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Chapter 385: The Young Mistress of the Jiang Family Returns Grandly!

Zhu Xiulan naturally had a deep impression of Jiang Weimin and his missing children.

Back then, on the night that Jiang Zhen and his sister went missing, the people in the company had rushed over to help search for the children. Zhu Xiulan had entered the company then, and she had also participated in the search for the children.

When Zhu Xiulan heard that Jiang Bi had been found, her emotions were in turmoil. As Jiang Weimin’s second wife, she did not wish for the children to be found. After all, if the children returned, her and Jiang Guchuan’s identities would be awkward.

However, as a woman and a mother, Zhu Xiulan hoped that the children would be found sooner so that their mother could rest in peace.

Jiang Weimin nodded his head vigorously and told Zhu Xiulan, “The DNA testing center called me today. They said that they found the person suspected to be Bi’er. I’ve already gone for a blood test today. Once the results are out, we’ll know the exact results.”

“That’s great.” Zhu Xiulan smiled impeccably, but her eyes were filled with sorrow.

Jiang Guchuan glanced at his mother and did not say anything. The three of them entered the house together.

The chef at home had already prepared the meal. After the three of them ate, Zhu Xiulan called the nanny to clean up the guest room upstairs.

This house was a new villa that Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan bought after they got married. There were many rooms in the villa, but they were all made into guest rooms. Now that Jiang Bi was coming back, the guest rooms had to be rearranged and some furniture had to be added.

Zhu Xiulan decided to change the bed and cabinet in the guest room and buy a soft bed suitable for girls.

By the time she finished tidying up the room, it was already around 10 p.m.

After Zhu Xiulan showered, she put on a facial mask and said, “I’ll go shopping in the furniture store tomorrow and buy some new furniture for someone to send over. Oh right, have you seen Bi’er? How tall is she? What style of clothes does she like to wear? I’ll go buy some clothes for her.”

Jiang Weimin smiled bitterly. “I haven’t seen her before.”

“We can only see Bi’er after the results are out?”


Zhu Xiulan asked again, “How has Bi’er been all these years?”

“I don’t know.” Jiang Weimin didn’t dare to think about how Bi’er had been living all these years, nor did he dare to think about the whereabouts of his son, Jiang Zhen.

Zhu Xiulan saw that Jiang Weimin had a lot on his mind and didn’t disturb him anymore.

That night, Jiang Weimin did not sleep well and woke up before dawn.

Zhu Xiulan opened her eyes and saw Jiang Weimin changing in the changing room. She noticed that Jiang Weimin wasn’t wearing a suit today and was instead wearing a casual sportswear and sneakers. Zhu Xiulan couldn’t help but be surprised.

“You’re dressed like this. Are you going to rest today?” Zhu Xiulan had never heard Jiang Weimin mention that he was going to rest today.

Jiang Weimin tidied up the collar of his POLO shirt and walked out. He stood under the changing room and the master bedroom door and said to Zhu Xiulan, “I’m going to the cemetery. I’ll be back for lunch today. Sleep a little more. I’m leaving.”

Zhu Xiulan’s expression froze. “To the cemetery…” She knew who he was going to meet.

Jiang Weimin nodded and said, “I’m leaving.”

As she watched Jiang Weimin close the door and heard his distant footsteps, Zhu Xiulan also lifted the blanket and sat up. She was only wearing a sexy strapless dress. She picked up the silk gown hanging on the clothes rack, put it on, and went downstairs in her slippers.

When she went downstairs, Jiang Weimin’s car was driving out of the garage. She stood at the door of the living room and looked at the car driving away from afar, lost in thought.


Jiang Guchuan called her.

Zhu Xiulan quickly turned around and saw that her son was holding two cups of coffee. She reached out and took the dark green cup. She lowered her head and held the spoon with her fingers as she stirred the coffee absent-mindedly.

Jiang Guchuan took a sip of his coffee and stared at the open door of the villa. He asked Zhu Xiulan, “Father went to work so early?”

“He’s resting today.”

“Oh?” Jiang Guchuan asked curiously, “Then where is he going?”

“Went to the cemetery to see your Aunt Lan.”

Hearing this, Jiang Guchuan narrowed his eyes. Jiang Bi was finally found. Jiang Weimin should go and share this good news with his deceased wife.

“Mom, we haven’t talked in a long time. Let’s go to the backyard and have a chat.” Jiang Guchuan called Zhu Xiulan and went to the lounge in the backyard with her.

