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Chapter 330: Using Absolute Strength to Beat Everyone Up!

Mo Zhangkuang stared at the dark red pill in front of him and smiled proudly.

Below the stage, many examinees guessed what this pill was, after smelling that intoxicating medicinal fragrance. The examinees were all slightly excited and looked at that pill with fanatical eyes.

Mo Zhangkuang took in the expressions of the students below the stage and smiled in satisfaction.

The reason why the Mo Family could become the most arrogant family in the medical field was because of the existence of this “Rejuvenation Pill’” was the Mo Family’s signature.

Mo Zhangkuang’s voice slowly revealed the mystery to everyone. “Students, the pill you are seeing now is our Mo Family’s ‘Rejuvenation Pill ‘!”

All the students were in an uproar when they heard the words “Rejuvenation Pill”. It was a that could revive the dead!

Zhou Wu grabbed Song Ci’s arm and said excitedly, “It’s really a Rejuvenation Pill!” The Mo Family was really generous. They actually took out a Rejuvenation Pill for a test!

Song Ci stared at the dark red pill with a cold expression, her heart churning with disgust.

If you knew what this Rejuvenation Pill was made of, you probably wouldn’t be able to smile.

Mo Zhangkuang explained. “The content of your assessment today is to use the herbs in front of you to make the Spring Rejuvenation Pill! There are a total of three sets of herbs, which means that you all have three chances! Whoever makes the highest quality and quantity of the Rejuvenation Pill will be first!”

“The exam is long, 24 hours in total. Everyone, make good use of the time!”

It was very difficult to make a Rejuvenation Pill. It was already very talented and capable for these candidates to successfully make one.

The herbs were placed in three different boxes. Each box contained 12 different herbs. These were the raw ingredients for the Rejuvenation Pill.

Zhou Wu stared at those medicinal herbs and memorized them by heart. But he thought in his heart, The Mo Family is so magnanimous as to hand over the ingredients for the Rejuvenation Pill. Aren’t they afraid of it being secretly learned by the foreign students?

Or could it be that this Rejuvenation Pill was very difficult to make? Even if they knew the formula of this medicine, it would be very difficult to succeed?

Thinking of this, Zhou Wu’s passionate heart calmed down.

How could this Rejuvenation Pill be so easily produced?

The assessment today was indeed very difficult. Zhou Wu was already prepared to be eliminated and was very worried. He sat down and thought slowly. He was in no hurry at all.

Song Ci was also very calm. She sat on the stool and stared at a light brown medicinal ingredient among the twelve herbs with narrowed eyes.

It was this thing that was emitting a strange, rich medicinal fragrance.

After Song Ci guessed what that thing was, she nearly vomited. Beside her, Zhou Wu also discovered that unfamiliar herb. He picked it up and sniffed it. “It smells so good!”

Hearing this “so fragrant”, Song Ci immediately retched. Song Ci hurriedly peeled a toffee and popped it into her mouth. The sweet taste suppressed her inner turmoil and she felt slightly better.

Every examinee had 10 minutes to take turns observing that pill. When they touched it, their faces turned red with excitement.

Finally, it was Song Ci’s turn to observe the Rejuvenation Pill. Song Ci stood up and calmly walked towards Mo KZhangkang under his watchful eyes.

She stared at the pill and suddenly looked up at Mo Zhangkuang. “This medicine contains a very majestic and pure medicinal effect. I just identified the herbs you prepared for the examinees and realized that there is a medicinal ingredient among them that I have never seen before.”

Song Ci raised her hand and handed the light brown medicinal pill to Mo Zhangkuang. She looked up at Mo Zhangkuang on the stage and asked curiously, “Old Sir, can you tell me what this is?”

After hearing Song Ci’s question, Mo Zhangkuang smiled kindly. He said, “This is just a heart specimen of an animal.” Medicine people were not humans, but medicine. This was the consensus of the upper echelons of the Mo Family.

Hearing this answer, Song Ci felt disgusted and disdainful towards Mo Zhangkuang, but she didn’t show it on her face.

She twirled the heart specimen in her hand and still felt curious. She wanted to ask more. “What animal’s heart is it? I didn’t hear that there is an animal’s heart that can emit such a strange fragrance. Could it be the heart of a legendary strange beast?”

Mo Zhangkuang didn’t elaborate. He took a deep look at the intelligent Song Ci and liked this child even more.

Mo Zhangkuang had already taken a fancy to Song Ci’s talent and wanted to acknowledge her as his disciple, but he was not stupid enough to reveal the secrets of the Rejuvenation Pill in public.

Mo Zhangkuang changed the topic. “Song Fei, you only have 10 minutes to observe. If you delay any longer, time will pass.”

Song Ci knew that she couldn’t get a valuable answer from Mo Zhangkuang. Only then did she carefully pick up the pill, look at it carefully, and smell it gently.

She looked calm but her heart was in turmoil. If no one was here, she would have vomited long ago.

Ten minutes later, Song Ci put down her pills on time and returned to her examination table without looking back.

