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Chapter 251: Han Zhan: My Gun Is Called Father Slayer!

The video ended abruptly and the projector went dark.

The next second, Li Li’s computer returned to normal and a report appeared on the projector. But the entire room lost all interest in the quarterly report.

Bei Zhan and Li Li exchanged glances and frowned uneasily.

That old man just now was Mr. Han’s father?


The director of Yu Hua Entertainment, Zhu Wen, frowned at the screen and said thoughtfully, “Was that man just now Mr. Han’s father?”

It was said that Mr. Han lost his mother when he was young and was brought up by his grandparents. In all sorts of rumors, there had never been any information about Mr. Han’s biological father.

Bei Zhan nodded. “From what he said just now, he should be Mr. Han’s biological father.”

Everyone gasped.

Is this father even human?

“Since it’s his father, how can he treat Madam like that?” Everyone frowned as they recalled Madam’s unconscious state from her serious injuries.

“How can such a father exist in this world?”

He’s inhuman!

They couldn’t blame Madam for scolding him.

There was a sudden knock on the door of the meeting room.

Bei Zhan didn’t turn back and said, “Enter.”

Bei Zhan’s secretary walked in with a dark expression, carrying a notebook.

He was a man in his thirties and would never put on such a stern expression, unless he was in an especially serious situation.

Without waiting for the male secretary to approach, Bei Zhan asked him, “What happened?”

The male secretary looked around the room and said with a grave expression, “A few minutes ago, the company’s computer was hacked and we received this video…”

The male secretary placed the computer in front of Bei Zhan and took out his cell phone. He said, “I recorded the video on my cell phone.”

The secretary opened that video. Bei Zhan and Li Li gathered together and stared at their phones.

That video was exactly the same as the one they had just seen!

Li Li asked immediately, “What’s the reaction of the employees outside now?”

The secretary frowned. “The hearts of people are in turmoil.” Anyone who saw such a video would probably feel uneasy.

“Calm the employees down first. This matter cannot be spread.”

But the secretary shook his head. “There are too many employees in the company. Not every employee has this self-awareness. This video might have already been spread.”

The secretary’s worry was correct. This video was indeed uploaded to Weibo and various social media sites by some lively employees.

Very quickly, # Zeus International’s lady boss was kidnapped and the suspect was Han Zhan’s biological father # This shocking and eye-catching topic went viral on all major software.

Han Aoyu had been busy taking care of his two grandsons these few days and didn’t manage to discover the news online in time.

Coincidentally, Su Huanyan brought her child over to play with Han Miao and Han Jun. She saw this video while browsing Weibo.

She immediately stood up and said to Zhong Buhui, “Uncle Zhong, help me look after these children.”

Zhong Buhui saw that Su Huanyan’s face was tense and didn’t ask further. He agreed. “Alright, don’t worry.”

Su Huanyan hurried back to the house and found Han Aoyu in the kitchen making food for the children. “Old Master Han, look at this.”

Su Huanyan handed the cell phone to Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu was making carrot and egg soup. He said, “Don’t be anxious.”

Han Aoyu covered the three small bowls with a layer of plastic wrap and used a toothpick to poke a few holes in the plastic wrap. Han Aoyu placed the small bowl on the steamer, turned on the heat, washed his hands, and took the cell phone.

He asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Look at this video.”

Han Aoyu opened the video. Upon seeing Edward’s face, Han Aoyu’s sharp eagle eyes narrowed.

He pressed pause and sat down on the sofa. He found his reading glasses and put them on, before continuing to play the video.

Han Aoyu flew into a rage when he saw Song Ci lying on the ground, heavily injured!

“This bastard!”

Han Aoyu punched the wooden table.

Su Huanyan’s eyelids twitched. She glanced at the table and saw a faint fist mark on its surface.

Su Huanyan asked worriedly, “Old Master, is this person Mr. Han’s biological father?”

Su Huanyan had never met Edward when she was with Sicilio. She had only heard Sicilio mention Edward.

