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Chapter 243: Song Ci Confessed to You In Sicily

After that day, Song Ci never saw Edward or Aaron again.

It was as if they had disappeared into thin air.

But the eyes in the dark were fixed on Song Ci all the time. There was no way Song Ci could escape.

Edward didn’t restrict Song Ci’s freedom. She could walk around the house and do anything.

But she still couldn’t access the Internet.

She was isolated in this house. She could see the blue sky and the sea when she looked down. Apart from that, Song Ci knew nothing about what was happening outside.

Edward said that Song Ci had to learn Sicily within a month!

If she couldn’t learn it, her consequences would be similar to the spy and the mutton.

The threat of death forced Song Ci to learn again.

She took on a serious attitude that she had never had before and tried her best to learn Sicilian.

Song Ci spoke non-stop to the servants in the house every day. In the beginning, their conversation was like a chicken talking to a duck. They talked about their own things.

After a few days, Song Ci could understand some of the daily conversations.

Gradually, Song Ci could understand what the servants were saying and could speak Sicily herself. But her pronunciation was not good enough.

The one-month deadline was approaching and Song Ci’s heart tightened.

She didn’t know how many days her head could stay on her neck, so she treated every day as her last.

Every day after dinner, Song Ci would stand in the courtyard on the first level for a walk. The courtyard faced the sea and the metal fence couldn’t block the scenery outside.

Song Ci listened to the sound of the waves and smelled the stench of the sea breeze. She thought of something and her eyes gradually darkened.

Song Ci stared at the island opposite her in a daze.

The scenery on the island was very good. There were people playing on the island everyday and Song Ci could see the ladies in bikinis on the island.

Song Ci asked the servant, “Is that island opposite a tourist attraction?”

The servant said, “Yes. Apart from the island where Sir lives, the nearby paths are all scenic tourist spots.”

Sicily was a holiday resort and a source of wealth for Edward and the rest.

The scenery here was good and the security was good. The crime in this city was even lower than in other cities.

It looked like Edward was very interested in the tourism industry and managed the security around here very well.

On this day, the sun was setting.

A tall and beautiful maid pushed a cart out of the house, planning to feed the shark.

Song Ci saw it and hurried out of the house.

“Freya, can I feed the shark with you?”

The woman called Freya looked at Song Ci warily.

Feeding sharks was Freya’s job. If she failed, she would be fed to sharks.

Freya didn’t trust Song Ci.

Worried that Song Ci would play tricks, she rejected without thinking.

“No need. You are a guest. I will do this kind of rough work.” Freya rejected Song Ci and pushed the food cart to the side of the yard.

Song Ci followed quietly behind Freya.

Freya opened the metal door. She put on her gloves and stood at the edge of the cliff. She lifted the half-eaten fan of mutton from the dining car and tossed them into the sea.

As she leaned forward, Freya suddenly slipped.


The mutton in Freya’s hand fell into the sea and she slid down the cliff.


Song Ci quickly pounced over and grabbed Freya’s hand tightly.

Freya was pulled by Song Ci and hung by the cliff, her face pale.

Song Ci used all her strength to pull Freya up.

“Don’t struggle. The more you struggle, the more dangerous it will be. Be quiet, I will save you.” Song Ci’s voice was comforting.

Freya nodded with a pale face.

The stone on the cliff was very sharp. Freya’s body was cut by the sharp stone and she bled profusely.

When Song Ci dragged Freya up, she inevitably suffered some injuries.

The bodyguard heard the commotion and hurried over to help Song Ci drag Freya up.

Freya’s legs were weak as she knelt beside the dining car.

Hearing the sound of water splashing from the bottom of the cliff, Freya turned and looked down at the sea.

The shark Coco emerged from the sea, bit the half-eaten mutton, and left in satisfaction.

Seeing this, Freya’s face was as pale as wax.

If not for Song Ci saving her just now, she might have already become Coco’s food.

Freya gave Song Ci a meaningful look.

