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Chapter 242: Dog, Do You Think You Can Touch Me?

Hearing ‘deep-sea phobia’, Song Ci clenched her fists.

Her consciousness uncontrollably drifted back to the night before her death in her previous life. She laid alone on the cliff of the Imperial Dragon River.

In the dark night, the sea was roaring and a seed of fear was planted in her heart.

Song Ci turned to look at the world outside the ship.

The endless sea was slightly rippling. It looked calm, but who knew what monsters were hidden at the bottom of the sea?

Song Ci had an inexplicable fear of the sea. As she stood on the boat and thought of octopus, sharks, electric eels, and other such things swimming at the bottom of the sea, her legs went limp.

Although Song Ci didn’t cry and looked rather calm, Aaron could still feel her fear from her forbearing expression.

Aaron enjoyed admiring a person’s look of fear.

He cupped the back of his head with both hands and twirled the lollipop with the tip of his tongue. His lips suddenly curled up.

The smiling Aaron was very adorable and innocent.

“Little Ci Ci.”

Aaron’s smile was like a venomous snake. Song Ci felt a chill run down her spine as she looked at his smile.

Song Ci stared at Aaron speechlessly, clenched her fists, and remained silent.

Like an innocent child, Aaron sat on the railing and swung his legs. He took off his lollipop and said, “This is the Atlantic Ocean, the second largest ocean in the world. It covers more than 70 million square kilometers.”

Aaron knocked his fingers on the railing and said, “The average depth is over 3,000 meters.”

After the general introduction, Ah Rang asked Song Ci with interest, “Little Ci Ci, what do you think about this?”

Song Ci straightened her neck. “You have good geographical knowledge. If you were in China, you would definitely be the class representative.”

Aaron was stunned.

Then, his smile deepened.

He looked at the sea and said, “It’s such a big sea. Look, doesn’t it look like a huge playground?”

The sea was an amusement park, while Song Ci was a playful child who patronized it.

Aaron jumped down from the railing and walked up to Song Ci.

Bending over, Aaron stared at Song Ci up close. A few strands of his combed hair hung down and landed on Song Ci’s forehead.

Aaron grinned and asked Song Ci, “Do you like to play games?”

Song Ci’s back was tense. Her voice was cold as she shook her head. “No.”

Aaron said, “On the contrary, I like it very much. I love to watch others play games.”

Every time he saw the passengers playing amusement rides, especially those that shot straight into the clouds, Aaron would fantasize about having all the ropes cut off.

Aaron felt very excited as he imagined those people flying down from the sky like birds, landing on the ground and shattering into pieces.

Song Ci opened her eyes and glanced at Aaron. Seeing his excited expression, Song Ci suddenly said, “Han Zhan will be very sad if you play me to death.”

Aaron shrugged. “What has his sadness got to do with me?”

Song Ci added. “Han Zhan will kill you.”

Aaron nodded with an expectant look. “It is my honor to die in his hands.”

Song Ci knew that Aaron was a lunatic.

There was a bond between Song Ci and Aaron, and Han Zhan was that bond. Seeing that bringing Han Zhan out couldn’t change Ah Rang’s attitude, Song Ci decided to shut up.

Song Ci couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on such a little lunatic and pervert.

Seeing that Song Ci had given up struggling, Aaron said, “Beg me?”

Song Ci went with the flow and said, “I beg you, please don’t kill me.”

Hearing Song Ci beg him, Aaron was stunned.

“Where’s your backbone? Are you going to beg me just like that?”

Song Ci said, “What’s so great about having a backbone? Being alive is the most important thing.”

Hearing this, Aaron narrowed his eyes.

This Song Ci was different from his imagination.


She doesn’t have any dignity at all! (italics)

Song Ci allowed Aaron to scold her but remained silent.

Aaron lifted Song Ci’s chin again. He lowered his head and licked her cheek.

Song Ci frowned and took a step back.

Aaron stuffed his hands into his pockets and said with a smile, “Sleep with me and serve me well. I can consider letting you off.”

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t help laughing coldly. “You even fancy a coward like me. Looks like you aren’t very noble.”

Aaron continued to shrug.

