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Chapter 290: Stop Looking, It’ll Dirty Your Eyes

After Wang Qing left, Su Huanyan noticed that Su Jincheng was still standing outside the corridor. He gazed lovingly at Wang Qing as she entered the lift lobby, before returning to his room.

Su Huanyan felt disgusted.

She walked back to the bed in a daze and sat down.

The screen of her cell phone lit up non-stop. It was Song Ci continuously sending messages. Su Huanyan laid down on the bed as the scene that she had just seen flashed across her mind. She felt utterly ridiculous. She slowly sat up and grabbed her hair in frustration with her right hand. Only then did she pick up her cell phone.

Su Huanyan replied to Song Ci’s message first: [Song Song, I have some situation here and it’s not convenient for me to tell you for the time being. I will look for you again after I finish investigating.]

Song Ci had been holding her cell phone and waiting for Su Huanyan’s reply. After receiving the message, she probably realized that the situation on Su Huanyan’s side was slightly complicated. She replied considerately: [Don’t be agitated. You must be calm when something happens. Don’t mess around.]

Su Huanyan: [Mmm.]

Su Huanyan remembered Song Ci’s advice. She opened the wine cabinet, took out a bottle of vodka, and poured herself a glass. Some people would be impulsive after drinking, but Su Huanyan was the opposite. She was the kind of person who would quickly calm down after drinking a little.

Su Huanyan slowly finished her drink and laid down on the bed to rest for a moment. Only when her mind had completely calmed down did Su Huanyan sit up.

She opened her cell phone, found the caller ID “Auntie”, and called.

Beep beep.

Her aunt answered the call.


Su Huanyan’s aunt was called Qiao Xi.

Her aunt’s tone revealed her joy and longing. “Why did you call me so early, Huanyan?”

“Auntie.” There was no unusual emotion in Su Huanyan’s voice. She asked Auntie Qiao Xi, “Auntie, are you at work?”

Her aunt, Qiao Xi, was a pianist. When she was young, she was a pianist for the national symphony orchestra. Now, she ran an instrument store and accepted a batch of students to teach them piano.

Qiao Xi said, “I just arrived at the shop and there’s no one early in the morning. What about you? I saw that you posted on your social media yesterday and seemed to be drawing a sketch. Are you planning to pick up your profession?”


After chatting with Qiao Xi for a while, Su Huanyan said, “Is Uncle at home?”

“What’s the matter?”

“I have something to tell him.”


Su Huanyan said, “I’ve been married for so long, but my household register has always been in Su City. Sometimes, it’s quite inconvenient to do things. I want to move my household register over, so I wanted to ask Uncle for help.”

“Sigh, I was thinking that it was something major. I will help you with it. Your uncle has been on a work trip these few days and has been very busy recently. Send me all the materials. I will go and get them for you.”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan asked again, “Uncle went on a work trip? Where did he go?”

“He’s going to a few cities in the north to settle some matters. I think he still needs to go to your city. I’ll get him to call you after reaching Wangdong.”

“Alright, since you are coming, you must come to my house. I want to hold a banquet to treat Uncle.” The last time Su Jincheng came to the Cheng Family was at Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo’s wedding.

Qiao Xi said, “Alright, I’ll ask him.”

Qiao Xi’s reaction was obviously not aware that Su Jincheng had already arrived at Wangdong City.

Su Huanyan added. “My mother also arrived in Wangdong yesterday. I haven’t seen her in a long time. She even brought me some handmade rice cakes. I made a fried rice cake this morning. It’s very delicious.”

“Your mother went to Wangdong?” Qiao Xi was obviously slightly shocked. She said, “I saw your mother yesterday morning and didn’t hear her mention this. If I know that she’s going to Wangdong, I would have definitely got her to bring some sour date cakes over. The sour date cakes that I recently developed taste quite good.”

Qiao Xi had been obsessed with baking these two years and loved to study some strange cakes. She didn’t know if those cakes tasted good, but they looked good.

