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Chapter 372: A Bunch of Cowards Afraid Of Their Wife, How Shameful!


When Lu Qingqing saw the video, she gave up all her futile struggles and excuses.

She bit her pale lips and stared at Xiao Ye with teary eyes. Her voice was not very clear as she asked, “You received this video yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Xiao Ye smiled maliciously. He bent down and pressed Lu Qingqing’s arms down, pinning her hands on the bed.

“Lu Qingqing, shouldn’t I thank Han Rang? If he hadn’t sent me the video, I wouldn’t have known that you had cheated on me.” Xiao Ye had dated Lu Qingqing for six years and still had feelings for her. How could he not be angry when he suddenly found out that his girlfriend who he had dated for six years had cheated on him?

;u Qingqing continued to argue, “I have no feelings for him. We’re just playing around.”

“Play…” Xiao Ye recalled the time when he cheated on Nan Yanyan. Faced with Nan Yanyan’s accusation, he, who had nothing to say, could only explain dryly that they were playing.

“How long have you been in contact with An Jiayao?”

“… two months,” said Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing had already seen through Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye might love her, but he didn’t love her deeply enough. If he did, he would have married her long ago.

Realizing that Xiao Ye’s feelings for her were cold, Lu Qingqing was hurt. At that time, An Jiayao barged into her life at a party. One wanted to hook up with her, while the other wanted to indulge herself. Naturally, the two of them got together.

The first time she checked in with An Jiayao, Lu Qingqing felt guilty when she woke up next to a stranger the next day. However, Xiao Ye’s coldness and disregard pushed Lu Qingqing further and further away. Lu Qingqing and An Jiayao continued to check in.

She and An Jiayao were the typical kind of people who didn’t care about their kidneys.

The one she loved had always been Xiao Ye.

“Is this retribution?” Xiao Ye suddenly said.

Lu Qingqing looked at him in confusion. Then, she thought of something and smiled. “Yeah, look, you dated Nan Yanyan for five to six years. In the end, you hooked up with me and cheated on her. Now, the tables have turned.”

Lu Qingqing might have guessed what Xiao Ye was going to do next. Her heart was completely dead, and her words became aggressive. “Xiao Ye, you deserve it. Have you heard of this saying? The green man will eventually be cuckolded.”

Hearing Lu Qingqing’s words, Xiao Ye’s handsome face darkened completely.

“Let’s break up.” Xiao Ye stood up and looked coldly at the person on the sickbed. “It’s meaningless for us to continue being together like this. Lu Qingqing, let’s break up.”

Although she had guessed that Xiao Ye would break up with her, Lu Qingqing’s expression still twisted when she heard this.

“Xiao Ye, when I just escaped from death and couldn’t get out of bed, you want to break up with me?” Lu Qingqing’s tone was agitated, and there was madness in her eyes.

Xiao Ye didn’t see that madness.

“Did you know? Your mother has always looked down on me, but today, for the first time, she held my hand and begged me to spend more time with you.” Xiao Ye suddenly mentioned something unrelated.

Lu Qingqing was stunned. She didn’t understand what he was trying to say. “What are you trying to say?”

“What do I want to say?” Xiao Ye lifted his eyes and looked outside the door. He could vaguely see Mrs. Lu’s back as she walked around outside.

Xiao Ye curled his lips and said, “Do you know why she suddenly changed her attitude towards me? Because she knows that her daughter’s reputation is about to be ruined. She knows very well that once your reputation is damaged, not to mention marrying me, Xiao Ye, even marrying a boy with a clean family background would be difficult.”

“I’m a pretty good catch, aren’t I?”

Xiao Ye still had a sullen look on his face, and the way he looked at Lu Qingqing also became disdainful. “Lu Qingqing, you can just play with men. Why did you take that video? You don’t know how anxious your father is right now. Han Rang holding that video in his hand is equivalent to holding a time bomb! Lu Qingqing, once your scandals have been exposed, President Lu and Madam Lu would lose face. In the future, they won’t even have the face to look up when they walk out the door!”

“If I were President Lu, I would wish I didn’t have a daughter like you!” President Lu was an upright person. He didn’t have the arrogance of bullying others. He was still kind to Xiao Ye.

