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Chapter 383: It’s God’s Business to Make People Happy. It’s My Business To Make You Suffer

Han Wangwang received Jiang Zhen’s message and took a look. She asked Jiang Zhen, [Where are you? Will you be in danger?]

After sending the message, Han Wangwang asked Han Yueyun, “Dad, is the person who sent the thing to me dangerous?”

Han Wangwang left immediately and didn’t even have dinner. Han Yueyun felt bad that his daughter was still hungry. He took off his suit and went to the kitchen to make dinner for his daughter.

Hearing Han Wangwang’s question, Han Yueyun sighed and said, “How can it not be dangerous to be involved in such matters?”

Hearing that, Han Wangwang was even more worried about Jiang Zhen’s situation. She asked Jiang Zhen on WeChat: [Do you want to come to my place? I’ll get my father to send people to protect you.]

Perhaps Jiang Zhen was too busy to reply.

When there was no reply, Han Wangwang threw her phone aside and went to the fridge in the kitchen to search for something to eat. She searched through the fridge but found no ice cream. She asked her father, “Don’t you eat ice cream?”

“Only kids love that kind of thing.”

Han Wangwang curled her lips nonchalantly and said, “Once you left, my mom bought two large boxes of ice cream from the fridge. She eats them every day at noon and at night.”

Han Yueyun put down the knife, narrowed his eyes, and asked her, “Did your mother secretly eat ice cream?”


“This person…” Han Yueyun immediately wiped his hands and went to the living room to make a call.

Han Wangwang stood in the kitchen with her ears pricked up. She could hear her father lecturing Lin Jiao-er earnestly. On the other end of the phone, Lin Jiao-er was like an obedient child, nodding non-stop.

After Han Yueyun finished speaking, Lin Jiao’e asked him, “Where did your daughter go?”

“… Mm.”

“What for? She even lied to me, saying that she was going to the Math Olympiad teacher’s place to practice questions. This girl!”

Han Yueyun looked back at Han Wangwang and explained vaguely, “She missed me, so she came to see me.”

“She still has to study tomorrow!”

“Alright, I’ll get the chauffeur to send her back tomorrow.”

“You always indulge her.”

Han Yueyun talked to his wife for a few more minutes before hanging up.

He put down the phone and saw that Han Wangwang was secretly eating sour radishes. He told her, “The driver gave this to me. The sour radishes made by his mother taste good. I often eat this.”

“Your life is really tough. You eat radishes every day.” Then, Han Wangwang threw another piece of radish into her mouth.

Han Yueyun picked up the knife and continued cutting the vegetables. As he cut, she said, “How did you pass the security check with that thing on your back?” If the airport found that she had powder in her bag, it would be strictly screened.

Han Wangwang said, “I called Great-grandpa and told him about this. Great-grandpa personally informed the people at the airport.” Han Wangwang could distrust others but she trusted Great-grandpa Han Miaoyu 100%.

“No wonder.”

Han Yueyun’s culinary skills were not considered good. He only made a flat plate of sour radishes and stir-fried shredded meat along with a bowl of egg soup. It was a meal.

Han Wangwang was not picky with her food. She had eaten her fill and saw that Jiang Zhen had not replied to her message. She could not help but worry for him.

Han Wangwang sent another message to Jiang Zhen: [Hey, you haven’t told me your name.]

Jiang Zhen stood by the sea and looked at the turbulent sea below the cliff. He heard his phone ring again. He looked down at the text message and did not reply. He immediately deleted it.

There was no need for trash like him to be involved with such an outstanding girl.

Jiang Zhen had just deleted his WeChat when he heard footsteps. Poison Scorpion had come down with his hand.

He turned around and looked at the four or five men behind him.

Jiang Zhen stared at Poison Scorpion for two seconds before shifting his gaze to Poison Scorpion’s right hand. He had used this right hand to shoot Duan Wuyang and throw him out into the cold sea.

“Little mouse, go to the lampstand, steal oil and eat, you can’t come down. Meow meow meow, the cat is here, roll down.” Poison Scorpion started singing. The tune was very funny, and the way he looked at Jiang Zhen was full of ridicule.

Obviously, in his eyes, Jiang Zhen was that little mouse that went to the lampstand to steal oil and eat. And he was that awe-inspiring cat.

