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Chapter 345: I, Dugu Jie, Will Only Accept You as The Crown Princess in this Lifetime!

“I wish you all the best in the capital city!”

Listening to Dugu Jie’s blessing in a daze, Nangong Xian slowly raised her head. Looking into Dugu Jie’s affectionate eyes, her heart ached slightly.

Holding the bow tightly, Nangong Xian knelt down, raised the Sun Chasing Arrow, and kowtowed to express her gratitude. “I kneel to thank Your Highness for not marrying me!”

Her expression was sincere and her tone solemn. She immediately swore an oath. “Your Highness, Nangong Xian is willing to be Your Highness’s most loyal soldier and guard every inch of Luo Dynasty for Your Highness!”

“With me around, the Luo Dynasty will definitely be intact!”

“With me around, Your Highness will definitely have a carefree day!”

Dugu Jie closed his eyes and growled in a trembling voice, “Scram!”

Nangong Xian was kneeling on the ground. Her hands were trembling. However, she did not get up and scram.

However, the person who had shouted for Nangong Xian to scram turned around and fled first. Dugu Jie was afraid that he would go back on his words if he stayed a second longer. He couldn’t help but press Nangong Xian’s head and pull her into his embrace.

That was the only time Nangong Xian had ever seen Dugu Jie’s back view as he left. In the future, Dugu Jie would always watch as she left in battle.

She was valiant and overbearing.

When Nangong Xian returned to the general’s residence, she was unable to calm down for a long time.

Ying’er mumbled at the side, “I wonder if Zhan’er will come again after returning to the palace this time. I really miss her.” Although that girl was silent and a little timid, she was very easy-going and did not talk much. She was most assured to be friends with her.

When Nangong Xian heard this, she said, “Zhan’er won’t come again in the future.”

“Huh? Why?”

“He went back to the Empress’s side to handle some matters.” Nangong Xian stood up and walked towards the shower room. As she walked, she said, “Ying’er, pack my luggage for me. I’m going to lead my troops to the north!”

Ying’er was shocked. “Miss, are you really going?”


In the main hall of the front yard.

The divine physician, Blind Zhou, was sitting on a wooden chair, and a servant was politely pouring tea for him.

Madam Nangong sat at the top and smiled at Blind Zhou. “Mister Zhou, you are Xian’er’s lucky man. If you didn’t save her back then, Xian’er wouldn’t exist in this world.”

Blind Zhou was an ordinary and easy-going blind man. Upon hearing this, he smiled modestly and said, “That is Miss Nangong’s own good fortune.” Touching the blind man’s cane in his hand, Blind Zhou couldn’t help but ask, “May I know why Madam has sent someone to call me over today?”

Only then did Madam Nangong say, “It’s like this, Mister Zhou. My daughter will be leading her troops tomorrow to the north to quell the chaos. As her mother, I naturally can’t be at ease. Blades and swords have no eyes, so there will inevitably be casualties on the battlefield. Xian’er is young and doesn’t have much battle experience. As for me, I want to find a doctor to accompany Xian’er.”

“I heard that Mr. Zhou has several outstanding disciples under his name. As for me, I would like to beg Mr. Zhou to part with his love and choose a student to accompany my daughter on the expedition.”

“So it’s because of this.” Blind Zhou stroked his long beard and said after a moment, “I have four students under my name. Among them, the eldest disciple is the smartest. This person has no parents. I met him by chance when I went to the suburbs to treat patients, so I brought him back and adopted him. This disciple’s temperament is the most simple, and his medical skills are also the most exquisite. I think it’s best to send him along with Miss Nangong.”

Madam Nangong was delighted. She quickly stood up and bowed respectfully to Blind Zhou. “Thank you, Mister Zhou!”

After Nangong Xian bathed and changed her clothes, she put on her military uniform and walked to the front hall. She saw Blind Zhou standing in the front hall with a young man as he spoke to his mother.

