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Chapter 288: Han Zhan: Who’s to Blame for my Kidney Damage?

On the way to fetch Mo Fengying to the Chen Family residence, Chen Wenhao had already told them in detail about Old Master’s symptoms. Mo Fengying already had a preliminary understanding of Chen Wenhao’s condition.

Arriving at the Chen Family residence, Chen Anan poured tea for Mo Fengying and Mo Suifeng.

Mo Fengying sat at the table and spent a few minutes drinking a cup of tea. After washing her hands, she got up and followed Chen Wenhao to Old Master Chen’s room.

Old Master Chen’s eyes dimmed when he saw that it was a little girl who came to treat him. Obviously, Old Master Chen didn’t trust this little girl.

Mo Fengying could read the meaning in Old Master’s eyes. She didn’t mind. Instead, she smiled slightly and said to Old Master in a comforting voice, “Mr. Chen, just rest. Don’t worry about me.”

Chen Shu really closed his eyes and followed Mo Fengying’s lead.

Mo Fengying raised her hand and took his pulse.

Throughout the entire process, Mo Fengying’s expression remained calm, which made Chen Wenhao feel much more at ease.

Mo Fengying lifted one of Chen Shu’s legs and pressed it. Chen Shu felt very happy and opened his eyes to look at Mo Fengying. Seeing that she was pressing his own leg, Chen Shu remained silent.

“I can still feel my legs.” Mo Fengying pressed down on Chen Shu’s calf and asked, “If you feel pain, let me know.”

Chen Shu acknowledged skeptically.

Mo Fengying pressed down on Chen Shu’s Zusanli acupoint. It looked like a light push, but it was actually very powerful. Chen Shu cried out on the spot. Mo Fengying glanced at him, let go of that spot, and pressed on the Zhongdu Acupoint again.

This time, the cry was louder.

Mo Fengying pressed a few more acupuncture points on his arm and received Chen Shu’s reaction. Only then did she put down Chen Shu’s body. Standing up, Mo Fengying said to Chen Wenhao, “It’s not a big problem. It was discovered in time and treatment didn’t delay. It can still be treated.”

Hearing this, joy surfaced on Chen Wenhao’s face, while Chen Shu secretly widened his eyes and sized Mo Fengying up seriously.

Mo Fengying immediately took out her acupuncture equipment.

It was a light green acupuncture bag. Every needle in the bag had been disinfected and a thin film was pasted on the needle. Chen Wenhao brought a small stool over for Mo Fengying. Mo Fengying got Chen Wenhao to help Chen Shu strip naked and perform acupuncture on him personally.

During the process, everyone except Chen Wenhao was blocked.

As Song Ci walked out, she turned and glanced at Mo Fengying. She saw that Mo Fengying had stabbed the thin needle straight into the Liangqiu Acupoint. Song Ci’s scalp went numb at the sight of the needle.

She followed behind Han Zhan listlessly and walked out of the house to sit quietly in the small courtyard outside the door.

The sun was warmer, so Song Ci took off her down jacket and sat on the stone bench wearing only a pink-blue sweater.

Chen Anan brought them a pot of wolfberry tea. She teased Han Zhan and said, “I remember you love wolfberry tea. It’s the same hobby as your Grandpa Chen. You’re so young, why do you like to drink this?”

Before Han Zhan could speak, Song Ci and Chen Anan laughed at Han Zhan. “It’s not up to you when you’re middle-aged. You have to make wolfberries in the thermos.”

Chen Anan chuckled and caught Song Ci’s joke. She said, “Wolfberry can’t compare to the passage of time. It has to be added in.”

It was rare to meet someone of the same kind. Song Ci was interested and added. “Although it’s difficult to resist the knife of time, cook ginseng deer antler with a small fire.”

Chen Anan said, “Ginseng and deer antler are not enough. You also need kidneys.”

“If you can’t treat your kidney, don’t go to the clubhouse.” As she spoke, Song Ci didn’t forget to look at Han Zhan meaningfully.

