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Chapter 280: Aaron: Uncultured, So Scary

After the performance, Song Fei cupped her fists and bowed. She picked up the microphone and said, “I know Yan Jiang is handsome and lovable, but it’s enough that I love him. Tom, Dick, or Harry don’t come after him.”

Raising that knife above her head, the tip of the knife quivered wildly. Song Fei said, “If one comes, I will cut a pair.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang was stunned for a moment. Only then did he understand that the so-called cutting pairs meant cutting him too.

Yan Jiang hurriedly ran onto the stage and snatched Song Fei’s microphone. Holding it himself, he warned everyone sternly, “Everyone, as you can see, my wife is slightly hot-tempered. If you want to live, don’t provoke me.”

Yan Jiang wiped his bald head and thought of a certain joke that had been trending in the past few years. He said, “Don’t love me. There’s no outcome.”

This husband and wife were so intimate that those who had ulterior motives dismissed their thoughts. Yan Jiang’s wife was too fierce. As expected of the woman who didn’t die in the African riot back then.

How arrogant!

After the performance ended, Song Fei walked off the stage and patted Song Ci’s shoulder. “You performed well tonight.”

Song Ci stuck out her tongue.

She stared at the big knife in Song Fei’s arms and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Aren’t you afraid that after tomorrow, the entire country’s netizens will call you a bandit?”

She looked like a skinny girl, but she looked majestic when she brandished the sword.

Song Fei said, “What’s there to be afraid of? He’s a monster to begin with. Why would I be afraid of others saying it?” From a young age, Song Fei was an anomaly in the eyes of others. She didn’t care about others’ opinions at all.

Behind them were some friends performing on stage. After Song Fei’s performance, she went to change clothes. At the same time, Yan Jiang also slipped away, probably to prepare for the groom’s performance.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sat on the sofa in the corner and looked at the people swaying on the dance floor. She tilted her head and said to Han Zhan, “Guess what Yan Jiang will perform later?”

With Song Fei’s stunning performance, Han Zhan couldn’t imagine Yan Jiang’s performance later.

He took a sip of fruit wine with mixed feelings and sighed. “I can’t guess the world of you youngsters.”

He was derailed from this world.

In Han Zhan’s opinion, a wedding performance should be a waltz or a tango double dance. If it was more open, a street dance or something could also liven up the atmosphere.

At their wedding that year, Song Ci performed a belly dance that attracted the screams of the entire crowd, angering him to death.

The old man, Han Zhan, chose to shut up.

Song Ci fell into Han Zhan’s arms with a smile, her shoulders trembling.

Han Zhan also hugged her and played with her hair.

The two of them sat in the corner for a while, before they heard someone whistling wildly at the entrance of the dance hall. Someone was even shouting that the groom had arrived.

Curious about what Yan Jiang had done to attract such a strong reaction, Song Ci also leaned forward to watch the commotion.

She ran to the front of the crowd and saw eight men dressed in belly dancing outfits. To be precise, they were men disguised as women as they strode over.

They were about the same size and height. They were all wearing fake curly hair and the same mask. The only things that were exposed were their necks, waists, and ankles.

Seeing this, Song Ci was so agitated that even her blood started to boil.

Oh my, he knows how to play!

Someone found a chair and let Song Fei sit on it to watch this group of fake women’s performance.

Even someone as cold as Song Fei couldn’t help laughing when she saw Yan Jiang and his friends’ outfits.

She was pressed into a chair by Song Ci and forced to watch this group of people dancing wildly. All of them were not dancing very well, but they were all very hardworking. Their butts were so high that they were about to reach the sky and their waists were about to break.

Han Zhan stood beside Song Ci and looked at Yan Jiang and the rest in disbelief, feeling very complicated.

He was really old and did not know how to play like young men.

After the dance, the eight men stood together. The host smiled at Song Fei. “Beautiful bride, quickly find your groom! If you choose the wrong groom, you can’t change him!”

Song Fei stood up and walked over to the row of men, sizing them up carefully. But these guys were very good at disguising themselves. The neck that was exposed was covered in foundation powder and looked the same color.