Nangong Xian raised her voice and asked, “Mother, Mr. Zhou, what are you two talking about?”

Madam Nangong smiled as she extended her left hand towards Nangong Xian. Nangong Xian placed her palm on top of her and was held tightly by her mother. Madam Nangong did not know if her husband was dead or alive, and her daughter was going to lead the troops tomorrow, so she was naturally reluctant.

But the stability of the country was more important than anything else.

Madam Nangong could not bear to part with her, but she could not stop Nangong Xian from fighting. Madam Nangong pulled Nangong Xian to her side and said to her, “Xian’er, this is a military doctor that I asked Mr. Zhou to pick for you. He will accompany you to battle.”

Upon hearing this, the youth behind Mr. Zhou hurriedly walked out and bowed to Nangong Xian. He said respectfully, “I am Mo Liansheng. Greetings, Little General Nangong.”

Nangong Xian wanted to lead troops into battle, so the Emperor conferred her as a general. She could also be considered a ‘little general’. Nangong Xian nodded and said, “Raise your head.”

Mo Liansheng slowly raised his head, revealing a pale face.

Upon seeing him, Nangong Xian suddenly thought of Dugu Jie. Both Mo Liansheng and Dugu Jie had that kind of beautiful and delicate appearance. The difference was that although Dugu Jie’s appearance gave off a delicate feeling, his aura was too strong and his eyes were filled with prestige. Therefore, no one dared to underestimate him.

However, Mo Liansheng did not have Dugu Jie’s strong aura. He looked weak and had an easy-going temperament. When he spoke, his voice was gentle like warm water, making one feel comfortable.

Nangong Xian stared at Mo Liansheng for a moment before saying, “Were you the one who was attacked by the wolves last year?”

When Mo Liansheng saw that Nangong Xian had recognized him, he was overjoyed. He hurriedly replied, “Yes, it’s me. I didn’t expect Little General Nangong to recognize me. I haven’t been able to find a chance to repay you for saving my life that day. It’s my fortune to be able to accompany you on this expedition. Little General Nangong, if you don’t mind, I would like to accompany you and do my best to repay your kindness.”

Last year, on the Northern Wilderness Mountain, Mo Liansheng encountered a pack of hungry wolves when he was picking herbs. Fortunately, Nangong Xian returned from a hunt and saved his life.

That day, Nangong Xian descended like a deity, her figure forever engraved in Mo Liansheng’s heart.

Being Nangong Xian’s military doctor was a rare blessing for Mo Liansheng.

The battlefield is chaotic. Doctor Mo, do you know any self-defense skills? If you don’t know any self-defense skills, your life will be in danger.” Nangong Xian was somewhat heartless as she sized up Mo Liansheng’s small body. Her eyes were filled with doubt.

Mo Liansheng said honestly, “I don’t know martial arts, but I’m willing to practice.”

Behind her, Madam Nangong tugged at Nangong Xian’s arm and whispered to her, “It’s fine as long as military doctors know medical skills. Don’t ask for too much.”

Nangong Xian: “Fine, just follow me from now on!”

Mo Liansheng was overjoyed. He quickly bowed and replied, “Thank you for your appreciation, Little General!”

The next morning, when Nangong Xian led her troops to battle, she noticed a scorching and overbearing light behind her as she walked down the city wall in a grandiose manner. She quickly turned her head and saw Dugu Jie, who was dressed in a black python-patterned uniform, standing there quietly. There was only a plain black wooden hairpin stuck in his simple black hair.

Nangong Xian stared at the hairpin for a long time before turning back to continue walking.

After traveling for more than half a month without any obstructions, they finally arrived at the north. At this moment, the conflict in the north had reached its climax. Seeing that the imperial government had finally sent reinforcements, the commoners who had been bullied and robbed at the border were kneeling on the ground and bowing their heads to welcome Nangong Xian and company.

Looking at the suffering citizens kneeling by the roadside, Nangong Xian swore to herself that she would chase Rong Di away and protect her territory, giving Dugu Jie a complete Luo Dynasty!

