in Wangdong City and occupied the entire fourth floor of the building.

The two children of the Han Family usually taught at home. This was the first time she saw children from other families in the morning teaching institution. Once she saw those children, Han Miao instantly went wild and played happily.

She was chubby, but she was easygoing and liked to smile. Soon, she played with those children. Han Jun followed behind her elder sister and spoke little. The sisters should be different.

Today, the children were competing. Han Miao and Han Jun were naturally in the same group.

The children wanted to compete and scoop peas.

There were two bowls in front of each child. The left bowl was filled with more than half a bowl of peas. The children had to scoop the peas into the other bowl with a spoon. Whichever team completed it the fastest and won the first place would obtain an antenna treasure doll.

Han Jun was not very interested in the game, but Han Miao wanted that antenna treasure. She grabbed Han Jun’s arm, jumped, and said excitedly, “All the best! Sister, we want the antenna treasure for Mother!”

Han Jun glanced at her mother and then at the silly antenna. She was about to shake her head when she heard Yan Qingxiu say, “Second Miss, your mother’s birthday is coming soon. Do you want to win the competition and give the antenna to your mother?”

Song Ci was wearing a pink t-shirt and thin gray sweatpants today. Her curly hair was tied into a high ponytail and she was sitting at the parent’s table with light makeup on. She looked like a university student.

Hearing Yan Qingxiu’s words, she looked at Han Jun expectantly.

Han Jun’s heart softened at her mother’s earnest look. “Let’s get first then.”

The competition officially started. Han Miao and Han Jun held the metal spoon solemnly and scooped the peas into the empty bowl as quickly as possible. They were the first to complete the mission and obtain the green antenna treasure.

The two sisters handed the antenna they won to Song Ci. Han Miao said, “Mommy, this is for you. Happy birthday.”

Song Ci felt very sweet inside, as if she had just eaten a few sweets. She took the antenna and looked at Han Jun, encouraging her to say something.

Under Song Ci’s expectant gaze, Han Jun thought for a long while before saying, “Happy birthday, Mother. Always beautiful.”

“What a sweet mouth!”

The two sisters won first place and even took a photo with Song Ci. Only then did they go to the restaurant downstairs to eat.

As they took the lift down, a voice message sounded on the building’s radio. It turned out that the mall was going to undergo a major fire checkup and lift maintenance in the afternoon. It was closing at 2pm.

Song Ci looked at her watch and saw that it was already 1pm. She said, “We have to go eat quickly, or else it will be closed.”


They found a restaurant and ordered. Seeing that the waiters were all gathered together and muttering, Song Ci said to Yan Qingxiu, “You have good hearing. Listen to what they are talking about.”

From their expressions, it looked like something was about to happen.

Yan Qingxiu listened for a moment before telling Song Ci the whole story. “They are discussing the haunted building.”

Song Ci was slightly surprised. “There was really a ghost?” Song Ci had also heard from others that this building had not been peaceful these two years. There had already been several rumors of someone meeting dirty things in the building at night.

Anyway, this building was a little evil.

“Did they say what happened?”

Yan Qingxiu said, “It was said that a few years ago, when the virus was rampant, all the shops closed down. Two bandits wanted to take the opportunity to rob and earn a fortune, but they didn’t expect to encounter an elevator malfunction. At that time, the entire shop closed down. Without any managers, they were directly trapped in the lift. When they were discovered, they were already…”

With the children around, Yan Qingxiu didn’t elaborate on that scene.

Song Ci shuddered at the thought of that scene.

“Just now, the mall sent out a notice. It said that it will close at 2pm and the building will need to undergo maintenance checks. Actually, the boss of the building went to Kunlun Mountain to invite the head of the metaphysical family, the Xu family, to oversee the spirit.”

Kunlun Xu Family?

During the period of the Luo Dynasty, the Kunlun Xu family already existed. At that time, they were a metaphysical family and were very good at reading fortunes and guarding spirits. Unexpectedly, after 600 years, the Kunlun Xu family was still around.

As she spoke, the dishes were served on the table. Han Miao was a little sleepy. Song Ci placed some dishes in her bowl. Han Miao had only taken a few bites when she fell asleep with a mouthful of ointment.

