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Chapter 360: Have a Bird?

The host smiled as she looked at the five lucky audience members who had been selected by WeChat. She focused on interviewing Xiao Ye, who was the male god of eSports, as well as the former queen of eSports, and the current Goddess of Games, Nan Yanyan.

“Almighty Xiao, as everyone knows, you are the male god of eSports. You play very well with a flashlight. Then what do you think is the biggest difference between holographic games and eSports games?”

Xiao Ye was a very humorous person. He raised his eyebrows and said, “The biggest difference is probably that the holographic mouth doesn’t move, only the brain.”

“Everyone knows that Xiao Shen’s other nickname is called Shadowless Hands.” Shadowless Hands described Xiao Ye’s dazzlingly powerful and terrifying hand speed. Every time they were in a competition, the camera would always give Xiao Ye’s hand a special shot.

“In that case, would Xiao Shen, who won with speed, feel nervous when he enters the holographic game that focuses on mental control?”

The corners of Xiao Ye’s lips lifted slightly. “We’ll see.”

The host interviewed Nan Yanyan for another two minutes before announcing the start of the game. The five of them lay down in the game cabin that the company had prepared for them.

Before the game, it had always been operated in an internal test camp, so Song Ci and the others were the first group of non-interior players. Song Ci entered the game interface, and among the rows of optional game characters, she chose the ‘devil’ side of the devil cultivators.

She named herself—

Heart of an arsonist.

After Song Ci settled the option, she officially entered the game. Holographic games made people feel like they were in a game world. Song Ci was wearing a long black dress and a black lace veil on her face, looking noble and cold.

They used the company’s internal account and could skip the novice village to do missions directly.

On the other side, Han Zhan had also chosen his identity. However, he chose a divine cultivator faction and a Demon Hunter faction. When Han Zhan and Song Ci met under the mission distribution list at the same time, they were both stunned.

Because the features of the holographic game character were simulated according to the player’s facial features, the two of them recognized each other at a glance. Realizing that they had entered opposing factions, the two of them had a subtle look in their eyes.

On the big screen, everyone saw the domineering man in red demon hunting clothes carefully reach out his right arm to touch the woman’s hair and say, “What a coincidence, Baby Ci.”

His Baby Ci immediately released the demonic bug, Big Zhan, and bit Han Zhan’s arm. It even bit out a high-grade equipment from Han Zhan’s body.

Han Zhan’s body stiffened. A moment later, black smoke started to emit from his body. Then, the system gave Han Zhan a warning—

[Warning Player “Don’t Eat Vegetable”: You have been bitten to death by the Magic Pets and Magic Bugs of the” Heart of the Arsonist”, dropping a high-grade equipment, Drunken Mussels. Player will die in five seconds, please prepare to leave the line!]

Everyone :”…”

Witnessing Zeus International’s CEO and Madam fall in love and kill each other was exciting!

Han Zhan was forced to leave the game. He lay in the game cabin, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

He logged into the game again and ran to his old position. Sure enough, he saw Song Ci still standing in front of the mission distribution list. This time, standing with her was a woman wearing a chivalrous costume called “Smokes and Rainstorm”.

This must be Nan Yanyan.

Noticing that Han Zhan was here again, Song Ci subconsciously touched her spirit pet, “Big Zhan”. Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and said, “I’ll allow you to post my ugly photo on Weibo. Let’s forget about the WeChat profile picture?”

He had no dignity as a CEO.

Song Ci nodded reluctantly.

At this moment, a Buddhist disciple dressed in monk robes walked over. This person wore a string of Buddhist beads on his chest. His facial features were deep and handsome, giving off the feeling of mixed blood. It was none other than Aaron.

The moment this person appeared, everyone had the urge to transform into a female demon to seduce him.

The monk called ‘Little Daoist Chao Yan’ walked to the front of the mission board. The first thing he did was actually grab the arm of ‘Smokes and Rainstorm’ and press her onto the pillar before the mission distribution board. Then, he kissed her!

Everyone: “Whoa!”

The holographic game was connected to the players’ senses. When the players kissed, they would also feel something in real life.

Nan Yanyan was shocked by Aaron’s actions. Aaron let go of Nan Yanyan and said something flirtatious, “Benefactor, I am willing to go deep into the mortal world for you and be a mortal.”