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Zhan was very innocent.

Before knowing Song Ci, Han Zhan would occasionally be invited to the clubhouse to discuss matters. He would avoid it if he could, but if he couldn’t avoid it, he would never mess around. After knowing Song Ci, Han Zhan had never even gone to the KTV except for dinner parties and formal cocktail parties.

I am really innocent!

There were other guests at home and Chen Anan went to greet them. Han Zhan poured a cup of tea for Song Ci. “Here, try it. Aunty Anan always makes tea for Grandpa Chen. Her temaking skills are much better than yours.”

Song Ci took the cup and took a sip.

It was also wolfberry tea, but Chen Anan’s tea was indeed better and slightly sweet. Song Ci put down the teacup and said with a faint smile, “Brother Han should drink more wolfberry tea to treat kidney deficiency.”

Han Zhan leaned close to Song Ci’s ear and said in a dirty voice, “Who is to blame for my kidney deficiency? Isn’t it all your credit?”

Song Ci’s ears turned slightly red.

She cupped her ears with both hands, leaned her elbows on the table, and told Han Zhan, “I saw that Miss Mo take out acupuncture and my entire body went numb.”

“Are you afraid of needles?”

Song Ci narrowed her eyes and asked Han Zhan in a pretentious manner, “I’m afraid of needles. Are you going to laugh at me?”

Han Zhan hurriedly shook his head. “Of course not. If you are afraid of needles, I won’t let any needles appear in our family in the future.”

Song Ci felt very sweet inside. She told Han Zhan, “When I was young, my health wasn’t good and I was very weak. My father always performed acupuncture on me and made me drink Chinese medicine.”

“Do you know why Song Fei dotes on me so much? It’s because I was weak from a young age and nearly died several times. It was my father who relied on his capabilities to raise me using medicine.”

Song Ci was especially frail when she was young. Once winter came, she would become a medicine jar. “When I was 4 years old, I entered my teacher’s tutelage to practice the violin. Every winter, I would cough non-stop. Doesn’t Teacher have a fireplace at home? It was all made for me.”

Later on, Shen Yubei’s house was renovated and the fireplace was still there.

“But by the time I was 7-8 years old, my condition was much better and I rarely fell ill again.” When she was young, Song Ci was slightly shorter than Song Fei. Later on, when she was in puberty, Song Ci advanced by leaps and bounds and actually broke through to 1.7 meters.

It was the first time Han Zhan heard Song Ci mention her childhood. He couldn’t help asking, “What illness did you have?”

“When my mother was pregnant with us, she was rather old and her pregnancy was unstable. My father was a doctor himself. One time, he checked her pulse and realized that her pulse was weakening. He brought my mother to the capital’s big hospital for a checkup. The results of the prenatal checkup were very bad. He said that our sisters were developing very slowly in the womb and my mother was weak and not suitable for pregnancy. The doctor recommended that my mother undergo surgery and have us aborted.”

“But my mother couldn’t bear it, and so did my father. After returning home, my father developed a pregnancy stabilizer himself and saved us. When my mother was pregnant with us, she drank medicine everyday.”

In Jiang Shiyu’s stomach, Song Fei was more capable than Song Ci. Not only did she have a brain, she was also willing to grow taller. When she was born, it was said that Song Ci was like a little mouse, especially skinny. Many people thought that Song Ci would never grow up.

“Just that my father has to do acupunture for me every winter.” To the Song Ci when she was young, acupuncture was a common occurrence. She had to do it every day before bed.

Song Ci instinctively felt conflicted when she saw that needle.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and rubbed it in his palm. He smiled. “I didn’t know that our Baby Ci was a pitiful little trumpet flower when she was young.”

I just don’t understand why a delicate little trumpet flower would become a thorny rose when it grew up.

Mo Fengying stayed in the house for one and a half hours before finishing her acupuncture.

Old Master Chen Shu was so tired that he had fallen asleep. Mo Fengying was also very tired.

