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Chapter 361: I’ll Provide for You, Three Foods a Day, A Place to Stay for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Yan Qingxiu’s voice wasn’t low, and Han Zhan and Song Ci successfully heard what she said. Hearing that, both of them were stunned for a moment, but soon recovered their serious expressions.

Long Zhize was stunned for half a second before he looked at Yan Qingxiu resentfully. His tone was full of condemnation. “If you can give birth to a bird, I’m also willing to hatch eggs with you.”

The other three were speechless.

Han Zhan hurriedly invited the two of them into the manor.

On the way, Yan Qingxiu sized up Han Zhan’s home and thought to himself, This is indeed the home that Lord chose. This house is so imposing. When they were eating, the two little fellows were also allowed to enter the dining room to eat with them.

The children sat at their own baby tables and were given their children’s meals.

Yan Qingxiu observed the little Lord as he ate.

The little Lord was still the same as before. She was hardly picky when she ate. There was nothing she particularly liked or disliked. The Lord never allowed herself to like something. She was afraid that if she did, she would develop dependence on it.

Yan Qingxiu felt a little regretful. He actually hoped that the Lord would be able to experience the coldness and warmth of human emotions that he had never experienced in the Proud Victory Continent, so that she could learn the feelings that humans should have.

Everyone in the Aosheng Continent knew that the High Lord was born with spiritual consciousness in the land of extreme evil. What nurtured her was not the mother of humans, but the resentment of humans and other creatures.

The Lord herself was the vessel of resentment.

Song Ci noticed that ‘Dong Yang’ had been staring at her younger daughter and even had that kind of glowing eyes. She secretly kicked ‘Dong Yang’ under the table.

Yan Qingxiu snapped back to reality after being kicked.

He turned his head and met Song Ci’s warning gaze. He didn’t dare to look at her anymore.

After the meal, Yan Qingxiu walked closer to Han Miao and Han Jun. He took out the gift he had prepared from his bag. It was a pair of cute and adorable jade pendants.

He gave Han Miao the shape of a small butterfly and Han Jun the shape of a sword.

Han Jun held the sword and looked at it for a moment before raising her head and giving Yan Qingxiu words of thanks. Yan Qingxiu smiled until his eyes curved.

After Han Miao and Han Jun left, Han Zhan and Long Zhize went to the tea room next door to discuss some matters. The mistress, Song Ci, personally came to attend the banquet.

She asked Yan Qingxiu, “Miss Dong, do you want tea or coffee?”

Yan Qingxiu had lived in countless planes, but he could never love coffee. “Just tea.”

“Alright then.”

Song Ci personally brewed tea for Dong Yang.

When the water was boiling, Song Ci said straightforwardly, “Miss Dong, you to be very interested in our Junjun.”

Knowing that Dong Yang had some skills, Song Ci did not intend to hide it. She suspected something and asked directly, “Why are you so interested in our Junjun, Miss Dong?”

Knowing that Song Ci was a smart woman, Dong Yang planned to reveal the truth to her. “Mrs. Han, is Miss Junjun a little cold and… a little cruel?”

Song Ci didn’t say anything, but she didn’t refute.

She muttered to herself for a moment, then picked up the boiling water and poured it into the pot. Staring at the Biluochun that had instantly relaxed because of the hot water, Song Ci asked, “What happened to her? I wonder if you can see through it, Miss Dong?”

Yan Qingxiu said, “To be honest, I’m not from Earth. I come from a world called the Aosheng Continent. It’s an immortal cultivation world. Our Lord failed to transcend the tribulation and ascended a thousand years ago. His soul shattered and he transmigrated to a different plane. In this thousand years, I’ve already collected eleven fragments. The biggest and last fragment is Miss Junjun.”

Song Ci was stunned.

The cultivation world?

Which f*cking novel’s plot is this?

She scrutinized Yan Qingxiu and suspected that this person was most likely crazy and was spouting nonsense.

After guessing what Song Ci was thinking, Yan Qingxiu suddenly smiled and asked humbly, “Mrs. Han, you don’t believe me, right? What can I do to make you believe me?”

Song Ci casually pointed at Old Mr Han’s portrait and said, “If you let my grandpa revive, I will believe you.”