“I’ll come back in a few days. I haven’t seen Su Zhiwen in a long time. I’ll go back and visit him.”

“Alright, let me know when you are coming back. I will prepare more delicious food for you.”


After hanging up, the smile on Su Huanyan’s face disappeared completely.

From the looks of it, her mother’s visit to Wangdong City this time was just an excuse. She was using the excuse of “visiting her daughter and grandson” to secretly meet Su Jincheng!

Su Huanyan had always respected her mother because she had raised the three of them alone. But at this moment, her lofty belief in her mother suddenly collapsed!

Of all people, she had to be with Su Jincheng!

When she was in love with Su Jincheng, wouldn’t she think of my deceased father?

Su Huanyan suppressed the frustration in her heart and drove home.

There were only two children at home.

Sicilio bought a house in Wangdong City. Most of the time, he worked remotely in the house and would only return to the Cheng Family when it was dark.

Su Huanyan faced the two children. She temporarily forgot about what she saw in the morning and accompanied Su Qingjia to dig earthworms in the backyard, preparing to bring them fishing in the afternoon.

Around 11am, Wang Qing returned.

When she returned, she was carrying many expensive shopping bags.

Su Huanyan carried the children to wash their hands and placed them on the ground for them to play by themselves.

Su Qingjia was already very sensible. Seeing that Wang Qing was around, Su Qingjia also addressed Su Huanyan from mother to godmother. “Godmother, can I bring my brother to the swing?”

“Alright, be careful.”


Su Qingjia pulled Program and ran into the courtyard. The nanny followed behind them.

Only then did Wang Qing open the shopping bag and placed exquisite and expensive lady bags in front of Su Huanyan. “Huanyan, look, this is what Mother bought for you. Do you like it?”

She opened the other two boxes and said, “I know you like to collect shoes. Look, I bought you two beautiful shoes.”

Everything was placed on the table. It was very beautiful.

Under Wang Qing’s attentive gaze, Su Huanyan took off her slippers and tried them on. “They’re very suitable.” Su Huanyan kept the box and handed it to the servant to send the shoes to the collection room.

Su Huanyan saw that Wang Qing was carrying a platinum bag and looking at it. She observed Wang Qing’s expression as she said coldly, “Uncle also came to Wangdong City?”

Wang Qing’s expression froze slightly as her pupils constricted and her gaze turned uneasy.

But very quickly, Wang Qing regained her composure. She turned and smiled at Su Huanyan. “What did you say? Who did you hear it from?” As she asked, Wang Qing was still sizing Su Huanyan up with a probing gaze.

She wasn’t sure if Su Huanyan had seen something.

Su Huanyan had been by Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo’s side for a long time and knew how to conceal her true feelings. Her expression was very natural as she explained. “It was Auntie who said that Uncle came to the north on a work trip and will still come to Wangdong City. Am I not asking you now?”

Wang Qing searched for her cell phone as she said, “Let me call and ask. I didn’t know that Jincheng is coming to Wangdong City.”

Her natural reaction was especially real.

If Su Huanyan didn’t witness Su Jincheng and Wang Qing kissing in the corridor of the hotel this morning, Su Huanyan would never believe that there was something between the two of them.

Wang Qing called Su Jincheng.

The call went through. Perhaps she was afraid that Su Jincheng would say something ambiguous that would make Su Huanyan suspicious, but the moment the call went through, Wang Qing asked gently, “Jincheng, I heard from Yanyan that you came to the north on a work trip. Will you still come to Wangdong?”

Wang Qing turned on the speaker. After a short silence, Su Jincheng said, “Sister-in-law, you are also in Wangdong City?”

Hearing Su Jincheng’s reply, Su Huanyan felt even more ridiculous.

The two of them really cooperated seamlessly.

“Yes, I arrived last night. I haven’t seen Yanyan and Program for a long time. I quite miss them, so I came. When are you coming to Wangdong City?”

