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Chapter 391: You’re Scary, But I’m Not Afraid

When Han Wangwang heard this, she was a little touched. She said, “Junjun, I love you.” It was not in vain that she would secretly leave a few bites of ice cream for him every time she bought ice cream when she was young. They were siblings after all.

When Han Junjun heard his sister say that she loved him, the corners of his mouth twitched. He said, “Don’t. Please save some money in the future. Just take care of your internal organs. Don’t be a monthly debt anymore.”

Han Wangwang was a smart girl. Why didn’t she know how to manage money?

Han Junjun put a piece of eel sushi into Han Wangwang’s bowl and complained, “I don’t know how you grew up. You spend so much money and you don’t have enough money. Who will dare to marry you in the future?”

Han Wangwang listened quietly without saying a word. She only buried her head in his food.

Han Junjun said again, “Look at you. Your salary isn’t high, so why do you still need to buy Chanel or Dior? Things are different now. You’re no longer the little princess of the Han family. You’ve grown up. It’s time for you to experience the dangers of society. You’ve been beaten up by society. Don’t even think about Chanel or Dior.”

Han Wangwang’s ears were about to get calluses. She placed her chopsticks on the plate and asked Han Junjun with a dark expression, “Han Che! Are you excited? You can’t close your mouth. Do you need me to sew it up for you?”

Wang Wang and Junjun were the nicknames of these two siblings. Han Wangwang’s real name was Han Xi. During her coming-of-age years, Great grandfather Han Aoyu named her Junru. Han Junjun’s real name was Han Che. Han Aoyu named him Zhiyuan.

Because Han Yueyun and his wife always called them ‘Wangwang’ and ‘Junjun’ all their friends and family thought that their real name was Wangwang and Junjun.

Normally, when Han Wangwang was angry, she would call Han Junjun by his real name. Seeing that his sister was really angry, Han Junjun knew when to stop and didn’t dare to say anything else.

Once he shut up, the whole world became quiet. Han Wangwang then picked up the chopsticks and continued eating.

When Han Wangwang was full, Han Junjun tapped his finger on his lips and asked softly, “Sister, can I talk now?” He was as humble as a servant.

Han Wangwang nodded. “Yes.”

Han Junjun opened his mouth and exhaled before saying, “You said on the phone this morning that you had something to talk to me about. What is it? Make it short. I still have to accompany Nan Guanguan to do my hair after dinner.”

“What hair?” Han Wangwang stared at Han Junjun’s short hair and said, “Your hair is so short. How are you going to do it? Are you going to become a monk?”

Han Junjun ran his hand through his short hair and smiled widely, revealing his white teeth. “My hairstyle is cool. Of course I don’t need to do my hair.”

“It’s Guanguan who wants to do it. I suspect that boy may have fallen in love with Mr. Tony from the salon. He’s been telling me about that teacher every day.”

Han Wangwang was still thinking about Liu Qing and wasn’t interested in gossip.

She wiped the grease off her mouth with a napkin, took another sip of water, and pursed her lips. Only then did she take out a small mirror and lipstick from her bag and reapply her lipstick in the mirror.

As she put it on, she said, “I heard that the singer under Sharp Entertainment, Gu Qinchuan, is the second son of the Gu family. Which Gu family is this Gu family?”

Han Wangwang was not a native of Wangdong City, so she did not know much about the big forces in Wangdong City. However, she knew that Han Junjun was able to blend in well.

“Him?” Han Junjun looked at the menu and said, “XX branded televisions are their property. When we were young, our family even bought a television produced by their company. The quality is not comparable to SaoX, but the price-performance ratio is not bad.”

After decades of research and development, the television and other electronics produced by the Gu family had become the main force in the domestic electronics industry.

Gu Qinchuan was truly the crown prince.

“So, it’s that Gu family.” Han Wangwang finally understood why when she found out that the person Mr. Liu wanted to sue was Gu Qinchuan, her colleagues in the law firm avoided her as if they had seen a poisonous snake.

