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Chapter 249: Song Ci Loves to be a Mother

“The clone…”

“To think they could think of something like that!”

Edward once again disgusted Song Ci.

Can he be more disgusting and perverted?

Aaron chuckled. “His pervertedness is far beyond that…”

Aaron didn’t want to discuss exactly how disgusting Edward was with Song Ci. He changed the topic and said to Song Ci, “Do you know why Orianna studies clones?”

Song Ci was not familiar with Orianna. Edward had locked her up here for three months and she had only seen Orianna twice.

Even when they met, Orianna never gave Song Ci a proper look.

Orianna ignored her and Song Ci couldn’t be bothered to look at her.

Song Ci shook her head. “I don’t know about Orianna.”

In reality, there were many things that Song Ci didn’t know.

She didn’t know why Aaron would frequently disappear and would always return bruised and battered.

She also didn’t know why Sicilio was so awkward. He was obviously worried about her, but he purposely pretended to be cold and hated her.

Song Ci didn’t understand why Edward was so evil.

Aaron told Song Ci about the ill-fated relationship between Orianna and Ye Chen. “Orianna once had a lover who was a Harvard professor. He was very young and brave…”

When she heard that in order to cut off Orianna’s relationship with him, Edward was so heartless as to throw Ye Chen into the furnace to kill him, Song Ci felt disgusted and scared. Her stomach churned.

She pressed her stomach and said in a hoarse voice, “So Orianna watched as her lover was killed by her father?”


Song Ci was shocked.

She didn’t dare to imagine how devastated she would be if Han Zhan died in front of her like that.

I might go crazy!

I will be haunted by nightmares forever!

Song Ci recalled the two times she met Orianna. Every time she appeared, she was dressed beautifully, her expression and eyes cold and arrogant.

She couldn’t tell that that person had experienced such a sorrowful past.

Song Ci admired Orianna’s strength.

“After Ye Chen died, Father used molten iron to make a steel statue. He also gave the steel statue to Orianna and placed it on the top of the island where Orianna lived.”

“Orianna was agitated. She carried a gun and was about to fight to the death with Father. Sicilio brought his men to intercept her and shot Orianna awake.”

Aaron shrugged and smiled. “It’s a pity that Orianna still hasn’t killed Father.”

But Song Ci could tell something else from Aaron’s words. “Sicilio, what kind of person is he?”

Aaron remained silent.

What kind of person is Sicilio?

Aaron didn’t understand either.

Just when he felt that Sicilio was as cold as Edward, Sicilio saved Orianna.

Just when he thought Sicilio still had some humanity left, Sicilio heartlessly killed his lover.

“I can’t understand him.”

For so many years, Sicilio had been a mystery.

Aaron couldn’t use words like “good” or “bad” to describe Sicilio.

Not wanting to talk about Sicilio any further, Aaron brought the topic back to the main topic. “Orianna is a biological scientist. After Ye Chen died, Orianna has been researching clones in a vain attempt to resurrect Ye Chen with the same genes.”

“Orianna has cloned three or four Ye Chens over the past nine years, but each Ye Chen died suddenly.”

“The cloning technique is still immature.”

Song Ci was shocked.

Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking for Orianna to watch every single Ye Chen die? “She’s too crazy. Why must she…”

Aaron was like an expert in love and spoke logically. “Because she loved him deeply, she couldn’t let go. Just like how he knew that coming to save you was like entering a tiger’s den alone, Hoff still came without hesitation.”

Because of love, people would become crazy and irrational.

It was the same for Orianna and Hoff.

Aaron’s words shocked Song Ci.

Song Ci’s expression naturally revealed a hint of surprise and worry. She hurriedly asked Aaron, “Is Han Zhan here?”

Aaron pursed his lips. “What are you pretending for? Others might not be able to recognize him, but I can recognize Hoff. He is so bold to dare to approach Sicilio. I really admire him.”

With that, Aaron stared fixedly at Song Ci, wanting to verify his bold guess from her subtle reaction.

But after hearing Aaron’s words, not only did Song Ci not fall into his trap, she even looked shocked.

Instead, Song Ci asked Aaron anxiously, “Han Zhan really came? When did he come? Did Edward notice him?”