Chen An’an made hot tea for Mo Fengying. After Mo Fengying washed her hands, she sipped her tea and said to Chen Wenhao and his sister, “Old Master will be able to regain his mobility after a week of continuous acupuncture. I will stay in Shunchen during this period.”

“During this period, I will also give you prescriptions. You guys follow the prescriptions and brew the medicine for Old Master. Two months later, bring Old Master for a checkup again. If the blood clot in his brain is still intact, we still have to consider surgery.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you, Miss Mo.” Chen Wenhao and his sister urged Mo Fengying to stay for lunch, but Mo Fengying rejected them. “Forget about lunch. I am slightly tired and need to go back to rest. I will come again tomorrow at this time.”

“I’ll send Miss Mo back then.”

Chen Wenhao was about to send her off when Han Zhan said, “Song Ci and I are also staying at that hotel. It’s on the way. Ms. Mo, let me send you there.”


Song Ci and Han Zhan sat in front, while Mo Fengying and Mo Suifeng sat behind.

In the car, Mo Fengying had her eyes closed as she pretended to sleep. No one knew if she was resting or if she was really asleep.

Song Ci secretly observed Mo Fengying through the rearview mirror.

This girl should be younger than her. Perhaps Song Fei could still meet her in this year’s Mo Family assessment. Song Fei studied viruses and didn’t have a deep understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so Song Ci didn’t know how many rounds she could enter.

Before the assessment started, Song Ci was already slightly worried for Song Fei.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Mo Suifeng thanked Han Zhan before gently waking Mo Fengying up. “Miss, we’ve arrived at the hotel.”

Mo Fengying tightened her cloak even though Mo Suifeng alighted.

Han Zhan handed the car keys to the valet and the four of them entered the hotel lobby.

Song Ci and Han Zhan stayed on the 21st floor, while Mo Fengying and Mo Suifeng’s room was on the 18th floor. Arriving at the lift, Mo Fengying looked up and bid farewell to Song Ci and Han Zhan. “Thank you, Mr. Han and Mrs. Han. Goodbye.”


Mo Fengying and Mo Hai walked out of the lift.

Looking at Mo Fengying’s slender and weak back view, Song Ci said, “I keep feeling that Mo Fengying’s fatigued look is slightly strange.”

“How so?”

Song Ci said, “Although complicated acupuncture indeed consumes a lot of energy, it shouldn’t be so tiring. This Miss Mo might not be in good health.”

“Obviously.” Han Zhan reached out and gestured in the air. “Those legs of hers are probably only so thick. Can a normal person be so skinny?”

Hearing this, Song Ci looked at Han Zhan meaningfully, making him confused. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Song Ci said, “Why are you staring at her legs?”

Han Zhan thought Song Ci was jealous and was about to explain, when Song Ci said, “Old pervert! Sneaking a look at a little girl’s legs!”

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Arriving at the 21st floor, the two of them walked out of the lift in silence and walked side by side to the door. Song Ci took out her room card from her bag and just opened the door, Han Zhan pressed her against the wall and touched her legs.

Song Ci was slightly flattered. “Is it that intense?”

Han Zhan pinched Song Ci’s leg and said, “Old pervert never peeks at little girls’ legs. Old pervert always touches them directly.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and tried to push Han Zhan away.

But she didn’t push him away.

Knowing that Chen Shu’s health could be treated, Han Zhan’s worry dissipated and he was in a good mood. In addition, the hotel environment was not bad either. Han Zhan was interested and threw Song Ci onto the bed, pressing himself against her.

He bit her, kissed her, and purposely tickled her.

Song Ci felt itchy and couldn’t help hiding. She laughed for a while, then cried, and finally sweated profusely.

Lying in bed, Song Ci opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. She said, “I am so tired.” They didn’t have lunch.

Han Zhan said, “Get up, I’ll bring you to eat.”

“I can’t get up.”

“Shall I carry you down then?”

“Let’s call room service.”

Han Zhan said, “Sure.”

Han Zhan picked up the menu and started selecting dishes. Meanwhile, Song Ci turned over and actually fell asleep.

