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Chapter 301: If It’s You, I’m Willing

Li Li felt a chill between his brows and was stunned.

Returning to his senses, Li Li touched the liquid that slid down his brow bone and touched a puddle. Li Li’s expression twisted. “Han Zhan, you’re bullying me!”

Han Zhan shook the gun in his hand and said seriously and seriously, “As a Chinese citizen, it is strictly prohibited to illegally use purchasing and secretly keeping guns. I am a good youth and have learned the core values of socialism since young. I won’t touch guns.”

His determination to be a good citizen was as sincere as it could be.

Li Li rubbed the goosebumps on his arms and sighed. “It’s so disgusting.”

Han Zhan didn’t speak to Li Li again. He lowered his head and continued playing with his water gun.

This water gun was left behind by Aaron on the plane. Of course, there were other things on this plane besides the water gun. Bei Zhan and Li Li would never know that there were many lethal things hidden under his butt.

Bei Zhan was shocked by Han Zhan’s actions just now and his heart was still racing. He pressed his chest and teased Han Zhan. “When Mr. Han left the gun to Li Li just now, I thought Mr. Han went to outer space and was possessed by an alien.”

With that, Bei Zhan was also amused by his own thoughts.

He had watched too many movies.

Han Zhan glanced at Bei Zhan meaningfully and smiled. “You are quite cute. No wonder CEO Han likes you.”

Bei Zhan touched his nose. “I’ve been watching more science fiction movies recently.”

“You still have time to watch a science fiction movie. Looks like you’re not too busy with work.” Han Zhan threw the gun on the small table and said listlessly, “I still need to rest for another two days. I’ll have to trouble you guys to continue working hard these two days.”

Bei Zhan finally understood what it meant to shoot oneself in the foot.

Song Ci parked the plane at the small airport of Yulan Mountain.

Han Miao and Han Jun, who had already heard the sound of the plane, immediately pestered Butler Cai to visit their mother. Butler Cai drove an electric convertible to the airport with the two sisters.

Song Ci landed the plane. She took off her earphones and turned to look at Han Zhan. The two of them smiled at each other across the air.

Song Ci stood up, rubbed her legs, and walked towards Han Zhan.

Bei Zhan and Li Li tactfully alighted first.

Han Zhan saw Song Ci walking towards him step by step. He reached out his right hand to Song Ci, and they shook hands. Han Zhan didn’t wear gloves today. In fact, he was trying to take off his gloves and face everyone with his right hand.

Holding hands, Song Ci felt the coldness from Han Zhan’s metal fingers.

Song Ci sat on Han Zhan’s lap and leaned against his chest. Her actions were filled with attachment. Han Zhan also hugged her and rested his chin on Song Ci’s shoulder. He was very relaxed and looked very lazy.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “In the universe, people will always feel lonely and feel small. Only when I think of the three of you, I don’t feel lonely because I have my own world.”

“Baby Ci, without you guys, I will probably get lost in the universe.” To explorers interested in space, the boundless universe might be very charming, but to Han Zhan, that vast universe was too lonely and quiet.

Song Ci played with Han Zhan’s hand and said, “These few days when you were not around, I couldn’t calm down when practicing the violin.”

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course.”

Han Zhan especially wanted to press Song Ci under his body and make love, but he had yet to adapt to the gravity on Earth and was slightly unable to do anything.

“Oh yes.”

Song Ci suddenly stood up from Han Zhan’s arms and walked to the chair next door. On that chair was her windbreaker jacket. Song Ci took out two beautiful stars from her jacket.

The stars were inlaid with diamonds and were very luxurious.

Song Ci handed the star necklace to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan took the star and was slightly confused. “Why are you giving me this?”

Song Ci explained. “Han Miao and Han Jun asked me where my father is. I told them that Father went to the sky to pluck stars for them. We can’t go back on our words to the children.” Song Ci stared at the stars in Han Zhan’s palm and instructed him. “When you see Miaomiao and Junjun later, give this to them.”


