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Chapter 294: Playing the Ruse of Inflicting an Injury on Yourself to Gain Pity? The Life-threatening Kind

Su Huanyan sat in the car. As she was agitated, the car drove slightly faster.

There was only one thought in her mind—

Report Su Jincheng and Wang Qing to seek justice for my father and elder brother!

But Su Huanyan parked the car by the roadside.

She opened an unopened bottle of mineral water and took two sips. After that, Su Huanyan’s slightly trembling hands slowly regained their composure.

She couldn’t drive while her emotions were out of control. It would be very dangerous. She was the mother of two children and had to be responsible for her own safety.

Su Huanyan took a few deep breaths and waited for her emotions to calm down, before starting the car again and driving towards the city. This time, she slowed down.

The car had just driven past a junction when Su Huanyan’s cell phone suddenly rang. She freed up a hand to touch her cell phone, glanced at the caller’s name, hurriedly answered the call, and pressed the speaker button. “Auntie.”

Just as Su Huanyan greeted her, she heard Qiao Xi say loudly, “Huanyan, are you in the car?” For the first time, Qiao Xi’s aunt lost her composure. She sounded anxious and flustered.

Su Huanyan was momentarily stunned. She had a bad feeling and instantly frowned. “Yes, I am driving.”

“Yan Yan, listen to Auntie. Quickly get off the car. Su Jincheng has installed ammunition in your car! Quickly get off the car!” Qiao Xi’s voice was hoarse from shouting.

Su Huanyan was shocked. “Auntie, how did you know?”

Qiao Xi was very anxious and didn’t have the time to explain to Su Huanyan. She just kept saying, “Find a deserted place to park the car and hide further away before I explain to you!”

However, Su Huanyan had already driven the car to the downtown area.

Su Huanyan hurriedly turned the car and drove towards the suburbs. She remembered that there was a newly built road ahead. The road was wide and there were fewer cars. Even if the car exploded there, it shouldn’t hurt the innocent.

Thinking of this, Su Huanyan instinctively stepped on the accelerator and increased her speed.

Sicilio sat in the car and boldly eavesdropped on Su Huanyan and Qiao Xi’s conversation. When he heard what Qiao Xi said to Su Huanyan, his expression suddenly darkened.

Looking at the red dot representing Su Huanyan’s position on the cell phone, it suddenly changed direction and moved quickly. Sicilio suddenly shouted at the driver, “Get off the car, let me drive!”

The driver hurriedly pulled over.

Sicilio drove the car alone and charged through the city at a speed of 120 km / h. His driving skills were very good. He drove at a speed of 120 km / h and perfectly avoided every car and every passerby.

Su Huanyan had just driven the car to an empty area and was about to alight when a black SUV suddenly came over.

Su Huanyan stepped on the brakes, but still hit the car door behind the car. Due to inertia, Su Huanyan’s head shot forward and was pulled back by the seatbelt.

Su Huanyan, who thought she would get into an accident, was so scared that her heartbeat quickened.

Bang! Bang!

Someone smashed her car door.

Su Huanyan thought that the owner of the car was looking for trouble. She turned and saw Sicilio outside the car.

Sicilio was wearing a black suit and a long gray windbreaker. He frowned at Su Huanyan and signaled for her to lower the window.

Su Huanyan had just pressed the car window when Sicilio reached in and opened her car door.

“Get off!”

Su Huanyan had been shocked just now. Her limbs were still weak and her thoughts were in a mess. Hearing Sicilio’s words, she actually forgot to react.

Sicilio unbuckled Su Huanyan’s seatbelt, carried her out, and placed her on the sidewalk beside the road.

Logically speaking, Sicilio should have hugged Su Huanyan and run, but he seemed to be stalling for time and dawdling.

Su Huanyan looked up at Sicilio. Her eyes were red and filled with grievance. “Leo, where did you install the locator?” Since Sicilio could accurately locate her location, he had obviously installed surveillance cameras on her.

Sicilio looked slightly embarrassed but answered honestly, “In your cell phone… and your watch.”

However, time was of the essence and now was not the time to condemn Sicilio. Su Huanyan urged him. “Quickly run! Someone has loaded ammunition into my car!” As she spoke, a red light suddenly flashed under her car.

Upon seeing this, Sicilio carried Su Huanyan and ran.

Su Huanyan had just wrapped her arms around Sicilio’s neck when she heard a deafening sound.