Song Ci was moving her wrist. In order to save Fu Leiya, Song Ci’s wrist was slightly injured.

Freya smiled gratefully at Song Ci. “Thank you. You saved my life.”

Song Ci nodded and said coldly, “Be careful next time.”


Freya slowly stood up and was brought away by the bodyguard to treat her wound.

The bodyguard saw that Song Ci was still sitting on the ground and asked her, “Song, are you injured?”

Song Ci waved her hand. “No, let me be alone.”

The bodyguard thought for a moment and left.

There was a cliff outside and a Godly Beast Coco in the sea. She wouldn’t dare to jump into the sea to escape.

Song Ci indeed didn’t dare to jump into the sea to escape.

Firstly, she had deep-sea phobia. Secondly, she was timid and cherished her life.

She would rather live in Edward’s house than try to escape.

In reality, Song Ci knew the truth very well. After reaching Edward’s territory, Song Ci didn’t expect to be able to escape.

She had no intention of escaping.

Song Ci sat on the ground like a salted fish, gazing at the sinking sun at the end of the coastline.

The scene before her was breathtaking.

Song Ci suddenly missed Han Zhan.

She sat for a while before getting up. When she got up, she rubbed her toes against the spot where Freya had fallen.

That piece of land was very smooth. It looked like some sort of lubricant had been applied to it.

The next day, Freya arrived on time to feed Coco.

Song Ci was wearing a navy blue dress. She stood by the metal fence and gazed at the distant island.

Hearing the sound of wheels rolling, Song Ci turned around.

Song Ci asked Fu Leiya, “Are you alright?”

Freya smiled shyly. “It’s nothing serious.”

But Song Ci noticed that Freya was moving slightly slower than before.

Freya opened the metal door and was about to put on her gloves when Song Ci suddenly reached out and took them away. “Let me help you.”

Freya was slightly hesitant.

Song Ci added. “Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Freya didn’t stop him.

Song Ci put on her gloves and dawdled as she picked up the piece of mutton. “It’s quite heavy,” Song Ci said.

Freya smiled. “Coco is good at eating.”


Song Ci threw down the half-eaten mutton.

No one noticed that a small skincare bottle was also thrown into the sea along with the mutton.

For the next few days, Song Ci would help Freya feed the sharks.

She seemed to have fallen in love with feeding sharks.

The bodyguard reported Song Ci’s abnormality to Edward. Edward didn’t realize that Song Ci was up to no good and thought that she just loved to feed sharks, so he silently agreed with her actions.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Edward was back.

Accompanying him was Sicilio, who had met Song Ci twice.

Edward returned home and got someone to call Song Ci over.

At that time, Song Ci was having lunch.

Hearing that Edward wanted to see her, Song Ci’s hands trembled slightly.

She quickly calmed down, changed her clothes, and went to the second floor.

On the second floor.

Edward sat on the sofa smoking a cigar. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the calm Mediterranean Sea. “You will go to the negotiation the day after tomorrow.”

Sicilio was slightly surprised.

Edward said, “You need to start taking over my business.”

Sicilio nodded.

“Oh yes, is there any progress on Orianna’s side?”

Sicilio said, “No.”

“Call her later and tell her to come back.”


As the two of them chatted, Song Ci arrived on the second floor.

Sicilio heard movement. He looked up at the entrance to the second floor.

Sicilio was slightly stunned to see Song Ci.

Today, Song Ci was wearing a red halter dress that covered her hips and not over her knees.

Edward’s men had prepared this dress for her.

In reality, staying here, Song Ci’s undergarments, shoes, and accessories were all prepared by Edward. Song Ci had no right to choose or refuse.

Sicilio quickly looked down, picked up the glass on the table, took a sip, and suppressed the various emotions in his eyes.

Song Ci walked over to the sofa and stood there unmoving like a statue.

Edward bit his cigar and glanced at Song Ci.

This time, his gaze lingered on Song Ci for a long time.

Edward knew that Jiang Shiyu had given birth to two daughters for that traitor Mo Sang. Apart from Song Ci, there was also a child called Song Fei.

