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Chapter 384: Finding My Biological Father, Going Home To Cause Trouble!

Yang Chong’s words undoubtedly stirred up a thousand waves with a single stone. It smashed a deep hole in Jiang Zhen’s heart, causing an earth-shattering splash.

Jiang Zhen was so shocked that he couldn’t speak and couldn’t utter a single word. He could only see his pupils dilate in an instant. Grief, anger, absurdity, and doubt all interweaved in his eyes.

For a moment, Jiang Zhen’s mind was in a mess. His thoughts were in a mess, and even his hearing was affected. His ears were buzzing non-stop.

After a long while, Jiang Zhen was pulled back from that ridiculous world. His bloodshot eyes were glued to Yang Chong’s face. He reached out and grabbed Yang Chong’s slender neck, asking through gritted teeth, “What did you say?”

He refused to believe that what he heard was true!

Yang Chong knew that it was hard for Jiang Zhen to accept this fact. She nodded her head with tears in her eyes, tears rolling down her face and into her neck.

She cried and confessed, “I’m sorry, I lied with them. I’m sorry, Su Run didn’t commit suicide due to depression. She was harassed and drugged, before she was thrown onto the rail!”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry to her—”

The case of Jiang Bi was the first case that Yang Chong worked on after he became an intern. When she received the news and went to pick up the corpse on the railway, she was also ambitious and determined to find out the injustice suffered by the victim and seek justice for her!

She rushed to the crime scene and saw the body that had been crushed by the train. She resisted the strong urge to vomit and lowered her head to pick up the little girl’s body.

When she returned to the police station, she had also lit up a lamp and stayed up late to perform an autopsy on Jiang Bi just to find out everything that this lady had experienced before her death.

When she found out that girls had been hurt by different guys before they died, she was furious. She had also punched the table and cursed those bad guys who harmed people. She hoped that they would be caught and sent to the eighteenth level of hell after they died.

However, she did not expect that when she took the test data and reported it to her superiors, her most respected Boss Li would tear up her work report right in front of her.

Yang Chong was stunned for two seconds before she regained her senses. She could not help but question Boss Li. “Boss, why did you tear my report?”

Boss Li patted her shoulder and said gently, “Xiao Chong, you’ve done your job well. I’ll let you get promoted during the year-end assessment next year.”

When Yang Chong heard this, he felt that something was wrong. She clenched her fists and said, “Chief Li, as a medical examiner, it’s my responsibility to investigate every victim’s injuries and pain and give them an explanation.”

“But Chief Li, this girl did not commit suicide due to depression. She tested for benzodiazepine in her stomach. Although this drug is effective in treating depression and anxiety, it is also a type of hypnotherapy drug. I also found traces left behind by four different men in the girl’s body. I reasonably suspect that this girl was injured by four strange boys before she died and was thrown on the rail after sleeping peacefully.”

“Therefore, I don’t think it’s a simple suicide out of depression. It’s a murder case with a bad nature! We should investigate this matter again!”

After Yang Chong finished expressing his feelings, he raised his head and realized that Boss Li’s expression was dark. The gaze he was looking at her with was especially dangerous, like a venomous snake hiding in the bushes, quietly watching every human that passed by the bushes, ready to bite at any moment.

Yang Chong felt a chill on her back. Only then did she realize that Boss Li’s words about promoting her in the annual assessment were not praising her at all, but threatening her!

If she was obedient, she would stay and get a promotion and a raise. If she was disobedient, she would be kicked out!

“Xiao Chong, your sister is a cerebral palsy. The annual medical expenses aren’t low, are they…?”

The rookie who had just entered the workforce, as well as the wily fox, quietly looked at each other. In the end, the rookie could only shrink her head and become a coward.

Over the past two years, every time Yang Chong thought of Jiang Bi, she felt guilty and uneasy. After telling the truth, Yang Chong felt relieved.

