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Chapter 331: Song Ci became the New Young Master of the Mo Family

All the invigilators didn’t eat or sleep like Zhou Wu, but they didn’t say anything and just patiently continued to accompany Zhou Wu’s exam.

However, to everyone’s surprise, after failing twice in a row, Zhou Wu actually understood the mystery of the Rejuvenation Pill and chose to use the same medicine as Song Ci to suppress the resentment of the “exotic beast heart” with honey.

Mo Zhangkuang noticed Zhou Wu’s actions and was slightly shocked. He asked the clansman beside him, “Who is this Zhou Wu?”

The person beside him replied. “He is a village doctor. His ancestors were all Chinese doctors. 50 years ago, his father also participated in our family’s exam, but his results were not outstanding.”

Mo Zhangkuang found it funny. He said, “Who would have thought that there would be an old man in his fifties among the top three in this exam?”

Zhou Wu didn’t pay attention to the invigilators’ conversation. He had been observing the pills in the pill furnace. After seeing that the “strange beast heart” turned red after dripping honey, he knew that his train of thought was right.

The rest of the steps just fell into place.

Zhou Wu threw the merged pill into the furnace, but this time, he didn’t drip any honey. At 2am, Zhou Wu successfully concocted his Rejuvenation Pill.

It was indeed a fake Rejuvenation Pill, but its color was slightly gray and not as deep as the one that Old Master Mo took out previously. Naturally, it was not as deep as the one that Song Ci made.

The redder the final product, the stronger the effect. It was said that the pill that Old Ancestor Mo gave to the Son of Heaven was as red as blood.

Zhou Wu stared at his Rejuvenation Pill and frowned in dissatisfaction. But he was satisfied that he could successfully make it.

I’m really the Zhou Family’s old genius!

Seeing that Zhou Wu’s pill production was complete, Mo Zhangkuang smiled and interrupted Zhou Wu’s deep thought. He said, “Hehe, Zhou Wu, bring your finished product up for me to see.”

Zhou Wu hurried forward and handed the finished product to Mo Kuang.

Mo Zhangkuang stared at that pill, sniffed it, and said, “Although the quality is not high and the effects are average, this is indeed a Rejuvenation Pill.”

“Congratulations, you are second place in this year’s exam.”

Zhou Wu was overjoyed. He placed his hands behind his back like a child who was unconvinced of his age and asked Mo Zhangkuang, “The elderly head has already accepted Song Fei as his disciple. Do you want to accept another one?”

Mo Zhangkuang stared at Zhou Wu speechlessly. “You are already so old but your mentality is still so young. Forget it, just learn from me for a period of time.”

As for taking him in as a disciple, Mo Zhangkuang didn’t agree.

He was already so old and still wanted to be a master. It was time to go home and watch the news broadcast.

Zhou Wu was already very satisfied to be able to learn from Old Mr. Mo Zhangkuang. “Thank you, Old Mr. Mo.” After leaving the examination hall on Zhou Wu, he didn’t care what time it was now. He turned on his cell phone, called his wife at home to tell the good news, and then told his son who was working in the Imperial Capital.

The canteen was already closed. Zhou Wu found that the door to the convenience store under the dormitory was still open, so he walked in and bought a bucket of instant noodles. He carried the instant noodles back to the dormitory hall and realized that Song Ci and her sister were still awake. Not only were they not asleep, they were also eating alms bowls.

Zhou Wu’s eyes lit up at the sight of food. “Do you have mine?”

Song Ci pointed at a stool beside her. “Uncle Zhou, I’m waiting for you.”

“You two girls have a conscience.” Friday instantly threw down the instant noodles and sat down at that empty seat.

He picked a few skewers and placed them in his bowl. After taking a bite, he sighed in enjoyment. “Ah, these Sichuan people really know how to enjoy themselves. How can they make such delicious food?”

