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Chapter 265: Gzving Redi Packets is Lame, Give A Bank Card!

The applause was all the guests’ affirmation of Han Zhan.

Song Ci was clapping the hardest and her palms were all red. Han Zhan stood on the stage and looked over at Song Ci. Seeing Song Ci clapping so hard, he felt pain for her palm.

Below the stage, many big shots who had been suppressed by Zeus Corporation in the business scene all scolded Han Zhan for being a pompous hypocrite.

His words were smooth but his heart was very black.

Even so, they still had to cheer for Han Zhan with smiles all over their faces. After all, countless cameras were aimed at their faces.

Han Zhan was so pretentious that if this speech was released, it would probably appear in textbooks and exam papers.

Han Zhan held the trophy and got off the stage. Once he sat down and waited for the camera to move away, he asked Song Ci softly, “How is it? Does my improvised speech sound full of positive energy?”

He was moved by his righteous self.

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and nodded. “Brother Han is awesome. Even my essay is not as outstanding as yours.” This was not just outstanding, it was heavenly!

Han Zhan lovingly stroked Song Ci’s head and replied without any reservations, “So, this is why I can be Zeus Corporation’s boss while you can only be the lady boss.”

Song Ci could hear the deep slander in Han Zhan’s words and couldn’t help but glare at him.

After the banquet ended, Song Ci scrolled through Weibo and saw Zeus International’s official website reposting the video of Han Zhan winning the award and posting it. Below, tens of thousands of people were boasting about Han Zhan.

Some praised Han Zhan for being handsome, some praised him for being upright, and of course, some praised Song Ci for having good taste.

Song Ci secretly turned to look at Han Zhan. Under the dim light, Han Zhan was dozing off with his head lowered. His hair was combed back, revealing his handsome face.

He was so handsome that he even slept like that.

Song Ci couldn’t resist reaching out her index finger and tracing between Han Zhan’s brows, down the roots of his brows and the tip of his nose.

Her movements were very light. It was more like teasing than caressing.

Just as her fingers slid into Han Zhan’s body, Han Zhan suddenly opened his mouth and bit Song Ci’s finger. Shocked, Song Ci wanted to draw it out but didn’t succeed.

Han Zhan licked Song Ci’s fingertips, making her blush before letting go of him.

Turning to look at Song Ci’s shy manner, Han Zhan’s heart warmed. On impulse, he suddenly said to Long Yu, “Stop the car by the side. Brother Long, you go back first.”

Long Yu was stunned and asked foolishly, “What’s the matter, Mr. Han?” He didn’t have anything urgent to attend to tonight.

Han Zhan said, “Brother Long, you’re not young anymore. It’s time to find a girlfriend. The streets are bustling at night recently. You should go and take a look too. You might meet Sister Long.”

Brother Long said, “Oh.”

Brother Long alighted obediently. He took out his cell phone and asked Big Snake to drive over to fetch him. Meanwhile, he was puzzled as to why Mr. Han suddenly cared about his personal love life.

After walking for over a hundred meters, Brother Long finally understood what Han Zhan meant.

Damn it!

I am so stupid!

Mr. Han is such a beast. This is outside!

Long Yu felt slightly sad. He really wanted to fall in love.

Long Yu squatted down at the foot of the mountain to enjoy the cold wind, waiting for Big Snake to fetch him.

Meanwhile, inside the car, Han Zhan was slowly loosening the collar pin, revealing his seductive collarbone that was hidden tightly by the shirt and his chest that was slightly fairer because he had been covering it for a long time.

Song Ci narrowed her eyes and watched with interest as Han Zhan seduced her.

Only when Han Zhan unbuttoned three to four buttons of his shirt and looked like he was about to stop did Song Ci remind Han Zhan. “Brother Han, your injuries haven’t recovered yet.”

Han Zhan paused.

He looked at Song Ci encouragingly and enticed her. “I know. That’s why you do it.”

Song Ci moved but he didn’t.

Song Ci was speechless.

Oh, she had forgotten that this could happen.

It was already 11pm by the time they got home.

Zhong Buhui was still awake and in the yard in a horse stance. He saw Han Zhan driving back himself. When he alighted, his hair was in a mess, and the hair on his head looked like it had been ruthlessly trampled on.