Hearing the loud sound, Su Huanyan instinctively burrowed into Sicilio’s arms. Sicilio protected her and laid down in front of the black SUV. Su Huanyan’s bag and cell phone were all flicked away.

Su Huanyan was pinned to the ground by Sicilio. Her ears were buzzing non-stop and she couldn’t hear anything for a moment.

A few seconds later, Su Huanyan sensed that someone was gently touching her face and forehead.

Su Huanyan slowly opened her eyes and saw Sicilio’s face. His voice turned from blurry to clear. She said, “Yan Yan, don’t be afraid. It’s alright.”

Su Huanyan stared at the fire behind Sicilio in a daze. Something dripped between her brows.

Only then did Su Huanyan realize that Sicilio’s head was bleeding…

Su Huanyan reached out and touched Sicilio’s back, feeling the wetness of her hand. She slowly reached her hand in front of her eyes. After seeing the blood all over her hand, Su Huanyan’s breathing became labored and her heartbeat suddenly became erratic.

She was terrified. She wanted to hug him but didn’t dare to. She was afraid of hurting Sicilio.


Su Huanyan broke down and cried. As she cried, she asked, “Leo, where does it hurt? Tell me…”

Sicilio covered her eyes and said weakly, “Don’t look at my injuries. Yan Yan, drag me to a safe place, call Han Zhan, and get him to arrange a doctor for me. Remember, it must be Han Zhan…”

Apart from Han Zhan, Sicilio didn’t trust anyone else.


Sicilio collapsed on his stomach. When he fell, he protected Su Huanyan completely in front of his chest. As he was worried that he would hit Su Huanyan’s head when he fell, Sicilio even carefully held the back of Su Huanyan’s head with his palm.

As a result, Sicilio was seriously injured, while Su Huanyan was completely unharmed.

Su Huanyan burrowed out of Sicilio’s arms. She dragged Sicilio further away and found her cell phone. She called Han Zhan to explain the situation and called the police.

The passing cars all stopped far away. Some hot-blooded and bold drivers ran over with their fire extinguishers, while others who liked to join in the fun were busy taking photos.

Su Huanyan’s car was still burning. Worried that the black SUV beside her would also explode, the person helping to put out the fire didn’t dare to get too close.

Su Huanyan sat under a tree and let Sicilio lie on her lap.

Holding his weak consciousness, Sicilio said weakly to Su Huanyan, “Yanyan, Yanyan, I have dreamed countless times that you died in that car accident.”

That car accident that he had personally designed for her was Sicilio’s eternal guilt and also his obsession. “Yan Yan, I finally saved you from the car accident…”

Sicilio knew that Su Jincheng had installed ammunition under Su Huanyan’s car. After blocking Su Huanyan’s car just now, Sicilio should have carried her and run.

He wanted to play the trick of injuring himself and dying.

He had purposely taken his time to wait for the car to explode. Sicilio was not only ruthless to others, but also to himself.

Sicilio knew very well that the accident many years ago was not only a knot in his heart, it was also a knot in Su Huanyan’s heart. If he wanted to undo this knot, he could only exchange his life for it.

At this moment, looking at Su Huanyan’s pained tears, Sicilio knew that he had achieved his goal.

“Yan Yan…”

Su Huanyan nodded tearfully. “I am here, I am here.”

Sicilio took out a glass of green gemstone ring from his pocket. The ring looked even more bewitching and breathtaking in his blood-stained hand.

Sicilio said, “Yan Yan, you, you…”

Sicilio was also not made of steel. The pain nearly made him faint. Sicilio couldn’t say a complete sentence, but he stubbornly stuffed the ring into Su Huanyan’s hand.

Su Huanyan couldn’t stand it anymore. She snatched the ring and put it on her finger. “Alright, I am willing. I am willing.”

That year, Sicilio had wanted to give this ring to Su Huanyan. But whenever he wanted to propose, Ye Chen’s incident would always wake him up.

After so many years, Sicilio finally dared to give the ring to Su Huanyan.

Seeing that Su Huanyan had put on the ring, Sicilio fainted in satisfaction.

If one bled too much, their body would gradually turn cold. Su Huanyan took off her own clothes and covered Sicilio’s body. Pinching Sicilio’s hands, Su Huanyan kissed his bloodstained fingertips in a panic, praying that he would be safe.