Nangong Xian, who was still two months away from turning fifteen, displayed a battle strategy and fighting style that was not inferior to the Great General, Nangong Jue, in his first battle.

Nangong Xian had been stationed in the northern borders for more than half a year. News of her victory spread throughout the capital. His Majesty was overjoyed and praised her for being a heroine.

Even though Nangong Xian was young, she possessed extraordinary insight. She was able to accurately analyze the situation of the battle every single time, and she was always able to find the fastest way to win the battle.

In the early spring of the 38th year of Jianping, Nangong Xian annihilated all Rong Di in the north and captured more than a hundred Rong Di hostages, returning to the capital!

On the day she entered the city, it was early in the morning. She was riding a black horse, wearing silver armor and a red cloak. She carried a fiery red Chasing Sun Arrow on her shoulder, and her tied ponytail was unrestrained and domineering!

She and the soldiers passed through the city gate and entered the city. The citizens on both sides threw flowers and steamed buns at them. On the large banquet buildings, the young men and women waved at her.

“Little General Nangong!”

“Little General Nangong!”

As Nangong Xian listened to them calling out to her, she suddenly felt that her wounds were no longer painful.

After Nangong Xian returned to the capital, she didn’t even bother to change out of her court attire and went straight to the palace to meet the Emperor. In the palace, Nangong Xian saw Dugu Jie once again. After not seeing him for half a year, Dugu Jie’s aura had become sharper and his masculine aura had become stronger.

In the morning court assembly, Emperor Long Yan was overjoyed and immediately conferred Nangong Xian the title of Northern Protector General!

After the morning court assembly ended, Nangong Xian deliberately walked very slowly. When she reached a place with fewer people, she was patted on the shoulder.

Nangong Xian turned around and saw Dugu Jie. As she got closer to Dugu Jie, Nangong Xian realized that she had grown taller. Now that she was looking at Dugu Jie, she didn’t need to deliberately raise her head. She only needed to raise her head slightly to see his eyes.

“Congratulations, Northern Protector General!” Although Dugu Jie was congratulating her, there was no smile on his face.

The corners of Nangong Xian’s lips twitched. She also bowed to congratulate the other party. “I also wish to congratulate the Crown Prince for marrying the Crown Prince Consort.” Three months ago, the Emperor bestowed the daughter of the Prime Minister, Zheng Yue’e, as the Crown Prince Consort. That day, Nangong Xian was fighting on the battlefield.

Dugu Jie frowned and didn’t explain about the Crown Prince Consort.

Nangong Xian continued, “I still have to go home and have a chat with my mother. Your Highness, please excuse me.” The moment Nangong Xian turned to leave, she suddenly heard Dugu Jie say, “I’ve asked for Lin’er from Third Brother’s family to be my stepson.”

Nangong Xian was stunned.

She turned around abruptly to look at Dugu Jie and asked in shock, “Your Highness, why are you…” Her gaze shifted slightly as she thought of a possibility. She couldn’t help but walk closer to Dugu Jie. Seeing that there was no one around, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Dugu Jie’s ear,” Your Highness, are you… impotent? ”

However, Dugu Jie grabbed her hand and pressed it on his body. “Little General Nangong, are you clear now whether I can do it?”

Nangong Xian retracted her hand, her face red as though she was drunk. “You, you, you…” She stuttered three times before saying angrily,” You’re too rash! ”

]Dugu Jie said, “I’ve done even more stupid things to you.”

Nangong Xian’s ears twitched. She asked curiously and shamefully, “What did you do?”

Dugu Jie’s eyes were filled with a dark glow. He leaned over and whispered into Nangong Xian’s ear, “I hung your portrait on the end of my bed and fantasized about you day and night…”

Nangong Xian:!

She suddenly took a step back and said in a flustered tone, “I still have something on, so I’ll take my leave first!” With that said, Nangong Xian ran away.