Song Fei was in a difficult position.

She thought for a moment and suddenly pointed at Han Junjun in the crowd.

Han Junjun was engrossed in watching the show when Song Fei suddenly reached out to him. Han Junjun was stunned and felt slightly lost.

Han Junjun was just 20 years old and was at the prime of his life. He was young and handsome. Standing in the crowd in a white shirt, he made people sigh at how good it was to be young.

Song Fei said to Han Junjun, “Come over, Junjun.”

Han Wangwang hurriedly pushed Han Junjun.

Han Junjun was pushed to Song Fei’s side.

Song Fei leaned over and whispered something to Han Junjun. Han Junjun looked both excited and troubled. In the end, Han Junjun nodded excitedly.

Han Junjun followed Song Fei’s request and hugged her waist.

When his hand touched Song Fei’s slender waist, one of the eight men in the row suddenly clenched his fists.

Song Fei hinted for Han Junjun to continue.

Han Junjun lowered his head and pretended to kiss Song Fei.

Just as Han Junjun was about to touch Song Fei’s face, Yan Jiang couldn’t hold it in anymore. He tore off his mask and walked out of the crowd.

He pulled Song Fei out of Han Junjun’s arms.

Yan Jiang pressed one hand on Song Fei’s back and locked her in his arms. His other hand cupped the back of her head and he lowered his head to kiss her fiercely.

The whistle got louder.

After the kiss ended, Yan Jiang released Song Fei. Meeting Song Fei’s cunning eyes, Yan Jiang gritted his teeth and said, “You’re making me angry.”

Song Fei said, “It’s very effective, isn’t it?”

She knew that Yan Jiang wouldn’t tolerate her kissing other men. He looked very cowardly, obedient, and understanding, but in terms of Song Fei’s ownership, Yan Jiang was more domineering than anyone.

She was his!

Others couldn’t even touch Song Fei’s fingers, let alone kiss her cheek!

Seeing that Song Fei had easily broken the trap, the group of men who were dancing with Yan Jiang took off their masks and criticized him. “Ah Jiang, you are too impatient. You took the initiative to jump out after being agitated by your sister-in-law. You are obviously a wife slave.”

“Hahaha, sure. Sister-in-law, take good care of this Ah Jiang in the future, especially his scolding mouth that doesn’t have a single dirty word.”

“I wish you all happiness!”

The banquet ended with the blessings.

After the banquet ended, the husband and wife went home to rest for the night. The next day, they drove the RV to take a honeymoon trip.

They would not return until the new year. After the new year, they would have to go to the Mo Family.

When Yan Jiang was on leave, he even had an argument with the leader of the unit. The leader felt that he was neglecting his duty and Yan Jiang also felt that the leader’s words made sense, so he decided to temporarily resign.

If Yan Jiang really wanted to quit his job, the leaders couldn’t bear to. Not to mention anything else, Yan Jiang was still very professional. Back then, Yan Jiang was a top student in forensic science and a famous big boss in school.

Later on, Yan Jiang went to act and his teacher even felt sorry for him for a period of time. Actually, during the filming period, Yan Jiang would occasionally take a break and participate in the investigations and research of major cases with his teacher. He never let go of his professionalism.

Compared to acting, Yan Jiang actually preferred to deal with corpses and cases.

After discussion, the leader decided to give Yan Jiang a salary suspension. Yan Jiang was not short of money and had no objections to this. He brought his wife on a honeymoon trip happily and updated his photos and wife’s on Weibo everyday. His fans had a period of sweet dog food.

Song Ci scrolled through the photos and videos that Yan Jiang posted in the group and was all envious. “I also want to go on a limousine trip.”

Han Zhan was slightly troubled. He said, “There are many jobs at the end of the year. We can only wait until next year.”

After Aaron came to Wangdong City, he stayed with Han Zhan and the rest. Aaron bounced down the stairs. That cripple walked very nimbly.

