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Chapter 248: Send It to My Room

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Han Zhan was determined to die to save Song Ci.

He had the determination to die, but he was not here to seek death.

As cautious as he was, he would naturally make some preparations.

Before setting off, Han Zhan had visited Su Huanyan.

Han Zhan chose to trust Su Huanyan and told her about what happened to Song Ci. Thinking about it now, that was the best decision Han Zhan had made.

Su Huanyan treated Song Ci sincerely. She hoped that Han Zhan would come back sooner and that Song Ci would be safe.

As a result, when Han Zhan came looking for her and explained the entire situation, Su Huanyan remained silent for a short while before handing the diamond ring that she had hidden in the box to Han Zhan.

She knew that she still held some weight in Sicilio’s heart. If Sicilio saw this ring, he might show mercy to Han Zhan.

But Su Huanyan didn’t dare to guarantee that Han Zhan would be safe and sound.

That day, Han Zhan held that ring and thanked Su Huanyan solemnly. As he turned to leave, Su Huanyan suddenly called out to him. “Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan turned and looked at Su Huanyan.

A rare look of struggle appeared on Su Huanyan’s beautiful and gentle face.

After much hesitation, she still told Han Zhan her biggest secret. “Mr. Han, Sicilio and I have a daughter. Sicilio doesn’t know of that child’s existence.”

Once Sicilio knew of that child’s existence, he would definitely not let her off.

She knew that revealing the existence of that daughter meant putting herself in front of Sicilio again. But for Song Ci, Su Huanyan still told Han Zhan her greatest secret.

Su Huanyan told Han Zhan, “If you really meet with trouble, you can tell Sicilio about our daughter. If Sicilio wants to know about his daughter’s whereabouts, he definitely won’t kill you.”

Han Zhan was slightly stunned. “You guys actually have a daughter…”


But Su Huanyan didn’t say where that daughter was.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan understood Su Huanyan’s intentions. “Thank you, Miss Su. When I return, I will personally bring Song Ci to visit and thank her!”

Han Zhan accepted Su Huanyan’s great kindness.

Before setting off, Han Zhan had installed a locator in his body. His every move was being monitored by Song Fei.

When Han Zhan came, he had warned Song Fei that if his tracking device lost its effect, he must have taken the initiative to destroy it.

That also meant that he was dead.

Once he died, Song Fei would definitely send the document that Han Zhan had edited to Edward’s mailbox in the shortest time possible.

Carl was someone who had once sold his life for Sicilio. They were very close. Han Zhan had pretended to be Carl and expected that sooner or later, Sicilio would expose his identity.

Of course he wouldn’t approach Sicilio unprepared.

As it turned out, he had successfully grasped Sicilio’s weakness.

“Who knows if you are lying to me?” Sicilio was not so easily deceived.

Han Zhan said calmly, “Sicilio, you can kill me and test if my words are true or false.”

Sicilio looked enraged.

No matter how heartless he was, he would never use his own daughter’s life to test if it was real or fake.

That’s my daughter with Su Huanyan! 

Han Zhan’s threat made Sicilio extremely displeased.

Sicilio’s gaze turned completely dark, like a dark cloud about to welcome a storm. It was so dark that it was suffocating.

He stroked the trigger of the pistol many times. In the end, he just said darkly, “Hoff, you really surprise me…”

Sicilio withdrew his gun.

Han Zhan heaved a silent sigh of relief.

Sicilio didn’t think that Han Zhan was lying to him.

In the end, Han Zhan was the same kind of person as him.

Deep down, they were all ruthless people.

Who asked them to be Edward’s children?

He could do such a thing.

Sicilio turned to make coffee in the kitchen. He stared at the liquid in the coffee machine and said to himself, “Hoff, Father is not an idiot. He will soon guess that you are lurking beside us.”

“Once he discovers your existence, I won’t protect you.”

Sicilio was not a bad person who killed without batting an eyelid, but he was also not a good person who easily saved people.

Hearing his words, Han Zhan only said, “I don’t need you to protect me. You just need to pretend not to know and continue to treat me as Carl.”

Sicilio fetched himself a cup of coffee and another cup. He asked Han Zhan, “Do you want one?”

Han Zhan frowned. “I don’t drink coffee.”

“Oh, I heard that you like to nourish your health and drink tea.”

“I don’t have any nourishing tea here.” Sicilio poured the excess coffee into the sink.