Sitting on the bench, Jiang Guchuan crossed his long legs and held a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked up at the lush fortune-telling tree and suddenly said, “Jiang Bi is coming home. Mom, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Zhu Xiulan’s expression changed slightly, and she quickly rebuked him. “Guchuan, you should know what to say and what not to say.”

Jiang Guchuan chuckled and said, “There are no outsiders here.”

Zhu Xiulan looked back and saw that the helpers were cleaning the front yard and the house. She was relieved. “I’m not uncomfortable. I just thought it was quite sudden. Those two children have been missing for 15 years. I didn’t expect them to be found.”

“Back then, Lan Ruoyun was so crazy that she became delirious. She even knew to go to the gene-search library to record her DNA. Actually, I think it’s quite strange.”

Jiang Guchuan took a sip of his coffee and smiled. “Auntie Lan is concerned about those two children. It’s not surprising that she would record a DNA test when she knows about the existence of the gene search engine.” After all, that woman had been looking for her child her entire life.

“Mom, aren’t you worried that once Jiang Bi is back, Father won’t be able to tolerate us anymore?” When Jiang Guchuan asked this, his tone was rather calm, but his eyes were deep and serene, and he didn’t seem to be truly calm.

Zhu Xiulan’s expression was unpredictable. She stirred her coffee slowly and smiled mysteriously. “That won’t happen. Trust me, the return of that girl won’t threaten your interests.”

Jiang Guchuan laughed.

Jiang Weimin went to the cemetery to catch up with his deceased wife for more than an hour. He walked out of the cemetery and brushed past a young man wearing a hat at the entrance.

Jiang Weimin did not notice the young man’s presence. He stood at a corner outside the cemetery where no one was near. He took out his phone and made a call. “Mr. Meng, help me check on someone.”

“Her name is Jiang Bi. She’s 19 years old this year. She only came to Wangdong City a year ago to work. I want to know what she’s been through all these years.” After explaining his request over the phone, Jiang Weimin got into the car and left after hearing the affirmative reply.

Jiang Zhen was holding a bunch of chrysanthemums in his hand. He walked up the stairs step by step, but Jiang Weimin’s call came through his earpiece. Jiang Zhen smiled and made a call.

The call went through and a mellow male voice said, “Sir.”

Jiang Zhen looked at the cold tombstone in front of him and whispered to the person on the other end of the phone, “Meng Xiaosheng, you should know how to explain my identity and past to that person.”

Meng Xiaosheng was a well-known detective in the country, but he was also Jiang Zhen’s loyal subordinate. Jiang Zhen had saved his life. Meng Xiaosheng nodded and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Sir. I’ll report your life to Mr. Jiang Weimin in detail as you instructed.”


Jiang Zhen hung up the phone. He lowered his head and gently caressed the yellow chrysanthemum in his hand before walking towards the tombstone.

Jiang Zhen squatted down in front of the tombstone. He lowered his head and looked at Lan Ruoyun’s gentle and lovely appearance on the tombstone, trying to search for his childhood memories from his mother’s appearance.

However, he did not recall anything related to his parents. He only vaguely remembered a gentle female voice singing beside his ear with a smile.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my babies. Happy birthday to you all. Good health to you all…”

Jiang Zhen reached out and gently caressed Lan Ruoyun’s photo. His throat rolled up and down several times before he said hoarsely, “…Mom, your son is back.”

But your son came back too late.

“Mommy, I’m sorry. I lost my sister. I couldn’t bring her home.” Jiang Zhen lowered his head and covered his red eyes. He choked and promised, “After I settle everything, I’ll move my sister’s grave back and let her reunite with you.”

“Mommy.” Jiang Zhen looked at Lan Ruoyun’s portrait with teary eyes and suddenly said, “I really want to eat your birthday cake…”

I really wish I could.

Three days later, the Justice Bureau finally called Jiang Weimin.

When he received the call, Jiang Weimin had just finished a board meeting.

He had just walked out of the conference room when his phone rang.

Jiang Weimin had been very active in picking up calls these past two days, afraid that he would miss any calls. When Jiang Weimin saw that the call was from the judicial bureau, he immediately touched his pants excitedly and picked up the call with trembling hands.

Without waiting for the other party to speak, Jiang Weimin rushed to speak first. “Hello, I’m Jiang Weimin!”

The directors, who were about to leave, stopped in their tracks curiously when they saw Jiang Weimin getting so excited after receiving a call. They looked at him in surprise. Jiang Weimin pricked up his ears and listened carefully to every word that the other party said.

