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Chapter 37: The Han Family House Rules

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At 9:30 p.m., Han Zhan took a shower.

It was already 9:45 in the evening when he finished. Since the weather was hot and he was in his own house, Han Zhan went downstairs clad in just a towel to get some water. After finishing his drink, he went upstairs to change into summer pajamas.

By the time he sat on the bed, it was 9:54 p.m.

There were still six minutes before it was time for bed.


It was Han Zhan’s habit to put his cell phone in a silent mode right before sleeping, and so he took his cell phone from the dresser and unlocked it. There was an unread message. It was a photo file from Song Ci.

Han Zhan logged into WeChat and opened his chatbox with Song Ci. Almost immediately, two long, slender legs captured his attention.

He raised his brows.

Song Ci was sitting on a patch of grass and wearing light, breezy sportswear. She had on a white halter top and black sports bra. The straps of that sports bra crossed sexily over her collarbones. It was criminally enticing.

Sitting on a skateboard, she was tying the laces of her sports shoes with a tilted head. Her long, beautiful hair was in a high ponytail, and she only had light makeup on. Even with no accessories on, she was breathtakingly gorgeous.

At 1.71 cm, Song Ci not only had a pair of long, slender fair legs, but she also had dainty, delicate hands.


Han Zhan was 32 years old and had seen many beautiful women in his life. But none was as flawless as Song Ci.

The top debutante. Skin like white jade, with a beauty that was completely natural.

Han Zhan was still staring at the photo in a daze when Song Ci sent another message.

[ Song Ci: Brother Han, is this photo nice? ]

[ Han Zhan: Ms. Song… ]

[ Song Ci: What about this? ]


Before Han Zhan could figure out what she meant, Song Ci sent another photo.

Han Zhan opened the photo, and the said photo instantly left him stunned. He even felt that his phone was burning in his hands. He wanted to toss it away, and yet somehow, he couldn’t bear to. He would rather his hands have blisters from the heat.

Song Ci sent a bedroom photo. Wearing a pale, blue bare-backed sweater and kneeling on the bed, she had pulled up the collar of the sweater to cover her chin with her cherry-red lips curling up slightly. A pair of soul-stealing eyes stared seductively at Han Zhan.

Poor Han Zhan. It was truly a torture to face such seduction at his age.

Failing to receive a response, Song Ci asked him again, [ Brother Han, is this photo nice? ]

A few moments later, Han Zhan finally replied. [ Wear proper clothes. ]

After replying, Han Zhan turned his cell phone to silent mode and tossed it onto his dresser. That would spare him from the things Song Ci would send him. After laying in bed for some time, he suddenly got up and put on his slippers before going downstairs to pour himself a cup of ice water.

After finishing his water, Han Zhan returned to his room and glanced at the clock.

10:20 p.m.

Song Ci’s lips twitched in amusement when she saw Han Zhan’s reply. It was so interesting to tease Han Zhan. As she stared at Han Zhan’s last message, she could imagine his frowning face.

That night, Han Zhan had many erotic dreams.


Waking up the next day, he went to his study first.

Han Zhan sat down and solemnly opened a black leather notebook. On the first page was written, ‘The Han Family House Rules.’


The Han Family House Rules:

Number one: Go to bed early, rise early. Sleep before 10 p.m., wake up before 6:30 a.m.

Number two: Take care of your eyes. Don’t spend too much time on your cell phone and computer.


Number three: Have regular meals at fixed timings. Never skip breakfast.

This morning, a fourth rule was added to the Han Family House Rules:

Number four: No revealing clothing is allowed (outfits that expose the back, the thighs, and the chest.)


Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief after putting down his pen.

A vixen would soon enter his home. If he didn’t set down the rules with her, that vixen would become unruly and unmanageable.


Song Ci woke up very early. She went for a walk around the hospital’s exercise court and bought breakfast for herself. Carrying her breakfast back to her ward to eat, she was in a pretty good mood. She was going to be discharged tomorrow.


Song Ci returned to her ward and saw that Du Tingting came to pay her a visit.

Du Tingting brought her a sumptuous breakfast, and she sat at a stool at the end of the bed, playing with her cell phone. Song Ci was about to open her mouth when her cell phone rang.

Du Tingting turned to look at Song Ci.

“Song Song, where did you go? I was just calling you.”

Song Ci took out her cell phone and saw that Du Tingting had indeed just called her. Song Ci stuffed her cell phone back in her pocket and smiled at Du Tingting. “Mother, why are you so early here today?”

Song Ci went to sit on the bed and placed her breakfast on the dresser. She saw another box. “You even brought breakfast for me?”

“I cooked pickled vegetables and sliced fish soup noodles for you. I separated the soup and noodles so it wouldn’t get soggy.” Du Tingting stood up and opened the food box. She had soaked the cooked noodles in cold water, while the soup containing the pickled vegetables and fish slices were placed separately in another big bowl.

Du Tingting used a pair of chopsticks to draw out the noodles from the cold water. She put them in the soup and stirred it several times.

Song Ci stared at that bowl of pickled vegetables and sliced fish soup noodles. She suddenly felt an urge to cry.

Because of her parents’ death and her sister’s state, Song Ci was in a depressed state when she was first brought over to the Mu Family. She had no appetite for anything. Du Tingting seldom cooked, but upon seeing Song Ci’s lack of appetite, she made a bowl of pickled vegetables and sliced fish soup noodles for her.

Since she was living under their roof now, Song Ci finished the entire bowl to please Du Tingting. Actually, Song Ci didn’t really like to eat pickled vegetables and sliced fish soup noodles, but she only liked it when Du Tingting cooked it.

In her previous life, Song Ci was already married into the Cheng Family when Du Tingting passed away.

There was a point in time that Song Ci visited Du Tingting while the latter was gravely ill. Often she would visit after she fought with Cheng Ziang, and that would mean she’d have a few bruises on her collarbones and chest. Worried that Du Tingting might see her injuries, Song Ci intentionally wore a very conservative shirt and put on vibrant makeup.

Du Tingting knew that Song Ci wasn’t happy after marrying into the Cheng Family. Taking advantage of the fact that Mu Mian and Mu Qiu were not around then, Du Tingting tugged at Song Ci’s hand and advised her to divorce Cheng Ziang. She said that Song Ci was so beautiful and talented, there was no need to depend on the Cheng Family.

Those two years, Mu Mian’s company faced countless problems and was very cash-strapped. Grateful to the Mu Family for taking care of her, there was no way Song Ci could get a divorce. But Song Ci always felt an ache in her heart whenever she recalled Du Tingting’s words at her deathbed.

Now it seemed that in the entire Mu Family, only Du Tingting truly loved her like a daughter.

“Is it inconvenient for you to eat while wearing a neck brace?” Du Tingting held the bowl with two hands. “Let me feed you, alright? You were already 14 when you came to our home. I have never fed you before.”

Song Ci nearly cried out.

“Alright, sorry to trouble you, mother.”

“What trouble? I am your mother, after all.”

As Du Tingting fed Song Ci, she told her about what had happened at home recently.

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