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Chapter 250: Four Children and Three Wants to Kill You, Why are You Such a Failure?

“Song Ci, since Rain can’t bear to part with you, come with us.”

Rain cheered at Edward’s approval.

But Song Ci couldn’t smile.

At that moment, she felt uneasy and worried, as if she had discovered that her underage daughter was going out alone with her young boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Although she was very reluctant, Song Ci was still worried about letting Rain and Edward sail alone.

Who knew what a pervert like Edward would do?

Before setting off, Edward suddenly said to Rain, “Rain, I’ve prepared a beautiful dress for you in your room. Take a shower and change into the beautiful dress I bought for you, alright?”

Hearing this, Rain was like a little girl who had received a Barbie doll from her father. She was very happy and hurried back to her room to take a shower.

Rain took a slower shower. While she was in the shower, Edward had someone send some things to the yacht.

Flowers, fine wine, fruit cakes, beautiful sweets…

Everything was intricate.

Rain’s voice sounded from behind Song Ci. “Mother, Edward, I am done bathing.”

Hearing this, Song Ci instinctively turned back.

Song Ci was stunned when she saw Rain.

Rain was wearing a snow green lace dress with two extremely thin straps over her shoulders. It was as if she could easily cut the straps with her fingernails.

Rain’s figure was very well-developed. She had voluptuous curves and a slender waist. Due to the fact that she had barely been exposed to the sun for several months, her skin was as fair and smooth as a baby’s.

Her long hair draped over her shoulders and she was wearing a red collarbone necklace. On closer look, she was so beautiful that even a woman like Song Ci was mesmerized by her.

But Song Ci felt like Rain was secretly wearing adult clothes.

Song Ci instinctively turned to look at Edward.

She saw Edward gazing at Rain in the same mesmerized manner. His gaze landed on Rain, but also seemed to be staring at someone else through her face.

Rain was wearing high heels and walked unsteadily to Song Ci’s side.

Smiling shyly at Song Ci, Rain said mischievously and shyly, “Mother, isn’t it very strange for me to wear this? And this pair of shoes, how do I walk with this pair of shoes!”

When she went downstairs just now, she nearly fell several times.

Song Ci reached out with her trembling right hand and grabbed Rain’s fair wrist.

Behind her, Edward’s sharp gaze mercilessly and dangerously scraped Song Ci’s back.

That gaze was like a knife.

Song Ci grabbed Rain’s wrist and forced a smile. “Rain.” Song Ci lied. “Rain, Mommy’s stomach hurts. Can you accompany Mommy home?”

Hearing Song Ci say that her stomach hurt, Rain looked nervous.

Without hesitation, she looked up and told Edward, “Edward, Mother isn’t feeling well. I can’t accompany you on the boat tonight.”

Upon hearing this, Edward narrowed his eyes.

He gently rubbed his fingers together.

A melancholic and sorrowful expression appeared on Edward’s face. He pretended to be sad and asked, “Rain, you only want your mother and not Edward?”

Rain struggled.

After a moment, she said firmly, “Edward, we can sit on the boat later, but tonight, I want to accompany Mother.”

Song Ci felt slightly comforted that Rain had chosen her.

Song Ci turned around, held Rain’s hand, and told Edward, “Edward, why don’t we go out to sea another day? What do you think?”

As long as she could hide for one more day, it counts.

Edward didn’t reply to them. Instead, he looked up at the moon in the sky.

Every year, the moon on the 15th of the eighth and first lunar month was the grandest and brightest of the year. Today was the 15th of August. If she missed tonight, they could only wait for another half a year.

Edward couldn’t wait.

“No way.”

With that, Edward suddenly took out his gun and stroked it gently.

It was a silent threat.

Song Ci pursed her lips the moment she saw Edward taking out his gun. How could she forget? She was a prisoner and had no right to resist Edward.

Rain knew that Edward was angry. She grabbed Song Ci’s hand uneasily. “Edward, are you angry?”

Edward smiled gently at Rain. He turned to his subordinate and said, “Jackson, please let MissY and Miss Song board the ship!”


Jackson pretended to drag Song Ci and the rest onto the boat.

Song Ci struggled. “Don’t touch me. We have our own feet!”

Jackson shrugged and didn’t insist.

Rain walked in front and Song Ci followed behind.

As soon as she got onto the deck, a cold muzzle was pressed against the back of Song Ci’s waist. Through the thin material of her clothes, Song Ci felt the coldness of the muzzle and the muscles on her back instantly tensed.