He heard something and asked excitedly, “Really? Is it true? Is she really my child?” Jiang Weimin didn’t even hang up the phone. He raised his head and wiped his tears away.

Everyone was surprised to see the chairman cry over a phone call.

Whose call was this?

Jiang Weimin said a few more words before hanging up.

He held his phone and looked at his business partners with tears in his eyes. He heaved a long sigh and shouted in relief, “I found her! I found my daughter, Bi’er! It’s been 15 years, I finally found her!”

When they heard Jiang Weimin’s words, the directors were stunned at first, then they felt happy for him from the bottom of their hearts. “Really! You really found Jiang Bi! That’s great! That’s great. If Madam…”

Someone had just mentioned Madam when someone else quickly grabbed his arm. Realizing that he had mentioned someone he shouldn’t have, that person tactfully shut his mouth.

“Director Jiang, this is a joyous occasion!”

“Right, right, right. We have to congratulate you when you bring Jiang Bi back!”

Jiang Weimin said, “She’ll be back tomorrow. My family is hosting a banquet the day after tomorrow. Everyone is welcome to come! I have to go home. Bi’er will be back tomorrow. I have to make preparations in advance!”

“Alright, alright, alright!”

Jiang Weimin didn’t even have to work anymore. He hurriedly returned home and got the servants to clean up the house once again before he went to buy ingredients to prepare for the welcoming ceremony tomorrow.

News always spread fast. Soon, everyone in the upper-class society knew that the Jiang family had found their long-lost daughter, Jiang Bi.

When they heard that Jiang Bi would be returning to the Jiang family the next day, the people who lived next to Jiang Weimin’s family all rested at home that morning. They looked forward to seeing the reunion of the Jiang family father and daughter.

At eight in the morning, a black Volkswagen drove over from the asphalt road of the villa district. It drove very slowly.

“She’s back!”

Someone shouted, “The youngest daughter of the Jiang family is back!” Upon hearing that, all the neighbors walked to the entrance of the courtyard and stared at the asphalt road, watching the approaching car from afar.

Jiang Zhen was sitting in the car. When he saw the people watching the commotion outside the window, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. Look on, there will be even more drama in the future.

The person who sent Jiang Zhen home was the president of the Search Foundation. She was a woman in her forties. She looked very generous and was obviously a kind person.

The president’s name was Feng Qingxuan. She noticed that there were people watching the show on both sides of the road. Worried that Jiang Zhen would be nervous, she hugged Jiang Zhen’s shoulders and comforted her. “Don’t be afraid, little sister. These people are all happy for your family.”

Jiang Zhen felt bitter being hugged by a woman, but he couldn’t show any resistance. He coughed and said in a cold female voice, “I know, but I’m not used to it. I’ve rarely been paid attention like this.”

“You’ll get used to it slowly.”

The car was about to arrive at the entrance of the Jiang residence. Jiang Zhen tilted his head and looked in front of him. He realized that there were a few reporters standing outside the Jiang residence. “Why are there reporters?”

President Feng said, “The disappearance of the Jiang family’s twins is very famous in Wangdong City. The Jiang family is a rich family, so naturally, people will pay attention to it. Now that fifteen years have passed and we can still find you, the media will definitely wantonly report about it. You don’t have to be nervous. If they ask you a question, just casually answer it.”

Jiang Zhen nodded.

The car finally stopped.

Jiang Weimin, Zhu Xiulan, and their adopted son, Jiang Guchuan, stood in front of the door. The three of them were dressed in low-profile clothing, and there was no sign of them. There was no sense of aloofness.

When Jiang Weimin saw that the car had stopped, he thought that he would be able to see his daughter immediately. He kept rubbing his hands on his trousers. The reporters noticed Jiang Weimin’s nervousness and secretly took a few photos of him rubbing his trousers.

Both Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Guchuan were very quiet. They had appropriate smiles on their faces and didn’t deliberately show their excitement, but they didn’t look unhappy either.

This suited the image of their stepmother and adopted son very well.

Feng Qingxuan opened the car door first. The moment she got out, she was blocked by the reporters. Feng Qingxuan said politely, “Please make way. Make way. Don’t get too close. Don’t scare the child.”

Jiang Weimin calmed down a little too. He shot a glance at the bodyguards, and the bodyguards pulled the reporters further away. The reporters could only raise their cameras and take photos from a distance.

