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Chapter 394: The Grudges Between Yan Jiang and Gu Qinchuan

Yan Jiang waited at the door for a while and saw his good friend Wei Lai and Zhong Xiangshou walking out of the clubhouse. The two of them looked around the door and saw Yan Jiang standing under the tree. Only then did they hurriedly walk over to him.

“Brother Jiang!”

Hearing the sound, Yan Jiang spat out the cigarette in his mouth and threw it on the ground. He extinguished the cigarette with the tip of his shoe before bending down to pick it up and throwing it into the dustbin.

“Brother Jiang, you haven’t appeared for a long time and have occupied the trending topics on Weibo the moment you returned. Your popularity, tsk…” Zhong Xiangshou stood on tiptoe and placed his elbow on Yan Jiang’s shoulder. He leaned closer and teased him.” Do you want to consider returning to the entertainment circle to develop? ”

Yan Jiang shrugged his shoulders and shook off Zhong Xiangshou’s pork trotter. Only then did he adjust his tie and say, “No, I have to leave you guys a way out.” With that, he straightened his tie and lowered his head. “Let’s go in and take a look.”

Zhong Xiangshou looked depressed. He glared at Wei Lai, who was laughing secretly at the side, and scolded him. “What are you laughing at!”

Wei Lai pointed at his face and said with a smile, “I told you not to tease him, but you didn’t listen and just wanted to humiliate yourself. Did you hear that? Good fellow, he said that he won’t enter the entertainment circle to leave you a way out. His tone is so arrogant.”

It had been a few months since they last met, but Brother Jiang was still as frivolous and unruly as ever.

The two of them stared at Yan Jiang’s elegant and handsome back view. They suddenly felt that it was better if Yan Jiang didn’t enter the entertainment circle. If he did, there would be a storm of blood in the entertainment circle.

Instead of fighting with this kind of looks, it was better to deal with dead people.

Yan Jiang didn’t have an invitation, but he was Wei Lai and Zhong Xiangshou’s good friend and was also allowed in.

After entering Feng Ya Pavilion, Yan Jiang slowed down. When Zhong Xiangshou and Wei Lai arrived, he asked the two of them, “I heard that Madam Li used to be the vice-president of my fan club. Do you think she will be very happy if I go up and sing a song for her birthday?”

“Of course!”

The main character of the banquet tonight, Madam Li, was wearing a light yellow pearl dress. Her long hair was tied up and she looked graceful and noble.

She was wearing a pair of jade earrings and talking to her son, Li Feng. As she lowered her head to talk, the earrings on her earlobes swayed gently.

Li Feng handed the present he had prepared long ago to his mother. He told her, “This is a jade ornament that I got someone to find Madam Fang from Binjiang to carve for you. It’s a Guanyin statue. Mother, take a look.”

When Madam Li was young, she had a flamboyant personality and couldn’t tolerate anything. She had fought with others before and was now in her fifties. She also stopped and fell in love with this cultivation of burning incense and praying to Buddha.

She opened the small box and looked at the moist King’s Green Goddess of Mercy statue in the box. She couldn’t stop smiling. “You are so considerate.” Madam Li immediately got her son to remove the necklace on her neck. “Come, put it on for me.”


The Guanyin statue was green and lustrous. Madam Li’s skin was fairer than snow and she looked especially good wearing it.

Madam Li stroked the Guanyin statue and stroked Li Feng’s cheek. She smiled. “Then I will pray to Bodhisattva to bless our Feng’er with a capable and virtuous daughter-in-law.”

In the early years, Li Feng had caused a lot of trouble due to his arrogance and despotic nature. He was a famous scumbag in Wangdong City. But over the years, Li Feng had learned to restrain himself and hide his profligate side. He looked calm and sensible.

As an old mother, Madam Li was very gratified and hoped that Li Feng could settle the marriage sooner.

The Li Family had few men, and she hoped to be a grandmother soon.