Aaron only said that Han Zhan was very close to Sicilio but didn’t explicitly point out that Han Zhan was Carl. Song Ci suspected that Aaron was bluffing and wanted her to give herself away.

But Song Ci was no fool. She wouldn’t be so foolish as to reveal the fact that Carl was Han Zhan.

As a result, she purposely pretended to be ignorant and anxious to know the truth to confuse Ah Rang.

Moreover, she still had a listening device in her body. She would never reveal that Han Zhan was Carl.

Seeing Song Ci’s reaction, Aaron felt slightly puzzled.

Could my guess be wrong?

Is Hoff really not in Catania?

Aaron had always felt that Song Ci was just a pretty face. He didn’t expect Song Ci to also scheme against him. As a result, after hearing Song Ci’s reply, Aaron dispelled his doubts.

Downstairs, the young daughter’s laughter was melodious and adorable.

Aaron focused his attention on the little girl again.

He frowned in disgust. “Father had ulterior motives when he saw the first clone, Ye Chen. Like Orianna, Father also wanted to clone and revive Jiang Shiyu.”

“The child you see is the Jiang Shiyu who was successfully cloned.”

Such a smart and adorable child was actually a clone!

Song Ci felt slightly sad. “Clones are also humans. They all have their own independent thinking. Even if they look the same and have the same genes, their thinking is different. They will ultimately be different.”

Under the same skin was a different soul. How could it be the same?

Aaron nodded and agreed with Song Ci’s view. “You and I both understand the logic, but the people involved don’t want to be sober.”

In the pool, Edward lifted the little girl up high. She happily scooped up a handful of water and threw it in his face.

Edward pretended to be angry as he looked at the little girl. The little girl was very good at reading people. Seeing that Edward was angry, she quickly calmed down and stopped making a fuss or laughing.

At this moment, Edward laughed out loud again. He threw the little girl into the pool and also cupped a handful of water, wanting to scare her.

The little girl hurriedly swam away.

Their laughter echoed throughout the surroundings.

From their looks and age, they looked more like a father and daughter, the kind who had a daughter at an old age. But Edward harbored such shameless thoughts towards the little girl.

Song Ci felt that Edward was getting more and more disgusting.

Song Ci saw the little girl climb out of the pool and sit by the side, her slender legs swaying in the water. Song Ci stared at the girl’s body and asked curiously, “How old is she?”

Aaron said, “Two months.”

Song Ci thought she had heard wrongly and asked again, “How old?” Her voice was much higher.

Aaron answered patiently, “Two months.”

After confirming that she didn’t hear wrongly, Song Ci felt very uneasy. She looked at that child in shock and murmured. “That child doesn’t look like a two-month-old child at all.”

How big was my Miaomiao and Junjun when they were two months old?

“That child looks like she’s six or seven years old. How can a two-month-old child grow so quickly? Is he even human?”

Song Ci looked at that child like she was looking at a monster.

All sorts of science fiction stories flashed across Song Ci’s mind.

“Yeah, is she still human…” Aaron shrugged. This action pulled at his wound and he frowned again.

Aaron pressed down on his bleeding wound and stared at the strange old man and little girl in the pool. He sneered. “These are all monsters.”

Clones were monsters. Orianna, who had developed clones, was a monster. Edward, who wanted Jiang Shiyu, was also a monster.

No one is normal!

Everyone said that Aaron was crazy.

Compared to Edward and Orianna, Aaron was a kind and pure little angel.

Aaron still wanted to scold her but held back at the thought of the listening device in Song Ci’s body. Even if Aaron had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to scold Edward openly.

He was a coward. He only dared to scold in his heart.

Aaron accompanied Song Ci for a while before returning.

His wound had split open and he had to go back to recuperate.

Song Ci was about to leave when the little girl saw her and shouted. “Mother!”

Song Ci was speechless.

Little sister, I am young and beautiful. I really don’t have a child as old as you.

Hearing the sound, Edward looked up at the rooftop. Seeing Song Ci, Edward smiled strangely and waved at her. “Come down.”

Song Ci had no choice but to go down.