Han Junjun ordered another serving of sushi for the waiter to pack.

Han Wangwang asked, “Who are you bringing food for?”

“Zhong Ling’er.” Han Junjun looked at his phone and said, “I told her that the food in this restaurant is not bad, and she wanted to try it, but she never had the chance. I’ll send it to her when I go to see Nan Guanguan later.”

Han Wangwang looked at him thoughtfully and said, “When you look for Nan Guanguan, you don’t go through the entrance of the broadcasting station. Your road is a little crooked.”

Han Junjun glanced at her and took a sip of tea.

Han Wangwang narrowed his eyes. “Hey, how old are you? You’re only 21 years old and you’re already thinking of wooing a girl?”

“I didn’t chase her. Just a friend.”

“Zhong Ling’er is Brother Aaron’s sister. Brother Aaron is the most protective. Don’t provoke her.” Han Wangwang couldn’t tell what Han Wangwang’s attitude towards Zhong Ling’er was, so she could only warn him indirectly.

“I’m not going after her.” Unexpectedly, Han Junjun’s next words were, “Sis, do you think it’s possible for me to go after Sister Jiang Bi?”

Han Wangwang suddenly picked up the rectangular Japanese cuisine plate in front of her and asked Han Junjun, “Do you know what I’m going to do with this plate?”

Han Junjun’s eyes flickered. “What are you doing?”

an Wangwang chuckled and said amiably, “It’s for your head!”

Han Junjun instantly begged for mercy. “Fine, fine, fine. I won’t chase her. I won’t chase her. I really don’t know whose sister you are. I’m your biological younger brother. How can you not know what kind of person I am? Are you afraid that I will let Sister Jiang Bi down?”

Han Wangwang took a deep breath and resisted the urge to smash the plate on Han Junjun’s head. She put down the plate and said, “Your Sister Jiang Bi has a partner.”

“Huh?” Han Junjun was shocked. “Who is it? You said the same thing last time, but I’ve never seen her with any man.”

“It’s a very outstanding person. Compared to her partner, you’re not even good enough to carry his shoes.” Han Wangwang praised herself as if there was nothing in the world.

Han Junjun pursed his lips and said, “I don’t believe you.”

When Han Junjun saw that the sushi was not ready, he asked Han Wangwang, “Why are you asking me about Gu Qinchuan’s family background?”

Han Wangwang didn’t want to tell Han Junjun too much about work.

However, her secretive attitude made Han Junjun suspicious. Han Junjun frowned deeply and said, “Han Wangwang, do you really like him?”

“Don’t get too close to him. That person won’t do.” This time, Han Junjun’s attitude was very firm.

Han Wangwang felt that this matter was worth investigating. She asked her younger brother, “Why can’t Gu Qinchuan do it? He’s handsome, talented, and comes from a good family. He’s worthy of me.”

“Bullsh*t!” Han Junjun sneered in disdain. “Don’t think too highly of Qin Guchuan. I’m a man, and I can tell at a glance that he’s very pretentious. The celebrities in the entertainment industry only show their persona on television. They’re deliberately packaged to confuse little girls like you.”

Men might not be able to tell that she was a pretentious and fake b*tch, but when it came to men, they were very accurate.

“There aren’t many real celebrities like Brother Yan Jiang in this circle. In that circle, Brother Yan Jiang hates Qin Guchuan the most.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang asked, “Brother Yan Jiang has a bad relationship with Gu Qinchuan?”

“It’s more than just not getting along. I heard that they had a fight on the spot when they were recording a variety show. Their relationship is terrible. Don’t like him. If you like him, you’re going against Brother Yan Jiang.”

Han Wangwang shook her head and explained, “I don’t like him. I took on a case. It’s related to him.”

“That’s good.” Han Junjun heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he thought of something and heaved a sigh of relief. “F*ck, Han Wangwang, did you take on the case of slandering him for cheating college students?”

This matter had blown up a few days ago. At that time, the paparazzi had taken photos of the police investigating Gu Qinchuan. Everyone was saying that Gu Qinchuan had been arrested for taking drugs.