Only then did Su Jincheng say, “I just arrived this morning.”

“Then is it convenient for you to come over to the Cheng Family for a meal? Huanyan knows that you are coming and is especially looking forward to it.” Wang Qing patted the back of Su Huanyan’s hand and said to Su Jincheng on the other end of the phone, “Huanyan said that she hasn’t seen her uncle for a long time and misses you quite a bit.”

Her elder brother had died to save her and left the three children to live alone with their mother. As a result, Su Jincheng had always been very good to the three siblings.

Su Huanyan and this uncle had a very good relationship.

But that was in the past.

Hearing this, Su Jincheng said, “Tonight. I might arrive slightly later.”


After hanging up, Wang Qing sighed. “I didn’t expect your uncle to really be in Wangdong.”

Su Huanyan pursed her lips and smiled. She said, “It’s even better if Auntie came along.”

“Qiao Xi seldom goes on business trips with your uncle. She prefers to stay in Su City, teach students to play the piano, and guard her musical instrument shop.”

Su Huanyan lowered her head and thought to herself: Auntie doesn’t like to run with Uncle, so you came with Uncle?

In recent years, the children had all grown up. Wang Qing had also learned to enjoy life and frequently traveled. She would even take some photos and send them to her friends.

In the past, Su Huanyan would still feel comforted and happy to see her mother finally learning to enjoy life. After all, her mother had sacrificed her entire life for the three of them.

But at the thought that her mother might be secretly having a secret rendezvous with her uncle every time she went on a holiday, Su Huanyan felt breathless and stifled.

After lunch, Su Huanyan took the opportunity while Wang Qing was sleeping to call Sicilio and ask him, “Can you come over? I want to install a few more cameras at home.”

Sicilio couldn’t help asking, “What? You want to monitor Cheng Yanmo?” Sicilio’s heart was dark. He said, “Could it be that Cheng Yanmo is having an ambiguous relationship with your servant and you intend to take evidence?”

Su Huanyan rolled her eyes. “No, I have other uses.”


Sicilio came over very quickly with one of his subordinates. Sicilio had installed cameras in several hidden spots, even under the dining table.

After installing the camera, Sicilio dismissed his subordinates and stood in the kitchen with Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan was squeezing juice while Sicilio ate the meat on the fruit skin. He said, “What are you suspecting?”

Su Huanyan was distracted and didn’t hear Sicilio’s words.

It was only when Sicilio bit Su Huanyan’s earlobe and she felt the pain that she snapped out of her trance. She nudged Sicilio and said, “I met my mother’s boyfriend today.”

Sicilio nodded coldly. “And?”

Su Huanyan pulled out the plug of the juice machine. She looked up at Sicilio, her eyes filled with disappointment and condemnation. “That person is my uncle.”

Sicilio’s cold face lit up. “Your uncle?”

“Yes, it’s the uncle that my father saved with his life when the fishing boat fell into the sea.”

Sicilio knew that Su Huanyan’s father had passed away when she was young. He also knew that her father had died to save an uncle. After hearing this news, Sicilio said, “This uncle of yours is not kind. He didn’t help his deceased brother take care of his sister-in-law and even went to bed with her.”

This is called ungrateful!


Su Huanyan was even more annoyed by Sicilio’s last sentence. “Shut up. Speak less.”

Sicilio knew that Su Huanyan was feeling frustrated and obediently shut his mouth.

“Tonight, I invited my uncle over for dinner. You can either leave or shut up.”

Sicilio said, “I will be a mute.”

It was impossible for Sicilio to leave. Su Huanyan was in a bad mood and it was very easy for someone to lose their mind when they were in a chaotic mood.

Sicilio had to take care of Su Huanyan a little more.

Knowing that Su Jincheng had come to Wangdong City and was going to have dinner at home, Cheng Yanmo immediately rejected the meeting and went home on time after work.