Yang Chong’s tears burned the back of Jiang Zhen’s hand. Jiang Zhen pulled his hand back and stood up in disbelief.

As he staggered back, he shook his head in denial. “This isn’t real. This isn’t real…”

After learning the truth of Jiang Bi’s death, Jiang Zhen’s world had collapsed!

The girl was gone!

My little girl was gone!

Then what was the pain and grievance I had suffered for?!

When I went on stage to practice boxing at the age of ten, the number of punches I took was more than the number of sweets a child my age had eaten! On the stage, even if I was beaten until I was on the verge of death, I would not cry. Why?

I just wanted to grit my teeth and live on. I wanted to earn more money so that I could buy a luxurious house and give my sister a home when I grew up!

Now that everything was on the right track, I had money and I had grown up. I could protect her well, but she was no longer around!

Jiang Zhen had never hated the heavens before, but at this moment, Jiang Zhen suddenly felt a sense of malice towards the heavens. People with money and power could do whatever they wanted, but should poor and mediocre people be toyed with?

Although he was wearing the mask of the Great Sage, he was not the Great Sage Sun after all. He could not wreak havoc in the Heaven Palace.

Jiang Zhen suddenly stopped in his tracks and lowered his head to stare at Yang Chong, who was standing beside the table. “Why don’t you stand out and seek justice for her?” Jiang Zhen walked towards Yang Chong step by step, muttering, “You’re a forensic doctor, isn’t it your duty to uphold justice for the dead?”

“You’re a forensic doctor, why don’t you speak up for your victim!”

“You’re the only one who knows how much pain she’s been through. If you don’t even speak up for her, who else can?!”

Jiang Zhen hated this female forensic doctor to death!

Why did everyone bully Jiang Bi!

Everyone wanted to bully her!

Yang Chong looked at Jiang Zhen in fear, her hands subconsciously holding the edge of the table behind him as she silently retreated to a corner.

At this moment, Jiang Zhen’s face was covered by Sun Wukong’s mask, revealing only a pair of cold black eyes filled with murderous bloodlust.

Yang Chong had seen the look in the eyes of a few outlaws before they were shot to death. It was the same as Jiang Zhen’s current look. It was cruel, vicious, and merciless!

Yang Chong retreated to the corner of the wall, unable to retreat anymore.

She leaned against the wall in despair and said in a hoarse voice, “Y-You need to calm down.”

“You’re advising me to calm down?” Under the mask, Jiang Zhen smirked evilly. “If calmness can revive her, then I’m willing to freeze into ice.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t return her to me.”

Jiang Zhen raised Yang Chong’s body with both hands and slammed her onto the table.

Yang Chong was slammed onto the table. When her arm fell, it hit the instant noodles on the table and knocked over the bucket of noodles. Thankfully, she wasn’t scalded.

Yang Chong was in so much pain that her head was emitting golden light. She tried to sit up with both hands on the table. Before she could sit up straight, her forehead was pressed against a cold hole.

Yang Chong realized what was between her eyebrows. Her muscles tensed up and she looked up at the man holding the gun.

Yang Chong licked her dry lips nervously.

“Speak! Who are those four people! If you don’t speak, I’ll kill you!” Jiang Zhen stared at Yang Chong with a chilling gaze. That cold gaze made Yang Chong apprehensive.

Yang Chong closed his eyes and said with a trembling mouth, “I don’t know who they are. I only know that their background is not small. They are from the Wangdong City. They should have power and influence. They are not people I can offend…”

Jiang Zhen did not believe Yang Chong’s words at all.

You’re lying. It takes three hours to fly from Nanxing City to Wangdong City. The people there won’t come here to do anything. Unless one of their relatives is here and that relative’s identity isn’t low!”

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s analysis, Yang Chong immediately sighed. This person was really smart. She was not his match at all.

Jiang Zhen pressed the muzzle of his gun against Yang Chong’s forehead and said, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t tell the truth, you’ll never see your sister again.”

