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Chapter 237: I Just Want to Ask You If You’re Willing to Marry Me


The lift arrived.

Song Ci picked up her dress and walked out first.

Walking out of the lift, Song Ci turned back and said to Du Xueyan, “I suggest you change into another dress.”

After a pause, she added. “If you don’t want to be trending over hickeys tomorrow.”

Du Xueyan frowned and clicked her tongue in frustration.

She took out the mirror and looked at the skin from her neck to her collarbone. But she couldn’t find any hickeys.

Du Xueyan suspected that Song Ci was setting her up.

But Du Xueyan would rather believe it than not.

She took the lift back to her room.

Opening the door with the key card, Du Xueyan kicked off her high heels and walked to the bed on the thick carpet.

She pulled the blanket away and threw it on the ground. Du Xueyan lifted her leg and kicked Gu Shengyao roughly on the waist.

Gu Shengyao opened his eyes in shock when he was suddenly kicked in his sleep.

Gu Shengyao’s eyes were slightly dazed when he was suddenly kicked awake.

He stared at the angry but still beautiful Du Xueyan. He was not angry. Instead, he slowly sat up, picked up his glasses from the bedside table, and put them on.

After putting it on, Gu Shengyao looked like a polite manager again, totally unlike last night.

“What’s the matter, Xueyan?”

Du Xueyan said unhappily, “Quick, look at my body. Are there hickeys?”

Gu Shengyao replied, “Oh.”

Gu Shengyao looked at Du Xueyan’s front and back before saying, “No.”

Du Xueyan naturally believed Gu Shengyao.

“Song Ci, this little liar!”

Gu Shengyao wouldn’t lie to me. That little girl Song Ci was lying to me.

Du Xueyan stomped her feet and glared at Gu Shengyao before turning to go downstairs.

Gu Shengyao massaged his temples and laid down on the bed to continue sleeping.

Du Xueyan arrived at the backstage of the press conference.

She saw Song Ci sitting in the lounge drinking a cup of coffee.

Song Ci lowered her head slightly. As she drank her coffee, a few strands of black hair hung down. Coupled with the light of the morning sun, she had an intoxicating beauty.

Du Xueyan pulled out a chair beside Song Ci and sat down.


Du Xueyan picked up her own coffee and took a sip.

Song Ci saw that Du Xueyan was still wearing her previous gown. She suppressed the suspicion in her eyes and said, “Forget it if you don’t believe me.”

Du Xueyan chuckled.

She thought to herself: Song Ci must have purposely lied to me because of my previous relationship with Han Zhan.

Since Gu Shengyao said no, there definitely wasn’t any.

At this moment, the event planner knocked on the door and walked in. Seeing that the two beauties were talking to each other, he smiled and said, “Miss Du, Miss Song, the meeting has started. You guys can get ready to go on stage.”


Song Ci and Du Xueyan got up together and walked to the platform.

The emcee was still talking. They would only go on stage after receiving a cue.

Du Xueyan told Song Ci, “I saw your Weibo account. You are quite successful in slimming down.”

Song Ci had already successfully slimmed down back to her prenatal stage and was very different from the woman with a double chin on Weibo.

Song Ci said, “A natural beauty.”

Du Xueyan snorted.

After a few seconds, she said, “Two daughters?”


Du Xueyan said, “That’s good.”

“Why did you suddenly go to Hollywood?” Song Ci heard that Du Xueyan was still asking about buying a house last year.

Why did a person who was planning to buy a house in the country suddenly leave?

The image of that old man flashed across Du Xueyan’s mind.

She didn’t tell Song Ci the truth. She just said, “Song Ci, you are willing to be a night-blooming cactus in a greenhouse. I want to be a cactus in the desert.”

Smiling proudly, Du Xueyan said, “Singing. I want to stand on the stage of Grammy and sing. I also want to stand on the Oscar stage for acting.”

Du Xueyan was competitive.

Song Ci finally understood why Han Zhan had feelings for Du Xueyan back then.

She refused to accept fate and was exceptionally beautiful when she was competitive.

Song Ci admitted that Du Xueyan was beautiful in her heart, but she was stubborn and refused to admit that Du Xueyan was good. “An Oscar is not a small country stage. Do you think you can go on it just because you want to?”

