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Chapter 329: The Truth about Breaking the Curse

At the mention of her daughter, Mo Yang couldn’t hold back her tears and silently shed them.

Song Fei took the handkerchief from Mo Yang’s waist and handed it to her. Mo Yang took it and wiped his tears. She said, “I’m sorry for embarrassing myself.”

Song Fei waited for Mo Yang to calm down before asking, “When Mo Suixin was 25 years old, did Mo Zhangkuang kill a medicine man for him?”

Mo Yang nodded hesitantly. “Mmm, he is also an extremely old medicine man.” After that medicine man died, Granny Yao became the last medicine man in the world.

Hearing this, Song Fei said, “But when my grandfather passed away, he was already in his thirties.”

At first, Mo Yang didn’t understand what Song Fei meant. But when she thought it through, her eyes lit up! “Mo Qingkuang lived to be in his thirties? How did he live to be in his thirties?”

Song Fei brought the pot of meat outside the window. She circled the meat with her thumb in an unbelievably gentle manner.

“Madam Mo, do you want to know how my grandfather passed away?”

Mo Yang observed Song Fei’s expression and guessed something. He said uncertainly, “Murder?”

“It was a murder. When my grandfather passed away, he was cruelly hanged under the tree at his doorstep and his nose was dug out. As everyone knows, Mo Qingkuang’s nose is a sacred tool bestowed by the heavens. He can rely on his sense of smell to replicate every drug…”

“Madam Mo, who do you think will pursue my grandfather after he is expelled from the clan and secretly take his life?”

Mo Yang remained silent, but her hand that was holding the handkerchief was sweating profusely.

Song Fei slowly moved her upper body to Mo Yang’s side. She stared into his uneasy, trembling eyes and asked her, “Madam Mo, when the murderer was chasing after my grandfather, did he ask him how he successfully broke that curse?”

Mo Yang remained silent, her lashes fluttering even more. Not only her lashes, even her lips were trembling slightly. Mo Yang’s fingers wrapped tightly around the handkerchief as she guessed with a trembling voice, “That murderer is Fengying’s grandfather, right?”

Although Mo Qingkuang and Mo Zhangkuang were brothers and Mo Zhangkuang was also very outstanding, he had an even more outstanding elder brother above him! Being suppressed by his elder brother all this time, Mo Zhangkuang was naturally aggrieved!

Mo Qingkuang had secretly released the medicine man, violated the family rules, and was expelled from the Mo Family. As the saying goes, a tiger who has fallen into the plains will be bullied by a dog. Mo Zhangkuang had finally waited for a good opportunity, so how could he let Mo Qingkuang shine outside!

Only Mo Zhangkuang couldn’t wait for Mo Qingkuang to die!

Song Fei smiled. “Mrs. Mo is indeed a smart person.” This confirmed Mo Yang’s guess.

Song Fei took off a piece of meat and squeezed it into juice with her fingers. If it were any other time, Madam Mo would have stopped anyone from hurting her. But now, her mind was in a mess and she wouldn’t notice the pain her baby meat was experiencing.

“How exactly did Mo Jiang break the curse?” Mo Yang was only focused on this.

“Madam Mo, I can tell you how my grandfather survived, but are you really prepared to listen?” Song Fei’s beautiful face was like winter, always cold and expressionless.

But at this moment, Song Fei smiled. Her smile looked sweet, but her eyes were as cold as ice.

Mo Yang was slightly afraid of Song Fei. Deep down, she refused to hear the answer, but she desperately wanted her daughter to survive.

Mo Yang hesitated for a long while. In the end, she couldn’t resist her curiosity and asked Song Fei, “How exactly did he survive? Tell me.”

ng Fei said, “It’s very simple. Letting Mo Fengying kill her father is the way to break the curse!”

Mo Yang was shocked. “How is that possible!” She never expected that murdering her father was the way to break the curse!

Song Fei said, “How is that impossible? The night Grandpa released the medicine man, the matter was discovered by Old Master. In order to stop Grandpa, the two of them fought. But during the fight, Grandpa made a mistake and pushed Old Master down the hill, causing him to die on the spot.”

“After Grandpa was expelled from the Mo Family, he found my grandmother. The two of them hid and gave birth to a child. After that, the Mo Family found Grandma and forcefully brought her back to the Mo Family. In order to avoid the pursuit of the Mo Family, Grandpa brought our father everywhere to escape… In my grandfather’s life, he never touched any medicine made from the flesh of a medicine man, nor did he do anything else out of line. In the year of 25, Grandpa was already prepared to die, but he miraculously survived.”

“After that, my grandfather has been reflecting on what he did to break Nangong Xian’s curse. After thinking about it, the only thing he could do was kill his father by mistake.”

“Madam Mo, if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Old Master Mo Zhangkuang. Ask him if my grandfather personally told him the method to break the curse!”