Song Ci walked slowly to the side of the pool. The little girl stood up, reached out, and grabbed Song Ci’s slender hand.

Not only did the little girl look like a six- or seven-year-old child, but her intelligence and thinking ability were also similar to an ordinary six- or seven-year-old child.

She looked up at Song Ci’s face. “Are you my mother?”

Song Ci looked embarrassed.

Edward nodded in amusement. “Yes, she is your mother.”

The little girl smiled innocently. “I knew you were my mother. We look alike!”

The little girl had already noticed that there was a beauty who looked like her living in this big house.

Song Ci squatted down and asked the little girl, “What’s your name?”

The little girl said, “Rain. Mommy is so stupid. You don’t even know my name.”

Song Ci thought to herself: You are the silly one. If you are smart, you will realize how perverted your growth speed is.

Edward saw that Rain liked Song Ci and said, “Song Ci, you will be in charge of taking care of Rain from now on.”

Song Ci wanted to reject him, but she had no right to do so in front of Edward.

Song Ci could only accept this troublesome task.

Rain was a girl who was curious about everything. When she watched television, she would always point at the people and things on television and ask Song Ci all sorts of strange questions.

If Song Ci knew, she would patiently explain it to her. Otherwise, Song Ci would just make things up.

And no matter what she said, Rain would treat it as true.

Seeing that the little girl was so obedient to her, Song Ci couldn’t help having a naughty thought.

If I were to tell Rain that Edward was a bad guy from a young age and should be killed, would Rain secretly kill Edward?

Once this thought surfaced, Song Ci snapped out of her trance.

What am I thinking!

How can I instigate a little girl to kill someone!

Clones also had souls and thoughts. They were also humans!

Song Ci was shocked by herself.

Rain noticed that Song Ci was distracted. She walked over and hugged Song Ci’s thigh. She looked up and asked her with a smile, “Mother, are you hungry?”

Rain rubbed her stomach. “I’ m like this when I’ m hungry.”

Due to the rapid growth rate, Rain would have to eat five meals a day to provide sufficient nutrients for her body. Rain would easily get hungry and would reveal this expression on Song Ci’s face when she was hungry but couldn’t eat anything.

Song Ci asked Rain, “Are you hungry?”

Rain nodded. “I’m hungry!”

“Mother, I want to eat that!” Rain pointed at the spaghetti on the television.

“I’ll go make it for you.”

Song Ci came to the kitchen to make spaghetti. But thinking that this child might not be able to leave the city of Catania from birth until his death, Song Ci wanted to treat her better.

Song Ci gazed at the little girl’s face and felt like she had traveled back in time to see Song Fei when she was young.

Shaking her head, Song Ci raised the fish in her hand and said to Rain, “Rain, can I make boiled fish slices for you?”

Rain widened his curious eyes and asked Song Ci, “What is that?”

“It’s from Mother’s hometown.”

Rain hurriedly nodded. “Yes!”

As Song Ci cooked, Rain stood beside her and watched her.

Smelling the fragrance of boiled fish slices, Rain looked slightly shocked. “I’ve never seen such food before.” It smelled so good.

Song Ci brought Rain to the dining room and chose a few pieces of fish for her.

“Try it.”

Rain took a bite and revealed a loving expression. “Mommy, it’s delicious. I want more!”

“How about I give you Mapo tofu and egg dumplings for the next meal?”


After dinner, Rain hugged Song Ci’s waist and laid on her lap, not wanting to sleep. She murmured. “I really want to go to the place where Mother used to live, eat dumplings, eat soup dumplings, eat roasted duck…”

Rain fell asleep with a yearning for good food.

Rain was growing up everyday. On the first day Song Ci took care of Rain, she was 115cm tall. In just a week, she had grown to 125cm.

Song Ci stroked Rain’s black hair, feeling slightly upset. Rain was growing too quickly and her kidneys and other organs would definitely fail.

The faster she grew up, the faster she would age in the future.

On this day, Rain realized that the dress that she could still wear previously had become shorter. She changed into a long dress and hugged the dress that she couldn’t wear. She found Song Ci and asked her, “Mother, why can you keep wearing your dress but I can’t wear my dress after a few days?”

