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Chapter 246: Song Ci: Sleep with Your Father!

That day, before Orianna could convince Edward to give up that boring game, Ye Chen was brought to the steelworks by Edward’s men.

Orianna was gagged. She had a million things to say to Ye Chen, but she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Orianna shook her head in despair, her eyes filled with pain and guilt. She regretted provoking Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gave Orianna a reassuring smile. “Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you.”

Ye Chen and Orianna were placed in two metal cages. Under the cages was an electric switch lock. As long as Edward gave the order, the lock would automatically open and the person in the cage would fall into the boiler.

Locked in a cage with 2,000 °C molten metal under his feet, and facing Edward, who looked like he could take his life at any time with a devilish expression, Ye Chen remained calm.

Edward admired Ye Chen’s boldness, but who asked him to provoke his own little daughter?

Edward pointed at the high-temperature boiler under Ye Chen’s feet.

He told Ye Chen, “My dear child, do you see that boiler under you? The temperature inside is as high as 2000 degrees Celsius. Once a person falls into it, they will instantly melt within a few seconds, without even a speck left…”

Hearing Edward’s considerate introduction, Ye Chen looked down at the high-temperature furnace under his feet, feeling terrified.

He felt hot and the soles of his shoes were about to melt.

Of course he knew that if he fell into that high-temperature furnace, he would die without even a bone left.

“Child, I am very kind. I will give you the right to choose. You have two choices. One, choose to give up this game. You will live on, and Orianna must die.”

“Secondly, the game will continue until the end. You choose to continue, while Orianna leaves the game. She can live, but you must die.”

Glancing at the time, Edward smiled tolerantly and said gently, “Alright, the countdown begins.”

Edward stared at his watch with an amused expression.

Ye Chen frowned and stared at the smiling Edward, trying to discern the truth of his words from his subtle expression.

Could a father really bear to kill his own daughter?

Edward saw through Ye Chen’s thoughts. “Are you betting that I can’t bear to hurt my child?”

After revealing Ye Chen’s thoughts, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Edward’s face. “My dear child, why don’t you guess if I am willing or not?”

Edward’s smile sent chills down Ye Chen’s spine.

Everything he said was true!

Once I choose to quit the game, Orianna will really die!

Perhaps other fathers were willing to risk their lives to protect their daughters, but Edward was not that kind of man.

Recognizing this despairing fact, Ye Chen calmed down instead.

Ye Chen turned to look at Orianna.

Orianna’s face was covered in tears. She shook her head at him in tears, her eyes pleading.

She was begging him not to make a choice. She would rather die with him than leave him alone.

Reading Orianna’s eyes, Ye Chen actually smiled in relief.

“Orianna, you are only 21 years old. Your life has just begun.” After a pause, Ye Chenqing stared at Orianna’s face regretfully, wanting to carve that beautiful face into the depths of his soul.

“Orianna, I’m sorry. I can’t drag you down with me.”

Because of love, she chose to die with him.

Because of love, he chose to die alone.

At 4.40 minute, Ye Chen made his decision.

“Edward, I want Orianna to live.”

Edward’s smile froze at Ye Chen’s answer.


What a fool!

Those who were foolish for love were all fools!

Edward smiled. “Anna, my dear child. Congratulations, he truly loves you.”

Orianna naively thought that if Ye Chen passed the test, Edward would agree to them being together. But then, Edward’s second sentence sent Orianna back to hell.

“My child, love is too torturous. I can’t let this man live!”

Edward would never allow his child to be bound by love forever.

Edward raised his hand and spat out a word under Orianna’s enraged gaze.


Orianna heard a click.

She saw that the sensor lock under Ye Chen’s feet automatically opened and got bigger and bigger. When Ye Chen fell, he quickly grabbed the metal railing.

Ye Chen’s legs were dangling over the hot stove as he struggled.

He hugged the hot metal railing. He couldn’t stand the heat but didn’t dare to let go.

Because the moment he let go, he would fall.

Orianna wailed in despair, but her mouth was gagged and she couldn’t even cry.

Ye Chen was also afraid of death. His face was pale from fear. His legs were trembling, but his hands were still tightly hugging the hot metal railing.

As for him, he had never asked for a way out or regretted it.

Edward watched this scene in amusement. His heart didn’t soften at all.