Before Nan Yanyan could reply, she saw a Swordsman walking over with steady steps.

The four of them turned around at the same time and stared at the Swordsman Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye stopped and looked at the four people in front of him, suddenly having a bad feeling.

The Little Daoist suddenly asked Han Zhan, “Is it against the rules to kill people publicly in the game?”

Han Zhan could guess what Aaron was going to do. He warned Ah Rang, “Today is the press conference. Be careful of your influence.”

Aaron pursed his lips and took a mission token from the Mission Distribution List. The mission required them to kill the Zerg King in the wormhole. The Vast Ocean biography holographic game was very realistic. No one dared to think about how disgusting the wormhole was.

The monk walked in front of the Swordsman and said, “Do you dare to have a competition between men with me?”

Xiao Ye stared at the monk, took the arrow off his back and pointed it at the monk. “Why wouldn’t I dare!”

“Let’s go!”

Monk brought the Swordsman and ran towards the wormhole on the map. Heroine looked at their backs and thought for a while. Finally, she turned around and went to look at the scenery alone.

Demon Hunter Han Zhan released his spirit pet, Pegasus, and invited the “Heart Arsonist” to get on his horse and follow him to visit the Vast Ocean biography.

Thus, Song Ci and Han Zhan rode on horses and admired the picturesque Vast Ocean Continent from high up in the sky. During this time, they couldn’t help but kiss. The audience stared at the poetic and picturesque scenes in the game between Han Zhan and Song Ci, feeling amazed.

Putting everything else aside, just this realistic game graphics and scene was worth buying a game to play.

On the other side, the monk and sword cultivator barged into the wormhole. When they saw the worms of all sizes crawling all over the ground, some players with poor endurance immediately turned their heads away, not daring to look further.

The technician told everyone, “The game’s setting is realistic and 100% reflects real life. This is also a selling point of the Vast Ocean biography. However, considering that players have to enter a map like the wormhole in order to complete the mission, our game has specially added a mosaic function. As long as you charge it successfully, you will be able to unlock the mosaic function.”

“F*ck! Blood-sucking creeps!” Everyone cursed.

Han Zhan and Song Ci finished touring the Blue Sea Continent and exited the game. Nan Yanyan went to fight a few NPCs in the game. When she saw that Han Zhan and Song Ci had gone offline, she also went offline.

he three of them opened the holographic game cabin and walked out, beginning to narrate their gaming experience. At this time, on the big screen behind them, the Zerg King was successfully killed. After he was killed, his whole body burst open, and countless Zergs shot towards Ah Rang and Xiao Ye.

Because the game was connected to the players senses, when the bug king exploded, Aaron and the others could smell the incomparably ugly rotting corpse smell and the sticky touch…

When the game finally ended, Xiao Ye climbed out of the game cabin with a pale face. The first thing he did was to rush to the toilet. Aaron opened the game cabin and walked out. His expression was the same as usual as he walked towards Nan Yanyan calmly.

Aaron approached Nan Yan and said, “Did you see clearly? Your ex-boyfriend is a weakling.”

Nan Yanyan’s lips curled up, but she didn’t say anything.

After the press conference ended, the gaming company invited Han Zhan to stay for dinner one after another. Han Zhan rejected them with the excuse that he was busy with his schedule.

After leaving the press conference, Han Zhan took Song Ci to a roast duck restaurant and tasted the best roast duck there.

When dinner was over, Song Ci returned to the car and found that Long Yu had disappeared.

“Long Yu is off work?”

Han Zhan said, “I let him go.”

“Then you drive?”


Han Zhan personally drove the car away from the city and arrived at a field of flowers. It was a field of roses. At a glance, it was filled with beautiful red roses.

“Are you bringing me here to admire the roses?” Song Ci looked at the time. It was 1: 40 pm. “Han Zhan, you have an international video conference at 3: 30 pm. We have to go back.”

Han Zhan said, “We’ll go back later.”

Song Ci thought that since she was already here, she should get off the car and take a look.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to get out of the car when she heard Han Zhan say, “I didn’t bring you here to see roses.”

Song Ci turned to look at Han Zhan, her eyes full of confusion. “Come to the sea of roses, what are you looking at if you don’t look at roses?”

