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Chapter 393: The Heart Of A Living Person Is More Scary Than A Corpse

After Yan Jiang got into the car, he quickly took out a piece of caterpillar bread from his bag, tore off the packaging, and started eating. As he ate, he said, “The food on the plane was too awful. I didn’t even eat anything.”

“No matter what, you should eat something.” Han Wangwang saw that Yan Jiang looked like he was about to choke when he ate, so he reminded him, “Little Uncle, there’s mineral water in the glove box.”


Yan Jiang finished the caterpillar bread in a few bites, before opening a bottle of mineral water and drinking a third of the water in one go.

Yan Jiang wiped the water from his mouth and said, “Someone just called me. Let me see who it is.” He took out his phone and saw that it was a missed call from Song Ci. He quickly called her back.

“Songsong, Brother Jiang is going to your house for crayfish tonight. I want two pots of spice ones.”

Song Ci smiled when she heard Yan Jiang’s voice. “Okay, I’ll get Chef to wash the crayfish.” The crayfish from last night hadn’t been finished yet, so Yan Jiang was going to have a good time tonight. “Why did you come back so suddenly? You came back alone? Where’s Song Fei?”

“Song Fei is accompanying the child. I have something on this time.”

“What is it?”

Yan Jiang said, “Hmph, hmph, hmph, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.” Yan Jiang hummed on the phone and deliberately didn’t make himself clear. Song Ci was confused when she heard him.

Song Ci was so angry that she laughed. “It’s a secret, right? Then I won’t say it.”

“I’m hanging up, I’m hanging up. We’ll talk when we get to your house.”

Yan Jiang hung up the phone and said to Han Wangwang, “Send me to your Little Uncle’s place. I’ll be staying at his place for the next few days.” He was going to stay alone this time, and he wouldn’t be able to stay for long before he had to look for Song Fei, so he might as well not go home.

Moreover, it had been a long time since he saw Song Ci and the two children. Yan Jiang missed them.

There was a distance between the airport and Han Zhan’s house. Han Wangwang didn’t drive the car into the city. Instead, she drove directly from the main road in the suburbs for more than an hour.

Butler Cai saw Yan Jiang from afar and enthusiastically walked over to help him with his luggage. “Mr. Yan, long time no see. Our Sir hasn’t returned from his work yet. Madam is waiting for you at the pool.”

“Okay, I’ll go and see her.” Yan Jiang put his hands in his pockets and took Han Wangwang to look for Song Ci. He thought of something and told Butler Cai, “The suitcase is on the first floor. The toys I bought for the children are in the suitcase.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Song Ci couldn’t do many exercises after she got pregnant, but she was afraid that her figure would go out of shape, so she could only do some aerobic exercises. At this time, Song Ci was swimming in the pool with Han Miao and Han Jun.

Seeing that Yan Jiang and Han Wangwang were back, she got up from the water and sat by the pond, paying attention to the movements of the two little guys in the pool at all times. After watching too many videos of children drowning, when the children were swimming, Song Ci had to stay by their side.

When Yan Jiang and Han Wangwang came closer, Song Ci looked up and asked them, “Why did you two appear together?” She didn’t suspect that Yan Jiang and Han Wangwang had something going on, but she was just curious.

“Wangwang took a case and needs my help. I came back specially to help her solve her problems,” Yan Jiang said as he took off his shoes and socks and sat down next to Song Ci.

When Song Ci heard Yan Jiang’s words, she was deep in thought.

What does Yan Jiang do?

He was a forensic doctor.

If he needed Yan Jiang’s help, it had to be a criminal case.

Han Wangwang had just gotten his legal license. Logically speaking, the law firm shouldn’t have given her the criminal case. Song Ci guessed something and asked Han Wangwang, “Your law firm bullies newcomers?”

Han Wangwang was shocked. She thought to herself that her aunt was indeed smart.

But she didn’t want her aunt to worry about her, so she said, “It’s not that the law firm is bullying a newbie like me. There’s a criminal case that no one is willing to take on. I saw that the person involved is quite old and pitiful, so I took it.”

Song Ci stared at Han Wangwang for a long time before saying, “It’s said that lawyers need to be heartless to earn big money. If you’re so soft-hearted and kind, you’ll probably be a philanthropist for the rest of your life.”

Han Wangwang didn’t refute Song Ci because what she said was the truth.

“But Little Aunt, there are always some things in this world that are more important than money.” Han Wangwang didn’t regret taking on this case.

“People who can say such things are not short of money.” Song Ci patted Han Wangwang’s shoulder and said, “Just do what you want. If you are so poor that you don’t have any food to eat, you can come to my house to freeload. Little Aunt can still support your mouth.”

“Little Aunt, you’re the best.” Han Wangwang squatted down next to Song Ci and reached out to hug her.