He purposely let his subordinate shake that metal cage. The metal cage swayed along the high-temperature road. Ye Chen was dizzy from the shaking and could not take it anymore. He let go!

Ye Chen fell into the high-temperature furnace and caused waves on the molten metal.

Orianna didn’t even hear Ye Chen’s shout. He just sank into the metal water and became a part of it.

Edward looked at Orianna expressionlessly and warned her. “Anna, this is the consequence of being disobedient.”

Orianna was sobbing so hard that she couldn’t speak.

A few days later, Edward sent someone to send a gift to Orianna. It was a sculpture made of high-temperature molten iron, and the sculpture looked like Ye Chen.

Upon receiving that gift, Orianna went crazy and charged towards Edward’s residence with a gun.

Before she could reach the harbor, Sicilio and his men intercepted her at sea.

The siblings fought a bloody battle at sea and ended it with Orianna being shot twice.

Sicilio sent the dying Orianna back to the island. He ordered Su Wen to take good care of her. Without his permission, Orianna was not allowed to return to Catania City.

After living on the island for two years, Orianna had learned to exercise restraint and forbearance. Only then did Sicilio allow her to enter the city.

“Orianna, what are you thinking about?” Ye Chen was curious to see Orianna in a daze with reddened eyes.

Ye Chen asked her, “Orianna, did you remember something sad?”

Orianna stroked Ye Chen’s hair. “You want to study?”

Ye Chen nodded vigorously. “Mmm, I want to study and make friends!”

Orianna’s fingernails dug into her flesh and bled slightly, but a gentle smile spread across her face. “Alright, I’ll send you to school.”

A sincere smile spread across Ye Chen’s face.


Ye Chen jumped up from the sofa. “Great, I can go to school now!”

Perhaps due to his vigorous jump, Ye Chen suddenly knelt down.

Orianna was shocked to hear Ye Chen’s bones crunching. “Ye Chen, does it hurt?”

Ye Chen supported his knee bones and slowly stood up. He rubbed his knee and said, “I think I sprained it.” It was growing too quickly and Ye Chen’s bones were very fragile. They could break easily.

Orianna checked Ye Chen and saw that his knee was not injured. It was just sprained. She was relieved.

That afternoon, Orianna sent someone to settle the admission procedures for Ye Chen. The school was in Catania City, rather far from the island.

In order to facilitate Ye Chen’s schooling, Orianna even bought a house for him near the school.

On the first night after Ye Chen left the island, Orianna lost sleep.

Unable to fall asleep, Orianna sat on the railing by the cliff with a bottle of beer in her hand, thinking about something as she drank.

There was a cliff dozens of meters high under her feet. Orianna was not afraid at all and even swayed her legs leisurely.

“Do you think he will come back?”

Orianna gazed at the starry sky above the sea as if talking to herself.

Hearing Orianna’s words, Su Wen appeared from the shadows. Wearing a black shirt, Su Wen was almost one with the night sky.

He stood behind Orianna and gazed at the starry sky that she admired. “I don’t know.”

Orianna said, “They clearly look the same, but I don’t feel any sense of familiarity from him. Why is that?”

Su Wen approached Orianna and grabbed her arm with both hands to prevent her from falling off the cliff when she was drunk.

Su Wen stared at the fragrant jade in his arms and thought for a moment before saying, “Because he is young Ye Chen, not Harvard Professor Ye Chen.”

Professor Ye Chen loved Orianna deeply. His eyes were always filled with love when he looked at her.

And the young Ye Chen was just a child.

He was close to Orianna but didn’t love her.

Orianna refused to admit this sad truth, but she knew in her heart that Su Wen was right.

Lying in Su Wen’s arms, Orianna waved the beer in her hand and realized that there was no more beer. In the dark, the beer bottle drew a parabola in the air and was accurately thrown into the dustbin.

Orianna closed her eyes and leaned against Su Wen’s chest as if she was about to fall asleep.

Su Wen carried her down from the railing and planned to send her back to her room to rest.

Orianna acknowledged Su Wen’s actions and laid quietly in his arms.

Returning to the room, Su Wen sat by the bed and hugged Orianna like a child. Su Wen took off Orianna’s clothes, placed her on the bed, and found a nightdress for her to put on.