Finally, the ambulance that Han Zhan found arrived…

After emergency treatment, Sicilio’s life was fine, but his entire back and left calf had been seriously burned by the explosion. The doctor decided to use the fish skin to treat Sicilio’s burn and try to recover his wound to the best possible extent.

Su Huanyan sat alone in front of the emergency room, watching the assistant doctors and nurses enter and leave, but she remained silent.

Cheng Yanmo hurried over from Wangdong City. He saw Su Huanyan and her despondent look and knew that he was one step closer to the day of his divorce.

Cheng Yanmo walked over and sat down beside Su Huanyan.

“He’s fine. It’s just that his burns are serious and he needs a fish skin transplant.” When Su Huanyan spoke, her voice was still rather calm and rational.

Cheng Yanmo nodded.

“Su Jincheng did it?”

Su Huanyan nodded. “Yes.”

“I have already handed over all the evidence I have to the police.” After handing over the evidence, Su Huanyan stopped paying attention to the news from the police.

She was more worried about Sicilio now.

But Cheng Yanmo told her, “Your aunt held a press conference two hours ago. She publicly announced your mother’s call history with Su Jincheng in front of the media. Now, these two people have already become known throughout the country as adulterers and murderers.”

This was something that Su Huanyan didn’t expect.

It was now the world of online media. Public opinion could drown a person to death. Moreover, the main characters of this incident were not ordinary people but the head of the Su Family, Su Jincheng, and the widow of the original head of the family, Wang Qing. This attracted even more attention.

Su Jincheng slept with his sister-in-law and gave birth to a son. He even murdered his elder brother and might even be the real culprit behind the murder of his nephew. All sorts of crimes, be it legal or moral, were enough to crush the two of them.

When she sent the photo of Su Jincheng and Wang Qing kissing Qiao Xi, Su Huanyan knew that Qiao Xi would take revenge on Su Jincheng. She thought that Qiao Xi would make a scene with Su Jincheng and get a divorce, but Qiao Xi didn’t.

She chose to endure and take down that ungrateful beast at the right time!

As expected of Qiao Xi, rational and clear-headed

Su Jincheng and Wang Qing were summoned to the police station that very night to cooperate with the investigation.

Su Zhiwen had no classes in the afternoon. He played online games in the dormitory for the entire afternoon. Only when he was hungry at dusk did he go downstairs with his car keys.

The moment he walked out of the dormitory, Su Zhiwen realized that his classmates were looking at him strangely and some were even pointing at him.

Su Zhiwen felt puzzled.

Walking downstairs, Su Zhiwen bumped into his dormitory mate. His dormitory mate grabbed him and showed him the video of Qiao Xi publicly exposing Su Jincheng and Wang Qing’s crimes at the press conference.

Su Zhiwen was about to go crazy when he watched the video.

How could this be!

He immediately threw his classmates aside and drove straight home. Returning home, he heard from the butler that his mother had been taken away by the police. Only then did Su Zhiwen dare to believe that Qiao Xi’s words were very likely true.

Mother and uncle are really lovers!

Su Zhiwen felt disgusted at the thought of being Su Jincheng’s son. It was one thing for him to be on good terms with Su Jincheng, but he still couldn’t accept the fact that Su Jincheng was his father.

Su Zhiwen drove to the police station.

As the recording evidence was conclusive, Su Jincheng and Wang Qing were locked up and had to cooperate with the investigation at any time.

When Su Zhiwen arrived, the police were interrogating Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng was calm and composed as he sat in the interrogation room without a hint of panic.

Faced with the police’s questioning, Su Jincheng also shut up.

“If you don’t speak, do you think we can’t do anything to you?” A female police officer said, “Su Jincheng, you are mentally strong and can resist saying anything. But Wang Qing is different.”


Su Jincheng frowned and listened carefully. He heard a woman crying.

Su Jincheng could naturally tell that it was Wang Qing crying.

“Su Jincheng, in this recording, there is evidence of you personally admitting to murdering your elder brother. Are you still going to fight it out with us to the end?”

Su Jincheng smiled slightly and said, “I was joking. Can you guys find evidence of me murdering my elder brother? Comrade, you need evidence to prove that I’m guilty. What can a recording prove?”

Su Jincheng was fearless. As that incident had happened too many years ago, the traces of the crime had long disappeared, and the so-called evidence was just a verbal recording document.

What could this mean?