Edward had seen Song Fei’s photo.

Although the two sisters looked almost identical, apart from that face, Song Fei didn’t look like Jiang Shiyu in any other way.

Song Fei was more like a replica of Mo Sang.

Song Ci was different.

Song Ci was like a replica of Jiang Shiyu. Not only was her appearance similar, even her temper, eyes, and smile were identical to Jiang Shiyu’s.

Edward stared at Song Ci’s face. In a daze, he thought that time had traveled back over 30 years.

At that time, Jiang Shiyu was also wearing the same dress as Song Ci. She straddled his lap and bit his neck wildly.

]Edward always indulged Jiang Shiyu.

He thought that Jiang Shiyu’s passion and excitement towards him was because of love.

He thought that his infatuation had finally moved Jiang Shiyu.

But that woman’s heart was as hard as stone. In order to gain his trust, she even used her pregnancy to gain his trust and vigilance.

As she wished, he gave her the appropriate freedom.

He thought that with Sicilio, Jiang Shiyu would obediently stay by his side. But that woman was truly rational and calm. She would rather abandon her own flesh and blood to leave his side…

Edward gazed at Song Ci, his eyes flickering.

Song Ci felt uneasy under Edward’s gaze.

She was married and could understand Edward’s gaze.

She slowly lowered her head, feeling slightly afraid.

Looking down, Song Ci glanced at Sicilio.

Sicilio was wearing an iron-grey suit. He had unruly blonde hair and a cold, dangerous face. His blue eyes were cold.

Sicilio didn’t look at Song Ci again and just drank quietly.

After finishing his cigar, Edward suddenly pointed at Song Ci and said to Sicilio, “Leo, this is Song Ci, the daughter of your mother and the traitor, Mo Sang.”

Sicilio looked up and glanced at Song Ci coldly.

He nodded. “I met her.”

“You did? Why didn’t you tell me?” Edward was denouncing Sicilio for hiding something from him.

Sicilio replied without changing his expression, “I passed by the theater some time ago and saw her on the poster.”

Sicilio lied. The first time he met Song Ci was last spring.

Song Ci glanced at Sicilio in surprise. She was smart enough not to expose his lie.


Edward suddenly called out to Song Ci. “Song Ci.”

Like a student who had been named by a teacher, Song Ci suddenly stood up and said in a loud voice, “Yes!”

Edward was momentarily stunned before a smile appeared in his eyes.

He asked Song Ci, “Have you learned Sicilian?”

Song Ci glanced at Edward and said, “I will.” Even if I know a little, I still learned.

Edward said, “Tell me something.”

Song Ci thought for a moment and called out Edward’s name in Sicily. “Edward.”

Edward was slightly stunned by her soft voice as he recalled some distant memories.

The first Sicilian word that Jiang Shiyu learned was also his name.

Throughout the countless nights and days of passion, Jiang Shiyu would always call out his name under his coercion.

Edward was in as much pain and anger now as he felt happiness and passionate in the past.

Edward looked up and stared at Song Ci. He suddenly said, “What does Ti-vogghiu mean?”

Hearing this, Sicilio suddenly looked up and glanced at Song Ci.

Song Ci understood what he meant, but she didn’t understand why Edward would say that.

Song Ci also noticed Sicilio’s sudden gaze. Song Ci hesitated for a moment before answering honestly in English, “I love you.”

Edward’s eyes were dark and he didn’t speak. He stared at the box of cigars and suddenly loosened his tie.

Song Ci didn’t know what Edward was thinking, but Sicilio’s eyes changed.

Edward would do this whenever he was interested in a woman.

But Song Ci was no other woman.

She was the wife of Edward’s son and the mother of his granddaughters!

Edward tossed aside his tie and shot Sicilio a threatening look. He said, “Leo, you go out first.”

This time, Sicilio didn’t move.

Upon seeing this, Edward frowned and sounded displeased. “Aren’t you leaving?”