Edward leaned against Song Ci’s side profile, bit her ear, and said softly, “Little sweetheart, you will regret coming along.”

Song Ci’s blood froze.

She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. “What are you trying to do?”

Edward gritted his teeth so hard that there were bite marks on Song Ci’s ears.

She heard Edward say, “Do what I want to do to you but can’t to her.”

Song Ci turned pale at his words.

Song Ci’s delicate body trembled and she didn’t dare to make a sound.

In the dark, the yacht sailed on the waves. The sea breeze blew, and Song Ci’s long dress and black hair danced in the wind. Edward looked at Song Ci in a daze. He said, “Compared to Rain, you are more like her.”

Apart from her looks, Rain didn’t look like Jiang Shiyu at all.

But Song Ci was different. Not only did she look like her mother, but even her temper, gaze, and charm were exactly the same as Jiang Shiyu’s.

Song Ci was Edward’s type in all aspects, but she just had to be that little bastard Han Zhan’s woman!

Touching a little beast’s woman is dirtying my own body!

Edward walked past Song Ci and walked ahead.

Song Ci grabbed the railing and trembled for a long time. She then walked unsteadily to the deck in her high heels.

Rain was holding a bunch of grapes. She looked up slightly and opened her mouth to suck on one of the grapes.

Under the moonlight, Rain’s skin was so fair that it glowed and looked fragile. Even Song Ci, a woman, felt her blood boil at the sight of this, let alone that pervert Edward.

Seeing Song Ci come over, Rain put down the grapes and asked her worriedly, “Mother, does your stomach still hurt?”

Song Ci shook her head. “It’s better.”

Rain was overjoyed when she heard this.

She handed the grape to Song Ci. “Mother, this grape is so sweet. Have it.”

Song Ci walked over and ate a grape.

The grapes were very sweet, but Song Ci’s heart ached.

Edward entered the cabin and only Edward’s subordinates were outside. Song Ci held Rain’s hands and asked, “Rain, how much do you know about men and women?”

Although Rain had never been educated in school, she had also watched television and was educated.

Of course Rain knew about sex.

“Mother, why are you asking such a question?” Rain felt that Song Ci’s question was very strange. Why did she suddenly ask such a question out of nowhere?

Song Ci didn’t explain and continued asking, “Then do you know who can do such a thing?”

Rain blushed slightly.

She lowered her head and said softly, “With the man I love, of course.”

From the corner of her eye, Song Ci saw Edward walk out. She asked Rain, “If Edward wants to treat you like that, do you think it’s right?”

Hearing Song Ci’s question, Edward also stopped in his tracks.

He looked at the two of them strangely and saw Rain shaking her head in an exaggerated manner. She shouted. “Mother, are you kidding me? Edward and I? How is that possible! He is someone I respect as a father.”

Hearing this reply, Song Ci was satisfied.

She looked provocatively behind Rain.

Edward’s expression was unreadable. There was no anger on his face.

Immediately after, a smile appeared on Edward’s face. He walked up to Rain and hugged her waist. He warned her gently, “Rain, I’ll give you a chance to take back what you just said.”

Rain looked up and saw Edward’s smile.

Edward was the kind of man who was born with a domineering aura. Rain was very good at reading people’s expressions. Realizing that Edward was angry, she shut her mouth. She loved Edward very much but was also very afraid of him.

Edward leaned close to Rain. “What you just said upset me,” he said.

Rain twitched her pink ears and said hoarsely, “I… I said something wrong.”

“Good child.” Edward lifted Rain’s long hair and sniffed it.

He glanced at Song Ci and gave her a strange, cold smile.

Looking at that smile, Song Ci felt like she was being strangled by a venomous snake.

Holding Rain’s hand, Edward told her, “Come, Rain, I prepared a birthday cake for you.”

Rain’s eyes lit up when she heard the birthday cake. She quickly forgot about the incident. Staring at the cake box, Rain asked curiously, “Edward, who is celebrating their birthday today?”

Edward said, “Yours.”

Rain was slightly surprised. “Today is my birthday?” Rain didn’t remember when her birthday was. In her memory, she had never celebrated her birthday.

Edward said firmly, “Yes, it’s your birthday today.”

Edward remembered that the night Jiang Shiyu handed her body to him was also on such a night with the moon high in the sky.

It was very cold that night. Jiang Shiyu was wearing a dress similar to Rain’s and a fur coat to ward off the cold.

That night was coincidentally Jiang Shiyu’s birthday.

