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Chapter 267: Brother, I Am Wrong

Zhang Pan’an saw that the man behind Han Zhan was crying without warning. He narrowed his vicious eyes and stared at Su Wen thoughtfully for a moment before understanding why this person was crying.

“You are that little burden?”

The two brothers had always addressed Liu Dalun’s brother as a little burden.

Zhang Pan’an looked at Su Wen with a strange expression. He really didn’t expect that that skinny little kid back then would be so handsome and good-looking when he reached adulthood. He was no shorter than his brother.

“I couldn’t tell. Your brother looks like he came from an unorthodox background. You are different from your brother. You look like a cultured person.”

Zhang Panan was blind this time. He didn’t know that his so-called cultured person was actually a killer whose hands were stained with the blood of countless people.

Zhang Panan also found it interesting that Han Zhan and the rest didn’t agree. He stared at the high-quality material on Su Wen’s body and said excitedly, “Did you have a good fortune after you separated from your brother? Hey, what did you do after you got lost that year?”

“Were you sold to a rich young master?”

If he didn’t meet rich people, he wouldn’t know Han Zhan and the rest.

Be a rich young master?

Su Wen had already wiped his tears at some point. Hearing his words, he smiled and told Zhang Panan calmly, “No. We have a cheap life. How can we be the young master of a rich person?”

Zhang Panan agreed with Su Wen’s words and nodded. “That’s true. Rich people don’t pick people like you when they adopted children.”

But he was curious again. “What did you do after you separated from your brother?”

Su Wen said, “I was sold to a drug lord as a child laborer.”

Hearing this, Zhang Pan’an’s eyes revealed shock. He was in this line of work and naturally knew what kind of life the child labor in this line of work led.

Zhang Pan’an looked at Su Wen meaningfully. He said, “It hasn’t been easy for you either.” Looking at his current attire and the identity of his friends, he had obviously left the quagmire and had a decent and luxurious life.

To be able to walk out of that poisonous nest, this child must be doing very well now.

Su Wen stared at the handcuffs on Zhang Pan’an’s hands and smiled. He actually said, “It hasn’t been easy for you either. You’re not used to staying here everyday without freedom.”

Zhang Pan’an nodded. “I am used to calling the shots outside. I am really not used to suddenly entering here. But there is a good thing about this place. It is safe.”

This prison was built well, the people inside would not be able to escape and the people outside would not be able to enter either.

Staying inside, Zhang Panan didn’t need to worry about being taken revenge. He didn’t need to worry that one night, he would wake up with a gun pressed against his temple to threaten his life.

Hearing this, Su Wen smiled strangely and turned to leave without looking at Zhang Pan’an again.

After obtaining the truth that he yearned to know, there was no point in staying any longer.

After Su Wen left, the rest also got up and left. Zhang Pan’an saw that Han Zhan left just like that and was slightly anxious. “Lone Wolf, you’re leaving just like that? What about the thing you promised me?”

Didn’t he say that he would remove my ankle cuffs?

Han Zhan tilted his head slightly and glanced sideways at the expectant Zhang Pan’an. The corners of his lips curled up playfully as he asked Zhang Pan’an curiously, “Look, do I look like the kind of person who will do what I say?” He didn’t look like a naive person.

Hearing this, Zhang Pan’an was stunned.

“You tricked me?” Zhang Pan’an’s gaze turned malicious.

Han Zhan told him, “I am famous for being untrustworthy.” With that, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci away.

Zhang Pan’an didn’t expect Han Zhan to be fooling him. He smiled angrily and gritted his teeth. “Lone Wolf, when I get out, I will definitely kill you!”

Han Zhan stared at Su Wen’s silent and calm back view and thought to himself, You have to be able to come out first.

Su Wen was famous for being ruthless. After knowing that Zhang Pan’an had insulted Ah Lun, if Su Wen could still let Zhang Pan’an continue breathing the world’s air, Han Zhan would write his name backwards.

On the way back to Wangdong City, Su Wen remained silent. He was holding the photo that he had gotten from Song Ci.

Gazing at his elder brother’s childhood in the photo, his elder brother’s face gradually grew from a blurry image in Su Wen’s mind. His nose, eyes, and mouth gradually became vivid.

Some of the memories that should have been forgotten also resurfaced.

“Little Jun, go to the south and go to Guangdong. The economy there is very developed. I heard from Second Old Master Gu that his Brother Dongzi has gone to Guangdong and made it big!”