“Zhanzhan, why are you back so late?” Zhong Buhui pouted at the house. He said, “Old Master knew that you had won the award and was happy to send red packets everywhere on WeChat. He wanted to congratulate you in person, but after waiting for so long and not seeing anyone, he went to bed first.”

Han Zhan said, “I had some supper outside and came back late.”

Han Zhan told Zhong Buhui, “Sleep early, Uncle Zhong.”

With that, he pulled Song Ci out of the car.

Song Ci bowed her head and greeted Uncle Zhong before entering the house with Han Zhan. Returning to the room, Song Ci took off her dirty dress and hurried to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Song Ci was too embarrassed to send the gown for dry cleaning.

She stared at the dirty gown and said sadly, “What should I do, Han Zhan? This gown will be ruined by hand washing. It will be embarrassing to send it for dry cleaning.”

Han Zhan said, “Then don’t.”

“I’ve only worn it once.”

Han Zhan pointed at Song Ci’s room full of clothes and said, “Which gown have you worn twice?”

That’s true.

Han Zhan was slightly tired and laid down.

Song Ci took a shower and revived on the spot. She held Han Zhan’s trophy, touching and kissing it as if it was her big baby. “Where should we put this?”

Song Ci was overjoyed, as if her own child had scored 200 marks.

Han Zhan just wanted to sleep. Hearing this, he said, “Just put it anywhere.”

The next morning, after Han Zhan had a good night’s sleep and came downstairs feeling refreshed, he saw his trophy placed on the small table in the living room.

Usually, Old Master’s tea can was placed there. Anyone who placed it there would be able to see it at first glance.

Han Zhan was already an old man. Staring at that trophy, he also felt ashamed.

“Baby Ci, did you put this here?” Han Zhan pulled out the dining chair and sat down with Song Ci.

Song Ci pointed at Han Aoyu, who was strolling leisurely outside the house with a crutch. She suppressed her laughter and said, “It’s Grandpa. He took the initiative to ask me for the trophy this morning. He said that this is a matter of bringing honor to our ancestors and that it has to be placed in the most conspicuous place.”

Han Zhan felt very helpless.

Looking around, he didn’t see the two little guys. Han Zhan said, “Where are the cubs?” The cubs usually woke up earlier than Han Zhan.

Song Ci said, “She went for a walk.”

The sun was out and the air on the hill was fresh and very suitable for a walk.


They had just finished breakfast when Song Ci’s cell phone rang.

“Oh, it’s Orianna.”

Song Ci exchanged glances with Han Zhan and vaguely guessed Orianna’s motive for calling.

As expected, Orianna said, “Su Wen’s DNA results are out. The search engine found Su Wen’s elder brother.” Orianna stared at Su Wen, who was standing by the French window in a daze. Her heart ached slightly as she said, “Ah Lun is his elder brother.”

Hearing this, Song Ci felt both happy and sad.

If Ah Lun was still alive and heard this news, he would definitely jump up in joy.

After hanging up, Song Ci put down her cell phone and looked up to meet Han Zhan’s inquisitive gaze. She pursed her lips and nodded, before saying in a low voice, “Su Wen is Ah Lun’s younger brother. The results from the search engine room are accurate. There’s no mistake.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was not surprised. After all, he had already expected it.

“Will he come over today?”



Han Zhan thought for a moment, got up, and said, “I’ll go make a call.”

From afar, Song Ci heard Han Zhan mention Old Zheng and prison.

Han Zhan walked back after hanging up. He said to Song Ci, “That leader who was killed by Ah Lun has a biological brother who was arrested and sentenced for drug trafficking. He might be the only one who knows about the feud between Ah Lun and that leader.”

“That person should know the truth that Su Wen wants to know.”

Song Ci was enlightened. “So you were calling to that person’s prison?”



“In Wanyu County.”

Wanyu County was the location of Wangdong City’s prison. There was a men’s prison, a woman’s prison, and a felon prison there. It wouldn’t take long to drive there.

Song Ci said, “In that case, accompany him later. Oh yes, I have yet to visit your Zeus Airlines travel agency.”

Han Zhan said, “The tourism company building isn’t completed yet.”

“I still want to take a look.”