Sicilio came out with a cup of coffee and sat down on the sofa.

Seeing that Han Zhan had already found a seat and sat down, Sicilio said with a cold snort, “You don’t mind at all.”

Han Zhan pursed his lips and remained silent.

Sicilio’s index finger stroked the coffee cup slowly. He asked again, “Where’s Carl? Did you kill him?” Carl was Sicilio’s most loyal subordinate. If he died, Sicilio would slowly settle this score with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan shook his head. “He didn’t die, but I hid him.”

Hearing that Carl was still alive, Sicilio’s expression brightened.

Sicilio took a sip of the slightly hot coffee and frowned before putting down his cup.

He crossed his legs and stared at Han Zhan and Carl’s identical faces. He couldn’t help asking, “You found Susanna?” In this world, only Susanna had such a powerful disguise.

Han Zhan acknowledged softly.

Sicilio closed his eyes and could see his eyeballs moving gently under those thin eyelids. Suddenly, Sicilio opened his gray-blue eyes and stared fixedly at Han Zhan. He said, “You intend to kill Father?”

Han Zhan stared straight at Sicilio. He didn’t admit it, but he didn’t deny it either.

Upon seeing this, Sicilio smiled disdainfully. “You alone can’t kill Father.” After all, Father was someone who could activate infrared detection even when he was sleeping.

Han Zhan finally spoke. He asked Sicilio, “You think I can’t do it?”

“It’s very difficult.”

As long as he was human, he had his flaws. Edward would die one day, but Sicilio didn’t think Han Zhan was the person who would kill Edward.

“From a young age, Father has been the thick, insurmountable wall in your and Aaron’s hearts. You guys have a natural sense of awe towards him. Killing Edward is equivalent to killing a god. This is very difficult.”

When he was young, he was suppressed too much by Edward. Even if Han Zhan had already grown up to be the most ruthless Lone Wolf in Heartless Mountain, there were still times when he was afraid of someone.

After hearing Sicilio’s words, Han Zhan’s expression was slightly ugly.

Sicilio was right. Even now, facing Edward, Han Zhan still felt fear.

Although he was in his prime and Edward had already become a weak tiger, it was very difficult for him to overcome his original fear.

Seeing that he had guessed Han Zhan’s intentions, Sicilio smiled noncommittally. “Hoff, give up. Don’t struggle fearlessly.”

How could Han Zhan give up so easily?

As if thinking of something, Han Zhan suddenly called out Sicilio’s name. “Sicilio.”

Sicilio lazily opened his eyes and glanced at Han Zhan with a questioning look.

Han Zhan said, “Sicilio, if he dies, you can snatch Su Huanyan back and bring your daughter back to your side to live like a normal family of three.”

Sicilio’s eyes narrowed. “You want to instigate me? To deal with Father together with you?”

Sicilio teased Han Zhan for being naive. “Han Zhan, to you guys, Edward is indeed pitiful. But have you forgotten that he is my father and I was brought up by him?”

Indeed, Sicilio was speaking the truth. But Han Zhan shook his head mockingly after hearing Sicilio’s words.

Han Zhan leaned forward and stared at Sicilio up close. He asked curiously, “Sicilio, guess, if Edward finds out that you deceived him, will he fly into a rage?”

Sicilio asked instead, “What did I lie to him about?”

Han Zhan spoke very slowly but clearly. “You purposely created the illusion that Su Huanyan had died in a car accident, secretly sent her back to China, and unilaterally cut off your relationship…”

“Isn’t this a form of deception for Edward?”

“Sicilio, if Edward finds out that the child he is most satisfied and dotes on is a liar like his biological mother, do you think he will be angry?”

Sicilio’s expression finally changed. It became dangerous and unpredictable.

He glanced at Han Zhan with cold eyes. “Han Zhan, you know too much…”

But unfortunately, he couldn’t kill Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s lips curled up slightly as he asked with interest, “Sicilio, do you think Su Huanyan will become the second Ye Chen?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s name, Sicilio’s expression darkened completely.

Ye Chen…

Sicilio’s heart faltered.

Han Zhan said, “Back then, Orianna was also Edward’s most beloved daughter. For Orianna, Edward even bought an island and named it after her.”

“But so what? Didn’t he still kill the man that Orianna loved?”

Han Zhan pointed at the island outside the city and smiled mockingly. “That steel sculpture made of Ye Chen’s flesh and blood is still standing at the top of the island, constantly reminding Orianna of the outcome of betraying Edward!”