After tidying up Orianna’s clothes, Su Wen pulled the thin blanket over her.

Just as he was about to leave, Orianna suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Su Wen stopped in his tracks and looked down at Orianna.

She had already opened her eyes and was staring at Su Wen with a slightly lost expression. She said, “I miss him so much.”

Pain flashed across Su Wen’s eyes.

He sat down by the bed and heard Orianna recount her love affair with Ye Chen like a lunatic.

Those sweet and blissful memories to Orianna felt like a knife was stabbed into Su Wen’s chest. It was so painful that he felt suffocated.

The birth of the little baby girl made Edward very happy.

He had been staying at home all this time and would go to the island every few days to see that child grow up day by day. He was in a wonderful mood.

Edward’s entire focus was on that baby girl, as if he had forgotten about Song Ci’s existence. Song Ci was happy to be free, but also bored.

This day, Song Ci met Edward again.

Edward was swimming in the pool in the morning. His muscular figure did not make him look like an old man in his sixties.

Song Ci stood by the pool and waited for Edward to finish swimming before saying, “Edward, can I go out for a walk?” It had been nearly two months since she was brought here.

Edward used a towel to wipe the water off his body. He stared at Song Ci and smiled. “Of course you can.”

Every pet should have a good time before playing games.

Hearing Edward’s reply, Song Ci was still slightly suspicious.

She asked uncertainly, “Really?”

Edward nodded. “Of course.”

Song Ci returned to the house skeptically and changed clothes.

She walked downstairs and saw Aaron, who had disappeared for a long time, sitting on the sofa on the first level. Aaron was wearing a short-sleeved sweater and black jeans. His golden hair had grown much longer and was lazily sticking to his handsome face.

Hearing footsteps, Aaron turned and looked at Song Ci.

Song Ci stood barefooted in the middle of the corridor, holding a pair of black diamond high heels. She had long hair and makeup that made her look drunk.

Song Ci was wearing a black-grey silk halter dress that revealed half her beautiful back.

Staring at Song Ci’s long legs, fair skin, and the voluptuous beauty of her chest that even the fabric couldn’t quite conceal, Aaron whistled. “Wow, it’s sexy Cici today.”

Song Ci walked down the corridor, ignoring Aaron.

She couldn’t find any normal, conservative clothes in her wardrobe. They were all sexy clothes like this.

Luckily, the people here were rather generous. No matter what you wore, they wouldn’t gossip about you.

Aaron jumped up from the sofa. He followed behind Song Ci and grabbed her hair.

Feeling the pain, Song Ci stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him.

“Your hands are cheap.” Song Ci rolled her eyes at Aaron.

Aaron gave Song Ci a cute smile and said, “Aren’t you and Hoff very in love?”

Song Ci’s expression darkened slightly as she looked at Aaron silently to see what he wanted to say.

Aaron’s lips curled up as he purposely put on a scheming look and mocked Song Ci. “If he really loves you, why didn’t he come and save you?”

Song Ci pretended not to know that Han Zhan was Carl.

Hearing that, Song Ci hurriedly defended Han Zhan. “It’s not that he doesn’t want to save me. He just can’t find my whereabouts.”

“You believe it?” Aaron released Song Ci’s hair and walked up to her side.

Holding Song Ci’s arm with his left arm, Aaron leaned close to her ear and said, “With his capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before he finds you. It’s been nearly two months and he still hasn’t come. Little sweetheart, he clearly intends to abandon you.”

Song Ci said, “I don’t believe it!”

She revealed a heartbroken expression, anxious to defend the man she loved deeply. “Don’t drive a wedge between us. He is a human, not a god. It’s normal that he can’t find me.”

“Moreover, I don’t believe that he won’t abandon me. He just hasn’t found me yet. Once he discovers my tracks, he will definitely come and save me.”

Aaron saw Song Ci’s desperate attempt to protect Han Zhan and had many guesses.

Recently, Han Zhan had barely appeared in the company. To the public, he explained that his wife was missing, his grandfather was unwell at home, and the children missed their mother too much. He had no choice but to temporarily leave the company to settle his family matters.

Aaron knew Han Zhan’s capabilities very well. He didn’t believe that Han Zhan still couldn’t find Song Ci after two months.

