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Chapter 324: Nangong Yingying

Song Fei hurriedly stood up from behind the computer table. She walked up to Song Ci, looked down at the small note in her palm, and said, “This macaron was baked together in the canteen.”

Song Ci asked, “Who was in charge of distributing macarons in the canteen today?”

“Madam Mo.” Song Fei’s tone was intriguing.

Song Ci didn’t say anything else. She opened the note and saw a line of elegant handwriting.

[There’s a family meeting. There are very few people in the West Mountain.]

Song Ci and Song Fei exchanged glances.

“There’s a family meeting. There are very few people in the West Mountain…” Song Fei told Song Ci,” The night after tomorrow is the Mo Family’s family meeting time. At that time, all the members of the Mo Family older than 15 years old will attend the meeting. ”

“So the night after tomorrow, there will be the least guards on the West Mountain.” An idea popped into Song Ci’s mind. She looked up at Song Fei and saw that she was also staring.

The sisters’ eyes were shining with a strange light.

Obviously, they had the same thought.

Song Fei said, “The night after tomorrow, we will go to the back of the mountain.”


The next day in class, Song Ci heard the Mo Family students discussing the family meeting tomorrow night. Song Ci heard it and poked the back of the boy in front.

Only when that young man turned to look at her did Song Ci ask, “Little brother, are you all going to attend the family meeting?” The children of the Mo Family were all of the Feng generation. Occasionally, there were a few who followed the ‘Sui; generation. Their names were all similar, so Song Ci couldn’t remember them.

That young man was only 17 years old. Song Ci’s “little brother” made that guy blush.

He was too embarrassed to stare at Song Ci. His eyes kept darting around as he said nervously, “You have to participate even when you are 15 years old. This happens only once every three months.”

Song Ci asked again, “Only your own clansmen can attend the family meeting. Us foreigners can’t, right?”

The young man scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Of course.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Seeing that Song Fei had nothing else to ask him, the young man turned and continued chatting with his friends.

Song Ci poked Zhou Wu’s arm with the tip of her pen. Zhou Wu was dozing off. He woke up and looked sideways at her, his eyes filled with questions. “Are you looking for me?”

Song Ci said, “Uncle Zhou, shall we have dinner tonight?”

Zhou Wu looked like he had seen a ghost. “Did you take the wrong medicine?” Or am I still half-asleep? This cold-faced little queen actually took the initiative to ask me out for a meal?

Song Ci’s face was cold. She said, “If you don’t want to, then it’s fine.”

In the end, when class ended and they went to eat, Zhou Wu carried his bag and consciously followed Song Ci to the canteen.

During the meal, they sat in the least crowded corner. Song Ci confirmed that their conversation would not be overheard and said to Zhou Wu, “We are planning to go to the West Mountain to pick some Spirit Enlightening Fruits tomorrow. Uncle Zhou, do you want to come along?”

Zhou Wu: “Ah?”

Zhou Wu saw that Song Ci’s eyes were especially serious and gradually understood her true intentions.

It was probably fake to pick the Spirit Enlightening Fruit, but she wanted to find out about other things.

The two of them exchanged silent glances for a moment. Zhou Wu suddenly said, “Alright, this Mo Family is so petty. They can’t even bear to give us more fruits. We ate a few that night and have been savoring that taste these few days.”

“Let’s go tomorrow then.”


Due to what she was going to do tomorrow, Song Ci had been dreaming this night after she fell asleep. She dreamed that she had gone to the West Mountain and didn’t find Grandma Yao. Instead, she was discovered by Mo Qingkuang.

After that, Song Ci became a medicine man locked up in the back of the mountain.

Song Ci was shocked awake. She sat up in bed and realized that it was only 3.30am. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and heard Song Fei say, “Are you dreaming?”


“What dream?”

Song Ci said, “I dreamed that we were discovered by Mo Zhangkuang. I dreamed that I was locked up in the back of the mountain.” She also dreamed that someone let out her blood. In short, it was a horror movie.

Song Fei hugged Song Ci’s waist. “Song Ci, I will protect you.”

Patting Song Ci’s abdomen, Song Fei told her, “Let me tell you, these few days, I secretly placed a chronic virus in the Mo Family’s drinking water. If we can leave safely, I will secretly put the antidote back in the water.”