Han Zhan: “I brought you here to have a second child.”

Song Ci was stunned.

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan might have a bag in his head. “Have a second child? Why did we come so far away?”

“I did some research online. This rose field is the most suitable place to go out and enjoy the scenery at this season. Don’t worry, I booked the entire place today. No one will come to the rose garden to admire the flowers.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “So you specially drove me to Rose Garden to have a second child?”

“Of course. I heard that a second child born in a scenic place would be more beautiful and cute.”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci over and rolled down all the windows of the car. Song Ci smelled the strong scent of roses and was a little excited. She was a thrill-seeker herself and this was a rare opportunity. Naturally, Song Ci would not foolishly refuse.

There was no one within miles of the sea of roses. No one noticed the swaying black car in the middle of the sea of flowers.

Song Ci was sleeping the whole way back. Han Zhan parked the car in the underground garage. Seeing that Song Ci was sleeping soundly, he didn’t want to wake her up.

Han Zhan was going to turn on the air conditioner and let Song Ci sleep in the car for a while, but just as he was about to get off the car, Song Ci suddenly grabbed his hand.

“You’re leaving me here alone?” Song Ci’s eyes were very clear. She didn’t look like she was going to sleep.

Han Zhan held her hand and said, “If you’re here, where can I go?”

Song Ci curled her lips and said, “Does what you said in the game still count?”

Han Zhan’s expression stiffened. He pretended to be confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

Song Ci: “You allowed me to post your ugly photo on Weibo.”

Han Zhan closed his mouth and pretended not to hear Song Ci’s words. He reached out to pick up his suit jacket from the back seat and put it on his arm. He said, “I’m going to the meeting. Let’s talk later.”

Han Zhan quickly entered the elevator, ignoring Song Ci.

Song Ci sat in the car and turned on her phone. She picked out a few photos of Han Zhan and sent them out.

However, it wasn’t an ugly photo. It was a photo of Han Zhan reading with the children.

It took nearly three hours of communication with the transnational conference over in Germany. By the time it was over, it was already after work.

The staff in Han Zhan’s secretarial office had already knocked off after handing over the work. He walked out of the meeting room, and only a personal secretary stood beside him and brought him a cup of tea. Han Zhan looked at the time and said, “You should get off work too.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan never measured an employee’s work ability by ‘whether they worked overtime or not’. He admired people who could do everything well within the stipulated time and get off work normally.

Song Ci looked at the empty office and asked him, “Does everyone in your office leave work so early?”

“It’s time. What else can they do but get off work? I have a total of seven secretaries, and each of them has their own job. If they have to work overtime every day, it only means that their abilities are not suitable for Zeus International.”

Song Ci didn’t speak and only looked at Han Zhan with admiration.

Han Zhan asked her, “What are you thinking about?”

Song Ci said, “As expected of the man who founded Zeus International. Other bosses like hardworking employees who love to work overtime. You’re really unique.”

“You have to know that for every employee, besides being my employee, he is also someone else’s family, the child’s father and mother. If he stays in the company for twelve hours a day, then he would be letting his parents and child down. And for capable people, they will arrange their own time and do what they should do during work hours. During rest time, they will do what a child and parent should do.”

What Han Zhan needed was not a bull or horse, but an employee with outstanding work ability.

“Alright, knock off.”

It was rare for him to get off work early, so Han Zhan planned to bring the children out to play.

Long Yu, who had already received the notice, went to Imperial Dragon Mountain in advance and fetched Han Miao and Han Jun out of the manor. Song Ci walked out of Imperial Dragon Building and saw her two daughters standing by the fountain treading water.

The sisters were both wearing dresses. Han Miao was wearing a red doll-necked lotus-leaf skirt and white Hepburn leather shoes. Han Jun was wearing a yellow dress with suspenders. The dress was shorter, so she had a pair of dark green shorts.

Han Miao was more lively. Seeing the children running under the fountain, she ignored the calls of Long Yu and followed behind them.

Han Jun, on the other hand, stood beside the fountain with a cold expression on her face. She stared at her crazy sister and didn’t care about the water splashing on her dress.

Song Ci clapped her hands and shouted, “Miaomiao, Junjun!”