Staring at Rain who had already grown into a young girl, Song Ci felt bitter.

She lied. “Because you are in a state of rapid growth. When you are as tall as Mother, you will stop growing.”

Rain’s eyes lit up. “Will I be as beautiful as Mother?”

Rain felt that Song Ci was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Rain looked at Song Ci’s face and said longingly, “I want to be as beautiful as my mother. I want to know how to play the violin!”

“You want to learn the violin?” Song Ci was slightly surprised.

Rain nodded vigorously.


“Shall I teach you then?”


Song Ci taught Rain the violin step by step.

Rain was extremely talented in music. Song Ci only needed to give her some pointers to understand many things.

It only took a week for Rain to play the violin very well.

On this day, Sicilio returned from Earl Ace’s side. Just as he was about to reach the house, he heard two different violin sounds coming from the side building.

Sicilio turned to look at Carl behind him.

]He smiled playfully. “I heard that Father handed Rain to Song Ci to raise.”

Han Zhan didn’t understand Edward’s intentions, and neither did Sicilio.

Sicilio said, “Let’s go and take a look.”

On the way to Song Ci’s house, Carl’s footsteps became hurried.

Song Ci and Rain were playing the violin in the courtyard of their house.

Song Ci was wearing a white lacy dress with her long hair draped over her shoulders. She was very engrossed in playing the violin and didn’t notice Han Zhan and the rest approaching.

Standing beside Song Ci was a little girl about 10 years old. She was wearing a blue and white striped dress and a pair of white princess shoes. She was also very serious.

Sicilio stared at Rain in astonishment. “She grows so quickly.”

She had been in this family for less than a month and had already grown up by three to four years.

Han Zhan frowned at that little monster, his eyes filled with conflict.

Hearing Sicilio’s voice, Song Ci opened her eyes. She saw Han Zhan standing behind Sicilio and put down her violin.

Song Ci didn’t know that Sicilio had already seen through Han Zhan’s disguise. She was afraid of exposing herself and didn’t dare to look at Han Zhan too much. Meanwhile, Han Zhan took into account Rain’s existence and didn’t dare to expose his identity in front of Song Ci.

Rain was Edward’s man and couldn’t be trusted.

Sicilio stared at the little girl with a complex expression.

This little girl was his mother’s clone, but not his mother. Sicilio didn’t know how to face Rain, so he just kept a straight face and didn’t look at her.

Meanwhile, children were the most observant.

Sensing Sicilio’s coldness towards her, Rain naturally knew that he didn’t like her. Rain tugged at Song Ci’s skirt and said softly, “Mother, I am hungry.”

Song Ci pulled Rain back to the house and made her a bowl of beef noodles.

That night, Edward returned.

He went out for three to four days. Once he returned home, he got someone to bring Rain over from Song Ci’s house.

Rain looked forward to seeing Edward. After all, Edward was the one who doted on her the most. Rain bid farewell to Song Ci and skipped over to Edward’s house.


Rain threw himself into Edward’s arms.

Edward lifted Rain and carried her around the hall.

Rain’s giggle echoed outside the house.

Song Ci stood outside the house for a while before returning home.

That night, Rain stayed with Edward.

Rain had been living with Edward for three days. Only when Edward went on a work trip did she return to Song Ci’s house.

Song Ci checked Rain’s body when she was bathing him. She didn’t see any ambiguous marks on Rain’s body. Only then did Song Ci feel completely at ease.

The next day, one of Edward’s subordinates suddenly sent over a box of medicine.

“Miss Song, this is Rain’s medicine. Sir told you to inject this medicine into Rain’s body every two days before bed. You must never forget it.”

Song Ci stared at the dark red liquid in the box and asked warily, “What is this?”

The man said, “Rain is growing too quickly. This medicine can protect her organs very well. It’s very important.”

Hearing this, Song Ci was relieved.

Before going to bed at night, Song Ci entered Rain’s room with that syringe.

Rain was slightly afraid when she saw the syringe. She hid under the blanket and asked Song Ci, “Mother, what is that in your hand?”

Song Ci didn’t know what medicine it was.