Downstairs, Mo Fengying sat on the sofa looking very tired and kept massaging her temples. Seeing this, Mo Suifeng hurriedly made her a cup of calming tea.

Mo Fengying took a sip of tea. Mo Suifeng stood behind Mo Fengying’s chair and patiently massaged her temples. “How do you feel, Miss?”

“Very sleepy.”

“Do you want to rest for a while?”


Song Ci was right. Mo Fengying was indeed ill.

Mo Suifeng added. “You should eat first before resting. I’ve already called for room service. It will be done in 10 minutes.”


Mo Fengying took out her acupuncture bag and said to Mo Suifeng, “Help me disinfect them.”


Mo Suifeng took out a small spray bottle containing the Mo Family’s homemade disinfectant. Mo Suifeng poured the disinfectant onto the needle and carefully wiped it with a clean white cloth.

After disinfecting the items, the waiter served the food.

After dinner, Mo Fengying was really sleepy. She took off her jacket and laid on the bed. Mo Suifeng covered her with the blanket. Mo Fengying was about to fall asleep when she suddenly opened her eyes. A look of surprise flashed across them.

“Do you smell it?” Mo Fengying asked Mo Suifeng.

Mo Suifeng instinctively asked, “What?”

“I smell that Grandmother Medicine scent again.”

Not only was Mo Fengying talented in medicine, but she also had a better sense of smell than ordinary people.

In the Mo Family, capable doctors could distinguish herbs by smell. Some herbs might not smell like anything to ordinary people, but in the noses of Mo Fengying and the rest, those herbs all had their own smell.

In the clan, Grandmother Medicine was also known as medicine men. Even clansmen at the level of Mo Suifeng and the rest could smell Grandmother Medicine’s aura. In their sense of smell, Grandmother Medicine’s scent was very faint, but in Mo Fengying’s sense of smell, Grandmother Medicine was a top-grade medicine fragrance from head to toe.

Mo Suifeng never doubted Mo Fengying’s capabilities and sense of smell. He said, “Could someone be brewing Chinese medicine?”

Mo Fengying shook her head. “The smell is not right. The smell of Chinese medicine and medicine is actually different.” The fragrance of medicine men carried the scent of a human.

Mo Fengying sat up from the bed and walked to the window. The window of the tall building was fixed, with only two extremely small windscreen.

Mo Fengying stood under the glass. She lifted her head and sniffed the fragrance forcefully. She felt her fatigue lift. Such a pure medicinal fragrance was really attractive!

Suddenly, the medicinal fragrance disappeared.

Mo Fengying was slightly frustrated. She sat back down on the bed and said to Mo Suifeng, “Go and check who checked into this hotel today.”

But Mo Suifeng shook his head and said, “No, we can check on other hotels, but not the Jetta Hotel. The Jetta Hotel upgraded their system last year and is very difficult to hack.”

Han Zhan spent a high price to hire Song Fei as a consultant for their engineering department.

For the sake of the customers’ privacy and safety, Han Zhan specially let Song Fei upgrade his company’s system last year. Anyone who wanted to invade Zeus Corporation’s firewall had to first defeat Song Fei.

Mo Fengying was slightly discouraged.

She secretly made a decision. When she returned this time, she would tell her father about the appearance of the medicine man in the outside world. At that time, the Mo Family would definitely search the entire country for the medicine man.

Top-grade herbs naturally couldn’t be left outside.

Upstairs, Han Zhan closed the window and turned to ask Song Ci, “Are you still cold?”

Song Ci threw a piece of bacon into her mouth and said, “I feel better. The wind is giving me a headache.” Ever since giving birth, Song Ci had been slightly afraid of the wind. The cold wind blew at the back of her head.

“Hurry up and eat. After that, sleep a little more. We can’t be late for the 6pm flight.”


Song Ci wanted to sleep after eating. Before sleeping, she stroked her stomach and said, “I’m sleeping after eating. I feel so guilty. Han Zhan, if I become fat, it will be your fault.”