Sicilio glanced at Song Ci before staring into Edward’s eyes. He reminded him sternly, “Father, she is your granddaughter’s mother.”

Granddaughter’s mother is more capable of waking Edward up than his son’s wife.

Edward snapped out of his trance.

He suddenly stood up, threw down his glass, and left.

After he left, Sicilio looked at Song Ci and said, “Don’t tell him I love you, and don’t call his name in Sicilian.”

Song Ci vaguely understood that perhaps her performance reminded Edward of his mother.

Recalling Edward’s action of removing his tie and his aggressive and possessive gaze when he looked at her just now,

Song Ci’s legs suddenly felt weak.

That damn pervert actually wanted to sleep with me!

Is he even human?

Song Ci couldn’t understand a pervert like Edward.

Isn’t he madly in love with my mother?

Why would he casually touch another woman?

Sicilio stood up and stared at the voluptuous Song Ci. He said to her, “Don’t try to use moral ethics to restrain Edward. He never had such a thing.”

If there really was such a thing, Edward wouldn’t have snatched Jiang Shiyu away from Coleman, imprisoned her, and domineeringly possessed her.

If Edward loved someone, he would bring that person to his side at all costs and watch over her day and night.

But Jiang Shiyu had never loved Edward.

Even Sicilio was a child that Jiang Shiyu had intentionally given birth to in order to gain Edward’s trust.

Sicilio started to walk away.

Song Ci suddenly turned and unwittingly said to Sicilio’s tall back view, “Thank you…”

Gritting her teeth, Song Ci blushed and said awkwardly, “Brother…”

Sicilio halted.

He didn’t turn back. His voice was as cold as ice. “I am not your brother.”

He was a child abandoned by his biological mother. He was from a single-parent family and didn’t have a sister.

Not in the past and not in the future.

Song Ci’s expression froze slightly.

She could understand Sicilio’s attitude and mood.

Song Ci had been doted on by her parents since she was young, but what about Sicilio?

]His birth was a lie. Jiang Shiyu had intentionally gotten pregnant to gain Edward’s trust.

To Song Ci, Jiang Shiyu was a qualified, kind, and perfect mother.

But to Sicilio, Jiang Shiyu was a heartless, evil woman who abandoned her child.

It was already merciful of Sicilio to speak up for her today.

Song Ci knew very well how difficult her situation was.

Her half-brother chose to ignore her situation, while Edward was an unpredictable old pervert and there was also Aaron who couldn’t wait to die.

Song Ci felt very tired and suddenly felt like dying.

But at the thought of Han Zhan, her adorable daughters, and her only elder sister, Song Fei, Song Ci pulled herself together.

I can’t die!

If she died, Han Zhan could find beautiful young ladies. If she died, her daughters would be bullied by their stepmother. If she died, Song Fei would have no relatives.

Song Ci pulled herself together and swallowed all her grievances and fears.

It was cooler in the morning and there were more tourists on the beach than in the afternoon.

A slender little boy was running barefoot on the beach with a basket. He saw a shell and squatted down to pick it up.

After picking up a few more shells, the little boy suddenly said, “Oh! There’s a bottle of water!”

It was a bottle of Lamar’s essence. It was green and contained a piece of paper.

The little boy unscrewed the cap, poured out the note inside, and laid it flat.

The handwriting was beautiful, but the boy couldn’t read it.

“Mommy, can you understand what’s written here?” Zhuang Qilin handed the note to the blonde beauty behind him.

Xiao Li took the paper, opened it, and took a look. He was also slightly confused.

“Zhuang Long, look, what is this?”

Xiao Li handed the note to the man wearing a black shirt.

Zhuang Long opened the note and read it in a teasing tone.

[If anyone picks up this bottle, please call the number 1XXXXX for me. Tell a gentleman called Han Zhan: Song Ci confessed to you in Catania in Sicily.]

Zhuang Long stared at the note and narrowed his eyes.

His wife, Xiao Li, asked him, “Is it a confession letter? Or a ranting bottle?”