He stared at Song Ci and asked patiently and gently, “How is it? Are you sleeping with me or playing games with me?”

Song Ci said, “Alright, let’s sleep.”

Hearing Song Ci’s choice, Aaron was momentarily confused.

Where is her value of chastity? (italics)

Didn’t she say that she had a devoted love for Han Zhan? (italics)

How could she agree so easily? (italics)

At this moment, Song Ci took the initiative to walk up to Aaron. She stood on tiptoe and hooked one hand around his neck.

Aaron narrowed his eyes and sized up Song Ci’s face, which was inches away from him. His gray-blue eyes were filled with caution.

Song Ci took a shower and removed her makeup. Her skin was fair and unbelievably beautiful.

Seeing that Aaron was sizing her up, Song Ci purposely blinked slowly, her long, beautiful eyes filled with charm.

Song Ci purposely rubbed Ah Rang’s lips with her fingers. Her actions were seductive.

She stood on tiptoe and leaned close to Aaron’s ear. “Your brother likes me to kiss his lips the most.”

In his pocket, Aaron clenched his fists.

Song Ci saw the Adam’s apple on Ah Rang’s neck roll. She knew very well what it meant.

Aaron was aroused by her.

Song Ci lifted her head and pressed her red lips against his.

Aaron’s breathing slowed.


Song Ci suddenly slapped Aaron.

That slap took all of Song Ci’s strength.

After that, Song Ci’s wrist was numb from the pain.

Aaron’s face turned red and his teeth hurt.


Song Ci spat on Aaron’s face.

“You dog, do you think you can sleep with me whenever you want? Even making you comfortable! Why don’t you f*cking look up at the sky? Can’t you see that the sun is still hanging in the sky?”

“Still daydreaming?”

Song Ci cursed angrily in a vulgar manner.

Having been hit, Ah Rang was stunned for a few seconds. Hearing Song Ci’s scolding, Ah Rang licked his lips.

He smiled grimly.

“Song Ci.” Ah Rang gritted his teeth and pronounced the two words carefully.

Aaron suddenly turned around and said to the man standing behind him with a subtle expression, “Bei De, the weather is hot. Send our little sweetheart to the sea to cool off!”

Hearing this, Song Ci turned to run, but Bei De caught up with her in a few big strides.

Bei De grabbed Song Ci by the waist and carried her on his shoulder.

Song Ci grabbed Bei De and took a bite. Her legs kicked wildly as she scolded. “Let go of me! Bei De you dog, put me down!”

Bei De frowned in pain and carried Song Ci to the side of the boat.

Song Ci’s expression changed when she saw the deep blue sea.

She scolded. “Aaron, don’t land in my hands. If you land in my hands, I will definitely play you to death!”

“You dog, let me go, let me go!”

Bei De’s arms were like iron pliers, unmoving.

Arriving at the side of the ship, Bei De glanced at Aaron.

Aaron nodded and Bei De released his grip. The struggling Song Ci was like a swallow as she plunged into the deep sea.

With a splash, Song Ci fell into the sea, causing waves.

To people who liked the sea, the underwater world was charming, mysterious, and desirable.

To Song Ci, who was suffering from deep-sea phobia, the underwater world was like a shark’s gaping mouth.

She was thrown into the sea and the water instantly poured into her mouth, nose, and lungs.

In her panic, Song Ci stomped her feet in the water.

Perhaps her will to live was too strong, Song Ci actually swam to the surface of the sea. She kicked her legs hard and opened her mouth to cough violently.

On the boat, Aaron sat on the railing facing the vast sea. He played with his lollipop and stared at the head peeking out of the sea. He smiled and shouted, “Oh, you’re not dead yet!”

The boat slowly moved forward and Song Ci was gradually left behind.

Song Ci spat out the water in her mouth. Only then did she move her arms and swim forward with all her might, chasing after the boat’s tail.

I can’t be left behind. I would die in the sea!

I can’t die! (italics)

I must not die! (italics)

Seeing that Song Ci was trying her best to catch up to the ship, Aaron sat on the railing and watched this scene with a smile. He found it interesting and even took out his cell phone to take a video.