“If you become fat, I will go on a diet with you, alright?”

Song Ci said, “Okay.”

After Song Ci woke up, Han Zhan was already dressed and packed his luggage. He even bought new toys for the children. Song Ci asked him as she put on makeup, “You didn’t sleep?”


“You’ve worked hard.”

Han Zhan placed the toys in a big bag. He stared at the toys and said with a smile, “In the past, when I went on a work trip, my mind was filled with what present to bring back for you. Now, I’m thinking of what kind of things my wife wants and what toys I should buy for my children.”

At this point, the corners of Han Zhan’s lips suddenly curled up. He added, “In the past, I especially couldn’t understand Bei Zhan’s way of buying things for Han Qingshen every time he went on a work trip. I even laughed at him for being too clingy.”

At that time, he thought to himself, It’s just a few days away from home. They haven’t been apart for a long time. Is there a need to buy things for Han Qingshen every time we go back?

After that, he got married, fell in love with Song Ci, and had children. Only then did he understand Bei Zhan’s actions.

Song Ci finished putting on her makeup and tidied up her makeup. She said, “That single dog of yours doesn’t understand the happiness of a married man. It’s typical of him to say that grapes are sour when he can’t eat them.”

Han Zhan laughed at Song Ci’s retort because he felt that what she said made sense.

At 9.40pm, they returned to Wangdong City.

Long Yu’s car was stuck in traffic, so Song Ci and Han Zhan sat in the waiting room and waited.

Song Ci didn’t go to the toilet on the plane. Once she arrived at the waiting room, Song Ci handed the items to Han Zhan and ran into the toilet.

The man and woman in this washroom shared a sink. As Song Ci bent over to wash her hands, she heard a female voice speaking in a southern Su City accent.

The general idea was: “I will go to Yanyan’s side first and look for you tomorrow morning.”

“You are naughty.”

“Got it. It won’t exceed 9pm.”

Hearing this ‘you are naughty’, Song Ci’s bones were about to melt.

What a charming woman.

Song Ci looked up curiously at the woman who answered the call. She was so curious about what kind of flirtatious woman could say the word “you are naughty” so much that it made one’s bones soften.

Looking up, Song Ci saw the side profile of a gentle woman.

That woman was standing two meters away from Song Ci. She was wearing a dark purple luxurious coat with a circle of real fox fur around the collar. Her head could be seen.

The fox’s eyes had been replaced with gems, making them look demonic and beautiful.

This dress was beautiful and luxurious, but the production process was bloody and cruel.

The woman had her hair in a bun and fastened it with a black white jade hairpin. The neck exposed was very fair. She should be a beautiful woman in her forties, but because she had maintained herself well and dressed exquisitely, she looked very charming.

At this age, beautiful women were very attractive. They were completely ripe peaches and just by smelling them, they were captivated.

Song Ci took another look at the woman’s face. For some reason, it looked familiar.

The woman left first and Song Ci followed her out of the toilet. Returning to the waiting room, Song Ci forgot about the incident just now. Han Zhan held her hand and said, “Long Yu’s car is here.”


Song Ci and Han Zhan walked out of the airport hand in hand and saw Long Yu.

Long Yu opened the car door for Han Zhan. Han Zhan let Song Ci get into the car first, followed by him. Song Ci sat in the car and inadvertently glanced outside, actually seeing that woman again.

hat woman got into a Bentley and drove away.

Song Ci suddenly said, “HY001, is it Huanyan’s car plate number?”

Su Huanyan seldom drove by herself and most of the time, there was a driver to fetch her. But after their marriage, Cheng Yanmo had sent her a Bentley with the license plate 001. At that time, Su Huanyan had even posted a photo on her social media.

Song Ci scrolled through her social media account as she thought.

Han Zhan said, “Yes, Cheng Yanmo took this license plate number.”