Han Jun sat on the children’s seat and ate obediently. She turned to Song Ci and said, “Mother, I want to poo.” Song Ci hurriedly entrusted Han Miao to Yan Qingxiu and carried Han Jun to the toilet.

Han Jun got Song Ci to help her take off her pants and said, “Mother, go out. Smelly, go out quickly.” Han Jun would never allow anyone to get close to her when she was shitting.

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and closed the door for Han Jun. She then stood outside the door and waited. When she went out, Song Ci would never let the child leave her sight.

After a while, Han Jun said, “Alright, Mother.”

Hearing Han Jun agree, Song Ci took the paper and entered the toilet cubicle.

After using the toilet, Song Ci pulled Han Jun to wash her hands. There were adult sinks and children’s sinks at the sink. Han Jun was still too young, so Song Ci carried her in her arms and stood at the adult sink to wash her hands.

When she was washing Han Jun’s hands, Han Jun looked up and stared at the exquisite thing in front of her. She saw a little boy barging into her line of sight.

That little boy was wearing a white shirt, a black suit, and pants. His face was slightly thin, but his facial features were very exquisite. At such a young age, he had cultivated a noble and cold aura.

The little boy stood in front of the children’s bathroom sink beside them. He lowered his head and reached out his long fingers to wash them. His eyelashes were ridiculously long, curly, and black. Han Jun wanted to touch them.

If she wanted to touch it, she would really reach out to touch it.

By the time Song Ci realized it, Han Jun had already placed her hand on the left eye of someone else.

Song Ci was shocked. This…

The little boy looked up and stared at the soft little kid. A hint of unhappiness flashed across his light eyes. Only then did Han Jun see a small black mole in the boy’s left eye.

That little boy said, “At such a young age, please have some self-respect.”

Song Ci was speechless.

This old tone was more like an adult than Han Jun.

Song Ci hurriedly said to Han Jun, “Junjun, apologize to Little Brother.”

Han Jun stared at his face and apologized obediently. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have touched you.”

The little boy was speechless.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m fine.”

Song Ci took a tissue to dry Han Jun’s hand and carried her away.

After exiting the toilet, Song Ci’s expression turned serious. She lectured Han Jun sternly. “Junjun, don’t touch others casually in the future. It’s very rude of you to do this.”

Han Jun acknowledged unhappily.

She placed her head on Song Ci’s shoulder and suddenly said in a low voice, “Mother, he’s good-looking. I like him.”

Song Ci was stunned.

In all her years, Han Jun had never praised anyone for being good-looking or said that she liked a certain toy.

Song Ci turned and glanced in the direction of the toilet. She saw two middle-aged men in white Tang suit enter the toilet. Shortly after, the two of them followed the little boy out.

Song Ci looked away and said to Han Jun, “Even if you like it, you can’t touch it casually.”

Han Jun didn’t speak. She laid on Song Ci’s shoulder and stared at the boy’s back with her big eyes. The boy sensed the gaze behind him and stopped in his tracks. He turned around and exchanged glances with Han Jun, who was on Song Ci’s shoulder. He frowned, looking slightly distressed.

“Little Young Master.” The person beside the boy bent over and said, “Little Young Master, your father is about to start cooking. He asked you to hurry over.”

The little boy touched his throbbing left eye and glanced up at the black mist that filled the ceiling. He pursed his lips and said as he walked, “Evacuate everyone as soon as possible. The vengeful spirits here have already evolved into land spirits. I’m afraid something will happen.”

The young master was a rare genius of the Xu family. At a young age, he was already the heir of the Xu family and the new hope of the entire metaphysics world. He could imprison the evil spirit in his left eye at such a young age. When he grew up, his future would be limitless!

Little Master’s words were naturally trustworthy.

Song Ci carried Han Jun back to the dining room and heard the female voice on the radio urging all the customers to leave as soon as possible.

Song Ci hid the child’s face in her arms and left with Yan Qingxiu.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but when the car drove out of the underground garage, Song Ci felt that the sky outside the window seemed to have turned dark, as if it was going to rain.

Yan Qingxiu could tell that Song Ci was feeling uneasy. He told her, “When the resentment of the wraiths accumulates to a certain extent, they can change the magnetic field around them and affect the weather nearby. Looks like the two wraiths in the building are not easy to deal with.”

Before she was reborn, Song Ci naturally didn’t believe in anything. Ever since she was reborn, she had doubts about this world.