Jiang Zhen didn’t even frown as he listened to Poison Scorpion’s song. “Stop singing. It’s disgusting.”

Poison Scorpion’s singing stopped.

He looked at Jiang Zhen with a surprised expression. Only then did he realize that Jiang Zhen had a face that God favored. “So Mu Feng is so… beautiful.” Jiang Zhen’s appearance was similar to his mother’s, and his handsome features had a feminine beauty.

“Everyone says that Mu Feng never shows his true face to anyone. To be able to see Mu Feng’s true self today is truly a great honor!” Poison Scorpion made a gesture of pretending to take off his hat, then made a standard and comical aristocratic etiquette towards Jiang Zhen. “Hello, Young Master Mu Feng, I am Poison Scorpion!”

When he looked up, Poison Scorpion’s expression had changed. He no longer had a smile on his face, but instead had a viciousness that made him seem like he was about to bleed.

“I know, Poison Scorpion.” The patch of grass in front of Jiang Zhen said, “That night, you personally shot Uncle Duan to death here.”

Hearing this, Poison Scorpion looked a little surprised. “You were there that night?” Since he was there, he could hide in the dark and silently watch them commit crimes. It seemed that he was mentally strong.

Poison Scorpion was someone who treasured talent. He suddenly did not want to push Jiang Zhen into a corner.

Poison Scorpion said to Jiang Zhen, “I say, Mu Feng, do you want to work under me? As long as you hand over the item and agree to work with me, I will definitely not treat you unfairly.”

“Ha…” Jiang chuckled. “You shouldn’t be called Poison Scorpion. You should be called a weasel. A weasel who gives chickens New Year’s greetings.”

When Poison Scorpion heard this, his killing intent towards Jiang Zhen rose.

This child was so brave at such a young age. I couldn’t let him live!

Poison Scorpion reached behind his waist and silently pulled out his gun.

He caressed the gun and said softly, “Little kid, give me the thing and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to leave this place tonight, even your beautiful sister won’t be able to survive!”

Jiang Zhen wasn’t afraid at all when he heard this, and he curled his left lip instead. “Then let’s see if you die first or I die first!” As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Zhen suddenly stretched his hand behind his waist and swiftly withdrew his gun, and he didn’t hesitate to shoot the scorpion.

Poison Scorpion didn’t expect that Jiang Zhen would actually be able to get his hands on a gun. He was caught off guard and was shot in the chest. He was in so much pain that his expression changed drastically. He gritted his teeth and roared, “Kill him!”

Not everyone had a gun. Poison Scorpion had four subordinates, and only the man with the scar on his neck had a gun.

He was Poison Scorpion’s trusted aide and had a close relationship with Poison Scorpion.

Hearing Poison Scorpion’s order, the scar-faced man immediately pulled out his gun. Just as he pressed the trigger, he felt a red light aimed at Poison Scorpion’s head.

The scar-faced man looked up in the direction where the red light was coming from and found someone hiding on a big tree behind him.

Realizing the danger, the scar-faced man felt goosebumps all over his body. He shouted warily, “There’s a sniper!” How could there be a sniper!

They had searched the area and there were no police officers!

The scar-faced man quickly shielded the scorpion behind him. As soon as he did so, he was shot between the eyebrows!

The scar-faced man’s eyes widened and he fell down beside Poison Scorpion.

Poison Scorpion’s subordinates were all very loyal. Seeing that the scar-faced man was dead and there was a sniper hiding in the forest, the remaining three people didn’t want to run away. Instead, they wanted to protect Poison Scorpion behind them.

The three of them formed an iron triangle, protecting the poisonous scorpion in the middle, not letting it get hurt.

On the tree, the man clicked his tongue. He pressed down on his earpiece and said to Jiang Zhen, “Hey, are you really willing to work for me for three years? No regrets?”

Jiang Zhen’s earpiece was hidden in his ear. When he heard the killer’s question, he gave a soft hum and said, “Three years of hard work, no regrets.”


When Poison Scorpion heard Jiang Zhen’s words, he still didn’t understand what this person meant when he said, ‘I’ll work hard for three years and never regret it’. Then, he heard another gunshot. Following that, a subordinate who was just standing next to him fell down!

Poison Scorpion’s pupils constricted!

That killer had excellent marksmanship!