Su Huanyan was naturally unfamiliar with Edward.

Han Aoyu nodded and said in disdain, “It’s him.”

Su Huanyan couldn’t bear to look at Song Ci.

She turned to look at the three little guys outside the house through the open door.

Five months had passed and Han Miao and Han Jun were already eight to nine months, and were very good at climbing.

At this moment, Program was sitting on a climbing cushion, drinking fruit juice with a milk bottle in her hand. Han Miao was chasing after a remote-controlled car and crawling around. Han Jun preferred silence and sat on the climbing cushion to play with her toys.

Su Huanyan’s eyes welled up at the thought that Song Ci might die and Han Miao and Han Jun might lose their mother or even their father.

“Old Master, what should we do?”

“Edward is Italian. I can’t just send someone over to deal with him. But…” Han Aoyu smiled again and said,” But I believe in Han Zhan. He won’t fight an unprepared battle. ”

Su Huanyan didn’t know Han Zhan’s capabilities. Hearing Han Aoyu’s words, she was still slightly worried. “They must be safe…”


Edward stared at his own medical report and asked the doctor with a frown, “Are you saying that I am fine?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, Sir. I’ve done all the tests on you. The results show that you are indeed very healthy.”

Edward was puzzled.

He said, “A healthy person would suddenly vomit blood? Sebas, are you sure this report is correct?” He looked at the private doctor, Sebas, as if he was looking at a quack.

Edward’s private doctor, Sebast, was the most famous doctor in Italy. Although he was helpless when his medical skills were questioned, he didn’t dare to show his bad temper in front of Edward.

As amicably as possible, Sebast advised Edward to switch to another doctor. “If you don’t believe me, you can change to another doctor. Earl Ace’s private doctor is also very capable.”

Edward nodded and called Sicilio over after Sebas left.

Sicilio entered the house and saw Edward holding a stack of medical reports in a daze.

“Father, are you looking for me?”

Hearing Sicilio’s voice, Edward snapped out of his trance.

He looked up at Sicilio and said, “You are friends with Earl Ace. I want to get his doctor to do a check-up for me.”

Sicilio took the medical report from Edward’s hand.

The report was very detailed and the results showed that Edward was indeed very healthy.

Sicilio asked Edward, “You don’t trust Sebas?”

“A healthy person wouldn’t vomit blood for no reason.” Edward recalled how he had vomited blood for no reason the previous morning and felt slightly depressed.

“I suspect that my body is ill.” And the fact that he couldn’t find the cause of the illness made Edward uneasy.

Sicilio said, “Okay.”

That afternoon, Earl Ace’s private doctor arrived.

This doctor was called James. He looked very thin, but just because he could wake up Earl Ace, Edward had more confidence in him.

James drew blood for Edward and brought him to his private hospital for a full-body checkup.

All sorts of ultrasound scans showed that Edward was healthy.

James told Edward, “Mr. Edward, there seems to be nothing wrong with your body at the moment. I will bring your blood back for analysis. The results will be out the day after tomorrow at the latest.”


“Sicilio, send James off.”

“Yes, Father.”

Sicilio accompanied James to the main entrance.

The two of them were already old acquaintances. James told Sicilio, “Earl Ace has been recovering very quickly recently. He can already leave his crutch and walk slowly by himself.”

Sicilio was also happy for Earl Ace. “That guy has never disappointed anyone.”

“But Sicilio, Mr. Edward is right. A person wouldn’t vomit blood for no reason. He must be sick.”

James assured Sicilio, “I will do a thorough blood test on Mr. Edward. Wait for my call.”

But Sicilio called after James. “James.”

James had one hand on the doorknob.

Hearing Sicilio call out to him, James turned to look at him and smiled. “Sicilio, what’s the matter?”

Sicilio said, “My father is very healthy, right?”

James instinctively said, “Whether he is healthy or not, we still have to wait for the medical report…” Before he could finish, James saw Sicilio’s eyes clearly.

What kind of eyes were those?

It was bone-chilling, cold, heartless, and full of pressure.