Later on, it was proven that it was a misunderstanding. The truth was that after a pregnant university student passed away, her family found a message from the deceased to Gu Qinchuan via Weibo.

The family members of the deceased used this as evidence to go to the police station to report that Qin Guchuan was the real culprit behind the victim’s pregnancy. After investigation, the police found out that Qin Guchuan and that female university student did not know each other when they were alive. It was purely the female university student’s one-sided imagination of Gu Qinchuan.

When this matter was exposed, netizens began to denounce the ignorance and stupidity of the deceased’s family members.

This matter had blown up too much. These few days, the girls in the school had been discussing this matter, and all of them were crying out for Gu Chuanchuan to be wronged. Han Junjun, who didn’t care about entertainment news, had also heard about this matter.

Hence, he guessed that Han Wangwang might have taken on this case. He was a little anxious for Han Wangwang.

Seeing how anxious Han Junjun was, Han Wangwang said, “I did take on this case. From the looks of it, you also think that Qin Guchuan was framed by the deceased?”

Han Junjun was about to nod but hesitated.

Compared to trusting a complete stranger, he trusted his sister more. His sister was not a fool. On the contrary, she was very smart. Now that she had just become an official lawyer, she would definitely not joke about her career prospects.

Han Junjun’s gaze changed rapidly. He leaned forward and asked Han Wangwang in a low voice, “That Gu Chuanchuan, could it be that his hands and feet are dirty?”

Could it be that the incident on the Internet was not a rumor but real?

Han Wangwang put her phone and tissue into her bag and said seriously, “This is related to his innocence. I won’t reveal anything until there is insufficient evidence.”

“It’s boring.” Han Junjun didn’t pursue the matter any further, as he decided to wait quietly for the outcome.

Thinking that this was the first major case that his sister had accepted, Han Junjun reminded her, “If you want to investigate Gu Qinchuan, you can call Brother Yan Jiang. Brother Yan Jiang hates Gu Qinchuan so much, there must be a reason.”

Although Yan Jiang was arrogant and did whatever he wanted, he would not hate someone for no reason. This Qin Guchuan must have done something to make Yan Jiang feel disgusted.

“Got it.”

After the meal, Han Wangwang gave up his afternoon nap and found a quiet and deserted park. She sat on a bench and called Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang picked up the call. When he heard Han Wangwang’s voice, he smiled. “Why would Little Sister Wangwang think of calling me?”

Yan Jiang’s voice was very pleasant to hear. Han Wangwang was amused by Yan Jiang and blushed secretly. “Brother Yan Jiang, I have something to ask you.”

Yan Jiang laughed. “Call me brother? Your little uncle is my brother-in-law. You can call me uncle for now.”

“How can that be? Brother Yan Jiang is so young…”

“No matter how young I am, you can’t mess up your seniority.”

Han Wangwang then changed her words and shouted, “Little Uncle Yan Jiang.”

Yan Jiang was satisfied. “Tell me, why are you looking for me?”

Han Wangwang explained the case she took over to Yan Jiang. She did not mention anything about the details of the case.

When Yan Jiang heard this, he said, “This little lass has quite the guts to take on this case.” Not just anyone would dare to fight with the Second Young Master of the Gu family.

“It’s precisely because there are some people that others don’t dare to offend that I chose this profession,” Han Wangwang answered without thinking.

Yan Jiang was silent for a while before he smiled and said, “You’re a good kid. But this Gu Qinchuan has a strong background and isn’t easy to deal with. If you want to pull him down, I reckon it won’t be easy.”

Han Wangwang asked, “Can his background be better than my uncle?”

Yan Jiang raised an eyebrow. “How many people in our Wangdong City dare to talk about backgrounds in front of your little uncle?”

Han Wangwang: “My background is Han Zhan.”

Yan Jiang laughed. “Having a powerful background is indeed different.”