Han Miao was playing like crazy and couldn’t hear her mother calling her. When Han Jun heard Song Ci’s voice, she turned around and saw that it was Song Ci. Han Jun quickened her steps and pounced on Song Ci.


Song Ci picked up Han Jun and asked her, “Are your clothes wet?”

Han Jun said in an aged tone, “Change. There are clothes in the bag.”

Song Ci slapped Han Jun’s butt. “Are you still in the right?”

Han Jun pouted and fell silent.

Han Zhan saw that Han Miao was having so much fun that she forgot about home. He strode towards the hot spring and pulled Han Miao out from behind the crowd like an eagle carrying a chick.

Han Miao was shocked when her body suddenly rose into the air.

She hurriedly hugged Han Zhan’s wrist and kicked her legs randomly. She cried and shouted, “Daddy! Daddy, come down!”

Han Zhan threw the wet Han Miao next to Song Ci.

Han Miao sat on the ground and she got up again. There was a wet butt mark on the ground. Han Miao complained to Han Zhan with tears in her eyes, “You threw me!”

Han Zhan shook his left wrist and said, “I still dare to hit you.”

Han Miao pursed her lips. This time, she dared to be angry but didn’t dare to say anything. Song Ci quickly brought the children back to the RV to change into dry clothes before bringing them to eat.

Song Ci booked the family set meal in advance. When they were eating, Han Miao did not like to eat this or that, and she kept crying. Han Jun was annoyed by Han Miao’s noise, so she grabbed the tomatoes in the bowl and threw them on Han Miao’s face.

Han Miao :”…”

When Song Ci and Han Zhan saw this scene, they were both shocked.

Han Zhan put down his chopsticks. He crossed his arms and stared at his slightly violent sister. He asked Han Jun, “Jun Jun, why did you bully your sister?”

Han Jun tilted her head and stared at the tomato-faced Han Miao. She frowned and said, “So noisy!”

Han Zhan frowned. “Sister is noisy, so you bully her?”

Han Jun remained silent. She knew that she had done something wrong.

Han Zhan told Han Jun seriously, “Han Junjun, you bullied your sister and did something wrong. We won’t be watching the mermaids tonight.”

Han Jun’s eyes turned red, but she did not cry.

After the meal, Han Zhan really wanted to drive home. Song Ci pulled his arm and asked softly, “Is this not good? The little guys are looking forward to seeing mermaids. If we go back like this, they will be unhappy.”

“They did something wrong and have to be punished.” Han Zhan insisted on not going. Song Ci couldn’t do anything to Han Zhan.

When they reached home, Han Zhan called Han Miao and Han Jun’s butler over. He also called Butler Cai over. Three stewards stood in front of Han Zhan in fear, not knowing what they had done wrong.

Han Zhan crossed his legs and held his wolfberry tea in his hand.

“Tell me about Second Miss.”

“Second Miss?” Han Jun’s butler was stunned for a moment. He asked Han Zhan anxiously, “Mr. Han, which aspect are you referring to?”

“In terms of behavior.”

Han Zhan had been recuperating outside and wasn’t at home. He hadn’t realized that Han Jun’s personality had changed so quickly. Since he had found out today, he had to get to know her better so that he could stop her in time.

The housekeeper pondered for a moment before saying hesitantly, “Second Miss has no problems in other aspects except her personality. When she’s obedient, she’s very quiet and aloof from worldly affairs. But when she’s frustrated, she’s especially hot-tempered. Besides…”

The housekeeper hesitated, unsure if she should continue.

Han Zhan glanced at her. “Speak!”

The housekeeper shivered and said, “Second Miss is very destructive. Last year, Madam bought a crystal ball for Second Miss. There’s a beautiful shark in the crystal ball. Second Miss loves crystal balls. She has to listen to the music in the crystal ball every night before she can fall asleep.”

“But one day, when I went to deliver the afternoon snack to Second Miss, I actually saw Second Miss throw that crystal ball down the corridor.” After a pause, the housekeeper added, “She threw it down herself. She was very calm and didn’t seem to have slipped her hand at all.”

“After that, I paid special attention to it and realized that Second Miss would destroy anything she liked.”

The housekeeper had long discovered this, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

Han Zhan then realized the severity of the problem.