James was shocked and instinctively corrected himself. “Sicilio, you are right. Mr. Edward looks very healthy and there is no problem with the CT scan. I believe that Mr. Edward must have been agitated and vomited blood out of anger.”

Sicilio nodded. “Mr. James is indeed capable.”

Sicilio leaned close to James and personally opened the car door for him.

Trembling, James got into the car.

As the car drove away, James wiped his sweat with his handkerchief.

James stared at the briefcase, looking slightly despondent.

What kind of demon family is this? The old one is not to be trifled with, and the young one is a venomous snake.

Watching the car carrying James leave, Sicilio turned to enter the house. As he turned, he glanced at the man standing under a tree in front of the door.

Su Wen nodded at him, boarded the motorcycle, drove to the harbor, and returned to the island by boat.

As he wasn’t sure what was wrong with his body, Edward wasn’t in the mood to deal with business these few days.

He stayed home everyday, either swimming or fishing.

While Edward was fishing, Coco was swimming around his fishing rod. With the great beast Coco around, Edward couldn’t catch anything.

Edward felt bored after fishing for so long without even seeing a fish tail. He took off his clothes and plunged into the sea.

COCO was especially happy to see Edward come down to play with him.

Coco took Edward in his mouth and dived into the sea. Two minutes later, Coco surfaced and spat Edward out.

Edward wiped his face and took a few deep breaths before hugging Coco’s teeth.

Edward pressed his cheek to Coco’s.

Coco remained motionless.

Edward murmured. “Only you, Coco. Only you will always be by my side.”

Coco didn’t understand what Edward was saying, but it could feel his kindness. Overjoyed, Coco took Edward in his mouth and played with him in the sea.

The view from the balcony outside the room was very good. Song Ci sat in the wheelchair and could see Coco bringing Edward around. A bold thought surfaced in Song Ci’s mind.

Isn’t COCO my strongest weapon if I wanted to escape from Catania?

Song Ci hoped that her injuries would heal faster.

Once she recovered, she would have to come up with a plan to escape!

Soon, James arrived.

He came with the medical report.

Edward personally received James.

“Mr. Edward, this is your medical report. My medical report results is the same as Sebas’.”

Upon hearing this, Edward’s eyes darkened.

He took the medical report and read it carefully again. As James had said, the results of this medical report were indeed healthy.

Edward drummed his fingers gently on the table. He didn’t tell James to leave or to stay.

James felt uneasy.

He suppressed his fear and said softly to Edward, “Mr. Edward, if there are no other questions, I will take my leave first.”

Edward nodded.

James turned and left. Afraid of being detected by Edward, he didn’t dare to walk too quickly.

He finally reached the staircase.

James thought he could successfully escape from Edward’s claws. He was about to heave a sigh of relief when Edward suddenly shouted, “Please wait.”

James stopped in his tracks and froze.

He slowly turned back and saw Edward standing up, his lips bleeding.

James was shocked.

Edward reached out to wipe the blood from the corners of his lips. He stared at James with cold eyes and said in a sinister tone, “Dr. James, look, do I look like a healthy person?”

James’s expression changed slightly as his lips quivered uneasily. “Mr…. Mr. Edward, you might have been too tired recently, so…”

Before he could finish speaking, Edward suddenly shot him.


With a loud bang, Dr. James was shot between the eyebrows and collapsed to the ground.

Hearing this deafening gunshot, Song Ci woke up from her afternoon nap in shock.

She shot up from the bed.

She got up so violently that she pulled at her wound.

Song Ci covered her wound, lifted the blanket, walked barefoot to the balcony, and glanced downstairs.

In the two buildings next door, Sicilio, Han Zhan, and Aaron from the other building all came to the balcony. Everyone looked at Edward’s small building with deep expressions.

Song Ci saw Edward’s subordinate carrying James’ body out of the building and throwing him into the sea. Coco smelled blood and wagged its tail happily as it swam over from the deep sea.

Coco bit James and left.

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan shook his head at her.