Song Ci quickly patted her hand and said with disdain, “Don’t hug me. My clothes are wet.” Han Wangwang chuckled and ran to the kitchen to steal food.

Song Ci stared at the child’s back and said to Yan Jiang with a smile, “When I first saw this girl, she was only twenty years old at that time. She loved to go to bars and play discs. Who would have thought that she would grow up in the blink of an eye?” At that time, she was a playful and mischievous girl. Now, she had a job and her own ideals.

Yan Jiang, on the other hand, said, “When you were young, you had two pigtails. I still remember clearly how you danced with those brats downstairs. In the blink of an eye, your child is already more than a year old.”

Song Ci sighed with emotion. “Time flies. In the blink of an eye, we might be old.”

Yan Jiang chuckled and said, “What are you afraid of? Time only kills pigs and doesn’t kill beauties.” He scratched the tip of Song Ci’s nose with his finger. “You’re so beautiful. Time loves you.”

Song Cici was embarrassed to be praised by Yan Jiang all of a sudden. “The American hamburger made your mouth sweet.”

Yan Jiang also felt a little embarrassed. The two of them often criticized each other, but this was the first time he praised Song Ci so seriously.

Thinking that Song Ci had a second child in her stomach, Yan Jiang looked down at her stomach.

Because they were playing in the outdoor swimming pool, there were men coming in and out. In order to avoid arousing suspicion, Song Ci wore a swimsuit that was not too revealing. She was wearing a red one-piece neck swimming dress with lotus leaves at the side, blocking her perky butt.

Yan Jiang reached out and touched her slightly bulging tummy. He said, “The baby is still young, right? Your tummy looks a little pregnant. When you were pregnant with Miaomiao and Junjun, your tummy was still flat this month.”

“It’s not like you don’t know that when I was pregnant with the sisters, my stomach was bloated. Although I lost weight later, my skin is not as tight as before I gave birth. The second child is only three months old, but my stomach is already a little bloated.” Song Ci was a little melancholic. She was worried that her figure would completely change after she gave birth.

When Yan Jiang saw Song Ci’s worried expression, he suddenly remembered that she had mild depression when she was pregnant.

Worried that Song Ci would be sad again, Yan Jiang hurriedly said, “It’s just that your stomach is big, and your arms and legs are still too thin. After you give birth, I’ll invite that skinny team back to make a weight-loss plan for you. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to lose weight.”

Knowing that Yan Jiang was concerned about her, Song Ci didn’t want him to worry, so she said, “Don’t worry about me. I won’t be like what I was when I had my first child. Right now, I just want the child to be healthy and healthy. I’m content.”

Regardless of whether she was fat or thin, she was still the shining Song Ci.

Seeing that Song Ci was open-minded, Yan Jiang was relieved. “Is it a boy or a girl? Have you checked?”

“I didn’t ask. We’ll know when we go for a prenatal examination next time.” Song Ci raised the water on her feet and said, “To be honest, I actually want a boy.”

“What about your Han Zhan? Does he want a boy too?” Han Zhan had a big family and business after all. According to the Chinese, he had to give birth to a boy to inherit the throne.

Song Ci shook her head and said, “Han Zhan never discussed the topic of men and women with me. Other fathers are very obedient to their daughters. Han Zhan has very strict requirements to Miaomiao and Junjun. Regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, Han Zhan is grooming them like an heir.”

To Han Zhan, having a boy or a girl really didn’t matter much. “Believe it or not, no matter if the one in my stomach is a boy or a girl, when they grow up and take over the Han family’s business, they will definitely be the most capable one.”

Yan Jiang believed him.

“Then why do you want a boy? Your Han Zhan doesn’t even force you to do this. As a woman, are you still going to do that kind of thing where you value boys over girls?”

“Scram, scram, scram. I already have a pair of cute daughters and I still want a cute boy. Isn’t that normal?” She had never done things like favoring boys over girls. These two daughters were her life, so how could she despise girls?

Yan Jiang knew that Song Ci only wanted to have both genders for children, so he didn’t laugh at her. He told Song Ci, “Ice Dragon Research Center trained a boy for us. Your sister suffered a lot for this child. She took out three eggs at once and it hurt so much that her back was bent.”

Yan Jiang had never told Song Ci these things because he was afraid that Song Ci would feel heartache. Now that the child was successfully cultivated, Yan Jiang decided to share with Song Ci the sadness he felt during his time in America.

“Even someone as strong as Ah Fei couldn’t take it after he took the egg. It was so painful that he grabbed the pillow and cried silently. It was then that I realized the difficulties that women have.”

They were already married and had children. There were some things that Yan Jiang didn’t have to hide. He said, “Let’s just talk about the child-birth. It’s easy for us men to extract the sperm. But you women have to get injections and suffer pain. I hate that I can’t share the pain with Ah Fei.”

