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Chapter 328: What’s Your Grandpa’s Name?

Song Fei threw the pill into the dustbin and told Song Ci a piece of good news. “There’s good news from Country D today. Our warriors have all been successfully rescued and they are fighting the terrorists of Country D in the open sea.”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “Really?”


Song Ci immediately took out her cell phone and called Han Zhan. The call went through, but the person who answered was not Han Zhan but Uncle Liu.

Once the call connected, Song Ci asked anxiously, “Han Zhan, are you alright?”

A happy laughter sounded on the other end. “Haha, it’s Song Ci, right? I am Uncle Liu. Han Zhan is slightly injured and undergoing surgery, but don’t worry, his injuries are not serious. He just needs to recuperate for a period of time.”

Hearing Uncle Liu’s voice, Song Ci’s boiling heart felt like it had been splashed with a bucket of cold water. She couldn’t even smile anymore. She calmed down and asked calmly, “Where is Han Zhan hurt?”

“His left and right calf were both shot, but he didn’t hurt any vital parts. The doctor has already successfully taken out the bullet for him and stitched up the wound. He just needs to recuperate for a period of time.”

“Song Ci, this time, Uncle Liu is representing all the rescued soldiers to thank Han Zhan and you. Thank you for Han Zhan’s life and death, and also thank you for your understanding and support.”

Hearing Uncle Liu’s words, Song Ci felt very ashamed.

She said, “Uncle Liu, to be honest, I don’t approve of Han Zhan participating in this mission. But you guys have trained Han Zhan too well. Even if he has retired for many years, as long as you guys hook your fingers at him, he will go back and work for you guys…”

“It is Han Zhan’s supreme honor to die in battle for the country. But…” Song Ci’s heart ached for Han Zhan. She said softly,” Uncle Liu, if you really love him, don’t let him bleed again. ”

Hearing Song Ci’s heartfelt words, Uncle Liu also felt very emotional. “Song Ci, don’t worry. The situation this time is special and Han Zhan is the best candidate. I had no choice but to find him. In the future, I won’t disturb you guys anymore.”

He had no choice but to look for Han Zhan. Shooting his own teammate was a heart-wrenching pain for any warrior. Others might go crazy if they completed this mission, but Han Zhan’s mental fortitude had reached the level of an SSS.

Only he was qualified for this mission!

Hearing this, Song Ci sneered in front of Uncle Liu.

She said straightforwardly, “It’s true that Han Zhan is the best candidate, but Uncle Liu, no matter how strong Han Zhan’s mental fortitude is, he will still have a mental breakdown. Uncle Liu, please remember this: Han Zhan is a human, not a monster without feelings.”

With that, Song Ci hung up.

She was just angry. Why was it that others could escape a disaster just because they had poor psychological endurance, but Han Zhan deserved to complete such a cruel mission? Would Han Zhan feel good if he personally shot his teammate who had shared life and death with him?

Others treated Han Zhan as a god of war and a monster, but Song Ci treated him as a human.

Others might not feel sorry for Han Zhan, but Song Ci did!

Uncle Liu felt slightly awkward after being hung up and lectured by a young lady. Long Yu saw Uncle Liu’s defeated expression and suddenly sneered when he heard the contents of the conversation.

“Song Ci is right. You don’t treat Lone Wolf as a human. You all treat him as a monster.” Long Yu got up and left, feeling very frustrated.

Luckily, the mission was completed successfully this time. If the mission couldn’t be carried out smoothly, Han Zhan could only shoot all the captured soldiers according to the order. How was he going to live the rest of his life! To live in regret and guilt forever?

Damn it, the more Long Yu thought about Han Zhan, the more his heart ached.

Uncle Liu also knew that he was in the wrong. If Old Master Han was still alive and knew what they had done, even if he didn’t object to their actions, he would definitely settle the score with them later.

Uncle Liu sighed. He could only think of other ways to compensate Han Zhan.

