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Chapter 266: Heartbreaking Truth of the Abandonment

To Orianna, this bit of money was nothing. It was not even worth mentioning.

Only after hearing Han Zhan’s words did Song Ci accept the bank card.

After knowing Orianna’s awesome identity, Song Ci looked at Su Wen as if she was looking at her own kind. They were both married to the richest people!

Han Zhan changed into casual clothes and brought Su Wen and Orianna to the men’s prison in Wanyu County.

Long Yu had received a call in advance and came over to wait. When he saw Han Zhan, he was still slightly embarrassed. Long Yu shook his head and tried hard to forget the scene of Han Zhan chasing him out of the car last night.

The four of them boarded the same car. Su Wen sat in the passenger seat, while Orianna sat in the backseat with Song Ci and the rest.

Along the way, the atmosphere was very silent.

The prison was located beside the provincial road between Wanyu County and Wangdong City. There were a total of six men’s prisons, and the person Han Zhan and the rest were going to meet was being detained in the first prison, which was also a major one.

They first went to the prison office building, logged in, got permission to visit, and drove to the First Prison.

The First Prison was the closest to the office building. The walls of the prison were covered in an inescapable net. Those metal nets were all connected.

This prison was filled with stubborn people who refused to give in. They committed all sorts of evil outside and were also unwilling to resign to their fate inside.

There was once a hilarious incident here.

As they knew that it was impossible to escape after entering prison, someone imitated Xiao Shenk’s act of redemption and used eight years to clear the tunnel, but the exit was the second prison.

At that time, when that criminal crawled out of the hole and was held by the prison guard of the Second Prison with a gun to his head, he broke down and cried bitterly.

Even now, that man was still serving his sentence in the First Prison.

The prison was very strict. Song Ci’s legs went limp the moment she got close to the prison. Han Zhan held her hand, patted it, and told her, “What are you afraid of? It’s not like you will enter here.”

Song Ci was not comforted.

On the other hand, Su Wen, the top assassin in the triad, actually walked into the prison so naturally and without any discomfort.

Song Ci thought to herself that a killer was indeed a killer. His mental fortitude was awesome.

They waited in the meeting room for six to seven minutes. The prison guard from the First Prison received the call early and quickly brought the prisoner over.

It was a skinny man in his fifties. He looked very honest and plain. He didn’t look like the drug dealer Song Ci had imagined at all.

However, one look and one could tell that he was a ruthless character.

This person had been jailed and tortured, but he still had a set of tough bones and a pair of bright eyes. This kind of person was the kind of thief who would continue to commit evil if he was released.

The person Su Wen wanted to meet was called Zhang Pan’an. That’s right, it was that Pan’an who looked like Pan’an [1. Pan’an is a historic character that is known for his good looks and flirtish character].

Zhang Pan’an’s hands and feet were all handcuffed. It was said that he had nearly killed someone in prison. As he was the top criminal, the prison had no choice but to handcuff him.

Zhang Panan sat down on a chair.

After he sat down, his dark eyes scanned the people outside the glass and finally stopped on Han Zhan’s face.

“Lone Wolf from the southwest mountainous region…” He used a bone-eating tone and slowly recited Han Zhan’s nickname in the military.

That year, Zhang Pan’an’s elder brother, Zhang Mao’an, was ambushed at sea. Zhang Pan’an wanted to take revenge and spent a lot of effort to find information on several main enemies.

After Han Zhan retired from the military, Zhang Pan’an came to seek revenge on Han Zhan. In the end…

In the end, he lost a leg.

Zhang Pan’an’s left foot started to ache slightly.

Everyone knew that Zhang Panan was a cripple, but no one knew that the person who made him a cripple was Zeus Corporation’s CEO, Han Zhan.

Zhang Panan glared at Han Zhan fiercely, as if he wanted to eat his flesh!

If it was half a year ago, Song Ci would never have dared to look Zhang Pan’an in the eye. But after Edward’s guidance and love, Song Ci’s mental fortitude had also improved.

