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Chapter 263: A burden! A good-for-nothing! Why Don’t You Die!

On the way back to the hotel, Su Wen was in low spirits.

Su Wen was three years older than Orianna.

When Edward brought Su Wen back, he had already been wandering outside for some time. His clothes were tattered and his eyes were filled with distrust towards this world.

“How old were you when you separated from your brother?”

Su Wen couldn’t remember anymore. He said, “I can’t remember. I just know I wasn’t very old.”

“How much do you remember about your brother?”

Su Wen continued to shake his head. “I don’t remember. I just remember that there is a Phoenix Mountain near my house. Brother always brings me there to play. I remember my mother…” Su Wen’s pupils quivered slightly. He said in a trembling voice,” I remember that she hanged herself.”

Orianna was shocked.

“Hanged herself?”


Su Wen said, “She’s dead. She hanged herself on her knees. When I bumped into her, the rope around her neck was still hanging on the rack. I remember that after she died, her face was very green and her tongue was sticking out. She was especially…”

She was especially scary.

Su Wen’s childhood memories were forever stuck at the scene of his mother’s death.

He couldn’t remember anything else.

If this happened to anyone else, Su Wen wouldn’t think much of it. If he heard it, he would treat it as a story. But when this happened to her Su Wen, Orianna felt it was cruel.

“Why did your mother hang herself?”

“I think it’s because my father cheated on me.” Su Wen’s memories of his childhood had already been messed up. He wasn’t sure if those were his own memories or his own imagination.

“I vaguely remember that I seemed to have burned someone to death. My brother was afraid that I would be beaten to death, so he secretly brought me away from home.”

“Then why did you two split up?”

But Su Wen refused to speak.

Orianna sensed a knot in Su Wen’s heart.

She shook Su Wen’s hand and told him, “Su Wen, you have a knot in your heart. You must tell me. I can help you untie that knot.”

If he remained silent, he himself would feel terrible.

Su Wen pulled Orianna to a chair by the side of the street.

It was already late and there were almost no pedestrians on the road. Occasionally, a car would drive by. Su Wen looked at the blurred zebra lines on the road and said, “He didn’t want me anymore.”

Orianna was slightly stunned. “What do you mean he didn’t want you anymore?”

“Exactly what I said. He despises me for being a burden and didn’t want me anymore.” Su Wen couldn’t remember anything else, but he clearly remembered what happened the day he was abducted.

“I remember that the weather was slightly cold at that time. We were wearing dirty thin jackets and standing in front of the train station begging. My brother asked for money and I asked for food.”

“I was so hungry then. So hungry that I couldn’t walk. I found my brother and said I was so hungry. I said I was dying.”

“My brother comforted me then and told me to take a nap. He said that I would have something to eat when I woke up. I really fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw my brother kneeling by the wall at the corner of the train station, carrying me alone there to eat steamed buns. I…”

Su Wen’s eyes reddened.

He said, “I know he was hungry too, but I was too young then. I was insensible. I…”

Su Wen rubbed his eyes and said, “I was very angry then and rushed over to bite him. My elder brother suddenly flew into a rage at me and called me a burden and a good-for-nothing. He asked me why I didn’t die!”

“I was especially angry at that time. After I bit him, I ran off alone. After running a distance, I turned back to look at my brother but saw that he was still standing there and didn’t chase after me. In a fit of anger, I left alone and was caught in the van…”

From that day onwards, Su Wen never saw his elder brother again.

Orianna had never been so miserable that she couldn’t even eat for days. She had led a luxurious life since she was young.

No wonder Su Wen never wasted food. So that was the reason.

“There might be a misunderstanding.”

Su Wen shook his head. “What misunderstanding can there be? He just despises me and wants to throw me away! He just can’t wait for me to starve to death. If I die, he won’t have to care about a burden like me. He can go wherever he wants!”

This was also the reason why after so many years, Su Wen had never returned to China to look for his elder brother.

His elder brother had already thrown him aside. What else did he need his elder brother for!

But Orianna felt that there must be a misunderstanding.

Su Wen was only five years old when he left his hometown. His elder brother was also only eight years old. An eight-year-old child dared to flee his hometown alone with a five-year-old brother and beg in a foreign land. This was the greatest love!

From Liaoning to Guangzhou, they had hiked from the northernmost part of China to the southernmost part. The brothers must have experienced countless trials and tribulations.

Orianna believed that if her elder brother wanted to abandon Su Wen, he could easily find a place to throw him away. There was no need to wait until they arrived in Guangzhou to do so.

“Su Wen, let’s go look for your elder brother.”

How?” Su Wen smiled bitterly and said, “That year, I asked a detective to investigate where my family went. The detective found his former neighbor and learned from them that when my brother fled with me, he had pretended that we fell into the river and died.”

“So everyone thought that we had fallen into the sea and died and the Public Security Bureau disowned him.”

Su Wen sat up straight and leaned back in his chair. He said, “Anna, I can’t find my brother at all.” How can I find a ‘dead person’ on a household register?

“Why don’t we do a DNA test? Nowadays, many people search for their parents through their DNA.”

Su Wen hesitated for a moment before rejecting her. “Forget it. My brother has already lost me. Why would he look for me?” His brother probably didn’t even record his blood in the DNA database.

“How will we know if we don’t try?”

Su Wen wanted to shake his head, but when he met Orianna’s encouraging gaze, he wavered and hesitated.

“Su Wen.” Orianna said, “The Su Wen I know is never a timid person. What are you afraid of? Find your brother first and ask him why he abandoned you back then and why he didn’t chase after you!”