Although they felt that the stories about ghost gods were too profound, they couldn’t deny its existence.

Knowing that Yan Jiang was busy these few days and might not even have time to eat a full meal, Song Ci said to Yan Qingxiu, “Mr. Yan, please send Miaomiao and Junjun home. I am going to Yan Jiang’s side.”


Song Ci alighted and went to a restaurant to pack some food. She then carried the food to the police station to meet Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang had slept in the office last night. When Song Ci saw him, his white coat was wrinkled and his platinum-colored hair was glossy.

Yan Jiang was so touched that tears streamed down his face when he saw Song Ci looking at him with food. “As expected of my best sister.” Yan Jiang opened the takeaway box and started wolfing down his food.

Song Ci stared at the closed door opposite the corridor and asked him, “Is that a house specially used to store corpses?”

“Mmm, stay away from there. The Yin Qi is strong.”

Hearing this, Song Ci admired Yan Jiang slightly. She asked him, “How did you think of becoming a forensic doctor?” When they reunited, Song Ci found it unbelievable that Yan Jiang had gone to study forensic science.

Why did that timid child choose a profession that dealt with dead people?

Yan Jiang said, “I am timid and want to challenge myself.” He looked for his toothbrush and said, “I am actually quite a stubborn person. The more I am afraid of something, the more I want to face that kind of thing.”

But after fighting with the dead for so long, the image of his grandmother when she passed away would never disappear from his mind.

Song Ci sighed deeply. “You have always been brave in my eyes. I admire you for daring to woo Song Fei.”

“Hahaha! Don’t let your sister hear this.”

Song Ci stared at Yan Jiang’s computer and looked at those incomprehensible data symbols. She asked with concern, “How is the situation? Has the DNA been checked?”

“The results will be out tomorrow.”

“I say, did you go and fight with Gu Qinchuan to steal his hair?” Song Ci had seen the news of Yan Jiang and Gu Qinchuan fighting on Weibo today and guessed that Yan Jiang’s real motive was not to fight but to take Gu Qinchuan’s hair.

“Song Ci knows me well.”

Yan Jiang pulled up a stool and sat down beside Song Ci. He placed his hands on the table, placed his head on the back of his hands, and looked lazily at Song Ci. He said, “This Gu Qinchuan has committed more than one crime. I’m thinking that if I can provide concrete evidence to prove that he, Gu Qinchuan, is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then those who have been hurt by him and are afraid of his power might also stand up to seek justice.”

“Do you think we can defeat that guy this time?”

Song Ci fiddled with the thorns on the small cactus on Yan Jiang’s table. She sighed and said, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. You should know about Li Feng wooing me back then, right?”

]”I’ve heard a little about this and don’t know the details. At that time, we hadn’t reunited yet. Why? Why did you suddenly mention Li Feng? Aren’t you afraid that your Mr. Han will be jealous when he finds out?”

“Our relationship is very good. We won’t create a barrier for those people.” Song Ci pressed her fingers on a sharp thorn and twirled it gently. It didn’t pierce her fingers.

As she played cactus, she said, “In my second year in high school, Li Feng got an artiste’s girlfriend to provoke me. That time, on his girlfriend’s birthday, he booked a cruise ship for her birthday in Nanxing City. Li Feng invited many friends, and I was on it.”

I know Li Feng wants to tell me everything. He knows that I can’t escape, so I can only go. But do you know what happened at that party?”

Yan Jiang frowned slightly and asked softly, “What happened? Did someone die?”

“No. I was on the cruise that day and lost my cell phone for some reason. When I went to the cabin to look for my cell phone, I actually saw…”

Song Ci recalled the scene she saw back then and couldn’t help feeling disgusted. “I saw a few strong young men violating a little girl. I was especially afraid then. I really wanted to help that girl escape, but I was also afraid…”

Song Ci clenched her fists tightly. Her eyes were filled with tears and she felt very guilty. “I was afraid. I was only a 17-year-old girl then. I also looked… I was afraid that after I entered, not only would I not be able to help that girl, I would also be bullied.”

Yan Jiang saw that Song Ci’s shoulders were trembling. He hurriedly hugged her shoulders and comforted her. “Don’t blame yourself too much. Your worries are right. You are good-looking, young, and have lost your parents in someone else’s house. If you really go in, you probably won’t be able to walk out in one piece.”