Hearing his mother’s words, the smile on Li Feng’s face instantly disappeared. He lowered his head, sipped his wine, and murmured, “The person I want to marry has already married someone. Mother, it’s not like you don’t know.”

Madam Li was stunned. Thinking of that woman, she frowned.

Li Feng added. “In the past, I told you that I wanted to marry her, but you looked down on the other party’s birth, despised the low status of the Mu Family, and despised her for being just an adopted daughter. Now, that adopted daughter whom you looked down on has already found a good man and has become the First Lady of Wangdong City.”

“Mother, you look down on her, but you don’t know that she’s already someone you can’t reach. Don’t you think this is very interesting?”

The “adopted daughter” that the two of them were talking about was Song Ci.

Song Ci was not called the top socialite for nothing. She was beautiful, had a good figure, was knowledgeable, and well-mannered. She also played a beautiful violin.

At that time, one-third of the young masters in Wangdong City more or less had some feelings for her. The first to bear the brunt of this was the Second Young Master of Chuan Dong Group. That fool had wooed Song Ci in a grand manner back then.

It was no secret that Li Feng liked Song Ci.

Song Ci was a few years younger than Li Feng. When Li Feng was in his third year of high school, Song Ci was in her third year of junior high school. The first time Li Feng met Song Ci was on New Year’s Day in his third year of high school.

The high school and junior high school departments of Wangdong City High School were built together. Every year, when the Five-Four Art Gala and New Year’s Day Art Gala were held, the students of the high school and middle school would gather on the field.

That day, Song Ci represented the entire third grade to perform and played a violin.

At that time, Song Ci’s figure had yet to fully develop. She was wearing a yellow fairy dress, her hair was slightly curled, and there was a rose beside her ear, attracting the attention of many boys.

At that time, Li Feng had a girlfriend who was the host of the party. He carried a hot milk tea and sent it backstage to find his girlfriend. Coincidentally, he met Song Ci, who had just finished her performance and was returning backstage to change clothes with her violin.

Song Ci lowered her head and tidied the roses on her head as she walked. She didn’t even notice that someone was standing in front of her and bumped into Li Feng.

Li Feng was about to flare up when the girl looked up and revealed an exquisite face. It was the first time Li Feng saw such a beautiful girl. Her skin was as fair as a freshly peeled egg, without a single flaw.

Song Ci looked up and saw that the boy in front of her was tall and big like a university student.

Realizing that she had bumped into a senior from the senior department, Song Ci hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, senior.” Song Ci was in the period of voice-changing and her voice was soft and not as charming as later.

When Li Feng saw the beauty, his anger dissipated. “Be careful when you walk next time.” He held the milk tea and stood aside. Seeing the little girl walking away with the violin, he asked his classmates, “This girl, is she from the junior high school?”

“Brother Feng, it’s your first time meeting the school belle Song Ci from the junior high school.”

That was the first time he met Song Ci.

He didn’t know that the school belle of the junior high school was so beautiful. If he had known, he would have gone to take a look. Li Feng threw the milk tea into the dustbin. “Let’s go. There’s nothing interesting about the party.”

The man behind him saw that he had lost the milk tea and was slightly puzzled. He asked him, “Didn’t you buy the milk tea for your girlfriend? Why did you throw it?”

Li Feng stared at the departing yellow figure and smiled. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Li Feng thought that Song Ci would be easy to woo. After all, she was young and had no parents. She was just a little girl adopted by the Mu Family. Meanwhile, Sharp Entertainment Entertainment was one of the two largest film companies in the country. As the only child of the Li Family, he had a noble status. There was no reason for the little girl not to accept him.

ut he didn’t expect that little girl to be so unreasonable and difficult to deal with. He had confessed to her many times openly and covertly, but Song Ci always found the perfect excuse to avoid him.

Since Song Ci was unmoved by force or persuasion, Li Feng was slightly anxious.

On the afternoon of Song Ci’s college entrance examination, Li Feng found someone to forcefully bring Song Ci to the rooftop of Sharp Entertainment. He placed a contract in front of Song Ci. It was a Grade A contract.