Han Zhan stroked the diamond star and couldn’t help asking, “When they grow up, they will definitely know that we lied to them. By then, how should we explain?”

Song Ci rolled her eyes. “There’s no need to explain then. Who will still believe in fairy tales when they grow up?”

Han Zhan smiled and said to Song Ci, “Come, help your husband up.”

Song Ci supported Han Zhan, held his hand, and slowly alighted the plane.

Han Miao and Han Jun were already more than a year old and their memory was getting better and better. They still remembered their father. Moreover, Song Ci showed them Han Zhan’s photo everyday, even though they still had a deep impression of their father.

Seeing her parents alight the plane hand in hand, Han Miao clapped excitedly. “Father! Father!”

Han Jun struggled to break free of Butler Cai’s grip and ran towards Han Zhan and Song Ci with her short legs. As soon as Han Zhan’s feet touched the ground, Han Jun pounced over and hugged Han Zhan’s legs.

Not to be outdone, Han Miao also rushed over.

Han Zhan nearly fell. Luckily, Song Ci stood considerately behind Han Zhan and became his strongest support.

Han Zhan stabilized his body and thanked Song Ci first. Only then did he slowly squat down and hug a child with one arm. Pinching his daughters’ chubby cheeks, Han Zhan asked them, “Did you miss your father?”

Han Miao said, “Yes!”

Han Jun also nodded. “I miss Father and Mother.”

“Where did you miss?”

]The two quick-witted fellows patted their chests and said, “In our hearts.”

Han Zhan was amused. He turned and asked Song Ci, “You taught them?”


This was the Big Smarty teaching the Little Smarty. Thinking that in another 10 years, the three Smarties would work together to deal with an honest person like him, Han Zhan was deeply worried about his position in the family.

No way. It would be best if she had another son and let the three of them bully him…

Han Zhan suppressed this thought once he thought of it.

“Mr. Han, the food is ready. Your godmother, Teacher Shen Yubei, and Song Fei are all here. Why don’t you go have your meal first and chat while eating?”


Sitting in an electric convertible, the group of people returned home.

From afar, Han Zhan saw Song Fei and her husband standing at the entrance of the manor, as well as Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei. Han Zhan said, “Godmother should be more than five months pregnant.”


Song Ci told Han Zhan about the abnormality of the fetus in Di Rongrong’s tummy. “Don’t mention this in front of her later.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s okay. Godmother is not so fragile. Since she has decided to have this child, she is prepared to face everything.”

That year, Di Rongrong had personally witnessed her daughter being murdered. After going crazy for a year, she still managed to walk out of it. Although Di Rongrong looked frail and mischievous, her heart was as firm as a rock.

“That’s true.”

Once Han Zhan alighted, Di Rongrong was the first to walk over. She grabbed him and looked left and right. After that, she said happily, “You don’t have a tail.”

Han Zhan was confused.

Song Ci explained. “Mistress watched a movie the night before yesterday. It was about finding a second planet suitable for human survival. A group of soldiers boarded a spaceship and left for outer space, but they mutated during the journey and grew tails.”

Han Zhan couldn’t help smiling bitterly. “Godmother, why do you still believe in this?”

“I don’t believe. I just wanted to see if you grew one.”

Shen Yubei walked over, patted Han Zhan’s shoulder, and sighed. “An impressive young man!”

Song Fei and Yan Jiang also walked over. The husband and wife looked at Song Ci and Han Zhan with hidden smiles. “Welcome back.”

“Alright, let’s go eat. Otherwise, the food will get cold.”

Han Zhan was led into the dining room by Song Ci.

He sat in the position of the family head, looked at his family and friends, and patiently shared with them the interesting things he had encountered in space.

But in reality, during this journey, Han Zhan didn’t encounter anything especially unforgettable. He said, “Actually, sailing in space is very boring and long. We will always feel lonely, sometimes for several hours we won’t say a word.”