Feng Qingxuan pulled open the door on the right side of the backseat. Feng Qingxuan bent down and comforted the person opposite her. Only then did everyone see a foot sticking out of the car. That foot was a little big and was wearing white sneakers. It did not look delicate and instead looked like a boy’s foot.

When Jiang Guchuan saw this, two thoughts flashed through his mind.

What a big foot! What a long leg!

The person in the car got out of the car.

Everyone looked up and finally saw the true face of the Jiang family’s youngest daughter—

Her long hair was gently and obediently draped behind her head, and it was covered by a black sun hat. Her figure was as tall as a supermodel, and she wore a light blue wind blouse with vertical stripes. The lower half of her body was wrapped in a pair of loose, grayish-green trousers. She was dressed like a Japanese street model.

Zhu Xiulan had to look up to see Jiang Bi’s face clearly. Once she saw that face, Zhu Xiulan knew that this girl was definitely Jiang Weimin’s biological daughter because she looked too similar to Lan Ruoyun when she was young!

Jiang Weimin looked at Jiang Zhen in a daze, thinking that he had seen his late wife when she was young. He pinched his thigh hard to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming, then shouted in disbelief, “Bi’er… are you my Bi’er?”

Jiang Zhen glanced at Jiang Weimin coldly. His lips moved before he said in a cold female voice, “…Dad…”

Jiang Weimin hugged Jiang Bi tightly when he heard her call him ‘Daddy’. Tears streamed down his face as he cried, “My daughter! My daughter, you’re finally back! I’ve finally found you!”

Affected by Jiang Weimin’s emotions, Jiang Zhen’s eyes turned slightly red.

After wandering around for fifteen years, he had finally returned to his father’s embrace.

Jiang Zhen hesitated before reaching out to hug Jiang Weimin.

This touching scene of father and child reuniting made people shed tears. The neighbors around them were secretly wiping their tears. Zhu Xiulan, who was behind Jiang Weimin, was also a little touched. Her eyes turned red.

After the two of them hugged for a while, Jiang Guchuan reminded, “Father, bring sister into the house to catch up. There are so many people watching outside.”


Jiang Zhen was brought home by Jiang Weimin. The butler invited the reporters away and welcomed President Feng into the house.

Feng Qingxuan and Jiang Zhen sat on the sofa together. Zhu Xiulan personally brought Jiang Zhen tea and coffee. She introduced herself, “Hello Bi’er, I’m your Auntie Zhu.”

Jiang Zhen acknowledged and greeted Auntie Zhu before picking up the cup of coffee on the table.

He took a sip of coffee and realized that it was too sweet, so he did not touch it again. People who were used to bitter coffee were not used to sweet coffee. Firstly, they were afraid that if they drank too much sweet coffee, they would forget the bitter taste. Secondly, they really could not accept the overly sweet taste.

Zhu Xiulan noticed Jiang Zhen’s actions and asked softly, “What’s wrong? Is the taste of coffee not suitable?”

Jiang Zhen thought for a moment, then told her honestly, “I prefer bitter coffee.”

“It’s like this.” Zhu Xiulan passed the tray to the nanny beside her. She placed the two cups on the tray and gave the nanny a look before saying softly, “Make another cup of bitter coffee.”

“Yes, Madam.”

When Jiang Zhen heard the housekeeper call Zhu Xiulan ‘Madam’, he looked up and stared at Zhu Xiulan. Zhu Xiulan saw that Jiang Zhen was sizing her up and felt a little awkward. She didn’t know how to introduce herself.

Jiang Zhen definitely knew about Jiang Weimin’s second marriage, but she could pretend not to know.

Fortunately, President Feng spoke up to help Zhu Xiulan resolve the awkwardness. President Feng told Jiang Zhen, “Jiang Bi, this Auntie Zhu is the wife your father remarried many years after your mother passed away.”

“The man behind your father is your brother. He’s the child that Auntie Zhu brought over.”

President Feng had long understood the current family structure of the Jiang family. She, who had done her homework, explained it without hesitation. Hearing this, Jiang Zhen nodded and called Zhu Xiulan Auntie Zhu.

He called her Aunt Zhu very calmly and Zhu Xiulan heaved a sigh of relief. Zhu Xiulan looked at President Feng gratefully and President Feng smiled back.

At this moment, Jiang Weimin walked over with a photo album in his arms. “I found it. Bi’er, look, this is the photo of you when you were young.”

Jiang Weimin sat down beside Jiang Zhen and opened the photo album. The first photo was taken when Jiang Zhen was three years old. It was taken by his family outside his grandfather’s old villa.

