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Chapter 247: Han Zhan VS Sicilio

Earl Ace’s full name was Reynolds Ace. He was an elegant, handsome, and slightly perverted gentleman.

Exactly how perverted?

There were many rumors about Earl Ace in this world.

It was rumored that Earl Ace was a child who was born when their parents were close to marriage. His deceased father committed suicide by pulling his mother along with him because he was mentally unstable.

It was said that Earl Ace was also a schizophrenic patient.

Ace was only 18 years old the year his father died.

At the age of 18, Ace was still considered young and inexperienced. He was supported by his grandfather and received the title of Earl, becoming the person in charge of the family.

An 18-year-old youth was so tender and easy to manipulate.

Everyone thought so.

But after taking over, Reynolds Ace’s style of doing things completely offended the entire family.

How unruly was he?

It was said that his uncle had purposely discredited his parents outside and caused some rumors. When this news reached Earl Ace, he shot his uncle in public.

Later on, more and more clansmen feared him from the bottom of their hearts and wanted to eradicate him at all times, in order to take away his rich assets.

During that period, Earl Ace was always attacked by all sorts of accidents.

Finally, this man was tired of playing with them.

On a breezy night, Earl Ace personally followed them from the corner of the manor, poured two barrels of gasoline, and threw a burning match.

In the middle of the night, the manor suddenly burst into flames. The flames were fierce and quickly surrounded the entire manor.

The clansmen woke up from their dreams and ran out of the fire.

Earl Ace got someone to move a chair to the grass 100 meters away from the manor. He crossed his legs and sat on the chair, drinking black tea and admiring his masterpiece with a smile.

Earl Ace smiled and said gently, “Do they look like ants on a hot tin roof?”

The assistant stood aside and listened quietly.

That night, there were a total of nine clansmen living in the villa. Seven escaped, one was seriously injured, and one died.

Staring at the charred remains of his deceased little uncle, Ace suggested considerately, “It’s a blessing to have survived a disaster. In order to celebrate everyone’s escape, let’s take a family photo for memory’s sake.”

The clansmen all had different expressions as they looked at Ace like he was a lunatic.

Ace smiled and got his assistant to gather all the clansmen together. He even considerately placed the body of his uncle, who had just died and was still weak, at the side of the crowd.

Behind him, the flames of the manor had yet to extinguish.

Beside them, the corpse of the clansmen was still warm.

Ace stood together with all his clansmen and took a ‘family photo’ that shocked the world with the fire as the background!

Anyone who saw that family photo would feel a chill down their spine.

Ace’s name was equivalent to the Grim Reaper to his clansmen.

But even Grim Reaper had its bad luck.

He got into a car accident.

In the accident, Earl Ace was very seriously injured. The clansmen applauded and praised him!

After sleeping for two years, the doctor declared Earl Ace brain dead.

Upon hearing this news, the family members were overjoyed. They were just short of setting off fireworks to celebrate.

However, before they could hold a celebration, Earl Ace’s lawyer arrived and publicly announced his will.


No one expected that the man who had been in a car accident at the age of 20 actually had a will set up at the age of 19.

How profound is this person’s insight?

The contents of that will were very lengthy. The last paragraph read:

[If one day I am suddenly declared to be mentally ill and locked up in a mental hospital or die in any unusual way, all of Ace Group’s assets, including all the real estate under its name, will be donated to the country for charity work.]

In other words, unless Earl Ace himself suffered from cancer, or choked to death while eating, or suffered sudden death from Sex, all other causes of death would be defined as abnormal death.

Like a car accident, hanging, drowning, shooting, being kidnapped…

Earl Ace had successfully killed an entire army with a will. This caused his clansmen to not dare to give up on him even after he was declared brain dead by the doctor.

As long as he was still breathing, his family would let him continue to stay in the hospital.

As long as he was alive, they could enjoy a day of luxury.

This one stay lasted for another 13 years.

13 years had passed. Just as the entire world was about to forget the existence of Earl Ace, this demon had awoken!

Not only was he awake, but his personality had also changed drastically. He had become gentle, cheerful, and kind…

Sicilio stared at his old friend. He gloated at the thought that the ants of the Ace Family would start to be afraid again and live a fearful life.

“Ace, in the 15 years that you were in a coma, your brothers and sisters have all grown up. Your second uncle and his family have been up to no good. Now that you are awake, you have plenty of chances to play with them.”