Meanwhile, after Han Zhan woke up, he didn’t have any complaints or complaints. He just called Long Yu over and asked him, “How are the rescued soldiers now?”

Long Yu said, “Two are handicapped. The others all suffered varying degrees of injuries, but they are all alive.” After saying that, Long Yu saw Han Zhan’s tense expression suddenly relax.

Long Yu’s heart ached. He asked Han Zhan, “If the mission can’t be completed successfully, will you really shoot them?”

Han Zhan fell silent.

After a moment, he said, “Probably everyone treats me as a fighting machine, thinking that I have a strong mental fortitude and can conquer everything. But Brother Long, I have a heart. I saw them in the campsite covered in dirt and dust. Thinking of how everyone was laughing and carefree when we fought together in the past, I nearly cried.”

“I can’t shoot them.”

He couldn’t do it, but if they were really in a desperate situation, he would still obey orders and shoot at them.

Because he knew in his heart that it was his respect and relief to kill them personally. Han Zhan suddenly understood Song Ci’s feelings after guessing that he was going to make a deal with Madam Mo with Nangong Yingying’s heart.

I know that it’s best to do that, but I just can’t do it!

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Give me your cell phone. I want to call Madam.”

Long Yu handed Han Zhan’s cell phone to him. Han Zhan’s left hand was injured and couldn’t move. His right hand was missing two fingers, so he could only use his thumb to slowly unlock it and make a video call.

Song Ci had been waiting for Han Zhan’s call and fell asleep after 1am. At 6am in the morning, the ringing of the video call woke Song Ci up.

Song Ci sat up in shock and saw Han Zhan’s WeChat profile on the screen. She hurriedly answered the call and asked impatiently, “Han Zhan, you’re awake?”

Han Zhan smiled weakly. But he was bleeding profusely and his face was pale. This smile made Song Ci’s heart ache even more. “Don’t smile anymore. It doesn’t look good.”

Han Zhan felt that his wound hurt and frowned.

Song Ci asked again, “Does it hurt a lot?”

Han Zhan said, “Of course it hurts.”

Song Ci said, “I’ll get Long Yu to buy toffee for you.”

“Okay.” Han Zhan said to Long Yu, “Did you hear that? Madam asked you to buy me toffee.”

The corners of Long Yu’s lips twitched. He muttered something mushy before pulling open the door and walking out.

Only after Long Yu left did Han Zhan turn his attention to Song Ci. His heart softened as he looked at Song Ci’s concerned expression.

“This mission gave me different thoughts. I suddenly realized how cruel my deal with Madam Mo was to you.” After all, he was heartless and nearly did something wrong again.

With Rain’s matter first, Han Zhan should have learned his lesson long ago. He should respect every life and shouldn’t use other people’s lives as bargaining chips. He was heartless.

Seeing that Song Ci pursed her red lips, and didn’t blame him but didn’t let him off, Han Zhan felt even more guilty. “Song Ci, I… I’ve decided to give up my previous plan.”

ong Ci’s eyes lit up, but she quickly frowned in frustration. “What should we do if we give up the deal with Madam Mo?”

Without Madam Mo’s help, all their actions would be very difficult.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan said, “I’ll think of another way. Don’t worry about this. Take the exam well and work hard to enter the top three to fight for the chance to get close to Grandma.”

Song Ci had an inexplicable sense of trust in Han Zhan. Hearing this, she said, “Then I believe you.”

This morning, the results of the second test would be released. After hanging up on Han Zhan’s video call, Song Ci went to the small square. Unsurprisingly, Song Ci and Mo Fengying were once again first place, while Zhou Wu was very fortunate to be stuck at the 15th place.

Zhou Wu also woke up. He put on his jacket as he ran over to look at the results. He found his name on the results list. Zhou Wu was so happy that he slapped his thigh. “Hey! I’m in the top 15!”

Song Ci congratulated Zhou Wu. “Uncle Zhou, impressive!”

Zhou Wu said, “I’ll treat you to roasted duck and drinks tonight!”