Song Ci looked up.

It was clearly a sunny day, but she felt stifled.

A few minutes later, Edward’s subordinates personally arrived at every building and informed Song Ci and Sicilio that they had to go to Edward’s for dinner tonight.

Everyone knew that tonight’s dinner would be a treacherous one.

Aaron took off his clothes and stood in front of the mirror.

It was not obvious when he was wearing pants usually, but now that he had taken them off, it was clear that the bones in his left calf were slightly twisted.

Aaron stroked the new scars on his body with his fingers.

In just a short 30 years, he had seen evil that others had never seen, and tasted pain that others had never experienced. He should have trained into an impenetrable body, but he still felt pain.

As his fingers brushed across the scar, he could clearly remember the pain of his skin being cut every time he was injured.

Aaron picked up the snake-shaped pendant on the hanger and hung it carefully in front of him.

After changing into a shirt and suit, Aaron combed his blonde hair neatly, revealing his feminine, handsome face.

In the house next door, Sicilio sat by the bed. He stared at the photo of him and Edward when they were young on the bedside table. He was in a daze.

In the photo, Edward was carrying a rifle in his left hand and Sicilio was sitting on his right arm.

The number of times they took photos together could be counted on one hand.

Sicilio picked up the photo album and stroked his and Edward’s faces gently.

His eyes reddened.

Han Zhan stood alone in the basement of Aaron’s house.

Countless photos were hung in the basement. The main characters in the photos were two children.

One of the children was ridiculously skinny and had timid eyes. The other child had a fierce gaze and a twisted expression. His arms were filled with countless little holes.

It was the young Aaron and Han Zhan.

These photos were secretly hidden in the basement after Aaron stole them.

Han Zhan finished looking at those photos one by one. He could still vaguely remember the pain of the venom flowing through his body after the needle holes pierced his flesh time and time again.

Subsequently, his mother suddenly appeared and his days suddenly turned bright and beautiful. This was because he could always eat a piece of toffee after being injected.

But his mother, who loved him so much, died in Edward’s hands!

Han Zhan instinctively hugged himself, squatted in a corner of the basement, and called out softly, “Mother…”

On the island, the sea breeze blew.

Orianna’s long hair whipped in the wind.

She stood at the highest point of the island, lifted her chin, and gazed sadly at the steel sculpture in front of her. The island was moist, and with the sun and dew, there was already some moss on the sculpture.

Orianna used her fair, slender fingers to scrape off the moss. Slowly, a gentle, handsome face appeared in front of her.

As Orianna gazed at Ye Chen, the words that Ye Chen said to her before his death flashed across her mind. She stood on tiptoe and kissed the steel sculpture’s lips.

The cold touch broke Orianna’s heart.

“Professor Ye, I miss you so much.”

Tears streamed down Orianna’s face as she hugged the steel sculpture.

Su Wen appeared silently behind Orianna. He hesitated for a long time before walking forward and placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Anna, don’t cry.” Stop crying for Ye Chen.

Orianna turned and stared at Su Wen. She suddenly asked, “Where were you then?”

Su Wen was stunned.

“Where were you when I needed you the most?”

Su Wen remained silent and lowered his head.

Orianna pushed Su Wen away and looked at his lowered head. She said, “Su Wen, you swore that you will protect me forever!”

“Where were you then?!”

Every child of Edward would be baptized when they were four years old. The baptism was murder.

Sicilio killed his own nanny. Meanwhile, because Aaron couldn’t bear to kill anyone, Edward shot him in the leg and crippled him. Only Han Zhan was ruthless. When he was 4 years old, he actually raised his gun at Edward!

Of course Han Zhan didn’t hurt Edward. He was even kicked to the ground and fainted from the pain.

The young Han Zhan dared to raise his gun at his father. Edward realized that Han Zhan was the child that resembled him the most.

Han Zhan was just like him—truly ruthless and cold-hearted.

Worried that Han Zhan would kill his father when he grew up, Edward threw him to the medical research department and got them to turn him into a monster that was immune to poison.