“But the beautiful scenery in the universe is very charming. We sit in the spaceship and can see the entire universe through the window. Countless stars are scattered in the universe. It feels like we can grab them with our hands.”

“But the most shocking scene is the way we looked when we were sitting in the spaceship and looking at Earth through the atmosphere on the return trip.”

“Earth is really beautiful. The moon looks grayish-black with no signs of life, but Earth is different. Earth is blue, and the sea forest is combined with the city, standing still under the atmosphere…”

“That kind of beauty is even more breathtaking than what we saw in photos and videos.”

Han Zhan suddenly grabbed Song Ci’s hand and said, “When the children are older, Baby Ci, let’s take another spaceship. I want to show you Earth.”

Song Ci smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Di Rongrong’s heart skipped a beat as she imagined Han Zhan’s image. “I really want to go and take a look.”

Shen Yubei said, “If you want to go, we will.”

Di Rongrong touched her stomach and didn’t continue this topic.

After dinner and chatting for a while, Han Zhan was slightly tired. After returning to the room, Han Zhan and Song Ci showered together. Han Zhan hadn’t showered for a few days and was really quite dirty.

He soaked in the bathtub and got Song Ci to scrub his back.

Song Ci found a lot of dirt.

After taking a shower, Han Zhan laid on their bed and heaved a long sigh. “I’m finally back!”

Song Ci laid in his arms and asked him, “Do it?”

Han Zhan wanted to do it.

He stared at Song Ci for a moment before suddenly saying, “Why don’t you control it tonight?”


Song Ci had just taken off her silk pyjamas when she heard a sound outside the door.


Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Did you hear the knock on the door?”

Han Zhan listened and said, “There’s really someone outside.”

“I’ll go take a look.”

The main bedroom was designed in a European style and was very spacious. The innermost room was the bedroom. Outside the bedroom was Song Ci’s cloakroom and high heels jewelry collection room. The outermost room was the living area and the movie theater.

Song Ci passed through the spacious bedroom and opened the door. She saw two little guys in diapers standing outside.

Song Ci stared at the little guys in shock. “Aren’t you guys asleep?”

Before Song Ci and Han Zhan returned to their room, they had gone to the nursery to visit Han Miao and Han Jun. At that time, they were clearly asleep and were still properly covered with blankets.

Unexpectedly, these two little guys were not asleep and even secretly climbed up the stairs to their bedroom door.

Han Miao hugged her doll and slipped in under Song Ci’s arm. Han Jun looked up at Song Ci and said, “Mother, hug hug.”

Song Ci carried Han Jun, closed the door, and followed behind Han Miao.

Han Miao was very familiar with Song Ci and the rest’s bedroom. She familiarly walked around the movie theater and cloakroom. Han Miao threw the doll onto the bed, kicked off, and climbed onto the big bed.

Han Miao called ‘Father’ and climbed up Han Zhan’s legs to sit on his chest.

Han Jun saw Han Zhan and slipped out of Song Ci’s arms. She climbed onto the bed immediately, climbed onto Han Zhan’s pillow, started to pull Han Zhan’s hair, and dug his nose.

Han Zhan enjoyed the pain and happiness, feeling very happy. After going out for a while, he felt very accomplished that the children were so clingy towards him.

Meanwhile, Song Ci, who had originally planned to have a go with Han Zhan, sat down on the chaise longue with a depressed expression and looked at the father-daughter trio on the bed expressionlessly.

Han Miao and Han Jun only fell asleep one after another at 10.40pm.

Song Ci sent the children back to their room. When she returned, it was already past 11pm.

Song Ci laid down on the bed and sighed. “In the past, there were always people who said that daughters were Father’s lovers in his previous life. I don’t agree with this statement. But I feel that my two daughters might have been enemies of Father who I killed in my previous life, so they purposely came to take revenge on me in this life.”

And I have to be willing to be bullied!

