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Chapter 311: You are Gu Shengyao!

Earl Ace turned back to the ward.

Du Xueyan thought that Earl Ace had left, so she took out her cell phone and opened the old photo. When she saw a certain photo of Gu Shengyao, Du Xueyan fell silent.

Earl Ace pushed open the door and entered. Seeing Du Xueyan’s sad expression, he instinctively wanted to go up and hug her. His right foot took a step forward, but he retracted it in time.

Du Xueyan looked up when she heard the sound of the door being pushed open. She saw that it was Earl Ace who had returned and was puzzled. “Your Excellency, is there anything else?” He had clearly left in a hurry just now.

“I forgot to tell you something.”

Du Xueyan said, “Go ahead.”

Earl Ace clasped his hands behind his back and twirled the thumbs in his left and right hands. He said, “You just woke up and are weak. It’s not convenient for you to tire yourself out. Moreover, it’s snowing outside. Let me accompany you tomorrow.”

Du Xueyan shook her head, heartless and straightforward. “No need. My manager won’t like to see me standing with another man.” Smiling bitterly at Earl Ace, Du Xueyan said, “He’s more domineering.”

Earl Ace didn’t know if he should be happy or sad. He took a step back and said, “Then I will only send you to the cemetery. I won’t follow you in.”

Du Xueyan couldn’t find a reason to refuse and remained silent.

“Rest early. Goodnight.” Earl Ace closed the door and turned to leave.

Du Xueyan lowered her head and continued to look at Gu Shengyao’s photo on her cell phone. This photo was taken in spring. That day, Gu Shengyao was wearing a thin beige windbreaker and standing by the pool downstairs talking on the phone.

He stood sideways, wearing rimless, long, narrow glasses. The setting sun shone on Gu Shengyao’s hair and glasses.

The entire setting sun had fallen into that pool. It was golden and dazzling.

Du Xueyan had just woken up and saw this scene, so she secretly took a photo. When Gu Shengyao discovered this photo that night, he even laughed at her for falling in love with him.

At that time, Du Xueyan was stubborn and refused to admit her love for Gu Shengyao. If she had known that that photo would be Gu Shengyao’s last photo, Du Xueyan would never have lied.

She loved him but didn’t know it.

Touching Gu Shengyao’s eyes in the photo, Du Xueyan’s heart ached terribly as tears streamed down her face.

Earl Ace stood in his lounge, looked at Du Xueyan wiping her tears at Gu Shengyao’s photo in the surveillance footage, and smiled. Du Xueyan, look, you still love Gu Shengyao after all.

The next morning, Song Ci brought Du Xueyan some clothes.

“I chose all the clothes according to your previous style. They are all the new clothes from the current season. Take a look.” Du Xueyan liked dark-colored clothes. She was a beauty, and like Song Ci, she looked better in dark-colored clothes.

Du Xueyan looked at those clothes and said, “Of course I trust your taste.” Song Ci was a regular at the fashion club and had also done fashion guidance for a famous magazine. Her taste wouldn’t be bad.

Du Xueyan picked up her cell phone and prepared to pay Song Ci on WeChat. “How much is it?”

Song Ci said, “It’s 72,000 yuan in total.” She also bought two pairs of shoes, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of leather shoes for Du Xueyan.


Without even looking at the receipt, Du Xueyan transferred the money to Song Ci. Song Ci didn’t stand on ceremony with Du Xueyan and accepted the money. Du Xueyan slowly got out of bed and sat by the bed to change clothes. Seeing that the door wasn’t closed, she asked Song Ci, “Can you please help me close the door?”

“Okay.” Song Ci closed the door and turned to see Du Xueyan staring at the surveillance camera on the wall.

Previously, when Du Xueyan was in a coma, the convalescent hospital had specially installed surveillance cameras for her so that it would be convenient to check on her condition in real time. But now that she was already awake, there was no need for these surveillance cameras to exist anymore.