Amongst the siblings, Orianna was the luckiest.

When she was 4 years old, Edward pushed Su Wen in front of her and wanted her to kill him.

But Orianna couldn’t bear to. She felt that Su Wen was especially obedient, like a little angel. At that time, Orianna had taken out everything she had—money, Barbie dolls, beautiful dresses…

“Father, I will use everything I have to exchange for this little beggar’s freedom. Father, can you give him to me?”

At that time, Edward wasn’t as perverted as he was now.

Moreover, Orianna was a daughter. On account of her powerful mother, Edward agreed.

From the time Orianna was 4 years old, Su Wen had been by her side. Su Wen was her shadow, always protecting her in the dark.

Orianna had always trusted and relied on Su Wen. But Ye Chen’s death caused a rift between Orianna and Su Wen.

Orianna couldn’t figure out where Su Wen had gone during that time.

Su Wen finally lifted his head.

He lifted his own clothes to reveal the scar on his abdomen.

As it was always late at night and most of the time, Orianna had her back facing Su Wen, Orianna never realized that Su Wen’s kidney had been cut!


Orianna was shocked.

Su Wen said, “You once told me that your mother is the person you care about the most. You cried and told me that you didn’t want her to die. You wanted her to accompany you for a few more years…”

Orianna’s face was pale.

“You…” Orianna was very shocked.” You gave my mother your kidney? ”

Su Wen neither admitted nor denied it.

“No wonder…” No wonder Su Wen never appeared when my mother underwent a kidney transplant.

At that time, he was lying in the operating theater of another hospital!

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Su Wen’s answer was very simple. He said, “You have already shed too many tears for Ye Chen. I don’t want you to be sad for me again.”

I love her so much, how could I bear to see her sad?

The knot in Orianna’s heart was suddenly untied.

“Su Wen, it’s not worth it. My mother was already on the verge of death at that time. In reality, after undergoing the kidney transplant surgery, she didn’t live for more than a year.”

If Orianna had known that it was Su Wen who had donated his kidney organs to her mother, she would have stopped him.

But Su Wen shook his head.

“For you, anything is worth it.”

Orianna was speechless.

She turned to look at Ye Chen’s statue. “Don’t love me anymore, Su Wen. It’s very painful to love someone.”

She looked at Ye Chen while Su Wen looked at her.

“It’s not.”

The one in real pain was Orianna. At least he could still see Orianna, but Orianna would never see Ye Chen again.

]Orianna touched Ye Chen’s face. “Professor Ye, I will avenge you.”

With that, Orianna turned around with a cold and arrogant expression.

“Let’s go back to the city!”

Orianna walked in front. Su Wen followed by her side like a shadow.

At night.

The Clooney Family residence was brightly lit.

In the small building where Edward lived, there was a long table with seven knives and forks.

Edward was sitting at the head of the table.

On his left was Sicilio’s position, and on his right was Orianna’s position. On Orianna’s right was Aaron, and on his right was an empty position.

Although no one was sitting there, there were knives and forks on the table.

Beside Sicilio sat the frail Rain and the pale Song Ci. Song Ci gazed at the empty seat opposite her.

Edward glanced at the clock on the wall. “Ten more minutes.”

Everyone had different expressions but remained silent.

10 more minutes.

What 10 more minutes?

There was still 10 minutes to go before the time Edward requested to meet Han Zhan.

Edward waited patiently, showing no signs of anger.

Song Ci still didn’t wish for Han Zhan to appear. She didn’t dare to look around, afraid that Edward would discover Han Zhan’s identity.

Edward smiled. “Song Ci, it seems like my little Hoff doesn’t really love you.”

Song Ci had learned her lesson.

In front of Edward, Song Ci put away her sharp thorns and chose to be a silent, beautiful, and charming mute.

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t argue with him this time, Edward felt bored.

Edward looked at Aaron again and said sinisterly, “Aaron, I remember that you had the best relationship with little Hoff when we were young. At that time, you guys even promised to kill me together in pursuit of freedom, right?”