Aaron had a reasonable suspicion that Han Zhan might have arrived in Italy long ago, or he might be somewhere in this city.

If Han Zhan came, he would definitely try his best to find Song Ci.

But Song Ci didn’t seem to be faking it.

Han Zhan shouldn’t have found her yet.

Song Ci put on her high heels and walked in front of Aaron, planning to go out.

Aaron followed behind Song Ci and continued to mock her.

Song Ci disliked Aaron for being so talkative and covered her ears.

As the two of them walked to the main entrance, they bumped into Sicilio, who had just returned.

Sicilio saw that Song Ci was dressed like this and that there was Aaron behind her. He was obviously going out.

Sicilio grabbed Song Ci’s hand.

Song Ci stopped and looked at Sicilio’s cold face. “What do you want to say to me?”

Sicilio said, “You’re going out?”

“Yes, I am going out and have already received your father’s approval.”

Hearing this, Sicilio frowned.

“Song Ci, you are so stupid.” Sicilio looked at Song Ci like she was an idiot.

Song Ci looked angry. “How am I stupid?”

Sicilio said, “You are now considered a public figure. If you run out like this, you will definitely be discovered. Do you think Hoff will let you go if he knows your whereabouts?”

Song Ci tried hard to control herself from glancing at the man behind Sicilio.

Song Ci pretended to be expectant. “Isn’t it a good thing if Han Zhan discovers me?”

“Ha, foolish!”

Sicilio narrowed his cold eyes. “Edward can’t think of anything that you can think of? He knew that you would be discovered by Hoff if you went out, but he still let you out on purpose. Do you really not understand his intentions?”

Song Ci understood Sicilio’s meaning and her expression changed.

“You’re saying that Edward purposely wanted Han Zhan to discover my whereabouts? He’s waiting for Han Zhan to save me so that he can catch a turtle in a jar and capture Han Zhan in one fell swoop?”

Song Ci’s face turned pale at the thought of Edward digging a deep hole for Han Zhan and waiting for him to jump in.

Sicilio said, “You’re not completely stupid.”

Song Ci suddenly turned and walked into the house.

“I’m not going out to play anymore!”

Song Ci had just turned halfway when she saw Aaron striding over and standing in front of her.

Song Ci glared at Aaron and questioned him. “What do you mean?”

Aaron smiled and said clearly, “Little sweetheart, I forgot to tell you that my mission today is to accompany you on a tour of the city.”

Song Ci frowned.

Aaron said, “I’ll be punished if I don’t get my work done.”

Aaron bent over and made an inviting gesture. “Please, my little sweetheart.”

Song Ci refused to budge.

The next second, the smiling Aaron suddenly took out a dagger and threw it between Song Ci’s legs expressionlessly.

The dagger was firmly planted in the middle of Song Ci’s feet.

Song Ci’s brows twitched wildly. Her legs went limp and she instinctively wanted to grab Carl’s hand.

In her panic, Song Ci was not stupid enough to grab Carl’s hand. Instead, she grabbed Sicilio’s hand.

Song Ci stared at the dagger between her feet, her eyes slightly red.

She looked up and scolded Ah Rang with an angry and scared expression. “You bastard! Wait for Han Zhan to come and save me. Wait for him to capture you. I will definitely cut off your fingers one by one with a dagger!”

Song Ci flew into a rage out of humiliation like a fool.

Aaron sneered. “Idiot!”

After scolding her, Aaron grabbed Song Ci’s arm and dragged her into the sports car.

After fastening Song Ci’s seatbelt, Aaron said with a smile, “It’s done, little sweetheart. Aaron is at your service. I will show you around our beautiful and passionate Katania!”

The sports car zoomed more than 10 meters away. In the blink of an eye, the back of the car was nowhere to be seen.

Sicilio bent down and drew the dagger from the ground.

He used his fingers to scrape the blade of the dagger, and his fingers were cut by the sharp blade.

Sicilio shook his head, feeling helpless at Aaron’s frightening actions.

Passing the dagger to Carl behind him, Sicilio said, “Send it to Aaron later.”

“Alright, Young Master.”

Before entering, Carl glanced in the direction of the sports car and frowned slightly unhappily.

He looked down at the dagger in his hand. In an instant, he had already planned out a perfect death plan for Aaron.