Behind the surveillance cameras, Earl Ace noticed Du Xueyan’s actions. He picked up his cell phone and called the person-in-charge of the convalescent hospital. He informed him. “Close the surveillance cameras in Miss Du’s room immediately. Send someone to remove the surveillance cameras in an hour.”

“Alright, Your Excellency.”

Seeing that the red light in the surveillance camera had disappeared, Du Xueyan took off her hospital gown and slowly put on the clothes Song Ci had brought her.

She took off her clothes and Song Ci realized that Du Xueyan was very skinny. Her ribs were also clearly visible. “You have to nourish your body well. You are too skinny.” Being so skinny, wearing a slim-fit dress would make one feel sick.

Du Xueyan held her chest and felt it. She said, “Luckily, this place is not small. It’s really bad if this place is small.”

Song Ci was stunned by Du Xueyan’s bold actions. She didn’t expect Du Xueyan to have such an interesting side.

Du Xueyan had just changed when she heard a knock on the door.

Outside the door, Earl Ace’s gorgeous and moving voice said gently, “Miss Du, I’ve cooked fish porridge for you. Eat some before setting off.”

Song Ci saw Du Xueyan nod and opened the door to let Earl Ace in.

Earl Ace looked surprised to see Song Ci. “Mrs. Han, you’re here so early?”

Song Ci said, “Mmm, I am returning home tonight. I came over to take a look first.” She heard Earl Ace’s words and asked Du Xueyan, “Where are you going?”

Du Xueyan said, “To pay respects to Gu Shengyao.”

Song Ci remained silent.

At the mention of Gu Shengyao, Song Ci felt less confident, guilty, and awkward. Luckily, at this moment, Earl Ace suddenly said, “China is going to celebrate the new year soon, right? I met Leo a few days ago and he said that he will be going to Wangdong for the new year this year.”

“Mmm, if Huanyan wants to return for the holidays, my brother naturally has to follow.”

Earl Ace smiled and said, “Is this what you call a husband following his wife?”

Before Song Ci could speak, Du Xueyan interrupted. “The Earl’s Chinese is very good. He even knows ‘husband following his wife’.”

Chinese was extensive and profound. It was already very impressive for ordinary foreigners to know that the adage for ‘husband following his wife’. Only those who were proficient in Chinese would say such things.

Earl Ace paused in his actions of pouring porridge and remained silent.

Du Xueyan glanced at him and lowered her head to put on her socks. Song Ci sensed that the atmosphere between the two of them was slightly strange. She felt that Du Xueyan’s attitude towards Earl Ace was not right.

Earl Ace was of noble status and Du Xueyan was a smooth and slick person. Even if she didn’t like him, she should have politely and tactfully rejected his company.

But she neither rejected Earl Ace nor treated him nicely. Instead, she mocked and ridiculed him. This way of getting along…

They looked like a couple quarreling.

Song Ci felt that she had guessed wrongly again. Du Xueyan and Earl Ace didn’t know each other before, so how could they get into a fight?

Staying in the middle of them made Song Ci feel awkward. She touched her pants with both hands and tried to find something to say. “Du Xueyan, are you going back to China to recuperate or are you staying in America?”

Du Xueyan thought for a moment and said, “I still want to return to the country.” Even if her father already had another family, she still wanted to return to the country to stay.

Song Ci said, “When you return to China, Han Zhan and I will visit you again. I still have something on and will take my leave first.” After a pause, Song Ci looked at Earl Ace and said, “Earl Ace, you are also welcome to go to China to play.”

Earl Ace nodded and watched Song Ci leave. Du Xueyan asked, “Does the Earl know Song Ci?”

“I have been good friends with Song Ci’s elder brother for many years.”

Du Xueyan nodded and didn’t say anything else.

After eating the fish porridge, Du Xueyan’s stomach felt warm. She put a scarf around her neck, picked up her cane, and prepared to go out.

Seeing this, Earl Ace held the umbrella and followed beside Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan looked up at the umbrella above her head. Thinking of how there had also been someone holding the umbrella for her on countless snowy days, she felt a wave of sadness.