Earl Ace wanted to push up his glasses again and touched the air with his fingers.

He put down his hand, leaned against the head of the bed, took a sip of warm tea, and said, “What’s the hurry? The game has to be played slowly to be interesting.”

“But of course.”

Earl Ace looked at Sicilio and smiled playfully. “How are you? Are you married?”

Sicilio instantly lost his smile.

“Ace, ask anything but this.”

“Looks like you’re still single.”

Sicilio said expressionlessly, “I won’t get married. I won’t let love bind me.”


Earl Ace pursed his lips coldly and said, “Your old man is a lunatic, so why must you be as crazy as him? He can’t grow old with the person he loves, so he can’t wait for you children to suffer with him. This is an illness.”

Earl Ace tapped his own temple and sighed. “If you are ill, you must treat it.”

Sicilio’s father had been scolded by Ace, but his expression remained unchanged, as indifferent as if he was just listening to someone discuss the weather.

Someone knocked on the door.

Earl Ace’s assistant, Lane, walked in and said, “Your Excellency, your family is here. Do you want to meet them?”

In less than half a day, that group of people rushed over from London. It looked like they took Earl Ace’s awakening very seriously.

Earl Ace leaned against the head of the bed and said lazily, “I’ll sleep for a while first.”

He said that he would sleep for a while but didn’t call those people to go back first.

Sicilio said, “Go to bed. I will come visit you another day.”


Sicilio walked out with Carl and saw a group of people at the door. There were men and women, young and old, all dressed in expensive jewelry.

Sicilio gave them a teasing look before leaving with Carl.

Once he left, the people behind him gathered together and whispered. “Why is Sicilio here? What did that look mean?”

“Reynolds is awake. Sicilio is waiting to see us being bullied by him.”

Everyone fell silent at the mention of Ace’s name.

Ace slept for six hours.

The family waited in the corridor outside the house for as long as he slept.

They waited until their feet were numb, their minds were fatigued, and their stomachs were rumbling with hunger.

But no one dared to eat or sleep.

At 1am, his assistant Lane finally opened the door.

Standing under the door frame, Lane was tall and slender with a cold expression. He said to them, “Your Excellency is already awake. Everyone, please come in. It’s best to speak softly.”

Everyone had different expressions as they followed behind Lane into the ward.

The ward was very big and clean, emitting a disinfectant smell.

Earl Ace, who was as thin as a skeleton, laid on the bed. He looked like he could turn to ashes with a gentle pinch.

But his light brown eyes were bright and lively.

His second uncle, Charles, saw Ace’s frail look. He pretended to wipe his tears and sighed. “Nephew Reynolds, you’ve suffered.”

Earl Ace turned and gave his second uncle a faint smile. “So what if I suffered a little? All these years, I heard that Second Uncle worked very hard for the company. I am very gratified.”

How was he touched? He was simply enraged.

Second Uncle’s smile stiffened slightly but he didn’t answer.

Earl Ace added, “Second Uncle, you have worked so hard for the company your entire life. You should take a break and travel the world. I have already woken up. In the future, everything regarding the company will be handed over to Lane. He will pass it to me.”

Charles wanted to say that he was still very healthy and energetic. He wouldn’t feel tired even if he worked for another 20 years.

But if Reynolds said he was tired, he was.

As long as Reynolds didn’t die, the Ace clan would be his to rule.

Seeing that his second uncle was slightly indignant, Earl Ace pretended not to see.

He stared at his eldest uncle’s adorable twins again and smiled. “It has been so many years since we last met. Yumina and Como have both grown up.”

]The year of his accident, this pair of siblings had just turned 15.

They were all 30 years old now.

Being stared at by Earl Ace with those kind, smiling eyes, the usually arrogant Yumina and Como smiled carefully like mice that had seen a cat.

Yumina said softly, “Brother Reynolds, we are all very happy that you can wake up. You must recover quickly.”

Not a single word in this sentence was sincere.

Earl Ace looked like he was in a good mood. He stared at his family who had arrived and suddenly said, “Since everyone is here, why don’t we take a photo together? It’s rare to gather them all. Perhaps we won’t be able to gather them next time.”

Everyone’s brows twitched.

Taking a group photo in the ward?

Can’t gather enough people next time?

Listen, are these words from a human?

Everyone fell silent.