Edward still remembered how Jiang Shiyu looked with her eyes closed, singing to the cake, blowing her wishes, and blowing out the candles. Her devastatingly beautiful face was alluring but unknowing.

“Rain, what wish did you make?”

Jiang Shiyu cupped her hands and blinked mischievously at her like a little fairy. She said, “I hope I can be your girlfriend.”

Edward’s heart was racing when he heard this answer. In the end, Edward smeared the cake all over Jiang Shiyu’s body and ate it for her.

He still remembered that it was a blueberry-flavored cake. It was sweet and sour, just like Jiang Shiyu.

After ending his memories, Edward opened the lid of the cake.

Rain’s mouth watered at the sight of the exquisite and delicious cake.

She reached out to steal a blueberry and eat it. Edward hit her hand and reprimanded her neither lightly nor heavily. “You haven’t sung your birthday blessing and haven’t made a wish. You’re not obedient.”

Rain hurriedly retracted his hand.

She pulled Song Ci to sit beside her.

Edward smiled and said to Song Ci, “Today is Rain’s birthday. Song Ci, can you play a birthday song for her?”

As soon as Edward finished speaking, a man bent over and stood beside Song Ci with a violin in his hand.

Rain was very happy. She stared at Song Ci expectantly and urged her. “Mother, I want to listen to the birthday song!”

Song Ci hesitated for a moment before standing up.

She took the violin from the subordinate’s hand, stood on the deck, and performed a birthday concert.

Edward looked more serious than Rain.

After Song Ci finished playing, she returned the violin to her subordinate. Rain clapped vigorously. “It’s nice. Mother, you are so awesome! You are so charming when you play the violin.”

Song Ci sat down and turned to look at Rain’s smiling face. She felt terrible.

Edward said to Rain, “Next, you can make a wish.”

Rain didn’t know the rules and just said her wish —

“I hope that Edward and Mother will be healthy and happy forever. I hope that Mother will be by Rain’s side forever. I also want to go to China with Mother to see the Great Wall and tour the Wu River!”

Hearing Rain’s innocent and ridiculous wish, both Edward and Song Ci reacted differently and lowered their heads.

After finishing the cake, Edward personally danced with Rain in his arms.

The way they danced in the moonlight felt unreal, like a dream. After the dance, Rain leaned on Edward’s shoulder. She said, “Edward, I’m feeling sleepy.”

But Edward smiled. “You can’t sleep tonight.”


Edward said, “Rain, can I have you?”

Rain looked confused. “How?”

Song Ci’s expression changed drastically when she heard Edward’s words. She stood up from her stool.

The moment Song Ci stood up, two subordinates hurried over, grabbed her arms, and restricted her movements.

This turn of events stunned Rain.

“Edward…” Rain watched this scene with a pale face. She grabbed Edward’s arm with her fingers and asked him,” Edward, why are they grabbing Mother? ”

Edward shed his gentle facade and revealed his true colors.

“She disturbed my fun!”

Rain was stunned.

How did Mother provoke Edward?

Edward wrapped his arms around Rain’s slender waist. He brought her into his arms and pressed Rain’s head against his chest, not allowing her to move.

Staring at the indignant Song Ci, Edward smiled and said, “Little sweetheart, do you think you can stop me from doing things just by following me? No one can stop me from wanting anyone!”

With that, Edward suddenly reached out his left hand and quickly removed the tablecloth.

Cakes, wine, and fruits were all thrown to the ground.

Rain only heard the sound of something landing on the ground. The next second, her body was spinning. Opening her eyes again, Rain saw stars and the moon all over the sky. Only then did she realize that she had been placed on the table by Edward.

Edward waved his hand and everyone else on the deck retreated, leaving Song Ci and the two tall men behind her.

Edward started to remove his white shirt.

Rain watched as Edward elegantly took off his shirt. She thought of the topic Song Ci had mentioned previously and realized that Edward was about to do such a terrible thing to her. The usually obedient Rain started to resist strongly.

She flailed her limbs and kicked Edward in the abdomen.

Edward’s body was as strong as iron. Rain’s soft punches and kicks couldn’t hurt Edward at all.

Edward despised the cat for being disobedient. He grabbed Rain’s ankle and pressed her back onto the table.

Rain lost her ability to resist and cried helplessly. “Edward, you can’t do this to me!”

Edward sneered. “I called you Rain, but you really treat yourself as a human?”

Rain didn’t understand what Edward meant.