Song Ci and Song Fei had also eaten alms bowl chicken in Wangdong City in the past, but it was not as delicious as the ones in Sichuan. Song Fei said, “I knew Uncle Zhou would definitely come out very late, so I specially asked the uncle in the canteen to make it.”

The chef in the Mo Family’s canteen was an all-rounder. Not only did he know how to cook, he also cooked very well. Song Ci’s lips were already numb from the numbness. She took a sip of ice beer and instantly felt cold.

Luckily, Han Zhan was not around. If Han Zhan was around, not to mention cold beer, Song Ci would not even be able to eat kebabs.

After eating her fill, Song Ci wiped the oil off her fingers and asked about Friday’s test results. “Uncle Zhou, how did your test results go? Did you make the Rejuvenation Pills?”

“I succeeded, but it’s not as good as yours. The color is lighter.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked. “It succeeded?”


“Amazing, Uncle Zhou!”

Zhou Wu also felt that he was awesome and didn’t forget to praise himself. “I said that I am the genius of the Zhou Family. The elderly head also agreed to let me study by his side for a period of time. The three of us can still spend some time together.”

After knowing Song Ci and the rest’s true motive for coming to the Mo Family, Zhou Wu was actually slightly worried about them. He wanted to stay and carefully monitor these two sisters. When they were in trouble, he wanted to help them.

On the other hand, Zhou Wu also wanted to publicize the injustice that Nangong Xian had suffered back then and let everyone know the true colors of the Mo Family.

After eating, the three of them bid farewell and returned to their respective rooms.

After the assessment, the top three were officially released. Song Fei had taken first place. She was also the first outsider to get first place in the history of the Mo Clan’s assessment.

Zhou Wu’s performance in the first two rounds was mediocre, but in the final assessment, there were only two examinees who successfully made the Rejuvenation Pill, so he got second place.

Although Mo Fengying didn’t succeed in producing the Rejuvenation Pill, her outstanding performance in the first two rounds of the assessment made her third place.

Although the first and second place were not members of the Mo Family, the Mo Family was still very happy today because they had already heard that the first place Song Fei had already been accepted as the Old Master’s last disciple and was going to be groomed as the young master of the Mo Family!

As a result, the first place would still remain in the Mo Family, bearing the heavy responsibility of leading the Mo Family to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The square in front of the building was packed with people. All the students who had taken the third round of examinations were standing below the stage. Song Ci, Mo Fengying, and the other two stood at the front. At this time, they had all taken off their candidate clothes and changed into the formal uniform of the Mo Family.

The formal uniform of the Mo Family was black, red, and white. It was a white blouse with a black jacket. But there was a red “Mo” embroidered on the back. The pants were a matching black slim-fit suit.

On Song Ci’s left was Zhou Wu, and on her right was Mo Fengying. As Zhou Wu was not tall, Song Ci was the tallest.

Song Ci tied up all her hair and put on the Mo Family’s uniform. She stood in the middle of the first row, looking valiant, handsome, and gorgeous.

The family head, Mo Suixin, sat on the chair that represented the position of the family head. That chair was standing in front of the Chasing Sun Arrows. Mo Suixin stared at his daughter and ‘Song Fei’ with pride.

After Mo Suiyun announced the results of the exam, Song Ci and the other two walked up to the stage under the watchful eyes of the Mo Family. The head of the family, Mo Suixin, personally put on the medal.

Song Ci touched the pure gold medal. She thought about turning this medal into a pair of small bracelets for her two little princesses to wear when she got home.

After giving out the medals, Mo Suixin said some encouraging words. Then, together with his father, Mo Zhangkuang, he brought the new young master, Song Ci, into Shen Si Building.

Mo Zhangkuang told Song Ci, “If you become the young master of the Mo Family, Song Fei, you will be a member of the Mo Family. It is a rule to enter the Mo Family and worship my ancestor.”

“Come, kowtow to our ancestor!”

Song Ci took the three joss sticks from Mo Zhangkuang and knelt down on the praying mat. Holding the joss sticks in her hand, Song Ci kowtowed three times seriously to Mo Liansheng’s statue.