However, a man as humble and polite as him had raised a daughter like Lu Qingqing, who did whatever she wanted. It was also a misfortune for the family.

“I’m not interested in getting involved in your Lu family’s mess. Qingqing, let’s part on good terms.” After Xiao Ye said that, he walked away.

But at this moment, Lu Qingqing suddenly started laughing.

That laughter made one’s hair stand on end.

Xiao Ye paused.

“What are you laughing at?” He lowered his head and looked at Lu Qingqing’s twisted smile. He felt uneasy.

“Even if my video is publicized and I become the sl*t that everyone is accusing me of, so what? Can I lose a piece of flesh?” Lu Qingqing raised her head, and her bangs parted to reveal a pair of malicious eyes.

Xiao Ye frowned and heard Lu Qingqing say again, “But what about you? Xiao Ye, if the police find out that you drove a car over the speed limit and killed someone and caused a hit-and-run, not only will your reputation be damaged, you will also go to jail!”

Lu Qingqing laughed crazily.

“Xiao Ye, can you imagine what will happen if your identity as a murderer is made public on the internet? You will be spurned by your fans and condemned by hundreds of millions of netizens! Your business partners will cancel their collaboration with you and the eSports team you care about will also be tainted because of your existence…”

When Lu Qingqing thought of Xiao Ye’s ruined reputation, she felt very happy!

He was heartless first, so he could not blame her for being unjust!

“Xiao Ye, everything you care about will be lost. When you are released from prison, your parents are already old and you are also old. You have no money, no power, and two old people need alimony…”

“Xiao Ye, your life is over!”

At this moment, Lu Qingqing’s expression was like a devil’s. Her eyes were so evil that Xiao Ye didn’t dare to look at her directly.

Xiao Ye’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of cold sweat. He gripped the railings at the end of the bed with both hands and glared at Lu Qingqing. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Have you seen a dogfight?

This was the best scene of a dogfight!

“What do you want?” Xiao Ye was still afraid. He didn’t dare to bet his future with Lu Qingqing!

Lu Qingqing smiled.

“I want you to marry me.”

Xiao Ye’s eyes darkened as he sneered, “Lu Qingqing, you’re so cheap.”

“I’m just that cheap. You only have yourself to blame. Back then, when I seduced you, if you didn’t respond to me, wouldn’t you have to thank God?”

Xiao Ye cracked the bed railings, but he couldn’t do anything to Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing was a leech that couldn’t be removed once it was attached to a person’s body. He was blind back then and mistakenly treated a leech as a butterfly, insisting on reaching out to touch it.

As she said, he deserved it.

The wedding was tomorrow, and Nan Yanyan was on leave.

Early in the morning, she finished her morning exercise and went to a beauty salon that Song Ci recommended to her. She was going to do the bride’s beauty and hair dye today to prepare for the wedding tomorrow. Nan Yanyan decided to dye her hair the color of honey brown and make her curls again.

Scalding and dyeing her hair was a very time-consuming task. She fell asleep directly on the recliner.

When she was woken up by the hairdresser again, it was already two in the afternoon. “Miss Nan, go wash your hair first and wash the medicine off.”


When Nan Yanyan came back from washing her hair, she saw Song Ci walking in while talking on the phone.

Song Ci sat down beside Nan Yanyan. Only then did Nan Yanyan know that it was Song Ci’s exclusive throne and no one else could sit on it.

Once Song Ci sat down, Director Alan came down from upstairs. “Songsong.” Alan walked behind Song Ci and directly pressed two index fingers on Song Ci’s temples, gently massaging her.

Song Ci narrowed her eyes and smelled Alan’s perfume. She laughed and said, “Alan, are you in a relationship?”

Alan pretended to cry out in embarrassment. “Songsong, you’re wrong this time. I developed this perfume myself and I’m trying it on now. I sprayed it on myself to collect the comments of the customers about this perfume.”

“Songsong, what do you think of this perfume?”

Song Ci was a person who knew perfume. The smell of this perfume was very high-class. She looked at Alan in the mirror with a smile and said, “Give me a bottle.”

“Alright, remember to promote it for me.”

“Are you going to pay for the advertisement?” It was not cheap to let Song Ci advertise.