Even if they knew that he had killed his elder brother and couldn’t find any evidence, they couldn’t do anything to him.

“There is a video here. We found it in your late nephew’s memory card. In this video, it clearly captured your interaction with Wang Qing. In the video, you mentioned that you killed Wang Qing because you were pregnant with your child and afraid of Su Jinyu’s revenge.”

Su Jincheng stared at that memory card with a dark expression. “Who are you trying to bluff? There’s no such thing at all. Don’t try to bluff me.”

Su Anzhi had already hidden it somewhere that no one could find. That year after Su Anzhi’s death, he had searched for so long but still couldn’t find that memory card. Su Jincheng didn’t believe that these police officers could find it.

Seeing that Su Jincheng didn’t believe her, the policewoman found the card reader on the spot, opened the video of the memory card, and turned the computer screen towards Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng watched his interaction with Wang Qing in the video and listened to their conversation. The glow in his eyes gradually dimmed.

“Where did you guys find it?” Su Jincheng was curious where Su Anzhi hid it.

“Your niece, Su Huanyan, found it.”

“That girl…” Su Jincheng raised his handcuffed hands and rubbed his temples with his index finger.” I knew that girl was pretending to be weak. ”

Everything about returning for the household register was fake!

“Su Jincheng, we will do a paternity test for you and Su Zhiwen. If the results show that you two are father and son, let’s see how you can deny it.”

“You murdered your elder brother and attempted murder on Su Huanyan… Su Jincheng, your good days are over.”

Su Jincheng remained fearless.

It was just going to jail, not being sentenced to death. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Seeing Su Jincheng like this, the police officers were all bitterly disappointed. How can there be such a bad person in this world?

The police brought Su Jincheng out of the interrogation room and planned to send him to the detention center. A group of people walked out of the interrogation room and saw Su Zhiwen standing in the corridor.

Seeing Su Zhiwen here, Su Jincheng finally looked slightly disheveled.

“What are you doing here?” Su Jincheng’s tone was deep and slightly displeased.

Su Zhiwen walked up to Su Jincheng.

The police officers didn’t stop Su Zhiwen from approaching, but they were also on guard and didn’t let him get too close to Su Jincheng.

Su Zhiwen stared at his’ uncle ‘, who looked gentle and reliable. He said, “I am not afraid of being a child of a single-parent family, but I am afraid of being the son of a murderer.”

“Su Jincheng, you’re not my father, right?”

That sentence “afraid of being a murderer’s son” was like an invisible, sharp slap on Su Jincheng’s face.

Su Jincheng forced a smile at Su Zhiwen and said, “Zhiwen, believe it or not, you are my son.”

The muscles on Su Zhiwen’s face twitched a few times. He clenched his fists and said word by word, “No, you are not. My father is already dead. My father is a person who sacrificed himself to save his younger brother. He is not a beast who will covet his sister-in-law! He is also not someone who dares to kill his own elder brother!”

As Su Zhiwen turned to leave, he saw Wang Qing walking out of another interrogation room. Wang Qing was still wearing her own clothes, but outside those luxurious and expensive clothes was a vest issued by the detention center.

Wang Qing’s hair was slightly messy and she looked like a defeated rooster.

Wang Qing had obviously cried and her eyes were swollen.

Wang Qing was stunned to suddenly see her most proud son here. Then, shame enveloped her and she instinctively lowered her head.

Her son knew about her ugly incident. As a mother, she felt very embarrassed.

Only when she didn’t hear Su Zhiwen speak did Wang Qing slowly look up and look at him uneasily.

She looked up and met her son’s disappointed eyes. Wang Qing felt especially terrible. “Zhiwen, Mother…”

Su Zhiwen said, “You disgust me.”

Wang Qing’s face turned pale.

This was the second time she heard the word “disgust” in a day. And the people who said this to her were her children.

Children that she had been pregnant with for 10 months and had given birth with her life!

Wang Qing felt wronged and embarrassed. Tears streamed down her face, but she didn’t make a sound.

Su Zhiwen couldn’t help asking, “How can you have the cheek to cry?”

Wang Qing choked and asked softly, “Zhiwen, is your elder sister alright? Is she alright?”

“At the hospital. I heard that she was nearly blown up but was saved by her friend. Mother, you are such a good mother. You are so heartless to even harm your own daughter’s life!”