Katania was a suitable city for living and filled with the atmosphere of the world.

This city was situated at the foot of a volcano and faced the Aonia Sea. All sorts of fish and seafood were unbelievably cheap.

Aaron first brought Song Ci to the harbor market by the sea to show her those colorful seafood products. He also bought a dozen oysters for Song Ci to eat raw.

Song Ci refused to eat it.

Song Ci couldn’t accept any raw food. Even steak had to be at least 30% cooked.

]Aaron pried out a piece of meat and stuffed it into Song Ci’s mouth, forcing her to swallow it.

After swallowing that mouthful of oyster meat, Song Ci lost half her life.

She really had a feud with Aaron and swore to kill him if she had the chance in the future.

Seeing Song Ci suffer, Aaron felt very happy.

Under Aaron’s coercion, Song Ci ate some messy food again. It was her first time eating seafood raw and Song Ci felt very uncomfortable in her stomach. The car entered the city area and Song Ci couldn’t wait to go to the toilet.

“I want to go to the toilet!”

Song Ci clutched her stomach with a twisted expression. She looked like she was going to settle this in the car if Aaron didn’t stop the car.

Like many men, Ah Rang also loved cars. Of course he couldn’t tolerate Song Ci fooling around in the car.

Aaron found a public toilet and saw Song Ci rushing out of the car with her bag and running into the toilet in her high heels.

Aaron narrowed his eyes, chose to alight, and followed Song Ci into the female toilet.

Song Ci sat on the toilet bowl and heard steady footsteps of a man entering the female toilet. Song Ci frowned and saw a black shoe reaching under the door of the toilet.

Song Ci wanted to curse.

Aaron’s voice sounded outside the toilet door. “Hurry up, two minutes. If you don’t come out by then, I will go in and pick you up.”

Song Ci finally couldn’t hold it in and scolded him. “Are you a man? You even followed a girl to the toilet. You pervert!”

“If you continue to scold me, do you believe that I will kick open the door and watch you go to the toilet?”

Song Ci quickly shut up.

She quickly settled her physical issues, opened the door, and came out. She glared at Aaron, who was leaning against the wall smoking.

She washed her hands and walked out of the toilet. She suddenly turned and pointed at Aaron behind her. She shouted in Sicily, “That pervert peeped at me going to the toilet!”

Everyone turned to look at Aaron in a perverted manner.

Aaron was speechless.

He calmly took out his cell phone and showed Song Ci’s photo to everyone. He explained. “She is my girlfriend and is joking with everyone.”

Everyone looked at Song Ci accusingly.

Song Ci stomped her feet angrily and returned to her sports car.

Aaron returned to the car and was about to drive home when Song Ci said, “Send me to the supermarket. I want to buy something.”

Aaron said, “Someone will come to buy things regularly. You don’t need to shop.”

Song Ci crossed her arms and said expressionlessly, “Is there anyone who can buy vibrators?”

Aaron braked and stopped the car by the side of the road.

He turned and looked at Song Ci in disbelief. “You…” For the first time, Aaron was at a loss for words in front of Song Ci.

Why is she so slutty!

Song Ci pretended to be calm as she looked at Aaron and sneered. “Why? Is it very strange? I’ve been separated from your brother for two months. Don’t I need to solve my biological needs?”

Aaron was speechless.

In the end, he parked his car at the entrance of a shopping mall.

Song Ci alighted and entered the mall.

She really went to the supermarket to buy some random things that made one blush. Passing by an appliance city, Song Ci walked in. Under Aaron’s vigilant gaze, she explained her intentions to the shop owner and expressed that she wanted to buy a computer.

Aaron stopped her. “You can’t use a computer.”

Song Ci said, “Can’t I just touch it here?”

Aaron walked up behind Song Ci and stared at her back view. “You touch, I’ll watch you touch.”

Let’s see what she can do.

Being stared at, Song Ci was no longer in the mood to touch it.

She turned and left.

On the way home, Song Ci suddenly said to Ah Rang, “I can tell you a secret about Han Zhan. Give me your cell phone and let me check something.”

Aaron asked first, “Check what?”

“Nothing else. I just want to see how many people died at the celebration party last time and what the situation is like.”