After boarding the car, Earl Ace and Du Xueyan were both sitting in the backseat. The driver was an unfamiliar brown-haired woman.

Du Xueyan closed her eyes and looked exhausted. Earl Ace saw that Du Xueyan had been pinching her leg and asked, “Are you tired?”

Du Xueyan said, “I haven’t walked for a long time and am not used to it.” Du Xueyan’s legs were trembling, but she could suppress it and it didn’t look obvious.

Earl Ace could understand that feeling. When he first woke up, he was weak all over. His muscles were soft as he supported himself with his walking stick and walked a few steps. His legs were trembling badly.

“Let me massage you.” As Earl Ace spoke, he took the liberty of grabbing Du Xueyan’s slender leg and placed it on his own leg. He kneaded it neither gently nor heavily.

Du Xueyan wanted to struggle, but when she turned and saw Earl Ace’s serious expression, she suddenly quietened down. Du Xueyan stopped talking and let Earl Ace serve her.

Earl Ace seemed to have learned massage techniques. Under his kneading, Du Xueyan’s muscles really relaxed and gradually stopped trembling.

The car drove for more than two hours before stopping.

Earl Ace reminded the drowsy Du Xueyan. “We are here, Miss Du.”

Du Xueyan fell asleep and remained silent.

Earl Ace shouted again. “Miss Du, we are here.”

Du Xueyan remained silent. The warm wind was blowing in the car, causing Du Xueyan’s fine hair to flutter slightly. Du Xueyan’s little mouth was slightly agape as she breathed very gently.

Earl Ace looked at her obedient sleeping face and his fingers itched.

He slowly raised his right arm and gently touched Du Xueyan’s brows.

In front, the driver discovered this scene and his eyes were filled with shock. But the driver knew of Earl Ace’s viciousness and terror. After discovering the Earl’s ill intentions towards Miss Du, he didn’t dare to say anything and pretended not to see anything.

Suddenly, Du Xueyan’s eyelids quivered.

Earl Ace pulled his hand back as if he had been electrocuted.

Du Xueyan felt an itch on her forehead as if a feather had brushed past. She scratched her forehead gently. Earl Ace noticed her small action and felt guilty again.

“Miss Du, we have arrived at our destination.”

“We’re here?” Du Xueyan turned to look out the window and saw a cemetery that was as beautiful as a park.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Du Xueyan opened the car door herself. As she alighted, her legs went limp and she nearly fell to the ground. Luckily, Earl Ace had been paying attention to her and reached out his hands to hug Du Xueyan’s armpits from behind.

Du Xueyan leaned back into Earl Ace’s arms and leaned weakly against the ground. She tidied her messy hair and held the car door with one hand. Only then did she thank Earl Ace. “Thank you, Your Excellency.”

“Be careful.”

Earl Ace helped her out of the car.

The driver handed the cane to Du Xueyan. Du Xueyan grabbed the cane and took the white chrysanthemum from the driver.

She hugged the bouquet in her left hand and held her cane in her right. She was about to enter the cemetery when she heard Earl Ace ask, “Do you really not need me to accompany you?”

Du Xueyan turned and looked at him. After a long while, she nodded. “Okay.”

Earl Ace was surprised that Du Xueyan really agreed to his request. Why is she suddenly so easygoing?

Earl Ace hurriedly opened the umbrella, lifted it over Du Xueyan’s head, and walked deeper into the cemetery.

A thick layer of snow covered the tombstone.

This was Du Xueyan’s first time paying respects to Gu Shengyao. She didn’t even know where Gu Shengyao’s tombstone was. Standing in the vast snow, Du Xueyan couldn’t find Gu Shengyao’s tombstone. She suddenly felt lost and sad, and her sparkling black eyes were instantly moist.

Seeing that she was suddenly down, Earl Ace couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter?”

Du Xueyan hugged the white chrysanthemum and squatted down. She murmured sadly, “I can’t find him…” She couldn’t even find his grave.

At that moment, a huge sadness enveloped Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan recalled the day of the explosion.