Zhuang Long looked at the boundless sea and smiled. “It’s a distress call.”

Ordinary people would really treat this letter as a confession letter, but Zhuang Long could tell at a glance that this was a woman called Song Ci asking for help from a man called Han Zhan.

Worried that the bottle would be picked up by bad people, she used a confession to cover up her true motive.

Xiao Li asked Zhuang Long, “Save?”

Zhuang Long said, “One moment.”

He entered that number on his cell phone and realized that the number belonged to Wangdong City, China.

Upon seeing this, Zhuang Long smiled meaningfully. “I heard from Fang Yusheng that a huge tycoon suddenly appeared in Wangdong City recently. His name is Han Zhan and he’s a fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered.”

“This person can be saved!”

After saving her, he would extort her again!

He would do a good deed and get money.

Zhuang Long made a call.

The phone rang for a few seconds before being picked up.

“Hello.” The man’s voice was low and sounded slightly fatigued.

Zhuang Long asked in Chinese, “Han Zhan? Zeus Corporation’s CEO?”

Han Zhan glanced at his cell phone.

It was an American number.

After confirming that he didn’t know the other party, he became wary. “Hello, I am Han Zhan. May I know who you are? What’s the matter?”

After getting the answer he wanted, Zhuang Long felt like he was looking at a fat lamb swaying its butt in front of him.

Zhuang Long smiled amiably. “Hello, Mr. Han. Song Ci confessed to you in Catania in Sicily.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly stood up from his chair.

“What did you say?”

Zhuang Long shrugged and said, “I found a bottle on a holiday island near Catania. It said: If anyone picks up this bottle, please call the number 1XXXX for me. Tell a gentleman called Han Zhan: Song Ci confessed to you in Catania, Sicily.”

Zhuang Long crumpled the note and tossed it into the sea.

“Mr. Han, I have delivered my message. Please remember my name. I am Zhuang Long, director of the Ice Dragon Institute in New York. If you wish to thank me after the matter is settled, please bring money to meet me in New York. Goodbye.”

Zhuang Long hung up the phone, put on his surf uniform, and said to the little boy beside him, “Qilin, let’s go surf!”

Zhuang Qilin threw away his basket and went surfing with Zhuang Long.

“Wait for me!”

Xiao Li tied her hair up and chased after him with the surfboard.

Han Zhan was rather agitated after receiving the call.

When Han Zhan was young, Edward lived in Milan.

After Han Aoyu destroyed his old residence, Edward changed his address. Edward’s businesses covered all of Italy and Europe. His address had always been a mystery.

Edward had the best hackers around him and they could always erase his existence.

Han Zhan tried to find Edward but to no avail.

Zhuang Long’s call was very timely.

Han Zhan was worried that there was something fishy about this call. He called Song Fei and asked her to focus on checking the surveillance footage near Catania.

Two hours later, Song Fei sent a blurry screenshot of the surveillance footage.

The surveillance footage was taken today. In it was a group of men in black getting off a car at the entrance of a clubhouse.

As the surveillance footage was today and Edward’s men hadn’t deleted it in time, Song Fei had already found out.

Song Fei told Han Zhan over the phone, “The news is right. Edward is staying in Catania.”

Han Zhan said, “Mmm, thank you.”

Hearing Han Zhan packing up, Song Fei asked him, “What are your plans?”

Han Zhan zipped up the luggage and said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Song Fei said, “I’ll go too.”


Han Zhan was already prepared for the worst.

Han Zhan told Song Fei, “You stay behind. Sister Fei, if I don’t return, help me take care of the two children.”

Song Fei and Yan Jiang were infertile. Han Miao and Han Jun were Song Ci’s biological daughters. Since Song Fei treated Song Ci so well, she would definitely treat their daughters well.

He said, “Sister Fei, please.”

Song Fei’s eyes reddened at the computer screen.

“You must come back.”

Han Zhan hung up.

He carried his luggage and arrived at the airport in a fake identity to buy a plane ticket to Switzerland.