“Are you looking down on me?” Du Xueyan chuckled and said, “Song Ci, let’s make a bet. Before I am 40 years old, I will definitely win the Oscar’s Best Performance Award. If not, on my 40th birthday, I will publicly admit to you that I am a failure.”

Looking at Song Ci proudly, Du Xueyan added. “If I succeed, the day I win the award, you will also have to admit on Weibo that I, Du Xueyan, am very capable. You have to call me Sister Xue.”

Song Ci said, “Alright!”

The host called Song Ci’s name.

Song Ci’s expression changed in a second. She smiled gracefully, lifted her skirt, and leisurely went on stage.

Shortly after, Du Xueyan was also invited onto the stage.

The reporters never stopped taking photos of the two of them on stage.

As the wife of Zeus Corporation’s CEO Han Zhan, Song Ci met Han Zhan’s first love here. The two women could be considered love rivals.

The two of them stood in front of the same camera as the reporters kept snapping away excitedly.

Du Junfei was very happy to see this.

Just when the publicity meeting was about to end, Han Zhan actually appeared.

At that time, Song Ci was still sitting on the stage and being interviewed by the media.

After answering a question, she looked up and saw Han Zhan standing at the entrance. Her eyes lit up.

She couldn’t hide the look in her eyes when she saw her lover.

Seeing that Song Ci’s eyes suddenly lit up, the sensitive reporter turned and glanced in her direction.

The reporters were all shocked to see Han Zhan.

an Zhan hurriedly turned around and followed Long Yu and Ah Lun to the lounge backstage.

The press conference was coming to an end. Song Ci and Du Xueyan stood up and prepared to leave.

Du Xueyan’s hair was all placed on her left shoulder. She stood up and turned to leave. Her right shoulder and back were all exposed.

A reporter with sharp eyes saw the purplish-red hickey on Du Xueyan’s right shoulder blade. He exclaimed. “Is that a hickey on Du Xueyan’s shoulder?!”

A single stone caused a thousand ripples!

All the cameras were focused on Du Xueyan’s back.

The sound of snapping photos rose and fell.

By the time Du Xueyan realized what had happened, it was too late to cover up the hickeys.

Her expression changed slightly and she pretended not to know anything, as she left the stage.

Once she got off the stage, Du Xueyan entered the lift angrily and returned to her room.

Returning to her room, Du Xueyan opened the door and ran in. She was so angry that her high heels were about to pierce the carpet.

Gu Shengyao was already awake. He was wearing a suit and glasses. He was neatly dressed as he sat on the sofa and turned on his computer to work.

Hearing footsteps, Gu Shengyao looked up and said, “You’re done?”

Du Xueyan suddenly slapped Gu Shengyao’s face.

Gu Shengyao was stunned.

Du Xueyan pointed at his nose and scolded. “Gu Shengyao! You did it on purpose, didn’t you! Song Ci reminded me that there were hickeys on my body and you still lied to me!”

“Are you trying to ruin me?!”

Gu Shengyao grabbed Du Xueyan’s trembling fingers.

“Yanyan.” Gu Shengyao stood up and pulled the enraged Du Xueyan into his arms.

He turned and bit Du Xueyan’s ear. Gu Shengyao sighed in a low voice. “How can I bear to ruin you? I just can’t bear to be your shameful bedmate.”

Du Xueyan sneered. “What do you want?”

Gu Shengyao said, “I want to be your boyfriend. The kind that the entire world knows.”

Du Xueyan said, “Dream on!”

What Gu Shengyao did today had completely enraged Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan pushed Gu Shengyao away and crossed her arms. “Gu Shengyao, let’s terminate our contract. I just want to be your colleague, but you want to be my wife. We can’t work together anymore.”

Gu Shengyao slowly took off his glasses and stared at Du Xueyan with a sharp gaze.

Du Xueyan was slightly stunned. She felt that Gu Shengyao looked somewhat unfamiliar.

“Terminate your contract? You just want to be my colleague?”

Du Shengyao smiled mockingly. “How many real colleagues have you seen have sex? For five years straight?”

“Even if you are a pile of snow, you should be rolled into a snowman by me.”

“Du Xueyan, do you have a heart?”

Gu Shengyao felt wronged instead.

Looking at the aggrieved Gu Shengyao, Du Xueyan had the illusion that she was a jerk and a scumbag toward Gu Shengyao.