“Damn it, what’s our relationship, why do you need the advertising fee!” Alan punched Song Ci’s shoulder and said, “We’re so close, you can give me a discount.”

Song Ci: “Sure.”

Alan added, “90% off.”

Song Ci was speechless. “Why are you so stingy? Give me a bottle later and I’ll promote it for you for free.”

“That’s more like it.” Aaron lifted a bunch of Song Ci’s hair and asked her, “Do you want to cut your hair or do your hair?”

“Just trim it.”


Nan Yanyan heard their conversation and was shocked by Alan’s tone. She tilted her head and stared at him.

Alan was a tall man. He was wearing a red suit. He didn’t even wear a shirt underneath the suit.

But Alan was very handsome. He had a dark and beautiful face, and his eyes were like those of a fox. He looked very much like a Korean idol whom Nan Yanyan had been a fan of when she was young.

Alan loved to show off his orchid-like fingers and his actions were charming. Even Nan Yanyan, a woman, could not compare to him. She wondered what kind of fierce woman would dare to date such a charming man.

Alan went upstairs to get the haircuts. Song Ci saw Nan Yanyan staring at Alan’s back. She had to remind Nan Yanyan. “Don’t underestimate Alan. Alan is the national youth boxing champion.”

Nan Yanyan’s jaw dropped.

“Him?” Nan Yanyan found it unbelievable. “But he looks very…”

“Very feminine, right?” Song Ci suddenly laughed. She said, “When Alan was in high school, he was the Big Brother in the Eastern High School District. At that time, no matter where he went, people would call him Big Brother. Don’t see that he loves to do orchid fingers now. If he doesn’t do orchid fingers one day, things would be big.”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Nan Yanyan suddenly had an impression. She said, “This Alen, he can’t be from the Nan Chao, right?”

Song Ci acknowledged.

Nan Yanyan was shocked.

In the Nan Chao, he was the leader of a high school in Wangdong City. He was the national boxing champion. When he was young, he was known as Brother Firecracker. At that time, ‘Firecracker’ meant firecracker. It had nothing to do with cannon balls.

]This person from the Nan Chao had a fiery temper. It was said that he had bipolar disorder.

This person was really sick.

At that time, the bosses of the other universities were not used to the Nan Chao’s style. In order to bring down the Nan Chao, the school bullies of the nine universities in the east city had allied together to deal with the Nan Chao. However, they were defeated by the Nan Chao barehanded.

Ever since then, the prestige of Yizhong’s Nan Chao had become the representative of the school’s ferocious god.

At that time, Nan Yanyan had already stopped studying. However, her younger brother was a fan of the Nan Chao, and she often learned about the great achievements of the Nan Chao from him.

Knowing Alan’s past history, it was difficult for Nan Yanyan to associate this man, who was dressed flashily and loved to show off his orchid-like fingers, with the legendary school bully who could fight ten people alone.

She felt that something was amiss.

Nan Yanyan said, “That’s incredible. My brother is his fan. Madam Han, can you give me Alan’s WeChat? I’ll show it off to Guanguan.”

“We’re family now, of course.” Song Ci immediately sent Alan’s name card to Nan Yan.

Alan walked down with his tools. Seeing that Song Ci and Nan Yanyan were chatting happily, he smiled and said, “It’s been very lively on Weibo these two days. I also saw some excitement, and only then did I know that you two have become sisters-in-law.”

He sized up Nan Yanyan before saying, “She’s a beauty.”

Song Ci asked Alan, “Do you have something on tomorrow?”

Alan said, “As a stylist, I have a lot of work to do every day.” After a pause, he deliberately blew at Song Ci’s hair and said playfully, “But if Songsong invites me, I can treat money as dirt.”

Song Ci held back her laughter and nodded. Then she said, “Yanyan and our Aaron are getting married tomorrow. I would like to hire you as a stylist.”

“Wow, it’s my honor to be a stylist for the esports goddess.”

Seeing that Alan agreed, Song Ci winked at Nan Yanyan.

Nan Yanyan mouthed ‘thank you’.

After chatting, Nan Yanyan opened WeChat and sent Nan Guanguan a message.