Analyzing the dosage of various drugs in the Rejuvenation Pill just by feeling was a very perverted requirement for all the candidates.

Most of the candidates were defeated in this round.

Mo Fengying was the first to make the medicine. After she started making the medicine, a barrier rose around her table to prevent other candidates from peeping at her process.

After Mo Fengying made her move, the other candidates were burning with anxiety. Some started to make medicine at random.

Song Ci was in no hurry. She kept staring at the light brown medicinal herbs in a daze. Zhou Wu noticed that Song Ci was in a daze. He hurriedly reminded her in a low voice. “Why are you in a daze? This is an exam. Hurry up and make the medicine.”

Zhou Wu passed his calm period, accepted reality, and started to make medicine.

Song Ci remained silent. She noticed a small pill furnace in the medicine concoction tools. With a thought, she opened the pill furnace and threw one of the light brown animal hearts into it.

Igniting the fire, Song Ci roasted the heart fragments of the “strange beast” in a warm fire.

At the same time, Song Ci started to grind the other herbs and patiently ground them into powder.

Two hours passed very quickly. There were already five to six examinees who failed their first refinement. Soon, they also noticed the existence of the alchemy furnace and started to ponder over its function.

Another half an hour later, a rich, pure medicinal fragrance wafted out from Song Ci’s position. Upon smelling this fragrance, the invigilators’ expressions changed slightly as they looked over at Song Ci.

“As expected of a student chosen by the elderly head. You are indeed extraordinary.” Their conversation was very soft and no one else could hear them.

Mo Fengying was slightly shocked to smell this fragrance. She stopped what she was doing and turned to look at Song Ci.

What did Song Ci do?

Mo Fengying finished grinding the rest of the herbs and stared at the three animal hearts in a daze. Others might not know what this thing was, but as the young mistress of the Mo Family, Mo Fengying knew that it was not the heart of an animal but the heart of a medicine man.

But Mo Fengying had been taught from a young age that medicine men were medicine and not human education, so she didn’t think there was anything wrong with using this to refine medicine.

Mo Fengying crushed one of the heart fragments and mixed it with the other herbs. She threw them into the pill furnace and added a certain amount of honey in an attempt to turn them into pills.

But an hour later, Mo Fengying failed.

She heard the sound of the pill cracking in the furnace and hurriedly turned off the fire. Mo Fengying opened the lid and looked inside, only to see the exploded pill.

Mo Fengying frowned. She was puzzled. Which step was wrong?

Mo Fengying stopped and started to calm down to consider her every step, trying to find the problem.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the medicinal fragrance in Song Ci’s pill furnace was getting stronger and stronger. When the medicinal fragrance was at its strongest, the entire pharmacy was filled with that fragrance. At this moment, Song Ci finally turned off the fire.

She waited for half an hour, until the high temperature in the furnace dropped, before opening the lid. She used an iron spoon to scoop out the medicine that had been refined into red powder from the box and placed it on a white porcelain plate.

Song Ci threw the other herbs into the plate according to her estimation. She washed her hands, put on sterile gloves, mixed all the herbs with honey, and turned them into a pill the size of a baby’s fist.

She opened the furnace again and carefully placed the pill inside before continuing to roast it.

Just like that, another half an hour passed. The medicinal fragrance spread from Song Ci’s position. It was very strong.

Mo Zhangkuang sniffed the air and continued to smile. However, he said, “She is going to fail.”

Almost at the same time that Mo Zhangkuang finished speaking, Song Ci heard a faint sound of something cracking.

Song Ci frowned and hurriedly turned off the fire. She opened the lid and realized that the pill had become smaller. It was blood-red in color, but the pill had cracked into four pieces.

What exactly went wrong?

On the other side, Mo Fengying also tried to use the alchemy furnace to roast the “strange beast” fragments. But soon, Mo Fengying also realized that she had failed because the pill had shattered again.

Mo Fengying only had one last set of herbs left. This time, she didn’t dare to act rashly.

Meanwhile, on Song Ci’s side, although she had failed once, she still had two sets of herbs. She had one more chances than Mo Fengying. Six hours had already passed since the exam and everyone was focused on the exam, reaching the point of forgetting to sleep and eat.

Song Ci kept staring at the light brown medicinal herb in a daze.

What should I do with this?

Song Ci stared at the jar of honey with a puzzled expression*. Is this honey only used to improve the taste of the medicine? There’s no need to prepare so much!*

Song Ci thought for a moment and had a guess.

She threw another piece of light brown medicine into the furnace. During the process, she dripped some honey into the medicine from time to time. Song Ci saw that whenever the honey touched the medicine, it would turn slightly red.

Seeing this scene, Song Ci knew that her guess was most likely correct.

Using the sweetest honey to suppress the most resentful soul!

Back then, Old Ancestor Mo had really put in a lot of effort to concoct Rejuvenation Pills!

Two hours later, the medicinal fragrance in Song Ci’s cauldron spread to a radius of one kilometer.