Han Zhan was also there when Cheng Yanmo took the license plate. At that time, because Song Ci was about to give birth, Han Zhan planned to buy another RV so that it would be convenient for the family to go out and play. He and Cheng Yanmo went to buy the license plate on the same day, so he had a deep impression of Su Huanyan’s license plate.

HY001, Huanyan 001. This was the meaning.

Seeing that Han Zhan was so sure, Song Ci decided to look through her social media. She pointed at the car in front and said, “I saw Huanyan’s car just now.”

“Is that so?” When Han Zhan wanted to look, he couldn’t even see the butt of the car.

“Let me ask.” Song Ci called Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan’s child had just fallen asleep and coincidentally, Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo the quarrelsome couple had also gone out. It was rare for the house to be quiet, so Su Huanyan stayed in the study to draw a sketch.

Su Huanyan studied fashion design in university. In Italy, her works had even appeared at a local fashion press conference.

Su Huanyan had the capability to do business, but after wasting a few years, it would take many detours to pick it up again.

Su Huanyan had many strange concepts in her mind. She tried to draw them out and seek inspiration from them. She placed her cell phone under the table lamp and heard it ring. Su Huanyan finished the last few strokes before answering the voice call.

“Song Song.”

Su Huanyan threw aside her pen and sat on the computer chair. She controlled the Myriad Circles under the chair and circled the studio.

Song Ci asked, “Were you at the airport just now?”

“Me? No, I am at home.”

“Did I see wrongly?” Song Ci told Su Huanyan, “I saw your car just now. HY001 is your car plate number, right?”

“That’s my car.” Su Huanyan explained. “My mother wants to visit me. She just arrived at the airport tonight. Yanmo has something on and can’t leave, so I asked the driver to drive my car to fetch her.”

“What’s the matter? You saw my car? My mother should be here by now.”

“I might have seen your mother.” Song Ci told Su Huanyan about that woman’s dressing and looks. Hearing this, Su Huanyan smiled and said, “That’s my mother.”

Song Ci and Su Huanyan had known each other for two years and had never seen her mother. It was normal that she didn’t know her. But from what Song Ci knew, Su Huanyan should be a child from a single family.

Afraid that she might have remembered wrongly, Song Ci asked cautiously, “Huanyan, I remember you saying that your father passed away when you were only five or six years old, right?”

“Mmm, my mother brought me and my two other siblings up alone.”

Su Huanyan had an elder brother, Su Anzhi, and a younger brother, Su Anwen. The younger brother was six years younger than her. When her father passed away, Mother Su had just gotten pregnant with Su Anwen.

Hearing this, Song Ci gradually frowned.

Previously in the toilet, she heard Mother Su’s tone on the phone. She was obviously flirting with someone. Su Huanyan had already lost her father. Could it be that Su Huanyan’s mother had found a boyfriend outside?

But it was normal. It was not easy for Mother Su to raise the children alone. Now that the children were all grown up, it was understandable that she wanted her own love life.

“Huanyan, has your mother found a boyfriend recently?” Song Ci’s intuition told her that she should tell Su Huanyan what she knew.

Su Huanyan raised her brows. “I don’t know.” Song Ci wouldn’t ask such a question for no reason. If she did, she must have discovered something.

Su Huanyan asked Song Ci, “Song Song, did you see something?” Recalling that she specially called to ask about her car plate number and her father, Su Huanyan immediately guessed the problem. “Could it be that my mother has another man by her side?”

From Su Huanyan’s tone, she was obviously looking forward to her mother finding a second love.

Song Ci was relieved and told Su Huanyan, “I didn’t see him, but I was in the washroom just now and saw your mother calling to say that she was going to meet someone at the hotel tomorrow morning. Judging from her tone, we are already married, so I know she is talking to a man.”

Su Huanyan was slightly happy. “Really?”

“Mmm, I don’t know if I recognized the wrong person. Anyway, the lady I saw was wearing a dark purple fox fur coat, holding her hair up, and wearing a black wooden jade hairpin.”

“I will take a good look at my mother’s outfit later.” After hanging up, Su Huanyan thought to herself: If the person Song Song is talking about is really my mother, I must follow my mother tomorrow morning to see what her second love looks like!