After asking a few more questions, Han Zhan then let the butler go down to rest. The children were already sleeping in separate rooms. Han Miao’s and Han Jun’s rooms were next to each other, and Han Jun’s room was at the end of the corridor.

Han Zhan walked to Han Jun’s door and knocked. He then pushed the door open and walked in.

Han Jun was still awake. She was in her pajamas, playing with a dinosaur puzzle on her pillow. She seemed to like puzzles and high-end puzzle toys.

Seeing the door open, Han Jun looked up and smiled at Han Zhan. “Daddy.”

Han Zhan walked to the bed and sat down.

He studied his younger daughter, realizing for the first time that he didn’t understand this one-year-old. “Do you realize your mistake today?”

When Han Zhan spoke to Han Jun, he sounded like an adult.

Han Jun understood what Han Zhan meant. She nodded and said, “I’m wrong.” The child’s tone was naturally soft and cute.

However, when Han Zhan heard Han Jun’s reply, he didn’t show a gratified look. He asked Han Jun, “What’s wrong?”

Han Jun said, “I shouldn’t have hit my sister.”

“If your sister cries like this again, will you still hit her?” Han Zhan stared at Han Jun intently.

Han Jun thought about it seriously and said, “Still hit!”

Han Zhan frowned.


Han Jun said, “If she doesn’t listen to me, I’ll hit her.”

Han Zhan suddenly felt helpless.

How should I educate her?

Han Zhan thought of the crystal ball that the butler had mentioned. He asked Han Jun again, “Jun Jun, where’s the crystal ball that Mom gave you? It’s that one. There’s a little dolphin’s crystal ball inside. Why didn’t I see it?”

Han Jun said frankly, “I threw it.”

“Why did you throw it?” Han Zhan’s tone became stern. “Did you throw it yourself?”

“Yes.” Han Jun pointed to the corridor outside. She said, “From the stairs.”

Han Zhan asked again, “Why did you throw it away?” He grabbed Han Jun’s hand and told her with a dark face, “Jun Jun, don’t lie.”

Han Jun bit her lips. She thought for a while and said, “Because I like it too much.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

“Since you like it, why did you throw it away?” Shouldn’t you treasure something you like more?

Han Jun fell silent.

Han Jun couldn’t explain why she wanted to throw it away, but her subconscious told her that if she liked something too much, she would throw it away, destroy it, and kill it.

She said, “Like it, so can’t have it.”

This sentence, when translated, meant: the more you like it, the more you can’t take it.

This was not something a one-year-old should say.

Han Zhan was shocked by Han Jun’s thoughts.

He realized that this child’s way of thinking was out of line. He didn’t know how to correct Han Jun’s thoughts.

Han Zhan tried to reason with Han Jun. “Daddy loves Mommy the most. Daddy will always protect Mommy well. If you like something, you should protect her well. Just like that crystal ball. If you like it, you should protect it and not throw it away.”

Han Jun said, “But it will be broken.”

Such a fragile thing would break down one day. If the crystal ball broke down one day, she would be sad. She would destroy it before she truly fell in love with it. This way, she would not be controlled by something.

Han Jun couldn’t express her thoughts clearly, but she had always had such thoughts.

Han Zhan almost broke down when he heard Han Jun’s reply.

He took a deep breath and said, “It’s getting late. Junjun, sleep early. Daddy will play with you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Daddy.”

Han Jun obediently put the puzzle away and placed it on the bedside table. She crawled under the blanket. When Han Zhan got up to leave, Han Jun suddenly grabbed Han Zhan’s wrist and asked him, “Daddy, can you accompany me?”


Han Zhan sat by the bed and stared at Han Jun until she fell asleep. Only then did he go back to his room. Song Ci locked herself in the violin room to practice. When she returned to her room after she finished practicing, she saw Han Zhan sitting on the bed with a frown.

She walked to Han Zhan’s side and sat down. She placed her hand on Han Zhan’s leg and asked him, “Brother Han, what happened?”

Han Zhan glanced at her and hesitated for a moment before telling Song Ci about Han Jun’s abnormality. After listening to her, Song Ci’s heart also tightened.

“Did Junjun really say that?”

“Well, she wasn’t lying. She really thought so.”

Song Ci was confused.