“Alright, I’ll go with you.”

Han Zhan had yet to recover and didn’t have much work to do. It was fine even if he was lazy for a day.

After a while, Han Miao and Han Jun returned after a walk. Han Jun also knew how to stand. After that, the two sisters liked to walk back and forth holding the sofa and chair.

In order to make it convenient for them to play, Old Master simply surrounded the sofa in the tearoom and locked them inside, placing toys for them to play with.

The Ocean Ball Park that Song Ci had ordered for them online had also arrived.

The helper washed the maritime balls and toy mats, placed them outside to dry, and laid them back in the crib at night. Song Ci helped wash them together.

After washing up, Su Wen and Orianna arrived.

When they alighted from the car, Su Wen fell silent.

Orianna nodded at Song Ci and asked, “Where’s Hoff?”

Song Ci pointed upstairs. “He has a meeting and it will end in 20 minutes.”

Looking at Su Wen behind Orianna, Song Ci said, “Su Wen, we will bring you to meet an insider later. He knows what happened when you and Ah Lun got separated that year.”

Su Wen pretended not to hear her and remained silent.

Orianna heard her nieces laughing. “I’m going to visit the children,” she told Su Wen.

“You go.”

After Orianna entered the house, Su Wen sat down on the coffee chair in the courtyard. He had been in a daze, probably agitated by the fact that Ah Lun was his elder brother.

Song Ci washed her hands and entered the house to make a cup of coffee for Su Wen.

When Song Ci came out with the coffee, Su Wen finally changed his sitting position. He stopped staring at a certain flower in a daze and lowered his head to play with a small stone in his hand.

Song Ci placed two cups of coffee on the table.

“Su Wen, do you want some coffee?”

Hearing this, Su Wen slowly turned to look at Song Ci.

Seeing the concern in Song Ci’s eyes, Su Wen picked up the coffee and took a sip. It was made from carbonated coffee beans and didn’t have any sour taste. It tasted rich and sweet, but very bitter.

Seeing that Su Wen was frowning, Song Ci explained with a smile, “I’m sorry, I’m the only one at home who likes coffee. This is my favorite coffee bean.”

Su Wen understood.

This coffee is a demon. The first sip is not good, but after you drink it, you want to take a second sip.

Su Wen held the cup and took small sips. Song Ci sat down on another chair and accompanied Su Wen, drinking her coffee silently.

Song Ci was staring at the bare tree trunk in a daze when she heard Su Wen ask, “Was he in pain when he died?”

Song Ci turned to look at Su Wen.

Su Wen lowered his head and his lashes curled up.

The warm rays of the early winter sun shone on his curly lashes, his eyes melancholic and sparkling. Unlike Ah Lun’s solemn and rough appearance, his younger brother Su Wen was much more exquisite.

Song Ci shook her head. “Ah Lun died in a moment. When the explosion happened, Ah Lun instinctively protected me. I fainted for a few minutes and when I woke up, Ah Lun was still alive.”

“He entrusted his last words to me and left.”

“Last words?” Su Wen was silent for a moment before asking softly, “What last words does he have? Can you tell me?”

“Of course.”

Since knowing that Su Wen was coming today, Song Ci went upstairs to get the photo that Ah Lun gave her. She kept it in her coat pocket.

Song Ci took out the photo and handed it to Su Wen.

Su Wen didn’t reach out to take it.

He just looked down at that photo, his eyes unfamiliar and blank.

This should be a family photo of the four of them, but the position of the other man in the photo had been cut off by Ah Lun with scissors.

There were three people left in the photo—two children and a woman in a gray knitted sweater. That woman was rather beautiful and looked somewhat similar to Su Wen. She should be Su Wen’s mother.

The elder brother in the photo, Ah Lun, was wearing a red sweater and black corduroy pants that were long and rolled up in two.

At that time, parents would purposely buy older clothes for their children. The older children could wear them for a few more years while the younger children could continue to wear them.

Standing side by side with Ah Lun was his younger brother, Su Wen, who was only 4 years old. He was wearing a furry hat, a slightly tattered black leather jacket, and black corduroy pants. On those pants was a photo of a calabash baby.