It was not easy for her mother to raise the three of them alone. Su Huanyan had always hoped that her mother could find a man she liked and start her second love, but her mother always rejected her, saying that she couldn’t forget their father.

If their mother really fell in love, regardless of whether the other party was ugly, handsome, rich, or poor, as long as the other party had a good character and was upright in all aspects, Su Huanyan would bless them!

Su Huanyan tidied up her laptop and went downstairs.

The helper saw Su Huanyan coming downstairs and asked her, “Madam, is your mother arriving?”

“She will reach in about 40 minutes. Mother hasn’t eaten yet. Can I trouble you to cook a few dishes?”

“This is what we should do. It’s not troublesome.”

The chef hurriedly went to the kitchen to cook. Su Huanyan also entered the kitchen, cut the fruits into plates, and arranged them into exquisite flower plates. She covered the surface of the fruits with a layer of plastic wrap. Just as she brought them to the dining table, Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio returned together.

These two weirdos went out to play basketball after dinner today.

They were clearly two people who disliked each other, but they could always play together. They both loved sports and were competitive in sports. Su Huanyan felt that the two of them might be more suitable together.

But Su Huanyan didn’t dare to say this. If she said it, she would be beaten up by both parties.

Cheng Yanmo went to wash his hands. Sicilio saw the fruit plate on the table. He took the opportunity when Cheng Yanmo went to the washroom to wash his hands and hurriedly ran into the kitchen to squeeze with the chef and Su Huanyan.

Sicilio washed his hands in the sink. Without drying them, he ran to the dining room to take the fruit platter.

Sicilio brought the plate of fruit to the garden and finished it in a few big bites, as if he was afraid that Cheng Yanmo would snatch it away.

He was getting worse and worse. In the past, he ate elegantly and would never speak or use his hands if he could.

But now?

In order to snatch a plate of fruit from his love rival, he had actually fallen to such an extent!

Sicilio’s cheeks were puffed up from eating, but his heart ached.

After Cheng Yanmo finished washing his hands and dried them, his fruits were no longer on the table. At this moment, Su Huanyan prepared a second plate of fruits. It was a plate of skinned kiwis.

Su Huanyan stood in the kitchen and saw Cheng Yanmo’s figure. She said, “Yanmo, help me bring the kiwi over.”

Cheng Yanmo loved kiwis.

He entered the kitchen, took the kiwi with both hands, and also brought it to the garden. Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio both stood under the streetlight, each holding a plate of fruits and eating them clean.

Su Huanyan washed her hands and used the kitchen tissues to wash them clean. She walked out of the kitchen and passed by the dining room, feeling that something was off.

Su Huanyan stopped in her tracks and turned to look at the dining table.

Where are my fruits?

Su Huanyan shouted, “Yanmo! Leo!”

Outside the door, two men answered in unison. “In the garden!”

Su Huanyan ran over. She was wearing a pair of home shoes with rabbit ears. As she jogged, the rabbit ears kept swaying.

Su Huanyan arrived at the garden and saw that the fruit plates in Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio’s hands had been swept clean. She was slightly angry. “Why did you guys eat them!”

Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo exchanged glances, both feeling puzzled. Cheng Yanmo held the plate and asked carefully, “Isn’t this prepared for us?”

Although Sicilio didn’t speak, his expression was obviously the same as Cheng Yanmo’s.

Su Huanyan felt a lump in her throat. She could die of anger.

She pointed at that plate and said, “That’s for my mother. She didn’t eat anything for the entire afternoon. She loves to eat kiwi and dragonfruit. I cut it for her so well, but she didn’t even have the time to look at it before you two secretly ate it.”

Hearing that this was fruits for his mother-in-law, Sicilio instantly panicked. Without a word, he took the plate and entered the house. “I’ll go cut another plate.”

Cheng Yanmo swallowed the half of the kiwi in his throat and said softly, “I’ll peel the kiwis.”

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