Yan Qingxiu immediately frowned. “This won’t do. Old Sir’s three souls and seven spirits have already dissipated. I’m really helpless.”

Song Ci pointed at the Luohan Pine in the yard that was about to wither. “Can you save this?” She didn’t know what was wrong with this Luohan Pine. Ever since the old man passed away, it had started to wither slowly, and now it was beyond saving.

However, Han Zhan did not throw the Luohan Pine away. He kept it for reminiscence.

Yan Qingxiu stared at the withered Luohan Pine and revealed a faint smile. “It’s just a small matter.” He casually made a hand gesture, and Song Ci saw the Luohan Pine sway without wind. Soon after, the brown tree trunk began to regain its color of life, and green leaves emerged from the branches.

Watching the Luohan Pines turn from dead to full of life, the shock in Song Ci’s eyes was very intense.

She stared at Yan Qingxiu, her hands trembling.

“Can you trust me now, Madam Han?”

Naturally, Song Ci believed him.

Her hand was a little cold, so she held the hot teacup. Song Ci lowered her head and asked Yan Qingxiu, “My daughter will grow up safely, right?”

Yan Qingxiu frowned and said, “I’ve read Miss Junjun’s fortune. Her fate with Madam Han and Mr. Han is only 23 years.”

Song Ci was stunned. “Twenty-three years?” She suddenly raised her head and stared at Yan Qingxiu. She asked in an urgent tone, “Are you saying that she will leave us after she turns twenty-three?”

Yan Qingxiu nodded.

He knew that Song Ci must be very upset. After all, she was Junjun’s mother, and no mother would be willing to accept the fact that her child could only live to twenty-three years old.

Yan Qingxiu sighed and said, “Our High Lord’s willpower is very strong. She is constantly summoning her soul and waiting to be reborn.”

“Madam Han, don’t be too sad. Even though Miss Junjun left, she is still alive. She and the Lord are actually the same person.”

Song Ci was disappointed and frustrated. Until Dong Yang left, she did not smile.

Han Zhan could tell that Song Ci was upset. After sending off Long Zhize and Dong Yang, he grabbed Song Ci’s hand and brought her to the amusement park at the back of the mountain, sitting in the Ferris wheel with her.

Seeing that the ground beneath her feet was getting further and further away, and that the lights of Wangdong City were also being stepped on by them, Song Ci finally opened her mouth and told Han Zhan, “Dong Yang said that Junjun is the reincarnation of their Lord’s soul. He said that Junjun can only accompany us until she’s 23 years old. She will go back sooner or later.”

Han Zhan was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Song Ci told Han Zhan in detail about Yan Qingxiu being able to see through her past life, present life and whatever that happened tonight.

Hearing this, Han Zhan’s heart was in pain. “So, Junjun, she will definitely leave us, right?”


Song Ci fell into Han Zhan’s arms and her voice was a little choked up. “So there are reasons for her strange personality..” Even though she had reincarnated, her soul was still affected by Yan Qingxiu.

Han Zhan wanted to deny that everything was fake, but when he returned to the manor and saw the Luohan Pine that was emitting vitality and green under the night sky, his mouth was full of bitterness.

It was true…

The next morning, the gardener, butler, and servants of the manor stood in front of the arhat pine and pointed at the tree.

“The Luohan Pine actually came back to life overnight! How strange!”

Butler Cai smiled. “Something good will definitely happen.”

Han Zhan didn’t do his morning exercise in the morning. He stood behind the window of the restaurant and looked at the lush Luohan Pine through the glass.

After pondering for a long time, Han Zhan suddenly curved his lips into a smile. If Junjun was really that powerful, then if Yan Qingxiu could come to our world, Junjun might be able to come back in the future!

With this thought, Han Zhan figured it out.

He sat down to eat when he saw Aaron coming down the stairs, yawning. “You didn’t sleep last night?”

Aaron poured himself a cup of yogurt and took a sip of the sweet and sour milk. He wiped his lips with a napkin and shook his head. “I was playing games last night.”

“Oh, I forgot that you’re resting today.”

Aaron leaned forward, massaging the corners of his tired eyes with his index finger and thumb. “I’m going to take a nap after dinner,” he said. “I’ll make my deliveries this afternoon.”