But it was clearly Gu Shengyao who broke the promise first and crossed the boundaries of being her bedmate in a vain attempt to be her boyfriend.

Where did he get the face to feel wronged?

Can’t he just be a good partner in bed?

Gu Shengyao said, “Then what do you want? Everyone knows that you have a boyfriend now. Sooner or later, our real relationship will be exposed.”

Gu Shengyao spread out his hands in a deadpan manner. He said, “I can only stop loving you if you stab me in the heart.”

Du Xueyan was speechless.

It was mushy.

“I’m going to terminate the contract! I will go look for a lawyer to write the termination contract now!”

Du Xueyan turned and left. As she turned around, she felt slightly anxious. She stumbled and fell head first towards Gu Shengyao.

Gu Shengyao hurriedly reached out to hug her arms.

The two of them leaned their foreheads against each other. Du Xueyan’s long hair fell on Gu Shengyao’s shoulders.

Gu Shengyao smiled at her like a sneaky fox.

“Yanyan, you can even fall while walking. If you leave me, you will forget how to walk.”

Du Xueyang was able to get to where she was today because of Gu Shengyao.

They were the closest partners.

They were already one a long time ago.

Du Xueyan pushed Gu Shengyao away angrily. “Get lost!”

After scolding, Du Xueyan left first.

Du Xueyan arrived downstairs and was blocked by the reporters’ cameras.

Du Xueyan couldn’t escape. In the end, Gu Shengyao brought his bodyguards over and shielded Du Xueyan from the reporters.

“Look, you really can’t leave me.” Gu Shengyao had already kept Du Xueyan in his world.

He could send her flying into the sky or trap her in hell.

Du Xueyan snorted and returned to her room.

Song Ci returned to the backstage and covered Han Zhan’s eyes.

“Guess who I am?”

Han Zhan purposely said a name Song Ci had never heard of. “Warm Baby?”

Song Ci immediately put down her hand, walked up to Han Zhan, and looked at him dangerously. “Who is Warm Baby?”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into his arms and said, “You are very heartwarming. You are my Warm Baby.”

Song Ci blushed at Han Zhan’s mushy words.

“Oh yes, I think your first love has something going on with her manager.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was actually not surprised. “Oh, Gu Shengyao finally couldn’t resist?”

“You know their relationship?”

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Do I look like a fool? The way Gu Shengyao looked at Du Xueyan almost said ‘I love her’.”

Seeing that Han Zhan already knew the truth, Song Ci suddenly felt bored.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

The two of them immediately separated and hurriedly looked up to see Du Junfei standing outside the door.

Du Junfei bit his cigarette. Two to three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, making him look very casual.

Glancing at Han Zhan, Du Junfei said, “Mr. Han, now that you are an eminent person, you must have forgotten that your wife once promised me that she would treat me to a meal at the most expensive restaurant.”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “I specially came over to treat Second Old Master Gu to a meal today.”

Du Junfei gave a meaningful smile.

“Let’s go then. I want to have a big meal at the underwater restaurant.”

The so-called underwater restaurant referred to Yu City’s Xin Yue Island underwater restaurant.

Xinyue Island was built at the bottom of the sea and could be seen from all angles.

Xin Yue Island Underwater Restaurant served both good food and good scenery, but it was expensive.

Song Ci had also visited underwater restaurants twice in the past. Her heart ached every time she went.

Hearing that Du Junfei was going to have a big meal at the underwater restaurant, Song Ci complained. “Second Old Master, cooked?”

Du Junfei stared at Han Zhan and said, “Cheating the rich.”

Who asked for her man to be so wealthy?

“Alright, let’s go to the underwater restaurant.”

Song Ci felt that the black dress was too gorgeous and not suitable for going out. She said, “I am going upstairs to change. Wait for me for a while.”


It would take at least half an hour for a woman to change clothes.

Du Junfei sat down at the seat Song Ci was sitting on before. He finished his cigarette and took out his cigarette case.

Du Junfei took out his cigarette and was about to light it, when a hand suddenly reached out and snatched it away.

“Stop smoking. Smoking hurts the lungs.”

Du Junfei narrowed his eyes at the nosy Han Zhan.

]”No way, CEO Han. You’re so nosy. Aren’t you afraid that Song Ci will mind?”

