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Chapter 245: Pervert’s Game, Perverted Father

After confirming that Carl was Han Zhan, Song Ci’s tense emotions gradually relaxed.

But she had new doubts.

Carl’s eyes were green, but Han Zhan’s were gray-blue. Could he be wearing contact lenses?

Also, what happened to Han Zhan’s face?

Song Ci’s heart was filled with questions, but there were surveillance cameras everywhere in this house and she also had a listening device. Even if she found Han Zhan, she couldn’t ask him clearly.

Song Ci couldn’t help feeling distressed.

However, thinking that Han Zhan was by her side and she was not fighting alone, Song Ci was filled with strength!

Edward alighted from the yacht and followed Orianna onto the island. They boarded the special environmental electric bike and arrived at the top of the mountain.

That surrogate mother lived in a white villa on the hilltop.

Today, there were more guards around the villa than in the past. That pregnant woman had already acted up. She was sitting on a rubber ball and exercising to prepare for the upcoming delivery.

There was a bathtub in the room and warm water was already prepared.

Orianna walked in to check on the pregnant woman. She said, “In half an hour, bring her to the bathtub and prepare for delivery.”

The nurse acknowledged.

Half an hour later, the pregnant lady entered the bathtub.

Orianna personally accompanied the pregnant woman and observed her condition. It was not the first time the pregnant woman gave birth. She was more experienced and very cooperative with the midwife.

Soon, Orianna saw the child’s head.

She called out to the door. “She’s about to be born.”

The door opened.

As Edward strolled into the house, he saw Orianna holding a baby girl in both hands. The baby girl was crying very loudly and sounded very energetic.

Edward stood beside Orianna and stared at the baby girl in her hand, his eyes glowing with a maniacal passion.

The nurse brought over a towel and wrapped it around the child.

Orianna said to Edward, “You can hug her.”

For the first time, Edward looked very cautious. He reached out his arms and very carefully and gently took the little baby girl from the nurse’s hands.

The baby girl’s face was red and wrinkled. Edward stared at her face and said in confusion, “She doesn’t look like Rain at all.”

“Aren’t all newborns like this?” Orianna’s voice was cold as she stared at that child. She didn’t have the slightest excitement or joy from finally succeeding after so many years of research.

Edward thought for a moment. “Yes, when Sicilio was born, he also looked like a wrinkled old man.”

Edward carried the baby girl for a while before letting the nurse carry her away.

Orianna asked Edward, “Father, have you thought of a name for her?”

Edward said, “Rain.”

He wanted to raise this little baby girl and make her the perfect replacement for Rain.

A mocking glint flashed across Orianna’s eyes.

“Alright, Rain.”

Orianna came to the crib.

In just a few minutes, that child’s face looked much smoother.

Edward couldn’t wait to see this child grow up.

He asked Orianna, “Can you speed up her growth?”

“Yes, but…” Orianna calmly pointed out.” Increasing her growth rate is reducing her life span. Father, are you sure you want it? ”

Edward stroked the baby girl’s cheek. “I am 63 years old. I can’t wait anymore.”

“Let her grow up faster and accompany me for a few years.”

Edward looked at the baby girl gently. “If I bring her to this world, I will also take her away from this world. Anna, do as I say.”

Little Rain was born for him and would accompany him in death.

Orianna had already experienced Edward’s madness, so she wasn’t surprised to hear his answer.

She nodded. “I will let her grow up faster.”

“I’ll wait for your good news.” Edward quickly left.

Orianna walked out of the delivery room. A man in a gray shirt walked out from behind the house and stood behind her.

]”Congratulations, Orianna.” As the man seldom spoke, his voice sounded slightly hoarse.

Orianna turned and stared at the man behind her. She suddenly asked, “Su Wen, do you want it?”

Su Wen was slightly stunned.

Orianna walked up to Su Wen. She grabbed his collar and stared into his eyes. “Please, give it to me.”

Su Wen’s eyes darkened slightly.