Jiang Weimin pointed at the old house in the picture and said to Jiang Zhen, “This is your grandfather’s old villa. In the past few years, Jiang Dong Medical Enterprise was just established. To save money, our family moved into your grandfather’s old house. This is the first New Year we have spent at your grandfather’s house.”

He pointed at the beautiful woman in the photo and said, “This is your mother. You look very similar to your mother when she was young.” Jiang Weimin moved his finger and stopped on a young man in a down jacket. “This is me.”

Jiang Weimin and Lan Ruoyun each carried a child in their arms. Jiang Weimin told Jiang Zhen, “The child in your mother’s arms is you. The one in my arms is your brother.”

In the photo, Jiang Zhen was wearing a black down jacket with a gray turtleneck under the open collar. He had round fur and a pair of sparkling black eyes on his palm-sized face.

Jiang Bi, who was three years old, was wearing a red festive little jacket with two braids. She was grinning at the camera.

Jiang Zhen looked at his sister’s innocent smile and suddenly felt his heart ache. His impression of his sister had never revealed such an innocent and cute smile.

In his impression, his younger sister was usually quiet and quiet. Occasionally, when she smiled, she would appear reserved and shy. It turned out that when he was young, his younger sister was also this cute and lively.

“At that time, the two of you always fought and quarreled, often causing your mother to break down.” But at that time, breaking down was also bliss. It was only when the children went missing that they truly understood what a real break down was.

Jiang Zhen could not imagine himself fighting with his sister. In all his memories, he could not bear to hit Jiang Bi once. He doted on Jiang Bi very much because he knew very well that in this world, he only had Jiang Bi as his kin.

Jiang Weimin flipped to the back again and told Jiang Zhen the history of the photos one by one.

After flipping through nine pictures in a row, the children stopped appearing on screen.

At the end of the photo album was a personal photo of Lan Ruoyun. At this time, Lan Ruoyun had already lost a lot of weight. She was wearing a sky-blue silk dress and was sitting in the garden of her grandfather’s old house. Her eyes were wooden as she looked at the camera. At a glance, she was a desperate housewife.

Jiang Weimin looked at the photo. His eyes dimmed and the smile on his face disappeared.

He closed the album and sighed. “After you siblings disappeared, your mom started to lose her appetite for tea. Then she became depressed and even had a mental problem…”

Jiang Zhen didn’t know what to say.

iang Weimin put his arm around Jiang Zhen’s shoulder. Jiang Zhen’s body stiffened, but he soon relaxed. Jiang Weimin stared at Jiang Bi’s face and asked anxiously, “Bi’er, your brother…”

When the people in the room heard Jiang Weimin mention the boy, they subconsciously stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Weimin gathered his courage and asked, “When did you and your brother get separated?”

Jiang Zhen lowered his eyes, his long and curly eyelashes casting a grayish-green shade under his eyes. He said in a soft voice, “We… after we were snatched away, we were sold to the State of Yue. At the age of ten, my adoptive father wanted to sell me to a violent man to be a child bride. In order to bring me out of my misery, my older brother took me to escape overnight. On the way, my older brother…”

Jiang Zhen said with half-truths and half-truths, “In order to save me, he deliberately ran out as bait to lure my adoptive father away. After that, I never saw him again…”

Jiang Zhen deliberately left a suspense, not saying whether his ‘older brother’ was dead or alive after being captured by his foster father.

The atmosphere in the room became abnormally silent. No one dared to think too deeply about the child’s fate.

Jiang Weimin suddenly let go of Jiang Zhen and stood up. He said, “I’m going to relieve myself. Excuse me.” Then, he rushed to the toilet.

Zhu Xiulan also got up and went to the toilet. After a while, everyone heard the sound of breaking down and wailing coming from the toilet.

When Jiang Zhen heard his father’s cries, he thought to himself: If my father knew that his only daughter had been drugged and thrown onto the train tracks after being bullied by others, and that she had been repeatedly crushed by the train, I wonder if he would still be able to cry.

Jiang Zhen raised his head when he felt someone walking past him. He saw Jiang Guchuan walking past with a teacup in his hand. Noticing Jiang Zhen’s gaze, Jiang Guchuan stopped and turned his head to give Jiang Zhen an elegant smile.

Jiang Zhen silently lowered his head. Everyone thought that he was shy.

Jiang Zhen was actually testing Jiang Guchuan.