Earl Ace stared at them for a while before smiling again. “Why are you all so nervous? That’s right. It’s not auspicious to take a photo in a lifeless place like the hospital. Let’s wait for some other time.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

After greeting everyone, Earl Ace expressed that he was tired.

Seeing that Earl Ace was yawning, his second uncle, Charles, hurriedly said, “Reynolds, you just woke up and are weak. You should rest more. Go to bed. We will go back first and come visit you another day.”


Receiving Ace’s affirmation, all of them filed out. Their footsteps were quick, as if there was a ferocious beast chasing after them.

After everyone left, Lane saw Earl Ace staring at the white gauze behind the window in a daze. He asked him, “Your Excellency, don’t you want to rest?”

Earl Ai said, “Give me a cell phone.”

“Alright, sir.”

Lane took out a brand new cell phone and handed it to Earl Ace.

Earl Ace had just woken up and his fingers were rather stiff. It was slightly difficult to control his cell phone, but he still unlocked it himself.

Beside him, Lane said in a low voice, “Fifteen years have passed and cell phones have been changed for many generations. It’s easier to operate cell phones now. You can speak directly to your voice…”

Before Lane could finish, Earl Ace waved his hand. “Lane, it’s getting late. You should go and rest too.”

“… Yes, Your Excellency.”

After Lane left, the ward fell completely silent.

Reynolds Ace opened a certain browser and stared at the search bar for a few seconds before slowly entering someone’s name —

Shirley Du

He opened the search engine and saw that the browser was filled with news about the world’s singer, Du Xueyan.

When he saw that Du Xueyan was still unconscious, a look of worry surfaced in Reynolds’ eyes.

He put down his cell phone, lifted the blanket, and stared at his overly skinny body with a troubled expression.

He had to recover quickly!

The news of Reynolds Ace waking up was leaked that day.

The next morning, when Edward and Sicilio were having their morning swim together, he asked about Sicilio and his relationship with Ace Reynolds.

“That child Reynolds is really awake?”

Edward really liked Reynolds.

As he was of noble status and had vicious means, he was the same type of person as Edward.

People of the same kind always appreciated each other.

Sicilio’s head popped out of the water. He nodded before saying, “Mmm, he’s awake.”

“Looks like the Ace Family is in turmoil again.”

As he spoke, Edward saw Song Ci.

Song Ci walked out of that small building wearing a cool dark green halter dress and a pair of bare-toed sandals.

Edward stared at Song Ci in a daze.

Although he knew that Song Ci was not Jiang Shiyu, her overly-cool appearance, sexy, alluring body, and elegant aura always confused Edward.

Edward stood up from the pool.

He had a towel draped over his shoulders and waved at Song Ci. “Little sweetheart, come here.”

Song Ci looked slightly conflicted when she saw that Edward was naked.

But this was Edward’s territory and Song Ci couldn’t disobey his orders.

Song Ci walked slowly towards Edward.

Walking past Carl, who was standing by the entrance of the pool, Song Ci slowed down slightly. But she was already walking slowly and no one noticed the difference.

Song Ci felt very satisfied to be able to spend another second with Han Zhan.

Song Ci slowly walked up to Edward.

Edward grabbed the back of Song Ci’s neck. “Little sweetheart, is it fun here?”

Song Ci couldn’t go against her conscience and say it was fun.

She chose to be honest and shook her head slightly. “It’s not fun.”

Edward asked, “What do you want to do then?”

Song Ci said dreamily, “I want to return to China.”

Edward laughed.

After laughing, he controlled his emotions and said coldly, “If you can’t speak properly, don’t speak.”

Song Ci didn’t dare to say anything else.

Edward was a lunatic and Song Ci didn’t dare to go head-on with him.

Edward wrapped the towel around his waist and pulled Song Ci’s hand to the metal fence.

Song Ci stared at the sea and felt uneasy.

Edward suddenly snapped his fingers.

His subordinate walked over and handed something to Edward.

“Little sweetheart, come and see what this is? Do you find it very familiar?”

Edward opened his palm.

Song Ci looked down and saw a small glass bottle containing perfume.

Inside the exquisite glass bottle was a small note.

ong Ci’s pupils constricted!

Edward slowly opened the small lid of the perfume bottle and poured out the small note inside.

Opening the note, Edward stared at it for a moment, before reading it lovingly in his gorgeous voice. “If anyone picks up this bottle, please call the number 1XXXXX for me. Tell a gentleman called Han Zhan: Song Ci confessed to you in Catania, Sicily.”

