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Chapter 268: Han Zhan Dotes On His Wife Very Much

Song Ci was very grateful and touched to be forgiven by Su Wen.

She wiped her tears and asked Su Wen, “Su Wen, are you planning to leave?”

Su Wen glanced at Orianna beside him and said, “I am going back to Feng City to visit my brother. Anna, are you staying in Wangdong to wait for me, or are you coming with me?”

Without thinking, Orianna said, “Of course we will go together.”

“Alright then.”

That night, Su Wen and Orianna set off for Phoenix City. The next evening, Song Ci saw a photo of Orianna and Su Wen standing at the top of Phoenix Mountain through Orianna’s INS.

Ah Lun’s younger brother had finally been found. Song Ci also felt relieved.

It was time for her to prepare for the housewarming party.

The new butler and helper were already on duty. The butler was called Cai Jinyu, a very special name. Butler Cai graduated from the Dutch International School of Butler. He was just 40 years old and looked like a well-trained and experienced butler.

There was a building specially used as a banquet hall in the villa. A housewarming party could be held at home. With the butler organizing the banquet, Song Ci didn’t need to worry about anything.

80,000 yuan a month was not a loss.

Mo Yao had been working for two consecutive months and even the spinning top had fainted. After receiving the news that Han Zhan was going to relocate to his new residence, Mo Yao decided to bring her child and Li Yao to attend Han Zhan’s wedding, as well as travel and rest.

Mo Yao could be considered as having a daughter at an old age. In order to be at ease during labor, she had started to try to give up her power. Mo Yao was an old fox in the business world. Even if she wanted to give up her power, the people under her would not dare to stir up trouble.

When the child was half a year old, Mo Yao returned to the workplace.

Mo Yao had many business enemies. Those people thought that after she became a mother, she would be gentler. In the end, after returning to the workplace, Mo Yao was still that vicious tigress who never showed mercy to her enemies.

Mo Yao arrived at Wangdong City a day earlier and brought her daughter to Han Aoyu’s house.

Mo Yao’s daughter took her mother’s surname and was called Mo Buxin. It was a very unique name. Mo Yao gave her child the name Buxin in hopes that she would live freely and be her true self forever, without being bound by the rules.

But the name Mo Buxin sounded especially like “Mo Fuxin” at first. So usually, Mo Yao didn’t call her daughter by her full name but called her breast name “Little Xingxing.”

This was the first time Han Aoyu saw Little Xingxing and he gave her a thick red packet.

The little girl, who had already started limping, accepted the red packet and thanked him sweetly.

Li Yao put down Little Xingxing. Little Xingxing staggered under a wall and looked up at Han Aoyu’s photo on the wall, looking at it with relish.

In the photo, Han Aoyu’s chest was covered in medals and he looked very solemn.

Little Xingxing stared at the old man in the photo for a moment, suddenly turned around, staggered up to Han Aoyu.

Her little hand rested on Han Aoyu’s knee.

Han Aoyu hurriedly bent down and stroked Little Xingxing’s face lovingly. He asked her, “What are you doing, Little Xingxing? Do you want Grandpa to hug you?”

Mo Yao and Han Mulan were sisters. With the same seniority as Han Zhan, she could call him Grandpa.

Little Xingxing leaned against Han Aoyu’s legs, looked up, pointed at that photo, and said, “Grand… Grand fa

Han Aoyu was stunned for a moment before asking Mo Yao, “Grandfa… is it Grandpa?”

Mo Yao nodded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She told Little Xingxing, “Little Xingxing, it’s Grandpa, Grandpa!”

Little Xingxing tried her best to say the standard words but said, “Grandfa!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Song Ci looked at Little Xingxing happily and asked, “Little Xingxing, is that person in the photo Grandpa?”

Little Xingxing nodded and said, “It’s Grandpa.”

“Godmother Mo Yao, your Little Xingxing is very smart. Every time we tell Miaomiao and Junjun that the person in the photo is Great-Grandfather, they won’t believe it.”