If she really lost her virginity, who would seek justice for her?

“I understand the logic, but I still feel very guilty when I occasionally think of that matter. Although I was afraid at that time, I still planned to go in to save her. But when I was about to go in, I was held back by someone.”

Song Ci told Yan Jiang, “The person who held me back then was Jiang Guchuan. He covered my mouth and brought me to the deck. He told me not to act rashly. He said: If I can’t even ensure my own safety, saving someone won’t be called saving someone. I will die.”

“I know Jiang Guchuan is right. I endured for a night and waited for the boat to dock. After I alighted from the cruise, I secretly called the police. I don’t know if the police went to the scene to investigate. I also don’t know what happened to that girl in the end, but those few murderers are still at large…”

[fThis was the first time Yan Jiang heard Song Ci mention this. He asked her, “Who are those people? Do you know them?”

Song Ci instinctively licked her lips. “Mmm.”

“Who is it?”

Song Ci glanced at Yan Jiang and said cautiously in a low voice, “Every one of them is not someone I can afford to offend back then.”

Everyone was a powerful young master in Wangdong City. What about me? I was just the adopted daughter of the Mu Family. The Mu Family’s family business was nothing in Wangdong City.

What can I use to fight them!

“It’s fine if you didn’t tell me about this. But you brought it up but didn’t tell me the details. It’s like I have a cat in my heart that keeps scratching my heart and lungs. Tell me about our relationship. I definitely won’t spread it.”

“You are now Mrs. Han, the First Lady of Wangdong City. Who else do you not dare to mention?” Yan Jiang felt that Song Ci was too cautious.

Yan Jiang doted on Song Ci like his biological sister. He wouldn’t say anything bad to her. He wouldn’t do anything bad to her.

Song Ci was in a daze and didn’t notice that her fingers were pricked by the cactus.

Yan Jiang saw the blood flowing down the wound. He hurriedly took Song Ci’s hand away and pressed a cotton bud on her fingertip. “Don’t be distracted. Your hand is injured.”

“I was thinking about something just now.” Song Ci glanced outside the door and confirmed that no unrelated people were passing by before saying, “It’s Li Feng, An Xu, Gu Qinchuan, and that young master from the Ying Family called Ying Ji.”

Yan Jiang frowned every time Song Ci said a name.

“It’s actually them…”

“Mmm. Li Feng wooed me very fiercely back then and pursued me in all sorts of ways. I was also young then and more or less greedy for glory, so I nearly agreed to Li Feng’s wooing. But the scene that night made me completely afraid of Li Feng. From then on, even if he held a knife to my neck, I would never agree to his confession again.”

She could date someone falsely, but she definitely couldn’t date a beast.

Yan Jiang hugged Song Ci’s arm and rubbed it. He comforted her. “Don’t think about that girl anymore. It’s been so long. Perhaps she’s already married.”

“I feel that that girl’s life should be ruined. If this happened to me, I would most likely go crazy. And I am already considered a brave girl.”

How many girls could still survive after experiencing such humiliation, fall in love, get married, and have children?

“Think about it, Gu Qinchuan already dared to bully a commoner girl back then. Now that so many years have passed, they have completely grown up and become extremely powerful. At that time, no one could defeat him. Now, it will probably be even more difficult.”

From the moment she knew that Han Wangwang had accepted Old Mr. Liu’s case, Song Ci was worried for Han Wangwang. The first criminal case that Wangwang girl took over was probably going to fail.

How would we know if we don’t give it a try? Even if we can’t completely overthrow Gu Qinchuan, it’s still good to let the world see through his true colors and skin him alive.”F

Song Ci understood this logic. She was just worried that Gu Qinchuan would take revenge on Yan Jiang. “Aren’t you afraid that if Gu Qinchuan finds out that you helped Wangwang like this, he will target you?”

Yan Jiang said, “I’ve already formed a feud with him. I don’t have to worry about this.”

Song Ci smiled again. “That’s true. In the past, you were alone and dared to fight him without any background. Now, you have the father of the director of the Empire Entertainment, a genius virus specialist as your wife, and a brother-in-law who is Wangdong’s richest man. You don’t need to be afraid of him.”

he two of them chatted for a while more. In the end, Song Ci was slightly sleepy and fell asleep in Yan Jiang’s office. After Yan Jiang finished handling his hands, he woke Song Ci up and drove her back to the Imperial Dragon Villa.