Han Zhan smiled and hugged Song Ci. “Alright, let’s sleep first. I’m sleepy too.”


After the children’s fuss, Song Ci lost her previous lust.

The two of them slept soundly. The next day, Han Zhan woke up to find that the sky was already bright and Song Ci had already woken up.

Han Zhan thought Song Ci had gone downstairs. He walked out of the room slowly, but when he passed by the study, he saw Song Ci typing something on her laptop.

Han Zhan pushed open the door and entered. Leaning against the door, he asked her, “Baby Ci, what are you doing?”

Song Ci said, “Checking some information.”

“Check what?”

Han Zhan walked up behind Song Ci and glanced at the television. “Medicine man?” Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Why are you checking this?”

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan’s tone was too calm. There was no curiosity or confusion. She guessed a possibility and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, you know of the medicine man?”

Han Zhan nodded.

He got Song Ci up. “I’ll sit. You sit on my lap.”

Song Ci stood up and waited for Han Zhan to sit down before sitting on his lap. Han Zhan stared at the information on the “medicine man” on the computer screen. He said, “Everything you found is not accurate.”

“You know the truth?”

“I’ve only heard of it.”


Han Zhan said, “You know Grandpa Jiang, right?”

Song Ci said, “That depends on which one you’re referring to.”

Han Zhan said, “That Grandpa Jiang from the capital.”

Song Ci’s expression froze slightly. “That retired old man?”


Han Zhan said, “Four years ago, Grandpa Jiang was seriously ill and drank a lot of medicine, but it didn’t work. My grandfather thought that Grandpa Jiang was going to die, so he brought me to visit Grandpa Jiang. On the day we arrived, we happened to meet an old Chinese doctor. That old doctor gave Grandpa Jiang a medicine that looked dark red and smelled especially fragrant.”

“At that time, my grandfather and I didn’t take that pill seriously. In the end, after returning home, a few days later, we heard that Grandpa Jiang’s health improved and he even went back to his hometown to retire.”

Hearing this, Song Ci asked, “Could that pill be related to the medicine man?”


Song Ci pretended not to know anything and asked Han Zhan, “What exactly is a medicine man?”

“Medicine men are also humans. It’s just that their bodies have been weak since they were born. They need to be nourished with precious herbs in order to be born successfully. After they are born, they also need to use those expensive herbs to maintain their vitality. Only when they are about 10 years old will they not have to rely on medicine.”

“As for the medicine men, it is said that they have a strange medicinal fragrance in their bodies. The blood of the medicine men can increase the purity of the medicine and enhance its effects. The flesh of the medicine men can allow those who are suffering from difficult illnesses to gradually recover. Meanwhile, the heart of the medicine men…”

Han Zhan frowned and said, “It can revive the dead!”

Han Zhan felt that Song Ci’s delicate body suddenly trembled in his arms. He was slightly surprised. He looked down at Song Ci and saw that her face was pale. Han Zhan thought that she was shocked by what he said.

“Baby Ci, did I scare you?”

Song Ci’s slender hands gently tugged at Han Zhan’s lapels. She bit her lip hard, her soft lips stained with red blood.

Han Zhan realized that Song Ci was torturing herself and hurriedly grabbed her chin, forcing her to open her mouth. “Let go!”

Song Ci opened her mouth under Han Zhan’s coercion.

Han Zhan carefully wiped the blood off Song Ci’s lips. He frowned and looked very serious. “Baby Ci, my heart aches when you abuse yourself.”

Song Ci laid docilely in his arms and suddenly asked, “Han Zhan, can I trust you?”

This was a serious problem.

Han Zhan lifted Song Ci’s face.

Song Ci’s expression was very fragile, and her eyes still hid her distrust of this world. Han Zhan was stung by Song Ci’s helpless gaze.

His heart constricted slightly as he said solemnly, “In this world, you can doubt everyone, but you don’t have to doubt me. Because I will never deceive you again.”