After finishing his meal, Aaron went back to his room and slept all the way until 1: 30 in the afternoon. The butler left him lunch. After Aaron ate, he rode his motorcycle to deliver food.

Because they all said that driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to deliver food was too high-profile and would cause people to point fingers at them, Aaron bought a huge motorcycle a few days after entering the industry.

Arriving at the area he was in charge of, Aaron opened his Meituan Rider app and logged in. However, he realized that he was not allowed to take anymore orders.

Aaron narrowed his eyes.

Why am I canceled?

He didn’t bother to confront his client. He went straight to the dealer in charge and asked him why he’d been fired.

The person who received him was the manager, a lady who looked to be in her early thirties. She wore a black round-collared dress, and her hair was tied into a bun behind her head. She looked a little serious.

However, the manager smiled when she saw the delivery prince, Aaron. “Aaron, you’re here?”

Aaron sat on the chair and stared at the female manager. He asked bluntly, “Why did you fire me? No customer reported me and I didn’t do anything wrong. There has to be a reason for you to fire me.”

He gave up on his rest time and came to deliver food. He opened the application and realized that he had been fired. His bad temper was unbearable.

The female manager was a little embarrassed. She asked Aaron, “Did you really not make any mistakes?”

Aaron thought about it carefully and understood the reason. “Someone asked you to fire me? The Station Head of Wang Dong TV Station?”

The female manager looked troubled.

“Aaron, you shouldn’t have hit someone. It’s Mr. Lu’s daughter. I heard that Miss Lu is still under observation in the hospital.”

“Even if they want to fire you, we can’t stand on your side, can we?” The female manager was just a worker like Aaron, it was the superiors who decided who should be fired.

Aaron was not here to argue with the manager. After figuring out the reason, Aaron carried his safety helmet and left. Once he left, the people inside started discussing.

“Sigh, what a fool. Of all people, he chose to touch Mr. Lu’s daughter.”

“Isn’t this like an egg hitting a rock? He’s overestimating himself!”

Aaron, who was sitting on the motorbike, couldn’t help but sneer after hearing these people’s words. ‘Lu Qingqing, how dare you cut off my money!’

If you dare to cut off my path to wealth, I swear I’ll fight you to the death!

In the hospital, Lu Qingqing was discharged today.

Her mother came to pick her up personally. When she saw the scar on the back of Lu Qingqing’s head, she was instantly angry. “These lunatics, we should really call the police and arrest them to educate them!”

“Qingqing, do you know what that person does? I think we have to teach him a lesson or else we won’t be able to vent our anger!”

Madam Lu took advantage of her husband’s power and was respected everywhere she went. Lu Qingqing being beaten up was equivalent to her being slapped in the face. If she didn’t punish that person harshly, she wouldn’t be appeased.

Lu Qingqing laughed coldly. “He’s just a delivery man. I’ve already gotten someone to fire him.” Nan Yanyan’s standards were getting lower and lower. Her target had dropped from being the champion to a delivery man.

Upon hearing that, Mrs. Lu’s anger dissipated a little. “A lunatic can deliver food? Isn’t he afraid that the customers will be beaten up? This isn’t his first time beating someone up, right? Such a person should be locked up for a few days to teach him a lesson!”

Lu Qingqing said, “Don’t say anymore, Mom. That person has already been taught a lesson. If we continue to hold on to this matter, it will make us seem like we’re calculative and vengeful.”


Madam Lu asked the chauffeur to help carry Lu Qingqing’s luggage before the mother and daughter returned home.

When she got home, Lu Qingqing posted a celebratory post on her WeChat Moments. After seeing Lu Qingqing’s WeChat Moments, everyone left comments asking her what was going on, including some esports players and hosts.

Lu Qingqing vaguely mentioned Nan Yanyan and Nan Yanyan’s boyfriend in her reply. Under her pretentious commentary, everyone knew that Nan Yanyan was in a relationship with a delivery man. The delivery man was a violent man who actually hit Lu Qingqing.