If Hoff saw this scene, his heart would definitely ache. (italics)

Aaron recorded a video and felt satisfied. He then handed his cell phone to Bei De.

Song Ci swam forward vigorously in the sea, her legs stepping in the water. Her heart was filled with fear. She always had the fear of a giant shark following behind her, ready to bite off her legs at any time.

Song Ci held her breath as she dived into the sea and looked around.

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief when she didn’t see those frightening creatures.

She surfaced and continued swimming forward.

But the speed of a person swimming could never compare to that of a ship.

A few minutes later, Song Ci was left behind by the boat.

She stared at the boat that was getting further and further away. She felt hopeless.

Her body also started to feel weak, but Song Ci didn’t dare to stop.

Stopping meant giving up.

Giving up meant death.

Song Ci would never willingly wait for death!

Song Ci’s limbs grew heavier and heavier. In the end, she couldn’t move her feet or lift her arms.

Song Ci’s head sank into the sea one moment and popped out the next. After repeating this several times, Song Ci closed her eyes in exhaustion.

She instinctively swam a few more times before finally stopping due to her lack of stamina.

Song Ci’s body slowly sank into the deep sea.

That red dress was wrapped around her body. She gradually sank, her long hair fluttering in the wind. She looked like a person who had wandered the world with a princess and returned to the sea…

Holding the binoculars, Aaron noticed that Song Ci had sunk into the sea. The smile on his face gradually faded.

Seeing that Song Ci had stopped struggling and was about to die, Bei De warned Aaron. “Aaron, she is the person Edward wants.”

Fear flashed across Aaron’s eyes when he heard Edward’s name.

He said, “Release the lifeboat.”


Aaron and Bei De drove the lifeboat to where Song Ci was sinking.

Aaron dived into the sea in a perfect position.

After adapting to the pressure in the water, Aaron opened his gray-blue eyes and searched for Song Ci’s body.

Song Ci was already sinking a little deeply.

That red shadow was the deepest color in the sea.

Aaron quickly swam down and got close to Song Ci. Aaron grabbed her feet and pulled her towards the sea.

Song Ci was dragged to the surface of the sea by Aaron and tossed onto the lifeboat.

Song Ci laid on the lifeboat without any reaction.

Bei De hurriedly performed CPR on Song Ci.

Aaron sat at the side to calm his breathing and spat out a few mouthfuls of seawater.

He said to Bei De, “Save her. You can’t play her to death.”

After more than 10 seconds of chest compressions, Song Ci still didn’t have any reaction. Seeing this, Bei De said, “We need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

Bei De pinched Song Ci’s nose and was about to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when Aaron suddenly grabbed Bei De’s shoulder and said in disdain, “Why are you kissing her? It’s so dirty!”

With that, Aaron pinched Song Ci’s nose and put his lips close to hers in disdain. He personally performed Ci’s mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Bei De was confused.

Since it’s dirty, what are you doing? (italics)

Song Ci coughed.

She spat out a few mouthfuls of water and woke up.

Song Ci frowned when she saw Aaron’s face magnified in front of her. She pushed him away.

“Get lost!”

Song Ci wiped her mouth forcefully and hurriedly knelt beside the lifeboat. She scooped up some seawater and drank it, quickly rinsing her mouth.

Aaron sat aside and looked at her with an unreadable expression.

After returning to the ship, the first thing that Aaron said was, “Bring a toothbrush over. I just kissed a smelly bug. Its mouth is very smelly.”

Song Ci pretended not to hear anything and returned to the cabin.

Returning to her own room, Song Ci took a shower, put on dry new clothes, and wrapped herself in a thin blanket.

After a while, the blanket suddenly trembled and Song Ci’s pitiful and scared cries could be heard.

It was dark and Bei De came to inform Song Ci to go for dinner.

Song Ci pretended to be deaf and mute.

Bei De didn’t urge her anymore.

Late at night, Song Ci was hungry.

She had eaten with Du Xueyan yesterday afternoon. After dozens of hours, Song Ci was already famished.

She secretly got up and went to the kitchen on the boat. She saw a lock on the refrigerator!

Song Ci was so angry that she ran back to the cabin, covered herself with the blanket, and hypnotized herself to continue sleeping.