Many people smelled this fragrance and stopped what they were doing. They said in admiration, “Is the elderly head refining Rejuvenation Pills again?”

“This rich, pure medicinal fragrance is really nice!”

Outside the examination hall, those who smelled this medicinal fragrance all thought that Mo Zhangkuang was refining medicine because a miraculous medicine like the Rejuvenation Pill was very difficult to refine.

In the entire Mo Family, apart from the Family Head and the Old Master, only that alchemy genius, Mo Xiaokuang, could concoct the Rejuvenation Pill.

At first, when Mo Zhangkuang smelled that fragrance, he was still full of smiles. But gradually, when he realized that the fragrance of Song Ci’s Rejuvenation Pill was getting stronger and stronger, his expression turned slightly serious.

This child is really a genius! Even the Mo Family’s pharmaceutical genius, Mo Xiaokuang, couldn’t compare to this child’s talent when he was young.

Talent was indeed given by God. It couldn’t be begged.

Mo Zhangkuang couldn’t sit still on the stage. He walked down and stood behind Song Ci, silently observing her every step of the medicine.

Song Ci had already mixed the herbs again and placed them back into the furnace. She didn’t close the lid of the furnace and just used a small spoon to boil the pills and drip honey into them.

The temperature was getting higher and higher. More and more water was lost in the pill, and the pill was getting smaller and smaller. The pill’s color was also getting redder and redder. In the end, it had already turned blood-red and was slightly redder than the one Mo Zhangkuang and the rest took out!

Mo Zhangkuang’s eyes turned fanatical and he couldn’t conceal the excitement on his face. There was always a way out. The Mo Family had finally been saved!

Mo Fengying smelled the increasingly rich medicinal fragrance and felt slightly uneasy. She knew that ‘Song Fei’ might have succeeded.

Mo Fengying was slightly discouraged and slightly indignant.

They both had brains, but why was Song Fei so capable?

Mo Fengying secretly glanced over at Song Ci and realized that the elderly head had already stood behind her with an ecstatic expression.

Seeing how passionate her grandfather was looking at Song Ci, Mo Fengying’s heart suddenly tightened. Her grandfather’s gaze clearly showed that he treated “Song Fei” as the successor of the Mo Family!

Mo Fengying’s heart was in turmoil and she couldn’t calm down.

The Rejuvenation Pill in Song Ci’s hand finally worked. She turned off the fire and continued roasting it at average temperature. After six to seven minutes, Song Ci took out the Rejuvenation Pill with a spoon.

She sized up that Rejuvenation Pill and was very satisfied with its quality. Song Ci leaned close to the Rejuvenation Pill and sniffed it. Smelling that rich medicinal fragrance that made her heart ache, she knew that she had succeeded.

If she succeeded, Song Ci didn’t intend to make a second one. She didn’t believe that anyone could make two pills today. She also didn’t think that anyone’s pills would be more perfect than hers.

More importantly, she didn’t want to touch such a thing ever again.

Song Ci placed the medicine in a small box and was about to raise her hand to submit the results. She had just raised her elbow when she heard an old man’s voice behind her. “There’s no need to raise your hand. Just give it to me.”

Song Ci was shocked.

She hurriedly turned back and saw Mo Zhangkuang behind her. She hurriedly asked in shock, “Old Master, how long have you been standing here?” She was focused on concocting medicine and didn’t notice Old Master’s approach.

Mo Zhangkuang said lovingly, “It’s been a while. Can you show me your pill?”

Song Ci hurriedly gave the pill to Mo Kuang.

Mo Zhangkuang accepted the box, raised it, and sized up the Rejuvenation Pill carefully. After a moment, he sighed ruefully. “Very good, very good. Song Fei, are you willing to be my student? To be the little young master of the Mo Family, leading the entire family to develop Chinese medicine?”

It was natural to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to greater heights, but the Mo Family’s crooked ways should not be brought to greater heights. But if Song Ci wanted to get close to Nangong Yingying and succeed in her plan, she had to agree to Mo Kuang’s request!

Song Ci hurriedly knelt down and said respectfully, “Teacher, please accept my bow!”

This scene broke the hearts of all the students.

There was no need to continue this assessment.

At Mo Fengying’s side, with a click, the pill was declared a failure again. Mo Fengying sat down on the stool despondently and remained silent.

She had lost!

As the little genius of the Mo Family, Mo Fengying had actually lost to an outsider!

Mo Fengying was slightly indignant, but she couldn’t help feeling convinced by Song Fei. That guy was really capable. She wasn’t jealous of Song Fei and admired her.

However, Zhou Wu remained calm and ignored everything else. He was only focused on concocting medicine and was still working hard.

After Song Ci finished her exam, she left first. After she left, the other students who had used up all three chances also left the examination hall dejectedly. Even Mo Fengying got up and left regretfully.

In the end, only Zhou Wu was still struggling in the examination hall. It was almost dark and everyone had not eaten for nearly 12 hours.

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