He personally promised that as long as Song Ci agreed to be his girlfriend, he was willing to use the resources from two major production movies and three major endorsements to make her popular and become the Crown Prince Consort of the entertainment circle.

But Song Ci rejected it.

Li Feng was very puzzled. He didn’t understand why Song Ci didn’t accept his arrangement. Song Ci was good-looking and could make a good name for herself in the entertainment industry with just a little packaging. Why wouldn’t she be willing if he was willing to spend a lot to support her?

Song Ci told him, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in being a celebrity or a movie queen. I’m also not interested in being the Crown Prince Consort of the entertainment circle.”

“What are you interested in?” Li Feng really liked this girl and couldn’t bear to threaten her or hurt her. He just wanted to know what this girl wanted.

Song Ci said, “I want to be a pilot and work for my country.”

Li Feng was speechless.

He thought Song Ci wanted to be a celebrity.

Li Feng thought that Song Ci was lying to her, but not long after, there was news that the adopted daughter of the Mu Family, Song Ci, had been accepted by the Civil Aviation University.

Only then did Li Feng believe that Song Ci really wanted to be a pilot and didn’t love him.

As Song Ci grew up, more and more people noticed her beauty. After she entered university, she became the nation’s most beautiful school belle in the school beauty competition held by the major universities.

Song Ci had become the most beautiful school belle, the top debutante in Wangdong City, and the object of adoration of many young masters. Li Feng saw that Song Ci was getting better and better and was getting more and more liked by others. He, who couldn’t love her, started to hate her.

Jealousy made him petty. He started to deliberately smear Song Ci on the forum, smear her, fabricate rumors about her, and make those people stop paying attention to Song Ci.

Until now, Song Ci still didn’t know that the big hater “World’s Edge Record” on Wangdong City’s forum was Li Feng! That year, her secret marriage with Han Zhan was exposed by Li Feng.

Hearing Li Feng mention this, Mother Li was slightly embarrassed. She said, “You’re the one who’s useless and can’t woo her. How can you blame me?”

“How can I not blame you?” Li Feng frowned and suppressed his anger. He said in a low voice, “I only found out a while ago that when Song Ci was 18 years old, you went to see her in private and even scolded her for being a vixen in front of her friends. You scolded her for being a wild chicken wanting to become a phoenix. Mother, are you going to deny this?”

Li Feng hated his mother a little. He felt that it was not that Song Ci didn’t have a good impression of him, but that good impression was also shattered by his mother’s actions back then.

Hearing her son complain about her, Mother Li refused to admit it even if she knew that she had done something wrong.

Mother Li said, “Isn’t that all your fault? You chased after her while dating those small celebrities. You’re not clean yourself, so why are you blaming me!”

Hearing this, Li Feng smiled. “Do you not know if those little celebrities and I are real or fake? Back then, I dated that little celebrity to provoke Song Ci! I booked a cruise ship for that little celebrity’s birthday in Nanxing City. In order to anger her, I even handed her an invitation, but she actually went!”

Not only did Song Ci accept the invitation, but she also participated in it. Li Feng was really enraged by Song Ci.

Mother Li also felt slightly aggrieved. She said, “Blame it on your lack of affinity with her. If she really follows you, she might not be happy. I think she’s quite happy now. I also attended Han Zhan’s brother’s wedding the other time. I heard that Song Ci is already pregnant with a second child.”

“You must give up. She has already given birth to two or three children, but you’re still thinking about those old things.” Mother Li saw that her son’s eyes were about to turn red, and her heart instantly ached for him.

“Stop pulling a long face. If you meet any girl you like again, I won’t stop you, alright?” Mother Li tugged at her son’s arm and said coquettishly, “It’s Mother’s birthday today. Don’t look so down.”

Li Feng looked up and glanced around. Seeing that the guests were all looking at him, he stood up and tidied his clothes. “There’s no next person as good as her. There won’t be anymore.”