“Brother Dongzi doted on me the most when we were young. We’ll go to Guangdong to seek refuge with him and have a good life with him. Little Jun, just bear with it a little longer. I will bring you to live a good life.”

As they spoke, Su Wen and his elder brother were sitting in a van that was filled with pigs. They had secretly climbed into the van and the driver didn’t even know of their existence.

They traveled all the way to Guangzhou.

At that time, the Dandong train station in the Dandong City District had yet to be completed. Meanwhile, the Guangzhou train station was the most famous train station in the country. The little Su Wen stood in front of the crowded Guangzhou train station and looked up at the words “Guangzhou Station” with a lost expression.

Only when they arrived in Guangzhou did they realize how prosperous and vast this city was. It was far from what the Feng City of that era could compare with Dandong.

Su Wen was a country bumpkin who had entered a big city. His face turned red when he saw those fashionable ladies by the roadside. Why were all the people here bare-legged? They didn’t even cover their buttocks.

As he was staring at a girl’s butt, he had even been scolded as a hooligan. His elder brother was afraid that he would be beaten up, so he hurriedly pulled him away.

They didn’t manage to find Brother Dongzi in the big city. Their days were getting worse and worse. When they spent all the money they took from home, their brother could only bring him to beg.

That period of time was very tough for them. Often, two steamed buns would last a day and the steamed buns would turn cold and hard. Su Wen even had to bite them with all his might to swallow them.

Occasionally, when they had money, Su Wen and his elder brother would have to lick the oil off their plates when they ate stir-fried river powder.

Su Wen should have long forgotten all those distant memories, but on the way back, he recalled many old memories.

Perhaps because he was a killer and had been trained since a young age, Su Wen was very good at memory management. As a result, he would definitely remember some memories if he had a strong urge to recall them again.

After returning to Wangdong City, Su Wen was immersed in those sad memories from a long time ago. He had always been in a very low mood, with a huge rock pressing against his chest. His chest ached as he panted.

Han Zhan saw that Su Wen’s face was pale and suddenly said, “Your brother’s belongings are still in the dormitory. Do you want to take a look?”

Su Wen lifted his head and took a few deep breaths. Only when the tightness in his chest subsided slightly did he agree.

The so-called dormitory was actually a high-class community. Entry and exit had to be strictly vetted.

Long Yu swiped the owner card and brought Han Zhan and the rest into the community.

Ever since Long Yu found out that the man sitting beside him was Ah Lun’s younger brother, his attitude had undergone a 180-degree change. He looked at him as if he was his own younger brother. He was especially warm and friendly.

As they walked, Long Yu explained to Su Wen. “This district is under Mr. Han’s name. All the employees in Building 7 are from Zeus Corporation. Ah Lun, Big Snake, and I stay in a suite.”

Long Yu brought Su Wen home.

The moment he entered the house, Su Wen looked up and saw a photo hanging on the wall of the living room. It was a photo of a gathering at the end of the year. In the photo, a group of men and four to five women were standing half-naked behind a hotpot table with smiles on their faces.

Su Wen recognized his brother at a glance.

His brother was the same as Han Zhan, both very tall, nearly 1.9 meters tall. But Han Zhan had the figure of a male god who looked lean and muscular in clothes, while he had the figure of a strong man who looked muscular in clothes.

The petite Long Yu happened to be standing beside Ah Lun, so Su Wen recognized him at a glance.

Su Wen moved his gaze away from the photo and scanned the layout of the hall. The dormitory was decorated simply. On the clean coffee table were several military-related books and a stack of neatly stacked poker cards. It fully showed that this was a house for retired single men.

Long Yu pointed at the empty training room and said, “Your brother’s room has already been occupied by someone. Big Snake and I have kept all your brother’s belongings and piled them up in the training room, hoping that someone will come and collect them one day.”

He had thought that he would never get to see that day again. Unexpectedly, Ah Lun’s younger brother had come.

“We didn’t know what was important either, so we packed everything that looked important. Little Jun…” Under Ah Lun’s influence, Long Yu and the rest subconsciously felt that Su Wen called Little Jun.

Only when she called him Little Jun did Long Yu realize that something was off. He hurriedly said, “Su Wen, go in and take a look yourself. We won’t disturb you anymore.”

Su Wen already knew that it was Long Yu, Big Snake, and the rest who had buried his elder brother. Su Wen was truly grateful to Long Yu. “Thank you, Brother Long. Also, you can just call me Little Jun in the future.”