After Cheng Yanmo arrived home, Su Huanyan pulled him into the room and told him about this morning’s room. Sicilio saw the two of them pulling each other into the room and also walked in like a shadow.

Cheng Yanmo ignored Sicilio. He leaned against the wall by the window and frowned. “How long has it been since Su Jincheng got involved with your mother?”

“I don’t know.” Su Huanyan had only discovered their private relationship today. She really didn’t know anything else.

Cheng Yanmo said that he got it and wanted to take a shower and change clothes to prepare for the banquet tonight.

After Su Huanyan left the room, Cheng Yanmo was about to enter the bathroom when he heard Sicilio say, “Are you suspecting that Su Jincheng and Huanyan’s mother already have an affair a long time ago?”

After all, Wang Qing was a very flirtatious woman. Su Jincheng might have already taken a fancy to her a long time ago.

If the two of them were going to get together, they should have gotten together long ago.

Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio exchanged glances. He said, “I was wondering if Anzhi knew about this.”

Sicilio narrowed his eyes.


The two of them exchanged a meaningful look.

In the evening, Su Jincheng arrived dressed formally.

Su Jincheng looked upright. With a height of 1.8 meters, he could be considered tall in Su City.

Su Jincheng was wearing a black cashmere windbreaker and a gray scarf around his neck. He didn’t have a single beard on his clean chin.

As he grew older, the stench of businessmen on Su Jincheng became fainter and fainter, making him look more cultured and elegant.

Sicilio stood upstairs and sized up Su Huanyan’s uncle.

The Chinese were good at pretending. Just by looking at Su Jincheng’s appearance, they would think that he was an upright intellectual. But who would have thought that this person was actually a beast in human skin who even slept with his sister-in-law?

As a result, Sicilio didn’t like to interact with Chinese businessmen. His younger brother, Hoff, was a hypocritical gentleman who looked gentle and easy to talk to, but actually had a black heart and bones!

Su Jincheng had brought a toy for Program. It was a children’s electric car worth 40,000 yuan. Program didn’t know how to control it yet, but he could sit inside and let Cheng Yanmo use the remote control to fly him.

It had been a long time since Su Jincheng last saw Su Huanyan. After meeting her, he gave her a doting smile. “Huanyan, you are getting younger and younger. You don’t look like a mother who has given birth at all.”

Su Huanyan hugged Su Jincheng and said openly, “Uncle doesn’t even love me anymore. You came to Wangdong City and didn’t take the initiative to contact me. If I didn’t hear from Auntie that you were coming to Wangdong City, would you have planned to leave secretly?”

“Oh? Why would your auntie tell you about this?” Su Jincheng’s words sounded reasonable, but Su Huanyan, who knew about his affair with Wang Qing, couldn’t help thinking too much.

Her uncle was probably suspecting her and thinking that she knew something, so he purposely called her aunt to ask about the truth.

Su Huanyan smiled sweetly. “I wanted you to help me with something. Auntie said that Uncle went on a work trip and came to the north, and you will also be at Wangdong City. That’s why I got Mother to call you.”

“What do you want me to do?” Su Jincheng asked again.

“I want to move my household register to Wangdong City, so I needed your help.” She could only ask a relative to do this.

Su Huanyan’s answer completely dispelled the doubts in Su Jincheng’s heart.

Su Jincheng said, “I’ll get it done for you when we get back.”

“Then, Uncle, if Auntie doesn’t tell me and I don’t call you, you won’t take the initiative to contact me?” Su Huanyan still liked to act coquettishly to Su Jincheng like before.

Su Jincheng stroked Su Huanyan’s head and said, “I planned to call you at noon. When your mother called me, I just alighted from the plane.”

Su Huanyan smiled and scolded him in her heart.

Like hell I believe you!

At this moment, Wang Qing walked down from upstairs. She saw Su Jincheng and said to him warmly but not flirtatiously, “Jincheng, you’re here?”

Su Jincheng nodded. “Sister-in-law, when did you come?”