Mo Fengying walked over. After seeing the results list, she pursed her lips in disinterest. “Congratulations, Song Fei.”

Song Fei said, “Congratulations too.”

“The finals next week won’t be as easy as the previous two rounds. Song Fei, I am waiting to compete with you!” Mo Fengying threw down this provocative sentence and went to the canteen.

Song Ci was not angry. Instead, she was deep in thought.

Zhou Wu thought that Song Ci was angry at Mo Fengying and advised her not to be angry at her. “Mo Fengying did it on purpose to disturb your heart and make you perform badly in the grand finals. What a vicious scheme!”

Song Ci felt that Zhou Wu must have seen too many palace dramas. Mo Fengying’s words sounded like she was provoking her, but she was also reminding Song Ci that the finals would be very perverted and Song Ci might not be confident.

Thinking that Zhou Wu’s father had participated in the Mo Family’s grand finals, Song Ci asked Zhou Wu, “Uncle Zhou, what was the grand finals when Grandpa Zhou participated in the assessment back then?”

Zhou Wu rubbed his nose and said awkwardly, “My father didn’t make it into the top 15. I am the only genius in our family to make it into the top 15 in the past 200 years.”

An old man in his fifties calling himself a genius was indeed a joke to Song Ci. However, no one in the Zhou Family had been able to enter the top 15 in the past 200 years, but Zhou Wu did. He was indeed the Zhou Family’s rare genius.

There was a day off after the exam. Song Ci found out that the Mo Family’s herbal storehouse would be open for a day, so she brought Song Fei along to shop around.

The Mo Family’s herbal warehouse was on the fourth floor of the Shen Si Building. At a glance, there were small boxes filled with herbs everywhere. All the herbs were placed according to their medicinal properties. Song Ci wandered around for a day and saw many ancient herbs that had only appeared in records.

These herbs were all well-preserved. Even though they were old, she could still smell the pure medicinal fragrance. Song Fei was bored inside and came out early.

When she came out, she met Madam Mo outside Shen Si Building. She was bringing some herbs into the house.

Madam Mo was the most beautiful woman in the family. She was wearing a dark blue cheongsam, tied up her hair, and adorned it with a black jade hairpin. Standing in front of the building, she looked like a fairy in a painting.

Song Fei recalled some things she had found out and knew that Madam Mo was the only girl in the Mo Family who had attended university.

Song Fei kept her cell phone and forced a charming smile like the one on Song Ci’s face as she walked towards Mrs. Mo.

Hearing Song Fei’s footsteps, Madam Mo turned and saw a smiling girl. She instinctively said, “Mrs. Han, what’s the matter?”

Song Ci said, “Let me help you arrange the herbs.”

“Okay.” Madam Mo didn’t refuse.

Song Fei didn’t even know these herbs and didn’t know what they were called or where to place them. Madam Mo sat on a chair, took out bundles of neatly arranged herbs, told Song Fei the names of the herbs and where they should be.

Song Fei helped to place all the herbs.

Seeing that Song Fei’s forehead was covered in sweat, Madam Mo said, “Miss Song, are you busy? If not, I would like to treat you to afternoon tea. I know how to bake macarons. The macarons from the canteen were my creations.”

Song Fei knew that Madam Mo had something to say to her and agreed. “Okay.”

Song Fei went to inform Song Ci before leaving with Madam Mo. Arriving at Madam Mo’s house, Song Fei looked around the house and didn’t see Mo Xin. She asked, “Where’s the master?”

Mo Yang said, “Someone in the capital is ill and invited him out to treat his illness.” Those who could invite Mo Suixin out must be either wealthy or noble, all at Old Master Han’s level.

Song Fei nodded.

Mo Yang poured Song Fei a cup of tea and took out the plate of macarons she had baked in the afternoon. “Try it, Mrs. Han.”

Song Fei didn’t like to eat such overly sweet things, but she still picked up a piece and took a small bite. She ate the macarons and admired the meat in Mrs. Mo’s yard.