“Little uncle of Yan Jiang, just tell me directly, what does Gu Qinchuan do exactly?” If he was only the Second Young Master of the Gu family, Yan Jiang wouldn’t be so afraid of him.

Yan Jiang thought that Han Wangwang had revealed a shocking secret that no one knew about. He said, “Gu Chuanchuan might look like a singer on the surface, but he’s actually a rock star. Actually, he’s involved in the underworld. He entered the entertainment industry because he saw the profits and potential value of this industry.”

“He opened a mysterious club on the 23rd of every month. I don’t know where the address is, but in short, there’s this club. To put it bluntly, this club of his is actually a high-class brothel. The people in this brothel are all young and beautiful. As for which female celebrities are the long-term residents of this house, I won’t reveal it.”

“He used this club to win over people’s hearts. There are many people who patronize his business. At least one-fifth of the big shots in Wangdong City are involved with him. He’s actually just a middleman. Whoever causes trouble, whoever wants to ask for help, can ask him for help. As for him, he just needs to sit and wait to accumulate wealth.”

The eldest young master of the Gu family was in charge of the family’s business while the second young master of the Gu family was in charge of diplomacy. The two brothers complemented each other, and the Gu family’s power was also growing.

If Han Wangwang touched Gu Qinchuan, it would be the same as touching everyone’s cake.

“Wangwang, if possible, I still hope that you won’t take over this case. This is a hot potato.” This was Yan Jiang’s advice.

Han Wangwang said nothing.

She was thinking about Jiang Bi.

Gu Qinchuan was an artiste under Sharp Entertainment and was also the employee of the boss, Li Feng. Gu Qinchuan had always had a good relationship with Li Feng. In Jiang Bi’s murder case, Li Feng was the mastermind, so would Gu Chuanchuan also have a hand in it?

If Gu Qinchuan really interfered in this matter, then wouldn’t Jiang Zhen’s path of revenge be as difficult as ascending to the heavens! Just Gu Chuanchuan alone was already so troublesome, and with Li Feng, it would be even more difficult.

No wonder Jiang Zhen wanted to disguise himself as a woman. No wonder he had been hibernating all these years. If he didn’t grow his wings fully, how would he have the confidence to fight these people!

Old Mr Liu was actually the second Jiang Zhen. They were the same victims!

“Little Wang Wang?” Yan Jiang thought that Han Wangwang was frightened by his words. He didn’t hear Han Wangwang and was a little worried about her.

“I’m listening.” Han Wangwang gripped his phone tightly and told Yan Jiang, “There are some things that you know you can’t do, but you still have to do it. Take up legal weapons and protect everyone’s legal rights. This is the reason why I chose this profession. Uncle Yan Jiang, don’t you think so?”

Yan Jiang nodded. “Yes.” It was good to be young. Young people had endless strength and courage.

The younger the children, the more daring they were. The more they grew, the more timid they became.

Yan Jiang really liked Han Wangwang. He wanted to help this child, so he said, “My matters have basically been settled. The fetus is growing day by day in the man-made uterus, and the situation is very stable. If you need me…”

“What I mean is, if you have to do a DNA test for that pitiful child, and you can’t find a forensic doctor to help you, you can look for me.” This kind of thing that offended Gu Qinchuan was something that not many people would be willing to do. Furthermore, it was a DNA test for a child that had been dead for a long time, and no one would be willing to do it.

Hearing this, Han Wangwang was extremely grateful. “Little Uncle Yan Jiang, you’re so nice…”

Yan Jiang smiled and said, “My life is tough. I’ve done too many immoral things, so I won’t suffer retribution.”

Han Wangwang, on the other hand, said, “Yan Jiang’s uncle’s motive is to seek justice for the dead. The knife in your hand isn’t a knife used to kill people, but a knife used to clear the slate between right and wrong. Opening your stomach is to explore the truth. You’re accumulating fortune!”

“Little girl, you really know how to talk.” When Yan Jiang saw that Song Fei was done packing, he told Han Wangwang, “Song Fei and I are going to visit the child. Let’s talk next time.”