At the moment of the explosion, Gu Shengyao used his body to protect Du Xueyan. When he fell to the ground, Gu Shengyao’s hand was still carefully protecting the back of her head.

Du Xueyan collapsed for a few seconds before fainting. Before she fainted, Gu Shengyao’s glasses fell on her face. She heard Gu Shengyao say, “Yanyan, don’t forget me for the rest of your life…”

He succeeded.

I would never forget him in this life!

Earl Ace looked at Du Xueyan’s helpless and fragile manner. His heart felt like it had been stabbed by a needle and started to ache sharply.

Pointing at a piece of land behind the cemetery, Earl Ace said, “He’s buried there.”

Only then did Du Xueyan wipe her tears and look in the direction Earl Ace pointed.

Gu Shengyao’s tombstone was especially unique. It was a black square stone sculpture. On it sat a long-haired princess in a dress.

All Du Xueyan’s fans knew that the long-haired princess was Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan stared at the little girl singing on the stone statue in a daze. She suddenly broke down and scrambled towards Gu Shengyao’s tombstone.

Earl Ace’s pupils quivered as he looked at her staggering back.

The Du Xueyan he knew had always been elegant and generous. Even when she broke up with her first love, Han Zhan, she had never been so pathetic and crazy.

But today, she had gone crazy for Gu Shengyao.

Du Xueyan knelt in front of Gu Shengyao’s tombstone and threw aside the snow in front of it with her bare hands.

The snow was so cold, but Du Xueyan didn’t seem to feel the temperature. She was like a robot that didn’t fear the cold and was digging snow crazily.

Finally, she moved aside the snow and saw the inscription:

A person who created a superstar was super himself.

Du Xueyan stared at the words in a daze and couldn’t help asking, “Who wrote this monument?”

Earl Ace said, “A person who created a superstar is super himself. This sentence was written by your fans to Gu Shengyao.”

“Until Gu Shengyao died, his father never acknowledged him back. His close friend, Du Yu, personally went to America to collect his corpse and cremated it before burying it here.”

Gu Shengyao’s father was the alligator of American Entertainment. Gu Shengyao was the child of that man and a little celebrity. Gu Shengyao was an illegitimate child, an illegitimate child that was not recognized by his father.

Hearing this, Du Xueyan’s heart ached violently. “Even until his death, the Gu Family refused to collect his corpse?”

Earl Ace’s eyes were cold. “Mmm, no. From death to burial, no one from the Gu Family came.”

Du Xueyan wiped her tears and stood up with the help of the tombstone. Facing the tombstone, Du Xueyan took a few breaths, suddenly turned around, and stared at Earl Ace. Her gaze was unfathomable.

Earl Ace couldn’t resist her gaze and instinctively wanted to turn and leave. “Miss Du, you must have a lot to say to your manager. I’ll leave first.”

With that, Earl Ace instinctively turned around. Suddenly, Du Xueyan grabbed his arm.

arl Ace turned back in shock and stared at the snow-white hand on his arm. He asked in confusion, “Miss Du, what’s the matter?”

Du Xueyan felt tired and was in no mood or energy to continue acting with Earl Ace.

She sighed and said tiredly, “How much longer are you going to pretend?”

Earl Ace said, “What?” There was a perfect look of confusion on his face.

Du Xueyan smiled mockingly and said, “I want to ask the Earl, how does it feel to visit your own grave personally?”

Earl Ace’s eyes widened.


His pupils twinkled and his expression was complicated. “Why do you say that?”

Du Xueyan approached Earl Ace step by step. She said, “I heard it.”

Earl Ace asked, “What did you hear?”

“The doctor said that I have always been conscious. I refuse to wake up because I have no attachment to this world.” Du Xueyan leaned close to Earl Ace and smelled his familiar perfume. Her lips curled up seductively. “Can you guess why I, who originally had no attachment to this world, suddenly woke up?”