She chose to face Rain honestly. “This is the medicine that Edward sent over. He wants me to inject it into your body before you sleep. He said that this is the medicine to protect your organs.”

Rain stared at that syringe. She hesitated for a moment before reaching out her arm. She smiled at Song Ci. “If Edward gave it to me, I’m not afraid.”

Song Ci couldn’t even maintain her smile.

She asked Rain, “You like Edward a lot?”


“How much do you like him?”

Thinking for a moment, Rain said, “If he’s happy, I’m happy. If he’s not, I’m not happy.”

She was born for him.

Song Ci felt especially terrible. She disinfected Rain’s arm with a disinfectant stick and placed the syringe on the skin of Rain’s arm. She said, “I am going to start.”

Not only was Rain not afraid, she even gave Song Ci a strong smile. “Mother, I am not afraid.”

Song Ci nodded. She couldn’t bear it, but she had no choice but to inject the medicine into Rain’s body.

Rain said, “It hurts!”

Her muscles were tense from the pain.

Song Ci nearly couldn’t stab the syringe in.

Only when Rain relaxed did Song Ci slowly push the medicine into her body.

By the time the injection was complete, Rain was sweating profusely. She didn’t know if it was from pain or nervousness.

Seeing that Song Ci’s eyes were red, Rain smiled weakly. She lifted her hand to stroke Song Ci’s tightly furrowed brows and comforted her. “Mother, it doesn’t hurt.”

Song Ci nodded. “Rain, go to sleep.”

“Mother, can you play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for me?”


Song Ci stood by the bed and played the song for Rain. Before she finished, Rain fell asleep.

Song Ci returned to her room and locked herself in the toilet. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

Instinct told Song Ci that the waist injection into Rain’s body was not a medicine to protect the organs at all. But Song Ci didn’t know what the medicine was or what its effects were.

But she had to follow Edward’s instructions.

At this moment, Song Ci suddenly understood how Aaron felt. All these years, Aaron had always led a life like hers. She couldn’t blame him for developing such a twisted character.

There were a total of seven pills in that box. It had been half a month since the injection. During this period, Song Ci watched as Rain grew rapidly.

At this height, Rain was already 1.5 meters tall. She looked like a 13 to 14 year old teenage girl whose body was developing and she was already wearing underwear.

Song Ci vaguely guessed the effect of that medicine.

It was a stronger version of the catalyst.

It looked like Edward was getting impatient.

During the period of growing up, Rain frequently rubbed her own bones and said to Song Ci, “Mother, my bones hurt.”

Song Ci reported this to Edward’s subordinate. The next day, Song Ci received the most effective calcium supplement.

As her bones ached, Rain couldn’t fall asleep at night. She wanted Song Ci to hug her, sing for her, and tell her the story of Gong Xida’s dinosaur series.

As they got along, Song Ci gradually took on the role of Rain’s mother. The uneasiness in her heart grew as she watched Rain grow up day by day and gradually become a beautiful young lady.

At this point, Song Ci hoped that Han Zhan could bring her away as soon as possible.

Song Ci was afraid that she would go crazy if she stayed any longer.

Another month passed.

It had been five months since Song Ci arrived in Catania.

Autumn was coming, but the temperature in Catania was still high. Song Ci was dressed casually and was sitting on the rooftop with Rain eating watermelon.

Suddenly, Rain pointed at the tall mountain in the distance and said in surprise, “Mother, smoke is rising from Mount Etna.”

Song Ci looked up at the top of the volcano and saw that it had erupted. Countless magma surged out and rolled down the hill.

Thick smoke billowed and magma splashed everywhere. The scene was breathtaking.

Song Ci’s heart was racing as she stared at that scene.

“Mother, did a volcano erupt?”


Rain pointed at the volcano. “I heard that if the volcano erupts frequently, it means that the crustal activity is also rather intense. Perhaps there will be an earthquake soon.”

Rain was slightly afraid as she imagined the earthquake and the volcano erupting together.

She instinctively burrowed into Song Ci’s arms. “Mother, if the earthquake comes, will you protect me?”

Song Ci stared at Rain’s beautiful face and thought of the earthquake she experienced in Bijiang when she was 14 years old.