Nan Yanyan: [Guess who I met.]

Nan Guanguan: [Voldemort?]

Nan Yanyan gritted her teeth and typed: [Nan Chao.]

Nan Guanguan: […]

It took Nan Guanguan nearly twenty seconds to remember who the Nan Chao was.

Nan Guanguan: [What the f*ck! Nan Yan Yan, you actually saw Nan Chao! Where did you see him?]

Nan Yanyan: [At a beauty salon. He’s now a stylist with a good haircut. He’s very good friends with Madam Han. Oh right, he promised to be my stylist at my wedding tomorrow.]

Nan Yanyan: [Are you surprised? Are you shocked?]

Nan Guanguan was so surprised that he wanted to calm himself down with a cigarette.

Nan Guanguan: [He actually became a hairdresser…] No one would have thought that the top student of Eastern View High School, who once dominated the world with his bare hands, would actually become a hairdresser.

Was it the loss of morals or the distortion of humanity?

Nan Guanguann: [Oh right, have you seen Weibo? Your ex-boyfriend is going to get married to Lu Qingqing. That scumbag couple still got married in the end. This is really… the heavens have opened their eyes!]

Bad things should be together with bad things and harm each other.

Nan Yanyan was shocked.

She thought that the two would break up after what happened yesterday. She did not expect that their relationship would become stronger and they had decided to get married.

But that had nothing to do with her anymore.

Nan Yanyan didn’t even bother to open Weibo.

Song Ci finished cutting her hair. She cleaned her hair in the mirror and said to Nan Yanyan, “I’m done, so I’ll leave first. Yanyan, I look forward to seeing you in your wedding dress tomorrow.”


After Song Ci left the barbershop, she drove Aoyu Number 1 to Su Beibei’s house. The flower girl at Aaron’s wedding was finally decided on Han Miao and Li Ao. Song Ci was here to send Li Ao a gown.

She passed by a mall and got out of the car to buy a plane toy for Li Ao. She brought the toy to Su Beibei’s house.

Su Beibei had recently switched careers to become a screenwriter and specialized in movie scripts.

Knowing that Song Ci was coming, Su Beibei made coffee in advance and waited for her at home.

Hearing the doorbell, Su Beibei opened the door. Seeing the gown and toys in Song Ci’s hands, she started laughing at her. “You always bring gifts for the child. No wonder Li Ao likes you so much.”

]”My Miaomiao said that she will marry your Li Ao in the future. I am raising my godson in advance.”

When Han Miao was watching television in the past, she happened to see the wedding plot, so she put down her words and said that she would marry Li Ao from Uncle Li’s family when she grew up.

When Li Ao heard about this, he was so scared that he cried. Li Li asked Li Ao why he was crying. Li Ao said that he didn’t like little fatty and didn’t want to marry Han Miao.

Li Li treated this matter as a joke and told it to Han Zhan. Han Zhan originally didn’t plan to tell Han Miao, but one time, Han Zhan found out that Han Miao was secretly eating desserts. Han Zhan then told Han Miao about Li Ao not liking little fatty.

When Han Miao heard this news, she was very sad. After feeling sad, she decided to steal another dessert to comfort herself.

In short, because of that incident, Han Miao and Li Ao became enemies. The two little guys did not even play with each other after meeting.

When Su Beibei heard Song Ci’s words, she held her forehead and laughed. “If you really want a marriage, it should be my Li Ao marrying your Miaomiao!”

Su Beibei laughed for a while, then remembered that the two little guys were still fighting. She said worriedly, “These two guys are still angry at each other. If we let them be flower girl and boy tomorrow, will something happen?”

“Aish. Kids make up quickly when they’re angry. They’ll be fine.”


Song Ci placed the toys and gown on the empty sofa. She and Su Beibei sat down on the carpet in the living room.

Su Beibei opened a can of Hawaiian fruit and handed it to Song Ci. She told her, “Aren’t you pregnant now? It’s good for your health to eat some dried fruit.”

“My baby is very obedient. I haven’t started to have morning sickness yet.” Song Ci recalled the pain when she was pregnant with Han Miao and Han Jun, and she felt that the days now were really like gods.