The photo was taken more than 20 years ago. At that time, Han Aoyu was already close to 60 years old and looked slightly different from now, so Miaomiao and Junjun couldn’t recognize him.

But Little Xingxing recognized him at a glance.

Han Aoyu hugged Little Xingxing happily and brought her to that wall. Without caring if Little Xingxing understood, Han Aoyu told Little Xingxing about his old achievements.

Little Xingxing listened intently, before falling asleep on her grandfather’s shoulder.

Han Aoyu saw that Little Xingxing was asleep and said, “Looks like I can write a book about my story for the little guys.”

Han Aoyu’s body was no longer as strong as before. He carried Little Xingxing and walked a few steps before handing the child to Li Yao and the rest. He sat down, hammered his own legs, and sighed. “I’m old and useless.”

Mo Yao said, “Uncle Han, in my heart, you will always be that handsome uncle who can lift all four of us with just two arms.”

Mo Yao, Han Mulan, Di Rongrong, and Jin Luolan had grown up together. Han Mulan was Han Aoyu’s old daughter, so he was slightly older than Mo Yao’s parents and was their uncle.

When they were young, they came to Han Mulan’s house as guests. At that time, Han Aoyu could easily carry all four of them with his two arms.

From a young age, Mo Yao and the rest were very envious of Han Mulan for having such a powerful father.

Han Aoyu waved his hand and said, “Take advantage of this rare opportunity to call Rongrong and Luo Lan over for a meal. If not, you would only gather at my funeral.”

Upon hearing this, everyone fell silent.

It was said that when one was old, they would be able to sense when they would die. Old Master said such a thing in front of so many people. He obviously knew that his body was really failing.

Mo Yao comforted the Old Master and found an excuse to leave. She secretly called Di Rongrong and Jin Luolan.

That afternoon, at dusk, Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei arrived at the Han Family residence half an hour early.

Di Rongrong was dressed like a butterfly in her second spring. She was wearing a pale pink dress and a blue windbreaker. Perhaps it was because of love, but she looked even younger.

Song Ci praised Di Rongrong for being young, but Di Rongrong told her softly, “I just had a shot of uric acid a few days ago. Am I much prettier now?”

Song Ci gave Di Rongrong a big thumbs-up. “Yes, of course.” Song Ci leaned close to Di Rongrong and asked in a small voice, “Which beauty salon did Godmother go to? I will go for a few injections when I am old.”

Di Rongrong said a name and Song Ci remembered it.

Shen Yubei saw Song Ci and Di Rongrong whispering together. He walked over, grabbed Song Ci’s ear, and said to her, “Stay away from my wife. She will lead you astray.”

Song Ci really wanted to say: Teacher, I was never a clean and kind child.

Di Rongrong rolled her eyes at Shen Yubei, before walking over with a smile and hugging Han Aoyu’s arm. “Uncle Han, long time no see. I miss you so much.”

Amongst the children, Di Rongrong was the most coquettish.

Han Aoyu purposely pulled a long face and pretended to be angry. “Rongrong, you’re already married and you don’t even come to visit Uncle Han. How heartless.”

After Han Aoyu finished speaking, he saw Shen Yubei walking over and carrying the gifts respectfully. Han Aoyu hurriedly put on a serious face and said to Shen Yubei, “Yubei, you can just come. There’s no need to bring gifts.”

“Just a token of my appreciation.”

As Shen Yubei was Song Ci’s teacher and had watched her grow up, Han Aoyu had always treated Shen Yubei as Song Ci’s family.

Han Aoyu looked at Shen Yubei and Di Rongrong. He thought of something and said, “That year, Zhanzhan and Song Lass got married. At the family banquet, I felt that there might be a chance between Rongrong and Yubei when I saw them flirting.”

“I even mentioned this to Buhui later. Buhui even said that I was overthinking things. How is it, Buhui? In terms of insight, this old man is still slightly better than you.”

Hearing this, everyone roared with laughter. Zhong Buhui also nodded and praised Han Aoyu. “Of course Old Master is better than me.”

Meanwhile, Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei’s faces were red.