Several hours later, Han Zhan arrived at the capital of Switzerland, Zurich. He called a car and drove straight to Zurich Lake.

Han Zhan pressed down on his baseball cap and looked up at the shops around Lake Zurich. In the end, Han Zhan found his target and walked towards a sausage shop.

Many people here spoke German.

Seeing Han Zhan, the salesperson looked up and asked him, “Hello, Sir, what would you like to eat?”

Han Zhan walked up to the counter and knocked on the table with his fingers. “Hi, I want to see Susanna.”

The salesperson stopped what he was doing.

He gave Han Zhan a meaningful look, before picking up the landline and making a call.

The staff explained the situation and received a reply from the other end of the phone. He then said to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, please go upstairs.”

Han Zhan walked up the wooden stairs to the second floor.

A young woman was sleeping on a recliner in the collection room on the second floor.

It was a woman with very fair skin and a mole under the corner of her eye. She was very beautiful. She had a pair of long legs wrapped in black jeans.

This was Susanna, the world’s most mysterious and capable makeup artist. It was said that a mask made by her hands could completely change one’s appearance. No one could tell.

Hearing the commotion, the woman sat up and stared at Han Zhan for a moment before saying, “My things are very expensive.”

Han Zhan threw the luggage bag on the table. He had the aura of a big boss.

“I have money.”

Susanna opened her bag and stared at the cash inside with a satisfied expression.

“Guest, please take a seat.”

After Han Zhan sat down, Susanna reached out and touched his face for a long time. She said she was touching his bones, but Han Zhan suspected that she was taking advantage of him.

After touching for a moment, Susanna retracted her hand and asked him, “What kind do you want?”

Han Zhan took out a photo and handed it to Susanna. “This one.”

Suzanne looked down at the face in the photo.

Han Zhan wanted to disguise himself as another person.

Susanna couldn’t help asking, “If you become him, what happens to him?”

Han Zhan said, “Just like how I paid you but didn’t ask what you wanted to do with this money, please don’t ask me for my use, Miss Susanna.”

Susanna chuckled. “I was being nosy.”

Han Zhan revealed his broken right hand again and asked Susanna, “Can you think of a way to repair my fingers? At least I can’t let anyone see that there’s something wrong with my hand.”

Susanna stared at Han Zhan’s hand and nodded.

In an underground tavern in Catania.

Sicilio sat on the sofa with a cigar-shaped cigarette in his hand. He placed it in front of his nose and sniffed.

His expression remained unchanged throughout.

Opposite him, a woman in a black tube top and leather short-sleeved blouse was sizing up Sicilio with narrowed eyes.

This was the crown prince of the “Son of God” Group, Sicilio. He was only 35 years old, but he already had the nickname “Scoundrel of Sicily”.

icilio put down the goods in his hand and said to the person beside him, “Pure.”

Hearing this, the men beside her hurriedly kept their things and moved them behind Sicilio.

Sicilio looked at the broad-faced, beautiful woman opposite him. A businesslike, hypocritical smile appeared on his cold face.

He opened his arms and smiled. “Vivian, my friend, welcome to the beautiful Katania.”

Since the goods matched, they were friends.

If the goods didn’t match, Vivian’s head could fall to the ground at any time.

Vivian chuckled and picked up the glass of red wine on the table.

She raised her glass at Sicilio and smiled. “I said that I came with sincerity.”

“I am very sure.”

Sicilio clinked glasses with her, took a sip, and set down his goblet.

He crossed his arms and placed them on his abdomen. The index finger of his right hand moved casually on the back of his left hand, appearing nonchalant.

After talking business, it was time to talk about romance.

Vivian moved closer.

The moment she bent over, everything could be seen.

“Sicilio.” Under the table, the tips of Vivian’s heels rubbed gently against Sicilio’s calves.

Sicilio looked down at the red high heels. His expression was cold and indifferent.

Vivian didn’t believe it and continued to tease Sicilio.

The tip of her sharp leather shoe moved up Sicilio’s calf.