“I heard that the more obedient a child is in the womb, the more mischievous they become.” Su Beibei gloated as she stared at Song Ci’s stomach. “Be careful not to give birth to a monkey this time.”


Song Ci peeled a fruit and threw it into her mouth. The milk fragrance in her mouth made her stomach feel slightly uncomfortable. She swallowed the fruit and said, “This thing is too fragrant. I still feel a little uncomfortable after eating it.”

“Then don’t eat. I’ll go cut some fruit for you.”

When Su Beibei was cutting fruits, Song Ci followed her in. She leaned against the counter and asked Su Beibei, “Do you still not want to go to your mother-in-law’s side?”

“No.” Su Beibei had already seen through it. She said, “Li Li never told me about his mother being in the hospital, but I secretly asked around. I heard that Li Li’s mother was in the hospital. Whenever she met people, she would say that her daughter-in-law was unfilial and never took care of her. But Li Li heard about this and secretly scolded his mother a few times.”

Hence, Su Beibei no longer had any hopes of repairing her relationship with her mother-in-law.

Hearing this, Song Ci was slightly relieved. “Your Li Li is still quite good. He never said bad things about his mother in front of you, and he never said bad things about you in front of his mother. He even knows how to protect you. If this happened to other men, the family would have been in chaos.”


Su Beibei said, “Although my relationship with my mother-in-law is a little strained, I didn’t marry Li Li wrongly.”

As they were talking, the nanny came back with Li Ao.

When Li Ao saw Song Ci at home, his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Auntie!” He ran towards Song Ci in big steps. He didn’t hug his mother, but first hugged Song Ci’s legs.

Song Ci picked Li Ao up and deliberately teased him, saying, “Li Ao is going to be a flower boy with Miaomiao tomorrow. Are you happy?”

Li Ao’s smile disappeared immediately.

He silently extended his arms to his mother. “Mommy, hug!”

Su Beibei took Li Ao, and Li Ao hugged her neck tightly. Li Ao whispered in Su Beibei’s ear, “I don’t want to marry Miaomiao.” Li Ao thought that his mother would marry him to Han Miao tomorrow.

Su Beibei did not know whether to laugh or cry. She spent a few minutes explaining to Li Ao what it was like to be a flower boy. Li Ao understood that it was not him and Han Miao getting married tomorrow, and was instantly relieved.

Li Ao tried on the outfit and Song Ci was relieved to see that it fit well.

“My brother and Huanyan should be at the airport now. I have to go back. See you tomorrow, Beibei.”


As Aaron was getting married, Sicilio took some time out of his busy schedule to bring Su Huanyan, his daughter Su Qingjia, and Program to Wangdong City.

Cheng Yanmo wanted to see the child, so he decided to pick her up at the airport. Song Ci went straight home.

Seeing that it was about time, Cheng Yanmo called Fei Wen into the office.

Fei Wen walked in and saw that Cheng Yanmo was packing his briefcase. She didn’t remember that Cheng Yanmo had plans to go out this afternoon, so she asked, “Boss, are you going to get off work early?”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo looked up at her.

Fei Wen was wearing a dark blue shirt, black pants, and a pair of white shoes. She looked like a queen standing there.

Cheng Yanmo asked her, “Have the gifts I asked you to make for me arrived?”

Fei Wen nodded. “Under my desk.”

“Alright then, take the gift and come with me.”


Fei Wen didn’t ask where she was going, what she was going to do, or who she was going to meet. She took her gift and followed Cheng Yanmo to the underground garage.

Cheng Yanmo sat in the back of the car while Fei Wen sat in the front passenger seat. The chauffeur was in charge of driving.

In the quiet car, Cheng Yanmo’s voice suddenly sounded. “Fei Wen, are you from Wangdong City?”

Cheng Yanmo was usually quiet during working hours.

Fei Wen was a little surprised to hear non-work-related questions from Cheng Yanmo. It seemed that Boss had been asking her strange questions in recent months.

She remembered the last time she accompanied Boss out for a meal. After the meal, she was prepared to go home. Boss asked her if she had eaten at Deep Alley. She said no, and Cheng Yanmo dragged her along.

Fei Wen asked Cheng Yanmo why he had to go to Deep Alley to eat even though he had just eaten.