Wang Qing said, “Last night.”

Su Huanyan listened to their conversation coldly. She felt like vomiting, but she endured it.

The dishes were already prepared. After Su Jincheng entered the house, he washed his hands, drank a cup of tea, and was invited to the dining room for dinner.

Su Huanyan sat with her mother, Wang Qing. Su Jincheng and Cheng Yanmo sat together, while Sicilio sat alone. Knowing that Sicilio was an Italian businessman, Su Jincheng was rather friendly to him. The three men at the table got along very well.

Song Ci and Wang Qing didn’t join their conversation.

When it was almost time for dinner, Su Huanyan said, “Mother, I intend to go back with you this time.”

“Mmm? Why did you suddenly decide to go back?”

Su Huanyan said, “I want to go home and take a look. I haven’t seen my younger brother in so long and miss him quite a lot. I’ll also move my household register over.”

“Alright then.”

At the table, Su Jincheng drank some wine and was slightly tipsy.

He supported his forehead on the sofa for a moment and felt slightly thirsty. “Please pour me a glass of water.”

The servants didn’t hear anything. Su Huanyan was cutting fruits in the kitchen again. Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio were carrying tea and talking under the roof of the backyard.

Wang Qing picked up her glass and poured a glass of water for Su Jincheng.

Su Huanyan saw that her mother was pouring water and said, “Is Uncle drunk? Call Uncle to stay at my house tonight. He can get up early tomorrow to meet the client.”

“I’ll go and ask.”

Wang Qing carried the glass back to the living room.

Seeing that Su Huanyan, Cheng Yanmo, and the rest were busy with their own matters and no one noticed them, Wang Qing handed the water to Su Jincheng.

“Jin City, come, your water.”

But Su Jincheng grabbed Wang Qing’s hand and drank the water.

After drinking the water, Su Jincheng still held Wang Qing’s hand and refused to let go.

Wang Qing felt slightly uneasy. She turned to look at Su Huanyan and saw that she was arranging the dishes. Only then did she feel at ease.

“Mother, have some fruit.”

Hearing Su Huanyan’s voice, Wang Qing hurriedly pulled her hand out of Su Jincheng’s grasp.

“Jincheng, are you very drunk?” Wang Qing asked Su Jincheng politely.

Su Jincheng waved his hand. “Not really.”

“Uncle, stay at my house tonight. You can get up early tomorrow morning and go to work. It’s already so late and you’re drunk. Don’t go back to the hotel.”

Su Jincheng thought for a moment before saying, “Alright.”

Su Huanyan called Cheng Yanmo into the house. “Yanmo, send Uncle back to his room to rest.”


Cheng Yanmo helped Su Jincheng to the room on the second floor. After lying down, he said to Cheng Yanmo, “Sorry to trouble you guys.”

If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t have messed with my mother-in-law.

Cheng Yanmo adjusted his slightly crooked glasses and said, “Uncle, we are family. It’s no trouble at all.”

Su Jincheng closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Downstairs, Su Huanyan chatted with Wang Qing for a while before returning to her room to rest. After returning to her room, Su Huanyan laid in bed for more than 40 minutes, unable to fall asleep. She sat up, opened her laptop, and checked the surveillance footage.

Downstairs, Su Jincheng was still awake.

He sat up and was texting someone on his cell phone. Su Huanyan narrowed her eyes, curious about who her uncle was texting.

After watching for more than 20 minutes, Su Huanyan felt slightly sleepy.

She was about to turn off her laptop to sleep when she saw the door to Su Jincheng’s room being pushed open from the outside. The lights in the corridor slipped in through the gap.

Su Huanyan perked up!

She sat up straight and stared at the surveillance footage with wide eyes. She saw her mother, Wang Qing, walk in from the door. Wang Qing was wearing a windbreaker jacket and a pair of furry slippers.

The moment she entered, she saw Su Jincheng standing up.