Yang Chong suddenly opened his eyes and asked anxiously, “What did you do to my sister!” He even investigated the matter of her having a sister clearly. It looked like he came prepared.

Jiang Zhen sneered and said, “Your sister is eighteen, right? Although she’s a bit disabled, she still looks quite pretty. I’ve already sent someone to take your sister away. If you don’t tell the truth, then what happened to Su Run will also happen to your sister.”

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” Yang Chong’s mind was in a mess as he hurriedly said,” One of them is our Boss Li’s nephew. Because Boss Li forbids me from investigating further, I don’t know the identities of the other three. What I said this time is all true. Please, let my sister go…”

Jiang Zhen gave Yang Chong a deep look before turning to leave.

Yang Chong’s superior was called Li Mang, the second son of Shining Edge Entertainment Company in Wangdong City.

Sharp Entertainment and Imperial Entertainment were two tigers in the country. They controlled the entire entertainment industry in the mainland.

The founder of Sharp Entertainment was Old Master Li. Old Master Li had a total of three children, two sons and one daughter. The eldest son, Li Jue, inherited Old Master Li’s film company. The second son, Li Mang, went to the Ministry of Public Security in Nanxing City to work. The youngest daughter, Li Qing, was a pianist.

On the other hand, Li Feng was the eldest grandson of the Li family, the only son of Li Jue, and also the only child of the Li family. Li Mang had been married to his wife for many years and had only given birth to a daughter. His daughter was still somewhat unruly, so Li Mang doted on his nephew, Li Feng, the most.

As the only male descendant of the Li family, Li Feng had been pampered since he was young. As a result, his personality was a little spoiled, not willing to be controlled, loved to play, and loved to make trouble. In the early years, he had caused a lot of trouble in Wangdong City and was famous for being a tough nut to crack.

Li Feng took over the family business two years ago. After taking over the company, he looked much more mature. However, this steadiness was just a layer of clothing that Li Feng had worn for himself.

Jiang Zhen investigated Li Feng’s circle of friends and found that he had many friends, and all of them were young masters in the upper-class circle of Wang Dongcheng City, such as the Second Young Master of the Dongfang family, the Second Young Master of the Chuan Dong Group, the Young Master of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals…

It was true that rich people only made friends with rich people.

At the moment, Jiang Zhen only knew that Li Feng was the key person who murdered his sister, and he still needed to verify the identities of the remaining three people.

The Internet had memories. As long as you used your identity to register, as long as your face appeared in any surveillance camera in this world, Jiang Zhen would be able to find accurate information through clues.

Jiang Zhen quickly found out that two and a half months ago, Li Feng had dated a female celebrity. That female celebrity was very noble, and Li Feng had chased her for four months before he finally got her, so he doted on her more.

The weather in Nanxing City was warmer. That winter, Li Feng’s girlfriend celebrated her birthday. To express his love for her, he booked a yacht at the sea of Canghai and held a birthday party for her.

During that birthday party, Li Feng invited many young masters from Wangdong City to go to Nanxing City with him. Jiang Zhen found out that a total of eleven young masters went to Nanxing City. They were—

The second son of the Chuan Dong Group, Cheng Zi’ang, the second son of the Dongfang family, Dongfang Jin, the son of the An family, An Xu, the chairman of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Guchuan, the most famous rock singer under Sharp Entertainment, Gu Chuanchuan, Li Feng’s cousin Ying Ji, and Zhu Chaosheng from Hongsheng Jewelry…

Jiang Zhen regarded these people as the main suspects. He spent a month sending people to thoroughly investigate their family background and lifestyle.

The information he found was sorted into documents and sent to Jiang Zhen’s email. He printed it out.

On the thick stack of documents, there were many crimes.

Jiang Zhen had been living in a house next to Canghai all this time. There was an open balcony outside his room, built on the edge of a cliff.