Cheng Yanmo said, “Because you’ve never eaten it before.”

At that time, Fei Wen was confused. In the end, she attributed Cheng Yanmo’s capriciousness to the fact that Boss had nowhere to spend his money.

At that moment, Fei Wen turned around and glanced at Cheng Yanmo. Looking at Cheng Yanmo’s expression, she could not guess the meaning behind his question. She then answered, “Yes, I was born in Wangdong City.”

Cheng Yanmo continued, “You chose Fudan University. Why didn’t you stay at Wangdong University?”

Fei Wen graduated from Fudan University, and all of this was recorded on Fei Wen’s employment form. Fei Wen was not surprised that Cheng Yanmo knew everything.

Fei Wen shook her head and explained, “I’ve been studying abroad. When I was 16, my parents divorced, and I moved to Shanghai with my mother to continue my high school there. I chose Fudan University, which is closer to my house.”

Fei Wen’s mother had passed away a few years ago because of cancer. Fei Wen had stayed behind to treat her, so it was convenient for her to visit her mother.

“Oh I see.”

Cheng Yanmo held a fountain pen in his hand as he recalled some things. In his previous life, he had quarreled with Mu Qiu a few times. The reason for the quarrel was that Mu Qiu thought he had an affair with his assistant, Fei Wen.

Cheng Yanmo was baffled. He thought that Mu Qiu was being unreasonable, so Mu Qiu questioned him. If there was nothing going on between them, why would Fei Wen give up the olive branch from Wall Street X Company and stay by his side, willing to be his assistant?

Not only was Fei Wen capable, but she was also very beautiful. It was indeed strange for such a beautiful and resourceful woman to accompany Cheng Yanmo and not get married or jump ship.

Later on, Cheng Yanmo went to investigate and found that Fei Wen had indeed rejected the company’s invitation. However, he did not ask for the reason, because once some things were exposed, it would be impossible to return to the original point.

But at that moment, Cheng Yanmo suddenly wanted to ask Fei Wen: [You’ve been with me for so many years. What exactly do you want?]

Cheng Yanmo still didn’t dare to ask.

“Which school did you studying at in middle school?” Cheng Yanmo wondered. Fei Wen was so outstanding. When she was studying in Country M, we might have met at some large academic competitions.

Fei Wen deliberately remained silent for a while before saying, “Shangying International School.”

For once, Cheng Yanmo was lost in thought.

Shangying International School was a higher education institute in Country M. The tuition fee for each semester was about 300,000 yuan. This was not including the food, school uniform, tuition, and miscellaneous fees.

More than ten years ago, those who could send their children to Shangying International School to study were all truly wealthy people. Cheng Yanmo had been groomed as the heir of the Sichuan Dong Group since he was young. He grew up overseas and received elite education overseas.

And the school he was attending was Shangying International School.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t expect Fei Wen to be in the same school as him. He asked, “Which year are you from? Which class are you from?”

But this time, Fei Wen stopped talking.

Cheng Yanmo narrowed his eyes.

Why wouldn’t she tell the truth?

“If you don’t tell me, you’ll arouse my curiosity and make me unable to resist investigating…” Cheng Yanmo admitted that he was threatening Fei Wen.

Fei Wen bit her lip, her expression conflicted.

The car drove out of the suburbs, and they could already see Wangshan Airport in the distance. At this moment, Cheng Yanmo suddenly heard Fei Wen say, “After my parents divorced, I changed my surname. My original surname was Li.”

Fei Wen, originally named Li Wen.

Li Wen…

Cheng Yanmo had some impression of this name. He stared at Fei Wen’s face, wanting to connect her to his old classmate in his memory, but he couldn’t find a familiar face in his memory.

Where did I meet Li Wen?

At the airport, Cheng Yanmo picked up Su Huanyan and her family.

It had been a few days since Program had video-chatted with Cheng Yanmo. Both Su Qingjia and him were very happy to see Cheng Yanmo pick them up. The siblings hung on to Cheng Yanmo, and his father kept shouting.

Seeing that Cheng Yanmo had brought Fei Wen along with him, Su Huanyan looked at Cheng Yanmo thoughtfully before greeting Fei Wen. “Long time no see, Assistant Fei.”