Song Ci said, “That’s because Song Fei loves you. She loves you and wants to have a child with you, so she can endure any pain. If you want another person, see if she’s willing!”

Yan Jiang chuckled. “Yeah, Song Fei loves me, of course.”

Song Ci looked at Yan Jiang’s smiling face and thought of Yan Jiang crying while hugging a bottle of wine when he was drunk in her previous life. She felt satisfied as she touched the pendant necklace around her neck and called Song Fei’s name.

In this life, everyone lived happily.

The two chatted for a while before Yan Jiang got up and went back to his room to take a shower.

He changed into a clean set of home clothes and went downstairs. He saw that the two little girls had also taken a shower and were wearing matching suspenders and shorts. They were looking at the pile of gifts on the floor.

Yan Jiang was the girls in his arms. He asked them, “Miaomiao, Junjun, do you know what gifts I brought for you this time?”

Han Miao said, “It’s Peppa Pig!” She was obsessed with Peppa Pig recently and asked Song Ci to buy George’s dinosaur for her.

Yan Jiang asked Han Jun, “Junjun, guess what I bought for you?”

Han Jun picked up a gift box. She said, “It’s a water gun!” Han Jun had recently fallen in love with a water gun, but her water gun was broken. Her father promised to bring her another one when he came back from work.

“Idiot, none of you got it right!”

Yan Jiang opened the presents. There were two yo-yos and two harmonica.

“Come, I’ll give it to you!”

The sisters were delighted to receive the same gift. Han Junjiang asked Yan Jiang, “Uncle, how do we play this?” She was referring to the yo-yo.

“Come, I’ll teach you.” Yan Jiang taught them how to play yo-yos and played the harmonica for them.

Realizing that the instrument could be played, Han Jun and Han Miao carried the harmonica and started to play the music. The tune they played was especially terrible.

When Han Zhan came back from work, he heard two ear-piercing sounds of the harmonica. He frowned and asked Butler Cai with a look of disdain, “Who is playing the harmonica? Even the screams of pigs are better than this.”

Butler Cai blinked his innocent eyes and suppressed his laughter. “It’s the two ladies.”

Han Zhan fell silent with a suspicious expression.

He strode toward the sisters’ living room. The moment he entered, he saw Han Miao and Han Jun sitting around Yan Jiang’s legs, playing the piano with their cheeks puffed up.

Yan Jiang sat in the middle with a numb look on his face. He was deeply regretful.

He shouldn’t have given them such a noisy thing!

Seeing that someone was in more pain than him, Han Zhan felt refreshed.

He asked the butler to bring the two children away before heading to the horse ranch in the backyard with Yan Jiang.

After running a few rounds, the two slowed down and chatted on the horse. Han Zhan touched the horse’s head and said with his head lowered, “I heard from Song Ci that you came back this time to help Wangwang solve the problem. Why did Wangwang look for you?”

Yan Jiang knew that Han Zhan would ask about this.

Since Han Zhan asked about it, Yan Jiang said, “Your niece is quite bold to take on Gu Qinchuan’s case.”

Han Zhan frowned and asked, “Which Gu Qinchuan?”

“The second young master of the Miso Group.”

The Miso Group was a well-known electrical appliance company in the country. When he was young, there was a period of time when he was expanding his country’s goods. Han Miaoyu even bought a few Miso televisions. He had two of his own and gave one to his old subordinates.

Han Zhan had a deep impression of this brand’s television.

“The current CEO of the Miso Group is Gu Qinfeng. I heard that his younger brother has entered the entertainment industry and is a rock singer.” Han Zhan was not interested in the entertainment news. He asked, “What has Gu Qinfeng been up to recently?”

Yan Jiang told Han Zhan everything he knew about Gu Qinchuan.

When Han Zhan found out that Gu Qinchuan had actually opened a club that specialized in connecting people together, and even caused a girl to get pregnant, Han Zhan instantly laughed coldly. “Trash, you should be punished.”

“But the Gu family is not a small family. It will not be easy for Wangwang to take him down.”

“In the past, it might be a little tricky, but recently…”

Han Zhan smiled mysteriously and said, “The construction accident a few months ago alarmed the higher-ups, causing the entire country to reform the construction industry. There are too many construction companies in Wangdong City, but they are all troublesome local tyrants. It’s very troublesome to reform them, and several lives have already been lost.”

“I heard that the newly appointed Mr Zhou already has information on Distinguished Gathering and wants to drag him down. Soon, a new adult will take over Distinguished Gathering’s position.”

“This newcomer must be an iron-blooded person!” The big boss had landed in Wangdong City. In his hand was the imperial sword that Mr. Zhou had given him! He had come to crack down on the evil forces and eliminate some malignant tumors!

If Gu Qinchuan were to clash head-on at this moment, he would be courting death!

It didn’t matter if he was a young master of the Miso Group or a young master of the Sichuan East Group. As long as he committed a crime, he had to admit defeat!