After kowtowing, the ceremony ended.

Song Ci placed three sticks of incense into the incense burner. She looked up at Mo Liansheng’s tall, benevolent statue and smiled.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but when Song Ci smiled, the cigarette in the incense burner suddenly extinguished.

“Mmm? How did it extinguish?”

Mo Suixin glanced at his father and said, “Perhaps it didn’t burn through just now.” With that, Mo Suixin walked up and respectfully lit the incense again.

Mo Zhangkuang saw that the three joss sticks were burning again and didn’t say anything. “Alright, I’ll go back first. Song Fei, just come to my house tomorrow morning to look for me.”

“Alright, Teacher.”

After sending off Mo Zhangkuang, Song Ci turned to look at the Chasing Sun Arrows on the stage in front of Shen Si Restaurant. Her heart suddenly felt waves of hatred. She knew that it was the resentment of the Chasing Sun Arrows and knew that they couldn’t wait to avenge their owner.

Song Ci took a deep breath before leaving the building.

From the next day onwards, Song Ci had to learn from Mo Zhangkuang. Early in the morning, Song Ci put on her school uniform and went to Mo Zhangkuang’s residence.

Mo Zhangkuang lived on a sunny hill in the North Mountain. He usually rode an electric bike up and down the hill. Song Ci didn’t have an electric bike, so she went to find a bicycle and went back and forth between the dormitory and Mo Kuang’s house everyday.

It was the Grain Rain Festival and there was a spring rain under Sichuan. The spring wind blew and the rain increased after the Grain Rain, making it the most suitable for planting herbs.

The Mo Family had already started planting herbs, so Song Ci also had to learn how to plant herbs. It was a pity that her hands, which had only held the violin, were now tied to the soil everyday.

Different herbs were planted in different ways. These few days, she had been squatting in that field for the entire day. After three consecutive days of planting herbs, Song Ci’s back ached.

That afternoon, Song Ci was really slightly tired. She sat on the wooden chair by Mo Zhangkuang’s door and dozed off.

Mo Zhangkuang woke up from his afternoon nap and saw that Song Ci had planted most of her herbs. He walked over and said to her, “After you finish planting your herbs, I will bring you somewhere.”

As Mo Zhangkuang spoke, he glanced at the West Mountain several times. After guessing Mo Zhangkuang’s intentions, Song Ci hurriedly stood up, resigned to her fate, carried the hoe to the herb field, and continued to plant the remaining bundle of herbs.

After planting it, she washed her hands and shouted into the house, “Teacher, I’ve finished planting the herbs.”

“Let’s go then.”

Mo Zhangkuang walked out of the house.

As the weather warmed, Mo Zhangkuang only wore a double-layered jacket with an old man’s t-shirt inside. He looked just like those old farmers in town, simple and casual.

Mo Zhangkuang rode the car down the hill and reached the halfway point of the cable car. Song Ci followed behind him on the bicycle and arrived at the halfway point a few minutes later.

“Follow me into the car.”

Mo Zhangkuang boarded the cable car first and Song Ci followed.

In the dormitory building, Song Fei stood by the window and watched as Song Ci and Mo Zhangkuang left.

Sitting in the cable car, Mo Zhangkuang rubbed his temples. His filial disciple, Song Ci, hurriedly asked, “Teacher, do you have a headache?”

Mo Zhangkuang said, “My head hurts frequently recently. This person is old and has many problems. It’s not a problem.” Mo Zhangkuang was almost 80 years old and not young anymore. He was also prepared to die.

But before he died, Mo Kuang still had some things to tell “Song Fei” before leaving in peace.

Song Ci stared at Mo Kuang’s non-stop massaging of his temples. She knew better than him what was going on with his body. Song Fei’s virus was starting to act up. If they didn’t take the antidote within a month, their heads would be damaged and their memories would forever be incomplete. They would never have a clear mind again.