On the way, Song Ci said to Yan Jiang, “Yuhua Entertainment is going to film a large-scale period drama recently. The story is based on the life of the Taiping Emperor of the Luo Dynasty 600 years ago. The company is choosing a role recently. I will be the music producer of the entire drama. Brother Jiang, do you want to try for a role?”

“Ah?” Yan Jiang asked, “I’m going to audition? Who am I acting as? With my face, if I act as a supporting character, the main character won’t survive. If I act as the main character, the supporting character won’t be convinced.”

Yan Jiang’s looks meant that he could only be the main character, but his resume and results were not worthy of the main character of a major drama.

“You do have some self-awareness.” Song Ci said, “Han Zhan values this drama very much and intends to spend a lot of money to create it. The actors must go through our approval before agreeing. I definitely have a reason for letting you try the role.”

When the Taiping Emperor, Gudu Jie, was young, he was sickly and beautiful. He was known as the most handsome emperor in history. Yan Jiang was probably the only person who could perfectly portray Dugu Jie’s proud and sickly aura.

Yan Jiang asked her, “Look, do I look like the Taiping Emperor?”

Song Ci smiled and looked down. “You look like him. You’re much more handsome than him.”

Yan Jiang blew at the hair on his forehead narcissistically. Unfortunately, his hair had not been washed for a few days and was very greasy.

At night, Han Zhan returned from working overtime and went to the children’s room to take a look. Seeing that Han Miao had kicked the air conditioner under the bed, he could only laboriously cover her with the blanket again.

When he entered Han Jun’s room, he realized that Han Jun was running a fever. Her face was red and she was muttering non-stop. Han Zhan hurriedly measured Han Jun’s temperature and saw that she was already 39.4 degrees Celsius.

Han Zhan hurriedly carried Han Jun up to look for Yan Qingxiu. Yan Qingxiu’s activity room was in the servant building beside him. He and Butler Cai lived on the same floor.

Yan Qingxiu heard a knock on the door. He hurriedly got up from the bed, got up, and opened the door. He was shocked to see the cold-faced Han Zhan and the hot-faced Han Jun in his arms.

“What’s the matter?”

Han Zhan carried Han Jun into Yan Qingxiu’s room, not caring that there would be servants gossiping.

Entering the room, Han Zhan placed Han Jun on Yan Qingxiu’s bed and said anxiously, “She is having a high fever. Mr. Yan, you are the most resourceful. Quick, take a look. What happened to her?”

Yan Qingxiu muttered, “Could it be that she was knocked into at the mall building today?” Logically speaking, that shouldn’t be the case. Han Jun’s body was very strong and not anyone would dare to approach her easily.

Yan Qingxiu checked Han Jun’s pulse and realized that it was in a mess. His expression changed slightly as he told Han Zhan, “The situation is not good. Second Miss must have been agitated by something and her soul was forced to awaken.”

Logically speaking, she shouldn’t have awakened so early.

What exactly triggered Second Miss’s soul? Who did I meet today?

Yan Qingxiu couldn’t figure it out. He hurriedly used acupuncture on Han Jun. After just more than an hour, Han Jun was covered in sweat and her hot body had cooled down. Han Zhan stabilized Han Jun’s condition before feeling relieved.

“I will pay more attention to Second Miss’s health these few days. Don’t worry, with me around, she will be fine.”

Only after receiving Yan Qingxiu’s guarantee did Han Zhan relax.

He personally wiped Han Jun’s body, changed into hurried pyjamas, coaxed Han Jun to sleep, and returned to the room. In the room, Song Ci was vomiting at night. When Han Zhan returned to the room, he saw Song Ci hugging the dustbin and squatting by the bed to vomit.

He was already very tired, but he still forced himself to walk over and help Song Ci up. He used a wet tissue to wipe the dirt off the corners of her lips. “Baby Ci, why are you vomiting so badly tonight?”

Song Ci said, “I ate more meat tonight and got greedy. I should be unlucky.”

After vomiting, her stomach felt very uncomfortable. Song Ci rubbed her stomach and glanced at the clock on the wall. Seeing that Han Zhan had only returned at 2am, she asked Han Zhan, “Has your company been very busy recently? Why are you back so late?”