Han Zhan said, “Smoking cuts short your life.”

Du Junfei just smiled and remained silent.

He took another stick.

After lighting up his cigarette, Du Junfei took a big drag and said, “I’m addicted to smoking and can’t quit.”

Han Zhan stared at Du Junfei for a long time.

If not for knowing that Han Zhan loved a woman, Du Junfei would have suspected that he had taken a fancy to him.

“What are you doing? You keep staring at me and suddenly feel that I am also extraordinarily handsome?” Du Junfei was like a hooligan and dragged his words out.

Han Zhan suddenly took out a photo from his pocket and handed it to Du Junfei.

“Is that her?”

Du Junfei looked down at the photo in confusion.

In the photo was a woman in her thirties. She was wearing a light blue knitted sweater and standing in the middle of a group of children.

The woman’s facial features should be very beautiful, but her skin was slightly tanned because she had never taken care of it.

Du Junfei stared fixedly at that woman. His right hand that was holding the cell phone started to tremble. “She…”

Du Junfei was in disbelief as his eyes quivered.

She’s still alive!

She’s actually still alive!

Taking in Du Junfei’s reaction, Han Zhan knew that he had found the right person.

Du Junfei lowered her head and grabbed Han Zhan’s shoulder. He asked him urgently, “Where did you find her?”

Du Junfei couldn’t wait to find her!

Not even a single moment longer!

Han Zhan frowned. “Her situation is slightly different.”

Du Junfei was stunned.

“How is it different?”

“Second Old Master, have a seat. I will tell you slowly.”

Du Junfei refused to sit down. He hated that he couldn’t take the plane to look for her.

Han Zhan said, “Second Old Master, we’ve already found her. It won’t take long.”

Only then did Du Junfei sit down.

Han Zhan said, “Last year, Teacher Shen gave me a photo of a girl and asked me to help find someone.”

With that, he took out another photo from his pocket.

In the photo, there was a 16 to 17 year old little girl. She was wearing a red dress and looked ethereal. Her eyes were clear and cunning as she smiled at the camera. She was especially beautiful.

Han Zhan placed the photo in Du Junfei’s hand.

Du Junfei looked down and saw the beautiful girl smiling in the photo.

Du Junfei’s heart ached.

“Zhi Yue…” Every time he called out this name, Du Junfei’s heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe.

Han Zhan said, “I’ve checked on this girl. Her name is Zhi Yue and you’re her guardian in name.”

Du Junfei nodded heavily. “Yes, she is a child of a single-parent family. Her father is a police officer. I am neighbors with her father and we have a good relationship. He sacrificed himself during a mission back then.”

“This girl doesn’t have any other family and is deaf and mute, so I adopted her.”

When Du Junfei adopted Zhi Yue, she was only 13 years old and Du Junfei was 28.

“But she went missing when she was 17 years old, right?”


“After Zhi Yue went missing, the police searched for several months. In the end, they found her bag in the lower reaches of the Great Dragon River.”

“As for Zhi Yue, we didn’t even find her corpse.”

“That year, the police determined that Zhi Yue was murdered and her body was pushed into the Great Dragon River. The murderer is your newly married wife.”

After explaining his investigation, Han Zhan asked Du Junfei, “The information I got is correct, right?”

Du Junfei nodded in pain.

He said, “20 years ago, I was just a slightly famous director. My wife…”

Frowning in disgust, Du Junfei said with a dark expression, “My ex-wife, Xian Le, is a mystery novelist. She is very smart and loves me very much.”

“We got married after a year of being in love. After we got married, she stayed with me and Zhi Yue.”

“Zhi Yue, she seems to have fallen in love with me, but I didn’t sense her feelings. After our marriage, my wife discovered her feelings for me, and the two of them hated each other.”

“I know my wife has always been against Zhi Yuen. One time, my wife was jealous and accused me of having that kind of relationship with Zhi Yue. I was especially angry then and felt that she had maligned the little girl’s innocence. In a fit of anger, I slapped her.”

“After that, my wife realized her mistake and apologized to me. I thought that that incident was over. But I didn’t expect a woman’s jealousy and hatred to be so deep.”

He also didn’t expect women to be so vicious when they were ruthless.

“Zhi Yue went missing on a rainy day. As the rain was very heavy, there were no traces left behind. At that time, the surveillance cameras in the city were not as complete as they are now.”