Hearing Edward’s familiar words, Song Ci’s fingers started to tremble uncontrollably.

Han Zhan looked at this scene and felt slightly uneasy.

What would Edward do if he discovered Song Ci’s cheap trick?

Han Zhan’s hand instinctively reached behind his waist. He was prepared to shoot Edward in the head if he made a move on Song Ci.

Edward smiled and crumpled the note. He suddenly lifted his left hand and stuffed it into Song Ci’s mouth.

Song Ci bit the ball of paper and looked at Edward indignantly.

“Little sweetheart.” Edward stopped smiling and looked at her sternly. “How many bottles like this did you throw into the sea?”

Song Ci spat out a ball of paper. “Just this one.”

Since Edward only found this one, Song Ci would never admit that she had thrown countless others.

Edward shook his head. “You’re filled with lies, just like your mother.”

Thinking of how Jiang Shiyu had colluded with Han Aoyu in order to leave him, betrayed his whereabouts, and even faked her death by falling into the sea, Edward felt enraged.

He transferred all his hatred for Jiang Shiyu to Song Ci.

“Song Ci, you are really naughty. If you are so naughty, I will make you suffer.”

Song Ci thought that Edward was going to hit her or torture her.

But Edward just snapped his fingers.

Two men in black escorted Freya over.

Freya was crying. Tears streamed down her face. Her pee had drenched her skirt and flowed down her legs.

Han Zhan saw that Freya was brought out and moved his hand away from the gun.

Sicilio held his drink and occasionally glanced at Carl. He raised his brows but remained silent.

Freya was pinned to the ground by the two men. She apologized to Edward in Sicily excitedly.

“Mr. Edward, I really didn’t know. I am not a collaborator of Song. Mr. Edward, please let me off. I am really innocent!”

Smiling, Edward raised his gun and aimed it at Freya.

He turned slightly and stared at Song Ci, whose lips were trembling non-stop. He told her gently, “Song Ci, I appreciate that you can use human kindness to achieve your goal.”

It was Song Ci’s capability to win over Freya’s heart.


Edward pulled the trigger and said with a smile, “I can’t leave such a fool by my side!”


The modified silenced gun made a muffled sound.

Freya was shot in the glabella. Her body bounced a few times before she struggled to kneel on the ground.

Fu Leiya’s eyes were still wide open as she glared fiercely at Song Ci, as if accusing her of her crime.

It was as if she was saying: Look, I died for you. Even after I die, I will seek your life!

Song Ci’s delicate body trembled slightly. She stared at the suddenly deceased Freya, her mental fortitude on the verge of collapse.

Song Ci nearly called out Han Zhan’s name, but she controlled herself.

Song Ci panted uneasily and questioned Edward. “What are you going to do to me?”

She didn’t believe that Edward would let her off after punishing Freya.

Edward said, “Little sweetheart, you like to throw things into the sea, right?”

Song Ci’s legs went weak after guessing Edward’s intentions.

Edward pointed at the sea and asked Song Ci politely, “Freya is already dead and Coco hasn’t eaten anything this morning… Why don’t I throw you down and you go feed him?”

Song Ci’s expression twisted.

Behind him, Sicilio also narrowed his eyes.

“Father.” Sicilio reminded Edward. “Father, if she dies, that old fogey Han Aoyu won’t let it go.”

“Do you really think I’m afraid of him? I can’t wait for him to come so that he can never return!”

Edward grabbed Song Ci’s arm and pulled her towards the metal door.

Edward opened the door and carried Song Ci to the edge of the cliff. He pressed Song Ci’s head and forced her to stare at the vast sea below her.

“Little sweetheart, I heard you have deep-sea phobia?”

Song Ci could also overcome the phobia of the deep sea when her life was in danger. Song Ci said with a trembling voice, “Edward, are you going to kill me?”

Edward shook his head. “What are you talking about?”

He added. “Don’t you feel bored? Come, let Coco play with you.”

With that, Edward pushed Song Ci into the sea.

Seeing Song Ci fall into the sea, Carl suddenly took a step forward.

At this moment, Sicilio suddenly reached out to stop Carl and gave him a warning look.

Carl stopped in his tracks.

Sicilio said to him with a faint smile, “Do you also want to see what happens to that woman? Come, let me show you.”

Sicilio took Carl’s arm and walked up to Edward.

Song Ci held her breath as she fell into the deep sea.