Han Zhan purposely provoked Sicilio. “Sicilio, why don’t you try and see how much Father dotes on you?”

Sicilio stared at Han Zhan grimly.

After a moment, he smiled.

“Hoff, you really impressed me. Your way of manipulating people is really high.” As expected of a child raised by Han Aoyu.

Sicilio’s emotions were in turmoil. He put down his coffee cup, stood up, and went upstairs.

They arrived at the rooftop in silence.

Sicilio stood on the rooftop and stared at the blurry outline of the island in the distance. He suddenly opened his binoculars.

Through the binoculars, Sicilio could see everything on the island clearly.

At the highest point of that island called Orianna, there was indeed a steel sculpture. After so many years, the sculpture was still very clean.

The steel sculpture looked very gentle and there was a faint, tolerant smile on his lips.

hat was Ye Chen, the gentle Professor Harvard who treated Orianna like his own life.

Looking at Ye Chen’s statue, Sicilio’s thoughts drifted back to nine years ago…

That day, Orianna received Ye Chen’s steel sculpture from Edward. Thinking that Ye Chen’s flesh and blood was hidden inside this steel sculpture, Orianna’s heart ached.

At that time, Orianna, who was still weak, carried a rifle and brought all her subordinates to approach the city of Catania.

She was here to fight Edward to the death.

Sicilio had received the message ahead of time.

He still liked Orianna, this sister of his. Not wanting to see Orianna seek death, Sicilio brought Carl and the rest out to sea and successfully intercepted her.

They started fighting at sea. Orianna killed several of his subordinates like a maniac.

In the end, Orianna was shot by Sicilio’s gun and collapsed in a pool of blood.

Sicilio jumped onto Orianna’s boat and knelt on the deck. He hugged the heavily injured Orianna.

Sicilio grabbed Orianna’s hand and sighed. “Anna, you are too foolish. You are courting death by running over so impulsively.”

Orianna wept bitterly in his arms.

She wailed in despair and sorrow. “Sicilio, he doesn’t treat us like children at all. Hoff, Aaron, you and I are just his puppets!”

“Sicilio, the greatest regret in my life is to be born under Edward’s name and be his child.”

She was very sorry for being born human.

If she had known life was so hard, Orianna would rather not be human.

Before fainting, Orianna had given Sicilio a blessing. She wished him well. “Sicilio, I wish you never to love anyone. You will be safe and sound your entire life.”

But her blessing had become a curse.

Sicilio couldn’t escape his destiny and fell in love with a woman.

Only when he realized that he was in love with that woman did Sicilio realize how painful it was for Orianna.

With Ye Chen’s example, how could Sicilio dare to keep Su Huanyan by his side?

Sensing that Edward had already discovered Su Huanyan’s existence and wanted to take her life, Sicilio chose to strike first.

He had personally knocked down the woman he loved deeply and injured her. He had created an illusion that she had died and secretly sent her back to China.

He was constantly monitoring Su Huanyan’s situation.

Knowing that Su Huanyan had recovered, his tensed nerves finally relaxed.

Knowing that Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo were engaged, Sicilio’s world was about to collapse. After that, he watched as she married Cheng Yanmo and got pregnant with his child.

He could only watch!

If possible, he really wanted to marry Su Huanyan and have children with her!

But he couldn’t!

As long as Edward didn’t die, he couldn’t bring Su Huanyan back.

Kill Edward… 

Edward closed his eyes as images of his childhood father treating him well surfaced in his mind. As he was Jiang Shiyu’s child, Edward doted on him the most.

The father and son depended on each other for survival and had feelings for each other.

Sicilio couldn’t kill Edward.

Coco was tired from playing and sent Song Ci back.

Song Ci grabbed the life rope and turned to look at COCO. In the sea, COCO showed his white teeth, but Song Ci was no longer afraid of her.

Song Ci went ashore and stood by the metal fence, waving at COCO.

Coco was very smart and understood Song Ci’s gesture. She wagged her tail excitedly before turning to swim away.

Song Ci stared at Coco’s departing figure as some thoughts flashed across her mind.


Song Ci smiled.

Her dress was wet and Song Ci’s body was limp from the water. She walked weakly.

Song Ci’s house was next to Sicilio’s.

Song Ci dragged her tired body back to the house. She saw a tall man in a black shirt standing in front of Sicilio’s house.