This was the first major case that Han Wangwang had handled, and the person who was going to sue was the powerful Gu Qinchuan. Han Wangwang didn’t dare to let her guard down. She had been busy the entire day, and if it wasn’t for Jiang Zhen calling to remind her, she wouldn’t even know that she had knocked off.

Han Wangwang copied the documents into the USB flash drive before deleting everything. She grabbed her bag and got off work. She was afraid that someone would peek at her documents. It was always better to be cautious.

After getting into Jiang Zhen’s car, Han Wangwang fastened her seatbelt and lowered her head without saying anything. Jiang Zhen saw that she was worried and asked, “What are you worried about?”

Han Wangwang told him, “I took on a case today.”

Jiang Zhen actually said, “I know.”

Han Wangwang was stunned for a moment, and her words were stuck in her mouth.

How did he know?

She subconsciously asked, “How did you know?” Guessing something, Han Wangwang held his forehead and said, “No way. It hasn’t even been a day. You all know that I, a rookie, took on Old Master Liu’s case?”

Han Wangwang thought that the news had been leaked by her office.

Jiang Zhen shook his head. “No. Actually, I was the one who introduced Old Man Liu to your firm. I know that the others in your firm won’t be willing to take over this case. In the end, it will be handed over to you.”

It was Hong Zheng’s law firm’s principle to bully a newbie who knew nothing.

Han Wangwang was shocked. Smart as she was, she immediately thought of what was hidden in the deeper layer.

She speculated in bewilderment, “You don’t seem like the kind of person who would meddle in other people’s business. You wouldn’t deliberately make things difficult for me. Jiang Zhen, did you introduce Old Master Liu to me because… because…”

Han Wangwang’s heart started beating faster. She tightened her grip on the safety belt in front of her chest and quickly said, “Because you know my background. You know that I’m not afraid of offending Gu Qinchuan. The reason why you’re doing this is because you want someone to expose Gu Qinchuan’s true colors. Even if you can’t completely destroy him, you have to make him lose a layer of flesh!”

“The reason for your actions is… is…” Han Wangwang suddenly raised her head and stared at Jiang Zhen’s pitch-black eyes. She said with certainty,” Because Gu Chuanchuan is one of the murderers who harmed Jiang Bi! Am I right? ”

After hearing Han Wangwang’s analysis, Jiang Zhen was deeply moved.

“The Han family’s proud daughter, Han Xi, is indeed a smart girl.” Jiang Zhen reached out and held Han Wangwang’s cheek. He placed his forehead on Han Wangwang’s forehead and sighed. “Wang Wang, I need your help.”

Han Wangwang panted heavily as she asked, “Is Gu Qinchuan the murderer that harmed your sister?”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Yes.”

On the day of Li Feng’s girlfriend’s birthday party, Li Feng had left with three other people. Jiang Zhen had already investigated the identities of the other three.

“I’ve found out the identities of the four murderers who hurt my sister. They are the An family’s young master, An Xu, the Gu family’s second young master, the rock singer, Gu Qinchuan. The only son of the Li family, the president of Sharp Media, Li Feng, and Li Feng’s cousin, Ying Ji.”

When Han Wangwang heard the names that were gradually more powerful, her eyes widened.

She recalled something and said uneasily, “When he was drunk at the club, the young master of the An family bit his friend’s cheek because of his drug addiction. The next day, he went to the hospital to visit his friend but was stabbed to death by his friend.”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Mm, yes.”

Han Wangwang asked, “Did An Xu’s death have anything to do with you?”

Jiang Zhen opened his mouth and wanted to shake his head, but when he looked into Han Wangwang’s tear-filled eyes, he finally nodded. “I planned it.”

“How did you do it?” Han Wangwang couldn’t figure out how Jiang Zhen harmed An Xu. He was obviously an unrelated person.