“If his answer satisfies you, it will be a good thing if you two brothers reunite. If he really dumps you, then you will beat him up to vent your anger!”

“If you don’t clarify things, there will always be a knot in your heart.”

Orianna’s words enlightened Su Wen.

Yes, he clearly couldn’t let go of his elder brother, so why didn’t he find him? He resented his elder brother for abandoning him back then. He could find his elder brother and beat him up to vent his anger!

Actually, he really missed his elder brother. After all, he was his only family.

For him, his elder brother took the initiative to cut off his studies and led him on a wandering life. Just based on this point, he should find his elder brother!

After thinking it through, the knot in Su Wen’s heart was about to be untied. “You are right, Anna. We will go for a blood test tomorrow.”


The next morning, Su Wen carried his luggage and walked out of his room with Orianna.

Orianna saw that the lift door was opening. She said, “Hurry up, or the lift will go down.”


Su Wen hurried to catch up with Orianna.

Only when the two of them arrived at the lift lobby did they realize that there were also two people standing there, preparing to enter the lift. Song Ci had heard Orianna’s voice just now and thought she was imagining things.

Song Ci and Long Yu entered the lift. She said, “I think I heard Han Zhan’s sister’s voice.”

Long Yu said, “I also heard a woman speak Italian.”

At this moment, Orianna and Su Wen arrived.

“Wait a moment!” Su Wen said.

Song Ci saw that the door was about to close and considerately pressed the button to open it. Song Ci looked up and met Orianna’s eyes as she strode in.

Orianna and Song Ci were both very surprised to see familiar faces in this small city.

“Anna, is it really you?” Song Ci also nodded at Su Wen, who was behind Orianna. “Su Wen, you are also here.”

Su Wen was also slightly shocked. He helped Orianna in before saying, “Song, why are you here?”

Song Ci said, “I came to visit an old friend.”

“Oh I see.”

Orianna saw the small luggage beside Song Ci and said, “Are you going back?”

“Mmm.” Song Ci asked Orianna, “What are your plans recently? If there’s nothing else, you can come over to my house to play. Big Brother will also come over next month.”

“Why is big brother coming here?” Orianna narrowed her eyes and asked in a strange tone, “Snatching a wife?”

Song Ci smiled awkwardly. “That’s not it. My elder sister, Song Fei, is getting married.”

“Song Fei…” After pondering for a moment, Orianna said,” I know Song Fei. The virus that Han Zhan gave me previously was developed by her. ”

Geniuses always appreciated each other. Orianna wanted to meet Song Fei.

Seeing that Orianna was moved, Su Wen said, “We don’t have any other arrangements recently. Anna, shall we go to Wangdong City?”


“Let’s go back together then.” Song Ci held Orianna’s hand and told her, “We are preparing to move into a new house in a few days. You should come along.”

Thinking of Su Wen, Orianna rejected him again. “I still have something on.”

But Su Wen said, “It’s okay, Anna. It’s the same if we go to Wangdong to collect blood. There’s also a DNA blood bank there.”

“Alright then.”

Hearing them mention blood collection and DNA, Song Ci was slightly curious. “Anna, Su Wen, are you guys going to collect DNA?”


“Why?” Aren’t these two Italian? Why did they come to China to collect DNA?

Su Wen remained silent. Orianna said, “Su Wen is Chinese. He wants to find a relative.”

“I see.”

Song Ci thought of something and suddenly took a step back. She said in a low voice to Zhuang Long, “Brother Long, did Ah Lun go to the DNA database to collect information?”

Long Yu said, “Yes. That year, when we found out about the existence of the DNA search engine, Ah Lun went to collect information when he was still in the military.”

Song Ci said, “It would be great if Ah Lun’s brother also went to collect information.”

Long Yu was not optimistic about this.

He felt that perhaps Ah Lun’s younger brother didn’t intend to find his elder brother.

If he wanted to, they would have found one another a long time ago.

Actually, Ah Lun also knew that his younger brother might hate him and refuse to acknowledge him. As a result, he couldn’t let go of his younger brother even until his death and owed him an apology.

Arriving at Wangdong City, Orianna immediately brought Su Wen to the DNA database to collect blood information and booked a room at the hotel for 10 days.

Knowing that Orianna was here, Han Zhan personally called her and invited her and Su Wen to have dinner at their house in the city.

Orianna was Edward’s daughter and Edward and Han Aoyu were enemies. This caused Edward’s children to feel conflicted every time they heard Han Aoyu’s name.

Considering that his grandfather and Orianna would both feel uneasy, Han Zhan decided to meet them at their house in the city. Knowing that Orianna and Song Fei both liked each other, Song Ci called Song Fei and her husband over.

Before the guests arrived, Song Ci was making western food in the kitchen. Han Zhan leaned against the refrigerator and chatted with her.

“You’re saying that Su Wen came to China to look for his relatives?”


Song Ci threw the rosemary into the cast iron pot. She felt hungry just by smelling the steak. Considering that Han Zhan had a big appetite, Song Ci made two sets of steak for him alone.

“Anyway, you have two servings. Brother Han, do you want one first?” Song Ci handed a plate of delicious steak to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan smiled helplessly. “Alright.”

He placed the plate on the counter and cut the steak while asking Song Ci, “Do you know how old Su Wen is?”

“Three years older than Orianna.”

Han Zhan nodded and said, “He’s the same age as me.” Same age as Ah Lun’s younger brother.

But Han Zhan didn’t finish his sentence.

If some words were said too early, they might cause people to be happy for nothing.

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