Song Ci shot Carl a meaningful look.

That gaze was very complicated.

Song Ci felt like crying at the thought of seeing Han Zhan again after surviving a disaster.

But she held back her tears and even pretended to give Carl the middle finger in disgust.

]Han Zhan stared at Song Ci and felt an urge to rush to her side to add a warm set of clothes.

But he controlled himself.

Song Ci returned to her room, soaked herself in the warm bathtub, and changed into a clean set of clothes.

Song Ci caught a cold.

At the dining table that night, she kept sneezing and felt slightly feverish.

Edward saw that her cheeks were slightly red and smiled. He asked her, “Little sweetheart, did you have fun with Coco?”

Knowing that Edward wouldn’t kill her for the time being, Song Ci was fearless when facing him.

She shot a cold look at Edward and retorted in a very cold tone, “Why don’t you go down and play with it? You’ll know if it’s fun or not.”

The way Song Ci scolded others was more like Jiang Shiyu, like a little chili.

Thinking of Jiang Shiyu made Edward’s heart warm and pained.

Edward said, “Tell me about your parents.”

Song Ci sneered.

Are you looking for torture? 

Song Ci felt very happy to see Edward’s eyes darken.

She added. “They’re like that. They kiss goodbye before work every morning and cook together after work every night.”

“On my father’s birthday, my mother placed herself in a gift box as a birthday present for him.”

“Shut up!”

Edward suddenly threw the knife at Song Ci. It stabbed straight into the wooden table in front of her.

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched and she shut up.

Sicilio watched this scene with amusement and shot Song Ci an unexpected look.

Is this Song Ci’s true colors?

She was eloquent and her words were heart-rending.

Edward caught his breath and stood up. Before leaving, he suddenly said to Sicilio, “Send her to my room tonight.”

Sicilio’s expression changed slightly.

Behind him, Han Zhan’s face also darkened.

Instead, Song Ci sat there calmly eating her seafood, as if she hadn’t heard Edward’s order at all.

It was unknown if she was fearless or saw death as going home.

After dinner, Sicilio brought Song Ci downstairs.

This time, Sicilio was in no hurry to leave. He turned sideways to look at Song Ci, stared at her porcelain-white face, and accused her. “You shouldn’t have agitated him like that.”

Song Ci said, “He’s in a lot of pain, isn’t he?”

“Yes.” Sicilio frowned. “But if he is in pain, it will be your turn to suffer.”

Song Ci stared at the tightly shut door in front of her and suddenly grabbed Sicilio’s arm.

Sicilio looked at her and said nothing.

Song Ci asked him, “Will he sleep with me?”

Edward had never been a person who cared about ethics. Sicilio couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t touch Song Ci.

Song Ci suddenly said, “I’m a little scared.”

Sicilio turned and remained silent.

“Come in!”

Edward’s impatient voice echoed from the room.

Song Ci gave Sicilio a meaningful look before suppressing her fear. She opened the door and entered uneasily.

Sicilio stared at Song Ci’s waist. From the thin material of her clothes, Sicilio saw a dagger hidden in her pants.

Sicilio heard footsteps.

He turned and saw Han Zhan walking up.

Sicilio raised his brows and glanced at Han Zhan silently.

Han Zhan glanced at him and stood quietly at the door like a guardian god. Han Zhan placed his hand on the gun at his waist, ready to kick the door open at any time to save someone.

Sicilio thought for a moment and didn’t leave. He just stood there and waited with Han Zhan.

Inside the house, Edward was lying naked on the bed.

He patted the empty seat beside him and said to Song Ci, “Come here.”

Song Ci didn’t go over.

She asked, “Edward, are you interested in raping corpses?”

Edward frowned in disdain. “What the hell?”

Seeing that Edward didn’t have such a perverted habit, Song Ci took out the dagger behind her waist and placed it on her neck.

Edward looked at her in surprise and asked with a smile, “Forcing me with death? Song Ci, do you think I will be soft-hearted?”

Song Ci said, “No, I just feel disgusted to be harassed by you.”

She stabbed the dagger into her neck without any hesitation.

Edward saw a few drops of blood emerging from Song Ci’s porcelain skin.

He realized that Song Ci was serious.

Song Ci said calmly, “I am afraid of death, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dare to die. Edward, if you insist on touching me, I can only force myself to die.”

Edward looked at the determined Song Ci and smiled.