It had been six years since Lu Qingqing snatched Xiao Ye away from Nan Yanyan This caused many juniors in the circle to not know about the relationship between Lu Qingqing, Nan Yanyan, and Xiao Ye. They only knew that Lu Qingqing was Xiao Ye’s girlfriend. Therefore, after seeing Lu Qingqing’s explanation, everyone had a lot of opinions about Nan Yanyan.

What kind of taste does Nan Yanyan have?

She actually found a violent delivery man to be her boyfriend. He even hit a woman. What a jerk!

On this day, Nan Yanyan was leading the AK team to fight the championship battle of the LPL season. Han Rang lost his job and had nothing to do, so he planned to look for Nan Yan.

The tickets were sold out and he had to call Nan Yanyan to bring him in.

Nan Yanyan came out of the side door with her work pass. She smiled when she saw that Aaron was still wearing his uniform. She leaned against the motorcycle and asked, “Are you here to deliver food to us?”

Aaron shook his head. “No, I won’t deliver in the future.”


Aaron took off his helmet and hung it on the motorcycle’s head. He pulled Nan Yanyan and walked inside. As they walked, he said, “I’ll sell roses in the future.”

“You resigned?” Nan Yan stared at the back of Ah Rong’s head. She immediately guessed the problem. “You were fired?”

Aaron stopped in his tracks and looked back at her helplessly. “Yeah, your boyfriend got fired. Shouldn’t you comfort me?”

Nan Yanyan smiled and asked, “How do you want me to comfort you?” As soon as she finished speaking, Aaron suddenly pulled her over and pressed her against the wall of the hall, kissing her fiercely.

Nan Yanyan was shocked.

Sensing Aaron’s anger and indignation, Nan Yanyan responded to his kiss and patted his back gently.

Under Nan Yanyan’s comforting, Aaron gradually calmed down.

He let go of Nan Yanyan and lowered his head to look into her lustful eyes. He said pitifully, “Sister Yan, I’m fired. Are you going to support me?”

Nan Yanyan patted his head. “Alright, I’ll take care of you. You’ll have three meals a day, a place to stay for all four seasons.”


“Yanyan?” A male voice interrupted their conversation.

Aaron turned around and stood next to Nan Yan. Both of them raised their heads to look at the three people walking towards them. They were Captain Xiao Ye, Lin Huo, and Kevin.

The three of them stood together and looked at Nan Yanyan and Aaron with a complicated expression. The way they looked at Aaron was obviously subtle and conflicted.

Obviously, the three of them had overheard the conversation between Aaron and Nan Yan.

Xiao Ye stared at the tall and handsome Aaron with disdain. He thought: Brother, you’re not bad looking. You have hands and feet. How can you be raised by a woman? If I were you, I would be able to support myself even if I went out to sell my art.

Lin Huo and Kevin Wang knew that Aaron had beaten up Lu Qingqing. Now that they had met, it was awkward.

Nan Yanyan grabbed hold of Aaron’s hand and said to Lin Huo and the rest, “Fire, I’m sorry, but it seems like our AK team is going to take second place.”

It wasn’t easy to win the championship. AK battle team was competing with Xiao Ye’s team for the runner-up position. Only by entering the top four would they be able to participate in the Intercontinental Series in July. Their goal was to win the championship and strive to be admitted into the global finals as the number one seeded player.

Hearing Nan Yanyan’s words, everyone’s expression turned serious. Xiao Ye congratulated Nan Yanyan frankly and said, “I didn’t expect your mid-laner to be so strong. You hid him too well in the past.”

Nan Yanyan smiled and said, “Which team doesn’t have a king?”

Nan Yanyan looked at the time on her watch, pulled Aaron and pretended to leave. At this time, Xiao Ye suddenly said, “Mr. Han Rang, why are you here at this time? You didn’t go to deliver food?”

Everyone could hear the provocation in Xiao Ye’s tone.

Lin Huo and Kevin Wang subconsciously tugged at Xiao Ye’s sleeves. “Xiao Ye, don’t talk so much!” To ask such a question at such an occasion, wasn’t this deliberately embarrassing Aaron?

Xiao Ye was indifferent.

Nan Yanyan was a little angry. She turned around and was about to scold Xiao Ye when she heard Aaron say, “What are you pretending for? I lost my job. Mr. Xiao Ye must know about this, right?”