Han Zhan’s expression remained unchanged as he calmly sat down on the chair opposite Zhang Pan’an, allowing him to glare at him. The most extreme evil he had ever seen—trash like Zhang Pan’an was not worthy of his attention.

After a moment, seeing that Zhang Panan was still staring at him, Han Zhan asked curiously, “Don’t your eyes hurt if you keep staring at me like that?”

Zhang Panan was speechless.

“Lone Wolf.” Zhang Panan’s voice was also very uncomfortable, like grinding bones. He said, “Why are you looking for me? We are not friends.”

“Let me ask you something.”

Zhang Panan sneered. “I don’t know anything.”

“You don’t know?” Han Zhan got up, actually went around that door, entered directly, and came to Zhang Pan’an’s side. Zhang Pan’an was shocked. “You…”

How can he come in so casually?

Han Zhan took out a cigarette from his pocket, took one, and placed it in Zhang Pan’an’s mouth.

Zhang Panan had not smoked in a long time and instinctively bit the filter.

Han Zhan personally lit the cigarette for him.

Zhang Panan took a deep drag on his cigarette, as if he was cramping.

It was a good cigarette.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Han Zhan grabbed his head!

Han Zhan pressed Zhang Panan’s head on the table in front of him. “Be good. If you don’t be good, your grave will have smoke on this day next year.”

This’ cigarette ‘was not a cigarette that Zhang Pan’an was smoking. Instead, it was the kind used to worship the dead.

Since Han Zhan could enter and threaten him in front of the staff, he could indeed do what he said.

Zhang Pan’an was a ruthless person, but he was also afraid of death.

He bit his cigarette. “What do you want to know?”

Only then did Han Zhan let go of Zhang Pan’an and walked back elegantly.

Across the glass, Han Zhan sat on a chair while Su Wen stood behind him. Han Zhan asked Zhang Pan’an, “Are you and Zhang Mao’an biological brothers?”

“Cousins, but we’re closer than biological brothers.”


Zhang Pan’an was slightly puzzled to suddenly hear his elder brother’s name from Han Zhan. “My elder brother has been dead for so many years. Why are you asking this?”

Han Zhan didn’t answer Zhang Pan’an’s question. He asked again, “What feud does Liu Dalun have with your brother?”

Zhang Pan’an’s eyes were filled with hatred at the mention of Liu Dalun’s name.

“Liu Dalun…” Zhang Pan’an sneered.” That little puppy. If I knew he would be our nemesis when he grows up, I would have killed him back then! ”

It looked like they had a deep relationship.

“Oh, be more specific?”

Zhang Pan’an suddenly gave a strange smile. “If I say it, will my sentence be reduced?”

Han Zhan looked at him disdainfully and asked, “Do you think a piece of trash like you has the right to talk about reducing your sentence?”

Zhang Pan’an was stumped.

He looked embarrassed.

Zhang Pan’an closed his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “Liu Dalun hates us brothers because we caused him to lose his brother.”

Su Wen’s eyes flashed as he instinctively asked, “What did you guys do?”

Suddenly, Zhang Pan’an heard an unfamiliar male voice in Chinese. He opened his eyes and glanced at the man behind Han Zhan.

He couldn’t help asking, “Who are you?”

Han Zhan raised his left hand. Su Wen saw from behind and immediately shut his mouth.

Han Zhan crossed his overly long legs, his left hand tapping aimlessly on the leather glove on his right hand. He said, “Tell me what you guys did to Ah Lun’s brother the day he got lost.”

Seeing that Zhang Pan’an kept his mouth shut and clearly didn’t want to cooperate, Han Zhan threw down the bait and told Zhang Panan, “If you say it, this leg cuff can be exempted.”

Zhang Pan’an’s expression softened slightly. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It happened many years ago. I don’t remember very clearly either.”

“Tell me as much as you remember.”

With Han Zhan’s words, Zhang Pan’an was relieved. He said, “It must have been more than 12 years ago. At that time, my brother and I were only in our teens and were working for others in Guangzhou.”