Madam Mo was different from the rest of the Mo Family. She didn’t like to grow herbs, but she loved to grow meat.

There was no one around. Mo Yang stared at the cold and arrogant Song Fei and exposed their trick. “You are Song Fei.”

Madam Mo had contacted Han Zhan several times and knew that Song Ci and Song Fei had changed identities.

Song Fei also knew everything about Mo Yang, so she didn’t hide it. “Mmm, I am.”

“I didn’t expect Mrs. Han to be so proficient in Chinese medicine. You two sisters are really impressive. Elder sister is a virus specialist and younger sister is a genius in Traditional Chinese Medicine. What kind of smart people are your parents to have such an outstanding daughter?”

Song Fei put down her horse and stared at Madam Mo for a moment. She suddenly said, “Speaking of which, our sisters’ backgrounds are related to the Mo Family. Madam Mo must know about our grandfather.”

Mo Yang frowned slightly and asked curiously, “Which old gentleman is your grandfather? Is it convenient to say his name?” Mo Yang thought that Song Fei’s grandfather was someone important who had been treated by the Mo Family.

Unexpectedly, Song Fei’s answer was, “Mo Qingkuang.”

Mo Yang was stunned. She tilted the teapot and poured the water on the table.

Mo Yang snapped out of her trance and hurriedly put down the teapot. She looked up at Song Fei in shock and asked in disbelief, “What did you say your grandfather’s name is?”

Song Fei was very patient. She repeated that name again. “Mo Qingkuang.”

Mo Yang gasped.

Everyone in the Mo Family knew about Mo Qingkuang! He was reputed to be the rare genius of the Mo Family in 600 years! He was also the only traitor in 600 years!

Those who didn’t know the inside story all felt that Mo Qingkuang was expelled from the Mo Family because he had accidentally killed his own father.

Those who knew the truth would know that the reason why Mo Qingkuang was chased out of the Mo Family back then was because he secretly released the last medicine person, Nangong Yingying!

Mo Yang was the only person who had studied outside and attended university. She knew very well that the Mo Family was committing a crime by treating drug users. It was against morals.

She hated the Mo Family’s way of doing things from the bottom of her heart, but she was not Mo Qingkuang. She did not have the courage and guts to make an enemy of the entire Mo Family for the medicine man!

After Mo Qingkuang was expelled from the Mo Family, there was no news of him again. But Mo Qingkuang and his younger brother, Mo Zhangkuang, were both the sons of the family head. Similarly, they couldn’t escape the curse of dying at the age of 25. It could be imagined that Mo Qingkuang had passed away at the age of 25.

Mo Yang looked at Song Fei in shock. She murmured. “Mo Qingkuang, Mo Qingkuang… So that Grandma Yao is actually your grandmother?”

Nangong Yingying was known as Granny Yao in the Mo Family.

Song Fei nodded. “Yes, this is also the reason why we want to save Grandma Yao.”

Mo Yang held the teacup, her emotions in turmoil. She momentarily forgot what to say.

“Madam Mo, Han Zhan should have called you, right?”

Mo Yang nodded. “Yes, he said he wanted to cancel our collaboration because he couldn’t agree to give Granny Yao’s heart to our Fengying.” Because of this, Mo Yang didn’t eat or drink today. She was anxious and worried about Mo Fengying’s future.

Song Fei told Mo Yang, “Us sisters don’t agree with this deal between the two of you. Han Zhan dotes on my sister very much and he can’t bear to hurt Song Ci.”

But Mo Yang said, “But Grandma Yao’s body was already emptied and she should have died long ago. It was Old Master and the rest who refused to let go of Grandma Yao’s value and used all sorts of precious herbs to extend her life!”

“Grandma Yao can’t hold on anymore. She can die at any time. After she dies, why won’t you sisters agree to give her heart to our Fengying?”

“Our Fengying is not even 20 years old!”

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