The next morning, Bei De called Song Ci over for food again. This time, Song Ci didn’t throw a tantrum and obediently went to the dining room.

Aaron was wearing a white suit and sitting at the dining table, eating breakfast elegantly alone.

However, there were five red finger marks on his left cheek.

Song Ci pulled out a chair and sat down. The wind blew her hair. This scene was somewhat enticing to Aaron.

Aaron put down his cutlery and said to Song Ci, “Is this how you seduce Hoff?”

Song Ci looked confused. “How did I seduce him?”

Aaron pointed at Song Ci and said, “Just like that, purposely put on a nice pose so that the wind will blow your hair up. It will be like shooting an advertisement.”

A question mark slowly appeared on Song Ci’s forehead.

“I have no choice. Your sister-in-law is born beautiful. There’s no need to be deliberate. I’m enough to move people.”

If she really wanted to seduce someone, she would have already abducted Aaron to the bed.

This ‘sister-in-law’ made Aaron’s gaze change slightly.

“I heard that the Chinese have a saying.”

Song Ci said, “There are many sayings. Which one are you referring to?”

Ah Rang said, “Nothing is better than dumplings. Nothing is better than playing with your sister-in-law.”

Song Ci choked on her bread.

Aaron considerately handed her a glass of water and comforted her. “Don’t be so shocked. I am not interested in women like you.”


Aaron asked, “Have you beaten Hoff before?”

Song Ci said, “I slapped him.”

Aaron looked interested. He leaned forward in his seat and placed his elbows on the table.

Aaron rested his chin on his hand and blinked at Song Ci. He asked innocently and curiously, “Why? Did Hoff cheat on you?”

Song Ci asked, “Why should I tell you?”

Aaron’s gaze turned cold.

He got up and left. As he left, he said, “In the future, eat on time, there won’t be people urging you to eat for every meal.”


Song Ci looked up and met Aaron’s disdainful expression.

Aaron said, “The way you secretly searched the kitchen is really cowardly.”

Song Ci gripped her cutlery tightly and resisted the urge to hit him.

They continued cruising on the sea for a few days but still didn’t reach their destination.

Song Ci and Aaron disliked each other. In the next few days, Ah Rang was either fishing or diving, leading a beautiful life.

Song Ci didn’t have a cell phone or any friends. She ate, slept, and ate every day. She was especially bored.

After another three to four days at sea, they finally entered the Gibraltar Strait.

This was the only entrance to the Mediterranean.

Song Ci thought that they would enter the Mediterranean via the Gibraltar Strait, but after receiving a call, Aaron brought Song Ci off the boat.

They docked in Spain and sat in a car for a few more hours. Then they boarded again at a harbor near the Mediterranean.

Song Ci guessed the reason why Aaron did this.

“Are you afraid that someone will intercept a ship at the Strait of Gibraltar?” Without finding her whereabouts, Han Zhan and Grandpa could definitely guess who took her away.

The safest and most hidden route from the United States to Italy was to take a boat across the Atlantic, and then return to Italy from the Mediterranean.

The sea was vast. Even if Han Zhan wanted to save someone, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. It was very difficult to find their whereabouts.

As for the Gibraltar Strait, there was a checkpoint that could be easily discovered by Han Zhan.

Aaron was not surprised that Song Ci had guessed the truth.

“So what? I’ll win if he can’t find you.” Ah Rang was ordered to capture Song Ci. They were about to reach Italy and his mission was about to be completed.

After interacting with him for a few days, Song Ci vaguely understood his temper. When he was happy, Song Ci could ask him a few questions.

If he was unhappy, Song Ci had better disappear far away. Otherwise, she would become the target of Aaron’s frustration.

At this point, seeing that Aaron was in a rather good mood, Song Ci asked, “Is it Edward who wants to see me?”

Aaron didn’t deny it.

Song Ci had only heard Han Zhan mention Edward a few times and was very curious about him.

She asked Aaron, “What kind of person is Edward?”

Aaron narrowed his eyes at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. After a long while, he said, “He’s not one.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned.

This sounded like a scolding.

Song Ci also felt that Aaron was scolding someone.

“Be more specific?”