“Without surveillance cameras and clues, the police have no idea how to investigate the case. We were like headless flies, searching for her for more than two months.”

“During that period, my wife even comforted me daily, cooked supper for me, and comforted me.”

Du Junfei’s heart turned cold as he recalled those days.

“After that, we found Zhi Yue’s bag and found her recording pen inside. The police repaired the soaked recorder and heard the contents. Only then did we know that she had quarreled with my wife before she went missing.”

In that recording, his gentle and considerate wife had used all sorts of dirty words to slander Zhi Yue

As a deaf and mute person, Zhi Yue could only cry helplessly.

That audio file could not convict his wife. The police checked for a long time but couldn’t find anything suspicious.

In the end, this matter could only be left unsettled.

Due to that incident, Du Junfei divorced his wife.

Du Junfei wiped his face. “I always thought that Zhi Yue was dead…”

“Teacher Shen gave me a photo and asked me to look for Zhi Yue’s whereabouts to confirm if she had already passed away.”

f Han Zhan couldn’t find Zhi Yue then she must be dead.

It would be a good thing if Han Zhan found her.

Du Junfei picked up the photo on the table with trembling hands. He looked at the photo of a woman in her thirties and choked up.

“Where is she now? You just said that her condition is special. What happened?”

Han Zhan fell silent.

His silence made Du Junfei flustered.

“What’s the matter?”

Han Zhan pressed his temples and sighed. “Zhi Yue isn’t missing. She was sold to a big mountain in Sichuan to be an old bachelor’s wife.”

Du Junfei was completely stunned, as if lightning had struck him.

“What did you say?” Du Junfei gritted his teeth in anger, his eyes bloodshot.

“She was sold to an old man as a wife?” The anger in Du Junfei’s chest was about to ignite.

He wanted to kill someone!

Han Zhan.” Mmm, she was secretly brought back by an old bachelor using a donkey cart. The old bachelor locked her in the house and imprisoned her for a year. ”

Think about it. A deaf, dumb girl locked up at home by an old man.

She couldn’t call for help. How hopeless must she have been?

“After that, the old bachelor went out to work one day. His house was on fire and the villagers went to help put out the fire. When they opened the door, they realized that there was a girl locked to his bed.”

“At that time, the girl was already pregnant and the child was already five months old.”

“After the girl was rescued by the police, the police asked about her background and address, but she just shook her head and said she didn’t know anything.”

“Zhi Yue willingly wanted to abort the child. Now, Zhi Yue is the dormitory manager of a deaf-mute school.”

Du Junfei covered his face in pain as his shoulders kept shaking.

Hearing Du Junfei’s sorrowful cries, Han Zhan kept his mouth shut and didn’t say a word.

Du Junfei must be feeling very guilty and pained.

Du Junfei cried for a few minutes before gradually calming down.

Rubbing his eyes with his palm, he didn’t even look up and asked Han Zhan in a sobbing voice, “She lost her memory, right?”


“Does she not remember what happened before or after she was abducted?”

Du Junfei hoped that the answer was the latter.

But Han Zhan said, “She doesn’t remember where her home is or what family she has. She just forgot about you guys.”

Du Junfei’s heart ached.

“Where is she now?”

Han Zhan flipped over that photo.

Du Junfei saw a row of skinny black words written on the back of the photo.

XX County Special Education School in Sichuan Province.

Du Junfei kept the photo in his pocket.

He hurriedly wiped his tears and stood up, stumbling over the chair behind him. Du Junfei supported himself up and looked up to see Song Ci walking over gracefully.

“Second Old Master, I am ready. Let’s go!”

Song Ci saw that Du Junfei’s eyes were red and there were tears on her face. She paused. “Second Master, are you crying?”

Du Junfei was too ashamed to look up. He hurriedly said, “You guys eat. I have something to do.” She then hurried away.

Initially, his footsteps were slightly hurried, but later on, he just ran.

Song Ci was dumbstruck.

She turned around in a daze and looked at Han Zhan. “Brother Han.”

Song Ci pointed in the direction where Second Old Master Gu had disappeared and muttered. “What happened?”

Han Zhan asked her, “Do you know of Zhi Yue?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and said uncertainly, “Is it the child that Second Master raised in the past?”