He grabbed Orianna and pressed her against the railing of the cliff outside the house.

In front of Orianna was a cliff and a deep sea. Behind her was Su Wen’s broad, warm chest.

Su Wen kissed Orianna’s neck, hair, and back from behind.

Orianna urged him. “Hurry up.”

Su Wen obeyed.

All the guards retreated to the shadows. No one dared to look around.

An hour later, Orianna stood up from Su Wen’s arms. She went to the bathroom naked and washed off all the marks on her body. Only then did she change into a shirt and pants and arrived at another house.

Su Wen followed behind her and continued to pretend to be a mute and invisible person.

He was already used to such a life.

When she needed him, he could be her guardian, companion, and bed warmer.

When she didn’t need him, he was just a statue in the dark.

His eyes were forever fixed on her. His heart was racing for her.

Who asked him to be her only secret guard?

Orianna, who had just had sex, was still blushing, but her expression was very cold.

She approached the house next door and knocked. “Hello, Ye Chen. Orianna is here to play with you.”

Orianna stood quietly outside the door. After a few minutes, the door opened from the inside.

A youth in a beige t-shirt walked out.

He was about 1.5 meters tall and had fair skin. His facial features were not outstanding, but those clear eyes added a lot to him.

Raising his handsome face, the young man smiled at Orianna and hugged her.

“Orianna, I miss you so much.”

Su Wen looked at the young man and Orianna expressionlessly, his gaze elsewhere.

Orianna’s heartbeat quickened as the young man hugged her.

Orianna was pulled into the house by the young man.

The door was closed and Su Wen was completely blocked outside.

Su Wen stood by the door and heard Orianna speaking gently to Ye Chen.

Orianna would never treat anyone so gently. Only that young man was an exception.

Just by looking at that boy’s outstanding appearance and smart appearance, no one would have thought that he was a clone.

His real owner had passed away nine years ago.

Over the past nine years, Orianna had been obsessed with researching clones. Five years ago, she successfully developed the first clone—this child called Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was only five years old. Due to the catalyst, Ye Chen grew very quickly.

He was only five years old, but he had already grown into a tall young man.

The young man was very smart and even slightly smarter than ordinary youths.

Orianna and Ye Chen sat on the sofa watching television together. Ye Chen stared at the various people on the television. He suddenly looked up and said to Orianna, “Orianna, can I go out for a walk?”

Orianna said, “Of course. I will go out with you now.”

“Orianna, I mean to leave the island and take a walk elsewhere.”

Hearing this, Orianna fell silent.

She took out a piece of potato chips from her snack bag and placed it in her mouth.

As she chewed on her potato chips, Orianna asked Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, are you unhappy being with me?”

Ye Chen nodded. “Of course I am happy.”

“Then why do you want to leave me?”

Ye Chen said, “Orianna, I just want to go out and take a look. I am not leaving you. You are the person I love the most. How can I leave you?”

He had been locked up on this island for too long and yearned for that mysterious and lively world outside.

Hearing the ‘You are the person I love the most’, Orianna looked at Ye Chen differently.

She couldn’t help asking, “Do you love me?”

“Of course.”

The first person Ye Chen saw was Orianna, so Ye Chen was very dependent and attached to her.

But as he grew up day by day, Ye Chen became more and more curious about this world. He wanted to see the outside world, see humans, sights, and animals.

Ye Chen grabbed a pillow and hugged it. He rested his chin on it and said, “I still want to study. On television, a child my age is already in junior high school.”

Orianna could not help feeling disappointed as she listened to Ye Chen talk about his troubles.

Ye Chen had grown up and had his own way of thinking. It was indeed not a good idea for her to confine him for so long.

Ye Chen grabbed Orianna’s arm and shook it. He asked innocently, “Orianna, can you send me to school?”

Orianna gazed at Ye Chen’s youthful face as her memories drifted back to the first time she met him eleven years ago.