Hearing that Han Zhan and Song Ci were discussing the limousine tour, knowing that Han Zhan was busy, Aaron volunteered. “Hoff doesn’t have time? It’s okay, I have time.”

Turning to look at Song Ci, Aaron said, “Song Ci, I have good driving skills. I will bring you on a trip.”

Song Ci didn’t dare.

She was afraid that Aaron would kill her if he was unhappy.

Han Zhan was also worried. He always felt that Aaron had ill intentions towards this sister-in-law. “You don’t need to worry. I will find time to bring her out to play next year.”

Only then did Han Zhan notice that Aaron was wearing Meituan Food delivery clothes today. He couldn’t help revealing a confused expression. “Why are you wearing this?”

Aaron said, “Delivery.”

He took out his work pass and waved it in front of Han Zhan and Song Ci. He told them, “Let me tell you a piece of good news. I am officially joining Meituan Food Delivery and have become a member of the Meituan Army. In the future, if it’s not working hours, I will be delivering takeout.”

Aaron, who loved money, enjoyed the satisfaction that work brought him. He couldn’t rest for a day and felt terrible when he was free.

“Oh yes, Hoff.” After a pause, Aaron called out again. “Brother.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan finally gave Aaron a look.

Aaron said, “Brother, in the future, if anyone from your company orders takeout, remember to let them all order Meituan. Don’t order until you’re hungry.” Aaron had just joined the company today and was already prepared to fight with the competitors for business.

Han Zhan rejected him on the spot. “Impossible. Not to mention that no one orders takeout because our company has delicious food, even if someone orders takeout, it’s their freedom to use any other company.”


Aaron put the helmet on his head and rode his… Harley to deliver.

Song Ci was speechless. She said, “Driving a Harley to deliver food, is there something wrong with Aaron’s brain or something?”

Han Zhan said, “Stupid.”

Aaron was wearing a Meituan takeout outfit and riding a handsome Harley. He moved through every corner of the city and became a beautiful scenery.

In less than a day, all the netizens in Wangdong City knew that a rich second-generation heir had opened a Harley delivery service.

After a tough day, Aaron returned home at night. Seeing those comments, he also felt that it was too ostentatious. So the next day, Aaron went to buy a motorcycle.

At 5 pm, Aaron got off work from Zeus International. He drove his new motorcycle from the parking lot and officially started his delivery service.


First order.

Aaron opened it and saw that someone had bought more than 20 sets of coffee and desserts. The cafe was on the shopping street opposite the Bridge of Three Lifetimes. Aaron went to get the package and drove to deliver it.

The delivery address was “AK e-sports club”. In Wangdong City, there were several businesses named after AK. AK design club, AK entertainment city, AK e-sports club.

It looked like they were all opened by the same boss.

Holding his coffee with both hands, Aaron entered the rather pre-designed e-sports building through the security guard.

“Who ordered the coffee?”

Aaron shouted.

The first level of the eSports department was where the freshmen trained, while the second level was where the official members trained. Hearing this, a young man around 18 or 19 years old appeared on the second level. He waved his hand and said to Aaron, “Here!”

Aaron carried his coffee and hurried up to the second floor.

“Your takeout has a total of 21 cups of coffee and a dessert.”

Hearing this, the young man from before said, “Little Brother, can you please send this dessert upstairs? Our manager is upstairs.”

“Oh, okay.”

When Aaron was working, he was professional and didn’t complain about being tired.

He carried the snack to the third floor. The office was on the third floor and it was very quiet. Aaron didn’t know who to give it to, so he stood in the quiet corridor and shouted, “Who ordered the Empress of China?”


Aaron heard a lazy female voice. He turned and saw a woman in a dark purple blouse and a black OL skirt standing under the office door behind him.

hat woman had long hair draped over her shoulders and a few strands of hair hung over her forehead. She had a big waist and long legs. She was a rare sexy beauty.

The woman seemed to have just woken up and her hair was slightly messy. She saw Aaron and waved at him. “Little brother, it’s mine.”