Knowing that the Mo Family trip was very dangerous, Song Fei couldn’t be unprepared.

“If they discover your identity…” Song Fei didn’t finish her sentence, but Song Ci understood what she meant. If anything happened to Song Ci, Song Fei would make the entire Mo Family die with her!

Song Ci finally felt at ease. She shrank into Song Fei’s arms. “Song Fei, you must protect me well.”


Song Ci still could not sleep soundly for the rest of the night. By dawn, she was sleeping soundly. Song Fei saw that Song Ci was sleeping soundly and didn’t wake her up. By the time Song Ci woke up, it was already 9am. She hurriedly washed up and went to the herbal warehouse to continue her boring studies.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Mo Fengying called out to her. “Hello.”

Song Ci shot Mo Fengying a proud look. “Mmm?”

Mo Fengying stared at Song Ci’s slightly weak expression. “Are you feeling unwell?”

Song Ci shook her head.

“You look very weak. Didn’t you rest well last night? Are you sick?”

Realizing that Mo Fengying was really concerned about her, Song Ci put away the impatience in her heart and answered perfunctorily, “There are a few days every month. It’s okay.”

Hearing this, Mo Fengying thought of the few days every month when the girl had her period.

Song Ci walked to her seat and sat down. She exchanged a look with Zhou Wu. She had received her medicine and was focused on studying the composition of that medicine when suddenly, a hand reached out.

Song Ci looked up and saw the young man handing her a pouch.

Song Ci was slightly puzzled. What is he doing?

“What is this?” Song Ci thought that the young man was giving her a present because he was wooing her. She was still thinking of how to reject the young man so as not to hurt his heart when she heard him say, “Sister Fengying passed it to you.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Luckily, she didn’t say those wishful thinking words.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know either.”

Song Ci took the pouch and waited for the young man to turn around before opening the red packet. But to Song Ci’s surprise, there was a bag of candy inside the pouch. It looked like a small piece of brown sugar made by Mo Fengying herself.

She was confused.

After class, Mo Fengying walked over and stopped by Song Ci’s table for a while. She told her, “That is a brown sugar pill that I developed myself. It can relieve pain very well.”

Her period didn’t come. She just had a nightmare and didn’t sleep well. As a result, Song Ci, who looked weak, thanked Mo Fengying, picked up a piece of brown sugar, and popped it into her mouth.

It tasted very good. Song Ci was not a person who liked brown sugar, but she also felt that it tasted good.

After school in the afternoon, as they were eating, Song Ci heard the radio in the valley playing about tonight’s family meeting. It was calling for everyone to attend the family meeting.

After dinner, Song Ci noticed that many people were rushing towards Shen Si Building. Even the aunties and old men in the canteen had long cleaned up their plates, locked up the restaurant, walked to the cable car transfer point, and went to Shen Si Building.

The North Mountain was 700 to 800 meters away from the West Mountain. But just these few hundred meters would take more than two hours to walk. As the saying went, seeing a house until crying was the true reflection of these valleys.

At 8pm, almost all the Mo clansmen went to the building. Only then did Song Ci and the other two take a cable car to the West Mountain.

Sitting on the cable car, Zhou Wu was slightly nervous and his legs were tightly closed.

Song Ci asked him, “Uncle Zhou, are you afraid now?”

Zhou Wu narrowed his eyes and said in a trembling voice, “I am afraid of heights.”

Song Ci said, “Sorry to trouble you then.”

Zhou Wuy narrowed his eyes the entire time. He didn’t dare to look down the mountainside for fear of weakening his legs. The cable car slowly slid for a few minutes before reaching the halfway point of the West Mountain. The West Mountain was the steepest and most valuable of the few mountains because the most precious herbs were planted on this mountain.

The roads on the West Mountain were still the most primitive mud roads. There were no cement roads.

Zhou Wu said, “Where is the Spirit Enlightening Fruit planted?”

When Song Fei had nothing to do, she had already found a spot with the best view and looked through the entire West Mountain with her binoculars. Hearing this, she said, “Climb up 40 meters and turn left. There will be a small cove over there and the herbs there are the most abundant.”

The most vigorous medicinal herbs would definitely grow on the most fertile land.