Xiao Ye seemed to know nothing and raised his eyebrows. “Oh? I’m not delivering food. How would I know what happened in your company?”

Aaron let go of Nan Yanyan and walked in front of Xiao Ye. Taking advantage of the fact that he was a few centimeters taller than Xiao Ye, he looked down at Xiao Ye. Aaron laughed mockingly and said, “Yes, you don’t know anything.”

Aaron suddenly raised Nan Yanyan’s left hand and showed her the gold ring on her ring finger. He smiled brightly. “We’re engaged. We’re getting married after meeting our parents. I’m afraid you don’t know. I’ll inform you in advance.”

Then, Aaron pulled Nan Yan away.

Xiao Ye was stunned.

Yanyan was getting married to that delivery boy?

“Yanyan is getting married?” Lin Huo glanced at Xiao Ye and was shocked to see him looking so startled.

Judging from his reaction, it couldn’t be that Captain still had feelings for Yanyan, right? Since he still had feelings for her, why did he cheat on her back then?

Nan Yanyan and Aaron walked into the lounge backstage. She shook off Aaron’s hand with a half-smile on her face. “Do you think you can provoke him with that sentence? He’s not anyone to me. You can’t provoke him.”

“He still likes you,” Aaron said with a scowl. “I hacked into that guy’s computer and found a lot of pictures of you in his photo album files. Some of them were before you broke up with him, and some of them are of you now.”

Nan Yanyan’s jaw dropped.

She was surprised not because Xiao Ye still missed her, but because…” Why did you hack into other people’s computers? Do you know hacking? ”

Aaron said, “Just a little.” It was easy to hack into an ordinary computer, and Aaron had learned about computer skills before, but not very well.

“Oh yeah, my brother said that he’s free this Saturday night, which is the day after tomorrow. Sister Yan, I’m going to your house today to meet your parents. I want them to agree to meet my brother the day after tomorrow.”

Nan Yanyan’s ears turned slightly red. “Mmm, okay.” This feeling of wanting to marry herself off was amazing.

Aaron sat in the lounge for more than 20 minutes before he saw the kids from the AK team enter. When they saw that Aaron was there, they couldn’t help but tease him. “Ah, delivery prince, you’re here to look for our manager again.”

Aaron held his cigarette but didn’t smoke. He just stroked it with his fingers. He said, “Don’t call me the little prince of delivery. In the future, please call me Director Han.”


A group of teenagers gathered around Aaron and surrounded him. They asked him, “Why are you called the director? Do you want to open a beauty salon?”

“Or a brothel?”

“Your head!” Aaron took out the name card that he had prepared long ago from his pocket. On it was written: “President of Dream Orphanage, Han Rang.”

Everyone touched the name card excitedly. “Amazing, little prince. You want to open an orphanage?”

“Yes.” Aaron took out the pen and paper that he always carried with him. This was his habit of taking notes.

Aaron crossed his legs and placed them on the coffee table. He said, “The orphanage is currently in the midst of a fundraising process. Boys, do you want to donate some money to win the championship today?”

The group of people immediately dispersed like monkeys fleeing a sinking ship. Aaron shook his head. “A bunch of heartless people.”

At this moment, Nan Yanyan handed a bank card to Ah Rang. She said, “It’s not much. 500,000 yuan. Take it and use it first.” This card was Nan Yanyan’s dowry.

Aaron stared at the bank card and did not take it.

The youths looked at the bank card in Nan Yanyan’s hand in surprise. Someone could not help but remind her, “Manager, are you really donating it?”

Nan Yanyan stared at Aaron seriously and said, “This is the dowry money I prepared for myself. Brother Rang, I want to be the director mother of the orphanage.”

The idea of dowry and money made Aaron’s heart palpitate. For a moment, Aaron understood what they meant by love.

He looked at Nan Yanyan and felt that she was glowing like a fairy. Aaron took her card and said, “I will use the money you donated to build a small library in the orphanage. I will let them know that knowledge can change their fate.”


Seeing that the manager had taken the lead in donating the money, everyone finally believed that Aaron really wanted to build an orphanage. They sat back down and asked Aaron about the construction of the orphanage.

Aaron answered every question.