On the way home, Nangong Xian had already regained her composure. When she returned home, she saw her mother and learned that her father’s life was fine. However, he could no longer go to the battlefield to fight. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief.

“Your father will return to the capital in ten days. Xian’er, you’ve suffered for the past few months. Go back to your room and rest. At night, Mother will hold a banquet to welcome you.”


Nangong Xian returned to her room and took off her robes before letting out a long sigh.

Ying’er walked in and saw that Nangong Xian had removed all her clothes and was only wearing a dudou. She frowned as she sat there and couldn’t help but reveal a worried expression. “Miss, are you injured?”

Afraid that her mother would be worried, Nangong Xian hid the fact that she was injured from her mother. “Yes.” Glancing at the door, Nangong Xian said, “Ying’er, close the door and change my dressing.”


After changing the medicine, Nangong Xian lay on the bed and slept. As she was afraid of hurting her wound, she could not turn over. At night, after having a welcome banquet, Nangong Xian wanted to go out for a walk.

She had stayed in that godforsaken place in the north for a long time. Occasionally, she would miss the prosperity of the capital. Nangong Xian was also a girl and was interested in shopping.

She was dressed in a black male outfit. Just as she walked to the most prosperous Chang’an Street in the capital, she saw Dugu Jie. As if he had guessed that Nangong Xian would come out for a stroll, he deliberately waited there.

Dugu Jie was standing in front of a stall with two attendants. He was wearing a black cloak and holding a rabbit cage in his hand. A white rabbit was locked inside.

When Nangong Xian saw him, she was reminded of their conversation in the morning. However, now that they had seen each other, it would be too unbecoming of her to turn around and flee.

Nangong Xian hesitated for a moment before walking towards Dugu Jie.

“Crown Prince…”

“Call me Seventh Brother.”

Nangong Xian paused for a moment before calling out, “Seventh Brother.”

Dugu Jie handed the rabbit to Nangong Xian and asked, “Do you like it?”

Nangong Xian looked at the extremely thin white rabbit and frowned. She subconsciously said, “I don’t like putting it with salt and pepper. I prefer braised ones. These rabbits are not as delicious as wild rabbits in the forest. Also, this one is too thin. It can’t even fill my stomach.”

Dugu Jie’s face darkened by more than half, and the attendants behind him tried to hold back their laughter. Ying’er hurriedly tugged on Nangong Xian’s sleeve and reminded her softly, “Miss, His Royal Highness wants to give you a rabbit so that you can keep it.”

Nangong Xian was a little embarrassed. She looked at Dugu Jie, not knowing how to explain herself.

Dugu Jie said, “Forget it, accompany me for a walk.”

Dugu Jie told his subordinates not to follow them and to send Ying’er back to the General’s residence.

Nangong Xian followed Dugu Jie through the streets and finally arrived at a jewelry shop.

Dugu Jie walked in first.

Nangong Xian followed him into the jewelry shop. She heard Dugu Jie say to the shop owner, “Shop owner, I ordered a golden jade phoenix hairpin three months ago. Let me take a look.”

After recognizing Dugu Jie’s identity, the store manager didn’t dare to ask any more questions and quickly went to retrieve the hairpin. Nangong Xian was next to Dugu Jie. When Dugu Jie opened the box, she couldn’t help but glance at the hairpin inside.

The phoenix hairpin was exquisitely made. The hairpin was engraved with phoenix patterns, and the hairpin was embedded with a red jade.

Nangong Xian’s eyes lit up, but she did not say anything.

She couldn’t tell that someone like Dugu Jie would actually choose a gift for his Crown Prince Consort.

Nangong Xian felt sour in her heart, but she had no right to be jealous or angry.

After closing the jewelry box again, Dugu Jie continued walking with Nangong Xian. They walked to a small house that he had arranged for himself. He told Nangong Xian, “This house is a house that I bought four months ago. I will occasionally come over to stay for a short period of time.”