They kept moving, and the other party could still hit the target with one shot. Clearly, he was a professional killer!

Poison Scorpion could clearly feel Death approaching.


Another silenced gunshot rang out, and the second subordinate also fell.

Poison Scorpion’s subordinates fell one after another. The key was that they didn’t die immediately after falling. Instead, they kept twitching on the ground!

The remaining subordinate saw this scene and finally broke down mentally. He had no choice but to abandon Poison Scorpion and run into the grass.

The killer on the tree stared at the swaying grass and laughed playfully. He even imitated the tune that Poison Scorpion used to sing and sang the little mouse on the lampstand.

“Little mouse, go up to the lampstand and steal some oil. You can’t come down, meow meow meow, the cat is here, come down…”


When the last word ‘come’ was sung, the killer suddenly opened fire. The swaying bush suddenly became silent, and then they heard screams.

In the end, the grass regained its calm.

Poison Scorpion looked at the grass patch that had regained its tranquility in a panic. The shadow of death loomed over him. He was drenched in sweat and his mouth was trembling.

“You…!” Poison Scorpion glared at Jiang Zhen. At this moment, he wished he could tear his flesh, break his bones, and swallow him alive!

You brought a killer!” He had suspected that Jiang Zhen would not cooperate with them obediently and would most likely talk to the police. Therefore, before he came to see Jiang Zhen, he specially called his own people to ask. After knowing that Jiang Zhen did not call the police, Poison Scorpion came to see Jiang Zhen without any worries.

Unexpectedly, although Jiang Zhen did not call the police, he called a killer!

Blood gushed out from Poison Scorpion’s wound, and his entire body was in pain from the gun’s muzzle. Poison Scorpion couldn’t stand straight, and his legs started to go weak. He could kneel down at any moment.

But he forced his willpower and refused to kneel in front of a youth.

“Boy.” Poison Scorpion’s dark gaze fixed straight on Jiang. He was impressed by the lad’s guts, and amused by his recklessness.

“If you kill us, you will be a murderer. In this life, no matter where you hide, your hands will not be clean!”

“It’s not good to be young and impetuous!”

When Poison Scorpion finished speaking, he saw that the young man’s gaze was still as calm as water without the slightest fluctuation. He knew that this young man’s heart was as firm as a rock and he was completely fearless.

He was born to do great things.

When Poison Scorpion was only in his teens, he was still a little rascal. How could he be as ruthless as this kid!

As expected, the former would surpass the latter. The former would die on the beach.

“Brat, we’ll meet below very soon. I’ll be waiting for you to come find me!” Poison Scorpion could no longer hold on, and his knees fell to the ground.

His kneeling seemed to be begging Jiang Zhen for mercy.

Jiang Zhen squatted down and put on his gloves. Then, he held onto Poison Scorpion’s right hand and pulled apart the five fingers holding the gun.

Poison Scorpion watched as his gun was taken away by Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen threw the gun into the sea behind him and took out a pair of steel pliers from his bag. The scorpion’s body flinched at the sight of the pliers.

“What are you going to do to me!” Poison Scorpion subconsciously retreated.

He was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of being tortured to death!

Jiang Zhen lifted Poison Scorpion’s chin and smiled.

When he smiled, he actually looked very clean and innocent, like a true carefree young man. Poison Scorpion was frightened by Jiang Zhen’s smile.

Jiang Zhen wasn’t someone who liked to smile. Most of the time, he had a wooden face. It was precisely because he liked to have a wooden face that Duan Wuyang gave him the stage name ‘Mu Feng’.

“You asked someone to pull out Uncle Duan’s teeth one by one with these pincers. I saw it with my own eyes. He died in pain.”

Poison Scorpion’s eyes turned red as he roared, “Kid, give me some pain and kill me with one shot!”

“No.” Jiang Zhen shook the steel pliers. He said, “It’s God’s business to make people happy. It’s my business to make you suffer.” With that, Jiang Zhen forcefully opened the scorpion’s mouth and used the steel pliers to remove its teeth one by one.

Poison Scorpion was trembling in pain.

The bloody process lasted for more than twenty minutes.

After finishing, Jiang Zhen stared at the dying Poison Scorpion. He said, “That’s good. Now that you’re all dead, my sister is safe.”