When she stopped sinking, Song Ci suddenly opened her eyes and swam upstream.

“Cough cough!”

Song Ci’s head popped out of the sea as she coughed profusely.

Seeing that Song Ci was still alive, Han Zhan’s heart calmed down slightly.

Edward saw that Song Ci was still alive and clicked his tongue. He turned to Carl and Sicilio. “Look, this girl is quite tenacious.”

“I like women with tough lives.”

With that, Edward took out a cigar, clicked it open, sat in a chair, and admired the fugitive’s final struggle.

Han Zhan really wanted to jump down with Song Ci and rescue her.

At this point, Sicilio said, “Father, you won’t kill her.”

Edward was smoking his cigar lazily. “Oh? Why do you say that?”

Sicilio said, “If you her, Hoff wouldn’t come.”

Edward’s smile froze.

“That little traitor…”

Edward always wanted to kill Han Zhan.

That year, thanks to that little troublemaker Han Zhan, he was nearly beaten to death by Han Aoyu.

Edward saw his own son as a disgrace for betraying him.

He was waiting for Han Zhan to walk right into his trap and never return!

Edward narrowed his eyes and said despondently, “If Hoff really loves Song Ci, he will never leave her alone.”

Thinking of something, Edward suddenly asked, “Has the news of Song Ci appearing in Katania been released?”

Sicilio said, “A reporter took a photo of Song Ci yesterday.”

“Very good.”

Edward stretched out his legs and leaned against the edge of the flower bed. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be in a good mood.

“I want to see when that little scourge will come looking for me…”

Han Zhan listened to their conversation.

He was glad that he didn’t act rashly just now.

Song Ci was completely exhausted from swimming.

Coco lived in this sea area and this sea was her playground. She could return at any time and devour Song Ci.

Song Ci didn’t bleed and the smell of blood didn’t attract COCO’s attention, so she could still struggle for a few minutes.

Sicilio stared at Song Ci, who was clearly scared to death but was still stubbornly holding on. His expression became subtle. He heard that Jiang Shiyu was also a very tolerant woman. It looked like Song Ci had inherited Jiang Shiyu’s essence.

At this moment, Coco returned.

Song Ci was stunned. Due to the waves, she didn’t see Coco.

But Han Zhan and Sicilio saw the fins on COCO’s back, moving rapidly across the sea.

Sicilio kindly reminded Song Ci. “Coco is back.”

Song Ci turned around in shock and saw that big black shark swimming towards her at lightning speed.

Song Ci was momentarily stunned.

Edward finally stood up when he saw Coco return.

“Release the life rope.”

Edward really couldn’t bear to kill Song Ci.

The life rope was slowly lowered. Song Ci looked at the rope and immediately reached out to grab it.

Before Song Ci could grab onto the rope, COCO approached her.

Coco bit Song Ci’s skirt and dragged her into the water.

Song Ci exclaimed, “Ah!”

She was dragged into the water. The water poured into Song Ci’s throat and lungs, choking her terribly.

Song Ci thought she was going to die and her blood froze.

Edward’s expression changed when he saw Coco biting Song Ci’s skirt and pulling her into the deep sea. He thought that Coco was really going to eat Song Ci.

Sicilio and Carl also changed their expressions.

Edward picked up the whistle and whistled hard.

But this time, Coco didn’t surface.

Edward was slightly surprised.

Why did Coco lose control?

In the sea, Coco opened his bloody mouth, revealing his white teeth as he stared at Song Ci’s face in confusion.

It seemed to be thinking.

This face was exactly the same as the face in its memory.

hat year, COCO was injured and it was Jiang Shiyu who saved him. At that time, COCO was only two years old. COCO recognized Song Ci and suddenly waved its tail, took Song Ci in its mouth, and carried her on the surface of the sea.

Song Ci laid between Coco’s teeth, her hand tightly clenching its white teeth. She looked both shocked and puzzled.

Edward watched this scene in a daze. “It recognized the wrong person.”

Sicilio’s eyes flashed slightly. “Coco treats Song Ci as Jiang Shiyu.”

Glancing at Carl, who was staring at the sea nervously, Sicilio told him, “Coco was saved by Jiang Shiyu back then. They are very good friends.”

Han Zhan acknowledged.

After confirming that Coco wouldn’t eat Song Ci, Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.

Only when he calmed down did Han Zhan realize that something was off.

He recalled what happened today.