Han Zhan saw that she was in good spirits and said, “I’ve been back for a long time. Junjun is having a fever. I was taking care of her just now.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart clenched. She hurriedly sat up and asked Han Zhan, “How is Junjun now? Has her fever gone down? I have to go take a look.”

“Have a good rest.” Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s wrist and pressed her onto the bed. Seeing that she was frowning, he said, “I’ve already checked with Yan Qingxiu. Her fever has subsided and she’s fine.”

“I shouldn’t have brought them to that mall today. I heard that that mall is very evil. They even found a master to come here to suppress the spirit today. Do you think Junjun got hit by something unclean?”

“No, Mr. Yan said that Junjun only has an ordinary fever. She has a cold.”

Hearing that Han Jun was fine, Song Ci was relieved.

“Did the Peace Building really invite a master to suppress the spirit?” When Han Zhan heard Li Li gossip about this during lunch today, he thought that Li Li was joking.

Song Ci acknowledged and said, “It’s true. Mr. Yan heard it personally. I heard that the boss of the Peace Building went to Kunlun to invite the Xu family.”

“The Xu Family?” Han Zhan thought for a moment before saying, “More than 600 years ago, the Xu Family of Kunlun produced a Taoist master called Xu Youdao. With his power, the Xu Family prospered for more than two years and has already declined in the past few hundred years. In today’s scientific society, everyone doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods. The Xu Family is about to die completely. Unexpectedly, the Xu Family gave birth to an impressive child a few years ago.”

“It’s said that that child is especially smart. The mole on his left eye can suppress spirits. He’s a rather impressive child.”

“With the Xu Family’s help, this matter at the Peace Building should be settled.”

The moment Song Ci heard that the little child from the Xu family had a mole in his left eye, she thought of the little boy she and Han Jun met in the toilet today. That boy had a black mole in his eye. Could it be that the little genius from the Xu family they met today?

“The child that Junjun and I saw today might be him. Speaking of which, Junjun was quick and even touched that child’s eyelashes…” Song Ci fell silent.

She exchanged glances with Han Zhan and guessed the reason for Han Jun’s fever tonight. Song Ci said, “I will never allow Junjun to touch anyone else again in the future.” If she touched someone, she would have a high fever. Song Ci remembered this lesson.

The next morning, Han Jun was completely recovered and could play games with Han Miao again.

After Aaron got married, he moved to Nan Yanyan’s house and only came back for a night occasionally. Without Aaron, Han Miao and Han Jun had nobody to play basketball with anymore. The two girls were bored and pestered Yan Jiang to play soccer.

Yan Jiang played with them for half an hour and had breakfast before going to work.

At noon, the test results were out. He stared at the DNA report and smiled.

Gu Qinchuan, I’ve caught your rat. Let’s see how you can escape this time!

When Han Wangwang received Yan Jiang’s call, she was in the hospital understanding the details of Liu Qing’s ultrasound on that day. She had just finished recording when she received Yan Jiang’s call.

“Uncle Yan Jiang! Is the results out?” Han Wangwang asked impatiently.

Yan Jiang held his coffee and drank it as he fought with the anti-fans on Weibo. “Mmm, it’s out.”

“How is it? Can the results match?” Han Wangwang waited for Yan Jiang’s answer worriedly.

Yan Jiang chuckled and said, “As you guys expected, that child is indeed Gu Qinchuan’s.”

Han Wangwang heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this answer. “It’s really him. The evidence is conclusive now. Let’s see how he excuses himself!”

Yan Jiang acknowledged and said, “Gu Qinchuan has a very strong background. If we just go to the police like this, I’m afraid he will think of a way to settle this matter. We must first hype this matter up to the point where everyone knows about it. After Gu Qinchuan becomes the beloved victim of the entire country, we will then throw out the evidence.”

“At that time…”

At that time, it would be exciting!

Han Wangwang’s blood boiled at the thought of that scene. “How should we hype it up?”

“You’ve asked the right person for hyping me up.”

The next day, a video of Yan Jiang beating Gu Qinchuan up in the toilet spread like wildfire.

After watching the video and confirming that Yan Jiang had taken the initiative to provoke Gu Qinchuan and even smashed his head against the wall, the netizens’ hearts ached and they were furious.