Because they were twins, Jiang Zhen and Jiang Bi looked 70% alike. Jiang Bi’s facial features were more gentle and beautiful, while he was sharper. However, he had light makeup on today and softened his facial features, so he looked more like Jiang Bi.

Jiang Zhen had been observing Jiang Guchuan ever since he got off the car. When Jiang Guchuan saw him, he did not reveal any surprise or shock. This meant that he was most likely not one of the four murderers who had harmed Jiang Bi.

Because the murderer had an impression of the person he had killed.

President Feng was asked to stay for lunch with Jiang Zhen. After lunch, President Feng left. Before he left, Jiang Weimin personally sent President Feng off and donated a sum of money to the Golden Foundation.

After sending President Feng off, Jiang Weimin returned to the living room. Seeing that Jiang Zhen was about to fall asleep, he said to Jiang Guchuan, “Guchuan, bring your sister to her room. She seems a little tired.”


Jiang Guchuan stood up and lowered his head to tell Jiang Zhen, “Sister, I’ll bring you back to your room.”

“… Okay.”

Jiang Zhen followed Jiang Guchuan upstairs. On the stairs, there were only the two of them. Jiang Zhen stared at Jiang Guchuan’s back and revealed a thoughtful expression.

When they reached the room, Jiang Guchuan said to Jiang Zhen, “The bed items are all new. The wardrobe is still empty. I’ll get Mom to bring you to buy clothes tomorrow. Do you want to rest first?”

“Okay, thanks.”

Jiang Zhen walked into the room with her small satchel. Just as she reached the end of the bed, she suddenly heard Jiang Guchuan say from behind her, “Pardon me for asking, have you been to Nanxing City before?”

Jiang Zhen suddenly stopped in his tracks.

With his back facing Jiang Guchuan, Jiang Zhen’s expression changed unpredictably.

He slowly turned around and asked softly, “No, why?”

Jiang Guchuan waved his hand and said, “I saw a girl in Nanxing City a long time ago. She looks quite similar to you. I thought you used to live in Nanxing City.”

“No, I haven’t. After leaving Yue State, I’ve been living in City J and only came to Wangcheng City last year to work.” The fake identity Jiang Zhen gave himself was that of a young girl who had dropped out of school.

Jiang Guchuan laughed. “Then I must have made a mistake. But you really do look like that girl, but she’s not as tall as you.”

Jiang Zhen knew that the girl Jiang Guchuan mentioned should be Jiang Bi.

They had indeed met before.

Jiang Zhen put down his bag and asked Jiang Guchuan curiously, “Do you still remember the person you met a few years ago? Is she the person you like?”

Jiang Guchuan was stunned for a moment before shaking his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “No, she’s the daughter of my university mentor, so I have a deeper impression of her.” Jiang Guchuan studied in Nanxing City.

Professor Su happened to be his mentor. After Professor Su passed away, he had attended the other party’s funeral and met the adopted daughter of his mentor. Hence, he had a deep impression of Jiang Bi.

At that time, when Jiang Guchuan saw Jiang Bi, he suspected that Jiang Bi and Lan Ruoyun were mother and daughter. However, he did not dare to tell his father about this as he was afraid that his father would risk everything to bring that child back.

Jiang Guchuan was selfish after all. He did not wish for the Jiang family to have a second child.

But now that Jiang Bi was brought back, he could only accept this fact. Jiang Bi being brought back was not the worst case scenario. What he was most worried about was that Jiang Zhen would also be found by Jiang Weimin.

Jiang Zhen was a boy, and Jiang Weimin would definitely pass the company to the only male heir.

However, as a girl, Jiang Bi would not pose a threat to Jiang Guchuan. After all, Jiang Bi was not educated and her knowledge was low. No matter how much her father doted on her, he would not hand Jiang Dong Medical Enterprise to Jiang Bi.

Jiang Guchuan could still accept giving Jiang Bi some assets.

Today, after hearing from ‘Jiang Bi’that Jiang Zhen might have died in the State of Yue, Jiang Guchuan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Have a good rest. I’m going back to my room too. If you need anything, you can ring the bell and ask the nanny to send it over.” After Jiang Guchuan said that, he turned to leave and closed the door considerately.

Jiang Zhen waited for Jiang Guchuan to leave before sitting down on the bed in a daze.

This Jiang Guchuan deliberately revealed that he had seen Jiang Bi in Nanxing City. Was he testing me or was it a coincidence?

On the first day he’d returned to the Jiang family, Jiang Zhen had realized that his following actions were like treading on thin ice. Every step he took was difficult, and he had to take every step carefully.

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