That year, he had concealed the feud between Jiang Shiyu and him from Song Ci. After Song Ci discovered the truth, Han Zhan swore that he would never lie to Song Ci again in this life.

Song Ci closed her eyes hard.

She was struggling internally. She wanted to tell Han Zhan the truth that she was the medicine man, but was also worried that Han Zhan would betray her after knowing this.

Do I trust Han Zhan?

Song Ci placed her hand on Han Zhan’s heart. Feeling the man’s beating heart, Song Ci felt slightly at ease.

In the end, she decided to tell Han Zhan her biggest secret.

“Han Zhan, I am the medicine man.”

At this moment, Song Ci handed her life to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan thought Song Ci was joking. He stared at Song Ci’s face and saw every minute detail of her expression. He didn’t see any joking or acting on Song Ci’s face.

Han Zhan’s breathing gradually became heavier. “Why do you think you are a medicine man?”

Han Zhan felt that Song Ci was mistaken. After living together for three and a half years, he had never smelled anything on Song Ci.

And the most obvious characteristic of a medicine man was that he had a medicinal fragrance.

Song Ci explained. “Only the Mo Family can smell the scent of the medicine man. Not every Mo Family member can smell it. It has to be someone with a sharp sense of smell.”

“Song Fei said that I am a medicine man. Song Fei and I nearly died in our mother’s womb. Our father used a unique medicine to protect us. And that medicine is a medicine specially made by the Mo Family for medicine men.”

“Han Zhan, I am really a medicine man.”

Song Ci pointed at her own body and said, “My blood can enhance the effects of medicine. My flesh and blood can allow critically ill patients to recover. My heart can regrow flesh and bones!”

Han Zhan’s eyes were filled with shock.


He wanted to say that it was impossible!

But why not?

Song Tingyun was once a member of the Mo Family. He didn’t remember the ultimate arts of the Mo Family, but his father must know. Perhaps Song Ci’s grandfather had already taught all his skills to Song Ci’s father.

Meanwhile, what could Song Tingyun, who wanted to protect his children, not do?

Han Zhan understood this principle and his heart sank.

“According to you, only the Mo Family can detect the existence of the medicine man. We just have to avoid them as much as possible.”

“Song Fei and I also think so, so we don’t intend to go to the Mo Family’s competition this time.” Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Didn’t you say that the little grandson of the Long Family really wants to go to the Mo Family to study? Song Fei and I intend to give that red fox to Long Gao.”

Han Zhan raised his hands in approval.


After sharing her biggest secret with Han Zhan, Song Ci relaxed completely. She asked Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, will you sell me out?”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci like she was an idiot. “What nonsense are you saying?”

Song Ci stuck out her tongue and asked again, “Then if you are ill and can’t be treated, will you take my blood and dig out my flesh?”

Han Zhan was amused by Song Ci’s question. He asked her, “Then will you let me draw your blood and dig out your flesh?”

Song Ci didn’t hesitate. “If it’s you, I am willing.”

Han Zhan’s smile suddenly froze.

He stared at Song Ci seriously and said, “So silly.”

Song Ci rubbed against him. “For you, I will definitely do it.”

Han Zhan didn’t want to continue this heavy topic. He pushed away the little head in his arms and said, “Go down for breakfast first. I’ll change clothes before coming down.”


After Song Ci left, Han Zhan suddenly picked up his cell phone and called Sicilio.

Sicilio had recovered from his injuries and had already returned to Italy. Sicilio was surprised to receive Han Zhan’s call. “Why did you think of calling me?”

“There’s something I want to hear from you.”

Sicilio said, “Speak.”

Han Zhan said, “If the existence of a family threatens Su Huanyan’s life, what will you do?”

Sicilio’s answer was simple and crude. “Kill that family.” Even if I can’t do it, I have to let them know that my woman is not someone they can touch.

Han Zhan suddenly smiled. “You are indeed my elder brother…”

He and Sicilio were the same type of people.

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