In 1986, the cartoon of the gourd baby was officially released. When Su Wen was four or five years old, the gourd baby was a household name of the seven brothers. Their shadows could be seen on every black and white television.

Su Wen stared at the photo in a daze, but he couldn’t recall his elder brother’s face or his mother’s. He remembered some things, but couldn’t remember his family’s faces.

Song Ci kept holding that photo and looked at Su Wen in a daze. She told him, “Ah Lun has always been keeping this photo. This is the only photo he has kept.”

Only then did Su Wen hold the photo.

He placed the photo on his thigh and stroked it gently. “So my mother looks like this.” He couldn’t remember how this pitiful woman looked like. He only remembered how his mother looked when she hung herself.

“Ah Lun asked me to continue helping him find his younger brother. If I do, he asked me to tell him something.”

Hearing this, Su Wen looked up at Song Ci in confusion.

“What did he want you to tell me?”

Song Ci said, “He said: Little Jun, I didn’t not want you. I didn’t abandon you.” Little Jun should be Su Wen’s real name.

Su Wen’s eyes narrowed.

He straightened his neck and turned to look elsewhere, his eyes gradually turning red.

Song Ci had also finished her coffee. She got up and went to the tearoom to see Orianna talking to the children.

Orianna muttered in Italian. Han Miao and Han Jun looked at her as if she was an alien. They couldn’t understand what this sister was saying.

Orianna saw Song Ci enter and hurriedly complained to her like an aggrieved student seeing her teacher. “What’s the matter, Song Ci? Why do your two children look so silly?”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter. “Similarly, they also think you’re silly when they look at you.”

Orianna shook her head. “Do they not understand me?”

“It’s good that you know.”

Orianna gave up trying to get along with the children.

“I’m leaving. The children are too uncute.”

Before leaving, Orianna took out two… bank cards from her bag. Orianna stuffed the bank cards into Han Miao and Han Jun’s hands and told them, “Take them. It’s my greeting gift.”

Song Ci was stunned by Orianna’s actions. “What does this mean?”

Orianna said, “I heard that in China, the first time you see a relative’s children, you have to give them red packets.” Orianna shrugged and said, “I don’t know where to buy red packets. I might as well give them bank cards.”

Pointing at the bank cards in the children’s hands, Orianna said, “The password is behind the cards. Keep it well.”

Song Ci hurriedly took out the bank card from Han Miao and Han Jun. Han Miao’s card was very easy to take, but Han Jun held it tightly like she was protecting a treasure.

Song Ci didn’t dare to pull too hard, afraid that the bank card would cut her sister’s hand.

“Junjun, can you let go of this? Mother still has a lot. I will give you another one later, alright?” No matter how Song Ci coaxed her, Han Junjun still held the bank card very tightly.

She was obviously a money-grubber.

Song Ci felt very helpless.

Orianna smiled as well. She pinched Han Jun’s cheek and praised her. “You’re a miser even when you’re young!”

“Alright, I specially prepared this for them. Don’t reject me anymore.” Orianna said something that drew hatred. She said, “Apart from money and Su Wen, I have nothing. Don’t think it’s too little.”

Song Ci was silent for a second as she cursed the evil rich woman in her heart.

She was hesitant and didn’t know how to handle this matter.

After Han Zhan was done with his work, Song Ci told him about it. Han Zhan listened and said, “Keep the card well. It’s from her. Just take it.”

“From Orianna’s tone, it seems like there’s quite a lot of money in this card. Are we just going to keep it?” Song Ci felt that there was too much money and felt burdened.

]Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Baby Ci, don’t you know that Orianna is the richest woman in Italy?”

Song Ci was confused.

What the hell?

Orianna is the richest woman in Italy?

“You really don’t know.” Han Zhan was slightly surprised. He said, “Orianna’s mother is a businesswoman. My father married her because he liked her wealth-making skills.”

“As for Orianna, she has been learning to do business from her mother since she was young. After her mother died, she took over all the businesses under her mother’s name. She is undoubtedly the richest woman in Italy.”

In Italy, Orianna was hailed as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. She was the beauty that men wanted to marry the most.

It was because she was rich, good-looking, and smart!

In Italy, everyone would be proud to date Orianna for a night. If anyone could marry Orianna, it would be a blessing from their ancestors.

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