As a result, the three of them scaled the mountain in the dark and found that small col. Like Song Fei had said, this col was indeed filled with expensive treasures of heaven and earth. Behind those medicinal herbs, some green vines grew along the mountain wall. On these vines, there were strings of Spirit Enlightening Fruits.

Zhou Wu took out the backpack that he had already prepared and said, “Steal it.”

Song Fei and Song Ci quickly plucked dozens of Spirit Enlightening Fruits and threw them into Friday’s backpack. After plucking the fruits, the three of them stood motionless in the dark.

Zhou Wu was the first to break the silence. “You guys came to the West Mountain not just to pick the Spirit Enlightening Fruit, right?”

Song Ci and Song Fei didn’t answer.

Zhou Wu added, “What exactly are you looking for?”

Song Fei asked Zhou Wu, “Do you think it’s really a magical beast that saved the emperor?”

Zhou Wu’s eyelids twitched and his heartbeat quickened. He looked at the Song sisters and pondered for a long time before confessing. “There’s no strange beast. It’s a human. That strangely dressed beast is General Nangong Xian.”

Song Fei said, “As expected…”

Zhou Wu glanced sideways at the two sisters and asked curiously, “Why are you so concerned about this? What exactly do you want to find out?”

Song Ci told Zhou Wu, “People like Nangong Xian, who are born with a medicinal fragrance, are called medicine men. Their flesh, blood, and hearts are the same as legendary strange beasts.”

Under the moonlight, this West Mountain was like a tombstone with countless medicine men’s corpses buried under it.

Song Ci seemed to feel the resentment of the Chasing Sun Arrow again. She took a deep breath and said, “Many of Nangong Xian’s descendants are medicine men like her. The last medicine man in this world is imprisoned on this mountain.”

“Our real motive is to investigate the dirty dealings behind this Traditional Chinese Medicine family. We want to save the medicine man and return justice to the Nangong Family. We want to publicize the ugliness of the Mo Family!”

Song Ci tilted her head and lifted her chin at Zhou Wu. “Uncle Zhou, do you want to be an Ultraman and fight little monsters with us?”

Although Friday was already over 50 years old, he still had an adventure dream in his heart. He still remembered the contents of Doctor Zhou’s book and wanted to verify if the so-called magical beast was a human or a real magical beast.

Zhou Wu rubbed his face and sighed. “I didn’t expect to encounter something that my ancestors couldn’t achieve. Let’s go and fight the little monster!”

Song Ci was about to climb up the hilltop to the back of the mountain, but Song Fei said, “I’ve observed these few days that there are no signs of anyone walking on the top of the West Mountain, but I discovered that Family Head Mo had come to this small hill yesterday.”

As the family head, Mo Suixin would never come to pick the Spirit Enlightening Fruit.

Song Ci stared at the cliff in front of her. “The shortcut to the back of the mountain is right in front of us.”

Zhou Wu said, “I know this. There’s an escape route at the back of our house. Such an escape route is usually the same color as the mountain, but it’s still different. The back of the escape route is empty.”

Zhou Wu knocked on the wall in front of him and quickly knocked on a stone wall with a drum. “This is that door.” Zhou Wu pushed the door hard and it was instantly pushed open. A small path that could allow the two of them to pass went straight to the side of the mountain.

Zhou Wu walked in first. Song Ci walked in the middle while Song Fei walked behind with a torchlight.

It was pitch-black inside the mountain and they couldn’t even see their own fingers. Song Ci turned on her flashlight and realized that there were night lights installed on the stone walls on both sides of the tunnel, but they didn’t know where to turn them on.

After traveling for more than three minutes, Zhou Wu said, “We’re here.”

In front of Zhou Wu was a stone door.

Zhou Wu bit the flashlight with his mouth and pushed open the stone door. After a rumbling sound, the stone door was pushed open and the three of them walked out.

t was still dark outside the door.

Zhou Wu raised the light in his hand. Before he could see anything clearly, he heard an old voice. “Who is it?”

When no one answered, the old woman asked again, “Mo Zhangkuang?”

The elderly’s voice was like a bone sliding across a rock. It sounded very uncomfortable, because the owner of the voice seldom spoke.

Song Ci waved her hand and scanned her surroundings. Only then did she realize that they were in a secret room. The person who spoke was probably hiding and they couldn’t see her.

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