Just like how Song Fei would protect Song Ci without hesitation, Song Ci would also protect Rain.

Rain smiled sweetly. She hugged Song Ci’s waist and rubbed her shoulder. “I will also protect my mother well!”

Song Ci was slightly moved by Rain.

Suppressing her heartache, she asked Rain, “Rain, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“I want to eat braised chicken drumsticks! I want the big ones, spicy ones!”

Song Ci had already raised Rain with a Chinese stomach and loved all delicious Chinese food.

Song Ci said, “You’re allowed to do so.”

Downstairs, Song Ci went to the kitchen to pickle drumsticks and let them marinate in advance.

Rain, who was already 17 or 18 years old, was wearing hot pants and a tight suspender. She was sitting cross-legged by the coffee table playing with a jigsaw puzzle.

Song Ci walked out of the kitchen with her hands washed. She stared at Rain’s already-developed sexy body and felt even more distressed.

After dinner, Rain pulled Song Ci to look at the Titanic.

“Mother, I also want to take this big boat.”

Song Ci was rather afraid of the sea in the past. After being abused by Edward and Aaron several times, Song Ci was no longer afraid.

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “If there’s a chance, Mother will bring you to take a boat.”

“Ah! That’s great.”

Halfway through the movie, there was a knock on the door. Song Ci opened the door and saw Edward’s subordinate standing outside.

What is Edward’s subordinate doing here at this time?

Song Ci’s expression was dark and slightly displeased.

The person said, “Ms. Song, Sir wants to meet Rain.”

Song Ci blocked the door with her body and rejected coldly. “Tomorrow. Rain is going to sleep.”

But Rain had good hearing. Hearing Edward’s name, she stood up from the sofa, walked behind Song Ci, tilted her head, and asked Edward’s subordinate, “Is Edward back?”

“Yes, Rain.”

Rain tugged at Song Ci’s arm and shook it. “Mother, I want to see Edward.”

Song Ci rejected her. “Rain, you should sleep.”

“But I really want to see Edward. Only you are by my side every day. Edward is so busy and doesn’t accompany me much.”

Hearing this, something flashed across Song Ci’s mind.

She suddenly grabbed Rain’s hand and asked her, “Rain, what is Edward to you?”

Song Ci had never asked this question.

Rain smiled innocently. “He’s my father!”

Song Ci’s jaw dropped.


Rain added. “Song Ci is the mother and Edward is the father!”

Song Ci was shocked.

Rain treats Edward as her father!

No wonder she wanted to visit Edward the moment she heard that he was back. How many children in this world didn’t love their father?

Song Ci glanced at Rain’s increasingly sexy figure and that face that looked exactly like Jiang Shiyu’s. She felt very uneasy.

Rain really couldn’t meet Edward tonight!

Song Ci tugged at Rain’s hand and said to Edward’s subordinate, “I can bring her over, but I must accompany her.”

The subordinate had no choice but to bring Song Ci over.

Edward saw that Song Ci had also come with Rain. He raised his brows playfully. “What are you doing?”

Song Ci released Rain and walked up to Edward.

Song Ci braced herself, leaned close to Edward, and scolded him in a low voice. “Edward, don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning to do! Rain looks like a big girl, but she’s only a few months old in essence! Don’t be a beast!”

Edward chuckled. “If I really want to do something, can you stop me?”

Edward waved at Rain. “Come here, Rain.”

Rain walked over happily.

Holding Edward’s arm, Rain asked him, “Edward, are we going out to play?” Edward was wearing a white shirt and a pair of well-made pants. It was obvious that he was going out.

The conversation between Rain and Song Ci had already reached Edward’s ears through the listening device on Song Ci.

Edward scratched Rain’s nose. “I’ll take you on a boat, okay?” he said lovingly.

Edward hoped Rain would remember everything that was about to happen tonight.

Rain was worthy of his efforts.

Rain was overjoyed to hear that they were going to take a boat. “Can you bring Mother along?”

Edward looked at Song Ci.

Song Ci glared at Edward.

Edward’s lips curled into a dangerous smile. “Okay…”

Song Ci stared at Edward’s strange smile and felt increasingly uneasy.

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