Aaron sneered. “You will know when you see him.”

Aaron’s mysterious answer made Song Ci uneasy.

At the mention of Sicily, everyone thought of the movie “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily” and “The Godfather.”

Sicily was actually very beautiful. The beautiful sea scenery, the gorgeous beauties, the handsome and charming men, as well as the majestic buildings in the Baroque style.

Aaron and the rest didn’t live in Palermo, but in Catania.

This was a city that was associated with volcanoes.

It was located in the east of Sicily, at the south end of Italy, under the Etona Volcano.

Song Ci followed Ah Rang down the boat and stood on the land of the Port of Catania. She looked up and could see the majestic and dangerous Mount Etna in the distance.

Aaron pointed at Mount Etna and said, “You asked me what kind of person Edward is. To Jiang Shiyu, he is this silent volcano in front of us. It is beautiful, magnificent, and gentle. To us, it is a volcano during an eruption. It is dangerous and enough to destroy the entire city.”

Song Ci stared at Mount Etna and pursed her lips.

A car stopped in front of them and Aaron invited Song Ci into the car.

But this time, Song Ci boarded a separate car and Ah Rang obediently boarded the car behind her.

The car drove slowly through the city of Catania. The buildings in this city were different from those in other cities. They were all gray and oppressive.

The car drove for a long time before finally stopping at the entrance of a large Mediterranean-style house.

This house was completely different from the surrounding gray buildings. It looked very charming, like a pearl in the Mediterranean.

Aaron alighted and stood behind her. “He’s inside.”

Cold sweat broke out on Song Ci’s back.

“Let’s go.”

Aaron walked in front with his hands in his pockets, ignoring Song Ci.

Upon reaching Edward’s territory, Song Ci couldn’t escape even if she wanted to.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Song Ci still followed behind Aaron and entered the house.

Crossing the stone pavement and bypassing the pool, Song Ci arrived at a three-story blue and white building.

Near that small building stood several guards in suits.

Song Ci’s legs were slightly jelly.

She was terrified before she even saw Edward.

Especially when she saw Aaron take his hands out of his pockets and hang them obediently by his legs. He put away his cynical expression and looked very serious.

Song Ci was even more terrified.

Aaron entered the house with light footsteps. He didn’t stay on the first floor for long and went up the stairs to the second floor.

Song Ci followed behind Aaron. As they went upstairs, they bumped into a group of people.

Two men in black dragged a woman downstairs.

It was a European woman. She was wearing very cooling clothes with a white gauze covering her exquisite figure. There was only a pair of briefs between her legs.

But what attracted Song Ci’s attention was not the woman’s good figure, but the blood on her.

Blood flowed from her abdomen all the way to her thighs. The red blood flowed down her sexy long legs. How could this scene not be frightening?

Song Ci glanced at the woman’s abdomen and saw a knife.

Song Ci suddenly tugged at the corner of Aaron’s shirt.

Ah Rang stopped and didn’t turn back. Thinking that Song Ci was afraid, he said, “She is a spy.”

Song Ci had already guessed this relationship. She wanted to say, “Aaron, if I die, can you help me tell Han Zhan something?”

Aaron hated her, but he liked Han Zhan very much.

If she really wanted to say her last words, Song Ci chose to tell Aaron.

Aaron remained silent.

Behind him, the woman said, “Just tell him that Song Ci has never blamed him. Song Ci only has one request—to beg him to live well and take good care of her daughters.”

Aaron smirked. “I’m not interested in being a microphone.”

Aaron started walking.

Song Ci followed behind Aaron and entered the second floor.

There was a spacious living room on the second floor with a luxurious brown leather sofa.

The living room was connected to the corridor. Outside the corridor was the sea.

The sea breeze blew in from the balcony and Song Ci’s dress fluttered.

She hurriedly looked down to adjust her dress.

Looking up, Song Ci saw a man in a black shirt standing under the partition door between the balcony and the living room.

The man was very tall and burly. He was about 1.9 meters tall.

He had a thin layer of beard on his chin and a pair of thick black glasses that covered his sharp, blue eyes.

He crossed his arms and looked at Song Ci tidying up her dress. His gaze was so complicated.