Song Ci had heard from her teacher that Second Old Master Gu had raised a girl in the past, but after that girl fell into the river, her whereabouts were unknown. The police determined that she was already dead.

She heard that the girl was deaf and mute, the daughter of a police officer.

Zhi Yue was very smart. Although she couldn’t speak, she had a very good memory. She could remember many books after reading them once.

Even if she was deaf and mute, with her special memory, she would be able to find a decent job in the future.

It was a pity that she passed away at such a young age.

“Why did you suddenly mention Zhi Yue?” Thinking of Second Old Master Gu’s reaction just now, Song Ci had a bold thought.

“Brother Han, is Zhi Yue still alive?”

Han Zhan patted her head and said, “You’re not completely stupid.”

Song Ci was so shocked by the news that Zhi Yue was still alive that she forgot to remove Han Zhan’s hand.


If Zhi Yue was still alive, Second Old Master Gu would have fewer regrets.


On the way to the underwater restaurant, Han Zhan told Song Ci about what happened to Zhi Yue.

Song Ci was stunned.

“Do you think Zhi Yue really lost her memory or did she purposely forget Second Old Master Gu?”

“I’m not sure.”

Song Ci was still thinking about Zhi Yue and Du Junfei. When they arrived at the underwater restaurant, Song Ci sat in the transparent glass room and looked at the big fish and jellyfish in the sea. Song Ci didn’t have the mood to enjoy the scenery.

After dinner, Song Ci opened WeChat and told Shen Yubei that she was still alive.

Shen Yubei really didn’t know about this.

It looked like after Du Junfei received the accurate news, he was in a hurry to go to Sichuan to look for Wuyue and didn’t have the time to share this news with his old friend.

Shen Yubei was shocked.

Zhi Yue is actually still alive!

Last year, when he handed Woven Moon’s photo to Han Zhan and asked him to help search for her whereabouts, Shen Yubei didn’t expect to really find Zhi Yue.

Due to Zhi Yue’s disappearance, Du Junfei started to fear marriage.

Seeing that his old friend was still holding a grudge over Zhi Yue’s death, Shen Yubei wanted to know the details for sure.

If he could find Zhi Yue, it meant that she was still alive.

If he couldn’t find her, then she was really dead.

Then Du Junfei could give up.

Unexpectedly, Zhi Yue was still alive!

This was a joyous occasion.

Shen Yubei chatted with Song Ci for a while before hanging up and calling Du Junfei.

Du Junfei’s phone was turned off.

It seemed like he had boarded the plane.

Shen Yubei was rather agitated and didn’t know what to do. When he was agitated, only practicing the violin could calm him down.

Shen Yubei got up and was about to go upstairs to the piano room.

He stood up and saw the butler smiling as he led Di Rongrong in.

Di Rongrong was dressed up beautifully today. She was already in her early fifties and still liked to wear pink.

Today, she was wearing a pink windbreaker and had flaxen hair draped over her shoulders. Her makeup was light but exquisite and she even had peach-colored blush on her cheeks.

Shen Yubei looked at her and asked, “What are you here for today?”

Di Rongrong walked straight to the shelf behind Shen Yubei’s living room and took out a mini thermos flask.

She grabbed the thermos and turned to Shen Yubei. “I forgot to take the thermos when I left last time.”

In recent months, they had been playing the game of forgetting things.

Shen Yubei stared at the thermos and said, “Don’t lose anything this time.”

Di Rongrong said, “Okay.”

With that, Di Rongrong took off the pendant from her bag while Shen Yubei was not looking and secretly threw it under the chair leg.

The butler opened his eyes and saw this scene. He chose to temporarily lose his sight.

He didn’t see anything.

Shen Yubei ignored Di Rongrong and went upstairs.

It was as if Di Rongrong was shopping at her own house as she chased after Shen Yubei upstairs.

Shen Yubei opened the piano room and entered to practice, but didn’t close the door.

Di Rongrong saw that Shen Yubei had taken off his shoes and so did she.

Stepping on the wooden floor of the piano room, Di Rongrong said, “Your violin room is very big.”

Shen Yubei lifted his violin, walked to the window, spread his legs, straightened his posture, and prepared to play.

He lifted the strings and was about to play a prelude when Di Rongrong hugged him from behind.

The music stopped abruptly.