Aaron’s expression remained unchanged. He turned sideways and stared at Edward. He said respectfully, “Father, I was ignorant when I was young. Don’t be angry.”

Aaron’s soft, cotton-like character displeased Edward even more.

Edward turned to his precious daughter. “Anna, do you think little Hoff will come?”

Orianna analyzed calmly. “If he really loves Song Ci, he will definitely come.”

“But he isn’t here now.” Edward spread out his hands and smiled at Song Ci. “Does this mean that his love for you is only so-so?”

Song Ci chuckled. “Mr. Edward, you’re so smart. You’ve discovered everything.”

Edward was speechless.

How boring.

“Leo, do you think Hoff will come?”

Sicilio said, “I don’t know. But I feel that by sitting like this, we especially look like a classic masterpiece by Mr. Da Vinci.”

“Oh? Which one?”

Sicilio said, “The Last Supper.”

Edward was slightly surprised.

“Then Leo, who is the traitor?”

Sicilio fell silent.

Edward smiled playfully. “Interesting.”

He looked at the people in front of him. Anyone he looked at looked like a traitor.

“Two more minutes.”

Edward hooked his finger at his subordinate.

The subordinate handed the gun to Edward.

Edward fiddled with the gun. “This gun has accompanied me for half my life. 35 years ago, I relied on it to successfully kill the previous leader of the ‘Son of God’. I called it ‘God Slayer’.”

He had used it to kill the leader of the previous Son of God.

Edward wiped the gun carefully. He blew at it. “But today I decided to use it to punish our family.”

Edward pointed the gun at Song Ci.

Song Ci stared at the dark gun barrel without showing any fear.

To this day, Song Ci had already disregarded life and death.

Song Ci didn’t value her own life, but someone treated her like a treasure.

Edward’s eyes scanned the people sitting or standing in the dining room. He waved his gun and said excitedly, “I never understood why little Hoff didn’t come to see me and save the woman he loved.”

“I thought he was afraid. Afraid of dying. Afraid of seeing me.”

Edward glanced at Carl behind Sicilio and Su Wen behind Orianna. He licked his lips playfully and said, “I finally understand today.”

Orianna asked, “Father, what did you understand?”

Edward’s smile widened.

He said, “I feel that it’s not that little Hoff doesn’t dare to come and see me, but he doesn’t dare to use his real face to meet me! I feel that little Hoff is here, in this restaurant.”

Edward pulled the trigger.

He decided to kill Song Ci!

Hearing the sound of the trigger, Carl, who was behind Sicilio, suddenly moved.

Carl walked out from behind Sicilio. Under Edward’s watchful gaze, he walked around the end of the table with steady steps and sat down beside Aaron.

After taking a seat, Carl placed his right hand on the table and removed the two fake fingers made by Susanna in front of everyone, revealing two ugly scars.

Then, he slowly tore off the fake skin on his neck and the mask on his face. He lowered his head again and elegantly took off his invisible contact lenses.

As the man looked up, everyone saw a pair of slender gray-blue eyes and a handsome face with deep facial features.

Who else could it be but Han Zhan?

Han Zhan tilted his head and nodded slightly at Edward. “Long time no see, Father.”

Edward clapped his hands.

“Wow! Wow!”

“My little Hoff, look, you’ve really grown up and learned to lie to your father.”

Han Zhan smiled calmly.

“Father, you’re too kind.”

Han Zhan reached behind his back and took out the gun he had tucked behind his waist.

Placing the gun on the table, Han Zhan touched his beloved gun and said, “Like father, I also gave my own gun a fitting nickname.”


Edward asked Han Zhan politely, “Can you tell Father what your gun’s name is?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Of course.”

He picked up the gun with his left hand and aimed it at Edward.

Despite being pointed at, Edward remained unmoved. Instead, he gazed at Han Zhan with tolerance.

Han Zhan told Edward, “I call it Father Slayer.”

The main hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. The atmosphere was tense!

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