He took the documents to the recliner and sat down. He folded his long legs before opening the documents and reading them carefully.

Cheng Zi’ang, Dongfang Jin, An Xu…

He looked patiently for more than an hour, feeling a little tired from using his eyes. Only then did he get up and return to his room to retrieve a bottle of cold bitter coffee from the fridge.

He stood at the glass railing, sipping his coffee as he studied the people swimming in bikinis on the distant sea. Jiang Zhen’s troubled mind calmed at the sound of their laughter.

He raised his hand and accurately threw the coffee can into the trash can. His actions were suave and swift, attracting the attention of a pretty female tourist in the next room. That female tourist whistled and praised Jiang Zhen for being impressive. “Handsome, impressive.”

Jiang Zhen glanced at the girl in the white negligee and nodded politely. He then returned to the recliner and sat down. He picked up the document and continued reading.

Seeing that the little brother was completely indifferent to her flirting, the pretty girl next door rubbed her nose in embarrassment and gave up on the idea of being friends with Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and glanced at the document in his hand. When he saw the words ‘Jiang Guchuan’s personal record’, he straightened his mind and read it seriously. This Jiang Guchuan was an important suspect of Jiang Zhen.

Although Jiang Guchuan was the adopted son of the chairman of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, he was also the only son. In terms of wealth, he was ranked in the top few. Moreover, he had also heard that Jiang Guchuan, along with Cheng Yanmo from the Sichuan Dong Group, and Dongfang Lin from the Dongfang family, were ranked as the third young master of Wang Dongcheng.

This person was very respected in the circle of these rich young masters.

Therefore, when he flipped through Jiang Guchuan’s information, Jiang Zhen was especially focused. The second page of the information recorded Jiang Guchuan’s family situation. Only then did Jiang Zhen know that Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals’ director, Jiang Weimin, was originally married. His wife’s name was Lan Ruoyun and she passed away five years ago.

Jiang Zhen scrolled down and when he saw the photo of Jiang Weimin and his first wife, Lan Ruoyun, his gaze froze. He stared blankly at the woman’s gentle and moving face in the photo, thinking that he had seen his adult sister, Jiang Bi!

Jiang Zhen suddenly stood up. He grabbed the document and rushed back to his room. Jiang Zhen turned on his computer and sat in front of it in silence for nearly five minutes. Only then did he reach out to type out the three words ‘Lan Ruoyun’.

All the information related to Lan Ruoyun appeared on the computer page. Jiang Zhen read them one by one, eagerly.

Lan Ruoyun, Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Director Jiang Weimin’s first wife, jumped off a building in 2013 due to mental illness. She married Jiang Weimin when she was 23 years old and founded Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals with him.

Lan Ruoyun and her husband, Jiang Weimin, had a pair of twins. When Lan Ruoyun was 28 years old, the children suddenly disappeared and were missing for 15 years.

After the child went missing, Lan Ruoyun became mentally unsound and became a mental patient. She would cry her eyes out all day long and would complain to anyone about her experience of losing the baby.

Jiang Zhen saw a photo of Lan Ruoyun when she was a child. Even though he could no longer remember how he and his sister looked like when they were young, he had a strong intuition that they were the children of Lan Ruoyun and Jiang Weimin!

Regardless of age or appearance, they were all compatible!

Besides, he had always remembered that his name was Jiang Zhen. He had the same surname as Jiang Weimin. He was most likely Jiang Weimin’s child!

Realizing that it was very likely that he had found his parents, Jiang Zhen’s calm heart began to beat violently. He wanted to immediately run back to Wangdong City to acknowledge his parents, but he was also worried that this was a mistake.

Jiang Zhen calmed down very quickly. He hacked into the household registration system and found the names of Jiang Weimin’s lost twins. When he saw that Jiang Weimin’s son was called Jiang Zhen and his daughter was called Jiang Bi, his heart started beating uncontrollably again!