Mo Yang would never ask Old Master about this. If she did, she would arouse his suspicions.

Mo Yang didn’t dare to believe Song Fei easily. She sent her away and went to the library alone. Only the head of the Mo Family and the young master could enter this library.

In all the years that Madam Mo and Mo Suixin had been married, this was the first time she came to the library. Upon seeing Mo Yang, the doorkeeper was slightly surprised. “Madam, why are you free to come to this library today?”

Mo Yang said, “Your family head has been out these few days and finished reading the novels he bought for me. I went to the library to see if there are any books that I’m interested in and want to borrow two to read.”

Mo Yang was the Madam of the family, so she naturally had the right to enter the library. The doorkeeper didn’t stop her and opened the door, turning on all the lights in the library.

“Madam, take a look for yourself.”


After Mo Yang waited for the doorkeeper to leave, she scanned the library and went straight to the fourth floor to find an ancient book from 600 years ago. Amongst these ancient books were Mo Liansheng’s miscellaneous notes from when he was alive, including Chinese medicine books and memoirs from his later years.

Almost all the core members of the Mo Family had seen Mo Liansheng’s medical work, but no one had flipped through Mo Liansheng’s posthumous recordings of his later years, as they were filled with flowing accounts.

Mo Yang found that book and walked under the light to read it quietly. This book was very thick and one could read it for an entire day.

The handwriting had already started to fade. In addition, the handwriting at that time was very different from the current simplified words, so it was also slightly difficult to read.

Mo Yang guessed as she read. For several consecutive hours, she didn’t dare to miss out on any small details. In this book, there were all sorts of strange content, such as Mo Liansheng’s favorite meat bun from the capital’s morning tea shop, and wontons from the snack stalls on the east street…

It was all trivial.

Just as Mo Yang suspected that this book was not worth reading, she finally noticed something different. The latter half of the gossip said—

[Recently, I’ve had many nightmares at night and always dreamed of those deceased old friends. Today, when I went to the storeroom, I actually discovered that after 30 years, the Chasing Sun Arrow are still the same as 30 years ago. It wasn’t eaten by insects or showed any signs of damage.

This arrow was slightly evil. I wanted to break it, but I realized that my heart ached the moment I got close to it. I couldn’t help thinking of Nangong Xian’s words before she died. She cursed my Mo Family Head’s children to not live past 25 years old. If they wanted to live, they could only kill their own father.

At that time, I didn’t take this to heart. But four years ago, my first eldest son suddenly died when he was 25 years old. Three years ago, my eldest daughter also died on her 25th birthday. I have to believe that Nangong Xian’s curse is working!

I only have one child left. Could it be that he can only kill me to protect my Mo Family’s bloodline?

Nangong Xian, you are truly vicious! I don’t believe that there is no other way to save my child other than killing his father!]

Mo Yang looked at this memoir and was slightly agitated.

It’s true!

Song Fei was telling the truth!

Mo Yang flipped another three to four pages and saw Mo Liansheng’s records.

[Hahaha! The heavens don’t disappoint those who are determined. I finally found a way to break the curse. Nangong Xian, you definitely didn’t expect your niece’s heart to successfully make my child live past 25 years old!]

Mo Yang suddenly closed the recording, her scalp numb.

Perhaps Nangong Xian didn’t expect that every generation of the Mo Family would kill a medicine man for the sake of their child.

It was already late at night when she returned to her original spot and walked out of the library. She returned to the small house alone and thought of the contents of the gossip record, unable to fall asleep at all.

After talking to Mrs. Mo, Song Fei returned to Shen Si Building to look for Song Ci.

Song Ci walked out of Shen Si Building. Seeing that Song Fei was thinking about something with a dark expression, she walked over and held her arm. “Song Fei, you weren’t in the building just now? Where did you go?”

“I saw Madam Mo and told her something.”

“What did you guys talk about?”

“Let’s go back to the dormitory first.”


Returning to the dormitory, Song Fei and Song Ci moved the stool to the washroom. The two sisters sat in the washroom and soaked their feet in a bucket filled with hot water.

Without a bathtub in the Mo Family, it was not easy to bathe.

As she soaked her feet, Song Fei told Song Ci, “I’ve been thinking about how Grandpa broke the curse of the Mo Family Head’s child not being able to live past 25.”

Song Ci had also been thinking about this question for the past two days, but she didn’t think of an answer. So hearing Song Fei say this, Song Ci guessed that she must have thought of something and asked, “You thought of something?”

“I have a bold guess.” Song Fei leaned closer to Song Ci and said in a low voice, “Back then, Grandpa was chased out of the Mo Family. On the surface, the reason was that he made a mistake and pushed Old Master down the cliff, causing him to die. I was thinking that if the children of the Mo Family wanted to break the curse, perhaps they could only kill their father!”


Song Ci was shocked and exclaimed. “Why would you think that?”