The 33-year-old ‘little brother’ walked over in silence and handed the Empress of China to the beauty. The beauty reached out her hand. Her slender fingers were smeared with black nail polish and looked rather pretty.

As Aaron turned to leave, he heard the woman ask, “Why don’t you deliver here at night?”

It was Aaron’s first day at work and he didn’t know there was such a rule. He said, “Perhaps it’s too far away and they feel that there’s too little money. No one is willing to accept it.”


After thinking for a moment, Aaron said, “But I am different. I will do anything. As long as I have money, I will do anything.” Money was the boss. Everything was negotiable with money.

Hearing this, the woman took a few more glances at him.

Aaron was wearing a very proper safety hat. Worried that he would get tanned or get infected by the virus, he even put on a face mask. The woman only saw a pair of gray-blue eyes and a few strands of golden hair scattered out from under the safety hat.

She was stunned for a moment before asking in a low voice, “A foreigner.”

“Mixed.” Aaron usually called himself that.

The woman nodded and said, “Leave your number. Our trainees sleep very late at night and often order takeout. If you are willing to send it, you can come over tonight and get an additional 50 yuan.”

]Aaron nodded and said, “174XXXX, my number, 235xx.”

Hearing this, the woman said, “The number is too long. Tell me your name.”

Aaron gave a Chinese name. “Han Rang.” His surname was Han and was registered under Han Zhan’s family name.

“Mmm, okay.”

Aaron rushed to deliver the next order and left rather quickly. If he walked quickly, it was obvious that he was limping. The woman stared at Aaron’s left leg and was slightly stunned. So there was something wrong with his leg. No wonder he was willing to take the order at night.

Aaron didn’t know that he had already become that woman’s “poor foreigner with a disability” and was still eagerly delivering food.

When it was dark, Aaron received another meal. This time, it was a gift of snail powder.

Aaron carried the snail powder into a high-class hotel. If not for the delivery, many deliverymen would never have entered such a high-class hotel in their entire lives.

Aaron stood outside the door and pressed the doorbell.

The door was opened by a man in black.

Aaron looked up and saw that man in black. His face darkened.

It was Sicilio’s subordinate.

Aaron walked into the room with the conch powder and threw it on the coffee table in front of Sicilio. “Guest with the last number 2041, your escargot powder has been delivered. Please give a good review.”

Sicilio moved his gaze away from the computer and glanced at Aaron nonchalantly. His eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. “Is there shit in your head?” Sicilio seldom cursed, but seeing Aaron dressed like this, he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Aaron took off his mask and replied calmly, “Don’t scold me.”

Sicilio took a deep breath and said, “Come back to Italy with me. Even if you drive for me, it will be more promising than delivery.”

“Takeout can be delivered if I want, but I can’t just not drive a car.” Do I want money? I want freedom!

Sicilio sniffed at the unpleasant smell of periwinkle. He said, “Our business is very big, Aaron. I need your help. There’s no reason why all of you are so carefree, but I have to work like an old cow.”

Sicilio also wanted to deliver food.

Aaron pitied Sicilio. He said, “It’s impossible to have power, status, and freedom.” He sent a genteel Chinese sentence to Sicilio. “Since ancient times, fish and bear paws can’t be both.”

Sicilio didn’t understand the true meaning of this. He purely thought that Aaron was talking about fish and bear paws. He even said, “Kill them all. Once they are cooked, we can finish them.”

Aaron was speechless.

“It’s so scary to be uneducated.”

Putting on his mask again, Aaron turned and left. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to remind Sicilio to give a good review.

After Aaron left, Sicilio sulked for a while before opening the takeaway box. He lowered his head and ate a few mouthfuls of snail powder with a frown.

An hour ago, Su Huanyan had posted a photo of her eating snail powder on Instagram. Sicilio had seen it and wanted to try the delicacy that Su Huanyan liked.

But the smell of this food was really strange. Sicilio really couldn’t accept this smell.

It was simply a mortal killing machine!

He couldn’t figure out why Su Huanyan liked to eat such things. Sicilio threw away the snail powder but didn’t forget to give Aaron a five-star rating.

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