“I didn’t!” Wang Qing retorted loudly. “I didn’t. I just asked your uncle to scare her. I didn’t expect Su Jincheng to actually want to kill her!”

Wang Qing suddenly turned and glared at Su Jincheng. Her eyes widened as she said angrily, “Yanyan told me that you were the one who caused Anzhi’s death. I didn’t believe it then. Su Jincheng, if you can even kill Yanyan heartlessly, how can you not hurt Anzhi!”

“Su Jincheng, tell me honestly, did you tamper with Anzhi’s oxygen tank!”

The two of them started to bite each other.

Su Jincheng looked at Wang Qing with a dark gaze. He didn’t answer her question seriously and just said, “The winner takes all.”

Hearing this, Wang Qing was stunned.

The winner takes all…

That year, Su Jinyu had also said this to Su Jincheng. Now, Su Jincheng had returned it to her.

Wang Qing already understood what Su Jincheng meant. He was indirectly admitting that Su Anzhi’s death was done by him! As Su Anzhi was still too inexperienced and couldn’t win against him, death was death.

Winner takes all!

What a good “winner takes all”!

Su Jincheng’s actions against Su Anzhi and Su Huanyan completely broke Wang Qing’s limits. Wang Qing suddenly said to the police, “I confess, I confess everything!”

Without waiting for the police to interrogate her, Wang Qing told them everything she knew.

“Su Jincheng and I were first lovers, but Su Jinyu took a fancy to me and snatched my love away. 10 years after I got married to Su Jinyu, Su Jincheng accidentally discovered that all those misunderstandings between us back then were all caused by Su Jinyu!”

“The two brothers turned against each other and fought at home. My mother-in-law intercepted them then…”

Wang Qing told her everything in great detail.

“The night Su Jinyu was buried, Su Jincheng sneaked into my courtyard and secretly told me that he had been having nightmares recently and kept dreaming of Jin Yu asking for his life. He was very scared then and so was I.”

“In order to have peace of mind, we even went to the back of the mountain overnight to burn some paper for Su Jinyu. Oh yes!” Wang Qing thought of something and said excitedly, “That year, when we burned the paper, Su Jincheng was superstitious that the peach wood sword could subdue spirits. He even buried a peach wood sword at the place where the paper was burned!”

“Go and dig! If you can dig it out, it means that what I said is true!”

Hearing this, Su Jincheng’s face darkened completely. “Qingqing, what nonsense are you talking about!”

“I’m not talking nonsense! You were so flustered then. That was your first time killing someone. You were so scared! You even knelt down and cried, begging me not to expose you, begging me to let you off on account of the child!”

“Su Jincheng, it’s fine if you killed Su Jinyu, but how can you hurt my Anzhi! You won’t even let go of Yanyan now. You really…”

“Yanyan is right. You are worse than a beast!”

Seeing that Wang Qing really confessed everything, Su Jincheng was enraged by this pig of a teammate. He also spoke without thinking. “Slut, shut up!”

“You actually called me a slut! You beast!” Their hands were handcuffed and they couldn’t fight. They actually stretched out their feet towards each other. They kicked each other hard.

Su Zhiwen glanced at them coldly before turning to leave.

This place and the people here made him feel nauseous.

Meanwhile, after separating Wang Qing and Su Jincheng, the police really brought Wang Qing to the Su Family’s backyard. Under Wang Qing’s guidance, the few of them dug up some soil. With this digging, they really dug up something.

At the bottom of the soil was a peach wood sword that had already turned into rotten wood. There was also a male puppet on the peach wood sword. A seven-inch-long iron nail was stabbed into the top of the puppet’s head, and it was nailed firmly to a wooden board.

The policeman frowned and took off the wooden board. He flipped over the doll’s back and saw three words:

u Anzhi.

It looked like Su Jincheng was not as powerful as they thought. He had done too many guilty things and still knew fear. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such superstitions.

Wang Qing saw those three words and instantly vomited a mouthful of blood. She cursed Su Jincheng crazily.

The next day, Su Jincheng was brought out of the detention center again and pressed into a chair in the interrogation room. This time, facing that peach wood sword and that puppet, the glow in his eyes completely dimmed.

“What else do you want to say?”

Su Jincheng stared at the puppet and gave a self-deprecating smile. He admitted defeat. “The winner takes all. I have nothing to say.”

Su Huanyan received a photo. It was from her high school classmate who worked at the police station. In the photo, there was a peach wood sword and a male puppet.