Jiang Zhen told Han Wangwang a shocking truth—

“The drug An Xu took was very rare. When his drug addiction acted up, he would eat living things like a wild dog. I reported the supplier of the drug to in advance, so An Xu couldn’t buy the drug for the past few days, so he was in a daze. That night, he was spending money like water. I was the boss, so I specially got the waiter to add a little something to his drink. When he drank that glass of wine, it caused his drug addiction to act up. His drug addiction acted up, and he lost his mind. He didn’t recognize anyone, so he bit the friend beside him.”

“That man with the surname Mo opened a small company, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Because he was good-looking, he was fancied by the third daughter of the Dongfang family. The man with the surname Mo urgently needed a large sum of money. Coincidentally, the dowry for the third daughter of the Dongfang family was very generous, and the two of them got engaged, one for sex and the other for property. But An Xu bit the face of the man with the surname Mo, and the man with the surname Mo lost his only beauty. His marriage with the third daughter of the Dongfang family would definitely be invalid, and his company would also go bankrupt…”

“An Xu took drugs and even bit someone. In the end, he only stayed in the detention center for one night before being rescued. The next day, he even went to the hospital to visit that Mo guy. That Mo guy was upset. He went bankrupt, disfigured, broke off the engagement, and all the hatred gathered together. It was hard for him not to pull out his knife and hurt someone.”

“An Xu was killed by the Mo guy like that.” And he’d stayed out of it from start to finish, having nothing to do with the whole thing.

He used this borrowed knife to kill someone very well.

Han Wangwang’s heart turned cold. This was the first time she truly felt Jiang Bi’s shrewdness and ruthlessness.

Whether it was reporting the drug dealer, causing An Xu to lose his mind, ordering the service staff to deliver special wine to An Xu, or deliberately arranging Mo to sit next to An Xu so that he could become the target of An Xu’s harm…

This step was all carefully planned by Jiang Zhen, it couldn’t be wrong!

Jiang Zhen observed Han Wangwang’s reaction. He was afraid that Han Wangwang would be afraid of him, who was so cruel and heartless. He was terrified and uneasy. His hands that were holding Han Wangwang were trembling.

“Wangwang, are you afraid of me?” Jiang Zhen anxiously waited for Han Wangwang’s answer.

Han Wangwang sensed Jiang Zhen’s emotions and felt sorry for him. She held his hand and forced a smile at him before saying, “An Xu and that Mo fellow must be jackals of the same tribe to be able to play together. If An Xu doesn’t take drugs, you won’t be able to use this weakness to plot against him.”

You are indeed scary.” She pouted and kissed Jiang Zhen’s lips. “But I’m not afraid.”

Jiang Zhen’s tense heart suddenly relaxed.

Han Wangwang realized that she had just kissed Jiang Zhen and felt a little embarrassed. She quickly broke free from Jiang Zhen’s hands and leaned against the passenger seat.

“Well, I called Yan Jiang and asked about Gu Qinchuan. He told me that Gu Qinchuan has a club that opens on 23rd every month. The day after tomorrow, I want to visit that club personally. Do you know where that club is?”

Jiang Zhen narrowed his eyes and stared at her. “Don’t go,” he said.


“The management of that club is very strict.” Jiang Zhen had long noticed Gu Chuanchuan, so he naturally had to carefully investigate him.

“I don’t suggest you go unless you don’t mind being seen naked,” Jiang Zhen said.

Han Wangwang widened his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“As you’re thinking, you can’t wear clothes in that club. If you want to wear clothes, you can only wear clothes provided by the club, but that kind of clothes… you might as well not wear them.”

Han Wangwang’s morals were shattered.

“You, you know so much. Have you been there?” Han Wangwang thought about it. That was impossible. Jiang Zhen was disguising himself. He would never let anyone see his body.

Jiang Zhen said, “I’ve never been there, but my subordinates have snuck in.”

“Gu Chuanchuan is a very cautious person. In order to prevent people from secretly taking videos and expose the existence of the club, everyone who participates in the club is not allowed to wear clothes. In order to prevent people from secretly wearing listening devices, they would even check their ears and hair.”

“Therefore, even if you managed to sneak in, you would not gain anything.”

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