After Li Feng left, Mother Li sat there without moving. She thought of how she had gone to look for that girl Song Ci many years ago and felt very embarrassed. Now that she saw Song Ci at some high-class places, she was afraid of being mocked by her.

But that Song Ci girl knew how to conduct herself. Even if she recognized her, she wouldn’t gossip and dig up old scores. It was indeed very difficult to meet such a good girl.

A commotion sounded beside her ear. Mother Li heard Yan Jiang’s name and looked up at the entrance.

The moment she saw Yan Jiang, Mother Li’s eyes lit up. She hurriedly got up and walked over. Li Feng noticed his mother’s actions and the corners of his lips twitched. He held his forehead and took a sip of wine.

How could Father tolerate Mother like this!

Madam Li came to Yan Jiang’s side and called out to him with a smile. “Mr. Yan, I really didn’t expect you to come to my birthday party today after returning to the country yesterday. I am really happy that you can come.”

In front of Yan Jiang, Madam Li was not the wife of the old CEO of Sharp Media. She was just a small fan, an excited little fan who saw her idol.

Yan Jiang had a very good impression of this Madam Li. This Madam managed the support team very well and was a great contributor. Yan Jiang took out the birthday present that he had already prepared and handed it to Madam Li. “Happy birthday, Madam Li. I wish you to be 18 forever.”

“You’re making me… I’m already in my fifties yet you say that I will forever be 18!” Madam Li accepted the gift with a red face. She opened the box and saw a sapphire brooch. She immediately smiled. “This gift is so beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Yan.”

Yan Jiang approached Madam Li and said, “Tonight is Madam Li’s birthday. Later, I will sing a song for you.”

“That’s great! Let’s take a photo together!” After Yan Jiang retired from the entertainment circles, these fans felt lonely. It was not easy to meet Yan Jiang, so Madam Li had to take a photo with him.


Yan Jiang took a photo with Madam Li. Just as the photo ended, he saw her husband walking over with a dark expression.

Madam Li hurriedly kept her cell phone and smiled apologetically at Yan Jiang. “Mr. Yan, please do as you wish. A friend is here and I have to go greet her.” Madam Li hurriedly walked towards her husband, grabbed his arm, and pulled him towards the other guests.

After Madam Li left, Yan Rufeng came over. After the gastric surgery, Yan Rufeng had been recuperating well these two years. Although his figure was not as strong as before, his face was rosy and he looked very healthy.

It had been a long time since the father-son duo last met. Yan Rufeng missed Yan Jiang a lot. “Yan Jiang.”

Yan Jiang was relieved to see that Yan Rufeng’s face was rosy. He nodded slightly and called out, “Father.” Yan Jiang had thought of never interacting with Yan Rufeng again, but now that he had a child, he finally understood how it felt to be a father.

Now that he saw Yan Rufeng, Yan Jiang could also speak to him calmly.

an Rufeng sensed the change in his son’s attitude towards him and realized that the child had grown up and matured. He was very relieved. He patted Yan Jiang’s arm hard and said, “You and Song Fei went to America. You’ve been gone for a few months. What did you do?”

Yan Rufeng had always wanted to call Yan Jiang to ask about his situation in America, but he was timid and didn’t dare to call him.

Yan Jiang said, “My fertility rate is low because of my health. During this period, Song Fei and I went to America to find an institution to have children.” Yan Jiang lied. He didn’t say that there was anything wrong with Song Fei’s health. Instead, he took responsibility for everything.

Yan Rufeng couldn’t ask Yan Jiang what exactly happened to his body. After all, this concerned the reputation of a man. However, he was still very happy that Yan Jiang and Song Fei were willing to have a child. “This is a good thing. Now that technology is advanced, there will always be a way to have a child. Has the child been successfully cultivated?”

“Mmm, it succeeded. You will be a grandfather by this time next year.”

Hearing this, Yan Rufeng was even happier. “Great, great. I will definitely prepare a big present for my grandson!”