Su Huanyan felt uncomfortable when she saw those two items.

Su Huanyan glanced at the unconscious Sicilio. She got up, walked out of the ward, and made a call.

“Hello, Xiao Jia, what did you send me?”

Her good friend Xiao Jia said, “This is something dug out from the forest in your backyard. It’s a mahogany sword and a wooden puppet with your brother’s name written on it. Your uncle buried it.”

Thinking of the puppet with a nail on its forehead in the photo just now, Su Huanyan felt terrible.

“Has he confessed?”

“He confessed.”

“That’s good. Thank you, Xiao Jia.”

“Why are you so polite? How about you? How is your friend?”

“He’s out of danger, but his burns are serious.”

“Sigh, take care of him. He nearly lost his life because of you.”


After hanging up, Su Huanyan returned to the ward and saw Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, when did you come?”

Han Zhan said, “I just arrived.”

Han Zhan pointed at Sicilio on the bed and asked Su Huanyan, “How are his bones?” Sicilio’s back was seriously injured and he had been lying down to rest. He was also not allowed to turn over.

Su Huanyan said, “The bones are fine. It’s just that his back and calves are badly burned. After treatment, there will still be scars.”

Han Zhan said, “As long as he’s alive, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t lose an arm or a leg.”

What’s the big deal about leaving a scar?

Su Huanyan knew that Han Zhan was comforting her. Her heart sank as she sighed. “He did it for me.”

But Han Zhan exposed Sicilio’s thoughts with one sentence. “If he didn’t do so, how could you forgive him?” As he spoke, Han Zhan’s gaze landed on the emerald ring on Su Huanyan’s finger.

Su Huanyan blushed and instinctively hid the ring behind her.

At this moment, Aaron came in with a cup of milk tea and complained. “Miss Su, your delivery service in Su City is not as good as ours. Their attitude is bad and they are so fierce.”

Su Huanyan saw that Aaron had also come. She said, “You are also here. Don’t worry, Leo is fine.”

“I am not here to see him.” Aaron waved the milk tea in his hand and said, “I am here to drink milk tea.”

Su Huanyan acknowledged and treated it as if she believed him.

At this moment, Sicilio frowned and slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw his two brothers and his beloved woman standing guard by the bed. Sicilio’s mood was complicated. This was not the first time he was injured, but it was the first time he woke up with so many people around the bed.

Sicilio glanced at Su Huanyan’s hand first. Seeing that she was still wearing the ring he had given her, he was instantly satisfied.

Aaron pulled down the blanket on Sicilio and saw the scars and fish skin treatments on his body. He said, “Sicilio, you have become a mermaid.”

Sicilio ignored him. He noticed Su Huanyan crying in the corner and said, “Hoff, Aaron, you guys go out first.”

Aaron pulled Han Zhan and left. As they walked, he said, “Let’s leave quickly and not disturb them from being intimate.”

Han Zhan followed behind Aaron.

The two of them stood in the corridor. Han Zhan stared at the milk tea in Aaron’s hand and frowned. “Why did you only buy one cup?”

Aaron said, “Because I only have one mouth.”

Han Zhan asked, “Why didn’t you buy it for me?”

Aaron instinctively said, “No money.”

Han Zhan’s heart turned cold. He thought to himself that raising a brother was indeed not as good as raising a wife and child. He was heartless.

Inside the house, Su Huanyan wiped her tears and walked to the bed. She asked Sicilio, “Do you want some water?”

Sicilio nodded.

Su Huanyan placed the straw into the cup and fed Sicilio.

Sicilio drank the water. He lifted his similarly burned arm and touched Su Huanyan’s face.

Su Huanyan remained silent.

]Sicilio asked her, “Back then, when you were lying in bed, did anyone take care of you?”

Su Huanyan nodded. “Yes, Luo Cheng found me a nurse.”

Sicilio said, “After sending you away, my subordinate reported to me that your left kneecap has fractured. You will be very tired after walking for a long time.”

Sicilio asked Su Huanyan, “You always like to wear flat shoes now. Is it because your knees hurt when you wear high heels?”

Su Huanyan hesitated before nodding. “Mmm, it will hurt.”

Su Huanyan never wore short skirts or ultrshort pants. Even if she wore a cheongsam, she would also wear those that reached her calves. As her knees were injured and had been stitched up more than 10 times, her legs were very ugly.

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