With that said, Jiang Zhen saw a young man walk out from the depths of the forest with a gun on his back. The young man was wearing combat boots, jeans, a short-sleeved hoodie, and a cap that covered his short blond hair.

The youth stepped on the grass, stepping over the blood-soaked soil, arriving before Jiang Zhen.

He smiled at Jiang Zhen with his grayish-blue eyes. A few seconds later, Jiang Zhen extended his hand toward him, revealing two adorable dimples. “Hello, I’m Aaron. You’ll be serving me, as your employer for three years.”

He promised to help Jiang Zhen resolve the crisis tonight, but the price was that Jiang Zhen had to work hard for him for three years.

Jiang took off his gloves and shook hands with him. “Hello, I’m Mu Feng.”

“Very good.”

Jiang Zhen’s computer skills were superb. He was one of the top five hackers in the world.

In the past three years, Jiang Zhen had traveled the world with his employer, Aaron. They had been to the most prosperous New York and the most backward Africa. They had dealt with vicious people and fought with elite international police officers.

Every time they took action, Aaron would be in charge of fighting at the front line. Mu Feng would be in charge of dealing with the rear. Their cooperation was seamless. From an employment relationship, they gradually became close friends.

The three-year agreement came as promised.

Today was the day Jiang Zhen and Aaron’s contract expired. Aaron and Jiang Zhen sat at a mountain pass on New Zealand’s Isle of Wight. They drank as they looked at the mountain pass in the distance.

The volcano at the mountain pass was erupting. Wisps of grayish-white smoke were rising from the top of the mountain. Looking closely, one could see the red lava spurting out from the mountain pass.

Aaron raised his binoculars and saw the volcanic eruption. His blood was boiling. He put down the binoculars and said to Mu Feng, “Continue working with me. I’m willing to split the profits with you according to the international salary standards.”

Jiang Zhen shook his head. “No, I have other things to do.”

After being rejected, Aaron was a little unhappy. He said fiercely, “Do you believe that I will throw you into that volcano and turn you into a puddle of red corpse water?”

Jiang Zhen reached out to poke at Aaron’s dimples. With a wooden face, he said, “You can bear to?”

Aaron slapped Jiang Zhen’s hand away. “F*ck off!” He picked up the beer by his leg, twisted it open, and handed it to Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen took the beer and clinked glasses with Aaron. After finishing the beer, Aaron asked Jiang Zhen, “What are you going to do next?”

“Back home. To do business. Make it big. Buy a big house and get my sister back.”

“But doesn’t your sister have adoptive parents?”

“I don’t mind supporting that kind couple with her.” It was a kind couple. They were indebted to Jiang Bi, and Jiang Zhen was willing to support them.

“Does the money in your pocket have legs? Does it keep wanting to run away? Isn’t it good to spend it on itself? And it has to take it out to take care of unrelated strangers.” There was no one in this world that could make him willingly spend money, so he didn’t understand Jiang Zhen’s way of doing things.

“Alright, everyone has their own ambitions.” Jiang Zhen put down his beer bottle, picked up his luggage, and carried it on his back.

He loaded lightly. There was only a computer in his bag and a pair of brand-new coconut shoes.

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and looked at Aaron. He said, “The green mountains will not change. The green waters will continue flowing. We will meet again.”

Aaron waved his hand. “Get lost!”

After Jiang Zhen left, Aaron quickly took out his phone and called a subordinate who knew Chinese. When the call got through, he asked, “What do you mean by ‘the green hills never change, the green waters always flow, we’ll meet again’?”

The subordinate :”…”

The subordinate patiently explained the meaning of this sentence, then thoughtfully suggested, “Young Master Aaron, if you’re really interested in Chinese, I can give you a few Chinese textbooks.”

Aaron hung up.

Who the fuck is interested in Chinese!

I couldn’t be bothered to learn the hypocritical Chinese language!

At this moment, Aaron had a deep grudge against Han Zhan, who had abandoned him. Hence, when he heard others mention China or Chinese men, he would scold them for being hypocritical. Only then would he feel better.

Nanxing City hadn’t changed much in the past three years. Although there were two more business circles, the place he used to live in was still the same.

The rented apartment that he had once stayed in had been rented by someone else. The market was still bustling with noise and excitement. The underground martial arts club was open for business again, but the lady boss had already changed.