From Song Ci being pushed into the sea by Edward, to him nearly exposing his identity to save Song Ci, to Sicilio suddenly stepping out to stop him and pulling him to the metal fence to watch Song Ci fall into the sea…

It looked like Sicilio was just bringing him along to watch the show.

But he would always purposely stand up when he shouldn’t and stop Han Zhan from revealing his identity…

Han Zhan suddenly turned to look at Sicilio.

Could it be that he had already sensed that something was off with Carl?

Many doubts flashed across Han Zhan’s mind.

Sicilio turned to leave. “Let’s go. She won’t die. There’s nothing to see.”

Carl glanced at Song Ci again before following Sicilio back.

Returning to the house, Sicilio got Carl to go upstairs to bring down his computer.

Han Zhan nodded and turned to go upstairs.

At this moment, Sicilio suddenly reached out and grabbed Han Zhan’s right arm.

Han Zhan immediately turned and said to Sicilio, “Eldest Young Master, is there anything else?”

Sicilio’s smile disappeared. He said, “Go and bring down that Desert Eagle from my room.”


Han Zhan returned to Sicilio’s study, found his laptop, and found the Desert Eagle in his drawer.

Sicilio was a pistol collector. The Desert Eagle was Sicilio’s favorite gun. Typically, it was only used when dealing with his respected enemy.

Han Zhan held the laptop with his arm and the Desert Eagle with his left hand as he arrived downstairs.

Sicilio was alone downstairs. Everyone else had been dismissed.

Seeing this, Han Zhan slowed down slightly.

Han Zhan placed it in front of Sicilio.

“Eldest Young Master, this is what you want.”

“Leave it there.”

Han Zhan stood aside and saw Sicilio remove that gun and reassemble it. Then, he stuffed a bullet into the gun.

Han Zhan glanced at him and couldn’t resist touching the gun behind his waist.

Holding the gun, Sicilio stood up and said in a light tone, “I haven’t used it for a long time. I only use it to greet my most respected enemy.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Until Sicilio pointed that gun at Han Zhan’s temple, leaned close, placed his ear beside Han Zhan’s ear, and said with a smile, “And you, Lone Wolf of the southwest mountain region, you are worthy of me using it!”

Only then did Han Zhan smile. His eyes darted around as he glanced sideways at Sicilio. He asked curiously, “When did you discover it?”

Sicilio said, “Carl is my most loyal subordinate. As time passes, I will naturally notice the difference.”

Sicilio picked up Han Zhan’s right arm and shook it. “Carl’s right arm has already lost feeling, but when I pulled your right arm just now, you instantly turned your head.”

“My little Hoff, you are so gutsy. Father is still waiting outside for you to come, but you have already infiltrated our side.” Sicilio twirled the gun in his hand and said, “You surprised me and made me like you.”

Han Zhan asked, “Are you going to kill me?”

Sicilio said, “Father will be very happy if I killed you, won’t he?”

Han Zhan was silent for a moment before suddenly taking out something from his pocket.

It was a ring.

Sicilio saw the ring and his eyes narrowed.

“Why is it in your hands?”

Han Zhan said, “Su Huanyan asked me to tell you something.”

Hearing Su Huanyan’s name, Sicilio’s eyes quivered. He said hoarsely, “What words?”

Han Zhan said softly, “If you kill me, you will never see your daughter again.”

Sicilio’s eyes widened!


My daughter?

“How could…”

Sicilio murmured in astonishment, “When we separated, she was clearly…”

“When you separated, the fetus was just two months old,” Han Zhan told Sicilio. “After parting ways with you, Su Huanyan went on a solo march to Sicily for a year. She wasn’t traveling—she was waiting for delivery.”

There were very few people in the No man’s land in Sicily, but the country’s most powerful army was stationed there.

Su Huanyan’s good friend was on duty there.

In order to avoid Sicilio’s surveillance, Su Huanyan gave birth there.

Sicilio sneered. “Women are indeed cunning creatures!”

He took the ring from Han Zhan’s hand and squeezed it very tightly, as if he was pinching Su Huanyan’s bones.

Han Zhan added. “I have already written the document. Once you kill me, my men will send it to Edward immediately. At that time, Edward will know of the existence of that little girl…”

And with Edward’s sinister character, how could he allow his son to have a daughter with a strange woman?

Once Edward found that child, she only had two choices.

She would either die or become a murder weapon like Aaron!

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