It can’t be wrong!

I am Jiang Weimin’s son!

But Mom…

Jiang Zhen bit the back of his hand with his teeth. He sat in front of his computer and pondered for a long time before deciding to go north to Wang Dongcheng.

A month later.

Jiang Weimin was bringing his adopted son, Jiang Guchuan, to inspect their work in the pharmaceutical factory. Jiang Guchuan stood beside Jiang Weimin, wearing a sterile outfit, looking like a leader.

Jiang Weimin brought him around the pharmaceutical factory and told him earnestly, “We run a pharmaceutical company. During the manufacturing process, we have to strictly investigate and ensure that nothing goes wrong.”

“You have to know that this medicine is eaten in the mouth. As long as it enters the mouth, you can’t be careless!”

Jiang Guchuan listened with a serious expression. When Jiang Weimin was done, he said, “I understand. I will remember Father’s words.”


Jiang Guchuan suddenly pointed at Jiang Weimin’s pocket and reminded him, “Father, your phone is ringing. Are you not going to answer it?”

Jiang Weimin was focused on his work just now and didn’t even notice that his phone was ringing in his pocket.

“Is my phone ringing?” Jiang Weimin took out his phone and saw a call coming in.

It was an unknown number.

Jiang Weimin usually wouldn’t pick up a call from an unknown number. Most of the calls were from small manufacturers who wanted to ask him for help.

Jiang Weimin immediately ended the call.

He brought Jiang Guchuan to the exit and took off his sterile clothes. Just as he took off his disposable shoes, his phone rang again.

“You’re still persistent.” Jiang Weimin frowned as he took out his phone and answered the call.

“Hello, is this Mr. Jiang Weimin?” The other party’s voice sounded a little rough. It was a female voice.

Jiang Weimin frowned even more. “I am. May I know who you are?” He didn’t sound like a manufacturer who wanted to find him for work, nor did he sound like he was promoting advertisements.

Seeing that Jiang Weimin was on the phone, Jiang Guchuan whispered to him, “I’ll wait for you in the car, Father.”

Jiang Weimin nodded.

After Jiang Guchuan strode away, Jiang Weimin heard the woman on the phone say, “Hello, I am from a gene search database here.”

“Genetic database?” Jiang Weimin was at a loss at first. Then, he suddenly stood up and asked anxiously, “May I know why you called me?”

“It’s like this, sir. Six years ago, your lover, Madam Lan Ruoyun, came to our gene bank to store her DNA. She hopes that we can help her find her pair of children.”

“On our side, we finally have good news. We have successfully found a DNA that is highly similar to Ms. Lan Ruoyun’s DNA. We understand that Ms. Lan Ruoyun had unfortunately passed away five years ago, so we can only contact Mr. Jiang Weimin.”

Jiang Weimin listened to the female voice on the other end of the phone in a daze. For a moment, he even suspected that he was hallucinating.

That pair of children had been found?

“Excuse me, have you found my child?” Jiang Weimin’s voice became hoarse.

The other party was silent for a while before saying, “I found one.”

“One?” Jiang Weimin was a little puzzled. He said, “What about the other one?”

“We’ve only found one so far. Mr. Jiang Weimin, is it convenient for you to come over for a paternity test as soon as possible? If the paternity test between you and that child still fits, then I think we have indeed found one of your children.”

“I’m free! I’m free!”

After Jiang Weimin received the call, he rushed out of the factory and got into the car. He couldn’t wait for the driver to open the door. He opened the car door and got in.

Jiang Weimin buckled his seatbelt and didn’t explain anything to Jiang Guchuan. He told the driver, “Go to the Judicial Examination Bureau!”

The driver quickly drove to the judicial bureau.

Jiang Guchuan looked at his excited father in surprise and asked curiously, “Father? Who called just now? Why are you so agitated?” Also, why is he going to the judicial bureau?