Jiang Zhen returned to his old haunts. After drifting for three years, he finally felt a sense of homecoming.

He didn’t stay long in Southstar City. He went to the county. He remembered Jiang Bi’s house. When he got to Jiang Bi’s neighborhood, he was stopped by security.

he security guard saw that Jiang Zhen was wearing a baseball cap and looked like he couldn’t be seen. He stopped him outside and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and said, “I’m looking for Professor Su. I’m Professor Su’s wife’s nephew. I just came back from overseas.”

“Professor Su?” The guard thought for a moment before remembering who Professor Su was. The guard’s expression changed slightly. He looked at Jiang Zhen strangely and said, “Professor Su and his wife drowned three years ago when they were traveling. Don’t you know about this?”


Jiang Zhen raised his head in surprise and looked at the security guard. He asked in disbelief, “You said that Professor Su and his wife passed away?”

“That’s right!” The guard felt that Jiang Zhen’s identity was suspicious and said, “You’re Teacher Jiang’s nephew. Don’t you know that Teacher Jiang passed away?”

Jiang Zhen didn’t answer this question. Instead, he asked anxiously, “Where’s my sister?”

The guard: “Ah?”

Jiang Zhen grabbed the guard’s shoulders. That grab could probably leave a fingerprint on the guard’s shoulder.

When Jiang Zhen thought about how Jiang Bi’s adoptive parents had died two years ago and how Jiang Bi had been living alone for the past two years, he became extremely worried. “Where’s Su Run? Where’s my sister, Su Run!” Su Run was Jiang Bi’s name after she was adopted by Professor Su.

The guard hesitated for a moment before saying, “Not long after Professor Su and the rest died, your sister committed suicide out of grief. Don’t you know about this?”

The guard looked at Jiang Zhen suspiciously. “I say, who exactly are you?! You’re not Teacher Jiang’s nephew, right? How could you not know that such a big thing happened in Professor Su’s house?”

“Who exactly are you? You’re very suspicious. Show me your identity card!”

Jiang Zhen pushed the security officer away and ran away.

He ran all the way to the downstairs of the art studio where Jiang Bi had once studied art, then stopped. Jiang leaned against the railing and stared at the sparkling water, his mind in turmoil.

My sister committed suicide?

Why would my sister commit suicide!

Even if her adoptive parents died, she still had herself!

Jiang Zhen’s vision blurred. He refused to accept that his sister had passed away not long after he left!

At that moment, the children in the nearby art room had finished school. They walked out of the art room with their bags.

When Jiang Zhen heard the commotion, he turned around and looked over. He stared at the group of energetic young men and women. When he thought of his younger sister, his heart felt like it was being cut by a knife.

After the art teacher sent the students off, he went back to his office to get his bag and car keys, planning to get off work. He came down from upstairs and saw a tall and slender young man standing in the exhibition hall on the first floor of the art room.

Thinking that he was here to learn painting, the teacher enthusiastically walked over and introduced him. “The painting in front of you is a work of a student from our school. He once won the ‘first prize’ of the Southwest region’s youth drawing competition.”

It was an oil painting of the starry sky. It tested a painter’s control over color and understanding of light. Jiang Zhen had never been able to paint such gorgeous colors in his life.

He stared at the signature of the painting. “Su Run…” he murmured.

The smile faded from the teacher’s face. “Student Su Run is the best student I’ve ever had. Unfortunately…”

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and used his cap to cover half of his face. He asked the teacher, “This Su Run student, which school is she from? I really like her paintings and want to see her.”

A look of pain appeared on the teacher’s face. He said, “Su Run is no longer here.”

“Where did she go? Did she go to another art studio? Or did she go to university?” Knowing that Jiang Bi was already dead, Jiang Zhen’s heart ached with every question.

She was dead. She would never be able to paint again, let alone go to college.

The teacher did not want to talk about Su Run anymore. He only said, “Su Run is no longer around. Student, if you want to come to our art studio to study painting, you can go upstairs to consult the director.”

With that, the teacher left without looking back.

Every time Su Run was mentioned, the teacher felt sad.

Jiang Zhen stared at the painting and clenched his fists tightly. He returned to the hotel and searched for a long time before he found a report on Jiang Bi committing suicide on the Internet.