Shen Yubei looked down in shock at Di Rongrong’s fair hands.

“Shen Yubei.”

Di Rongrong stood on tiptoe and kissed the back of Shen Yubei’s neck.

Shen Yubei felt like he had been electrocuted and didn’t dare to move.

Di Rongrong didn’t push her luck. She leaned against Shen Yubei’s shoulder and said, “Yubei, I heard that the flowers in the peach forest have bloomed.”

“I bought tickets. Two tickets.”

Di Rongrong grabbed Shen Yubei’s waist and asked him, “Are you going?”

Shen Yubei took a deep breath.

“Why are you hugging me?” Shen Yubei cared more about this answer.

Di Rongrong said, “I like you.”

Shen Yubei put down his violin helplessly. He leaned against the glass window and put it down.

Shen Yubei stood up, turned around, stared at the still attractive Di Rongrong, and asked, “What time?”

Di Rongrong replied, “Anytime.”

“The sun is even brighter in the afternoon. It’s suitable for going out.” As for in the morning…

Shen Yubei suddenly approached Di Rongrong. He reached out his right hand to Di Rongrong’s neck, grabbed her hair, and revealed a fair neck.

Shen Yubei stared at Di Rongrong’s neck and licked his lips. His round face also looked slightly strong.

“Di Rongrong.”

Di Rongrong’s heart thumped wildly under Shen Yubei’s palm.


Shen Yubei bent over. “Do you want to marry me?”

Di Rongrong was already prepared to have sex with Shen Yubei, but he actually proposed to her!

Di Rongrong had just jumped out of the swamp of marriage, so she was slightly hesitant about falling into the swamp of a second marriage again.

Shen Yubei said, “If you can’t forget that child, we can don’t give birth and make her the one and only in your heart.”

“But Di Rongrong, you can’t treat me differently just because Huo Jing-an hurt you. He is looking for a young woman but I am not. He treats his career as his lifelong pursuit and you are my lifelong pursuit.”

“Let me ask you again. Are you willing to marry me?”

Shen Yubei’s aura turned domineering.

As long as Di Rongrong agreed, he would immediately bring her to register their marriage.

If she doesn’t agree…

Shen Yubei was not willing to continue playing the game of forgetting things with her.

Di Rongrong could read between the lines.

He gave her a multiple choice question.

Di Rongrong couldn’t help asking, “If I don’t agree…”

“Di Rongrong, you keep saying that you like me and that you are the one wooing me. Why, are you afraid now that we are really getting married?”

“Is it fun to play with me?”

“Di Rongrong, you are such a jerk!”

Shen Yubei’s gaze turned cold.

He released Di Rongrong’s hand, brushed past her shoulder, and walked towards the door.

As he passed by her, his arm was suddenly grabbed.

Shen Yubei didn’t turn back. He heard Di Rongrong say softly, “We can get married, Shen Yubei. We don’t want children.”

Shen Yubei smiled.


Two hours later, Di Rongrong was promoted to Mrs. Shen.

Successful in her second marriage, Di Rongrong felt slightly emotional. She took a photo of the marriage certificate, sent it to her two good sisters, and sent it to her ex-husband and godson.

Everyone had different reactions after receiving the photo.

Jin Luolan and Mo Yao sent red packets to celebrate.

Han Zhan braked and parked the car by the roadside. He called Di Rongrong to ask about the details.

Meanwhile, Huo Jing-an lost his temper in the office and smashed all the accessories and documents on the table.

Hearing the commotion, the head secretary walked in.

“Mr. Huo! What happened to you?”

Huo Jing-an placed his hands on the table, his chest shaking in anger.

The head secretary hurriedly squatted down and picked up the pieces of paper.

“Aiya!” The head secretary picked up the fountain pen on the floor and said regretfully, “The tip of this fountain pen is broken.”

The secretary placed the pen beside Huo Jing-an’s hand.

Huo Jing-an looked down at that fountain pen.

That was the first present Di Rongrong gave him when they were in love.

The Parker brand fountain pen was considered expensive back then.

This pen had accompanied Huo Jing-an for more than 20 years. If it had been maintained well, it could have accompanied him through this life.

Di Rongrong had married someone else. Even the pen she had given him had left.

Huo Jing-an’s straight back suddenly collapsed slightly.

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