Edward stared at the weeping girl and told her a cruel truth. “You are just a replica and a clone. You exist to make me happy!”

Hearing this, Rain felt like he had been struck by lightning.

“C- clone!”

Rain had read many books. Of course she knew what a clone was.

Strictly speaking, the existence of clones was allowed in this world. Clones were not humans by law. They were just experimental subjects!

Rain thought of her terrifying growth rate and suddenly understood everything.

Rain looked at Song Ci, who was also crying beside her. She refused to accept her fate and asked Song Ci, “Mother, am I really a clone? Am I not your daughter?”

Tears streamed down Song Ci’s face.

Song Ci’s rationality completely collapsed when she met Rain’s beautiful eyes. “Rain, don’t listen to Edward. Edward is lying to you! Rain, you are my daughter. You are a human, not a clone!”

Rain really wanted to believe Song Ci’s words, but her tears betrayed her lie.

“So I am not human…”

If I’m not human, why am I also afraid and heartbroken?

Seeing Edward pick up the handcuffs hidden under the table, Rain was scared and struggled even more. “Don’t tie me up! I won’t let you touch me!”

Rain’s uncooperative attitude displeased Edward.

Edward slapped Rain on the face!

Edward had been fighting with people all year round and had an immeasurable strength. Rain’s face swelled on the spot.

Song Ci’s heart ached at the sight.

No mother could remain calm after seeing her child being bullied like this.

Song Ci scolded him angrily. “Edward, you beast! How old is she?! It was right for Jiang Shiyu to leave you. A pervert like you doesn’t deserve to be loved at all! If I were her, I can’t vent my hatred if I didn’t kill you!”

“You heartless beast, you deserve to be a bachelor for the rest of your life! Look at all these children of yours, how many of them really love and respect you! Han Zhan left you, Aaron hates you and is afraid of you. I’m afraid Orianna will even dream of killing you! Of the four children, three want to kill you. I’ve never seen many fathers who are such a failure like you!”

Edward’s face darkened at Song Ci’s words.

He aimed the gun at Song Ci and threatened her through gritted teeth. “Shut up!”

Song Ci would never shut up!

She was going all out!

Song Ci spat at Edward. She stomped her feet and scolded. “Look at you now. You are using force on a little girl. I think you are worse than a beast!”

Song Ci thought that the beggar and Cheng Ziang she met in her previous life were the most disgusting, but she didn’t expect to meet someone even more disgusting in this life.

Edward also had a temper.

Edward had been tolerating Song Ci over and over again.

He decided not to.

Edward shot Song Ci in the abdomen!

Song Ci felt the pain and her face lost all color and strength.

Blood flowed out of Song Ci’s body and quickly drenched her clothes.

Rain saw that Song Ci was injured and broke down into tears. Rain hurriedly knelt up and reached for Edward’s belt while crying for Song Ci. “Edward, don’t hurt Mother. I beg you, don’t hurt her!”

Edward glanced down at Rain and remained silent.

Song Ci guessed what Rain was going to do. She shouted at him. “Rain, get up. Who allowed you to kneel to him? He’s not worthy at all! Get up!”

Rain looked back hesitantly.

Looking at Song Ci’s red belly, she was afraid that her hands were trembling.

Rain’s trembling fingers supported Edward’s waist. She begged him tearfully. “I am good, Edward. I will be very good. I will do whatever you ask me to do. I will never resist again.”

“Edward, don’t kill Mother.”

Edward smiled.

He placed the gun on the table and said to Rain, “You are indeed my good child.”

Gripping Rain’s hair tightly, Edward told her, “You know what to do, Rain…”

“I know…”

That night, Song Ci was injured and bleeding profusely, but she could only watch helplessly as Rain was hurt by Edward.

She looked at Rain like a rag doll lying motionless on the table. Only tears flowed down Rain’s fair cheeks and onto her neck…

Rain’s tears left scars on Song Ci’s heart.

In the end, Song Ci fainted from excessive blood loss. When she woke up again, she had already returned to her own room.

Song Ci opened her eyes and saw Sicilio sitting by the bed, Aaron leaning against the end of the bed, and Han Zhan sitting motionless on the sofa. She realized that she was no longer on the boat and her life was no longer in danger.

“She is awake.” Sicilio was the first to notice that Song Ci was awake.

Hearing this, Han Zhan instantly stood up, strode over to Song Ci, and hugged her without a care.

Han Zhan didn’t say a word, but Song Ci sensed that Han Zhan’s eyes were on her back.