Su Huanyan saw Su Jincheng striding towards the door. He pulled Wang Qing into his arms, cupped her face, lowered his head, and kissed her.

Wang Qing struggled meaningfully twice before obediently sticking herself into Su Jincheng’s arms.

Her windbreaker was taken off and she was wearing a sexy dark green negligee.

Su Huanyan’s eyes were red as she glared at the two people kissing passionately. She covered her mouth with her hand. Su Huanyan still remembered how her father’s skin had turned pale when he was fished out of the sea.

Tears streamed down Su Huanyan’s face as she called out for her father in her heart.

How can you do this!

How can this be!

Suddenly, the door was pushed open from the outside. Su Huanyan looked up in shock and saw Sicilio striding in.

Su Huanyan hurriedly wiped her tears.

Sicilio walked to the bed, glanced at the screen, closed the laptop, and pressed Su Huanyan into his arms.

“Stop looking, it’ll dirty your eyes.”

The next morning, when Su Huanyan went downstairs, she bumped into Wang Qing.

Wang Qing’s eyes were filled with lust and she looked even more charming.

“Huanyan, I plan to go back in the afternoon.”

Facing Wang Qing, Su Huanyan’s feelings were very complicated. She used to respect and love her, but now that she saw Wang Qing, Su Huanyan’s mind was filled with the disgusting image of Wang Qing and Su Jincheng fooling around last night.

Su Huanyan’s hands that were in her pockets clenched into fists. She said, “I’ll go with you then.”

“What about Program?”

Su Huanyan thought for a moment and said, “He won’t be going. I also want to meet my friend when I go back. If I bring him along, I don’t even have to think about going out.”

“That’s true.”

Su Huanyan wanted to return to her mother’s Su City, so Sicilio fetched Su Qingjia back with Program.

Su Qingjia’s private butler also came to China. With a professional butler taking care of the child, Su Huanyan could also feel at ease. Sicilio had a batch of goods that went wrong and had to return to Italy. He and Su Huanyan left one after another.

Since ancient times, Su City had been a wealthy place in Jiangnan. It was still a first-tier city in the country.

The last time Su Huanyan came back was on her elder brother’s death anniversary.

After she got married, her hometown became a faraway foreign land.

Su City was very cold. It was different from the cold in the north. The cold here was bone-chilling. Su Huanyan wrapped her down jacket tightly and followed Wang Qing into the car, returning to the Su Family residence.

In the car, Wang Qing was on the phone with Su Zhiwen.

“Zhiwen, your elder sister is back. Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“Your elder sister said that she missed you after not seeing you for a long time.”

“Alright then.”

After hanging up, Wang Qing told Su Huanyan, “Your brother and his mentor went on a work trip to the neighboring city to do an engineering project. They will only be back tomorrow afternoon and will rush back for dinner.”

Su Zhiwen studied construction and dreamed of becoming an outstanding architect. Su Zhiwen was very smart. He was only in his third year of university and was already working on projects with his mentor. He would definitely achieve good results in the future.

“Alright, I got it.”

Moving and changing scenery, creating a new world within a short distance. This was the characteristic of a Suzhou garden-style building.

As a wealthy family in Su City, the Su Family residence was also rather exquisite.

This house was designed and built three years ago by Su Huanyan’s grandfather when he was still alive. Although the house was old, professional workers maintained it every year. The house still looked exquisite and meticulous.

Walking around the corridor of the pavilions in the garden, Su Huanyan returned to her own courtyard. Her courtyard was in the west district of the Su Residence. Behind it was a rock garden and fish pond. A few West Prefecture crabapple trees were planted in the front yard.

Su Huanyan loved spring the most. At that time, the crabapple blossoms were in full bloom and the fragrance was overwhelming. Her body was always filled with a fragrance.

Knowing that Su Huanyan was coming back, the courtyard was very clean. Su Huanyan’s bedroom was in a modern, new Chinese style. An exquisite white crane screen blocked the big bed, and there was a seamless wall cloth with a magnolia embroidered on it.