Seeing that Aaron was serious, everyone pondered for a moment before saying, “The few of us intend to donate two million yuan. We’ll treat it as doing some good deeds when we’re young. We don’t want to become the champion in the future. We just hope that there will be a few less homeless children in this world.”

Aaron looked at them fondly. “You are all good children.”

Perhaps it was the influence of Aaron’s words about donating today to win the championship, but the AK team that had originally only intended to get second place actually won the championship.

When they received the award, the entire team was so excited that their eyes turned red. This was their second year in the competition. To be able to win the championship was the biggest reward for them.

The group of young men got off the stage and hugged each other as they cried.

At that moment, Aaron had already changed into his suit and was planning to meet his parents-in-law at night. When he heard the cries, he opened the door and walked out. He was immediately hugged by the group of children.

“Little Prince, speak more if you know how to speak!”

Aaron said expressionlessly, “If you want to win again, donate more.”

Everyone was speechless.

They burst into laughter through their tears.

After the competition, the children were interviewed. Nan Yanyan was about to call them to order food to celebrate their victory when she received a call from her boss.

“Manager Nan, congratulations to the children for winning the championship. I’ve already reserved a table and booked a KTV room. Oh right, there are a few children who are still underage. You must be careful not to let them touch alcohol.”

“Yes, boss.”

After the interview, Nanyan sent the children to the KTV and ordered them not to drink underage. After playing with them for an hour, Nan Yanyan and Ah Rang left.

They left the KTV, and Aaron sat in Nan Yanyan’s motorcycle, driving slowly. Aaron’s voice came from inside his helmet. “Who’s your boss?”

Nan Yanyan was silent for a moment before saying, “Sorry, I have to keep it a secret.”

Their boss was the person who had saved Nan Yanyan from the race car at brink of death. He was her life savior. Nan Yanyan had sworn to follow her boss and never reveal his identity.

Hearing that, Aaron did not probe further.

Nan Yanyan parked her car at an antique shop. “My father has been saying that he wants a pair of walnuts. He definitely likes you.”

Hearing that, Ah Rang walked into the antique store and said to the owner, “Show me the walnuts.”

The boss asked, “What are your requests?”

Aaron thought for a moment. “I want the most beautiful and the best…” He paused, then added in a small voice, “The most expensive.”

His heart was bleeding.

The boss understood and immediately took out the best pieces of artwork walnut for him to choose from. Aaron and Nan Yanyan picked for a while before picking a set of artwork walnut that looked like a mandarin duck.

They bought Nan Yanyan’s mother a silk scarf before going home.

Knowing that Aaron was going to visit Nan Yan’s house today, Han Zhan was concerned about this. When he got off work, he called Aaron.

When Aaron received the call, he was buying rock candy at a small store outside the district. Hearing someone’s voice from Aaron’s side, Han Zhan asked him, “What are you doing?”

“Buying rock candy.”

Han Zhan frowned. “Why are you buying that?”

“Sister Yan’s mother wants to make braised pork. She realized that there isn’t any sugar at home, so she asked us to bring it back.”

Nan Yanyan’s mother was from the south. It was obvious that she thought highly of Ah Rang’s visit and planned to cook a big table of braised pork.

Han Zhan felt relieved to see that his brother was valued by Nan Yanyan’s family. “Remember to perform well. Don’t say anything you shouldn’t say. With your Chinese standard, don’t act smart in front of Professor Nan. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

Aaron pursed his lips. “…Oh.” He thought that his Chinese was alright. “Is there anything else? If not, I’m hanging up.” Aaron couldn’t hear Han Zhan belittling him.

Han Zhan was silent for a few seconds before saying, “The first time you went to the girl’s house, the gift you brought represents your attitude towards her daughter. I asked Long Yu to send some wine and nutritional supplements over. He’s waiting for you at the entrance of Nan Yanyan’s neighborhood. Remember to get it.”

It was Aaron’s turn to be silent.

“I’m hanging up.”

Aaron hung up hurriedly.

Nan Yanyan walked out with some rock candy in her hand. She was shocked to see Aaron wiping his tears. “Why are you crying?”

Aaron said, “There’s an evil aura.”

Han Zhan’s evil aura could kill!

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