Song Ci looked at Sicilio and then at Aaron. Realizing that both of them had cold expressions, she finally understood that Sicilio and Aaron had already seen through Han Zhan’s identity.

After knowing Han Zhan’s identity, the three of them were still able to get along peacefully. It looked like they had already reached a certain consensus.

Song Ci pushed Han Zhan away and asked anxiously, “Where’s Rain?”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Sicilio also frowned in silence.

Aaron turned and walked to Song Ci’s bed, laying down beside her. He placed his hands behind his head and swirled the toffee in his mouth with the tip of his tongue. “She has a fever. It’s very high. Orianna is treating her.”

Song Ci couldn’t bear to think about what happened last night. She asked again, “Where’s Edward?”

Aaron suddenly shut his mouth.

This time, it was Sicilio who spoke. Sicilio said, “Father suddenly vomited blood during breakfast this morning. He is currently receiving treatment.”

Song Ci’s expression was slightly strange.

Edward vomited blood?

Is the heavens finally unable to tolerate Edward and intend to take him in?

Song Ci tried to sit up, but the wound was too painful and she gave up. “Where is Rain? On the island or at home?”

Aaron said, “Downstairs.”

Song Ci said, “I want to meet her.”

Han Zhan said, “I’ll get a wheelchair.”

This house was very well-equipped and even had a wheelchair. Han Zhan quickly brought over a pure black intelligent wheelchair.

Han Zhan carried Song Ci up and placed her on the wheelchair.

Song Ci tried to control the wheelchair to walk by herself.

The wheelchair slid out and Song Ci suddenly turned to ask the three men behind her. “Who does this wheelchair belong to?”

Han Zhan pointed behind him.

Sicilio also glanced behind him.

At the back, Aaron spread out his hands and said angrily, “The rental fee is 50 yuan for each ride. We will settle the bill after that.”

Song Ci nodded weakly.

Aaron’s injuries had not fully recovered. When they went downstairs, Han Zhan and Sicilio carried Song Ci and the wheelchair downstairs.

After placing Song Ci in the main hall on the first floor, Sicilio left.

Aaron and Han Zhan followed behind Song Ci to Rain’s room.

Rain’s fever burning very badly and her face was red as she muttered something incoherently. Orianna heard the sound of the wheels sliding and turned to look at Song Ci.

Seeing that it was Song Ci, Orianna spoke for the first time since she saw her. “You’re still injured. Whyare you running around?”

Orianna’s voice was as cold as her personality.

Song Ci approached the bed.

She grabbed Rain’s hand and realized how hot it was. “How high is her fever?”

Orianna said, “39.4 degrees.”

Song Ci was shocked. “Will she turn into a fool?”

Orianna stood with her arms crossed, staring at the poor woman in the bed.

Rain was wearing a nightdress that revealed her collarbone. The thin blanket only covered her chest. From Orianna’s direction, one could clearly see the marks on her body.

Orianna knew what Rain had experienced the night before. She had discovered it this morning when she was checking Rain’s body.

Orianna suddenly said, “Isn’t it a relief for her to burn herself silly?”

If she was silly, she wouldn’t think or feel sad.

Hearing this, Song Ci was slightly stunned.

She slowly turned back and looked at the cold-faced Orianna. She asked her a question. “Why did you create her when you knew how unfortunate her fate would be after she was born?”

Orianna was stumped by Song Ci’s question.

Why did I do this?

Orianna sneered inwardly. What has someone else’s life got to do with me?

Song Ci heard Rain muttering something again. She leaned her head close to Rain and heard her clearly. “Mother, I am in pain. Mother…”

Song Ci couldn’t help crying again.

She held Rain’s hand and kissed it. “Rain, Mommy will be here with you. It won’t hurt anymore soon.”

Rain heard Song Ci’s voice. She opened her heavy eyelids and looked weakly at Song Ci.

Seeing that it was really Song Ci who had come to visit her, Rain felt very aggrieved. She pouted and was about to cry again. “Mother, I feel so terrible…”

Song Ci hurriedly asked, “Where?”

Rain couldn’t tell what was so terrible about it.

Song Ci thought that Rain was feeling unwell because of her high fever.

Rain was unconscious due to her high fever. Orianna injected some cooling medicine into her IV bag before pushing Song Ci’s wheelchair out of the ward.

Pushing Song Ci into the garden, Orianna stood beside Song Ci’s wheelchair. Staring at the blooming red roses, Orianna suddenly said, “She’s dying.”