Su Huanyan sat in her room, tapping her fingers on the wooden table as she thought about something. Knowing that Su Huanyan was back, her friends in Su City all called her out to play in the WeChat group.

Recently, Suzhou had been organizing a Hanfu fashion show. Su Huanyan was gentle and elegant. Her wearing Han Chinese clothes was truly a beautiful scene from an ancient painting.

Thinking that she had nothing to do these two days, Su Huanyan agreed.

The next morning, Su Huanyan changed into Han Chinese clothes, tied her long hair into a bun, put on her winter cloak, and prepared to set off for the Suzhou Garden.

Seeing that Su Huanyan was dressed so beautifully, it was obvious that she was going to attend an event. Wang Qing called out to her and said, “When you go, go visit your auntie at the same time and let her come back for dinner today. You guys haven’t seen each other for a long time. It’s good to chat together.”


Qiao Xi’s musical instrument shop was near the Suzhou Garden.

Su Huanyan’s car was parked at the entrance of the musical instrument shop. She opened the glass door and entered. She saw Qiao Xi sitting in front of a piano, playing her own tune.

Qiao Xi was a beauty. She was 45 years old this year. As she had never given birth and didn’t lose much collagen, she still looked like a beauty in her thirties.

When Qiao Xi was 27 years old, someone introduced her to the 30-year-old Su Jincheng.

Qiao Xi was beautiful and a piano performer. Although her family background couldn’t compare to the Su Family, she was still considered wealthy.

Qiao Xi and Su Jincheng exchanged glances and got married.

The first year after their marriage, Qiao Xi met an out-of-control truck while shopping with Su Jincheng’s mother, Su Huanyan’s grandmother.

That truck lost control of its brakes and crashed straight into them. Without thinking, Qiao Xi pushed her mother-in-law away, but she was sent flying by the truck.

That collision knocked away the child in Qiao Xi’s stomach and also caused her to lose her ability to reproduce. Not only that, Qiao Xi’s hand was also injured and her knuckles couldn’t keep up with the speed of the piano. She had no choice but to resign from the band.

A talented woman who could have been a mother and might have become a pianist, lost her ability to conceive because of protecting her mother-in-law and was forced to stop dreaming. The Su Family owed Qiao Xi.

Luckily, Su Jincheng had always loved Qiao Xi very much. All these years, even though Qiao Xi couldn’t conceive, he still doted on her very much.

In the past, Su Huanyan was very envious of the love between her uncle and aunt.

But now…

Su Huanyan looked at her aunt’s performance and felt that it was not worth it.

Su Jincheng let Qiao Xi down.

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, Qiao Xi slowly turned and saw a beautiful woman in a light purple dress. She instantly smiled. “Yan Yan, when did you come back? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qiao Xi hurriedly stood up from the stool and smiled at Su Huanyan. She grabbed her hand. “It’s so cold today and you’re still wearing so little.”

“As long as I’m beautiful.”

Su Huanyan walked over to Qiao Xi’s piano stool and sat down. She played “Everything is in the Galaxy”.

As she was playing, Qiao Xi was standing by the piano. She gazed at Su Huanyan gently and smiled. “If I married your uncle earlier and got to know you earlier, I would definitely have taken you in as my disciple.”

When Qiao Xi married into the Su Family, Su Huanyan was already 8 years old. At that time, she was learning ballet and was not very interested in piano. After that, in her teens, Wang Qing made Su Huanyan learn piano from Qiao Xi in order to make her a talented girl.

Su Huanyan stared at Qiao Xi’s beautiful face, feeling slightly upset.

“Auntie.” Su Huanyan hugged Qiao Xi’s waist. Qiao Xi’s waist was very skinny. Su Huanyan couldn’t understand why Uncle would do such a thing when his wife was so beautiful!

Are home flowers really not as fragrant as wildflowers?

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