Song Ci saw longing, hatred, and greed in the man’s eyes.

Song Ci’s heart was racing.

She knew who it was.

Edward! (italics)

That demon that even Han Zhan was afraid of! (italics)

Song Ci glanced at Aaron.

Aaron looked down slightly and placed his hands obediently on his abdomen, not daring to look up and meet Edward’s eyes.

Aaron himself was a little devil without a heart. Even he looked like a mouse seeing a cat when he saw Edward, causing Song Ci’s fear of Edward to deepen.

Edward: “@%”

Edward spoke Sicily.

Song Ci couldn’t understand him, but she felt that Edward’s voice was very charming and elegant.

Sicily’s language was slightly different from Rome’s. Song Ci couldn’t even understand pure Italian, let alone Sicily.

Song Ci tilted her head in confusion. She had no idea what Edward was talking about.

Edward frowned impatiently when he saw that Song Ci had no reaction.

He frowned. Either someone was going to die or cause trouble.

Just before Edward spoke, Aaron suddenly said something.

Another sentence that Song Ci didn’t understand.

Edward looked enlightened after hearing Aaron’s explanation.

He looked at Song Ci and spoke in English. His English accent was rather strange and was filled with a native Italian accent.

Song Ci roughly understood. Edward said, “She only spent a month to learn Sicily. What about you?”

Song Ci knew who Edward was referring to.

He was referring to Jiang Shiyu, her mother.

Song Ci was not as talented in languages as Jiang Shiyu. Song Ci would never be able to learn Sicily in a month.

Song Ci was about to say something when Edward added. “A month later, if you don’t speak Sicilian, I will throw you into the sea to feed the sharks.”

Song Ci was shocked.

Edward turned and walked to the balcony. He hooked his finger at Song Ci.

Song Ci walked with the same leg and foot to Edward’s side and stood one meter away from him.

]Edward gazed at the sea in front of him and told Song Ci, “Dear, let me show you my little pet.”

Song Ci looked down and saw the sea and the pool downstairs.

Edward whistled.

Downstairs, a woman pushed a food cart around the pool and walked to the wall of the courtyard.

She opened the door to the courtyard and opened the lid of the dining car.

Song Ci saw half a piece of mutton.

With gloved hands, the woman bent over, scooped up the mutton, and tossed it into the sea.

At this moment, Edward’s voice sounded beside Song Ci’s ear. “Darling, watch carefully.”

Song Ci held her breath and looked down curiously.

The sea was very calm, with only the sound of waves.

But four to five seconds later, a gray-black fin suddenly appeared on the sea surface. Song Ci stared at that fin and her expression changed slightly.

Those fins were very big. Just the fins alone were so big. It was hard to imagine how big the big guy hiding in the sea was.

Soon, Song Ci knew how big that thing was.

A shark emerged from the sea. It opened its sharp teeth and bit down on the goat’s head. Soon, it dived into the sea.

From the moment the shark appeared to the moment it sank to the bottom of the sea, it only took a few seconds.

If not for the waves on the sea, Song Ci would have thought she was hallucinating.

Edward actually raised a shark! (italics)

How did he do it? (italics)

Also, this is shawllow waters. Why did the sharks come here? (italics)

Song Ci’s expression changed as she stood nervously.

Edward suddenly turned to look at her.

The sea breeze blew against Song Ci’s hair and reddened her eyes.

Edward reached out and stroked Song Ci’s cheek with a smile. He leaned close to Song Ci’s ear and said, “Dear, do you see this? My pet can eat you in one bite.”

Song Ci firmly believed Edward’s words.

Edward smiled and kissed her cheek. “It’s called Coco. I raised it with Rain.”

“Coco is the same age as my child Sicilio.”

A shark could live for more than a hundred years. The shark Song Ci saw just now was already in its thirties.

Hearing Edward mention Rain, Song Ci felt that something was off.

Indeed, the next second, Edward said, “If you didn’t follow my son, I really want to take you for myself.”

Song Ci was truly disgusted by his words. Her disgusted expression was plain on her face.

Upon seeing Song Ci’s unconcealed disgust, Edward chuckled. “I won’t take what others have touched. Don’t worry.”