“What do you take me for?”

Edward sneered. “I don’t care about women that little bastard Hoff touched.”

Song Ci raised her brows.

So I still have to thank that little bastard Hoff? 

Edward suddenly pointed at the violin on his bedside table. “Come here and play for me.”

Song Ci was speechless.

So he wanted me to play the violin? 

Only then did Song Ci put away her dagger, walked over slowly, and picked up the violin.

She asked Edward, “What do you want to hear?”

Edward said, “Whatever.”

As a result, Song Ci started playing an incomprehensible tune like a saw.

Edward slowly took out a gun from under his pillow and played with it. Song Ci saw the gun and instantly calmed down. She obediently played a lullaby.

Edward suddenly sighed. “Your mother is just as interesting as you.”

Song Ci continued playing the violin and ignored him.

But Edward was lost in his memories. He said gently, “The first time I saw her was in France. I was injured then and she saved me.”

It was more than 30 years ago.

After being saved by Jiang Shiyu, Edward recovered after recuperating for a period of time.

But as the enemy was pursuing him, he could only disguise himself as an ordinary person and join the orchestra under Jiang Shiyu’s introduction.

Jiang Shiyu was like a little sun that could gain the favor of everyone. Even that autistic pianist Li from the orchestra also favored her.

Edward hid in the dark and watched as Jiang Shiyu and the pianist walked closer and closer each day.

He was slightly jealous.

How did such a good lady fall for someone with autism? 

Jiang Shiyu would occasionally bring some food over for Edward. Delicious sausages and bread, delicious fruits and cakes…

Jiang Shiyu was very kind and naive. She treated Edward as a homeless person, but didn’t know that he had already taken a fancy to her.

The story between them was typical of a farmer and a snake.

In the end, the enemy couldn’t find Edward and retreated.

After confirming that he was in a safe situation, Edward didn’t even quit his job and returned to Italy. Edward snatched back his family fortune from those hungry wolves and became the new leader of the ‘God’s Son’.

On this day, Jiang Shiyu and her brother came to the Mediterranean for a holiday.

Edward received the news and brought his men to the Mediterranean Sea. He purposely created a disaster and abducted Jiang Shiyu from the sea without anyone knowing.

Edward brought Jiang Shiyu to his side.

Jiang Shiyu recognized Edward and felt the joy of meeting an old friend. But soon, Jiang Shiyu sensed Edward’s ambition.

Jiang Shiyu wanted to leave and go back to find her autistic pianist.

They were artists who pursued romantic love, while Edward was a domineering man. He couldn’t give Jiang Shiyu the romance she wanted.

He just wanted to sleep with Jiang Shiyu for the rest of his life and let her stay by his side.

Jiang Shiyu tried to escape but was captured by Edward’s men.

Later on, Edward shot and killed the subordinate who had helped her in front of Jiang Shiyu. Jiang Shiyu was scared and didn’t dare to run anymore.

Edward had imprisoned Jiang Shiyu for two months and forbade her from meeting anyone.

Two months later, Jiang Shiyu had a high fever. When she woke up, she actually forgot about the pianist, her elder brother, and him.

Edward was overjoyed.

He pretended to be a gentle gentleman and treated Jiang Shiyu gently. Very quickly, he won her heart. The first time they slept together was at sea.

That night, Jiang Shiyu was wearing a dark green halter dress and looked like a little fairy.

Under the night sky, on the deck of the yacht, their souls and bodies intertwined.

Edward still remembered that night when Jiang Shiyu hugged his neck and called out his name. It was the happiest time of his life.

Before long, Jiang Shiyu was pregnant.

Jiang Shiyu was very happy and pulled Edward along to think of names for their child. Edward was also very happy. It was the first time he felt the warmth of home.

]Jiang Shiyu had given birth to a son for him. They named the child Sicilio.

Edward openly told everyone that Sicilio would be the next leader of the ‘God’s son’.

Jiang Shiyu was feeling slightly depressed after giving birth, so Edward brought her to relax.

Jiang Shiyu had always yearned for her parents’ hometown, China. After knowing about it, Edward secretly brought Jiang Shiyu to China.

They went to see the Great Wall, Tiananmen, and Jiang Shiyu’s ancestral land, Guangdong Zhuhai.

They met Han Aoyu when they were touring the Pearl Sea at night.