“At that time, we lived near the train station. In that era, near the train station was a place to accumulate wealth. Our brothers were in charge of robbing and so on.”

“That dog Liu Dalun was very poor when he was young. He was a beggar. He brought his brother along and asked for money near the train station everyday.”

“Sometimes, we brothers rob him when we don’t have anything to gain. That guy is quite capable at earning money. In that era, he could earn a few dollars every day.”

Han Zhan listened calmly and his expression didn’t change, but Song Ci frequently frowned. Even the little beggar’s money was shot. The Zhang brothers were really embarrassing.

“Under our oppression, Liu Dalun and his brother were always hungry and couldn’t eat their fill. One day, it seemed to be early winter and it was slightly cold.”

The reason why he remembered it so clearly was because they had made a big deal that day. They had killed a woman and received tens of thousands of yuan in cash.

]The two brothers went to buy a flashy leather jacket.

Until now, Zhang Pan’an still remembered the pleasant smell of his leather jacket.

Zhang Pan’an savored the leather smell of the leather jacket before saying slowly, “When we went to the train station, we happened to see Liu Dalun kneeling on the ground asking for food. He said that his brother was dying of hunger.”

“We saw that his brother was very skinny and lying at the shelter. He indeed looked like he was about to starve to death. We usually liked to bully Liu Dalun, so I went with my brother to buy a few buns and mantous. We sprinkled some laxatives on the bun and lied to Liu Dalun that it was rat poison.”

“My brother told Liu Dalun that as long as he kneels down and eats all these steamed buns and kowtows to us to thank us, we will give him 1,000 yuan to let them lead a good life.”

“Actually, we also wanted to tease Liu Dalun. But I didn’t expect that Liu Dalun would really kneel down on one knee and eat all the buns in big bites, even though he knew that he would die after eating them.”

“At that time, we were all stunned and slightly regretful.”

Zhang Pan’an was filled with hatred at the mention of Liu Dalun, but he respected him.

How could it not be admirable for an eight- or nine-year-old child to do that for his younger brother?

At that time, Zhang Pan’an and Zhang Mao’an were slightly moved and planned to give their brother 100 yuan to let Liu Dalun leave.


“Before he finished the last bun, Liu Dalun’s younger brother suddenly woke up and rushed over to shout at him. It was quite a big commotion and attracted the attention of the patrol officers. We just killed someone and were most afraid of running into the police. After his younger brother caused such a scene, we hurriedly left.”

“We went again in a few days. That crazy dog Liu Dalun is chasing after us with a machete!” Zhang Panan pulled up the jacket of his prison uniform, revealing the scar on his arm. He said, “Look, this was cut by that crazy dog!”

“After that, the police saw us and saved us. Only then did we know that Liu Dalun’s brother had gone missing. Just like that, the feud between us and Liu Dalun was formed.”

With that, Zhang Pan’an felt aggrieved. He said, “We didn’t really drug him with rat poison. We just wanted to tease him. If his brother gets lost, he can’t blame us!”

“His brother is so pretentious and loves to run around. He deserves to get lost. Why blame us…” Zhang Pan’an complained.

Meanwhile, after knowing the truth that his elder brother had eaten steamed buns behind his back, Su Wen’s eyes were filled with tears.

The truth that he had hated for more than 20 years was actually like this!

His elder brother was not secretly eating behind his back. He was fighting for him!

His elder brother had scolded him to get lost and called him a burden. It was not his intention at all. His elder brother was just angry at his rashness and caused them to lose 1,000 yuan of life-saving money!

That was a thousand yuan that his elder brother had risked his life for!

He ran away angrily. His elder brother didn’t take the initiative to woo him and didn’t really want to abandon him. His elder brother was just angry.

Perhaps his elder brother really thought that he had eaten rat poison and would die very soon. As a result, he didn’t dare to chase after him and didn’t dare to let his younger brother see him die…

Tears streamed down Su Wen’s face.

I don’t want such a truth!

I would rather my elder brother be truly gluttonous and despised me for being a burden than to hear such a heart-wrenching truth…

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