Gu Qinchuan sat on the sofa with a group of friends. He watched from afar as his old enemy, Yan Jiang, chatted happily with Yan Rufeng. He couldn’t help curling his lips and muttering. “Everyone says that Yan Jiang has a backbone, but I don’t think so. If he really has a backbone, he shouldn’t forgive his father who abandoned him. Yan Rufeng isn’t the old director of the Empire Entertainment. How much money does he have? Will Yan Jiang still accept him?”

After belittling Yan Jiang like this, Gu Qinchuan still felt that it was not enough to vent his anger. He purposely found fault with him and scolded in a low voice, “Wearing like a peacock and still calling yourself the ceiling man of the entertainment circle. How shameless!”

Thinking of the trending topics on Weibo today, Gu Qinchuan was so disgusted that he almost vomited.

Hearing Gu Qinchuan’s words, Li Feng smiled. He said, “In terms of looks, you are really not as good as him.” Yan Jiang’s face was popular with both men and women. Even Li Feng had to admit that Yan Jiang was good-looking.

Gu Qinchuan snorted. “All the good points of his body are concentrated on his face. Other than that face, what else does he have?”

Li Feng chuckled. “If he didn’t have that face, you wouldn’t have used your identity as the Second Young Master of the Gu Family to keep him.” According to the rumors, there was once a sugar daddy who wanted to keep Yan Jiang, but was kicked by Yan Jiang. That legendary person was actually Gu Qinchuan.

But that year, Gu Qinchuan had not become a singer. He was just the second young master of the Gu Family, a wealthy young master.

Gu Qinchuan hated Yan Jiang’s attitude so much, but he was more angry that he couldn’t love him.

Gu Qinchuan took a sip of wine and stared at Yan Jiang, feeling very sour in his heart. He didn’t know what preservatives that man had taken. He was almost 30 years old, but he was still like that university student, tender and energetic.

Gu Qinchuan refused to admit that he admired Yan Jiang’s ruthlessness.

the performance on stage ended. Li Feng noticed that Yan Jiang was holding a microphone and looked like he was going on stage to sing. Li Feng hurriedly touched Gu Qinchuan’s arm. “Hey, Yan Jiang is going to sing.”

Gu Qinchuan, who had just been despising Yan Jiang for being useless, suddenly sat up straight and stared straight at the stage.

Holding the microphone, Yan Jiang strode onto the stage with his head held high.

On the stage, the light shone on Yan Jiang. He was wearing a black suit with golden threads and a long narrow tie around his neck, making him look unrestrained and handsome. The girls below stared at Yan Jiang with glowing eyes, like hungry wolves seeing delicious food.

They were extremely fierce!

He stood on that stage and instantly made people feel like they were at a concert. Gu Qinchuan looked at the man in the spotlight in a slightly fascinated manner. He suddenly felt that the wine in his mouth was no longer fragrant.

The most fragrant wine was Yan Jiang.

He didn’t need to taste Yan Jiang. He was drunk just by smelling him.

Gu Qinchuan’s heart was filled with sour bubbles. He complained. “You have a good posture, but your singing skills are not presentable…” Before Gu Qinchuan could say anything, Yan Jiang had already started singing a gentle love song.

This love song was the hottest song of Little Heavenly King Liang Bo last year. Yan Jiang’s voice was low and sexy, but when he sang it, he was exceptionally passionate.

Not only was Yan Jiang good-looking, but he also sang well. Gu Qinchuan was speechless.

After Yan Jiang finished singing, he received the most enthusiastic applause. He said a few words of congratulations to Madam Li for her happy birthday and handed the microphone to the emcee. Gu Qinchuan stared at Yan Jiang in the crowd and noticed that he had gone to the toilet. He also put down the glass in his hand.

“I’m going to relieve myself.” After Gu Qinchuan finished speaking, he got up and went to the toilet.

Li Feng noticed this and couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing. “A dog can’t change its way of eating shit. What a good-for-nothing.” Even if he wanted to stick to someone, he couldn’t do it like this.

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