In that battle, Jiang Shiyu and his most trusted and most capable subordinate, Mo Sang, were both injured and fell into the sea of pearls. Edward was injured and fled in a sorry state with his months-old son.

It was the most pathetic and darkest time of Edward’s life.

After Jiang Shiyu’s death, Edward had been in despair for a period of time. It was Sicilio who gave Edward the courage to live.

All these years, Edward had been missing Jiang Shiyu.

After more than 30 years, Edward felt as if he had been struck by lightning when he saw the poster of Le Chi at the entrance of the theater and saw that face that looked exactly like Jiang Shiyu.

He thought that Jiang Shiyu had reborn.

He was overjoyed and hurriedly got someone to investigate Song Ci’s identity.

The results of the investigation hit Edward hard in the face.

Song Ci was not Jiang Shiyu’s reincarnation, but Jiang Shiyu’s daughter. She was the daughter that she had given birth to after marrying that bastard Mo Sang!

And his traitor’s son actually married Song Ci!

Edward was enraged!

He waited and waited until Song Ci finally left China to attend that celebration party in America.

Edward had always been a demon who killed without batting an eyelid. In order to capture Song Ci, he was willing to sacrifice the lives of everyone at the party!

Beside his ear, Song Ci’s music was melodious.

Edward looked up at Song Ci as she played the violin. It was as if he had returned to more than 30 years ago, when he first saw Jiang Shiyu performing on the orchestra stage.

After Song Ci finished her song, she saw Edward’s gradually lost gaze and knew that he couldn’t differentiate himself from his mother again.

Song Ci put down her bow and reminded Edward. “Edward, I am Song Ci, not Jiang Shiyu. Don’t look at me like that.”

Edward felt very embarrassed.


Song Ci continued to pull.

That night, the sound of the piano came from Edward’s room until 3am.

Han Zhan and Sicilio stood outside the door as long as Song Ci stayed inside.

These days continued for a month. Song Ci’s violin skills improved unprecedentedly and Han Zhan also mastered the skills of the door guard.

A month later, Orianna brought a child to meet Edward. Song Ci looked at the child from afar and felt that she looked familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere before.

Orianna only stayed at home for an hour before departing, leaving the child behind.

That child was wearing a red dress and looked about five to six years old.

She was very close to Edward and always called his name in a sweet voice. Edward doted on that little girl very much and always hugged her. He even personally fed her.

That evening, Song Ci stood on the rooftop and frowned at Edward swimming with his child.

A strange feeling welled up in her heart again.

Why does that child give me such a familiar feeling? 

Aaron appeared beside Song Ci, reeking of blood. His approach was silent. “Is that child cute?”

Hearing Aaron’s voice, Song Ci turned to look at him. Seeing that his face was pale, Song Ci asked him, “You are injured.”

Aaron was slightly stunned by Song Ci’s sudden concern.

Song Ci boldly lifted Aaron’s sweater and saw that his abdomen was wrapped in gauze.

Song Ci said, “Gunshot wound?”

Aaron’s reaction was slightly slow. He answered after a second. “A knife wound.”

Song Ci asked him, “Is the wound stitched up?”

Aaron nodded. “Of course. I value my life very much.”

“Does it hurt?”

Aaron hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Of course it will hurt.” A knife pierced through my stomach. Do you think it will hurt?

Song Ci took out two toffees and handed them to Aaron.

Aaron stared at the candy with a puzzled expression. “What the hell?”

Song Ci told him, “Han Zhan said that after eating this candy, he won’t feel pain or sadness. When he was treating his illness when he was young, Grandma always gave him this candy.”

Aaron accepted the candy skeptically.

After peeling a candy, Aaron popped it into his mouth.

It was very sweet and delicious.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but after eating a piece of toffee, Aaron really felt that his wound didn’t hurt as much as before.

He peeled another one and popped it into his mouth.

Staring at the little girl laughing downstairs, Aaron said, “Do you think that little girl looks familiar?”

Song Ci nodded. “But I can’t remember where I saw her before.”

Aaron pointed his cell phone screen at Song Ci and said, “Look at yourself.”

Song Ci stared at the black phone screen and saw herself.

Her expression gradually turned strange. “That child…”

Aaron said expressionlessly, “That child is a clone of Orianna using your mother’s genes. She looks exactly the same as your mother, even her genes.”

Song Ci was shocked!

She looked at the child in disbelief, terrified by Edward and Orianna’s crazy actions.


“He has really gone crazy!”

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