At first, Song Ci also thought that the accident was a result of pure racial discrimination. Later, she figured out the truth. Aaron’s appearance there meant that the accident was not just a revenge act but Edward’s work!

Song Ci couldn’t bear to see those people die because of her.

Aaron said, “I can know a secret about Hoff?”

Song Ci nodded. “As long as I know.”

Aaron remained silent for a moment before approaching Song Ci and handing her his cell phone. “Search. I will watch you search.”

Song Ci held Aaron’s cell phone in a daze.

“I don’t understand your input method.” The Italian language was too complicated. To Song Ci, every word was like a heavenly book. She really couldn’t understand it.

Aaron switched to Chinese.

Song Ci said, “Let me search.”

She recalled that Han Zhan had previously said that Ah Rang’s Chinese was not very good. She wanted to test his familiarity with Chinese, so she purposely entered two words on the browser:


As soon as this word appeared on the cell phone, Aaron snatched it away.

“Don’t try to fool me. No one can save you!”

Song Ci was speechless.

She turned to look at Aaron and said in confusion, “Han Zhan said that you don’t understand Chinese.”

Aaron said, “Ha, I still recognize the word ‘save’.”

Song Ci was slightly embarrassed.

Song Ci pleaded humbly. “Aaron, can you just let me take a look? I will never play tricks again.”

Aaron stared at Song Ci’s pretentious expression and sneered. “I am not Hoff. Your honey trap doesn’t work on me.”

Song Ci asked, “What do you want then?”

Ah Rang said, “Sleep with me? I’ll search for you every time you sleep.”

Song Ci said, “Sleep with your father!”

Aaron raised his brows. “Edward will be happy to know you want to sleep with him.”

Song Ci chose to be autistic.

Aaron suddenly said, “How about this? Sing me a song.”

Song Ci asked, “What song?”

Aaron blinked. “It’s my birthday today. How about you sing me a birthday song?”

Song Ci was stunned.

“Your birthday?”

Aaron nodded. “Yes.”

Song Ci was silent for a moment before singing a Chinese version of “Happy Birthday”.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Aaron.” Song Ci’s voice was very seductive. Her voice and the breeze blew into Aaron’s ears.

Aaron listened quietly as he gazed into the distance. His fingers landed on the snake-shaped pendant around his neck as he stroked it gently.

After Song Ci finished singing, she found a pen and a notepad in the glove box.

Song Ci used a pen to draw a double-layer cake on the paper. She drew a candle on it and wrote the number 32.

Song Ci handed the cake over to Aaron. “Come, it’s time to make a wish and blow the cake.”

Aaron snapped out of his trance.

He looked down at the cake and his eyes moved slightly. “How did you know I’m 32 years old today?”

Song Ci said, “Han Zhan said that you are around a year younger than him. I guess you should be 32 years old.”

Aaron pursed his lips and remained silent for a few seconds.

Aaron snatched the notebook away and said that she was lame. He stuffed it into the glove box. “I lied to you. It’s not my birthday today.”

Aaron tossed the cell phone to Song Ci. “You only have two minutes. Don’t play tricks.”

Song Ci hurriedly opened her browser and entered —

The “Le Chi” celebration party explosion.

She found many reports. Song Ci chose one and opened it.

Knowing that the explosion had caused eight deaths, ten serious injuries, and more than 10 light injuries, Song Ci’s chest suddenly ached.

She pressed her chest and found it difficult to breathe.

Song Ci took a few deep breaths before dragging it down. She saw the death list. Among the group of foreigners, Song Ci saw Gu Shengyao and Ah Lun’s names.

Before reading the news, Song Ci was still hoping that Gu Shengyao and Ah Lun were lucky enough to be resuscitated. But the words in black and white clearly stated that Ah Lun and Gu Shengyao were dead.

They were dead!

Ah Lun had yet to find his younger brother and Gu Shengyao had yet to marry Du Xueyan.

How could they die?

Song Ci’s vision blurred as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

Song Ci hurriedly wiped her tears and searched for news of Du Xueyan.

The latest news:

Du Xueyan is still unconscious. Will she become comatose?

Du Xueyan was still unconscious due to her opposition to racial discrimination. Would the queen of songs forever be plunged into darkness?

Song Ci was shocked.

Du Xueyan is still unconscious?

“Alright, time is up.”