Han Aoyu took a deep look at Di Rongrong. He told her, “You did the right thing. Divorcing that child Huo Jing-an is a form of release. You let yourself off. You should have done this long ago.”

Di Rongrong’s parents had already passed away more than 10 years ago. Hearing this from Uncle Han, Di Rongrong felt like a wronged child who had just seen her father. For a moment, she felt very sour and almost cried.

Luckily, Shen Yubei hugged her waist in time and brought her to see Han Miao, Han Jun, and the new Little Xingxing. Only then did she forget about this.

Jin Luolan only arrived when dinner was almost ready.

This time, Jin Luolan brought her own husband. His name was Chen Zui and he was the head of CCTV. Chen Zui was especially busy at work and the two of them seldom met but had a good relationship. It was just that he didn’t have any children.

They were a dink family and treated Han Zhan as their own child.

Song Ci had been married to Han Zhan for nearly three years and this was the first time she saw Chen Zui.

It was their first time meeting and Chen Zui had shown enough kindness and friendliness to Song Ci. He smiled and said, “I know you. When you were young and performing on the Spring Festival Gala with Teacher Shen, you…” Chen Zui stretched out his hand and gestured.” You were only as tall as my waist. ”

Song Ci had attended the Spring Festival Gala once when she was young. It was Shen Yubei who brought her along. She was only 9 years old then.

Song Ci didn’t expect Chen Zui to still remember her and felt very flattered. “So Director Chen still remembers me.”

Chen Zui said, “How can I not remember? One of the buttons on your gown broke and you were crying backstage.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Oh, so all he remembered was my embarrassing incident.

Han Zhan was still intrigued by this past story. After Chen Zui left, he pulled Song Ci and asked her, “You even appeared on the Spring Festival Gala?”

Song Ci looked up proudly. “Am I giving you face?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan said, “I am proud of you.”

At this point, Song Ci still didn’t guess what Han Zhan wanted to do.

After the meal, the guest sat down and chatted for a long time. When it was 9.40pm, she got up and bid farewell. After the guest left, Song Ci coaxed the children to sleep before entering the bathtub to take a bath.

She took a bath and played with her cell phone.

Opening her WeChat friend circle, she scrolled down two pages and saw Han Zhan’s post three hours ago.

Brother Fattie: [Look what I discovered. My wife actually participated in the Spring Festival Gala 15 years ago! This little girl in a yellow princess dress is my wife. Isn’t she very cute? Mrs. Han, I am proud of you. Screenshot.jps]

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Ci’s skin turned red.

She felt embarrassed.

After Song Ci finished bathing, she came out wrapped in a towel. Han Zhan was sitting by the bed checking his friends’ replies.

Hearing footsteps, Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci. “Come, Baby Ci, look at how everyone praises you.”

Song Ci sat down beside Han Zhan.

She turned to look at Han Zhan’s cell phone and saw a large group of big shots praising Han Zhan —

Golden Jade CEO Liu: Mrs. Han has been smart and adorable since she was young. She was already a beauty when she was young and even more so when she grew up. Mr. Han is so fortunate!

Aksa Vice-President Zhang: Ah, back then, I already felt that this young lady was adorable and good at violin. At that time, I even thought that when this young lady grew up, whoever could marry her would benefit. Mr. Han, you and Mrs. Han are truly a dragon among men, a perfect couple!)

XX Bank President: What a lovely little wife…

Song Ci felt awkward. “Don’t these people feel embarrassed when they close their eyes and suck up to you?”

But Han Zhan said, “What sucking up? They are speaking the truth.”

Song Ci just wanted to roll her eyes.

The next day, not only was Song Ci’s appearance on the Spring Festival Gala trending on Weibo, Du Junfei even stole a screenshot and posted it on INS, attracting the attention of fans of “Le Chi”.

Song Ci was already used to being watched and teased. The next day, she still dressed up beautifully and prepared to move house with Han Zhan.

Song Ci and the rest woke up early.