Jiang Weimin grabbed Jiang Guchuan’s hand and said, “Just now, the staff at the DNA testing center sent me a message. They said, they said, they said…” Jiang Weimin’s eyes turned red without warning. He covered his eyes with his hands and sobbed.” They might have found one of my children! ”

When Jiang Guchuan heard this news, his heart tightened. That child who had been missing for so many years was actually found?

Jiang Guchuan smiled and congratulated Jiang Weimin. “If that’s true, then I really have to congratulate Father!”

When Jiang Weimin arrived at the Judicial Examination Office, the staff brought him for a blood test. Jiang Weimin looked at the staff eagerly and asked carefully, “What about the child?” At the mention of the child, Jiang Weimin almost cried again.

The staff member said, “The other party didn’t come. If the results are out and she is confirmed to be your child, I will inform her to meet you.”

Jiang Weimin expressed his understanding.

After the staff finished drawing his blood, he asked again, “Is that child the brother or a sister? Is, is he doing well? Does he look healthy? Did he suffer?”

Jiang Weimin started crying as he spoke. He sniffed and cried, “They were still so young when they went missing. After they went missing, my wife cried all day for them. I didn’t even dare to go back to that house. I…”

Jiang Weimin wiped his tears with his hands and apologized in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I was a little agitated.”

The staff expressed understanding. “That child looks healthy. She’s tall and pretty. She’s a healthy child.”

Jiang Weimin immediately understood when he heard the adjective “tall and pretty”. “Did you find the sister this time?”


“May I ask how you found her?”

The staff explained, “Some time ago, the city organized a blood donation activity. That child also went to donate blood. The blood was stored in the warehouse, and we only found her now.”

“Wonderful, wonderful.”

The results of the paternity test would have to wait a few days. The staff asked Jiang Weimin to go back and wait for the notification.

Jiang Weimin left the appraisal office and went home with Jiang Guchuan. He sat in the car and said to himself, “When that girl was young, she was very clingy. She loved to cry, throw a tantrum, and always bullied her brother. Because of work reasons, I often worked overtime and rarely stayed at home. So every time I went home, if she hadn’t slept, she would cling onto me with all her might.”

Now that he had finally gotten news of his child, Jiang Weimin was overjoyed. “I’ve been waiting for so many years. I finally got some hope, but her mother…” Jiang Weimin felt terrible at the thought of his late wife.

Jiang Guchuan listened quietly and did not comfort Jiang Weimin. He quietly took out a piece of paper and wiped Jiang Guchuan’s tears. “Father, you should be happy that my sister is back.”


When the father and son returned home, they happened to see Jiang Guchuan’s mother, Zhu Xiulan, coming back from outside. She had obviously gone out to have tea with someone. She was wearing a dark green silk dress with a white pearl necklace around her neck. She looked very eye-catching.

After her son entered Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Zhu Xiulan left her job and went home to be a full-time wealthy wife. There were several luxury bags on the passenger seat of Zhu Xiulan’s sports car. She was quite happy to see her husband and son return together.

Zhu Xiulan carried her things and got out of the car. She smiled and said to Jiang Weimin, “The watch you saw last time has arrived. I brought it back for you. Come and try it.”

Zhu Xiulan looked up and saw that her husband’s eyes were red. She was shocked. “Weimin, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Weimin said, “Take a guess.” He looked very excited, and did not look like he encountered something sad.

Zhu Xiulan couldn’t guess. “Just tell me directly. What exactly happened?”

Jiang Guchuan spoke for Jiang Weimin. “Mom, you have to get someone to make another room. Someone is coming to our house.”

Zhu Xiulan was a little confused. “Who’s coming?”

Jiang Weimin slapped his thigh and said excitedly, “Bi’er, Bi’er is coming back!”

Zhu Xiulan almost thought that she had misheard. “Bi’er…” She was dazed for a moment before exclaiming,” Oh my god, you found Bi’er?”

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