Aaron snatched the phone away.

Song Ci snapped out of her trance and wiped her tears. She gazed out the window with a heavy heart.

Seeing that she was crying, Aaron didn’t tease her this time.

“It’s my turn to ask questions now.”

Song Ci nodded.

Aaron thought for a moment before asking her, “Has the poison in Hoff’s body been removed?”

Hearing Aaron’s question, Song Ci couldn’t help feeling surprised.

This was a great opportunity. Aaron could have grabbed this opportunity to ask her some confidential questions related to Han Zhan, but he didn’t. All he cared about was Han Zhan’s health.

Song Ci’s attitude towards Aaron softened slightly. “He’s already recovered. Grandpa treated him.”

Aaron: “Oh.”

Returning to her residence, Song Ci alighted with that bag of inappropriate items.

Aaron opened the glove box and took out the notepad.

He stared at the cake for a moment, tore it off, tossed it out the window, and threw it into the dustbin.

He alighted, locked the car, and walked past the dustbin.

After taking a few steps, Aaron retreated again.

He reached out and took out that paper ball from the dustbin. He unfolded it and folded it into a paper crane. He returned to the car and placed the paper crane on the control panel.

On their way home, Song Ci and Aaron passed by Sicilio’s house and met him.

Seeing that Sicilio was in a hurry without even changing his clothes, Aaron thought that something major had happened and asked him, “Sicilio, are you going out?”

Aaron thought Sicilio was going to discuss business.

Sicilio nodded and said, “Earl Ace woke up this afternoon. I have to visit him.”

Earl Ace was British and lived in Rome.

He and Sicilio were good brothers.

But 15 years ago, Earl Ace fell into a coma due to a car accident and became comatose. The doctor had already determined that he was brain-dead, but he actually woke up this afternoon.

After hearing this good news, Sicilio couldn’t stay any longer. He had to meet his good brother.

Hearing that Earl Ace was awake, Aaron was also slightly shocked. “Really? What a miracle.”

Behind Sicilio, Carl stared at the bag in Song Ci’s hand.

Han Zhan was not a greenhorn. Han Zhan recognized what Song Ci was carrying at a glance.

He felt slightly conflicted.

As long as he thought of Song Ci lying in the room next door in the dead of the night doing some bold and delightful things, Han Zhan’s blood would boil.

“What are you thinking about?”

Sicilio saw that Carl’s expression was strange and that he was in a trance. He was curious.

Han Zhan hurriedly composed himself and said, “It’s too shocking that Earl Ace can wake up.”

Sicilio smiled. “It’s a miracle.”

Han Zhan and Sicilio arrived at Earl Ace’s house.

Earl Ace had just woken up and his muscles were atrophy. He needed at least half a year of rehabilitation before he could walk and live like a normal person.

Earl Ace hadn’t seen the sun in years. His skin was so fair that he looked like a vampire, and his lips were as red as roses.

Sicilio hugged Earl Ace and patted his shoulder excitedly. “Ace, I am so happy that you can wake up.”

Earl Ace was stunned to be suddenly hugged by a tall man.

Returning to his senses, he sighed. “Leo, be gentler. My skinny bones are not to be trifled with.”

Only then did Sicilio release Ace. “I forgot you are frail.”

“Get lost!”

Earl Ace stared at Sicilio for a moment before saying, “Leo, a second ago, you were still a gorgeous teenage boy, but in the blink of an eye, you became an uncle. I’m not used to it.”

Hearing his old friend’s voice, Sicilio felt very emotional.

“Quickly get well. I haven’t brought you to Japan to see a courtesan!”

In the past, Earl Ace was a flirtatious guy who loved to look at beauties all over the world. He had heard that the Japanese Courtesan Belle was a beautiful scenery and had long wanted to take a look.

Hearing this, Earl Ace felt somewhat helpless.


Earl Ace instinctively reached out to push up his glasses. He raised his fingers and realized that he didn’t have the habit of wearing glasses.

Han Zhan stood quietly at the door and stared at Earl Ace, who was talking to Sicilio. He felt uneasy.

Only people who wore glasses all year round would habitually use their fingers to push up their spectacles.

But Earl Ace didn’t wear glasses in the past. Why did he have such a habit when he woke up after sleeping for more than a decade?

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