Nangong Xian sized up the residence. Although it was not big, it was very exquisite. There were small bridges, flowing water, and pavilions. It did not look like a house in the north, but more like a house in Suzhou.

“My mother is from Suzhou. I’m here to worship her memorial tablet.”

Dugu Jie’s mother died early and died in the cold palace. After she died, she was buried casually. Nangong Xian looked at him deeply and said, “When Your Highness becomes the King, Consort De will definitely be able to relocate to the imperial cemetery.”

Dugu Jie smiled.

He brought Nangong Xian to the pavilion in the backyard and sat down. After sitting down, Dugu Jie opened the box again.

He picked up the hairpin and asked Nangong Xian, “Is it beautiful?”

Nangong Xian felt sour in her heart, but she still nodded in praise. “Beautiful.”

Dugu Jie said, “I’ll give it to you then.”

Nangong Xian was shocked and subconsciously rejected, “Your Highness, no!”

Dugu Jie didn’t say anything. He looked at her solemnly and asked, “Why not?”

Nangong Xian whispered, “Your Highness, only the concubines can use the phoenix hairpin. I…” How could I use something like the phoenix hairpin!?

Dugu Jie pursed his lips tightly and said something shocking. “Nangong Xian, I, Dugu Jie, will only recognize you as the Crown Prince Consort for the rest of my life!”

Nangong Xian was stunned and did not dare to speak.

Dugu Jie stood up and approached her from behind. He undid the hair crown on Nangong Xian’s head, and her high ponytail fell onto her shoulders.

Dugu Jie bent down and buried his head in Nangong Xian’s neck. He took a deep breath and said, “Xian’er, I really hope that you will get injured on the battlefield. It would be best if you never get to ride a horse or shoot an arrow again…”

Nangong Xian was trembling all over when she heard Dugu Jie say, “That way, you won’t be able to go to the battlefield anymore and I can marry you.”

Nangong Xian gritted her teeth and reminded Dugu Jie, “Your Highness, please have some self-respect.”

Dugu Jie didn’t know what self-respect was.

He braided Nangong Xian’s hair and tied it up. Then, he inserted the phoenix hairpin into Nangong Xian’s hair. He stared at the hairpin and said, “Xian’er, you’re already fifteen years old. It’s time for your coming-of-age ceremony. Seventh Brother will personally come-of-age for you. In this lifetime, you’ll belong to Seventh Brother.”

Nangong Xian sensed danger.

From Dugu Jie’s tone and actions, she could smell his determination.

She stood up abruptly and hurriedly said, “Your Highness, it’s getting late. I have to go.” Nangong Xian knew that if she didn’t leave now, she would definitely become Dugu Jie’s real wife!

She wanted to leave, but how could Dugu Jie let her go?

Dugu Jie wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his embrace. He held Nangong Xian in place and kissed her on the cheek. Dugu Jie felt like he was going to explode when he tasted that pair of lips that he had been longing for.

This was the feeling!

This was the first time Nangong Xian had encountered something like this, and it was even in front of the man she liked. She was a little flustered. According to Nangong Xian’s methods, she could have easily pushed Dugu Jie away, but…

Nangong Xian bit her lip and cursed herself for being a slut!

Dugu Jie sensed Nangong Xian’s obedience. A smile flashed across his eyes, and his kiss became even more passionate. He peeled off Nangong Xian’s outer clothes, leaving only her undergarment. Only then did he realize the injury on her back.

Dugu Jie’s passion was instantly extinguished by Nangong Xian’s knife wound. He caressed the wound on Nangong Xian’s back and asked her with heartache, “Why didn’t you say that you were injured?”

Nangong Xian shook her head. “It’s not that painful anymore. There’s no need to say it.”

The scar had already started to form a scar, and it looked especially terrifying. Nangong Xian put on her clothes and said, “The scar is ugly, and it has dirtied Your Highness’ eyes.”

“Don’t wear it.” Dugu Jie stopped Nangong Xian. He lowered his head and kissed Nangong Xian’s scar gently.