Song Ci’s expression froze.

Her hands trembled.

Playing dumb, Song Ci asked, “Who?”

Orianna said, “Rain.”

Song Ci closed her eyes, feeling indignant. Puzzled, she said, “She looks very healthy. Apart from a fever, there’s nothing wrong with her. Orianna, why is she dying?”

Orianna said, “Her organs are failing rapidly and her face is aging rapidly. In less than half a month, Rain will die.”

Song Ci’s lashes quivered uncontrollably.

Orianna stared at Song Ci and suddenly said, “It’s so strange. That replica clearly looks exactly like Jiang Shiyu, but you give me the feeling that you’re more like Jiang Shiyu than the replica.”

Song Ci opened her eyes and stared straight at Orianna. She said, “You know very well that no matter how similar the skin is, the soul is no longer the same. No matter how many clones you develop, replicas are replicas. No matter how much they look like the person you love, their hearts and souls no longer miss you.”

“Orianna, don’t you think so?”

Orianna’s eyes twinkled as she pretended not to understand what Song Ci was saying.

“Accompany her more recently. Rain will feel very uncomfortable if she ages too quickly.” Orianna left after saying this.

Song Ci stared at the flower field in front of her in a daze.

Han Zhan had appeared behind Song Ci at some point. He bent over slightly and wrapped his right arm around Song Ci’s neck. Han Zhan placed his head on top of Song Ci’s head and slipped his left hand under her clothes to gently stroke that wound.

Song Ci rubbed the back of her head against Han Zhan’s chest as tears streamed down her face.

Han Zhan kissed away her tears.

The two of them exchanged a kiss.

Without Han Zhan, Zeus Corporation suddenly lost its backbone.

Li Li and Bei Zhan were as busy as spinning tops. They hated themselves for not being able to split themselves in half.

On this day, the company was holding a summer quarterly meeting. All the leaders of the branch companies saw that the most respected position was still empty and their eyes were filled with suspicion.

It was a fact that Han Zhan was no longer in Wangdong City.

Bei Zhan told everyone, “It’s a private matter. Mr. Han won’t be able to come to the office recently.”

Everyone had to rely on Han Zhan to successfully finish their studies and reach their current position. They all respected Han Zhan from the bottom of their hearts.

Everyone knew that Madam had gone missing. Thinking of Han Zhan’s recent disappearance, everyone guessed some things.

“CEO Bei, tell us, did something really happen to Madam and Mr. Han went to save her?”

Bei Zhan only said, “Madam’s disappearance was not an accident. Mr. Han indeed went to save Madam, but I can’t say much more.”


Li Li turned on his computer. Before he could finish his sentence, the screen suddenly went black.

“What happened?”

Everyone found it strange that there was no reaction from the computer.

Li Li said, “Perhaps there’s a problem with the computer program. Go inform the technical department to come over…” Before Li Li could finish, the projector suddenly lit up.

Soon after, Edward’s face appeared on the screen.

Everyone was puzzled as they stared at this European face.

“Who is this?”

Li Li and Bei Zhan immediately understood what was going on.

Someone must have hacked the firewall of the company’s computer and sent them a strange video!

In the video, Edward was sitting on a recliner, his white shirt casually draped over his body without any buttons. He held a gun in his left hand and a goblet in his right.

]The wine was strangely red, like blood.

Taking a sip of wine, Edward clicked his tongue and said something in Italian.

In the meeting room, only Bei Zhan understood Italian. His eyes darkened as he translated in a low voice. “Little sweetheart’s blood is especially sweet.”

Everyone’s expression changed drastically upon hearing this.

Edward shook the wine in his hand, blinked at the camera, and said with a smile, “My child, I haven’t waited for you to meet me, so I can only give you a greeting gift.”

The camera turned and saw Song Ci lying on the deck covered in blood.

“It’s Madam!”

]All the higher-ups stood up and looked at the unconscious woman on the projector in disbelief.

That Madam who was usually dressed beautifully and had a charming smile had never been in such a sorry state!

Edward said, “My child, look, your beloved is too disobedient. I taught her a lesson on your behalf.” Edward walked up to Song Ci, lifted his leg, and stepped on her collarbone.

“Come, sweetheart, greet Hoff.”

Song Ci woke up from the pain.

She looked weakly at the camera and cursed. “Edward, f*ck your mother!”

Edward blocked Song Ci’s mouth with his leg.

“Hoff, Father misses you very much. If I don’t see you within three days, I will definitely kill Song Ci!”

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