Just as her toes touched Sicilio’s knees, Sicilio suddenly reached out and grabbed that red high heels.

Vivian gave him a wink. She said, “Sicilio, want to try it with me?”

The woman was bold, beautiful, and very attractive.

But Sicilio’s eyes remained clear.

Sicilio let go of Vivian’s toes and stood up. He looked at Vivian condescendingly and said, “You might not know this, but I am not interested in women who throw themselves at me.”

Vivian was slightly surprised. “Why? Do you like to take things by force?”

Sicilio said, “No.”

He thought of something and his eyes turned cold. He turned and left.

He didn’t like women who threw themselves at him, nor did he like to snatch other people’s love. He liked to destroy, especially a pure, clean flower.

“Let’s go.”

Hearing this, the two tall men standing behind him bent over, picked up the items on the ground, and followed behind Sicilio.

“Carl, look after this. Don’t lose it,” Sicilio said to his trusted subordinate.

Holding something with one hand, the tall man standing beside Sicilio heard Sicilio’s advice. He acknowledged it with a deep voice and instinctively hugged it tighter.

As they continued walking, Carl suddenly coughed.

Sicilio frowned at him. “You have a cold?”

Carl nodded. “I caught a cold last night.”

“No wonder your voice is slightly hoarse today.”

At this moment, the male colleague beside Carl said, “Carl was having fun with a woman last night and slept by the beach the entire night. He was naked and caught a cold!”

Hearing this, Carl glared at his companion angrily.

Sicilio gave him a teasing look. He patted Carl’s motionless right arm and advised him earnestly. “Don’t disregard your kidney just because you are young.”

Carl glanced at his numb right arm and nodded.

Many years ago, in order to save Sicilio, Carl had been shot in the right shoulder blade. As he had missed the best time for treatment, his entire right arm was now useless.

Although his right arm was still hanging on his body, it could only be used for decoration.

The car drove all the way to the doorstep.

Sicilio alighted and led Carl and another subordinate into the house. At this moment, a sedan approached rapidly from afar.

The sedan stopped at the main entrance.

The door was pushed open and a tall beauty wearing a silver tasseled short skirt walked out.

The beauty turned on her heels with a bag in her hand. She looked at Sicilio with a cold expression. Nodding at Sicilio, Orianna called him brother and entered.

Sicilio followed.

The siblings walked side by side. Sicilio asked Orianna, “How is the research project progressing?”

Orianna said, “I failed.”

Sicilio stopped in his tracks.


Orianna stopped and turned to stare at Sicilio.

Sicilio said to her, “If you continue to fail, his patience will run out and you will be in danger.”

Orianna sneered. “It’s just death.”

With that, she turned and walked into that three-story building. Her tall, stubborn back revealed a cold arrogance that looked down on death.

Just then, Song Ci finished swimming and walked over from the pool with a towel draped over her shoulders. She was about to return to her room.

At the entrance of the small building, Song Ci bumped into Sicilio. She stopped and glanced at him.

Song Ci’s eyes flashed when she saw two tall men standing behind Sicilio and noticed that they were carrying something.

If you shouldn’t ask, don’t ask. This is the key to life.

Nodding at Sicilio, Song Ci left.

After taking two steps, Song Ci felt a scorching gaze on her. She suddenly stopped and turned to glare at Carl, who was behind Sicilio.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a woman with such a good figure like me?” Song Ci scolded Carl fiercely before striding away.

Sicilio turned and stared at the embarrassed Carl with a teasing smile.

But soon, his face darkened as he warned Carl. “You can’t look at this woman too much.”

Carl hurriedly lowered his head and didn’t dare to look around.

“Let’s go.”

Sicilio entered the house with his subordinates.

As for Song Ci, after returning to her house, she took a glass of warm water and drank it.

After drinking the water, Song Ci went upstairs, took a shower, changed clothes, and got into bed.

She covered herself with the blanket and bit out a pillow with her teeth, resisting the urge to cry.

Han Zhan, will you come and look for me?

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