Han Zhan looked at Yan Jiang and smiled playfully. “Just wait and see. There will be people coming to Wangdong City to stir up trouble. When that time comes, our province will have a big reshuffle and the situation will change drastically. Who knows what will happen?”

Yan Jiang’s heart trembled when he heard that.

For Han Zhan to tell him such a secret, it was obvious that he really trusted him and knew that he wouldn’t spread it. If this matter were to spread, it would be chaotic.

Yan Jiang was puzzled. He thought to himself, Han Zhan is just a businessman. How does he know so much inside information? Mr. Han Aoyu has already passed away and Han Zhan will no longer enter the government. Where did he get this information from?

“Brother-in-law, where did you get this information from?”

Han Zhan said mysteriously, “I know an expert.” Han Zhan had a loyal subject like Zhou Wu. What did he not know?

“Tell Wangwang to do whatever she wants. Wangdong City’s roots are too rotten. If she doesn’t break a few bones of theirs as punishment, they will really think that Wangdong City is their private property.”

Now that the world was peaceful, the economy was developed, and education was popular, these educated people had their own ideas and views. They were not farmers who were ignorant teachers in ancient times.

In ancient times, everyone was only looking for a meal. Nowadays, people did not have to worry about food or clothing. What they pursued was the ideological realm.

As the emperor of the Luo Dynasty, Han Zhan had already seen it clearly.

The world now belonged to everyone in the world. It was no longer the world of nobility. However, there were some people who thought that Wangdong City belonged to them just because they had money and power.

A bunch of idiots!

Yesterday, Old Master Liu had already gotten someone to dig out his granddaughter’s coffin. Now, Liu Qing’s corpse was stored in an ice coffin in the main room of his hometown.

In the morning, Han Wangwang accompanied Yan Jiang to the village.

On the way to the countryside, Yan Jiang told Han Wangwang, “Your uncle said that there’s a change in the direction of the wind. Recently, there will be a crack down on the evil forces, so you can do whatever you want.”

As the daughter of the Han family, Han Wangwang had been influenced by Han Yueyun since she was young. Naturally, she knew what it meant to ‘crack down on evil forces’. Now that she had a plan, she was confident.

“I understand.” She had to pass this news to Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen was so smart, he would definitely seize this opportunity to skin Li Feng and the rest!

Seeing the old man standing under the roof of the old house, Han Wangwang told Yan Jiang, “Little Uncle, we’re here.”

The two of them got out of the car and were brought into the old house by Old Mr. Liu. This old house was uninhabited and looked dilapidated, but the house had been cleaned. Although there was a moldy smell, there was no dust.

There was a cloth covering the ice coffin in the middle of the room, blocking Liu Qing’s body. Yan Jiang changed his clothes and said to Han Wangwang and Old Mr. Liu, “The two of you can wait outside. The next scene is not something you should see.”

Old Mr. Liu hesitated for a while before leaving the house with Han Wangwang.

When Yan Jiang opened the lid of the ice coffin, he saw a slightly rotten corpse inside. He had seen a more terrifying scene than this female corpse, so his expression remained unchanged. He didn’t even frown.

Yan Jiang put on his mask, glasses, and disposable gloves. He took two steps back and stood under the coffin. He bowed to Liu Qing’s body three times respectfully before taking out his tools to prepare for the autopsy.

Han Wangwang waited outside for more than half an hour before Yan Jiang came out with a box.

The door opened, and the smell of the coffin drifted out from the open door. It was extremely smelly. Han Wangwang started to feel nauseous the moment she smelled it. She quickly threw it aside and ran to a big tree behind the house to vomit.

On the way back to the city, Han Wangwang saw that Yan Jiang was calm and didn’t look like he wanted to vomit at all, so he admired him a little. “Little Uncle, your skills as a forensic doctor are really admirable.”

Yan Jiang smiled and told Han Wangwang, “Remember, Wangwang, rotting corpses are indeed scary, but the hearts of living people are much scarier than corpses.”

Han Wangwang was stunned. She quickly nodded. “I’ll remember.”

After Yan Jiang returned to the country in a high-profile manner yesterday, many public accounts started posting on Weibo, saying that Yan Jiang was going to make a comeback and was planning to return to the entertainment industry to earn money.

Yan Jiang had a cigarette in his mouth as he browsed Weibo to read his gossip while walking.

After walking for a while, Yan Jiang stopped at the entrance of the clubhouse.

Today was the birthday of the president of Sharp Entertainment, Li Feng’s mother. Li Feng booked the entire Elegance Restaurant to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Many celebrities in the industry put down their work and came to attend Mrs. Li’s birthday party.

Gu Qinchuan was also present.

Yan Jiang smirked playfully and sent a message to his friend: [I’m downstairs. Come and fetch me.]

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