“Miss Su, I heard that you have already registered your marriage with Mr. Clooney. Congratulations,” said Fei Wen politely.

Su Huanyan blushed in embarrassment.

Su Huanyan and Sicilio had just gotten their marriage certificate, and the wedding date had yet to be decided.

Cheng Yanmo wanted to bring Su Huanyan and the rest home for dinner, but Su Huanyan said, “We’re going to Han Zhan’s house to stay tonight. We’ll go to his house directly for dinner. Yanmo, come with us.”

Cheng Yanmo was initially unwilling, but he could not stand Su Qingjia and Program’s constant whining. In the end, Cheng Yanmo followed her to Imperial Dragon Manor. Not only did he go, but Fei Wen was also sent along.

The moment Su Huanyan and the rest alighted from the car, they saw Han Zhan, his wife, and Han Rang standing at the entrance of the manor with Miao Junjun to welcome them personally.

The driver helped Sicilio and the others carry their luggage down. Butler Cai quickly asked someone to send their luggage to the room.

Han Zhan nodded at Sicilio as a form of greeting. Song Ci walked up and hugged Sicilio. “Big brother.”


Noticing that Song Fei wasn’t around, Sicilio asked Song Ci, “Where’s Song Fei?”

“She went to America with Yan Jiang. Maybe next year, you’ll be an uncle again.”

Sicilio was delighted. “They’re going to have a baby?”


Han Zhan and Cheng Yanmo hadn’t seen each other in a while. Cheng Yanmo walked to Han Zhan and stood beside him.

Cheng Yanmo said, “I heard that the municipal government has already handed the university city project over to Zeus Real Estate Company. Yesterday, the document was released, and many real estate companies are going to suffer now. Zeus Real Estate Company was able to stand firm at this time. Mr. Han, you’re really admirable.”

Ever since the document that was used to crack down on the quality of the project was released yesterday, everyone had been laughing at those big companies that made a name for themselves in real estate. However, when Han Zhan was mentioned, everyone had to sincerely praise him.

Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s praise, Han Zhan said, “Since ancient times, the only thing that can truly make a businessman stand firm is integrity.” Even if you had some knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to stand firm without being honest.

Even if he stood firm for a moment, he would not be able to stand firm forever.

“Mr. Han, you’re right.”

Hearing the voices of a few children, Cheng Yanmo lowered his eyes and glanced at the two children in Han Zhan’s house. When his gaze swept past the chubby Han Miao, a fat shadow flashed past his mind.

Cheng Yanmo’s pupils dilated slightly. He suddenly turned around and stared at Fei Wen behind him.

Sensing Cheng Yanmo’s gaze, Fei Wen looked up with a puzzled expression. “What’s wrong, Boss?”

Cheng Yanmo deliberately walked a few steps behind them and said to Fei Wen, “I’ll send you back after dinner. You’re not allowed to leave first.” There were some things that he had to verify.

Aaron felt that the sun was too bright, so he went under Song Ci’s parasol.

Song Ci simply gave him the umbrella. She and Su Huanyan held up a parasol.

Sicilio frowned at the umbrella above Han Rang’s head and couldn’t help but mock him. “I think you’re getting worse. You used to be fearless, but now you’re even afraid of sunlight? Are you going to be afraid of your wife the next time we meet?”

Sicilio looked down on Agen’s lack of ambition. Wouldn’t it be better to go to Italy with me and let us brothers dominate Sicily?

Aaron was unconvinced. He questioned Sicilio instead. “Aren’t you afraid of your wife?”

“What a joke? Why should I be afraid of my wife? Yanyan listens to everything I say.” Sicilio’s words were firm.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Su Huanyan was unable to carry Program anymore. She passed the bag over to Sicilio, who immediately caught it with both hands. Su Huanyan turned around and looked at him. “Leo, walk a little and take your time. The sun is so hot.”

“I’m coming Yanyan,” said Sicilio, as he strode after her.

When Aaron saw this, he almost laughed out of anger.

You call this not afraid of your wife?

He almost wrote the word ‘wife slave’ on his forehead.

A bunch of cowards who were afraid of their wives. How embarrassing!

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