At that time, Orianna had already graduated. She returned to the Harvard campus to visit her teacher, but met Ye Chen in the classroom. That year, the 25-year-old Ye Chen was standing on the podium teaching those elites.

He was wise and funny and was well-liked by the students.

Ye Chen lectured for a long time, while Orianna sat quietly below the stage and peeked at him.

Orianna was someone who had to get what she wanted. Since she liked Ye Chen, Orianna would pursue him regardless of anything.

Her ruthlessness in chasing someone was frightening.

But Ye Chen remained unmoved. No matter how Orianna tried to coerce him, he refused to acknowledge her as his girlfriend.

But Orianna loved Ye Chen’s nobility like she was being abused.

After chasing Ye Chen for half a year and failing to get his hands on him, Orianna decided to do something exciting.

One afternoon, Orianna dragged Ye Chen, who was going home after class, into the car, took out a gun, and pressed it against Ye Chen’s temple.

“I’ll give you two choices. One, be my boyfriend. Two, be friends with God.”

The cold muzzle was pressed against his temple, but Ye Chen smiled indulgently. He said, “I choose three. To watch the sunset with you.”

Orianna was stunned.

Ye Chen calmly raised his hand and pointed at the front of the car. The Sun was hanging behind a tall building and could fall into the dark sunset at any time. He asked Orianna, “Is it beautiful?”

Orianna stared at the red sunset with a strange expression. “Beautiful.”

Ye Chen suddenly put a silver-white ring on her finger.

Orianna was both surprised and shocked.

Ye Chen grabbed Orianna’s left hand and kissed it. “Watch the sunset with me forever, Orianna.”

At that moment, Orianna was devoted to Ye Chen and would marry nobody but him.

After wooing Ye Chen for half a year, Orianna finally succeeded in wooing that tall snow lotus. They had been in love for a year and a half and had quarreled, but they got back together every time.

But everything was cut off on that thunderous afternoon nine years ago.

That day, Edward found Orianna and asked her to break up with Ye Chen.

If Edward himself couldn’t get love, he couldn’t stand seeing his children being in love and abusing him. He wouldn’t allow his children to be trapped by love their entire lives and suffer like him.

Naturally, Orianna rejected Edward.

But how could Edward’s decision be so easily rejected?

He played a game with Orianna.

He said, “Anna, why don’t we play a game to test that man’s sincerity? What do you think?”

Orianna knew how mischievous her father was. Before Edward could elaborate on the rules of the game, Orianna rejected him again.

Having been rejected twice by his daughter, Edward’s tolerance had reached its limit.

He had his men tie Orianna up.

Holding her arms, Orianna heard Edward say slowly in his gorgeous voice, “Anna, do you want to see what position you have in Ye Chen’s heart?”

Orianna glared at Edward, struggling to resist.

Edward brought Orianna to a steelmaking factory.

The molten metal in the high-temperature furnace of the steelmaking factory was as red as magma. Edward pointed at the water in the pot and said, “Later, I will get someone to bring Ye Chen over and let him make a choice.”

After guessing what Edward was going to do, Orianna’s eyes widened. “Father, you can’t do this to us. Ye Chen is innocent! I provoked him! I promise you to break up with him. I really promise you!”

But no matter how much Orianna begged him, Edward remained unmoved.

He said, “Child, I’ve given you a choice. It’s your own fault for being naughty.”

Orianna regretted it and shouted. “Father, I will never provoke him again. I will break up with him and never see him again! Really, I will be obedient!”

]Father, let him go, alright?!”

Edward smiled happily at his agitated daughter.

“I didn’t say I would kill him.” Edward looked down at Orianna’s tear-streaked face. He lovingly wiped away her tears and said gently, “Father just wanted to test that child’s sincerity towards you.”

“If he really loves you, he definitely can’t bear to see you die. If he’s willing to die for you, Father will fulfill your wish and never obstruct you again. If he chooses himself, Father will throw him into this steel water…”

Edward’s rules were so cruel!

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