They first went to Gu Qinchuan’s Weibo to greet him, then went to Yan Jiang’s Weibo to denounce him. After a series of actions, they didn’t even rest.

When Yan Jiang’s fans saw this video, they didn’t dare to make a sound. At this point, if they defended Yan Jiang again, they would be brainless fans with bad values.

Yan Jiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his fans were all sensible.

On this day, Yan Jiang posted something on Weibo.

Yan Jiang: [Trash likes to pick up trash cans. Otherwise, why is it called the same color?]

As everyone knew, in the video of the toilet fight, Gu Qinchuan had used a trash can in the corner to fight back against Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang was openly calling Gu Qinchuan trash!

This was great. The entire country’s netizens were enraged. They scolded Yan Jiang for being a jerk and a rascal with bad morals. Even Yan Jiang’s fans had become cult fans.

The cult fans didn’t even dare to fart.

There were even many fans who couldn’t stand it anymore and started to team up with Gu Qinchuan to criticize Yan Jiang. Yan Jiang looked coldly at those people fawning over Gu Qinchuan and thought to himself that they were jackals of the same tribe and were all trash.

More and more people left comments suggesting that Gu Qinchuan should pick up legal weapons to protect his own interests. Gu Qinchuan was incited by everyone and really sent out a decent warning letter, requesting Yan Jiang to apologize to him. If he didn’t, he would sue him!

Yan Jiang smiled at this news.


Yan Jiang apologized. The apology letter was written very unruly and arrogant. It was filled with Yan Jiang’s personal style.

Yan Jiang: [I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have beaten up a scumbag. I’m sorry, I regret not killing him then.]

Less than 10 minutes after Yan Jiang’s apology letter was sent, Yan Jiang once again dominated the trending topics on Weibo.

# Yan Jiang Apologize #

# Yan Jiang is crazy #

# Yan Jiang Get Out of Weibo #

# Gu Qinchuan is so pitiful #

Gu Qinchuan saw that the entire country’s netizens were denouncing Yan Jiang and felt very happy. He was in a good mood and decided to go to the bar to have fun and pay for all the prodigies.

Late at night, Gu Qinchuan was hugging the waist of a hot girl on the dance floor. However, he didn’t know that Han Xi, Lawer Han, from Hongzheng Law Firm had officially launched a legal letter to Gu Qinchuan on his Weibo account and tagged Gu Qinchuan and his financial company.

By the time Gu Qinchuan woke up from his hotel bed after a night of wandering, the headline # Gu Qinchuan Gong Married a Female College Student # had a purplish-red “Boiling” word on it, trending on that day.

The hubbub of discussion nailed Gu Qinchuan to the ground, leaving him with no way to turn things around!

Gu Qinchuan heard a knock on the door. Holding his cell phone, he groggily opened the door and saw a group of uniformed police officers standing outside.

“Mr. Gu Qinchuan, you are suspected of Gong Ci raping the female university student Liu Qing and causing her to commit suicide while pregnant. The evidence is conclusive. Please come with us.”

The handcuffs fell on his wrists and Gu Qinchuan’s mind was still in a mess. When he was pulled out of the hotel by the police, countless reporters who had rushed over after hearing the news were taking photos of him.

Very quickly, # Gu Qinchuan was arrested #, # Gu Qinchuan Liu Qing #, # Gu Qinchuan Gu Qinchuan Crime #, and many other topics trending.

Gu Qinchuan was brought to the main entrance of the jurisdiction police station. He walked out of the car and saw Yan Jiang leaning against the main entrance of the police station with a glass of Starbucks.

Yan Jiang smiled and said to him, “Six years ago, I said that I would personally send you to the police station.”

Yan Jiang stroked his ostentatious platinum-colored short hair and smiled at Gu Qinchuan. “I’m sorry. I used a little more strength that day and pulled a few more strands of your hair.”

Gu Qinchuan was stunned for a moment before understanding what Yan Jiang meant.

“Did you do it on purpose that day?” His motive was to pull his hair!

Yan Jiang said, “Do you believe me if I said it’s on accident? Hahaha!”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s piercing laughter, Gu Qinchuan was about to die of anger.

“Yan Jiang, I want to kill you!” Just as Gu Qinchuan finished shouting, the police uncle beside him roared. “Kill who! Who do you want to kill! Let me see who you want to kill!”

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