Early in the morning, when the first rays of the morning sun shone on the Imperial Dragon Villa, the main door of the villa opened on time.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci over the fire basin and entered the villa first.

Behind him were Old Master, a group of godmothers, Song Fei, Yan Jiang, and his family and friends. It was a lively and bustling scene. Every single one of them was a top big boss who could influence a region.

There were also reporters and media who secretly ran over and hid in the forest to set up cameras to secretly capture this scene and post it on Weibo, causing a heated discussion.

Guests arrived at 9am.

The butler led everyone on a tour of the Imperial Dragon Villa. When this group of big shots saw the beautiful and exquisite starry dome directly above the living room, they all looked in awe.

In terms of money, Han Zhan was the richest.

He had packed the entire galaxy into his house!

The curtains covering the dome were all closed. The stars above shone like real stars in the sky.

The butler told all the guests, “The Imperial Dragon Villa was designed by an internationally-renowned architect, Mr. Lin Youlu. The sky above our heads was provided by Mr. Han. The inspiration came from our wife. Madam has a very beautiful pair of eyes. The first time Mr. Han saw Madam, he saw the sea of stars in her eyes.”

Hearing this, the big shots all smiled ambiguously. “So it was love at first sight?” The person who spoke had a frivolous tone. Perhaps he wanted to say that he was aroused by lust.

The butler smiled faintly and answered flawlessly. “Love at first sight is more suitable.”

Hearing this, that person looked embarrassed.

The butler brought them to the amusement park at the back of the mountain.

When they saw that Han Zhan had actually built an amusement park for the children on the hill behind their house, everyone’s hearts welled up with jealousy.

The butler pointed at the ferris wheel again. “Someone once said that Madam is arrogant and looks down on those who invited her to take the ferris wheel. In the future, she will marry a rich person who is willing to build a ferris wheel for her.”

After a pause, the butler noticed everyone’s strange expressions and said lightly, “Mr. Han dotes on Madam and couldn’t bear for her to queue up for a ferris wheel, so he got someone to build this huge ferris wheel.”

Everyone exclaimed.

What a shameless rich man!

Han Zhan, you spoil your wife so much. Aren’t you afraid that she will climb over your head in the future and rebel?

Song Ci and Han Zhan were accompanying the guests at the banquet hall. She stood by the window and looked at the group of people at the back of the mountain. Meanwhile, their conversation with the butler was transmitted to Han Zhan and Song Ci via the earpiece on the butler’s ear.

Song Ci observed the butler’s performance and said to Han Zhan, “This Butler Cai is a wonderful person.”

He was humorous and could handle all sorts of people. One look and he was obviously the butler.

Han Zhan said, “He’s very capable.”

After the butler’s exaggeration, this group of big shots understood how much Han Zhan doted on his little wife.

Song Fei and Yan Jiang arrived at the racecourse alone. The groom saw Song Fei and guessed her identity. “Miss Song Fei.” The only person who could hold Song Fei’s hand was Madam’s brother-in-law, Mr. Yan Jiang. “Mr. Yan.”

Song Fei nodded at the uncle and asked, “Can we ride this horse for a while?”

The uncle said, “This horse is pregnant. If you guys want to ride a horse, I suggest you ride that black one.”

Knowing that the horse was pregnant, Song Fei didn’t insist and pulled Yan Jiang towards that black horse. Song Fei didn’t know how to ride a horse, but Yan Jiang had learned it in the past for variety shows. Yan Jiang boarded the horse first and reached out to Song Fei.

Song Fei trusted Yan Jiang very much and let him hold her hand as they sat on the horse.

The two of them sat on the horse’s back. Song Fei suddenly became interested and sang to the sky. “You fell from the sky and landed on my horse. Your jade-like appearance, clear eyes, and a faint smile makes my heart burn…”

Song Fei’s singing was not good. She was tone-deaf.

Yan Jiang couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “I want to go to the toilet. Ah Fei, let’s go back.”

Song Fei was still slightly unhappy that her singing was suddenly interrupted. She muttered. “A lazy person is always full of shit.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

I am very innocent.

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