Song Ci didn’t think Song Fei’s move was vicious. She felt that it was quite good. After all, people like Mo Zhangkuang and the rest were never good people.

While deep in thought, the cable car arrived at the West Mountain.

“We’re here.”

Song Ci opened the door, alighted from the cable car, and reached out to help Mo Zhangkuang out. Mo Zhangkuang usually didn’t need anyone to help him. His body had always been very strong.

But his head hurt today and he felt slightly dizzy standing up. He didn’t argue and obediently let Song Ci lead him out of the car.

Mo Zhangkuang waited for the dizziness to subside before bringing Song Ci up the mountain.

This road was the road to that hill. Along the way, Mo Zhangkuang suddenly mentioned, “From what I heard, you and that old guy called Zhou Wu secretly came to the West Mountain some time ago?”

A sense of wariness rose in Song Ci’s heart. She was worried that Mo Zhangkuang was suspecting her. She lowered her head slightly, reddened her ears, and said softly, “There is such a thing.”

“Oh? Why are you here at the West Mountain? No one lives here.”

As he asked this, Mo Zhangkuang had been observing Song Ci’s reaction. Suixin said that these three people wanted to eat the Spirit Enlightening Fruit and came to the West Mountain to steal it.

Mo Zhangkuang had some doubts about this, but now that he saw Song Ci’s reddened ears, he guessed that she was ashamed and didn’t doubt her anymore.

Song Ci answered honestly, “I secretly came to pluck some fruits.”


They had already arrived at the col. Mo Kuang plucked two fruits from the vines and tossed them to Song Ci. “Here, eat whatever you want!”

Song Ci held the Spirit Enlightening Fruit. Although she didn’t like to eat this fruit, with her stealing the fruit as a precursor and Mo Kuang staring at her now, Song Ci could only bite the bullet and pretend to be happy to eat it.

After eating the fruit, Song Ci asked Mo Zhangkuang curiously, “Teacher, why did you bring me here? You feel sorry that I am too tired from planting medicine and want to reward me with some fruits?”

Mo Zhangkuang tapped Song Ci’s head gently with his index finger and said, “You’re so cunning!”

]Song Ci’s face was cold. “Then what exactly are we doing?”

Mo Zhangkuang didn’t answer Song Ci’s question directly. Instead, he asked her, “In the third assessment, you once asked me what that light brown pill is.”

Song Ci’s smile faded slightly as she revealed a serious expression. “Yes, Teacher told me that it is an animal’s heart.”

“Do you believe me?” Mo Zhangkuang asked her.

Song Ci didn’t hesitate and immediately shook her head. “Although Teacher said that it is an animal’s heart, I don’t believe you. As far as I know, no animal’s heart will emit a strange medicinal fragrance.”

“So Teacher, did you lie to me?”

Song Ci questioned himself so frankly, yet Mo Zhangkuang felt happy. “Song Fei, you are indeed not easy to fool.”

Song Ci exposed him with a cold face. “So you lied.”

“Your suspicions are correct. I indeed lied.” Mo Zhangkuang admitted openly.

Song Ci guessed that Mo Zhangkuang was going to reveal the existence of the medicine man to her today and asked more boldly, “So Teacher, what exactly is that?”

Song Ci’s eyes were filled with curiosity.

Mo Zhangkuang smiled and said, “From now on, I will reveal the greatest secret of our Mo Family to you. Song Fei, as the young master of the Mo Family, you have the right to know the secrets of the Mo Family. But you must swear to the heavens that you will never reveal the secrets of our Mo Family!”

Song Ci hurriedly raised her right hand and said, “I swear that if I expose the Mo Family’s secret, Song Fei will never be able to have children in this life!” Song Fei was already infertile. After Song Ci swore, she still felt slightly upset at the thought of Song Fei being infertile.

It was already a very serious vow for a woman to swear to the heavens with her fertility skills.

After hearing this oath, Mo Zhangkuang was very satisfied and looked at Song Ci even more lovingly.

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