That night, he did not get her.

He couldn’t bear to make her feel more pain.

After that night, Nangong Xian no longer dared to meet Dugu Jie alone. In the second month, Great General Nangong Jue returned to the capital. One of his legs was already crippled, and he needed a walking stick to walk.

The man who had once massacred everyone on the battlefield had suddenly become disabled. This was a huge blow. However, under the guidance of Nangong Xian and Madam Nangong, Great General Nangong gradually regained his confidence.

After being unable to go into battle, Great General Nangong went to the military camp to provide tactical guidance and specialize in behind-the-scenes operations. Great General Nangong and the Emperor could see Nangong Xian’s potential and capabilities. They intended to groom her to become the second Nangong Jue, so they sent her to guard the northern borders.

Nangong Xian’s departure lasted for two years.

During this period, a few major events happened in the capital. Firstly, the Fifth Prince was caught for treason and more than a hundred people were beheaded. Secondly, the emperor was critically ill and probably could not make it.

When Nangong Xian found out that the Emperor was dying, she quickly finished all the tasks at hand and prepared to return to the capital. On the way back, there was only her, a small group of people, and Mo Liansheng.

At night, a group of people set up camp in the wilderness.

The weather was very cold. After lighting a bonfire, Nangong Xian and her subordinates sat beside it. Her period had come recently and she was rather irritable. Her subordinates did not dare to provoke her.

Mo Liansheng brought over a bowl of painkillers and said to Nangong Xian, “General, your stomach will feel better after drinking the painkillers.”

Mo Liansheng was well aware of Nangong Xian’s condition.

Nangong Xian stared at the bowl of medicine and frowned.

Mo Liansheng quickly took out honey from his pocket. “There’s sugar here.”

Nangong Xian took the bowl and drank the medicine in one gulp. She threw a piece of honey into her mouth and suddenly turned to Mo Liansheng. “How old are you, Doctor Mo?”

Mo Liansheng said, “24 years old.”

Nangong Xian laughed. “You’re already 24 years old. Why haven’t you married yet?”

Mo Liansheng’s face turned red. He lowered his head and said embarrassedly, “I’ve never met someone I like.” After he finished speaking, he quietly raised his head and stared at Nangong Xian’s face in a daze.

When Nangong Xian heard the words’ never met the person she liked ‘, she thought of Dugu Jie and felt a little lost.

If the Emperor died, that person would be crowned emperor.

Nangong Xian returned to her senses and smiled at Mo Liansheng. “When we return to the capital, I’ll introduce you to someone.”

Mo Liansheng smiled bitterly and declined politely. “Thank you for your kind intentions, General, but I only want to follow you for the rest of my life and protect you for the rest of your life. As for love, I’ll leave it to fate.”

Nangong Xian was quite touched. She patted Mo Liansheng’s shoulder and smiled. “You’re a good child!”

Nangong Xian was a little tired, so she got up and went back to her room to rest. Her loyal subordinate, Ling Xiao, walked into the room with hot water in both hands. He placed the bucket in the tent and said, “General, there’s no bath bucket. Look…”

“No problem, just leave it there.”

Nangong Xian sat by the bed and ate her peanuts.

Ling Xiao looked at her and hesitated for a moment. When Nangong Xian felt that something was amiss, she asked, “Why are you still standing here? Why? Are you afraid of the dark? Do you want me to accompany you?”

Ling Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “No, General, there’s something…”

Nangong Xian: “Oh?”

Ling Xiao walked closer and stopped three to four meters away from Nangong Xian. He said softly, “General, Doctor Mo seems to have other intentions for you.”

Nangong Xian threw the peanuts into the plate and said, “I can tell.” If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have asked Mo Liansheng why he didn’t get married.

Nangong Xian was beautiful. Although her skin was lacking due to the weather at the border, she was still beautiful.

Many people in the military camp secretly liked her.