Song Ci was enraged.

She mocked Edward. “You don’t want someone who has been touched by someone else? If I’m not mistaken, my mother and Coleman were originally a couple. You snatched someone else’s love, isn’t that snatching?”

He said that he wouldn’t take anything that others had touched.

In Song Ci’s opinion, Edward liked to snatch it.

As the saying goes, a wife is not as good as a concubine, a concubine is not as good as stealing. Stealing is not as good as being unable to steal. He liked Jiang Shiyu and snatched her away from Coleman without a care.

His bandit behavior was shameless!

Hearing Song Ci’s words, not only was Edward not angry, he even smiled. “So what if they were in a relationship? In the end, I was your mother’s first man.”

Jiang Shiyu and that fool Coleman were innocent.

Hearing this, Song Ci sneered again. “The first man…”

Song Ci looked straight into Edward’s gray-blue eyes. Her smile was blinding and her words were heart-rending. “But you are not her only man.”

Edward’s face darkened.

He thought of his lover and subordinate’s betrayal and felt a surge of anger.

Infuriated, Edward grabbed Song Ci’s throat and lifted her up with his right arm.

Song Ci felt suffocated and terrible.

Song Ci rolled her eyes and instinctively grabbed the back of Edward’s hand.

She bounced her legs but quickly lost all strength and stopped struggling.

If Edward really wanted to kill her, how could she resist?

Edward stared at the pained and ferocious Song Ci. “Little imp, you are courting death.”

Song Ci couldn’t speak.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t say anything you shouldn’t!” With that, Edward frowned and threw Song Ci out of the railing in disdain!

Aaron’s eyes widened.

He watched as Edward threw Song Ci downstairs like a bag of trash.

Aaron took a step forward and stood by the railing to look down.

Seeing that Song Ci landed in the pool, Aaron heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought Song Ci was a special existence to Edward. He thought that with her beautiful face, Edward could be gentler to her.

He was wrong.

Edward hated Song Ci and treated her as a stain! He couldn’t wait to kill her, so why would he be gentle to her?!

Staring at Song Ci struggling in the pool, Edward sneered. “Ignorant fool.”

Aaron didn’t dare to retort.

Without Edward’s permission, Aaron didn’t dare to save her. Moreover, it didn’t matter if Song Ci was dead or alive.

Song Ci was very capable. She climbed out of the pool herself.

Song Ci laid on the cobblestones by the pool, narrowed her eyes at the clear blue sky, suddenly covered her eyes with her arm, and started crying softly.

But crying wouldn’t solve anything.

Very quickly, Song Ci wiped the tears off her face and stood up.

Just as she stood up, Song Ci saw the two men in black dragging the injured woman over.

Song Ci thought of something and turned to look at the door to the courtyard.

Guessing that woman’s ending, Song Ci’s face turned pale!

She couldn’t bear to look, but Edward appeared behind her.

Edward stood behind Song Ci and pressed his hands on either side of her head, forcing her to stare at what was happening in front of her.

“Take a good look at what happens to disobedient children.”

Song Ci watched as that woman was mercilessly tossed into the sea. She watched as that shark that had already flown far away swam back.

Very quickly, the sea turned red and that woman disappeared from this world.

Next, clean seawater swept over and washed away the blood in the sea.

A person who was just alive suddenly went missing!

Song Ci’s hands started trembling and her legs went weak. She sat down in front of Edward.

Edward looked down at Song Ci and told her, “Song Ci, if you continue to be disobedient, that woman’s today will be your tomorrow.”

Edward left after saying that.

Song Ci sat on the ground. She wanted to get up but didn’t have the strength.

At some point, Aaron had arrived behind her. He didn’t reach out to pull Song Ci, but gazed out at the sea.

“That shark is Edward’s pet. It listens to Edward.”

Song Ci suppressed the fear in her heart and asked, “Why would sharks listen to others?”

Aaron said, “That shark was by his side when he was very young. He injected a special drug into the shark to increase its intelligence and strengthen their intimate relationship.”

“All these years, the shark has helped him destroy many corpses.”

Song Ci was stunned.

Which normal person would want to rear sharks? (italics)

Edward was indeed not a person.

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