The news report was very short, with only a few sentences—

On November 23, 2018, a young woman committed suicide on my county railroad tracks. The woman was found to be 16 years old, a native of the county, and her parents died two months ago. A visit revealed that she suffered from depression after her parents died and committed suicide on the tracks.

This was the content of the news report. The brief summary stated that Jiang Bi committed suicide due to depression.

Jiang Zhen didn’t believe this to be true!

When her younger sister was in the State of Yue, she was locked up by her adoptive father for a few months and did not commit suicide due to depression. How could she commit suicide because of the death of her adoptive parents?

Jiang Bi looked frail and petite, but her heart was as hard as a rock. She was stronger than anyone else. If she had not encountered something that truly made her despair, she would not have done such a thing!

Jiang Zhen suspected that this was a conspiracy!

He had to find out what happened to his sister!

Jiang Zhen breached the public security system and hacked into the archives to find the person in charge of Jiang Bi’s suicide case.

In the case file, it was written that Jiang Bi’s body was badly mutilated when she died and her face could no longer be seen clearly. Later on, she was handed over to a forensic doctor to be tested before her identity was verified.

Forensic pathologist!

Jiang Zhen noted down the name of the coroner.

It was eleven o’clock at night, and the coroner, Yang Chong, was still working overtime in the room. She was a little hungry.

Seeing that she could not finish her work in a short period of time, Yang Chong took off her gloves and went to the pantry next door to make a bucket of instant noodles.

After pouring the water, Yang Chong threw the condiments bag into the trash can. She stuck a disposable fork into the lid and the wall of the container and took out her phone to play.

After waiting for two to three minutes, Yang Chong smelled an alluring spicy fragrance. She quickly put down her phone, took out a disposable fork, and was about to reach out to remove the scalding top.

At this moment—


A large hand of a man wearing a disposable glove pressed on the instant noodle barrel, stopping Yang Chong from doing anything.

Yang Chong raised his head in surprise and saw a man wearing a mask standing in front of him. The mask was very simple. It was the plastic Son Goku mask that was sold in a small shop on the street.

Yang Chong stared at the person who suddenly barged in and said sternly, “This is the Public Security Department. There are surveillance cameras everywhere. If you commit a crime here, you won’t be able to escape!” She tried to use words to suppress Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen sneered, “I can only say that your surveillance is not very impressive. I hacked into your surveillance system. It didn’t take me five minutes.”

Yang Chong’s pupils constricted. She glanced at the surveillance camera in the corridor outside and realized that it was not working.

Yang Chong stared at the intruder uneasily and tried her best to remain calm. She asked, “You want to kill me?” She was a forensic doctor, and in this field, it was inevitable that she would do bad things.

“Su Run.” Jiang Bi suddenly mentioned an irrelevant name.

However, when Yang Chong heard this name, his pupils trembled slightly. Su Run was the first case she had taken over, and also the most aggrieved case she had ever handled.

“… you.” Yang Chong calmed down a little and asked Jiang Zhen, “What do you want to know?”

Seeing that Yang Chong was still cooperative, Jiang Zhen retracted his murderous intent. He moved his hand away from the instant noodle bucket, crossed his arms, and stared at Yang Chong. He said, “I want to know the real cause of her death. They all said that she had depression after her adoptive parents passed away and committed suicide because she couldn’t think straight. But I don’t believe it.”

Yang Chong asked him, “Why don’t you believe me? A patient with depression can always come up with all sorts of ways to commit suicide.”

“Do you believe that a girl who experienced the pain of trafficking when she was young, who was often locked up and abused by bad people and never suffered from depression would die from depression because of the passing of her adoptive parents?”

Yang Chong didn’t expect that girl to have such a painful past. She couldn’t help but feel pity for her.

“She…” Yang’s eyes filled with tears. “They won’t let me tell the truth,” she sobbed. “I…”

Yang Chong looked up at the ceiling and said with tears streaming down his face, “It wasn’t easy for me to get this job. I still have a sister with a low IQ to raise. I can’t lose this job.”

“I’m sorry. I helped them hide the truth.”

Jiang Zhen was not in the mood to see her repent. All he wanted was the truth. “Tell me, how did she die!”

Yang Chong sniffed and mustered up the courage to speak of the secret she had buried in her heart for two and a half years. She said, “I did an autopsy on her and found traces of four different men in her body…”

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