Ling Xiao heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Nangong Xian was aware of it as well. “Sigh, I thought the General didn’t know. Actually, Doctor Mo is quite a good person and has high medical skills. The General is stationed at the borders all year round. It’s fine to find a man like him to live with.”

“It’s just that Dr. Mo’s status is still a little low. He’s not worthy of you, general.”

Nangong Xian did not know whether to laugh or cry. He teased Lingxi, “If he’s not worthy, are you?”

Ling Xiao’s face turned red as he hurriedly said, “I don’t have such thoughts about you, General!” Ling Xiao did not dare to have any thoughts about her.

Nangong Xian sneered. “Be careful. I’ll tell your master that you keep staring at me and see how your good master deals with you!”

Ling Xiao was shocked again. “General, you… you know?”

Nangong Xian: “I know everything.”

It was true that Ling Xiao was her right-hand man, but he was also the Crown Prince’s subordinate. The Crown Prince, that bastard, was worried about her being together with a group of men alone, so he placed an eye beside her.

How cunning!

Ling Xiao rubbed his nose and quickly slipped away.

Five days later, Nangong Xian rushed back to the capital as fast as she could, only to find out that His Majesty had passed away yesterday.

According to the late Emperor’s edict, the Holy Berth would be passed down to Crown Prince Dugu Jie.

The late emperor passed away, the new ruler ascended the throne, and the new era was named Tai Ping.

After the registration, the new emperor announced to the whole world that he would be mourning for three years. The whole country was mourning and all entertainment activities were prohibited. When the late emperor passed away, all women were not allowed to apply rouge or lipstick or wear fresh clothes.

Nangong Xian changed into her mourning clothes and entered the palace without makeup. She saw Dugu Jie kneeling in front of the memorial tablet in a dragon robe. Dugu Jie, who was dressed in a dragon robe, no longer had that sinister and beautiful aura on him. Instead, he had an overbearing and majestic aura.

Nangong Xian and the officials knelt in front of the mourning hall for three days.

After the late Emperor had entered the imperial cemetery, Dugu Jie had given the title to the concubines in the harem, but he had not made the original Crown Prince Consort, Zheng Yue’e, the Empress.

This action shocked everyone.

This Crown Prince Consort was both virtuous and virtuous, and was also the daughter of the prime minister, so why didn’t the Son of Heaven establish a queen?

In the imperial court, countless old officials suggested that the country could not be without a ruler for a day, nor could it not have a descendant for a day. Therefore, it was important to immediately establish a descendant.

In the face of the old officials’ suggestion, Dugu Jie said, “Everyone here is a hero who has worked hard with the late Emperor for your entire life. Now that everyone is old, it’s time for you to enjoy your retirement.”

“Dear ministers, what do you think?”

As the saying goes, a new emperor brings new ministers. Now that the late emperor was dead, it was time for the old cabinet members to change.

The new emperor was much more difficult to deal with than the late emperor. The ministers who were threatening to make the new emperor their empress had all resigned within a month. Very soon, the entire Imperial Court was under Dugu Jie’s control.

No one else dared to ask the new emperor to find the empress.

Everyone vaguely understood that ’empress’ had become the new emperor’s taboo. Whoever mentioned it would be unlucky.

Although no one dared to act arrogantly in front of the Taiping Emperor after he did not want to choose an empress for a long time, there was a lot of discussion going on behind his back. After Nangong Xian found out about this, she was a little worried for Dugu Jie.

After thinking for many days, Nangong Xian finally made up his mind and entered the palace to meet His Majesty.

Upon hearing that Nangong Xian was seeking an audience, Dugu Jie, who was about to take his lunch break, immediately sat up and said to his eunuch, “Bring her to see me.”

The father-in-law hesitated and reminded Dugu Jie, “Your Majesty, this is your bedroom. Are you really going to summon General Nangong in your bedroom? This General Nangong is a woman, and there are differences between men and women…”

“Bring her to me,” Dugu Jie interrupted the eunuch impatiently.

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