“Think about it. Nangong Xian is not a vicious woman. On the contrary, she is very kind. She will never be willing to see more medicine men have their hearts dug out. She hates Mo Liansheng. She wants Mo Liansheng to die. What can be more cruel than letting Mo Liansheng’s child kill him personally?”

“Thinking of how grandfather broke the curse and lived to be in his thirties, I had this guess. I’m not sure if my guess is right, but I still told Mo Yang my guess.”

“Mo Yang is the wife of the family head. She will definitely try her best to verify my guess.”

Song Fei’s eyes were cunning and vicious as she said this.

Song Ci couldn’t help shuddering. She murmured. “I think your guess is very reasonable.” It was more Nangong Xian’s intention to let the Mo Family kill each other. But…

“How should Mo Yang verify your conjecture? Do you really want Mo Fengying to kill Mo Xin?”

Song Fei sneered and told Song Ci another secret. “When Mo Yang was in university, she was in a relationship and was pregnant with his child. The two of them even eloped. But after Mo Suixin found out about this, he caused the death of Mo Yang’s lover and forbade Mo Yang from meeting that child for the rest of her life.”

“All these years, Mo Yang has been locked up in the Mo Family and has never seen her first child. Tell me, how can she not hate Mo Suixin?”

Song Ci was shocked again. “How did you know?”

“I checked. This happened in 2002 and it didn’t take long to find out.” Mo Yang had attended university. To Song Fei, it was very easy to find out about Mo Yang’s youth.

Song Ci said, “No wonder I always felt that Mo Suixin was especially good to Mo Yang, so good that I felt slightly indulgent. So it’s because he felt guilty and is always trying to please her.”

Song Ci felt that it was strange. Mo Yang had already gone to university, why did she return to the Mo Family, obediently get married and have children with Mo Xin, and live such a boring life?

So Mo Suixin had imprisoned her in the Mo Family.

“Just wait and see. If Mo Yang is really ruthless, she won’t disappoint us.”

A tender green color had unknowingly appeared on the bare branches of the tree. Early in the morning, Mo Fengying stood in front of the house and looked up at the tender shoot of the willow tree at the door. She couldn’t help feeling slightly distressed.

How many more times can I see the willow tree germinate?

Song Ci walked out of the dormitory and saw Mo Fengying standing under the willow tree in a daze. She thought for a moment and walked over to Mo Fengying.

“What are you doing here?” Song Ci looked up at the willow tree, saw the tender shoots, and said happily, “Spring is here.”

Spring came and hope came.

Mo Fengying told Song Ci, “I planted this tree when I was young.”

After 20 years, the willow tree had already grown very tall. Mo Fengying stood on tiptoe and said, “When I planted it, it was already so much taller than me. Now, it’s already so tall. When I was young, my mother told me that when I grew as tall as a tree, she would bring me out to play.”

“But I can’t grow taller than a tree.”

Mo Fengying’s expression was very lonely and stubborn.

Song Ci thought of Song Fei’s words last night and asked Mo Fengying, “Madam Mo studied in university. She should bring you out frequently.”

Mo Fengying pursed her lips and complained about her mother. “No way. The number of times my mother left the family can be counted on one hand. She always went with my father. My father is always unwilling to let me leave the family.”

Mo Fengying looked at Song Ci enviously. “You are so good. You can go wherever you want.”

Song Ci said, “I have to be rich.”

“Our Mo Family has never lacked money.”

That was true.

Mo Fengying took out a piece of brown sugar from her pocket and popped it into her mouth. It was the kind she had given Song Ci previously. She rubbed her stomach and said, “It will hurt especially when I am on menstruation.” This was probably because of that damn curse.

Song Ci didn’t feel much pain, especially when Han Zhan had been staring at her all these years and didn’t allow her to drink cold water or eat ice cream. Every time she came for her menstruation period, she didn’t feel any obvious discomfort.

“You previously said that the third assessment is very difficult. Do you know the contents of the assessment?”

Mo Fengying sneered. “Trying to get information from me?”

Song Ci said, “You are the family head’s daughter. Your identity is a form of cheating.”

“I don’t know either.” Mo Fengying shrugged and said, “So what if I am the family head’s daughter? The Mo Family’s assessment is based on strength. Like you guys, I also don’t know the contents of the assessment. But I can tell you that the last round of every assessment is the highlight. This assessment will be slightly more difficult because of you and me.”

The third assessment was next Monday. In the remaining four days, all the students were learning how to make Chinese medicine. Obviously, this final assessment was related to pharmaceuticals.

On the day of the exam, everyone in the pharmacy was on leave. The invigilator brought the examinees into the empty pharmacy.

The Mo Family’s pharmaceutical workshop had hundreds of years of history. It was very spacious and clean. This time, the invigilator was still not arrogant. He took out a medicine box and opened it. All the candidates smelled an intoxicating medicinal fragrance.

Meanwhile, Song Ci clenched her fists tightly!

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