Du Xueyan was too close to Earl Ace. He felt that this distance was very dangerous and instinctively wanted to distance himself. But just as he took a step back, Du Xueyan boldly wrapped her arms around Earl Ace’s neck.

Placing her lips beside Earl Ace’s, Du Xueyan told him, “I heard it. Before I woke up, I heard you calling me Yanyan by the bed. I also heard you say…”

Earl Ace’s eyes trembled as he left. He didn’t dare to move and his entire body was stiff. He felt that Du Xueyan was bluffing and asked her, “You still heard what I said?”

“You begged me. You said,” Yanyan, don’t leave me alone! “Her lips brushed gently across Earl Ace’s lips. The touch was ambiguous and arousing.” Gu Shengyao, I can’t bear to part with you, so I woke up. ”

She really heard it!

Earl Ace couldn’t bear to look at Du Xueyan’s face. He turned to look elsewhere, refusing to admit that he was Gu Shengyao. “That’s your illusion.”

Du Xueyan suddenly kissed Earl Ace’s lips and bit him hard.

“Ouch!” Earl Ace gasped in pain.

Du Xueyan released Earl Ace and stared at his bleeding lips. She smiled angrily. “Gu Shengyao, don’t lie to me. You can lie to others but not me!”

“In this world, you are the only one who knows that I, Du Xueyan, love corn paste! You are the only one who will call me Yanyan!”

Du Xueyan’s tone suddenly turned gentle. “Gu Shengyao, I don’t know why you became Ace Reynolds, but no matter who you become, you will always be my Gu Shengyao.”

“I won’t let you go again. Gu Shengyao, don’t you dare abandon me!”

“You are the only man who has slept with me, Du Xueyan, for so many years. Who do you think I, Du Xueyan, am? Who can sleep with me whenever they want?”

“Gu Shengyao, you have to be responsible for sleeping with me.”

Hearing this, Earl Ace gritted his teeth and said, “I am not Gu Shengyao.”

“You are!”


Du Xueyan was enraged. “No? Are you sure?”

“I am not.” Earl Ace was very unyielding.

“Sure! Sure!”

Du Xueyan greeted him twice, looking slightly crazy.

Seeing this, Earl Ace frowned and suddenly felt that something was off. He saw Du Xueyan take out her cell phone and swipe her fingers across the screen.

Earl Ace frowned and asked her, “What are you doing?”

Du Xueyan said, “I’ll call Lin Nuo. Lin Nuo is my admirer. He has been wooing me for five years and is devoted to me.”

“I suddenly understand. Anyway, it’s pointless to live alone. I might as well find a man who is considerate to me and live with him. It’s better to find someone who dotes on me and loves me than to live alone.”

With that, Du Xueyan pressed the button.

Beep beep.

Beep beep.

]In the silent snow, the sound of the call was magnified infinitely. The beeping sound rang in Du Xueyan and Earl Ace’s ears at the same time.

Du Xueyan looked at Earl Ace provocatively with an arrogant expression.

Earl Ace frowned and clenched his fists.


“Xueyan? Xueyan, is that you?” Lin Nuo’s voice was filled with surprise and vigor. “Xueyan, I was filming two days ago and my cell phone signal in the lousy village was especially bad. I knew that you had woken up and bought a plane ticket to visit you immediately.”

“Just wait. You will see me in 13 hours.”

As everyone knew, the king of acting, Lin Nuo was Du Xueyan’s loyal fan, a hardcore admirer. He had once said boldly, “If I get married one day, the bride will definitely be Du Xueyan.”

Du Xueyan heard the voice of an old acquaintance and smiled. “Lin Nuo, it’s me.”

Hearing Du Xueyan’s voice, Lin Nuo suddenly went silent. Du Xueyan felt slightly awkward and asked, “Lin Nuo, are you still there?”

Lin Nuo didn’t speak, but Du Xueyan heard the man sobbing.

She was speechless.

Earl Ace’s expression was dark as he cursed in his heart. This turtle grandson Lin Nuo only knows how to act pitiful and affectionate. He is indeed an actor and a drama king!

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