Han Jun’s reaction reminded her of something very bad.

In Abnormal Psychology, there were two personalities that had the same behavior as Junjun. One was an anti-social personality, and the other was a person commonly known as “cold blood disease”.

Such people were born with shallow emotions and lacked empathy and guilt. This was a type of personality disorder.

“We have to intervene in this matter as soon as possible. We have to find a mental therapist as soon as possible and try to treat Junjun mentally.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci thought the same thing. “I think so too.”

The next morning, Long Zhize took a private plane to Wangdong City. Li Li and Long Yu went to the airport to receive him personally.

At night, Han Zhan hosted a banquet at Imperial Dragon Mansion to welcome Long Zhize. On the phone, Long Zhize told Han Zhan, “I’m bringing a female companion along. Does Mr. Han mind?”

Thinking of the legendary undertaker’s girlfriend, Han Zhan wouldn’t reject her. “Since she’s Mr. Long’s female companion, of course I welcome her.”

“Good. See you tonight.”

After hanging up the phone, Long Zhize drove to Dong Yang’s rented apartment to pick her up. Dong Yang was actually quite free at work, and it wasn’t every day that the deceased needed her makeup.

Dong Yang was wearing a sapphire blue sleeveless dress today. His hair was tied up, revealing her fair and beautiful neck. Long Zhize saw Dong Yang walking over from afar. He stared at Dong Yang’s swaying body and felt a little restless.

They were going to the Imperial Dragon Mansion for dinner tonight. Yan Qingxiu was dressed to the nines, and he wore a pair of high heels to match his outfit.

The driver opened the car door and bent down to invite Yan Qingxiu into the car. “Miss Dong, please get in.”

Yan Qingqiu nodded and walked towards the back of the car. He suddenly twisted his high heels and fell into the car.

Long Zhize hurriedly opened his arms and hugged Dong Yang, who was throwing himself into his arms. “Yang’er, are you so proactive?” Long Zhize held tightly onto Yan Qingxiu’s arm. When he smelled the faint fragrance on Yan Qingxiu’s body, he was even more excited.

Yan Qingxiu awkwardly raised his head and explained, “The shoes are too high.”

Long Zhize stared at the eight-centimeter high heels under Yan Qingxiu’s feet, not believing his words at all. How could a mere eight-centimeter high heel be considered high?

Yang’er must be interested in me too, but she was shy and didn’t know how to express her love, so she deliberately designed this.

Long Zhize was in a great mood.

Yan Qingxiu sat beside Long Zhize. The moment he thought about getting close to Han Zhan, he got a little excited. Hence, he didn’t bother about Long Zhize’s silly expression.

When they arrived at Imperial Dragon Manor, Yan Qingxiu held Long Zhize’s hand and walked into the manor with him. Han Zhan and Song Ci stood at the entrance of the manor and personally welcomed Long Zhize.

Song Ci and Yan Qingxiu looked at each other with meaningful gazes.

“Mr. Long, Miss Dong, welcome!”

Han Zhan and Long Zhize shook hands, but not Yan Qingxiu’s. Yan Qingxiu kept staring at Han Zhan and saw the faint purple aura lingering around Han Zhan.

This was indeed true dragon qi.

So would the High Lord be in this manor?

Just as Yan Qingxiu was thinking about this, she saw the chubby Han Miao running out with a ball. Behind her was a skinny little girl. The little girl was wearing a white dress with suspenders. Her hair was tied into a braid, and her face was delicate and pretty.

A High Lord’s soul aura!

Yan Qingxiu’s gaze followed Han Jun’s back and stared at her small carrot-like figure. Yan Qingxiu’s eyes lit up. “So cute!” Lord was really too cute!

Noticing Long Zhize and the others, Han Jun stopped and looked at them indifferently. She obediently called out, “Uncle Long, Auntie Dong, good evening.” After greeting them, Han Jun ran after Han Miao.

Long Zhize noticed the two girls and was a little envious. “It’s said that princesses are hard to come by. You only have two. Mr. Han is really lucky.” After saying that, Long Zhize hugged Yan Qingxiu’s waist and asked him suggestively, “Yang’er, when are we going to have such cute children?”

Yan Qingxiu replied, “Have a bird!”

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