Long Yu sighed and patted Su Wen’s shoulder. “Ah Lun and I have known each other for more than 10 years. We are as close as brothers. Su Wen, just treat me as your elder brother.”

Su Wen nodded and entered the training room.

Only then did Long Yu remember that Han Zhan and the rest were still here. He hurriedly invited Han Zhan and the two beautiful ladies to sit.

Long Yu and the rest didn’t like coffee and rarely drank tea. There was only a bucket of mineral water in the house. Long Yu was very embarrassed. He scratched his head and said to Song Ci, “Madam, I never expected you to come to our house. There’s only mineral water. Do you want some?”

Song Ci could drink anything. “Sure.”

Orianna said, “Me too.”

Long Yu took out a disinfected cup and was about to pour some water when he heard Han Zhan say, “Madam doesn’t drink cold water.”

During Song Ci’s pregnancy, Han Zhan almost didn’t allow her to drink cold water and eat ice cream. After giving birth, Han Zhan still didn’t allow Song Ci to eat cold food. He said that she needed to take care of herself after giving birth, otherwise she would suffer from menstrual disease.

In some aspects, Han Zhan was very stubborn and conservative.

Later on, after being injured by Edward, Song Ci completely turned into a fragile porcelain baby. She couldn’t be touched or splashed by cold water. As a result, under Han Zhan’s coercion, Song Ci was already used to drinking warm water and not even cold water.

Long Yu also knew how much Mr. Han cared about Madam. Without any complaints, he found a teapot and obediently boiled a pot of water.

The atmosphere outside the living room was still rather lively. Meanwhile, in the training room, when Su Wen found the tickets Ah Lun had hidden in the metal box, he broke down again.

These train tickets, high-speed rail tickets, and plane tickets were evidence left behind by Ah Lun after he received news of his brother’s whereabouts over the years.

Behind every receipt was a sentence. It was all written after Ah Lun’s disappointed return. Those words were very small and messy when squeezed together.

Ah Lun was not well-educated and his handwriting was not good. As Su Wen had studied Chinese before, he knew how to read.

— On this trip to Wanzhou, I met that boy suspected to be Little Jun. Even if Little Jun was going to starve to death, he wouldn’t rob, but he robbed.

– I went to Yixing and met him. He does look somewhat like my younger brother when he was young. We did a blood test and he is not my younger brother.

– I had a dream last night. I dreamed that Little Jun asked me why I lost him back then. How could I not want you? Little Jun, are you still alive?

Su Wen looked at the message after the three receipts and didn’t have the courage to continue reading. Thinking of how his elder brother had to go through the process of going from anticipation to disappointment in order to find him, Su Wen’s heart felt like it was being torn apart.

Su Wen hugged that metal box and finally cried bitterly.

“Brother, I’m sorry.”

“I was too childish, Brother. I was ignorant.”

“I was wrong.”

“I was wrong…”

The receipts fell out of the metal box one by one, but their owner would never appear again and would never collect them neatly again.

He had made so many trips but he could not wait for the last one.

The few people outside the room fell silent when they heard Su Wen’s heart-wrenching cries. They stared silently at the tightly shut door of the training room.

Worry was written all over Orianna’s face, but she couldn’t break in and hug Su Wen.

At this point, Su Wen needed to be alone to vent.

Before Su Wen left, he had taken away Ah Lun’s collection of gadgets, bottles, and prop guns. Even that metal box was taken away by him.

After leaving the dormitory, Su Wen thanked Han Zhan solemnly.

“Mr. Han, sorry to trouble you this time. Thank you.” Su Wen seldom thanked others, but today was the second time he thanked someone.

Han Zhan grabbed Su Wen’s shoulder and said, “Su Wen, I am very sorry for your brother’s death.”

Because of their family, Su Wen lost his elder brother. Han Zhan was very sorry about this.

Su Wen didn’t answer. His gaze shifted to Song Ci’s face.

Song Ci lowered her head, her eyes slightly red. She was obviously feeling sad for Ah Lun’s death.

Su Wen knew that Song Ci felt very guilty. He hugged Ah Lun’s belongings and said to Song Ci, “Song, my brother is your bodyguard. It is his responsibility to protect you. My brother didn’t die for you. He died for his career.”

“If it were anyone else, he would have done the same.”

“So, please don’t feel guilty anymore.”

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